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The Birthday Surprise

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Alicia and I had been together for four years at this point and swinging for about three and a half of that. Like a lot of couples we started our playing with other couples and following a certain set of our own rules. We soon found out that we preferred mfm three some a lot more and that the rules we had established didn't really work for us after all. Over time of playing with other guys Alicia had found the type of guy that she liked and so we now had several regulars we liked playing with. All of the regulars had a couple of things in common. First and most important was that they were all heavy cummers. Second they were all bi and they were all height weight proportionate.

Alicia was 32 at the time and her birthday was soon coming up. Alicia was a chubby/curvy Mexican that was 5'1". She had big beautiful 44DD breasts with large dark aeriolas and big fat nipples. She was light skinned with long black straight hair. She had a nice big ass and she always kept her pussy smooth. Alicia was very sexual and loved being the center of attention during sex and loved the feeling of a guy cumming in her pussy. We both loved the messy cummy sex we had when we involved another guy.

With Alicia's birthday coming up I wanted to set up something special for her so I called all of the regulars and started making plans to give her a birthday surprise she would never forget. I got a few definite yes's and a few definite no's and several maybes. As the weekend slowly approached I started getting things we would want for that evening. I picked up plenty of beer and got all the making's for margaritas. I also ordered a snack trey from the local store and made a trip to the adult store and picked up so massage oil and a new porn.

The Friday night before the get together I told Alicia not to make any plans for the next night because we were going to have company that night. I didn't tell her any of the details so she just assumed that we would be entertaining just one of the regulars. That night I took Alicia out to dinner and then we went out for a few drinks. After that we headed home to relax. It had been a long week for both of us and we just wanted to relax in bed together that evening. We stripped down and got into bed and made slow passionate love. When I told her I was close to cumming she said that she wanted me to spoon her and cum in her like that and fall asleep together like that. We did this every once in a while. She liked falling asleep with my cock and cum in her.

The next morning I woke up and I made coffee for us. I was in the kitchen waiting on the coffee when she came into the kitchen and hugged me good morning and made sure to straddle my thigh. She was still wet from the cum I had left in her the night before and now she was rubbing her wet pussy against my thigh. I gave Alicia her coffee and gave her a birthday card that had a gift card to her favorite nail salon. After we had our coffee we took a quick shower together and a quickie in the shower Alicia headed out to get her nails done and I started to get the house ready. As far as getting the house ready I cleaned the house real good and then dragged a futon mattress out to the living room. When we entertained we liked to play on the living room floor so there was more room to move around without the worry of rolling off a bed. I made several batches of margaritas for Alicia. All I would have to do is add ice and blend.

Alicia got home from having her nails done and got in the tub to soak and make sure she was nice and smooth. After soaking for a while Alicia got out and got dressed in a tank top and baggy shorts. Alicia and I were very casual in our attire and she wasn't into lingerie at all so she would wear a thin tank top that showed off her dark nipples and aerials instead. I blended up a batch of margaritas for Alicia and left her relaxing on the couch while I jumped in the shower to clean up for the evening fun. As I got out of the shower I could hear Alicia talking to someone so I wrapped the towel around my waist and walked out and the first guy had already shown up pretty early.

Alex was one of our first regulars and one of the first guy’s that Alicia fucked bareback during swinging. Alex was a Mexican guy about 5'5", thin with a small thin cock but a very heavy summer and a repeat performer. Alex was very bi but was also very infatuated with Alicia. He loved her big tits and big ass and loved tongue fucking her ass when we played. Alicia liked Alex's big loads and liked his thin cock for anal. She liked that he could fuck her ass as hard as he could and it didn't hurt her too much. Alicia had already gotten Alex a beer so I grabbed one and went and joined them on the couch as we chatted for a bit. I sat on the couch next to Alicia and Alex on the other side of her. I was still in just a towel and as we sat there for a bit Alicia moved her hand up under the towel and started stroking my cock. She soon had my cock very hard and as she stroked me Alex started to rub her hard nipples through the thin material of her tank top. I knew Alicia was ready to go right then and there and I am pretty sure Alex was as well but I wanted to wait until the others arrived.

I convinced Alex and Alicia to go into the kitchen and the three of us take a tequila shot. We went into the kitchen and I poured the shots for us and cut up some limes for us as well. We took our shots and then I grabbed another beer for Alex and myself and then poured another drink for Alicia. Alicia started rubbing her big tits against my body and pulled Alex over to join us in a group hug. Alicia started rubbing my cock again and soon Alex had his hand on my cock as well. I knew I wasn't going to be able to delay them much longer even though Alex knew the plans. Luckily the doorbell rang and Alicia had a look of shock and surprise on her face. I went to the front door thankful that someone else had arrived.

I answered the door and Mike was standing there. Mike was another regular of ours. He was a white guy about 5'10" and about 10 years older than both of us but was in great shape and had a nice thick cock that stretched Alicia nicely. Mike was also a heavy cummer and with help he could be a repeat performer as well. Luckily Mike just happen to be a doctor so he usually brought Viagra samples with him. For tonight he was supposed to bring enough for everyone. When Mike walked in he noticed my cock was hard and asked if we had started already? I told him that Alicia was ready to go but I was trying to delay her. I led Mike into the kitchen and introduced him to Alex. I got Mike a beer and then excused myself so I could put some clothes on. Alicia followed me into our bedroom and asked what was going on? As she asked me this she was smiling the entire time and started to stroke my cock some. I just told her to enjoy this evening and that it was a birthday gift from me to her. I then told her to go back out and keep our guests company and I would be out there shortly. Before Alicia turned to leave the doorbell rang and she just gave me a smile and said that she would get it.

I threw some shorts on and a t-shirt and walked back out to the kitchen. Along with Alex and Mike was another regular Richard. Richard was my age, a tall black guy about six feet tall. Richard was a fireman from a couple of towns over so he was in good shape. He was very nicely hung with an 8” cock that was thick. After a night with Richard, Alicia was usually fairly sore for a day or two due to the fact that he was a repeat performer. Richard was one of our maybes about showing up but I knew it was a nice surprise for Alicia as well as me that he was able to make it. Now the 5 of us were standing around in the kitchen talking and having a drink and I started wondering if we should go ahead and get the evening started? The question I had for myself was answered when the doorbell rang again. This time I was surprised because I really was not expecting anyone else.

I opened the door and Jim was standing there. Jim had been another maybe but I never expected him to be able to show up. Jim was in his late 20’. He was around 5’ 7” tall and very fit. He was a personal trainer so he wasn’t super muscular but he was very cut. He was tan and he was smooth. Except for his eyebrows and eyelashes he was smooth from the head down and Alicia loved that. Jim had a long cock, probably over 7” but it was very thin. Alicia liked it because him and I could DP her pussy. I led Jim into the kitchen where Alicia now had her top off and Mike and Alex were both licking salt off of her hard nipples to do a tequila shot. I told Jim he was just in time and got him a beer and introduced everyone.

After Mike took his shot he grabbed a bag and opened it and offered a Viagra pill to everyone. We all took one and then decided that we should all grab one more drink and head to the living room to get the party for Alicia started. We grabbed our drinks and headed in. I told Alicia to just get comfortable on the futon mattress that was on the floor. She sat in the center and Alex sat with her and started kissing on her breasts right away. Jim and Mike joined them on the mattress and worked on getting her shorts off. Within a few seconds Alicia was completely naked and on her back with her legs spread wid. Mike was in between her open thighs licking her smooth pussy while Alex played and sucked on her tits. While this was going on Jim was kneeling at her head and had his cock out so that she could suck him. Richard and I sat back on the couch and watched the show. It didn’t take long for Alicia to have her first of many orgasms of that evening. Being that she is multi orgasmic, once she has her first the others come easily for her. I knew tonight would be an exhausting night of sex for her.

After Alicia's orgasm passed over her she continued to suck on Jims hard cock. I stood up and got undressed and then grabbed the bottle of massage oil and joined Alicia on the futon. Richard and Mike both started to strip down as well. I got between Alicia's open legs and poured some of the oil out onto her stomach. Alex stopped sucking on her nipples and started rubbing the oil in onto her breasts. I pored some more oil out but onto her smooth pussy and then started rubbing the oil all over her pussy and onto her inner thighs. Richard knelt own next to Alicia and rubbed the oil on her stomach, tits and arms. Now Mike and Jim joined in and all of us were rubbing oil all over her body. We had Alicia roll over and we poured more oil on her back and ass and rubbed her everywhere. As I rubbed oil onto her ass I made sure to pour extra down the crack of her ass and slid a finger into her ass to make sure she was ready for anything. Now that Alicia was completely slick I turned her back over onto her back and slid my body up along hers getting myself slick as well. I easily slid my cock into her wet pussy and fucked her while she rubbed more oil on my chest and back. I pulled out of her and moved to the side so she could do the same for everyone. She had a look of pure pleasure on her face while we all took turns sliding into her awaiting pussy. When Richard slid into her though his big cock forced a grunt from her and soon she cumming on his cock. Richard pulled his cock from Alicia and I got down on the floor on my back next to her. I told Alicia you get on top of me so she got up and straddled my head and laid on top of me in a 69 position. Richard then got behind her and slid his fat cock back into her pussy. This was one of our favorite 3 some positions to do. I started to lick Alicia's clit as Richard started to fuck her again. It didn't take long for Alicia to orgasm again on Richards cock. After her orgasm passed he pulled his cock from her again so that I could take it into my mouth and taste her cum on it. I swallowed his cock and heard him moan out while at the same time Alicia was taking turns sucking on my cock and someone else cock. After I sucked on Richard some he slid his cock back into her open pussy and fucked her hard this time. I went back to licking Alicia's clit causing her to orgasm quickly again. This tim Richard kept fucking Alicia and I continued to lick her click and his shaft at the same time until Richard moaned out and thrust hard into Alicia and filled her pussy with his cum. Alicia orgasmed with Richard and they were now both breathing heavily. Richard slid his still hard cock from Alicia and I put my mouth over her pussy and immediately got a mouth full of cum. After licking Alicia for a few minutes and giving her another orgasm she rolled off of me and onto her back.

As soon as Alicia rolled over onto her back Mike was in-between her open thighs sliding his cock into her sloppy pussy. I sat up and Jim was in front of Richard and was cleaning his hard cum covered cock. Mike was fucking Alicia with all the strength he had. Her big tits were swaying each time he thrust into her pussy. Richards cum was now covering his cock and Alicias pussy and thighs. Alex started sucking on one of Alicias tits again so I started sucking on the other one. Alicia was soon stiffening her body as another orgasm swept through her. ike continued to pound into Alicia's pussy until he started breathing harder and thrusting faster until he finally screamed out while he thrust into her and shot his load into her pussy adding to the cum already in her. Mike pulled his cock from Alicia and I took it into my mouth right away and started sucking until I was able to get the rest of the cum he hadn't shot into Alicia. I held the cum in my mouth and went back to Alicia and kissed her deeply sharing the cum with her. After I kissed her I asked if she was having fun and she just smiled at me.

I whispered in Alicias ear that I wanted her on top of my cock so I laid on my back and Alicia straddled me and as she started to lower herself onto my cock cum started dripping from her pussy onto my cock and balls. Alicias sloppy cunt easily swallowed my cock. As she lowered herself fully down onto me she leaned forward and kissed me deeply. After the kiss I told her how hot her pussy felt. Alicia responded to me that she loved being a slut for me. Alicia started wiggling her pussy on my cock making a cummy mess on us both. Jim straddled my legs and got behind Alicia and guided his cock into Alicia's pussy with mine. Alicia let out a loud moan as Jims cock slid in all the way into her pussy with mine. Jim started fucking at a regular pace, his cock rubbing against mine in her slick pussy. Alicia started to become more vocal as our cocks in her pussy together stretched her already used pussy. Jim picked up his pace and Alicia was going crazy and soon came on both of our cocks. As jim kept fucking Alicia I started to thrust up into her as well. I didn't want to thrust to much in fear I would slip out of her slick pussy. As we both fucked Alicia, Alex knelt by my head and offered his cock so Alicia and I started sucking it together. Her moans grew louder as Jim and I fucked her harder. It was so hot how good her pussy felt on my cock and how hot Jims cock felt rubbing against mine in her. I couldn't hold back any longer and thrust deep into her as I let mu cum shoot into her. I relaxed and helped Alicia suck on Alex some more while Jim grabbed Alicia's hips and started thrusting harder and deeper into her. Alicia let out a scream and Jim also moaned out and came all over my cock in Alicias pussy. Jim slid his cock from Alicias pussy and I could feel our cum running down my cock and balls and across my ass. I told Alicia how much I loved her and she laughed and said that I only loved her because of how big a slut she was. I laughed and agreed with her.

Alica was getting ready to get up off of me when Alex got behind her and started rubbing some of the cum leaking from her pussy on her ass. He then spread her ass cheeks and slid his cock into her ass. Alicia let out another grunt and Alex roughly started fucking her ass. Luckily for her he had a fairly small cock. I asked Alex to stop long enough to let me get up so the both moved and allow me to get up. As I stood I could see and feel all the cum all over me cock, stomach and thighs. Alicia got up on her hands and knees and Alex went right back to fucking her ass again. As Alex fucked Alicias ass her big hanging tits swayed in rhythm to Alex's thrusts. Jim knelt in front of Alicia and she started to suck on his semi hard cock licking our cum from it. Alex didn't last long before he started filling Alicias ass.

I got up to get another round of drinks for everyone and when I came back Alicia was on her back again with my fucking her big slick tits while Richard was fucking her pussy again I sat on the edge of the futon and drank my beer as I watched Alicia being used by the two guys. As I sat there Alex came over and asked if I mind that he clean some of the cum off of me. Alex had sucked me off several times before but never in front of anyone except for Alicia. I laid back and let Alex suck on my cock. As far as blow jobs went he gave some pretty good ones. Alex soon had me fully hard and feeling good again. As Alex was licking my cock and balls Mike started groaning and and shot his load on Alicias tits and face and neck. Mike got up from Alicia and this gave Richard more room to really start fucking her hard, so he started thrust his big cock deep and hard into her pussy. His thrust were making her cum covered tits sway and the site of Alicia being used and fucked the way she was had me so hot for her. I had to have Alex stop sucking my cock because I was getting close to cumming in his mouth and I wanted to save my load for Alicia. Richard grabbed Alicias ankles and had her legs pushed back towards her chest now and really pounding her pussy hard. Alicia started screaming out as a strong orgasm came over her. Richard kept fucking her hard and fast and we didn't think he was ever going to come. Alicia couldn't catch her breath as he kept slamming her pussy and another orgasm washed over her. Finally Richard thrust deep and hard into her one more final time and held it there as him and Alicia both screamed out in orgasm. Richard laid back on his back breathing heavy and Alicia just lay there on her back with her legs still open exhausted from the hard fucking she just got.

As Alicia lay there Jim got between her thighs and slid into her gaping pussy. As he slid into her Alicia announced that she didn't think she could take anymore but Jim assured her that he would be gentle and so he fucked her slowly and gently as she lay there. Mike grabbed a towel and cleaned himself up and said that he had to get going. He got dressed and then before he left he knelt down and kissed Alicia by as Jim continued to slowly fuck her. About 5 minutes after Mike left there was a light knock on the door and I figured that Mike had forgotten something so I just yelled for him to come in. When the door opened and the person walked in it wasn't Mike. Marcus a black guy that Alicia had fucked once walked in. I had never received and answer from him when I invited him so I wasn't expecting him at all.

Marcus was a large black guy in his late 30's. He was over six feet tall and built, but Alicia and I knew him for how big his cock was. He had told us the one time Alicia fucked him that he was nearly 10 inches and very thick. I welcomed Marcus in and offered him a drink. I knew that Marcus was very straight so I didn't know if he would fuck Alicia with her pussy and body covered in cum. I asked Marcus if he wanted to fuck Alicia and he definitely did. Marcus stripped down while Jim continued to fuck Alicia. He finally gave her a final deep thrust as he came in her again. Jim just lay there kissing on Alicia until his cock slid from her pussy. He got up and he had cum smeared all over his tan fit body. I lay between Alicias legs now and kissed her and asked her if she was ready for Marcus? She told me that she didn’t think she could take anymore and especially not his monster cock. I told her to just give it a try. I kissed her deeply and then got up and told Marcus that she was ready for him. Marcus was standing there looking at her used pussy stroking his big cock so that it was nice and hard. The rest of us just watched in amazement of how hung he was. Marcus finally knelt down between Alicias open legs and guided the big head of his cock into her open pussy. He slowly leaned forward and because her pussy was so wet from all the cum that he was able to slide his big cock slowly all the way into her. Alicia gasped as his cock sank fully into her and she put her hands on his chest to try and hold him back some from pushing all of his cock into her. He slowly withdrew his cock from her and it was covered in cum. He then slowly slid his entire length into her again slowly hoping that she would relax some but she gasped again and kept her hands on his chest. She told him he was too big and didn’t know if she could keep up with his cock in her fully? Marcus assured her she could and he continued with slowly withdrawing his cock and then slowly sliding back into her pussy. He continued this for a couple of minutes, each time he slid his cock into Alicia she would let out a gasp and a moan. Then as Marcus slid into her again Alicia’s body stiffened up and shook as she orgasmed on his fat cock. After she relaxed back again Marcus continued but now he started to increase his pace. Then he put his arm under her back and one under her ass and rocked back picking her up into his lap and then he stood up on his knees and was supporting all of Alicia in his arms. Alicia wrapped her arms around his neck while Marcus started bouncing her up and down on his cock. Alicia being so short that her feet were touching the floor. Marcus was driving his cock deep into Alicia now by making her body down onto his cock. Alicia threw her head back and screamed out as her back stiffened from another strong orgasm. Marcus continued to fuck her deeply even after her body became limp in his arms. I thought he was going to split her in half for a little bit as he continued to bounce her on his cock. Her big tits bounce in unison he his hard thrusts into her. Alicia was still limp his arms and then she started to make a deep moaning/growling animal sound as her body began to stiffen again. Now she wrapped her legs around his waist and tightened his hold on his neck and told him to fuck her faster and harder. Marcus was happy to do that for her and she continued telling him to ‘fuck her, fuck her”, then she threw her had back and screamed out “fuck me harder, Im cumming so hard”. Alicia was a gusher when she had really strong orgasms. She never squirted but she was known to gush on a few rare occasions where she orgasmed really hard and this turned out to be one of those times. Marcus’s thighs turned wet as she came all over his fat cock and it ran down his cock, balls and down his thighs. This is all Marcus needed to finally hold Alicias now limp body tight in his arms and thrust deep into her and add his cum to her already very sloppy and used pussy. Marcus continued to hold Alicia in his arms for another minute or so and then he slowly lowered her down and back onto her back on the floor and pulled his now limp cum covered cock from her. Marcus grabbed a towel and cleaned himself up while Alicia just lay on the floor exhausted. The rest of us looked on in amazement at the amazing hot fuck session that just happened in front of us. I was hard again from witnessing Alicia used liked a doll and I noticed the other guys were hard as well. Marcus got dressed and then kissed Alicias sweaty forehead and wished her happy birthday and then left.

Richard began to open Alicias legs to get between them again but Alicia told him that she cant take anymore for a while. Alex offered his ass to Richard which he was happy to take Alex up on. Alex aske Alicia if he could get between her legs while he was getting fucked and so Alicia slowly opened her tired and sore thighs to Alex. Alex go between her open legs and was on his hands and knees over her. He started to suck her hard cum covered nipples while Richard positioned himself behind Alex and slid his big cock into Alex. I didn’t think Alex would be able to take that big cock into his small ass but when Richard drove his cock into Alex fully Alex just grunted loudly and told Richard that he felt so good in him. Richard didn’t even try to start out slowly, he immediately started fucking Alex’s ass in a fast deep and hard rhythm. Both Richard and Alex were grunting in unison as Richard slammed his cock into Alex’s ass. Alex’s cock was fully hard and was leaking cum non-stop ad Richards cock pushed against Alex’s prostate. I was amazed that Alex still had that much cum left in him but if flowed continuously from his hard cock and was adding to Alicia’s already messy pussy. Finally Richard grabbed Alex’s hips and pulled Alex back onto his cock hard as he emptied what was left in his balls into Alex’s now abused ass.

Richard sat back on his feet letting his semi hard cock slide out of Alex’s ass and Alex moved over and laid down on his back next to Alicia, his hard cock still dripping cum from it. Richard announced that he was spent and cleaned himself up. He thanked me and Alicia for a hot night of sex and kissed Alicia and wished her a happy birthday and then left the house. After Alex was finally to regain himself so he got up and started to clean up. His cock was still hard and still leaking some and Jim offered to take care of him but Alex said his ass was to sore and his balls were starting to ache so he was going to go home and take a cool bath. Alex got dressed and kissed Alicia and then walked out leaving Alicia, Jim and myself left. Both Jim and I were hard again but I knew there was no way Alicia could take us both on again. I got between Alica’s legs and kissed her and asked her if she was ok. She said she was but she didn’t think her pussy could take getting fucked anymore but said she could maybe take it in her ass one more time. Instead of Alicia rolling onto her stomach so I could take her in her ass she said she wanted to stay on her back and me fuck her ass like that. She also said that while I was fucking her ass she wanted Jim to fuck me in the ass at the same time. We had done this once before and she thought it was hot looking into my eyes as I got fucked. Jim liked the idea and positioned himself behind me. I slid into Alicias ass pretty easily since it was already well lubed with oil and cum. She moaned out as I slid my entire cock into her ass on the first slow thrust. I held myself there and waited for Jim. He poured some more oil on his cock and then held the opening of the bottle against my ass and squeezed the bottle forcing some of the oil into my ass. I then felt the head of his cock against my ass and it push in slowly at first and then he pushed the rest in in the same way I did to Alicia. I stayed where I was in Alicias ass and let Jim do the work for us both. His thrusts into my ass made me thrust into Alicias ass. Jim grabbed my hips and started fucking me gently until Alica moaned and told him to fuck me hard. Jim took her command and started thrusting deep and hard into my ass causing me to fuck Alicias ass harder. Even though it hurt some it was still such a hot experience so it didn’t take me long to cum in Alicias ass. After I came Jim continued to fuck my ass hard even though my now limp cock had slid from Alicias ass. Alicia kept coaching Jim on to fuck me harder. She was so turned on by my ass getting fucked like this. Jim tightened his grip on my hips and gave me his final thrust into me and started to fill my ass. Jim and I stayed like that for a bit and then he let his now limp cock slip from my ass. I could immediately feel his cum starting to leak from my ass and run down my thighs. I lowered myself back onto Alicia and kissed her and asked her if she enjoyed it? She said she did and asked me if I liked it as well and I told her I did. Jim laid on his side next to Alicia while I laid on my side on the other side of her. We both were caressing her naked slick body and massaging the cum into her skin. We went over the events of the night and I got up to get another round of drinks. We sat there on the futon and eventually the three of us laid down together and drifted off to sleep.

The next morning I woke up to my cock being sucked. I looked down and Alicia was sucking my cock while at the same time Jim was on his hands and knees licking Alicias pussy and ass. It took me a bit to cum but I finally came into Alicias mouth after she had already orgasmed a few times to Jim licking her pussy. We eventually all got up and decided to go and sit in the large garden tub together. We all squeezed in and relaxed as we turned the jets on and let the water sooth some of the soreness we all had from the night before. Alicia asked me in front of Jim if I still wanted to marry a slut like her and I laughed and told her that it was the only reason I wanted to marry her.

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