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Spa Weekend

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We had planned our relaxing week end for several weeks. Our work schedules are really exhausting and we had not taken any time off other than Sundays for several months. We had not had any of our exciting erotic adventures for many months as well so now we would do both. We have been in the Swing lifestyle almost from our first date. He had been in the lifestyle previously but for me it was all new. One thing is certain. We both love it. Tom is my wonderful husband, I know that he worships me. He loves my soft smooth skin, my soft lips and my tiny hands and feet. My thighs are round and my pussy is always shaved. I am from China but my hands and feet are even considered to be small there. Of course my boobs are also small but my nipples are always upright and some guys have told me that they are just right. He is laser smooth in the important places and his body is totally shaved. I love the way he makes me squirt when he fucks me. That I know that he adores me makes it even better.

But I do love a new hard cock and Tom loves to watch me with a guy or another woman for that matter. Tom likes the look of a hard cock humping my pussy and loves to do me after I have been well fucked by another guy. Tom is not one bit homophobic so our sessions with other couples or single guys are really comfortable and hot. Tom is very imaginative and seemed to sense the extent of my sexuality before I became aware.

Both of us like massage so we decided that we would spend the week end at a Spa Resort near San Diego and see if we could have some sexual excitement. We had booked special long massages for the Friday Afternoon shortly after we arrived. We had arranged to meet a single guy from a swinger website later but first we want to be really wild.

Tom had specified that I should have a masseur with strong hands. We really thought that we wanted to say that she wanted a good looking one but we hoped the more subtle message would get through.

We arrived at the Spa a bit before our appointment and we were directed to the locker/shower rooms. We would meet in the waiting area once we were ready. I was nearly shaking with excitement. We had fantasized about how I would seduce my masseur if he was ok. My panties were soaked. No one else was in the locker area so once I was nude, I spent a little time rubbing my clit and pussy. I could have cum but I moved on the steam room. There was a woman inside when I came in. She was attractive in her mid forties. I said hello and sat down opposite from her. I took off my towel and sat on it. She looked at me but our eyes did not meet. Her towel was loose and it slipped a bit revealing a nicely shaped small breast and an erect nipple. I was feeling bold (read extra horny) so I told her that she had a nice shape. She said thank you and, perhaps a bit influenced by my openness, she removed her towel too. I told her that she was very pretty and I opened my legs so that she could see my shaved pussy. This time she looked at my pussy, then to my eyes. She spread her legs. It was getting very hot in the room and I had to cool off a bit. I stood and walked over to her, leaned over and kissed her gently. She kissed back and our tongues met for an instant. I said that I just had to get out for a minute and she said that she had better too. Upon exiting the steam room, I noted that only a few minutes remained for my appointment. I told my new friend that I needed to shower and meet my masseur. She nodded. I suggested that maybe we could meet for a drink later. She nodded and suggested about 8PM in the bar. That was about the time we were to meet our single guy so I thought that it might be a good idea. I told her that my husband would love to meet her and we may have a male guest with us. Her eyes opened with a little surprise but I think I saw that she understood what I was suggesting. We said bye and perhaps we would see each other later. She said that her name is Linda and I told her mine.

In the shower I washed up quickly but gave my pussy some more attention. I dried off and put the thick terry robe on over my now quivering naked body. Tom was waiting patiently. He asked if I had put the condom in my pocket. I had. We waited in the room with another couple and a single woman. My friend from the steam room came in and we just exchanged smiles. Tom looked at me and I told him that I would tell him about it later. Finally a young man dressed in a white smock and blue jeans came in. He was all that we hoped. Carol, he said, and I almost did not answer I was so excited. He introduced himself as Miguel. He had a slight non-American accent, very short hair, strong shoulders a slim waist and very large hands. I smiled and Tom smiled at me and we went down the hallway to the massage rooms. I could feel my pussy juice dripping down my leg and I could hardly breathe. At the doorway to the room, Miguel told me that he would wait outside while I went in took off the robe and lay face down on the table with the sheet covering me.

I did as instructed but left the sheet just covering my butt. He knocked and I said that it was OK. He found me with my ass and legs covered but the crack of my butt was exposed. He adjusted the sheet upward and began his massage. He started on the mid back. I wanted him to touch me everywhere but I tried to just relax with his skilled touch. His hands were quite strong. He moved up to my shoulders and I expressed my pleasure with a sigh.

He then moved to my legs. He started first with my right leg. He moved the sheet aside and tucked it in so that the one leg was exposed but the other and my other areas were well covered. As he started to massage the leg, I moved my left leg apart. I hoped that he would get the hint but he continued in the professional mode. I maneuvered so that the sheet slid down my back a bit and he did not seem to notice or perhaps he did not mind. I talked to him a bit and found that he was from Brazil and had been working here for about two years. He did not have a current girl friend.

He finished the right leg and moved over to the left. The same pattern was repeated. I told him that I was more comfortable without the sheet but he just left it as it was. Then he told me to turn over onto my back. I began to tell him that we were swingers and that Tom loved to have me have sex with other guys. He seemed surprised to hear that a man would like to see his wife have sex with another man but he would like to hear more. The table heater was on and it was indeed getting warm. At least it was warm enough for my next attempt to get naked. As he was starting to massage my shoulders from the head end of the table, I just said that I am getting too warm and I moved the sheet down to my waist. I told him that it is ok to massage anywhere, He moved his hands down and massaged my upper chest then my arm pits and then he leaned over to stretch his hands to my tummy. I could take no more and I took both his hands and placed them on my boobs. He shook his head but said nothing. I pulled his hands back to my boobs and he began to rub them and my nipples.

We were finally getting someplace. He concentrated on my tits and nipples for a bit. He then told me that he was then going to use the salt scrub and needed to prepare it. He left for a few minutes and came back with a container. This time he found that his client had removed her sheet altogether. I was certain that he could see the growing wet spot under my bottom and that my pussy was glistening from my flowing juices. He said "?I work here?". I told him that I understand, but I did not change the situation and I just let him work on me. We left the sheet on slung over the chair.

He finished applying the scrub and then he told me to wash off in the shower in the corner. I asked him to help spray off my back and he agreed. He began to rinse me and I turned to him. He sprayed my front and we suddenly were kissing. His lips were soft. Tom is the world?s best kisser but Miguel came close. That I was near the height of excitement probably had something to do with my rating of his lips but I think that even in a cooler assessment, they would score highly.

He had drawn a bath with flower petals and told me that he would be back in about 15 minutes. Before getting in, I took the condom from my robe?'s pocket, unwrapped it and placed it on the table just under the bottom sheet. Then I got into the bath and relaxed a bit.

Miguel knocked and I told him to come in. I lifted myself out of the tub. My wet body stood in front of him with my legs spread a bit and all he could see was the excitement on my face.

He handed me a towel and helped me to dry off. I turned again to him and we met again to kiss. I could feel his excitement and there was clearly a growing bulge in his pants.

Miguel told me to lie on the table face down so he could apply the final oils. I did so and left my arms at my side and my legs spread wide. He moved close and put his cock directly on my left hand. I rubbed it through his jeans while he massaged my butt and now moved his fingers into my pussy. I lifted my butt as invitation and he stopped for a moment and unzipped. Out from his tight jeans came a glorious surprise. His cock was the thickest I had ever seen so far. I was hungry for it. I turned over and brought him up to where I could get it into my mouth. I wanted him to fuck me right now. Oh my, it felt great. Now he was using his oiled fingers skillfully, one in my pussy and another in my anus. I normally do not like anal play but I was so hot I was near screaming. I restrained from vocalization because I wanted this to last and the walls were thin. He leaned down and kissed me. Our tongues lingered and he increased the intensity of his fingering. . I stroked his cock and I told him that I wanted him now. He shook his head and I sat up and drew him close. I unbuckled his jeans and pulled them down to his knees. His cock was more than just thick. It is long and very hard. I reached for the condom and rolled it down over his enormous cock. Then I straddled him while I remained seated on the edge of the table. I leaned back and his thick cock slid into me and I pulled him close. He pumped a few times but then he whispered that it was too dangerous. I told him that he should come to our suite latter. He told me to put my email address on a ten dollar bill and to give it to the receptionist for him. He would contact to see. He explained that his work rules would not allow him to see a client outside of the spa so he had to be careful. He was not sure how we could get together. I kissed him again and the massage was over. I quickly headed for the shower. Tom?s massage was to be a bit shorter than mine so I knew that he was waiting. I could not wait to tell him about how bold I had become and about what had happened. Of course I was curious to see if he had gotten anywhere with his masseuse too. I got dressed quickly but could not put on the panties since they were just too wet. Besides, it?s always fun to wear a short skirt without panties. Today, everything was about being and staying stimulated at the highest levels.

Tom was waiting and he could see that I was glowing. I could not wait to tell him but I asked him for a ten dollar bill to write our email on. He did it and I gave it to the receptionist as we were heading out. On our walk back to the suite, I told Tom all about the massage and the woman in the steam room. He was excited too but had not gone anywhere with his massage. He was relaxed though. I wanted to fuck. As we walked down the hallway, I moved over to kiss Tom and I rubbed his cock. He grabbed my arm and pulled me to him. Our tongues danced together and I could feel his cock growing. He lifted my skirt and put his hand on my pussy. I could not help grinding against it. I looked to see if the coast was clear and unzipped him. The excitement was heightened because of where we were. I knelt in front of him and took his hard cock into my mouth. Tom moaned to let me know that he was enjoying my gift. I just wanted him then and right away. I had no underwear beneath my short skirt so. I stood, told him to fuck me and I turned around and bent over. I quickly felt his hard cock slide into my very wet pussy. He grabbed both my hips and began to pump hard and fast the way I like it best. We heard the elevator ?ding? and we quickly stood up. Tom stuffed his cock into his pants. The elevator opened and two young girls in their teens got off, looked at us for an instant and went on their way. We headed back to our room rather than resume out in the hall. We were both excited. We kissed a bit more once inside the suite but we decided to save our energy for the evening activities. I could burst I was so horny but the night was young.

We were meeting Steve at 7:30 so we had just enough time to relax a bit. Tom had made the arrangements with Steve but I had seen his photos. His cock looked good and he seemed to have a nice face. Our time is very limited so I always insist upon seeing photos of face and cock before we meet new people. We had not always functioned this way so we learned our lessons the hard way.

At about 7:20 Steve called and Tom suggested that we meet at the front desk and we would go to dinner in one of the resort?'s restaurants. I had told Linda that we would be in the main café at 8 so that is where we intended to eat. I was wearing a conservative shirt dress. It works for situations where we are not sure about the dress code but the buttons go from top to bottom so I can open as many as are comfortable. We call this dress our ?meeting swingers? dress. I was wearing underwear because I was so wet that I was afraid that it would soak through if I did not wear panties.

We walked toward the front and, as expected, met Steve coming out towards us. The men shook hands and Steve leaned over for a mutual hug.

We chatted for a couple minutes and headed over to the Hotel café.

We were pleased that the café was crowded and we asked if we could sit in a more private part of the place. They put us in a separate room where we had a good view of the front door but where most people would not be able to hear our conversation. Tom and I sat on one side of the booth and Steve sat facing us. He was as good looking as his photos. I was so excited and horny that my hands were shaking. Tom put his hand on my leg and stroked. His touch is always soothing but tonight, it just added to the excitement. I opened my legs as a signal that I wanted his fingers in my pussy. He unbuttoned two of the lowest buttons of my dress and moved his hand up my leg just as the waiter came by for the drink order. Tom left his hand in place on my thigh and I opened my legs a bit further. I think the waiter noticed but he gave no sign.

We talked to Steve about his swinging experiences and ours. He had been with one couple on a steady basis but they had moved away. But he preferred to play with couples because of the heightened sensations both visual and tactile. He looked directly into my eyes and I could tell that he was getting turned on. I let my shoe slip off and I reached my tiny foot over to his crotch. It was just too far away to touch his cock. Tom could tell what I was doing. As always he is straight to the point. He told Steve that he should slide forward a bit so that I could touch him with my foot. He got it and pushed forward. He stroked my foot with his hands but it was still too far to get to his package. I put my hand out on the table and he reached over to stroke it. The waiter returned with our drinks and did a bit of a double take since Tom was stroking my bare leg and I was holding Steve?s hand.

The waiter took our food orders and left us alone again. Tom took the opportunity to put his hand into my panties and his finger found its way to my wet pussy. Tom offered Steve a taste of his finger and Steve looked around and then sucked my juices from Tom?s finger. Tom was getting a bit breathless too. I wondered if his finger sucking talent extended to other parts.

We talked about less sensual things and learned about his job and a bit of his past. We then told him about our afternoon at the Spa and that Linda might come by to possibly join us. He indicated that he was up for anything at all. His finger traced the inside of my palm, He knew exactly how to tease and It was working.

Our food came so our hands needed to be used for eating. We ate lightly. While we were finishing I noticed Linda enter the restaurant. I asked Tom to let me out of the booth and I went up to her. I explained that Steve was with us and that she was more than welcome to join us. She was not a bit hesitant and I told her that I had been thinking of her soft lips all day and that Tom was as hot about her as I was. She came over to the table with me. She was wearing a basic black skirt and a silk blouse through which her erect nipples were visible. I sat on Steve?s side and Tom invited Linda to sit with him. Introductions were made and we ordered drinks. I finally was within range so I took the opportunity to stroke Steve?s cock. Steve uttered a slight sigh and Tom noted for Linda that I was getting my first feel of Steve?s equipment.

Linda was a bit embarrassed. Tom apologized but Linda said not to worry. She had never done anything like what seemed to be about to happen but she was wide open. I decided to get things going so I leaned over so that Steve and I could kiss. His lips were soft and I could tell that he was skillful orally. When I opened my eyes, Tom and Linda were lip locked and I could see that she was getting hotter too.

I suggested that Tom get the Bill but Steve insisted on paying. That was enough to seal the deal if it was not already. He is good looking, seems to have a good hard cock, is intelligent and a good kisser and generous to boot. I excused myself to go to the rest room and Linda did the same. We walked to the restroom arm in arm. As soon as the door closed behind us, we were in a warm embrace our tongues searching each other?s. I broke since I had to empty my bladder. Linda mentioned that she was here for a business meeting without her husband who would never believe what was going on. She was open to everything. I assured her that it will be fun. We kissed again and headed back to the table.

Tom and Steve were getting friendly. I am sure that he gave Steve some hints about what I like. We were ready to head back to the Suite.

Tom walked with Linda and Steve and I walked ahead. Tom had put his hand gently on Linda?s back to test but she moved closer and looked at him with a growing heat. Steve and I walked on. It was about a ten minute walk down the pathways to our suite. The excitement was high but I held onto Steve?s arm that was now around my waist. His hand rested on my butt just enough sensation to make me gush. My juices were dripping down my legs. I noticed that Linda and Tom were walking while kissing and that Tom?s hand was inside her totally unbuttoned top.

Tom moved to open the door and Linda and I moved inside. The guys followed.

Tom suggested that we sit on the sofa while he went to the restroom. He had thoughtfully left condoms on the cocktail table as well as on both tables next to the bed. Tom disappeared around the corner to the restroom and immediately Steve pulled me to him for a long kiss Linda stroked my leg and I opened them to her and reached for her hand. Her blouse had remained open and she looked totally hot with her cleavage so visible. I brought her small smooth fingers to the edge of my pussy and I went back to concentrating on Steve. She stroked my wet lips. The kisses were wonderful and I began to unzip his fly and to unbuckle his belt. Tom appeared out of nowhere and helped by unbuttoning my dress and removing the belt. My dress was still on but wide open for Steve?s touch which began gently on my nipples. Tom leaned sown and sucked one closest to him. I looked over and he came to kiss my mouth. Steve?s mouth was still on my lips so Tom?s lips and tongue touched Steve?s lips. Steve turned to Linda and they kissed deeply. Linda moved close and she and I kissed while the boys sucked on our nipples.

Tom broke and moved to Linda lips. I now had Steve?s growing cock exposed and I needed it in my mouth. Tom and Linda had gotten their clothes off and were sitting on the bed touching each other while watching Steve and me. It was time for a show but all I wanted was to get a cock in me. I slipped my dress off my shoulders and took off my pants. Finally naked, I knelt in front of Steve and licked up his shaved pouch and the shaft of his large very hard cock. I felt some pre-cum on my lips and licked it off. Taste was a bit sour but delicious nonetheless. He lifted me up and moved me to the bed next to Linda and Tom. I laid down and spread my legs. He commented that my pussy was fantastic and Linda chimed in that it was the most beautiful she had ever seen. Steve was now licking my clit and using a finger. Linda came to me and kissed deeply, Tom moved around and began sucking and biting my nipple.

It was too much. I was screaming and my first orgasm was as hand. Tom told Steve that now was the time to fuck me. Tom handed Steve a condom. Tom was now giving his attention to Linda. She was bucking uncontrollably as soon as Tom?s tongue was inside her. She came with a scream and Tom continued to eat her pussy. Linda was holding onto his head and sort of pushing it away while holding it in place.

As Steve sucked on my tongue, his cock slipped slowly into me and he began to thrust gently. I wanted hard fucking but this was exquisite. It was thicker than Tom?s but shorter. All the while his tongue was probing around my teeth and deeply into my mouth. I could hear that Linda had Tom?s cock inside her now since her groaning had changed in pitch. I had no interest in looking. I was concentrating on my own pleasure.

But I wanted some real strong fucking and I whispered to Steve that he should try Linda. I wanted Tom to get me going. Steve rolled out and I tapped Tom?s arm. He knew what I wanted and pulled out. He handed another condom to Steve and pulled his own off and came to me. We wanted Steve to watch so Tom pulled him over so I could kiss him. Linda moved under him to lick his balls. Tom started to fuck me. He grabbed my legs and pulled me to him. Standing next to the bed, he crouched so that he could thrust from below. This gets me going. It did not take long. Tom pumped hard and fast and withdrew quickly as I screamed, my water squirted out so that it hit him in the chest and stomach. Both Linda and Steve were shocked. Tom told Steve that he could do it too and that I would tell him what to do. Linda was so hot now. She felt the water on Tom?s body and leaned in to lick it off. He was putting on a fresh rubber and slid her to the edge of the bed so that he could fuck her as he did me. When he is on the solid floor, the increased leverage makes all the difference. Soon Linda was feeling it and she held on to Tom for all she was worth. Steve was getting the hang of it and I was coming again. I told him to cum with me and he thrust harder. We needed a breather. Steve did not come and Tom never cums until he is so tired that he cannot do more.

We all needed a rest and I had to pee. I got up to go to the bathroom and left the three of them on the bed. I was gone about five minutes and I came back to find Linda lying between the two guys with a hard cock in each hand. Both boys had fingers in her pussy and Tom, of course, was kissing her.

I felt like I was in a candy shop, where do I start? I love cock and can be happy never being with a woman but Linda made my heart beat a bit faster. In a second, I was between her legs with my tongue in her sweet box. She was trimmed rather than shaved like the rest of us but she tasted great right then. She and Tom released the liplock and she groaned in pleasure. She pushed herself onto my face. Tom said that they should give us some room. He got up and went to the side of the bed with Steve. Steve Leaned back and placed his cock near Linda?s lips. I was enjoying the show while I worked on her pussy. Steve did exactly as hoped and fucked her mouth. I guess that Linda was very good because in just a minute or so Steve began groaning and uttered that he was coming. Linda kept it up as Steve gushed into her mouth. I pushed myself to Lindas face she leaned over so that I could kiss her and lick off the cum. I went back to sucking her but Tom was nearly out of control. He got into position on top of me and entered from the rear. I could not concentrate on Linda since Tom?s hard cock was gently sliding in and out. He pulled totally out a few times and shoved his cock into Linda?s mouth. I was now laying face to face with her. It was all I could take and I felt the liquid shooting out of me again this time nearly soaking Linda.

Tom pulled us over so that he could enter Linda, quickly donning another condom, he slid into her from the rear while I swung around to a 69 position with Linda on top and did my best to keep up the stimulation with my tongue. I told Tom that now was the time for him to come. He began thrusting hard and fast, I could not stay in position so I got to my knees to help with my hands. Linda was screaming and Tom yelled that he was cumming. Linda shuddered and collapsed on her stomach. Tom was breathing very hard and it took a minute or so for him to catch his breath. I handed out bottled water. There were several condoms on the floor and the bed was a mess and soaked from my squirting.

It was getting late and Steve said that he had about 60 miles to get home. We decided to walk Steve to the parking lot and then take Linda back to her room. It was warm out so I just put on my dress and my shoes. Tom put his pants and shirt and Steve got himself ready to go. Linda was ready too so we walked together back to the front parking area. I walked with Steve and Linda with Tom. We were all very happy with the night and totally satisfied so it was just a nice walk.

We were surprised that Steve?s car was a bright yellow Corvette. I had never been inside one and he invited me to sit behind the wheel. I slid in and my dress, still unbuttoned on the lower three, hiked up so that my naked crotch was exposed. Sitting there like that made me get a bit excited again and I could see that Steve had a growing bulge. I motioned him to stand next to me and take out his cock. I took it into my mouth and gave him a little something to keep him warm on the drive home.

It was time to say good night so I stood up and Steve took me into his arms for a long kiss.

Linda tapped him and said that it was her turn and they also kissed deeply. Steve said that he had a great time and it was far better that he could have hoped.

We watched his yellow car go around the corner and we walked hand in hand back into the resort grounds. Linda?s room was near the front. We got to it and she opened the door and asked if we wanted to come in. We said just for a minute and closed it behind us. Tom took her in his arms for a final smooch and then she turned to me. I think that I could make time for being with her but we live in different parts of the country. She thanked us for the wonderful night. I called for a three way kiss and the three of us kissed. There is nothing more stimulating than the interaction of three sets of lips and tongues together and I was getting turned on again. But it was time to go. We said our good nights and promised that we would get together again. We can hope.

We woke after a very satisfying sleep. Tom was horny right away but we decided to save our strength for later. Miguel might call and if he did not, we would go to one of the swinger clubs in San Diego.

Our day was planned. I had never been to Sea World and I wanted to see it. I have only been here in the states for two years so there are still many things for me to see. We would go to the park after breakfast. I wore my thin silk dress for breakfast. Tom likes when I do not wear a bra or panties so I gave him a bit of a treat for the morning meal but I intended to dress in shorts and t-shirt for the park. . This silk dress is very short and the top is just tied around my neck. I feel extra sensual wearing it over nothing but my bare skin. I am a bit shy normally but when we are on vacation and we know no one, I am more daring. We went back to the same restaurant as last night. This time we sat up front near the window. I was facing inside and Tom faced toward the window. I could see the people inside and the couple at the closest table was interesting. He was about 45-50, handsome with some grey hair and broad shoulders he and was facing me. The woman was also Asian with longish black hair a nice shape and was mostly facing away from my view. Our waiter came and took our order and delivered some coffee. The guy looked at me and our eyes met for an instant. I smiled but he looked back at his companion. I told Tom about the eye interplay. He said that he was getting excited about the thought of playing with them. He suggested that I should show my pussy to the guy. I immediately felt myself getting wet. But my excitement and our general attitude for the week end pulled me to extreme boldness.

I moved my chair a bit more toward him and placed my feet on the sides of the chair. I am too short for my feet to touch the floor in this position so my toes pointed down. My skirt was up about halfway between my knees and my crotch. I was trembling with excitement. He looked up at me again. I smiled and spread my legs so that he could see my pussy. He clearly saw and looked away before it became obvious. I closed my legs and felt the signs that I was about to cum. I closed my eyes and tried to not show any outward signs. Tom was quiet. He knew that I was cumming and that if he spoke it would spoil the moment. I felt a bit of a shuddering and then the release. I opened my eyes to see Tom?s big smile and our breakfast being delivered to our table. I took a sip of coffee and looked up to my new admirers gaze. He was alone at his table. I told Tom that he was alone. Tom got up and went over. I noticed them shake hands. Tom and the guy spoke a bit and Tom came back.

While we began our breakfast, she came back, I guess from the rest room, and they packed up and walked out. As they were passing, he looked at me and I think that I saw a bit of a smile.

Tom told me that he had told the guy, Roger is his name, that I thought he was attractive and if he wanted to call our room this evening, perhaps we could get together.

My heart was back to normal pace but My skirt was a bit wet. It,s color was dark enough so that I could exit the place without everyone noticing. But I was thinking that this is crazy but so much fun.

We finished our meal and exited the café to go back to our room. I felt a bit uncomfortable with the wetness but Tom walked behind me so that people could not see. The walk to the room was refreshing with a slight breeze that I could feel on my damp legs and under my short skirt. We got back to the room and Tom just pushed me down and started licking me. That got me going again but I reminded tom about our plan for the day. Tom loves to be horney so he helped me up. I striped off the dress and headed for the shower.

Tom signed into the wireless site and checked emails. I came out naked and fresh and checked mine too. I was so happy to see a message from Miguel. He said that he finished work today at 4 PM and we can call him at that time.

Maybe we would get to play with him after all. But now off to Sea World.

Tom had been to the park several times so he knew that the key was planning the time to get to all the shows. We managed to get to all of them and by about 4 PM we had seem about all I needed to see. I loved the shows and the weather was perfect. I was in the care of the love of my life and we were both excited about the night ahead.

We found a table so that we could relax and I called Miguel. He answered on the first ring. I think that he was just waiting for my call. I told him that I have been thinking about him since yesterday and that I could not wait to continue. I told him that Tom was also excited. Miguel said that sounded hot. He said that he would give both of us massages if we like. I said that sounded great. He then told me that he could not risk being seen going to a guest?s room. I gave the phone to Tom. They decided that we would pick him up after dark and the drive back to the resort. We would drive right to the room and when we were sure that no one was around to see him, he would just slip right into the room. Later we would drive him back to his car. Tom set a meeting time at 8 PM and where to meet. It all sounded a bit childish but exciting anyway.

Tom gave the phone back to me. I told Miguel that I could not stop thinking about his beautiful cock and that Tom wanted to see what I was so excited about. He told me that he was very turned on and that he had masturbated after I left the spa yesterday. I told him that he need not do that today and that I wanted all of him. I gave him a kiss over the phone and said we will see him later.

We had seen just about everything in the park so we decided to head back to the hotel. First we would stop for some Chinese or Thai food. We checked via the iPhone and found a Thai place in PB just a few miles away and headed there.

It was a bit difficult finding a parking spot but finally we did and we had a great meal at a wonderful small Thai place on Garnet Avenue in Pacific Beach.

When we finished it was still early and there was a neat looking adult shop and I had forgotten to bring any vibrator with us. If I needed a boost, we needed to have a toy. So we went in. There was a young girl at the counter who caught our eyes right away. Usually the people working in these stores are not attractive but this girl was devastatingly beautiful. Her eyes were shining and she wore a tight tank top and tasteful make-up.

She asked if we needed some help and I told her we did. She came over to the dildo display and I explained to her that I like one that is strong and she showed a series of vibrators that I had not seen before. She came close and I could smell the aroma of her perfume. She handed me the packaged medium size unit. Our hands touched for an instant. She looked into my eyes and I felt an immediate connection. I stammered out that I would like to feel the strength and she said that she would get some batteries to test it. She came back quickly. I was standing a bit in a daze while she was gone. Tom was looking around. When she came back I could tell that she was turned on too. I told her that I thought that she was very attractive and that I would love to have some time with her. She smiled slightly, took my hand a took me back to the rear of the store. Tom saw us going and just nodded. We went into a dingy store room and she pulled me to her. Our lips touched and she roughly kissed me and sucked my tongue into her mouth. She ground her pussy into my leg and her hands hungrily explored my boobs. She lifted my shirt and sucked my nipple and moved her hand into my pants. I was still stunned and unable to respond. It all happened so fast. She pulled me down to the floor and took her shorts off one leg. She pulled my face into her crotch and I licked. The smell was strong but the moment was so erotic. I sucked her clit and she began to shudder in orgasm immediately. She pushed me down and roughly pulled off my shorts. She pushed herself into my crotch and I felt her nose against my clit while her tongue probed deeply. I looked up and Tom was standing in to door watching. His cock was hard but he stood to watch. My orgasm was right on edge and I came and bit my lip so that I would not make too much noise.

Tom came over to help us to our feet. I was a little put off but what a rush it had been. The girl?s name is Pam. I asked for her phone for our next visit. She gave it. We went to the front to check out and left to get back to the hotel.

So far the day had been perfect, Sex at breakfast, a neat day at Sea World, a memorable Thai dinner and rough and surprising sex for desert. If the evening went at all well it would be a week end for the record books.

We made it back to the resort and our room in about fifteen minutes. I needed to shower and re-shave for the evening. We had just barely an hour to get ready. Tom offered to go get Miguel himself but I wanted to go along to be sure that he did not feel uncomfortable with just Tom. Also, I could not wait to see him.

Besides the newly smooth pussy, I used some really neat perfume that Tom thinks is irresistible. It is Ja?dor and it seems to work on Tom so I used it for this very special night.

I put on my very short black off the shoulder dress with nothing under. Tom wore linen pants and a silk shirt. He looked hot and I was on fire.

Tom and Miguel had arranged the pick up for the parking lot at Belmont Park. It was not far from the resort and Tom knew the way even in the dark without the GPS.

I sat in the passenger seat with my stiletto fuck-me shoes and my short skirt slid up to just about where I was nearly nude below the waist. Tom drove carefully to compensate for his excitement. I called Miguel?'s phone to tell him that we were almost there. Tom said that I should ride in the back seat with Miguel to warm things up a bit while we drive back to the room. That sounded great. My heart began to race and I could feel my blood drain from my face.

As we turned into the lot, I saw Miguel waiting. He was as handsome as I remembered. He wore jeans and a white starched dress shirt. He carried a small gym bag and his sleeves were rolled revealing his strong arms and the shirt?'s front two top buttons were open. Tom flashed the lights and Miguel came over. I opened the door and stood up so that he could see me. I leaned in and we embraced and kissed. I pulled his face over so that I could get his lips and our lips touched. Tom said there is time but it?s better to get into the car. He got in and I followed into the back seat. We reached for each other as I closed the door. I put his hand into my lap so he could feel that I had nothing on and I reached for his cock. His jeans were tight so I could just feel it hardening in the cramped confines of his jeans. He kissed my shoulder and my neck and the heat built. In what seemed like just an instant, Tom said that we were here. He handed me the key card and suggested that I should go first to open the door so that Miguel would not need to stand outside the car. I did that and waited inside for Miguel. In a minute, he came through the ajar door and into my waiting arms.

By the time Tom came in, Miguel was sucking my nipples and my dress was bunched up around my waist. Miguel, seemed to be an extreme gentleman. He stopped to say thanks for picking him up. Tom said not to stop on his account. Miguel said that he want to make a special evening for us. He had planned to deliver massages and now was the time.

He suggested that we all get naked and we could start with whichever of us we wanted.

I had to pee so I said that the two of them should get started and I would be right back. I was also very wet and needed to clean up a bit too. I went off to the bathroom.

I expected to find them both naked and getting started and that is exactly what I found. Miguel was on his knees and Tom was face down on the bed. Miguel?'s hands were at work on Tom?s back and butt. Miguel?'s cock was stiff and he looked like he was turned on. He motioned me to come over. I did and he reached for me and pulled me to him for a long kiss. I pulled away so that I could take off my dress. It did not take long to get naked since I had worn only the dress.

I knelt facing Miguel on the othr side of Tom. Miguel took my hands and guided them to massage Tom. He let me go on my own after a bit and he moved his hands to Tom?s upper thighs. Tom spread his legs apart. I knew that was an invitation to reach his cock and balls. Apparently so did Miguel. Tom turned his face toward me and I leaned in so that I could kiss him. Tom asked Miguel if it was ok to turn over. Miguel said ?of course?. Tom turned over to reveal his stiff beautiful cock. It?s not nearly as thick as Miguel?s but it is quite long and I love to feel it. Mostly I feel Tom?s love and his passion for me.

I reached over and gave his cock a bit of a squeeze. Miguel was massaging Tom?'s legs. I moved down so that I was working on the leg opposite of the one upon which Miguel was working. I reached over to touch his hand. He looked into my eyes and I melted. I wanted him to kiss me so I leaned forward and he met me just a bit north of Tom?s cock. I stroked it while Miguel tongue explored my mouth. I pulled Miguel?s hand over to the cock that stood between us. Miguel did not hesitate. He gently put our hands on the cock together and we both stroked it. I broke the kiss and leaned down to suck it. Miguel placed his hand on my head and pushed down. Tom pushed up and the same time and I gagged a bit and pulled up. Miguel leaned over and engulfed Tom?s member in his mouth and proceeded to pump up and down. His tongue was busy at the same time and Tom groaned and said that Miguel was really good.

I said that I wanted to fuck right now and I stood over Tom and squatted down so that his cock slid into my soaking hot pussy. I am not sure but I think that I had never felt his cock so big before. I could feel every vein and the ridge of his cock?s head as it moved within me. Miguel moved to the side and stood on the bed and shoved his cock into my mouth. I could barely get my lips around it. I was moving on Tom and trying to suck. I rested my hand on Miguel?s tight butt and he grabbed my hand and move it so that I know that he want me to finger his anus while I sucked him. I was not able to concentrate and I wanted to cum so I told Miguel to lie down. He did. I reached over him to get a condom from the side table. As I did, he sucked my nipple. Tom was still inside me and he moved me to the side and began to hump hard the way I like it. I slipped the condom on the thick cock before me and lifted myself from Tom to Miguel?s cock. I gently lowered myself onto that tool. It filled me completely and I leaned forward so that my clit could get the maximum stimulation.

Miguel sensed that I was not getting enough and he lifted me and turned me around so that he was now on top. He was now in control. He stroked gently at first. Then I told him to fuck me hard and he started to speed up. I could hear myself screaming. I had never felt like this. He just continued pumping . He grabbed my shoulders and pulled me onto his cock even further. His cock filled me and it felt wonderful. All sense of anything else left me and all I could feel was his cock. My heart was racing and I was cumming hard and I could not control my body. Miguel was in charge and I just let him take everything from me that he could. He was perspiring and breathing hard. He pulled out and suddenly I felt my legs being pulled to the side.

Tom took over standing on the floor and pumping as hard as he could. I continued cumming. There was water that had shot out from my pussy everywhere and I could barely breathe. Miguel was sucking my nipple and Tom was fucking me for all he was worth. Miguel moved his cock to my mouth and Tom leaned over to help me suck it. I felt his tongue swirling on the head. Tom needed a rest and so did I. Tom just flopped over on the bed and we all laughed.

I got up to go pee and left the boys on the bed. As I leaned over Miguel, I brushed his nipple with my lips. He drew me up to kiss his lips. I was still having after shocks from the orgasm and this kiss sent another shiver up my spine. I really had to pee so I dislodged.

I spent about five minutes in the bathroom getting a bit freshened. I guess it was too long for my two horney lovers to wait. I found them in a deep kiss, Tom was on top and they were grinding their cocks against each other. I was feeling very loving toward both guys and I just stood and watched. Tom looked over and gave me a wink. He then turned him self around and began to suck that beautiful, still hard cock. Tom humped Miguel?s mouth and I could not resist any longer. I came over to help Tom suck. I could barely get my lips around it but it felt so good. The head is enormous. I decided that I want it inside me again. I grabbed another condom and slipped it over Miguel and pushed Tom?'s head away. He got it and moved to a sitting position while leaving his cock available fo Miguel?s lips. I needed no preparations. I just sliped down onto it. I needed to fuck and I leaned forward on my hands and slid myself up and down. I was getting into a rythym when Miguel groaned that he was coming. I increased my pace and pushed down as far as I could. I felt him stiffen and suddenly I felt the heat in my pussy. He was spurting hard and that was all I needed as I began to cum. I fell forward and met Miguel?s mouth with mine. Tom swung around and licked my anus and I felt like I was losing consciousness. The next thing I knew I was lying between my two lovers again. Tom was caressing my breasts and Migul was holding my hand. Tom told me that I had passed out for a few seconds. That had never happened before but I felt fine. Tom got up to get me some water.

While we were resting I realized that Miguel and I had cum but Tom had not. I told Tom to lie down and that we would give him a super blow job. I started. Tom? was soft but hardened quickly. He began moving his cock as I sucked. Miguel got up and came to Tom?s side and licked his balls while I sucked. Miguel pushed my head away and took over. He used his tongue in a way that I do not and Tom began to stiffen. He told us that he was cumming and Miguel increased his pace while I stroked Tom?s cock. Ahhh we heard as he came. Miguel continued to suck until Tom?s was done. He then leaned over to me so that I could kiss his cum filled mouth. We both swallowed Tom?s cum.

Oh my. What a neat time we had that night. Tom drove Miguel back to his car while I showered and got ready to sleep. He was gone just 20 minutes or so. To told me that Miguel had said that he never before had had such a sensuous night. We hope that we will see him again.

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