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some things I love Life on the road

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SOME THINGS I LOVE (Life on the road)

We all have things we love and some things we don't and some things we just do or have done to us, that we like but can take or leave it. I have met some folks along the way of life that have given me pleasure in many ways. Most of those things were wonderful. Some not so wonderful but maybe you like them. Here are some things that I have actually done and how I feel about them. Some parts of this recollection will include circumstances that I am sure we all would like to experience. Hope you enjoy.

When I was a young man I had joined the military. USAF if it matters. Within a year I found myself in SEA working on fighters. We worked 12 hour shifts 7 days a week, with one day off each month. I had decided to take my day off and go into the city. I had talked to some of the guys and found that the ladies were particularly agreeable to certain temporary alliances. I soon found out they were correct. Finding one of the ladies was not a problem as the taxi drivers first question to any GI was “ You want BOOM BOOM?”A simple yes found me in the presence of some females who, for a mere pittance (for a young GI anyway) I could get pretty much whatever I wanted. I found one lady, older but very pretty and well kept and figured she was well kept because she was good at her tasks. I was right again. Having made the deal we retired to a bed and moments later were both undressed. Her pussy was covered in thick black hair but I did not care. My cock was hard and ready. She took a few moments to use some lube and then put a rubber on me. Using a rubber there was always a great idea as the ladies were very popular.

I slid into her lubed pussy and pumped away. No romance no kissing just fuck till you cum! Which I did. I was satisfied but later on I looked back on it and figured that for a small amount more I could have had any damn thing I wanted from her or any other woman there. But I was sated and went back to base. I went back to that same place several more times during my tenure in SEA. Getting back home, in 1970, I found the local girls a bit standoffish. Most my age were into protesting and that did not interest me, Soon I was at another duty station where I fell into an unscrupulous crowd and found that the girls in that crowd were much more willing to mingle, in bed or out. For 9 months there I had a different sexual partner every weekend. I loved it. All it cost was the price of a date and being nice to them. I enjoyed the company of most of them but was soon bored with one and found another. And another, Etc. Suddenly I found myself back in SEA this time as an aircrew member. Flying around and being shot at was no fun. But the ladies there were almost always willing to please a GI most anyway you wanted. During this time I discovered anal. With a woman. LOL One nice lady I had met with a couple of times told me she could not do it today but her daughter could and would. She said to ask her for her “special”. I asked and the young woman, in her late teens, probably at least 19, and very nicely put together took my hand and we went to her room. She disrobed and I was stunned by her beauty. She asked “you want special for GI?” I nodded and she got some lube, came to me and took my cock in her mouth then lubed me up really good. She then sat on the bed and lifted her legs to her shoulders and used more lube on her asshole! I had never done anal and here she was, about to show me the ropes. It was exciting as she opened wide, Pussy and ass, and worked fingers up her butt. Then she took my cock and simply pushed it into her butt! I loved the feel of it and the sight of my hard cock all 7 inches moving easily into her really got me going. I was pumping away when I suddenly felt her ass squeeze my cock. With only a few more pumps I shot a hot load deep into her bowels! I fell onto her and she hugged me smiling. “You feel good GI! I like you.” From then on I was a regular customer for her. She let me fuck her anyway and anywhere I wanted. Ass pussy mouth titties hand-job whatever I desired. We got along great.

Just before departing there the VC came to town and an awful lot of people simply disappeared. She was one of them. No idea what happened to them but I had suspected she, along with many others, were eliminated. That was a common occurrence there at the time.

I had no more encounters with the ladies after that, as I did not want to be the one who condemned them.

Returning stateside, my enlistment up, I went back to school. I did find some very willing young women at that school. As the saying goes, Some will, some won't and some loved it.” All were a huge change from the ladies of the evening I was used to. I found that I actually had to make them like me for more than a few dollars thrown their way. It was no problem finding companionship, but the problem was finding someone who would like to stick around for awhile.

I left school with a degree and ended up with a job. A job driving truck of all things! A young man with a degree truck driving. I did well at it and went from driving a team truck with another driver to driving solo. After several years I decided to make my own way and bought a truck. Quite expensive for the time, almost a hundred thousand bucks! Heck now you can't buy a good SUV for that much..

One thing I enjoyed was seeing the country. I ended up going to all but two states, Hawaii and Alaska were not where I was able to drive. Once again I found the female companionship was readily available. Both on the road and when overnighting or at home. Something about driving an 18 wheeler excited the ladies. I was happy to show them my truck. Almost everyone of them ended up trying out my sleeper. One even went on a trip cross country with me. From the West Coast to Chicago, where she jumped ship for another 18 wheeler to cruise in. GOD bless her she had found a way to travel the country and enjoy herself. All without asking for a fee other than a meal now and then, She did enjoy a meal of hot cum also and I gladly fed her. She was one of the young crowd that had no problem telling a guy what he would get if she got what she wanted. Last I saw was her getting into a Freight liner with tandem drivers! I bet they both had a great time with her.

During one break in the business I was home and an uncle asked me “say why don't you give Mary a ride in this thing?” Mary was a cousin about 20years old whom I had not seen for several years. She had definitely bloomed. Her boobs were very nice her hair was a light auburn and her butt was sticking out just like I like it! Later on I ran into Mary at a family gathering and she was very interested in riding my truck, or something in my truck. I had the definite feeling she was more into a mustache ride than a truck ride. We took off with no trailer and drove around town. She was enjoying the ride and was wide-eyed the whole time! I took her to the local truck stop and got fueled up for my next trip She went in the truck stop and came back out saying “I didn't know that they had showers and rooms here!” I told her some big truck stops, like this one, had all the comforts. She smiled and asked if I would like to try out a room. I smiled back and asked “are you sure you want to?” Her reply was to lean over to me and grab my cock. She stroked my cock in my pants and I finally went and got us a room. It was really a small motel attached to the truck stop so I parked and we went to the room. Soon as she came in she shut the door, locked it and threw her arms around me and gave me a big wet kiss! All I could think of was “thank God for second cousins!” We both yanked each others clothes off and tumbled onto the bed She climbed on top and grabbed my cock. Stoked it a few times then took the entire thing into her mouth to the base. Instant deep throat! I do love a woman who can do that. She then used her hands to play with my balls as she sucked me. One finger went for my asshole and she poked around for a bit. Then she sat up, all sticky faced from my precum and kissed me. I tasted myself and she told me it was my turn to get my face messy. I took the hint and slid on top of her in a 69, We were both sucking and licking and having a really great time. Then she tensed up sucked my cock as hard as she could and started moaning and shaking. Her orgasm soon passed. I looked at her and told her what she told me “now it's YOUR TURN to let me cum.” She never hesitated and spread her legs wide open and used her fingers to spread her pussy. Then she took my cock, sucked it one last time and got a few remaining drops off it and pushed it into her wide open hungry cunt! I was rock hard from the licking sucking and pussy eating and just started ramming with my prick. She

grabbed my waist with her legs and pulled me deep as she could. When I could hold it no more I said “I'm CUMMING” and she threw me off and onto my back and took my cock into her deep throat and sucked every drop of cum from me.

We both slept for several hours then she woke me up by sitting on my face. I did not mind, I love eating pussy and hers was not only beautiful, it was also delicious. The combination of her juices and mine was a taste I love to have in my mouth. Just before check-out time we showered. She made sure my pecker was clean then rinsed me and sucked me more to “make sure there is no soap on it”. I did the same to her pussy. Washed it inside and out then tasted her inside and out then her cute butt got washed inside and out and tasted. I found out right then that she had not had that done before and loved it. So I did it again. Getting back in the truck I told her I'll be on the road again tomorrow, headed for San Francisco to unload at the docks. She said nothing but asked if she could go with me to see the tuck being loaded. I agreed and told her soon as it's loaded I'd drop off to pick her up and be on our way. It did not take long to load palettes full of canned goods and off I went. Stopping at her place, she kissed me and said “do you have to go?” I told her “Yes I have to go, this load has to be in SF in four days.”. She looked at me funny and said, “Can I go with you?” I thought about it then agreed. But she would have to keep out of sight at weigh stations and be quiet if anyone was speaking to me. She agreed and she loaded a small suitcase and off we went. The first day on the road was just boring driving. Once you have driven cross country a few times you have pretty much seen everything and sooner or later it's just boring driving. Mary kept wanting to stop to see things but I reminded her I was not on a vacation. She soon settled down and other than when we stopped to eat and fuel up we just talked. Being a 20 year old who had not been anywhere she was very curious. I gave her answers to questions as best I could. “What it that over there? What is that kind of truck, why does that truck have such a huge sleeper. And of course the question every driver gets “when are we going to eat, where can I pee. I worked it all out and when we would stop for the evening, not an entire night because of driving time limits for drivers. Two drivers, a “sleeper team” was more flexible. But I did stretch our sleeper time a few hours. We both had an excellent time during those stops. I kept us on the road to get the delivery done. Each sleep break she and I would explore each other's body. She found out she kind of liked some finger play in her butt. At one stop there was a XXX store and she went in and came out with a dildo It was rubber one not a hard plastic battery powered one. As soon as we hit the highway it was in her snatch and she was enjoying herself. I was enjoying taking a peek at her pussy full of it too. Made

my cock hard as she used it to cum and cum. I was jealous of a piece of plastic.

Arriving in San Francisco and unloading at the docks was nothing special. Mary wandered about a bit and was mesmerized by the huge loading and unloading process and the machines it required. I thought she had gotten lost at one point she had been gone almost an hour. I went to look for her and did not find her. I returned to the truck and she was sitting in her seat. Her face was flushed and she had a big wide grin on her face! I asked “what are you smiling about?” she pointed at a guy off to the side of the truck and told me “he has an enormous cock!” “What?” I blurted out! How do you know?” Smiling, she said “It's so big I could barely get it all the way into my mouth!” I was almost going to berate her, not for sucking some wharf rats cock, but for wandering around the docks alone. Next guy may go ahead and fuck her then dump her body in a dumpster or between a couple of ships! But as I thought better of it I told her that our unloading will take at least another hour so why not let me see if her mouth had been stretched too much for my cock! “ She smiled and we climbed into the sleeper. Half an hour later I was empty of cum and she was at least partially full. At least her pussy was. As we left the docks we had been told to find a motel and stay there until dispatch found us a return load. I knew of a motel not too far away and it had a restaurant attached. We drove there, checked in and showered almost exactly as we had done before. Except this time she had my cock and her dildo in her cunt. Amazingly enough, they both slid right in. Tight but slippery and it made us both cum really fast and hard. I asked her if she had ever taken two cocks in her pussy before and she said she had thought about it but figured none of the boys she was fucking with would do it because they would be rubbing a cock. I asked how much she enjoyed the dildo and my cock in her and she had a huge grin on her face! I LOVED IT! She told me. Maybe we can do that again sometime. I agreed but I told her our truck needs a load more than you do! Smiling she and I cuddled and slept.

Next day Dispatch said they had a load if I wanted it. I asked what it was and they said “Lettuce from down in S California near the Salton Sea somewhere.” I asked what it paid and told them I would head that way in the morning.” The dispatcher, whom I knew fairly well, jokingly asked “The morning huh? You find a honey to dip your wick in?” We laughed and hung up. What was I going to tell him? That I had taken my second cousin along and was banging her like a screen door in a thunderstorm?

Next morning we were on the road early and by five we were almost there. Over 300 miles to get a load of lettuce. Not a high paying load but it would cover the expense of the return trip. I found the place and they told me where to put my rig for loading . I had Mary guide me back to the ramp and she did an amazingly good job. Nice and close and pretty square with the ramp. Soon the Mexican workers were loading lettuce. 20,000 lbs of it. The papers were signed the laborers paid and we headed East. First stop of many, in two days at a grocery in N Dakota. Next was as distributor in Minot. Mary was fascinated when she saw B-52's trailing smoke into the sky. One after the other the huge beasts clawed their way into the sky and disappeared into the distance. Soon we were unloading the second stop. They took over half our load which was fine with me. Only two more stops to go. Headed south to Sioux Fall S. Dakota we spotted lots of antelope and deer. Again Mary was fascinated. Arriving in Sioux Falls we found our delivery place and were told to be there in the morning. I knew of a small, old fashioned hotel and used the mall next to it to park. We checked in and took the elevator up to the third (and top) floor. Not much of a view and a tub but no shower. Mary got dibs on the first bath and ran her water while I tossed my bag aside and checked what was on the television. Turns out that this old fashioned family hotel had a xxx channel. Relaxing, I heard Mary say she needed some help, so I went to see what she needed. Turns out she wanted me to wash her back. I picked up the old fashioned scrub brush and did my chore. No problem, I got a few good handfuls of Mary at the same time. She suddenly stood up and told me to get in with her. I put my clothes aside and lowered myself into the tub. Of course she grabbed my prick and took it in her mouth for a few seconds. I sat in the tub while Mary sat on my lap. As she washed me I washed her front. From top to bottom. Especially bottom. She really did have wonderful young pussy and I enjoyed it every chance I got. She liked feeling me play with her too and she washed my dick very very very thoroughly. Almost too thoroughly. I almost shot my load in the bath water. But soon she was having me stand so she could wash my back. As I stood there, her hands washed my back my butt and at least one more time, my dick. I then felt her washing my butt rather intimately. Yes she was between my cheeks running her fingers over my butt-hole. I found out that I enjoyed her doing that and let her continue. Soon she was finger fucking my hole and I still did not mind. I had a lady do that for me before but only kind of incidentally. But certainly not “accidentally”. I let Mary do it all she wanted. It did give me an exceptionally hard cock. Soon the bath play was over and we dried off with the two towels provided. Back in the main room, the porn was still on. It was showing a DP. The woman had two cocks in her One in her pussy one in her shapely ass! I don't know how much she was acting and how much she was enjoying. I asked Mary “You like to do that sometime? You have already had my cock and your toy in your pussy before. Want to give a lucky guy some anal? She looked at me and asked if I would mind. I told her it's ALL up to you. She smiled and we laid on the bed fondling each other as we fell asleep.

The next day we took the truck to be unloaded and a Mexican crew make quick work of it. I called dispatch and told them I was empty again and once again was told to stay the night and call tomorrow.

Back at the hotel we got our old room back and the owners were glad to see us. They were just average middle aged folks and were happy to have customers. The husband, Mark, was at the desk and his wife was in their kitchen. No restaurant but they used one of the ground floor rooms as home. They lived and cooked there.

Mark's wife Andrea, came in and saw us. “Staying another night folks?” We affirmed we were. She then said, “Would you like some home cooking instead of truck stop food? We have plenty and I can set you a place in our room. Mary and I looked at each other and accepted the offer. We went to our room and watched more porn. The phone rang and it was Mark telling us dinner is ready come on down. We walked down the stairs rather than use the elevator and soon were in their room. The food smelled great compared to the truck stop stuff. We soon found out it was much better than it smelled. Baked Chicken done just right mashed potatoes and green beans. A perfect Midwest, middle class, meal. We ate all that was offered. We were invited to stay for a coffee and relax and watch TV for a bit. Again we accepted. The coffee was perfectly blended and hot but not scalding. We sipped and talked as we we got acquainted. Soon they asked if we were married and we smiled and told them “no. I am her uncle and she is my second cousin.” They smiled but not like they really approved. I then told them that there is nothing going on with us, she wanted to come along for a trip because she had never been on trip like this. That seemed to please them. The ball game they were watching was over and they asked if we would like a movie. I said good and they changed channels. On the screen were a couple having drinks in a restaurant. Soon the couple were heading out and into a nice house. When they got inside they undressed. Not just like you would see in a Doris Day movie, I mean they got naked on screen! Mark and Andrea looked at us and asked if this movie was OK. Mary chirped out a nice loud and clear YES! We all looked at each other and smiled. Soon the couple on screen were engage in oral sex. Then Missionary position then doggy then, surprisingly, the woman was taking her mans cock in her ass! Mark and Andrea looked at us and smiled. I was not paying a lot of attention to them when I heard Mary say “Does that hurt? It looks like it would!” Andrea smiled and told her “Mary dear, if you get all slippery it wont hurt although it will feel somewhat uncomfortable until you get used to it back there. But then it will start to feel good. Especially as he pulls his cock on the out stroke. I find that the best feeling of all!” Mary looked at me and said “can we try that tonight?” I grinned and told her “Yes if you want. But if it hurts you tell me please . I don't want to hurt you in any way.” She smiled and watched the movie more. When the couple on screen were cuming the man stayed deep in the woman's ass and unloaded. She made noises like she was about to pass out. Then the man pulled his cock out of her ass and a flood of cum was flowing out. Then he surprised us and leaned over to suck her ass clean of his cum. His face covered in cum and a smile told us he was really liking it. She smiled and kissed him licking cum off his face. As the movie ended we all kind of relaxed and looked at each other with a “whats next” kind of look. We soon found out as Mark reached out to Andrea and fondled her breasts and ran his hand into her panties. Mary moved over to me and I grabbed her tits as she fingered herself. Mark and Andrea had taken off their tops and were lowering the bottoms so Mary and I did the same thing. We mimicked them as they led us into the next phase of the evening. Mark and Andrea lead us to their king sized bed and literally pushed us onto it. Mary had already dropped her panties and quickly took off her top. Andrea and Mark commented on how great she looked. Especially Andrea seemed to be really excited at seeing those young perky tits. Not to mention when she dropped her panties both of them had watering mouths. I had dropped my pants and Mary was about to suck my cock for me when Andrea moved to me, looked at Mary and put my cock all they way into her mouth. Then she held it there. I felt it go deeper as she opened her throat. I was in near heaven. Mark had his fingers in Andrea's ass and was putting in two more fingers. Mary was masturbating her cunt and licking the juice off her fingers. This continued on for a short time until Andrea suddenly went down on Mary. Sucking and licking her dripping pussy like it was her last meal. Mary was sitting there with her cunt full of Andrea's tongue and fingers with a funny look on her face. Then suddenly she moaned out loud and Andrea could not lick and swallow fast enough to get all the juice from her. Andrea eventually let up and let Mary take a breath! They both smiled. Andrea looked at Mark and said “ He has not had his cum yet!! Mark would you and he care to share some fun with us ladies?” Hearing her say that Mark moved to Mary. Andrea stopped him and pushed him towards me. Everyone looked at me and I had this look on my face “WHAT?? Mark nodded and moved over to where I was sitting. He got down on his knees and asked “mind if I suck your cock?” What could I say? Here I was, stiff cock watching porn on screen and off, seeing Mary get her cunt licked clean and the porn that played had a good assfucking and cum shower. I nodded at Mark, he smiled and leaned in to take my cock in his mouth. As his lips closed on me I saw Mary with a look on her face that was hard to decipher. Was she shocked? Was she disgusted? Was she jealous? I soon had an answer sort of. Mary smiled and started eating Andrea's shaved cunt. Her tongue went right to the clit and was licking and sucking.

Andrea was moaning, Mark was sucking and playing with his fingers on my balls and asshole. Andrea was now holding Mary's head in place as she quickly came! Mary's face was being covered in girl cum and her smile was even bigger. It was not long before I unloaded in Marks sucking, swallowing mouth! He was a most excellent cocksucker. Not many women have the outright enthusiasm and desire to suck and swallow cum in such a pleasant manner. I was a happy camper, mark was still packing a boner. Andrea needed to wash her face and Mary needed to wash hers also. Mark just kept on sucking my dick till it was completely soft and totally empty of cum I had shot such a load I was not sure if I would be able to cum again this week!

Then things changed again, Mark stood up and took my head in his hands and guided his cock to my mouth. I had never tasted cock before and had only eaten cum from a pussy But I took a deep breath and opened my mouth. It was strange and a little uncomfortable at first. Never having a cock in my mouth I was unsure of what exactly to do. I sucked and licked as his cock started moving in and out. I found that when he pushed in he was at the back of my throat. After hitting there a few times he said “just open your throat and it will go farther in.” I found that relaxing and kind of swallowing made a big difference. His cock slid deep into my throat. I felt proud of being able to do that and smiled around his cock. He nodded and told me to just hold still. I did and he pumped in and out slowly at first then more rapidly. Within a minute he was panting and moaning. I knew what was about to happen and let him continue. I was pleased when he groaned and I felt his cum flood my mouth and throat. I did not need to swallow much as it just ran right down my throat to my stomach. I let him finish and as he pulled out I used my mouth to milk the last drops of cum from him then swallowed them with a smile. I had just given, or had been given, my first blowjob. I found myself smiling and feeling like I had accomplished something good.

The evening was about over when they invited us to stay as long as we liked. Unfortunately I had a truck to pay for so about noon the next day Mary and I loaded up, kissed them good bye and rolled down I-90 East. We were headed for Cedar Rapids Iowa and would pick up a load of processed, canned vegetables for Chicago. It was a days drive to the pickup and another days drive to the drop-off. As we reached the outskirts of Chicago, I stopped and made a phone call to the destination. They arranged for a Union driver to come to us. He arrived and got in. He saw Mary in the sleeper and smiled. He was an older man, he had been hurt on the job and the union had taken care of his injury. But the company he was working for told him he could come back to work but he would have to start over on his time of employment. He ended up with zero years credit for the 9 years he had worked there and now was on his second year of employment. The deal was he had to work at least 15 more years to earn retirement. He was not happy but he needed the job. He guided us to the warehouse, helped me back up to the dock and I unlocked the trailer. I was told to get back into the truck and not get out again as it was against union rules for a non-union driver to be anywhere on the dock. I did as I was told and crawled into the sleeper while Mary stayed in the jump seat to keep an eye on things. I was jostled awake about two hours later. I felt the truck being bumped around and thought the workers had been unloading; I looked out of the sleeper and Mary was on the doghouse with her legs in the air as the union driver was eating her pussy. She smiled at me and said “well he said he hadn't had any pussy for weeks and I thought I would let him have a taste of mine.” I smiled and rolled back over.

Finally back on the road and headed south of Chi town to Indiana for another pickup. We stopped at a truck stop. I fueled up and inspected my trailer to make sure it had not been damaged and was clean. All was OK and Mary and I went in to eat. The food was good and plentiful and was not expensive. This particular truck stop was a driver favorite for that reason. We chatted with other drivers as we ate. Lots of information was exchanged about road conditions, open or closed lanes, new places to eat, etc. Always nice to get live updates. Found out that Indiana was in process of cracking down on speeding rigs so we were being pretty careful. As we headed southeast toward Indianapolis we were glad we had been warned, we saw several trucks pulled over and the IHP was using portable scales to check weights. A couple of trucks were off to the side and on a phone to talk to their dispatch. Not very happy truckers.

Indy was it's normally crowded and busy self but we made it to our destination with no problem. I splurged and found a motel near a truck stop to use for the night. Bet you can guess what Mary did the second we shut the door! No not that. She just dropped her drawers and opened her ass and said “Fuck my ass and cum!” I did. She smiled as she played with her ass as it leaked cum out. She had gotten really hooked on anal sex and I did not mind at all. The next morning I was awakened by her mouth on my cock as she sucked me dry while I was sleeping. I woke up to an orgasm in her pretty mouth! I was becoming quite fond of my cousin. She took good care of me and our truck and business for the short time we were together. I liked her very much. AND she loved to eat cum. My cum, strangers cum, customers cum, even one of the fuel attendants cum at one stop! She was having a ball and so was I. I loved seeing her suck and fuck every day with new guys the occasional girl and of course, ME.

As the days and miles wore on, we became great friends. I told her if she wanted I could sponsor her for a truck driving school. We talked about it and after some days of discussion she agreed. I took her home on the next trip and dropped her off. As she waved goodbye I felt lonely. Trucking had been fun for the time we were together, now it was just work and more work. Yes there were the occasional interludes with ladies now and then, but they were temporary. I found myself jerking off in the sleeper thinking how nice it was to have Mary with me. Turns out , we got along great and were now good friends. Things change so I sighed and kept on working.

A few months later I called dispatch and was told to call a number as someone wanted to talk to me. Later on I stopped and called. I was very surprised and pleased when Mary answered the phone. Before I could say much more than hello, she blurted out that she missed me terribly and would like to be with me again soon. I told her the same and that I would pick her up soon as she had her Chauffeurs license for trucking. She immediately told me to “Come get me! I got my license yesterday and I need to be back in your rig, this time as a driver!” Smiling I told her I would be there in about 4 days and to get ready to roll!” She said she would be happy to see me and hung up. I was smiling for the next 4 days and as I arrived at her house, she was outside with her small suitcase. She got in we kissed and drove immediately to the truck stop where we had spent our first night together. Going into the room she slammed the door jumped into my arm and we kissed passionately. She immediately stopped the kiss, dropped to her knees and took down my pants and underwear. My cock sprang out and slapped her face! She took me in her mouth and withing seconds was swallowing my cum! She smiled a cummy smile and I kissed her some more then spread her on the bed got her naked and went down on her pussy. She had trimmed it up pretty good and I feasted on her labia and then her clitty. I drove my fingers and then my tongue inside her cunt and then licked and sucked her to a thundering orgasm. I finished with a kiss on her lips and we tasted each other.

This, I knew was going to be a very long lasting road trip. So far it has been 4 years of on the road and in the bed with each other and some other folks, men and women, who enjoyed the company of a couple who sucked cock and ate pussy, liked to fuck and be fucked, and the taste of everyone's cum! I see no end in sight!

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