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The Beginning

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PREFACE I’m sitting here in a Mexican Restaurant and staring at my drink. I’m not usually so apprehensive at a meet and greet. I usually am the charming host of such events. I don’t even know why I am here. I should have put an end to this from the beginning. When her husband sent me the message saying they would like to meet me, I lost all composure. I began sweating and my heart skipped a beat. I couldn’t believe the pictures he sent me was the most beautiful woman on earth and the one I have thought about every day for 30 years. Chapter 1-WTF My life as a swinger started out by accident. I was your everyday 20-year-old. I had just become a paramedic and thought I was God’s gift to the world. Not only was I the only paramedic in our county, but I was stationed in our local hospital and was expanding my sexual education at a fantastic rate. I was finding that sex was fun and should be enjoyed and not just in the bedroom. I was in hog heaven! One night I had went to work a few hours for a friend. I was on my way home around midnight and saw the lights on in my cousin, Steve’s house. I pulled in and started up the steps to their porch. I looked in a sliding glass door and my eyes almost came out of my head. My manly cousin, who works his ass off as a construction worker, was going down on his best friend Chris, while his wife, Sandy, sat on Chris’s face. I was shocked beyond belief. I started to ease back away from the house, when I heard someone yell...Shit! Chris’s wife, Tina was sitting on the sofa and she saw me looking in. I just stood there. Sandy came running out of the house and grabbed me. She took me in the house and straight through to the bedroom. Sandy told me all about how they were swingers and had been for a long time. She even told me they had often thought about inviting me to join them when they had an extra female over. We talked for the longest time and finally I asked her about Steve and the other guy. She told me that he had been bi for years and so was she. I had a million questions and wasn’t sure what to ask and what not to. I was so shocked that I didn’t even realize that she was still naked. She asked me if I wondered why so many people were over late at night and I told her that I knew they were popular and had lots of get togethers. She asked me if I had ever considered a three-some or doing anything kinky. I told her I thought I was kinky, until tonight. I told her about screwing some of my hospital friends in different places and how I was becoming the stud of the hospital. She laughed and told me that she knew it was only a matter of time before I started having those feelings. She told me that I had “IT” and she had saw it by the way I behaved around girls when I was younger and women now that I was getting older. The more we talked the harder I became. I came to my senses and noticed that she had an awesome body. She told me to calm down. She said I needed to go and reassure the others that I was ok with what they were doing and I wasn’t to judge others until I had tried it myself. I just laughed and followed her beautiful ass out the door. I walked into the living room and I was the only one embarrassed. The guys were sitting on a sofa with Tina between them. I realized they were all naked and Tina was just as beautiful as Sandy and Chris had the longest cock I have ever seen. Sandy went to the kitchen and came back with a large margarita. She said drink this, you need it. I turned it up and drank down every drop. The others began clapping. Steve asked what I was going to do about their little secret. I told him that I didn’t care what they did. I told him I thought it was great they could be so open and sharing. I told him I was glad for them and he would never have to worry about me spilling their secret. Tina came over and kissed me and said thank you. She asked what else she could do for me. I looked around the room and everyone was smiling. She squatted down and undid my uniform pants. She unzipped my pants and started sliding them down. My cock was so hard it wouldn’t let my pants come down. She reached in and pulled out my cock and gasp. She had my dick in her tiny hands and it looked huge. She opened her mouth and had trouble getting it in. While my cock isn’t but around 8 inches long, it is as big around as a 12 oz. drink can. My head is even bigger when I’m really horny and I was the horniest I had ever been in my life. She licked my shaft and the underside of my head. Chris was encouraging his wife to suck me. He kept telling her to make me cum. I felt like a kid in a candy store. I was really getting into it. It didn’t take long and I was ready to cum. I told her I was going to cum. She began pumping my cock and I came like crazy! It went everywhere. I covered her face and her tits. She reached down and swiped her fingers over her tits and swallowed my cum. She looked up and said I hope you have more for me. I looked down and smiled and told her that I had something I was dying to give her. I looked at Chris and he said take her. My cock never softened. I sat her down on the sofa and kissed her. I reached between her legs and she was dripping. It was wild. I couldn’t get the thought out of my head that I was going to fuck a guy’s wife while he watched. I got hornier and hornier. I buried my face in her pussy. She was soaking wet. I have never had a pussy so wet. I licked her from end to end and then found her clit. It was nice and swollen and I went to work on it. I licked her and then put it between my teeth and ran my tongue over it. I heard her moaning and then I sucked on it and then she started shoving my face deeper into her. I let my tongue slide in and out of her pussy. She got louder and louder and she was fucking my face. I slid a finger in her pussy and she began to cum. I kept going and she was yelling. I kept going till she said please stop, I can’t breathe. I looked up and she was laid back with the biggest smile on her face. She patted me on the head and said I’ve never had my pussy eaten like it was someone’s last meal. I told her that I was going to fuck her like it was my last time ever. She said, “oh fuck!”. Sandy came up and gave me another drink. I took a sip and sat it down and removed the rest of my clothes. Tina had stretched out on the couch and looked exhausted. Sandy grabbed me by the hand and asked me if I wanted to be real kinky. I told her I was ready for anything. She took me by the hand and led me to the bedroom. As we walked my heart skipped beats. Sandy was the one person in our family that I loved more than anyone. She had been my tutor, friend, nurse and gave me dating advice. She is someone that I thought of as an angel. She was beautiful and could still wear a bikini after two kids. I had often thought about her and what it would be like to “do it” with her. As we walked down the hall, Steve yelled, “give her hell”! I had just been given permission to fuck my cousin’s wife! We went in the bedroom and she closed the door. She said this performance is not for public viewing. I reached down and kissed her. We began kissing and kept kissing. It was long and comfortable. She said that she had thought about this for the longest time. I admitted that I had dreamed of her for so long. I laid her on the bed. I kissed her from head to toe. I stopped and sucked her nipples, I kissed her tanned belly. I ran my tongue over her smooth pussy. I never let my tongue slip between the folds. I licked and kissed my way down her left leg and back up her right. I rolled her over and worked my way back up her legs to her ass. I ran my tongue deep into her crack and tasted her sweet pussy. I kept working my way up her back. Kissing her sides and then her arms. I paid special attention to her neck. I rolled her over and kissed her again. I gave her one last chance to say no. I looked at her and she smiled. I spread her legs and put them up on my shoulders. I positioned myself at the entrance to her lips and then rubbed my head up and down her lips. I was soon covered in her juices. I moved a little and put some pressure on her and I started into her pussy. I’ve learned that it will fit in anyone, I just have to go slow. She was so wet I slid in easier than I would have thought. I slowly moved in and out a little at a time. Every few minutes I would get deeper. I would stop every so often and began rubbing her clit. After a few minutes, she said she was going to cum. She came so hard I felt my cock being squeezed. She finally looked up and said stop playing and fuck me! I did! I slid the rest of the way in and she had a look on her face that I’ve seen many times. It was a look of satisfaction and accomplishment. She had taken all of my cock in her and she knew it. I could feel her insides and it drove me crazy. I began sliding in and out and finally it was my turn. I got faster and harder with each insertion. I reached down and sucked her nipple in my mouth and bit it. She yelled yes, fuck me!!! I began pounding her harder and faster. She said I’m cumming again. I kept going! She was yelling to Jesus and me. I had never felt so in control and out of control at the same time. I felt the cum starting to rise in my groin and I asked her where she wanted it. She said in me. I want you’re cum inside me. I speeded up and at the last moment, I buried my cock in as far as it would go. I came so hard it hurt. I kept cumming. I felt four and then five spasms of cum shooting in her. She said oh fuck I can feel it shooting against me. I finally collapsed and we laid there a minute and I rolled off of her. We were both breathing heavy and I grabbed her hand and said that was the most awesome thing I’ve ever done in my life. She looked up and smiled and said, you haven’t seen anything yet! The rest of the gang began clapping, at some point they had come in the room with us!

Chapter 2-Swing, Batter, Batter, Swing! The week went by quickly. I had so much confidence that I was becoming a different person. On Thursday night, Chris called. He wanted to know if I was available to go with them to a Braves game on Saturday night. He told me about a girl, they wanted me to meet. I looked at my calendar and realized I was off both Friday and Saturday. He then asked if I wanted to come over on Friday and play with Tina and him. I thought about it and said sure. The rest of the day was spent hiding from everyone at work because my cock was hard as a rock. I showed up at Tina and Chris’s house around 5pm on Friday. We were going to grill some burgers and hangout by their pool. I had already been told to walk around the house and come straight to the pool. I walked around the house and Tina was laying on a lounge chair and she was naked. I just stood there and watched. Finally, I came to my senses and walked in the gate. Tina raised up when she saw me and we started talking. I was amazed that she could lay there and act so natural. She got up and kissed and hugged me. She told me that Chris hadn’t gotten home from work and I was elected to cook dinner. I just smiled and said, “ok”. She put on a t-shirt and we walked into the house. I must stop and say that at this point in my life; naked and nearly naked women were more than a distraction. All I could think about was her ass, which was hanging perfectly out of her t-shirt and her pierced nipples that were protruding through the thin material. I went over and wrapped my arms around her, she looked at me and said not yet big boy, we have rules about that. I was confused. She had been naked as a jay bird and kissed me and now I wasn’t allowed to touch. She told me that swinging had a set of rules that couples followed. She told me I could pretty much do anything to her I wanted, as long as Chris was present. She explained they had few rules and that was one of them. She fixed me a drink as I prepared the burgers for the grill. I told her all about my week and how I had thought of nothing but what had happened on Saturday night. She told me that I had been the topic of conversation for her and Sandy and her and Chris this week also. We talked about how they got into swinging and how she had been corrupted. I ask if she was going to corrupt me. She laughed and said I didn’t need any corrupting. She told me I had went from shocked to a full player faster than anyone she had ever seen. I asked her about others that they played with. She told me that another rule was they never talked about their other friends until I met them. She told me that I was a single guy and she had no problem telling others about me and helping me meet people, but it didn’t work the other way around. I was told that swinging has different rules for singles than it did for couples. I was standing by the grill and Tina was sitting at a table while I cooked. We talked about sex and she wanted to know all about my experiences. I told in a just a few minutes. I explained that I had been shy and never even dated in high school. I told her that I had sex with more women than I had been on dates. She looked at me funny. I explained that as far as dating went, I had rarely dated. I told her that most of the women I had sex with was just that. We either fucked at work or I went home with them or we did it somewhere else. She laughed and said that I was well on my way to being a swinger. I asked her about the girl I was going out with on Saturday night. She told me all about her and how they had met in nursing school. She told me they had become friends instantly and that I would love her. She told me that she had played with her before but that she had never been in a threesome or anything else. She told me that I was going out on a real date and I had to behave in public. I laughed. While I enjoyed talking with Tina, I had several questions that were occupying my mind. I finally got up the courage to ask, how do you have a threesome. Tina looked at me and then it hit her. I had never done anything like that before. She told me not to worry, I wouldn’t have to play with Chris. She told me that I was there to satisfy her and that Chris would help. She asked me if that was what was worrying me. I told her that I had been worrying about Chris and I. I told her that I was still amazed that he let men play with her. I told her that I hadn’t ever thought about being with a guy and didn’t know if I could if I had to. She laughed and told me not to worry. Chris wasn’t going to try and r*pe me. She told me that if I ever wanted to try it, that he would be glad to help. I told her that I hadn’t ever thought about guys until Saturday night. I told her that I really wasn’t sure what to do when the time came. She told me that after my performance on Saturday, I would feel right at home. She told me they do this for fun and excitement. She said that they have incredible sex lives alone. This is icing on the cake and it helps that she can’t get enough and Chris is so kinky that he loves to watch and jump in. Tina told me that if I continued in the lifestyle, that I would meet all kinds of people. I would just have to learn what I liked and didn’t like and let people know. She told me communication is the key to a long and happy life and I should be adult enough to tell someone that I like or don’t like something. She said it’s not easy to tell someone that you’re not attracted to that you’re not interested, but you have to if you’re going to be a happy swinger. Chris came home around the time our burgers were ready. He came in and kissed Tina and wanted to know if he had time for a shower before dinner. Tina told him to go ahead, that she really didn’t want to eat with him smelling like a sweaty dog. He returned and we sat down to eat. It amazed me that they were so average looking and acting. All I could think about was having sex with them. They caught me staring and wanted to know what I was thinking. I told them that they were amazing. We ate and talked and enjoyed a wonderful meal together. Chris told me that I was going to love my blind date. After dinner and the dishes were done…paper plates thrown in the trash. We moved out to the pool. They have an awesome pool with a large deck and a bar/kitchen at the end and a bath house at the other. We all stripped and jumped in. The water felt amazing. It was the perfect temperature. We played in the water and swam. I got out of the water and went to the bathroom. When I came out Chris and Tina was kissing and I felt my cock getting hard. I didn’t know exactly what to do. I walked down a step from the bathhouse and they looked up and Tina said, “your cock is amazing”. I smiled and said thank you. I didn’t know what else to say. I got in the water and swam over to where they were. Tina reached over and kissed me. I liked it. Her lips felt wonderful and then she pressed her body against mine and my cock began to grow. I put my arms around her and Chris came up behind her. I felt his hands grab her breast and he was kissing her neck. She said let’s get out of the water boys. We laid down together on this huge round lounge. Tina began to stoke both of our cocks. She smiled and looked at me and wanted to know what I was thinking. I looked at her and smiled and my cheeks turned red. I said, I don’t know. She said bullshit, tell me what you’re thinking or I’m going to stop. I looked up and said that I have been thinking about sex for most of my life and never dreamed of being so relaxed and being with a man and his wife. This feels so natural. She reached down and sucked on my cock and then reached over and sucked on Chris’s cock . She asked me if there was anything I wanted to do that I haven’t done. I told her that I wanted to try everything. Her eyebrows raised and she said everything. I said sure why not. My cock got harder and harder. I felt like my head was going to explode. I reached over and touched her pussy. She was so wet. My ran my finger up and down her slit. It was so smooth and so wet. I felt her clit growing under my touch. I reached down and licked her and she moaned. I buried my face between her legs and ran my tongue over her clit. I let my tongue slide inside her and then I inserted a finger in her. I looked up and Chris was sucking her nipple in and rubbing the other one. I heard her start to moan and I was learning what she liked. I wanted her to cum like she did the last week. I sucked on her lips and licked her clit. She began to rub her pussy against my face and I knew she was getting close. I started fucking her harder and harder with my finger. She was bucking against me so hard that I couldn’t eat her any longer. She started to cum and I kept fucking her then I removed my finger and buried my face in her pussy. I licked up every drop I could. I ran my tongue over her until it was cramping. Chris finally said give her a rest. I looked up smiling and was covered in her juices. I was smiling like a cat who had swallowed the canary. She looked down and said fuck me now. I slid up and she took my cock and pointed it at her opening. She rubbed it up and down and wet it. I slid my head in her and her eyes began to water. I slid a little more in and then pulled out and she said stop playing and fuck me. I slammed my cock in her as hard as I could. I had never fucked anyone like that. I had always been gentle and took my time. She wanted none of it. I began fucking her and kept up a maddening pace. I slammed my cock in her as fast and hard as I could. She began cumming and she said don't stop. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me! I don’t know how long we went, we got in a rhythm that I’ve never been in before and she came over and over. I could feel her starting to dry up and then all of the sudden she became wet again and started yelling yes Lee fuck me, oh god Lee that’s awesome. I got harder and felt myself getting ready to cum. I got faster and faster and she was yelling give it to me. I felt her pussy spasm and I couldn’t hold back any longer. I started cumming and I grabbed her and slammed my cock in her and grabbed her ass and pulled her to me. I kept cumming. I didn’t want to stop. I wanted to give her all of my cum. I finally couldn’t hold myself up any longer and rolled off her. We both laid there breathing hard. I couldn’t hear anything but us breathing and my heart pounding in my head. I laid there with my eyes closed and I felt a cold glass near my face and looked up. Chris had brought us water. He said I have never seen anything like that before. I didn’t know what to say. He said that was awesome. Tina sat up and looked at Chris and said thank you baby. She looked over at me and said damn! My pussy has never felt like that before. You are a fucking machine. I told her that it was all her. It was her, I had never felt so Intune with someone before. With everyone else, it had been a little stressed and quick. With Tina laying by her pool with Chris there with us, it felt right! We played for a few hours and then it was time to leave. They walked me to the door and Tina hugged and kissed me and Chris gave me a hug. They both thanked me for coming and I thanked them for sharing themselves with me.

Saturday evening came way to fast. I had worked in the yard and did all my weekend chores as fast as I could. I also had to feed the cows and other animals. Before I knew it was time to leave for my date. I had thought about last night, all day. I felt like a totally different person. I got dressed and went down to Chris and Tina’s house. Tina answered the door and reached up and kissed my cheek and whispered in my ear that she had been thinking about me all day. She said, my pussy is sore and swollen. Thank You! I just grinned. We went in the house and Chris and the most beautiful redhead I had ever seen were standing at the bar and talking. She had long red hair that was curled, her skin was tan and her blue eyes twinkled. Her body was that of a softball player. She had a firm ass and muscular thighs. I stood there imagining her in her uniform. Tina introduced us and we both just smiled at each other. I was back to being the quiet, no confidence boy again. Steve and Sandy came in a few minutes later and Chris said let’s get this show on the road. I didn’t know that our foursome was going to become a six some. As fate would have it, Steve threw his keys to me and said for me to drive. He said it only made sense since I got paid to chauffeur people around all day and I was too young to drink at the game anyway. We jump in his big SUV and I was punished with trying to talk to the most beautiful woman I had ever seen and drive and watch what was going on in the back. I looked over at Jordan when I could and she was smiling at me. We talked about school and how much longer she had. The jackasses in the back were making lewd gestures and the girls were showing me their boobs! My wonderful cousin began passing out beer to everyone. He handed one to Jordan and she accepted it. She let the cold bottle rest against my hand and looked at and said, poor baby is having to do without, I will have to give him a special treat later. My fucking heart stopped when she said that! The only thing I remember about the rest of the ride was how I wanted to get out and adjust my cock. It was aching in my shorts. We got to the game and Jordan automatically took my hand. We found our seats and began to talk. She told me about how she had just broken up with her high school sweetheart and she wasn’t ready for a relationship and she wanted to have fun. I told her to enjoy herself that she was going to have lots of fun this weekend. We stayed for most of the game; the braves were getting their asses kicked so we left early. We started down the interstate and I looked up and Tina and Steve were making out in the back row and Sandy and Chris were going at it right behind me. I asked Jordan if she got shocked easily and she said no. I told her to turn around. I know what I looked like the first time I looked in the glass door. She had the most shocking look on her face I have ever seen. She said, holy cow…That’s the biggest dick I have ever seen. Chris said, just wait till its buried in your pussy later. Everyone laughed. Jordan’s face turned as red as her hair. She looked over at me and said Tina told me that they were kinky. I thought she was kidding. She asked me if I knew about this. I told her about the last week and what all had happened. Jordan patted my hand and kissed my cheek and then she climbed between the seats and was in the back with Chris and Sandy. I looked back and Jordan was on one side, Sandy was on the other and Chris was between them. Jordan was playing with his cock and kissing Sandy. I heard Steve from the back yell, watch the fucking road. I carried us back to Chris and Tina’s house in record time.

We got back and went to the pool. Jordan was all over Chris and Chris was all over her. I was a little jealous. It didn’t take long and they were naked and they were laying on a chair in a 69 position. It was something to see. She was like a starving Ethiopian. She was sucking his cock like nothing I had ever saw. I couldn’t wait to have her lips wrapped around my cock. Steve was buried between Tina’s legs with his tongue sliding up and down her pussy. Her swollen pussy. I had to smile to myself. Sandy turned to me and whispered that it was time to go and have some real fun. We walked back into the house and went straight to the bed. I undressed Sandy from head to toe. I kissed my way down her body as I undressed her. I laid her down and rubbed her back and shoulders. I pulled her hair back and kissed her neck and ears. I felt her shiver and moan. I kissed my way down her back. I ran my tongue down her sides. I got to her ass and kissed it. I kissed every inch of her. I ran my tongue down her crack and she lifted her ass. I kissed deeper and let my tongue explorer her. I moved down her thigh, breathing lightly and making sure I didn’t miss any part of the back of her body. I worked my way down her leg, massaging and kissing my way down. I rubbed her feet and her toes and kissed each one. I worked my way up the other leg. I got back to her ass and I laid on top of her. I kissed her ear and whispered that I loved her body. I rolled her over. Her nipples were hard and her cheeks were flushed. Her eyes were sparkling and the look in them made my heart stop. I went to her lips and kissed her. I started gentle and then I couldn’t control myself. I let go!!! I ran my tongue down her throat and I slid between her legs. I lined my cock up with her pussy and pushed in. She was so wet. I felt her juices running down my cock. I buried my cock in her and kissed her again. I didn’t speak, I stared into her eyes as I moved my cock in and out of her. I reached up and grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled and she said yes. I fucked her harder and harder. The harder I fucked her, the harder I pulled her hair. She said, please take me. Im yours. I reached down and sucked her nipple and then bit it. She said yes…do what you want to me. Im yours…. I’m really yours. She began to cum. I have never heard anyone scream like she did. I felt the bed flood under us. It was so wet. She kept yelling fuck me, fuck me. I kept going. I was determined to fuck her until she made me stop. She was like an animal. I felt her finger nails digging into my back. I felt her legs wrap around me. I grabbed her ass and it was soaked. I shoved my cock in her as hard as I could. She began yelling for me to fill her pussy with my cum. I couldn’t take anymore and I shoved my cock in her and cum started gushing out of me. I wanted all of me in her. I wanted to give her everything that she had just gave me. We collapsed in a pile. I couldn’t breathe, she couldn’t breathe. Our bodies were covered in sweat. She looked over and smiled. I said thank you! We laid there for a while and Tina came in and said holy fuck! I said what. She smiled and said what did you two do to each other. We were both covered in bite marks and I had claw marks all up my back and shoulders. I looked at her and said we have been fucking! Tina came over and kissed both of us. She said you did more than that, she said you destroyed my bed and began laughing! Sandy looked at me and said, he made me squirt with his cock in me, that’s never happened before. Tina laid down on the other side of me and I put my arms around both of them. It occurred to me that I was holding the two women who was changing me in ways that I never thought possible. I was becoming a different person. Tina wanted to know what I was thinking and I told her. She looked at me and said that she would never have thought that they would get so close to me. Sandy said that she knew it and had been waiting for years. I asked Tina were Steve was and she said that he had joined Jordan and Chris. She told me that she was sorry my date had turned into a cock whore. I laughed and told her not to worry and I was the lucky one. I had fucked my two best friends till I was silly. They both laughed and Tina asked if I had ever made two women cum at the same time. I opened my mouth before I could think and said no, but I know two that I can make cum at the same time. They just laughed. I got up and went to the kitchen to get something to drink and came back with something for my girls. When I returned Sandy and Tina were making out. They were kissing and it was very arousing. I couldn’t take my eyes off of them. They were really getting into it and my cock was hard as a rock. I sat down in the chair in the corner and started playing with myself. I was rubbing my cock as they kissed and touched each other. Sandy began to kiss her way down Tina’s body and got to her breast and began to kiss and rub suck on her nipples. Tina responded and was moaning and her fingers were squeezing Sandy’s nipples. I loved this special show. Sandy began to get more and more into it and I saw her fingers sliding down Tina’s body. Tina responded and her legs spread and Sandys fingers was sliding up and down her slit. It was so amazing to watch how much they were into each other. I watched Sandy slide between her legs and Tina said yes baby. I love your tongue. Sandy was licking her and she slid a finger in Tina’s pussy and Tina moaned. She said, fuck me baby. Sandy didn’t need any encouragement. I saw her fingers go to work on Tina and It was amazing how she was moving her fingers inside her. It wasn’t long until she had two fingers in her pussy and she was hunching Sandy’s hand. Sandy never removed her mouth from her pussy. She licked and tongued her friend to one of the most sexual orgasms I have ever witnessed. Tina grabbed Sandy's hair and pulled her down into her wetness. She was using all of her strength to try and shove her friends face deep inside her. Tina began to moan and tell Sandy to lick her clit. She was yelling yes baby, lick me suck my clit. Im going to cum. Oh God, Sandy…that feels so fucking good. Im cumming baby. Oh fuck! OH YES! She started to squeal and she was trying to get away from Sandy and Sandy grabbed her ass and held her as she licked all of the juice from her pussy. I just sat there amazed. I gave Tina time to calm down and I got up and walked over to the bed and sat down on the edge and gave each one of them a bottle of water. God knows, they needed it. I told them I had just watched the most amazing thing of my life. They told me I was going to have to stop saying that, every time I saw something different. Sandy looked over at Tina and said, I love you. Tina said I love you too and then they kissed. After the kiss, Sandy said, come over here big boy and lie down. I went over and got in the middle of the bed on my back. They both started kissing me and playing with my cock. They both kissed their way down my body. They both stopped and played with my nipples. Tina ran her tongue over one and Sandy bit the other one. I was so turned on. My cock started to throb. They kissed their way down my abdomen and made it to my cock. Sandy started licking my shaft and Tina was licking the head. Every now and then they would stop to kiss. I heard them discussing which one wanted to sit on my face and which one wanted my cock. Tina wasted no time impaling herself on my cock. She looked down and said fuck Im sore. I said Im sorry, again. She smiled and said Im not. It feels wonderful once its in me. Sandy went to my head and reached down and kissed me and then slid her pussy down my the top of my head and across my nose to my lips. I began licking her and Tina was riding me and they were playing with each other’s breast. I was at their mercy. I was going to do whatever it took to make them both cum. I began to lick Sandy and she was moving her ass up and down on my tongue. Tina was rocking back and forth on my cock. We were all getting into it when Sandy said oh shit yes. I felt her lean back and I was running my tongue up and over her clit. I then fucked her pussy with my tongue. I kept licking her clit and then tongue fucking her pussy. I felt Tina starting to slam down harder on my cock and I was able to lift up to meet her. I was really fucking two women together. I lost track of time and all I could do was lick and thrust. It went on for what seemed like an hour but was only a little while. I felt Sandy start to get wet and knew she was going to cum soon. I could tell that Tina was getting close. She was yelling for me to eat that pussy, give her the tonguing she deserves. Fuck her pussy boy. Sandy was yelling fuck her, shove that cock in her. Let her know you want her pussy. I would have loved to have seen a video of us three. I hope it looked as good as it did in my mind. Soon Tina began you moan and she was cumming. I could feel her dig her nails into my sides and she slammed herself down on my cock and started rocking back and forth. Sandy couldn’t stand it and exploded on my face. I felt like a dam had just burst. I couldn’t breathe and her juices went up my nose and filled my ears. They both collapsed against each other and I was smothering under them. I finally got sandy to move enough so I could breathe again and then they each rolled off me to different sides. I was laying there gasping for breath and smiling like a jackass. My fantasy was now complete. I had two beautiful women and I had satisfied them. We all laid there breathing and it was awesome. We were laying there and the other three come walking in. they were all hand in hand and close to each other. I was laying there with Tina's cum covering my still hard cock and Sandys cum all over my face and Jordan said wholly fuck, what have yall been doing. I looked up and smiled and said, it has been a hell of a night. I don’t know where to start. She said, me too. I have been fucked by two guys that have made me cum more than all the other guys I've been with my entire life. Sandy said, I think you two need to fuck. Everyone here has been fucked by everyone else except you two and we want to watch. My cock was still hard and Jordan smiled and said Im game if you are. I looked at her tanned body and her beautiful pierced nipples and said, I have waited all day for you. She came over to the bed and I was the shy boy again. I wasn’t sure what the hell I was doing. I started kissing her and she kissed back. I whispered in her ear that I thought she was hot as hell. She smiled and I began kissing her body and I licked her nipples and moved down and got between her legs, that’s when I realized that she was full of cum. I didn’t stop, I just kept eating her. I loved the way her pussy felt. It was so smooth and tight. My tongue wouldn’t penetrate deep in her. I worked on her clit and I took it between my teeth and she yelled, yes. I began to flick it with my tongue and she started to move against me. I went back to licking her pussy and I kissed and sucked on her lips. She was so wet with all the cum and her juices. She was moving to match my thrusting when I slid a finger in her pussy. She was so tight. I didn’t know if my cock would fit in her. I worked my finger in and out her for awhile and then added another finger. I moved up my fingers in and out and she said she was going to cum. I licked her for a few minutes and then would stop. I didn’t want it to be fast. I kept my finger in her and she was begging me to let her cum. I finally grabbed her clit with my teeth and ran my tongue up and down it while I fucked her pussy with my fingers. She started to cum. I could feel her pussy contracting and her breathing changed and she held my wrist with her hands. She said fuck that feels so good. She said fuck me, please fuck me. I slid up her body and kissed her. I let her taste there cum that was on my tongue. I positioned my cock at her opening and I pressed on it and It wouldn’t go in. Steve and Chris took her legs and pulled her open further. I felt Tina grab my cock and push it into her. I finally got the head in and her face was all twisted and she said fuck. I ask her if I needed to stop. She said, no way! I locked my eyes with hers and slowly entered her and then would pull back. My cock was aching with the tightness of her pussy. I finally got most of it in and started to fuck her slowly. I moved down on top of her and the others moved away. It was just us two. I kept my eyes glued on hers for any sign I was hurting her. I started to move a little faster and she said that’s fucking amazing. I love the way your cock feels. Its wonderful. I began to move faster and she was getting in to it. I still hadn’t bottomed out in her yet. I knew she could handle the length. Chris is longer than I am, but Im three times as big around. Finally we were lost in each other and I grabbed her ass and began to fuck her like I wanted to. I lost myself in her eyes and I let her body control mine. I was fucking her hard and she was moving to join me. She started breathing fast and I knew it would be soon. I reached down and kissed her nipples and sucked on one, then the other one. Our bodies were made to be together. I looked over and Steve and Sandy were going at it and Chris and Tina on the other side. I kept fucking Jordan. I was loving every move our bodies made together and I didn’t realize I had grabbed her hair and was tugging on it as I slammed my cock in her pussy. She was yelling yes, fuck yes. Oh YES. I felt her start to cum and I kept fucking her. I began to feel my balls tighten and then I exploded in her pussy. I felt wave after wave of cum squirting in her pussy. I felt her pussy contracting around me and I loved it. I reached down and kissed her and told her she was wonderful. She looked up and said, I can say Ive had the fuck, fucked out of me. By this time, it was very late, I was exhausted and she was also. The rest of the gang were laying all over the bed. I grabbed Jordan’s hand and we headed toward the shower. I loved washing her and watching the water run down her body. She was an amazing woman and I realized that I would do whatever was necessary to keep her in my life. She kept looking at me and smiling and she finally said, say something. I had been afraid to speak; I didn’t want to ruin the moment. She took my hand and kissed it and said this feels so wonderful. This is what I have wanted my entire life. I just stood there and took her in my arms and kissed her. We got out of the shower and went to the kitchen. I fixed us sandwiches. We were both famished. We went and curled up on the sofa and talked about what we were going to do the next day. After we ate we found an empty bed and cuddled up together and fell asleep. I had never slept so sound in my life. We woke around nine am, and we fixed breakfast for everyone. We went back to bed when no one else rose to the smell of bacon and eggs frying. Once we were in bed we began talking about the night before. Jordan wanted to know what I thought about fucking so many people and I told her that I was all for it. She said that she was glad. She had loved last night. She asked me if I had really just learned about everything the week before and I told her I had. I told her that I had been shocked to hell about it, but I joined right in, like a lonely puppy. She laughed and said, Tina and Sandy’s tits didn’t hurt either. I said no they didn’t. The next month was awesome! We were together all the time. We had sex when and where we wanted. Neither of us couldn’t get enough. I had met my soulmate!

Breeding Season My life was going well. I had a career I loved and woman that I adored. Nothing could have me things any better. I was summoned to Tina’s one day. I knew what she wanted. We hadn’t had any playtime lately. I got there and Jordan and Sandy’s cars were there. I walked in and all three of them looked sad. Jordan was crying and the other two had been crying also. I asked what was the matter. I went over to Jordan and sat down beside her. She took my hand as the tears ran down her cheek. I wiped them away. She said I am pregnant. My heart skipped a beat. She looked at me and said it’s not yours. It’s my old boyfriends. I told him last night. I had to tell you in person. I was so shocked. I didn’t know what to say. She kept talking. She told me that she was going back to him and they were getting married. Then she threw her arms around me and began crying like a child who had lost a parent! She cried and cried! I told her that I understood and I loved her and would do anything I could for her. She got up and left. I walked her to her car and kissed her goodbye. I walked back to the house feeling like my world had ended. I fell down on the sofa and just sat there staring. Tina and Sandy sat down on either side of me. Tina said that they had news for me also. They told me that both of them were pregnant! . I said, What!!! Tina said that she was pregnant and Sandy was pregnant. I just sat there. They told me not to worry. Tina was not as happy as Sandy, she said that she wasn’t ready to be a mom. I told her that she would be a great mother. I told both of them, I would do whatever they asked. They told me that all I had to do was do nothing. They both stripped in front of me and told me that they still wanted to play with me. They asked if I liked the idea of being their bull. I just shook my head! My life got into a routine. I worked and I thought about Jordan. I asked Tina about her often. She kept telling me to let her go. She told me I had to move on. The months passed by and all of my women got bigger. I continued to play with Tina and Sandy. They both kept amazing, bodies as their bellies swelled! I saw Jordan once and she was glowing. She was the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen! She was in the grocery store with her new husband. I hid from her. I couldn’t face her. Our next meeting couldn’t be avoided. I was going into the hospital because Tina and Sandy were both in labor. I started through the entrance and here came Jordan. She was in a wheelchair holding her baby while a nurse pushed her and her husband walked along beside her. I smiled and said wow, what a beautiful baby! She beamed at my voice. She looked so happy to see me. I shook hands with her husband as she introduced us. I congratulated them on the birth. Her baby was a beautiful girl. I might have been smiling on the outside, but on the inside I was telling myself that I was looking at the life I could have had. As I helped them get in the car I almost lost it. I never believed in love at first sight until I met her. Now I was sending her off with a stranger and an infant to live a life I dreamed about every night. The Meeting As I said in the beginning, it’s been 30 years since I put her in that car. I have thought about her almost every day. He grew into a nice looking guy. I’m not sure if he remembers me or not. I smile as I shake his hand. He looks at me but not eye to eye. He introduced me to his wife and I shake her hand and complement her on her beauty. She smiles at me. I order drinks and we all talk about the regular things, kids jobs and our swinging history. It turns out that they are very active and I can’t believe I haven’t ran into them before. Ad we start our second round I go to the bathroom. When I return Calvin stands up, he says, my wife wants to date you and I think you’re a nice guy. If it’s OK with you, I won’t stay. I’m the guy that likes to hear about her dates rather than participate unless you have a beautiful brunette in your pocket, I tell him nope she’s home tonight. He said really, I said yes, she has to work tomorrow and you didn’t say anything about a couples swap. He said maybe next time. I said Sarah would love to join you. I sat down after he walked away. We just started at each other. She finally broke the silence. You still look at me like your looking in me. I smiled and said, your just as beautiful as you were years ago! She blushed and said you think. I said yes, if not better. She said you look awesome. I said thank you! I said I work out every day and take lots of drugs for arthritis. She said don’t we all. It felt like it did all those years ago. She said, can we get out of here? I said, yes ma’am. I paid our tab and out the door we went. I asked where did she want to go? She said, I want to get a room. I want to sit and talk and I don’t want anyone listening or having to worry about anything. We got a room near the bar. We walked into our room and I went and got ice for drinks. Jordan had a bottle of wine and I had a bottle of crown. We sat there for the longest and she said, I’ve kept up with you all these years. I smiled and said I’ve been stalking you too. She started to apologize and I stopped her. I said don’t apologize to me. I said we loved each other and think we still do. I told her that she did what was best for her at the time and nothing else needed saying. She said your right. I’ve thought about you so many times that it’s shameful. Tina kept me up to date on you. She told me that we both turned out about the same. I laughed and told her Tina was my go to for info also. I didn’t know she was talking to you also. She said, I didn’t know about you either. We talked about our families. She has two beautiful daughters and I told her about my boys. She wanted to know all about Sarah. I told her that she would love her. I told her that Sarah had kept me from going crazy the first few months. I told her that Sarah knew all about her. She said really! I said yes. She said Calvin knows we were dating when I got pregnant and knows that I have feelings for you. She said he’s a great guy and I won’t ever do anything to hurt him. She said, we do this a lot. She said we both go out together and separately. She said we started having problems when Lisa was about two. We were both young and wanted freedom and still to be together. Tina told me that I should introduce Calvin to swinging. She said that it had worked for Chris and her. So mom kept the baby and I sat down and told him what I thought our problem was. We agreed to try it. So we went out with Chris and Tina the first couple of times. Calvin was hooked and so was I. It was our escape. We met people and had our fun. So many times I wanted to contact you. I laughed and told her that we were a little different. We did the opposite, we started as swingers and built our family around swinging. We kidded each other about kids until one day Sarah came home and said, I’m getting old. I said your not old, she said yes I am. I want a baby. She said, I know you do also. So we took a break from swinging and started a family. It was the best thing we ever did. We’ve raised two smart independent men. I asked her why now, why did she want to see me now. She said three reason; 1. We’re getting older. 2. I would hate for something to happen to us and I not tell you how I feel about you. 3. Over the years, I know we have been with some of the same people and people talk. I looked at her and she continued, when I got married I felt like the girl whose dad had arranged the wedding. I didn’t want to be around Calvin, in fact after you, he was not very satisfying. He learned to please me and others. He seems to take great pride in the fact that he can make women cum, when others can’t. He’s patient and easy going. I like to be fucked. I can make love at home. I’ve had a fantasy for many years about you ramming your cock up in me. I miss the feel of you. I’ve been with guys with huge cocks, little cocks, men that ate me and got me off in ways I don’t even like talking about, but you’re the one that I dream about. I said, damn Jordan; you have been a busy girl. She said and that hasn’t even covered the women I’ve been with. I laughed. She said I’m not leaving Calvin and you’re not leaving Sarah. I want to feel us together. I told her that she was always with me. I thought about her often, almost daily. I told her that we had fit together like no one else. I told her that I was ready to see what I had been missing. She said are you going to feel guilty? I said nope, Sarah knows everything. I’m yours all night or all weekend. She said, oh damn! I took her in my arms and began kissing her. Our lips felt perfect together. I ran my tongue between her lips. She sucked me in. Damn she can kiss. We laid down and kissed and held each other. We went slow, I loved holding her again. She said I’m yours. I said, I’ve always been yours. She said fuck lee, I’ve missed you! I said I’ve missed you too. I stood up and got us drinks. When I came back she was in the sexiest bra and panties I’ve ever seen. I had to remind myself to breathe. I picked her up off the bed. She said damn your strong. I said, I work out a lot. I said so do you! She smiled and said, I knew you and Sarah did. I didn’t want to disappoint you. I said I’m not disappointed. Your fucking awesome. I squeezed her tight and looked deep in her. She said stop that, I’m getting wet. I said good! I want you soaking. I laid her down and kissed her neck, I sunk my teeth in her shoulder. She said yes baby. I ran my tongue along the edges of her bra. I undid the clasp and her tits sprang out. They were awesome. They didn’t look like the tits of a 50-year-old. Hell, she looks 30. I sucked her nipples between my lips. I ran my tongue over one then the other. She tasted like honey. I kissed my way down her body. I couldn’t believe how tight her belly was. I told her that she was so fucking Sexy. I ran my tongue inside her panties. She shivered. I ran my tongue back up her body. I took her nipples in my mouth. She began rubbing her legs together. I whispered in her ear, is my pussy ready to eat. She said yes baby, your pussy is soaking. I reached down and ate her through her panties. I moaned. She was soaking wet. I raised her up and gently removed her Sexy panties, she will never wear these again, they are mine. I reached down and ran the tip of my tongue over her slit. Fuck she taste good I reached deep to her ass and ran my tongue up in her pussy. She grabbed my head and said yes. I took her clit in and sucked on it. She said eat me baby, eat your pussy. I began to tongue her hole. She began fucking me back. There was nothing but lust in the room. She began to cum. It was like a flood poured out of her. Drink my juices baby. I swallowed her as much as I could. She said fuck me now. Fuck me Lee. I want my cock baby. Give it to me. I stood up while she rubbed her pussy. I removed my shirt and pants. My underwear slid down. My cock hung down. Even hard it was too heavy to stand at attention. She said fuck you grew. I said yep. I said after we began fucking all the time and working out I had another growth spurt. I’m almost 11 inches and bigger than a coke can. She said come and give it to me. She said give me the dick that ruined me. I went over and spread her legs. She took me in her hands. She said oh God that’s going to feel good. She held it to her pussy and wet the head. She slid me in. She moaned. She laid back. I kissed her. My cock sank deep in her pussy. She felt tight, but held all of me. I began fucking her. I grabbed her ass and shoved all of me in her. She said fuck yes. She said fuck me Lee. Fuck the hell out of me. I began slamming my cock in her as hard as I could. I was trying to make up for 30 years of absence. I fucked her like that for as long as I could, then I slowed down. She was breathing hard. I noticed that her eyes were watering and she was biting her lip. I asked if she was OK. She said yes cumming! I felt the juices building in me I felt my cock swelling. She said fuck you’re getting bigger. My cock stretched her pussy as I grabbed her and buried my cock in her as cum began spurting out. I held her tight as we both came together. Her legs wrapped around me. My arms holding her in place. Every time I moved spasms shot through my body. I moved until I came out of her. I rolled on my back and said thank you! She said that was awesome! Sweat poured off both of us. I said what are we going to do to top that? She said we can’t; it would take another 30 years! We laid there for the longest time. I’m not sure what was going through her mind, but I was reliving all the things I had done over the years and wondered how it would have been different with Jordan. I finally decided that life had been good to me. I knew that Jordan was one of the best things to happen to me. She was the fantasy that I had wanted. She was the perfect fit. Even after all these years, but she wasn’t the perfect woman. She was somewhere else. She was the one that called me daddy. She was the one that carried my seed till they were born. She was the one that pushed both of us to be better than everyone else. She was the one that knew my cravings and could satisfy them. I looked over at Jordan and she was smiling. I said what’s that for. She said I was thinking how long I had waited for you. I think you are great. You really did ruin me for life. The first night I felt you inside me changed me forever. The hardest thing I ever did in my life was explaining to Calvin that no matter how much I came. I need big cocks. It was harder telling him that than telling you I was pregnant. The day you put me in the car and kissed me goodbye, I wanted you to be the one taking me home to raise our daughter. Things turned out great. I found the man for me. I got to grow and did things that I wouldn’t have dared do with you. I would have been yours and that would have been enough for me. You created me. You showed me that I could have all my desires. Calvin is my equal. You are my fantasy and I love this! I started to laugh. She said, don’t laugh at me. I said, I was laying here thinking the same thing about Sarah and about you. Jordan said we need to call them. I said yep. She reached for her cell phone and dialed Calvin’s number. They talked for a few minutes. She said to enjoy himself. He said he is out and ran into a woman we met at a party once. Stacey is a knockout! You would love her and she can satisfy a rock. I said damn, I need to meet her. I called Sarah next. She was out on the prowl. She said I met this guy at a party once and we’ve been talking. I’m probably taking him home tonight. She said he loves to eat and play with pussy. Jordan’s eyes widened. She said what’s his name. Sarah said Kenny. She said ask her if his wife is Mary. She said yes. Jordan grabbed the phone from me. She said, Sarah, did you fuck Mary at Tina’s. She said yes, I did, do you know Mary? She said fuck… I am Mary! Sarah said oh my God. You are Lees Jordan? Yes. She said damn. I saw confused as hell. Jordan explained that they had fucked Sarah several times over the years. I was shocked beyond belief! She handed me the phone. Sarah said, this is unbelievable. I said, no shit. She said what do you want to do. I said continue with your date. Let’s all meet tomorrow night for dinner. You know where. She smiled. Kenny is getting fucked like a dog tonight. I said his name is Calvin. She said really. I said yes. I hung up and said, so you really like fucking my wife. She said yes. I’ve done things with her that are outlawed in most states. I said me too. She said you two fuck alike. I said she taught me so much. I said for years we got violent when we fucked. It got to the point that we would almost pass out. There was one weekend where we fucked for 7 hours. Both of us had to go to the ER. She said really. I said yes. Jordan said, I got fucked over and over one night by a bunch of really hung guys. To get in you had to be under 40 and over 9 inches. Calvin measured every cock. I said Damn. She said, I was gaping wide open when they finished. Calvin fucked me in the end. I couldn’t even feel his cock. I laughed.

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