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She wants to have a Guy Seduce Me

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When I was 28 years old I married Lisa a 24 year old sex goddess of my dreams. She was very sexy and stood at 5?2? and 105 with silky black hair and green eyes. She was of Greek decent and was also a swim suit model.

She loved to have sex and so did I! We sometime had sex for 5,6,& 7 hours stopping only for water, food and bathroom breaks.

She and I would have some very interesting talks during the week after work and after sex. She would always ask me what I thought about different parts of guy?s bodies and wanted to know, If I loved her enough to try anything she wanted sexually. She would say that she someday ask me to try something for her, but would never tell me what.

One night she had made arrangements for us attending a party. My wife dressed up in a very sexy lycra tight mini skirt which was so tight she could not wear anything under it! She looked like sex on a stick.

During our drive she grabbed my hand and pulled it to the velvety smooth skin between her legs and slowly slid it up to her wet sweet spot and asked me ?would you do anything for me?? Once I feel her moist sweet spot I said ?anything my love?

She smiled and said ?Ok, I?m going to ask you to do something for me tonight, I think.? ?Is that OK with you??

I said ?Ok?

Then she pointed the directions out periodically from the map she had , until we got there.

This was a party of a guy George who we hung out with at a party twice. We were only occasional friends kinda thing. He was a very cool good looking guy, but my wife liked him differently.

I couldn?t put my finger on how she liked him.

She normally liked rough rugged cowboyish with a tad of biker attitude, but he was neither.

When we got there George answered the door in tight jeans, boots and tasteful dress shirt. He looked great I thought and with a great big smile happy to see us.

He hugged us both and said he was happy we were here. George led us to the bar where he mixed us drinks and then we all three took a shot of Patron tequila which was kept in the freezer.

We were starting to get loose several drinks later and George walked us around introducing us to many people, then I noticed that there were mostly nicely dressed men and a few very hot looking women.

A few drinks later Lisa and I looked at each other while George was massaging her shoulders and I could tell she was feeling very buzzed and by the look in her eyes she was getting sexually hot and bothered with the message George was giving her.

He leaned over and gave us both a big hug and he put his head into my neck when he did so and gave my neck a soft kiss, then he gave Lisa a kiss on her neck as well.

With his arms still around us both he said that he finds both our necks very sexy. We said Ok. Then he said ?how about hot tubbing in the grotto?? I said ?the what?? He said ?the grotto?. ?It?s a fancy hot tub?. Lisa said ?yes let?s do that!?

I said ?we don?t have swim suits? George smiled and said ?you won?t need them!?

Then he held Lisa?s hand and she grabbed mine and we went past the bar grabbing new drinks and walked outside passed the pool where many people were swimming nude.

When we got to the grotto, George started stripping and so did Lisa, then they both reached for my shirt buttons and belt, pant, and zipper, then he pulled down my underwear.

He led us into the hot water and we all got very close and he rubbed both out shoulders. Lisa leaned over and kissed me while George hugged us both, and that was when I realized that he had an erection that had to be at least 9 maybe 10 inches long.

It was rubbing against my side hip.

Lisa then turned to George and kissed him hard and deeply passionate with tongue?s darting into each others mouths. Then Lisa kissed me like she did him, and that got me so so hot and aroused and very hard.

Lisa pulled us both closer to her and was holding a cock in each hand. I reached to her groin and George?s hand was already there with fingers rubbing her clit. Lisa was starting to moan at this point.

George then said grab his hand and grabbed hers and led us both into the grotto cave where there was several large soft foam mats to lay on. There was a dim red light in the cave.

George sat down and that?s when I got the full view of that enormous cock. Lisa said ?Wow, how big is that?? He smiled and said 10 and half inches. She dropped to her knees and pulled me down next to her.

I wasn?t sure what she wanted me to do until she took the shaft kissed the bulbous head and waved it back and forth showing it to me.

She said ?this is what I want you to do and she licked the shaft, then took the head in her mouth and tried to go down on it. She got about 6 inches down, then backed out with her eyes watering.

She held the huge cock and waved it back and forth and said ?ok your turn?.

I stood there a second and George put his hands on my shoulders and pulled me down to his cock.

I was nervous, but I put my lips on the crown kissed like Lisa had done. Then Lisa said ?this is so hot?, so I opened my mouth and she put her hand behind my head and said ?sweetie see how far you can take it? and pushed my head down until I was at the 6 inches she had reached.

I came back up then she pushed my head down and said ?do it again.? ?I like watching you suck his big dick? ?Take it down more? and gave me another shove down for what seemed 9 inches.

I choked and came back up. Lisa pushed George onto his back and sat on his face and told me to keep sucking that big dick.

She wiggled back and forth getting the tonguing of her life but never took her eyes off me.

Watching me trying to swallow that cock was getting her very hot. She would occasionally lean over and push my head down on that huge cock, and say ?suck it deeper sweetie.?

The she came really hard and so did George. Right when she new George was about to cum she reached over and pushed my head down on it and he shot load after load after load 4 or 5 in all down my throat.

I swallowed all except when he shot out of my mouth once. After he came he was still hard. Lisa got up then layed on her side and said that so beautiful and reached over and took that still 10 and half inch hard cock and waved for me again.

Then said here you go and I went down on it about 8 inches which was so far my maximum.

She got up when she saw a small table with ky jelly and squirted some on her hand and got behind me smearing it on my anus, then rubbing a finger back and forth.

I started to move away and she put her face close to mine and said ?no don?t? ?Please ?will you let me pleasure you how I want to pleasure you??

So, I sat still as she rubbed a finger trying to push one in until it slowly went in. She wanted to look into my eyes while she did so. Then another finger, then another, then another.

Soon she had four in and was smearing more jelly in. Then she pulled out and with her other hand grabbed my hand and led me over on top of George?s hip.

I now knew what she wanted and had a look of panic. She said ?please sweetie for me?, so I straddled him and she took that huge cock and put it right at my anus and said ?Ok now slowly sit back?.

I was on my knees and his cock was so long that it was still higher than my anus! I had a few seconds of fear now. I reached over grabbed my drink and downed it.

I then started my very slow decent that seemed to take forever.

I felt it go past my opening and every inch felf like a foot. At the 8 inch mark he started to slowly pump up and down. Lisa watched like as if she was possessed and excited all in one.

He continued to pump up but was not able to go in all the way.

Lisa said ok sweetie lets see if it?s better if you are on bottom, so George got up and layed me on my stomach and never slipped out.

Once he was on top he slid in to about 9 inches and grabbed my shoulders and slowly slid further in until he was in by 10 inches and only a half inch remained.

He rocked gently back and forth and I could feel his cock inside my intestines moving my insides around.

After about 15 more minutes of this he was all in and slowly slide almost out then all the way in. Soon it started to feel better with less pain and a hint of pleasure more often.

I looked up to find Lisa with her fingers in her snatch with a look of desperation on her face. She was thoroughly enjoying this. It was something I had never seen in her, like obsessed with watching me.

She said ?sweetie I want you to enjoy getting fucked so so bad?, ?will you do that for me?

"Will you give me a hot show so I can see that you really like being fucked??

I said ?ok?.

Then George began longer deeper strokes which were now getting me excited.

Then I got up on all fours and they both loved that. George fucked me harder, then harder, then slamming into me even harder and I started to push back.

Lisa was getting so excited now. Then George turned me over on my back and put my legs over his shoulders and Lisa said ?kiss him George? so George leaned in and kissed me as he was sliding all 10 & half inches into me and kissing me?

Lisa ?I wana see you French kiss him sweetie while he?s inside you deep?.

I stuck my tongue into his mouth as she wanted. His tongue slid into my mouth and began to swirl around mine.

As his breath entered my mouth, I could feel myself getting excited having his breath enter me at the same time his huge cock was sliding all 10.5 inches inside of me in long deep stokes.

Sliding into my ass with his long thick cock was pushing my insides apart to make room for that wonderful tingling in my ass.

I found myself grabbing his hips and pulling him in as far as I could. My whole world was now to try to get as much of that monster man meat inside my ass!

As he was sliding in then out and back in again, I realized that I was begging him for more of that beautiful cock. Lisa was beside us saying ?Fuck my hubby?s ass as deep as you can George? ?Make him beg for a good ass fucking!? All the time she had four fingers in her pussy pushing them in as far as she could.

She said ?honey beg for him to fuck you with that big cock!?

So I said ?please fuck my ass deeper with that big cock George!?

At that point George picked up the pace and began ramming all the way in, all the way out, then ram all the way in, slapping my ass cheeks with his balls.

I could feel the both of us on the edge. Then just before he came, he leaned in and French kissed me deep and started to cum.

He whispered ?here I cum and I felt him shoot warm liquid inside of me and I started to shoot at the same time, then Lisa screamed and also came harder then I had ever seen her cum.

George had his tongue in my mouth as he was Cumming over and over again. He held his 10.5 inch cock deep inside using it like a stirring stick as he moved his hips in a small circle to stir my insides.

That made me cum again as well.

Later that night, I fucked Lisa hard and George got in behind me and fucked me while I fucked her.

She came more times than I could count. She said that this was the most awesome type of sex she had ever had and the best for her was when I fucked her and George fucked me at the same time.

She said that George will need to be our fuck buddy from now on and so far he has been our best friend and the best fuck buddy we could ever ask for.

He comes over and fucks me often and also fucks me while I fuck her which is her favorite!

We are now a happily fucked couple often thanks to George!


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