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The 19th Hole - A Swingers Tale, Part 4

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Naomi pulled her phone out of her small bag, and started looking through it.

“Turns out that a very good friend of ours, with whom Anna and I love to play with, is on the same cruise as your wife, Ray.” she said while scrolling on her phone.

“Here, this is a photo of Mindy, and if I am correct, that is your wife Angela, right?”, she asked, and handed me her phone.

I looked at the photo, and for a minute I was in shock. There was a photo of my wife, completely naked, with a woman between her legs, and a fit younger black man deep down her throat. There was no mistaking that it was my wife in the picture. Her beautiful muscular and full thighs were eagerly spread wide, her feet were in full curling toes mode, which meant she was cumming hard, she was holding one of her large breasts in one hand, and her other hand barely covered half of the cock that was deep inside of her mouth.

“Well look at that, not much of a surprise, is it? I guest what is happening on the girl’s cruise may not stay on the cruise if there are pictures,” I answered with a chuckle, handing Naomi back the phone.

In that moment, I was super turned on by the photo, but also was unsure if knowing my wife was involved in group sex without first telling me was healthy for our long time marriage prospects. Feelings of jealousy and resentment started to creep into my head.

But I looked at these two beautiful women, and realized I was alone in a private play room with them, all dressed up to get fucked all night, and I didn’t really care. I was about to have a great time myself.

“Well, it turns out that Mindy mentioned to a group of women on the cruise that she loved to come to a resort in the desert so her husband could golf, and she could fuck other women and couples, shop in town, lay by the pool during the day, and come to this club on weekend nights,” said Anna.

Anna took a long look at me and asked, “Are you OK, Ray?”

“I’m fine, that photo was pretty hot, I’m just trying to make sense of what I saw on your phone, Naomi,” I replied.

“Well, when Mindy mentioned the resort, your wife unknowingly said that she thought that was where you were staying, which apparently got all her friends on the cruise both nervous and excited,” answered Anna.

“When your wife Angela found out that the resort was a lifestyle friendly club, she actually was disappointed, and said if she had known, she would have loved to be here with you instead of the cruise. Isn't’ that sweet?” said Anna.

“Yes, that is sweet, and I’m sure looking forward to bringing Angela back here very soon,” I replied.

“Mindy told your wife that we were all friends, and that we have a long history of fun, safe swinging, and she was thrilled, Ray. At that moment Mindy and your wife apparently bonded, and her group on the cruise decided to treat your wife and her friends to something a bit more than they were used to. Needless to say your wife, her friends and some of your neighbors are getting their brains fucked out by some pretty hot men and a few very sexy women right now,” said Naomi with a big grin.

“I’m not surprised. I can’t wait to hear those stories when I get home,” I said.

“But that’s a surprise, I thought you two said you had a gift for me,” I asked.

“Well, the gift is that once Angela and Mindy figured out their small world moment, we got a Face Time call from them on the cruise, just a short time before we met at the shuttle. Your wife is beautiful and she thought the same of us, and we all agreed we were going to get together as soon as possible, Ray. Isn’t that great news?”, asked Anna.

“That’s really great news,” I replied.

“And the gift is that Angela asked Anna and I to take good care of you until we all got home, and wanted to make sure you knew you could do anything you wanted and she could not wait to come home and share her stories with you, and you with her. Most importantly she wanted to thank you and tell you that she loves you,” said Naomi.

“We were hoping to Face Time with her from here, but there is no service due to club rules, and the ship is out of reach of any service for about 18 hours,” said Anna.

“Well thank you Anna and Naomi, that is a crazy story, and is also really great news. This has turned out to be quite the fun and revealing weekend,” I said as I finished the last of my drink in a big bottoms up swallow.

“I’m getting you another drink, Ray, and here’s the joint, take a hit, relax and we’re going to freshen up and be right back,” said Naomi.

“We have the room for another two hours, and the first part is our time, and shortly after that, we have a few guys and couples reserved to come join us. They are all by choice, and I’m sure you will be comfortable around them, and hopefully have fun with us while you're at it,” said Anna.

Naomi handed me a fresh drink, and her and Anna ducked into the side room and I heard the bathroom door close. I took a hit, and had a sip of my fresh drink and listened to the sound of music in the distance, and people fucking and moaning loudly in adjacent rooms. Occasionally I could hear screaming and loud talking from the pool area, but for the most part the only sound was of other people fucking in rooms nearby.

I sat in a combined state of shock and a comfortably buzzed haze, and wondered what my wife was doing at the moment. They were a couple of hours ahead, so that meant it was almost nearing midnight. Was she getting fucked at the moment? Where were her friends and our neighbor’s wives, I wondered? How could I golf or have gatherings with some of my neighbors and not wonder if they knew what and where their wives went and what they did this weekend? Or did they even know?

Too many thoughts were swirling in my head. The sound of the door opening brought me back to focus, and out walked Anna in nothing but her black silk robe, and Naomi, also in nothing but her lavender silk robe. Both had their pumps on, and I could see how full and beautiful Naomi’s body was, and how her pussy was clearly waxed clean, to compliment the thick, dark curly bush of Anna’s that I had eaten the night before.

“So Ray, here’s what is going on tonight. Our rules are simple. You can do anything you want to Anna and I. Fuck us any way you want, we’ll do anything you ask us to do, and you can do whatever you want, even if we’re not involved. But when the group shows up, only select guys can cum in our pussy, we’ll let you know who they are, and no anal for anybody but you. Tongues and occasional fingers are allowed, but unless its you, please don’t let anybody fuck in the ass. Otherwise, we like it dirty, rough, we love cum all over our bodies, and most importantly, and apparently like your wife, we like to put on a show together,” said Naomi.

“You good with that, Ray?” asked Anna with her wry smile.

“How could I say no to that?” I answered.

Anna and Naomi pulled off their robes and handed them to me. I placed both on the side of the couch. As I looked back up, both were kissing each other deeply, and embracing and grinding their hips against each other. They were breathing deeply and I watched them reach around and start rubbing each other’s bodies, and cupping each other’s breasts and ass.

“You gonna be my girl tonight,” moaned Naomi to Anna.

“Whatever you want baby, I’m all yours, and his,” laughed Anna.

Naomi reached down and started rubbing Anna’s bush and sliding her finger into what was becoming a very wet pussy. I could smell Anna’s pussy waft through room and recognized the familiar sound of her wet pussy as Naomi started finger fucking her a few feet away from me. Naomi leaned down and started sucking on Anna’s nipple and Anna started to moan deeply and I knew the first of many orgasms was about to be enjoyed.

I sat back and enjoyed the sight of two full figured women sharing their tongues and putting their hands all over each other, for my private enjoyment. A gorgeous woman with large breasts, a large puffy pussy that was recently shaved, and a nice round ass was finger fucking a thick and beautiful woman, whose breasts were equally large, and whose pussy was being sloppily finger fucked by her dominate girlfriend.

Naomi moved Anna over to the bed, laid her down and spread her thighs wide, and dove right into her dark bush and started licking and tonguing her wet pussy.

Anna spread her legs, started pinching both nipples and closed her eyes and was moaning very loudly. Naomi laid out on the bed and I could see her beautiful round ass and pussy, which was starting to glisten with wetness.

Naomi slid two fingers into Anna’s wet pussy, and focused her tongue on her clit and started finger fucking her hard, reaching to hit her g-spot just right and the way I had done it, and I knew it was only a matter of time before Anna’s squirted like she had the night before.

Anna succumbed to her dominant Asian girlfriend and started moaning and screaming in ecstasy. Her body started to convulse and she came hard all while telling Naomi how good her fingers felt and how bad she wanted to be her good slut and do as she was told. It was one of the hottest things I had ever seen.

Naomi had three fingers deep into Anna when she told her that it was her turn to eat her pussy hard. The two switched positions and Anna gave Naomi a long passionate kiss, all while tasting her pussy on her lips. Naomi laid back on the bed, and spread her thick thighs to reveal a beautiful bald pussy with big lips that were dripping wet already. The inside of Anna's thighs were equally covered in juices as she lay between Naomi’s legs and dove right into licking her pussy. The noises of Anna lips on Naomi’s pussy while it was being licked were incredible and the smell of their cum and pussies filled the room.

I was staring at Anna’s big round brown ass, and her beautiful bush between her thighs in a haze. I decided I couldn’t wait any long to join in.

I went over to the side of the bed, got up on it and stuck my cock up against Naomi’s face. She reached up and started stroking my cock, and looked at me with a passionate glaze while she held the back of Anna’s head, pushing her face deep into her vagina.

I could see Anna feverishly licking Naomi’s clit and she had two fingers up inside sliding in and out and an increasing rate. Naomi’s eyes rolled back and she eagerly took my cock deep into her mouth and started sucking on it with a passion.

I sensed that sucking on my cock would help Naomi get off quickly, and I was correct as just a few moments later, she started to let out a deep groan, and was trying to take all of my cock deep into her throat. Her gagging sounds combined with a deep moan and I watched her large breasts and chest rise up in anticipation of a strong orgasm.

She took my cock out of her mouth and kept stroking it. She looked down at Anna, and begged Anna to keep going and said she was about to cum.

“Oh shit, that’s it, right there, Oh, yeah!,” she screamed, then let out a deep howl that I’m sure everyone in nearby rooms must have heard.

I looked down and Anna’s face was being covered with a large gush of juices flying from Naomi’s pussy, and enjoying every drop. She continued to slide her fingers in and out of Naomi until she had a second orgasm which didn’t take long.

“Oh my god,” said Anna. “That was so fucking hot. Did you like it, Ray?” she asked.

“I sure did, that was amazing,” I answered. Naomi was slowly sucking on my cock, and gently rubbing her clit after enjoying two heavy orgasms.

“Well good, there’s plenty more left to come, so just sit back and enjoy,” she said.

“We’re expecting company any minute, so if someone knocks, please let them in. It's by invite only so security knows who is allowed here, or not. I’m going to freshen up, and get ready,” Anna said, as she walked into the bathroom.

“Your cock tastes good, Ray, I can’t wait for more,” smiled Naomi as she got up and followed Anna into the bathroom.

My cock was rock hard, and I sat on the edge of the bed wondering what was coming next. This whole weekend had turned into an incredible adventure.

I heard noises outside the door, and then a short knock followed. I got up and opened the door and there was Jay and his wife Brenda, and four younger guys behind them.

“Hi Ray, how’s your visit going so far?” asked Brenda. She had short white hair, a very young and pretty face, a nicely rounded ass and medium sized breasts. Her full belly and thicker thighs looked very inviting in the short white lace teddy, beach slippers, revealing a well trimmed bush.

“Come on in, the ladies told me to expect you,” I answered and let everyone in.

The group of guys wore only shorts and shirts, not much else. Most had to be in their 30s or early forties. They were in good shape, not fat, but no muscle men, and my older physique was similar to that of Jay’s.

Everyone grabbed a drink, or a water and milled about for a few minutes. I was introduced to each of the guys and hung out with Jay and Brenda for a moment. They said that they just came out of one of the play rooms and were instructed to bring the group back to the room by Anna and Naomi earlier that evening.

“Give me a kiss, Ray,” said Brenda.

I held Brenda close, cupped her big thick ass with both hands and gave her a long tongue kiss. She was very eager to give back and I could smell alcohol and the faint scent of cum on her breath.. We both had a laugh, knew what each other was thinking, went back to kissing. I then hoped I would also be getting a taste of her pussy sometime later that night.

We interrupted our kiss when Anna and Naomi emerged from the bathroom, wrapped in towels but still in their shoes. They had touched up their hair and make up, and looked really sexy. Both were very relaxed and clearly had warmed up properly in my company.

Naomi dropped her towel revealing her voluptuous body, and dove onto the bed on her back.

“Nobody gets my ass tonight, except for you, Ray,” she said. Two guys moved onto each side of her mouth and she started to suck on each cock with abandon. A third guy moved in between her legs and started licking her full and wet pussy.

Anna got on to the other bed, and moved her ass to the edge of the bed, while on her knees. Jay moved up behind her and positioned himself to fuck her while standing by the edge of the bed. The last guy moved up in front of her face and stuck his long, hard cock into her mouth. She willingly took it and started to slowly suck on it. Jay slid his cock into Anna’s soaking pussy, and started to build a rhythm of fucking her.

Brenda turned to me, and dropped to her knees, she pushed me back onto the couch and as I sat, she dove into my crotch and started sucking on my cock. I sat back and watched Jay pound Anna from behind, and one of the guys picked up his pace as his balls slapped Naomi’s ass and his cock started to glisten with white cum seeping from her soaking wet pussy. The smell of sex was everywhere and I looked down at Brenda who was gagging and choking on my rock hard cock, which was now starting to glisten with her spit.

I grabbed her the back of her head and pulled her down even further, eliciting a deep groan and then a heavy cough as she started gagging on my cock without abandon.

Both Naomi and Anna were moaning heavily, mixing sounds of slobbering and choking on the cocks they were being fed. With the pace the guy was fucking Naomi, I knew it was only a matter of time before he shot his first load somewhere.

Jay looked over at Brenda and I while his cock was sliding in and out of Anna’s pussy, the sounds of her wet pussy taking his cock were taking me to the edge, and Jay gave me an approving nod and I pushed Brenda’s head deeper onto my cock, making her gag and spit all over my cock. She grabbed my stiff cock with her hand and started stroking it with abandon, and I knew if I didn’t change up, I was going to shoot a load all over her beautiful face.

Just then, the guy pounding Naomi let out a deep groan, and pulled his cock out of her gaping pussy and shot multiple streams of thick cum all over her stomach, tits, and dripping down onto her pink folds spread wide open. His cum started to drip down past her vagina and into her ass and onto the bed.

I grabbed Brenda by the shoulders, picked her up and laid her back onto the couch so she could see the action on the two beds. She looked up at me with a hazy, almost disorienting look, and I grabbed both thighs and spread them wide, revealing a beautiful mature pussy, who was loose and open, and clearly had been penetrated earlier that night. The pubic hair covering her pussy was nicely trimmed, and was darker than the silver hair on her head.

I dove right into her wet pussy and found her clit and started teasing it as hard as I could. Her pussy juices began to flow and the smell of cum and her pussy were combining to take me to a very erotic place. I licked her pussy, and then slid down further and started licking her asshole, and tasting her body. Brenda’s eyes were closed and she was clearly focused on the sensations she was receiving, and grabbed the back of my head with both hands and pulled it tight up against her pussy. I knew it was only a matter of time before she came all over my face.

I heard the sound of a deep groan and Anna encouraging Jay to cum deep into her pussy. She was taking his cock deep and telling everyone in the room how nasty she was, and how she loved being Naomi’s slut, and just as she started to beg Jay to fill her cunt with his hot cum, he let loose and started pounding her with all his might. His body tensed up, he closed his eyes, and shot a hot load of cum up into Anna’s willing pussy.

Brenda could hear the sounds of her husband cumming, and on cue shot a huge stream of cum all over my face, as her body tensed up and she let out a loud scream that caught everyone’s attention. Her thick thighs wrapped around my face so hard that I couldn’t pull back, so I kept licking her clit even harder, causing her to have a second convulsive orgasm that sent her over the top. Her body was shaking and her thighs let loose, and she fell back onto the couch, in a catatonic state with a huge smile across her face. My face was covered in a glisten of Brenda’s pussy juices, and squirt, and I could taste her delicious ass on my tongue. We were both very happy.

But I needed more, and my stiff cock was ready to fuck. I rolled Brenda over onto her knees, with her arms holding on the arm of the couch facing the beds. She had perfect view of 7 people, including her husband, fucking Naomi and Ann. My cock slid right in to her slippery wet pussy, and she put her head down onto the arm of the couch and with her deep English accent, begged me to fuck her.

By now, each of the guys was having their way with Naomi and Anna, and Jay came over to the couch and stuck his soft cock covered with Anna’s pussy juices into his wife’s mouth. She started to suck it back to life, while moaning and encouraging me to fuck her harder. Jay grabbed the back of her head and pulled her mouth all the way down to the base of his cock making her taste Anna’s pussy all over his cock and balls. She could barely take it, but tried, gagging repeatedly on his ever hardening cock.

The sounds of moaning, body’s slapping, wet pussies and gagging throats, along with the occasional dirty talk filled the room as I sat back and took in the show and pounded Brenda’s big white ass, slapping the cheeks occasionally for her husband’s pleasure. Large red hand prints started to cover Brenda’s full white ass cheeks.

“Treat her like a slut, Ray. She loves it,’ said Ray.

Brenda was starting to moan loudly and begging for me to cum. I knew it would not take me long for my first load of the night, and given everything I had seen so far, I had a big load of hot cum built up. Jay pulled his cock out of her mouth, and stroked it until he released a slow dripping stream of cum all over her face.

“Where do you want it?”, I asked.

“Fill me Ray, I want to feel you fill me up,” Brenda replied.

I looked over and made eye contact with Naomi who gave me a devilish smile in between sucking a cock, and I sensed my balls start to tingle. I pounded Brenda as hard as I could, let out a deep groan, and started filling her pussy with a huge load of steaming hot cum.

“Oh shit, that is so deep, so deep…so hot, oh God, Ray, Fuck,” said Brenda with a deep moaning sound, as she laid back onto the couch in a exhausted state.

Without hesitation, Jay got down onto the floor, crawled up between her legs and his mouth devoured her cum filled pussy full of my massive hot load. He was loving my cum oozing out of her slit, and wasn’t wasting a drop. Brenda looked up at me and smiled.

“You are a fun guy, Ray. I really like you,” she said in her deep English accent.

“He will do anything I tell him to. I hope you enjoy it sometime,” she said and closed her eyes and focused on Jay’s tongue and started to cum again.

I watched Naomi and Anna get the shit fucked out of them by four younger guys and made a drink. Over the course of the 45 minutes, I watched the guys shoot loads all over their faces, tits, asses, and in a couple of cases inside of them, and after a blur of primal fucking, both tapped out and asked to stop. They needed a break.

Anna and Naomi were left sprawled all over each bed, completely naked covered and filled with hot sticky cum. Anna’s face was soaked by multiple loads with streams dripping down onto her tits. Her pussy was spread wide open, her thick pubes coasted in juices, and cum was dripping down through her thighs. She was half awake, gently massaging her clit, and the smile on her face said it all. Pure satisfaction.

Naomi was face down, just having been spit roasted and doggy fucked into submission. Her ass was covered in a thick layer of cum, and her pussy was swollen, convulsing, and dripping multiple loads of cum down onto the bed, and she was and moaning about how fucking hot that was.

Each bed was covered with large stains, and the smell of sex overwhelmed the room. It was incredibly hot, and I was thinking how amazing it would be to have my wife here with me. I was determined that we would be back for more.

Just then a knock came on the door, bringing everyone back to their senses. Each of the guys was sitting back catching their breath, and the girls were all sprawled, barely awake and sexually delirious. I opened the door, and Paul and Mark were there, and I let them in to enjoy the sexual wasteland that has just occurred.

“Hey there, where have you been? You guys have no idea,” I said, as I let them in.

“Oh yes we do, Ray. Sure hope you had a good time,” said Paul.

The four guys got the cue, got up and dressed, gave each of the girls a thank you kiss and headed out the door, leaving Anna sprawled out on one bed, Naomi face down with her beautiful full ass up on the other, and Brenda on the couch with her legs spread wide open and Jay fingering her clit. His face was covered with my cum and based on the smile on his face was enjoying what had just occurred.

Paul wasted no time and walked over to Naomi, put her up onto her knees, and started pounding her from behind. Her moans were deep, primal and she was submitting to his feverish pace with deep grunts and encouraging groans.

“Take it,” pleaded Naomi.

It took only a few moments and Paul tensed up, grabbed her thick ass and shot his load up into Naomi’s well lubed and satisfied pussy. They both collapsed next to one another and gave each other a deep french kiss.

Mark dove into Anna’s pussy and started licking up her cum filled hole while she pinched her nipped and teased her tits. It took no time for Anna to stiffen up and let loose with a loud groan that signaled a huge orgasm shattering her body, and Mark enjoyed the gift of a face covered in warm, sticky cum filled squirt from deep within her well used pussy.

“I love being a little slut,” said Anna as she came down from her orgasm.

Mark got up in between her legs, slid his cock into her well used body and fucked her with abandon, until he announced he was going to cum, and shot his load deep into her pussy. He kept fucking her well after coming, leaving a thick frothy layer of cum all over Anna’s beautifully trimmed thick bush when he got up and moved away. .

Mark and Paul stammered off the beds and we all sat back and it got quiet. The sounds of subtle breathing, and the smell of cum, vagina juices, and sex filled the air. We could hear other people in adjacent rooms fucking and cumming loudly. The moment was incredibly erotic.

I grabbed some towels and gave one to each of the ladies. Then I offered to make everyone a drink or get them some water, and served up a round to the group. Brenda sat between Jay and Mark, and Paul sat at the end of the bed with Anna, and Naomi was still face down on the bed sharing her beautiful ass for all to see.

I sat down on the edge of the bed Naomi laid sprawled across, and toasted the group. We shared a drink and everyone started recalling their favorite moments from what had just transpired.

Anna described how she loved getting fucked by the group of younger studs, and was particularly fond of the one who came twice, once on her face, and the other time deep in her pussy. She told Paul she wasn’t sure if she could fuck anymore that night.

Naomi shared how she liked having cum shot all over her body, including her face and tits, and Brenda mentioned how she had been fucked by a stranger in one of the play rooms and she got on her knees and took a massive load all over her face and in her mouth, but that the orgasms I had just given her were some of the best she’d ever had.

I mentioned how much I loved the performance by Naomi and Anna. Jay, Mark and Paul all confessed to having had some fun sucking some cocks in the bi play room and fucking a few random women down in the Rabbit Hole before joining us in the back house.

Naomi crawled up behind me, and sat up and started rubbing my back and pressing her tits up against my body. I could feel her pussy down at the base of my back, and she started slowly grinding up against me while she slowly licked and kissed my neck and ear.

We shared some laughs and after finishing our drinks Naomi reached around and wrapped her hand around my hardening cock and whispered into my ear.

“I think this fella is ready for more play. Don’t you?,” she asked.

I nodded silently.

“Why don’t you, Anna and I have some fun, and I’m sure they will join us. Do anything you want to us. I’d love to feel your cock deep in my ass,” she replied.

I turned and gave Naomi a deep kiss which caught everyone’s attention.

“Do whatever you want with us, Ray. We promised your wife you would have a good time,” Naomi said, as she lunged back at me to offer her cum soaked mouth and tongue.

Everyone sat and watched us heat up the room once again. I got up and stuck my cock in Naomi’s face and she took it deep into her mouth. Anna looked over at me with a smile.

“Anna come on over to her, honey. I’ve got a little job for you if you can’t fuck anymore,” I said, as my cock was sliding in and out of Naomi’s mouth.

Anna came over and sat on the bed next to Naomi, and I pulled my cock from her mouth and offered it to Anna, who willingly devoured it as they both started playing with each other's tits. Both proceeded to share my cock, while deeply kissing each other and licking each other’s breast when not sucking my cock.

Jay, Brenda, Paul and Mike all sat and watched. Each was starting to get horny again, and all the guys started stroking their cocks, and Brenda was teasing a nipple and fingering her wet pussy lips.

“Brenda, you come over here, and Jay you get up in front and put her between your legs so she can suck your cock,” I instructed them. Jay grabbed Brenda’s hand, took off her teddy, and led her over to the bed to do as I told them. I loved Brenda’s full belly, big ass and thick thighs, and was going to enjoy watching the beautiful older English woman service the room shortly. I had gotten horny and now had some big plans for what was about to go down.

“Anna, I’d like you to lay on your back, with your head at the end of the bed, and Naomi, I want you to sit on her face in a sixty nine position,” I said, pulling my cock away from them. I looked over at Mark and Paul. Both were stroking each other’s cocks and watching the scene unfold.

Brenda got on her knees between her husband’s legs and started sucking his cock. She was sucking and licking hard, and even went down and started licking his ass. Her beautiful larger, round white ass looked so sexy and was still red from my slapping and spanking it a short time before. I was tempted to fuck it again, but knew it was my turn to fuck Naomi.

“That’s a good girl over there, you're going to service my friends one more time, so you do as I say, understand?”, I asked.

“Mmm, of course Ray,” she moaned with her face buried deep in her husband’s ass.

“Paul, Mark, I’m going to have some fun with your wives. You can watch, or if you prefer, I’d like to watch you join Jay and Brenda, and fuck each other any way you want. You want to suck cock, suck cock. You want to play straight, do it, you want to have a bi orgy with Brenda as your fuck toy, have at it,” I said.

Paul and Mark wasted no time moving onto the bed and Paul stuck his cock into Jay’s mouth, and Mark climbed up behind Brenda, lubed up his cock, and buried it deep into her wide open and dripping wet pussy.

“What are you going to do to us, Ray?”, asked Anna.

“Enjoy this beautiful ass in front of me,” I replied.

“Anna you suck on that pussy and make her cum while I bury my cock deep in her ass. If you do a good job, I may have a special treat for you at the end. Naomi, you bury your face in that gorgeous bush and make that kitty want to fuck more later on tonight, get it?”, I instructed them..

Both women did as they were told and started aggressively eating each other’s pussies for me. Mark and Paul switched up, and Brenda was gagging and spitting up all over Jay’s cock while getting pounded. It was quite a scene to behold.

“Spread those beautiful cheeks, baby,” I told Naomi.

As instructed, Naomi reached back and her two hand’s spread her big thick ass wide, opening up her dark asshole revealing the pink inside, clearly ready for my cock. I bent down and took a long, slow lick, tasting her juicy ass and down to her cum filled pussy. The lingering scent of her ass and pussy on my tongue made my cock stiffen and I was ready to fuck, so I reached over and grabbed the lube, slicked up my cock, stroked it to get it just right, and stuck the head up against her ass. I gently pushed the head in, eliciting a deep groan from between Anna’s legs. I gently pushed her ass cheeks further apart, and slowly slid the rest of my thick cock into Naomi’s ass until I was all the way in.

“Ohhhh, shit. That is so deep,” I heard Naomi wail from deep within Anna’s thighs. Anna had her hands on the back of Naomi’s head, forcing her face deep into her thick bush and pussy.

Brenda had rolled over onto her back, and had Mark fucking her missionary, while Jay and Paul took turns fucking her mouth. Everyone was breathing hard, moaning and groaning heavily.

I slowly moved in and out of Naomi’s ass, keeping my movements gentle and rhythmic. I could see Anna’s long black curly hair dr*ped off the edge of the bed, and she was moaning deeply from Naomi’s tongue working her clit. I knew I wouldn’t be able to last as long as I’d like for the sake of Naomi’s ass, but I was taking my time, enjoying her beautiful round ass in my hands and my cock sliding deep in and out of her hot tight asshole. .

“Come on baby, give it to me, fuck me in the ass,” said Naomi. I picked up the pace just a bit and could sense her body was beginning to convulse in pleasure.

I looked over as Jay shot a load of cum all over Brenda’s face. Mark dove right in and started kissing her and licking it up. The sensation sent him over the edge, and he pulled his cock out of her well used pussy and shot his load onto her pubes and lower belly. Paul moved right in and slid his cock into Brenda’s swollen pussy, and started to pound away. Brenda laid her head back, opened up her thighs, grabbed the back of her legs and gave it away to Paul. It took Paul little time to build up a load of cum that he buried deep into her pussy as they shared a loud moan.

Jay dove between her legs to gobble up the remainder of her last two cream pies. Paul and Mark sat up on the bed, slowly stroking their cocks into recovery watching. Both were breathing hard, sweaty and covered with cum.

Anna and Naomi were both moaning and almost grunting as I slid my cock in and out of Naomi’s ass, while she was grinding down onto Anna in a circular motion, who was licking her pussy and having her clit licked in return.

I decided the time had cum for all three of us to cum, and started to fuck Naomi’s ass harder.

“Oh god, baby, you’ve got to cum, please give it to me,” screamed Naomi as I looked down at my cock sliding freely in and out of her gaping ass.

“All three of us, let’s do it, cum with me together,” I said.

“Oh yeah,” said Anna.

“Please baby, I can’t take it much longer, shoot it for me,” I heard Naomi moan.

My balls started to twitch,and my cock started to throb uncontrollably. Naomi sensed this and Anna started to moan deeply in unison, and I watched Naomi start to convulse as her orgasm took control. Anna removed her mouth from Naomi’s pussy lips and started to scream which sent me over the edge.

“Now,” I said.

I pulled my cock out of Naomi’s ass, revealing a beautiful gaping ass, waiting for my load. I started to stroke my cock, and then with precision, started shooting a steady, thick stream of cum deep into her ass, and then pulled it back to shoot additional streams all over her cheeks, pussy and down onto Anna’s face. I had unleashed cum everywhere, and cum started to slide down Naomi’s ass cheeks, and onto Anna’s face and hair.

“Oh shit, that is hot, that cum is so hot,” screamed Naomi.

“There is so much fucking cum all over my face,” laughed Anna.

I leaned down and stuck my cock into Anna’s mouth and let her lick my cum covered cock and taste Naomi’s ass. She willingly obliged and sucked the remainder of the cum from my cock.

Naomi flopped over onto her back and watched as I brought my orgasm to a close with my cock slowly slip out of Anna’s mouth. Her smile was perfect and said it all.

“What the fuck just happened?”, said Jay.

“That shit was incredible,” said Brenda in her deep English accent.

Everyone chilled out in amazement for about ten minutes. Then we all started coming back to our senses, and Jay noted it was almost midnight and they had an earlier flight than planned.

We all took a shower, cleaned off our cum covered bodies, and headed back to the main lobby of the club.

Remarkably, everyone in our group was alert, perky and smiling. I took care of our bar tab, much to everyone’s appreciation, and we caught a shuttle back to the hotel. I rode in the front seat, and as we drove back everyone nodded off except for me.

When we arrived at the hotel, I helped everyone out, gave Brenda, Naomi and Anna a deep kiss, and hug, and we all agreed to have brunch instead of golf in the morning. I went to my room and was asleep before my head hit the pillow. When I woke up, it was much later than I expected and I was rock hard again and horny as hell. I knew I would be seeing my wife later, so I made sure to ignore it, and packed my stuff to get ready for the drive home. I checked my phone but had not heard from my wife in quite a while. Then I realized the last 18 hours of the cruise would mostly be out of reach of service.

“How convenient for both of us?”, I mused.

We all met up for breakfast around 11 and shared a fantastic meal, all while sharing laughs and reliving the glory of our night together before. Nothing was awkward, and Naomi and Anna said they couldn’t wait to meet my wife. Brenda and Jay left early to take a shuttle to the airport, and I offered everyone a chance to meet up with us back home should they ever be in town. We all agreed that we would plan another weekend at the same resort as soon as possible.

Mark, Naomi, Jay and Anna drove back together. As they drove off, I grabbed my clubs from the locker room, packed up the car, and headed back to the daily grind waiting for me at home.

As I drove home, I couldn’t help but laugh at how the girls weekend on a lifestyle cruise had turned into my own personal swinger adventure, and that I had unexpectedly become the unicorn in the crowd. It took no time for me to get home as I reflected on the kinky fun we had all shared, and I couldn’t wait to share my tales of debauchery with Angela, and was looking forward to hearing the stories she had to share with me.

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