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Road Trip Chapter 1

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Road Trip Savant

Whoo hoo we were on our way! College was over for the summer, it was a holiday weekend and we had five days before we had to be back to work. Lee and I, I?m Mike by the way, were dying to take his boat out to Lake Mead because we had heard that there were some great winds and the sailing would be terrific.

Lee had bought a 16? Hobie Cat a short time ago and this was to be his first trip to the calm, warm waters of a lake, something new since we were California beach kids and our learning to sail had been done in the rolling swells, waves and surf of the ocean. We were the typical broke, carefree kids that made up so much of the population around Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach and Redondo Beach. We were lean, tan, muscled in a swimmers kind of way. Lee being the very definition of a surf kid, he was blond and blue eyed while I was the brunette, dark, olive skinned and a bit shorter than he. As products of where we grew up we were completely comfortable in, around and under the water, surfing, swimming, scuba diving and just laying in the sun on the beach. We spent so much of our time at the beach that we often laughed thinking of how similar we were to Sea Lions, basking on the shore absorbing the sun?s rays only to rush back into the water to cool off and play. Life was rich, warm and full of the pleasure and when we weren?t on the beach we would be in the mountains or deserts that surrounded the L.A. basin.

Lee and I had become acquainted through work and our shared hobbies. We worked at a camera shop, were serious photographers who traveled from beach to desert to put images on film and besides all the things we did around the ocean we also skied and camped. So between our hobbies and job we spent most of the day together one way or another. We were so busy that the one thing we didn?t have much time for was dating. Oh, I?d often start a relationship but it inevitably failed since I?d be torn between the sweet charms of willing gal and the pull of my friends and hobbies. Somehow I could never find a gal who could rough it camping in the desert one day, waking up before dawn to capture a sunrise then pack like a fool to make it back to the beach that afternoon. While I never felt lonely I did miss the intimacy and the raw intensity of ravaging a willing date. Oh well, I got it often enough to take the edge off but never as much as I wanted? Funny but now that I think of it does any young man ever get it as much as he wants? I guess at that age we are truly raging hard ons, all the time, no matter where we are or what we are doing? whether at work or play or on a date, we are just ready!

Anyway back to our trip. Being broke college kids we had planned to camp along the edge of lake, sailing during the day, cleaning up and heading into Vegas for dinner in the evening since Vegas was just miles from Lake Mead. We talked and planned as we spent a few hours driving, made a quick stop in Barstow for gas and food and then drove the last two hours to the Lake. We had left L.A. around 1 AM to travel the desert in the cool of the night and we were now backing the Hobie Cat into the water at Lake Mead Marina in the early morning?s silence and we figured that we could get in a few hours of sailing before we had to worry about finding a camp site. With the boat launched we raised the mast, set the sails and since it was relatively still we paddled ourselves away from the dock and out through the ?no wake zone?. I?d had always teased Lee about having a paddle for his speedy sail boat but damn it did come in handy here the still morning air. Once we were out a bit we caught a slight breeze and began to explore. The day was already hot, surely in the nineties and the forecast for Vegas was for 110 degrees but here just inches above the water everything was fine. Since the wind was light we couldn?t really do any seriously fun sailing so we set off for the two ?Boulder Islands? that we within a mile of the marina. In actuality these were just two tips of the local mountains that were high enough to sit above the water line once the Hoover Damn was built and Lake Mead filled in around them. We beached the boat on one of them and began to explore, climbing and skirting around the small tip the peak. It turned out to be a lucky thing we did because standing at the top of one of the islands we noticed a secluded cove facing away from the marina and also realized that with the way it was cut into the side of the hill it would be shaded by the mountain tip in the late afternoon. It took seconds for us to decide to make our camp here.

We sailed back to the launch ramp, ran to the car and piled our camping stuff onto the trampoline of the Hobie and sailed them to the cove. Being just two guys out for five days we didn?t have much to cart out. Just a couple coolers, a two man tent, a couple of sleeping bags and miscellaneous groceries. We decided to leave our changes of clothes in the car so when we decided to head to Vegas we could shower at the marina?s camp site and change there for the short trip.

Well we dumped off our stuff and spent the day sailing up and down as much of the lake as we could cover and around 4 PM we decided to head back to the island to get something to eat and relax. Rounding the first island we were greeted with an incredible sight, right on the edge of the water sat a beached speed boat it?s bow clinging to a small shore and naked as jay birds stood a guy with his dick standing straight up, his gal was just in the process of wrapping her hand around his shaft and pulling it towards her lips. We fell totally silent feeling as if we were intruders on their interlude. The sail boat continued onward quiet by it nature our eyes feasting themselves on this steamy theatre. We were only in our swim trunks and I know my trucks were beginning to tent as I felt myself harden. I ran my eyes over the gal?s body thinking how I?d love to fuck her while she was giving her guy a bj but then found I was equally aroused by the sight of the guy full in his lust. There was something not only erotic but also enticing in seeing another man?s organ rigid, curved and completely upright. Glancing over I also saw Lee reacting to the scene and noticed his trunks tented with his erection. I tried not to stare but I was transfixed and shocked as I found myself wondering if seeing Lee?s hardened cock would be as much of a vicarious thrill and seeing this stranger?s rigid tool. Shaking the thought away I fought down the instant of arousal having to remind myself that Lee and I were not gay and hoped that he had not noticed my glance nor the further hardening of my dick while watching his reaction. What an amazing start to our holiday time and I often wondered if we hadn?t stumbled across this steamy scene would the trip have worked out the way it did? Like I said young guys are always randy and this scene kept the sexual tension high, very high.

Lee must have felt something along the same lines because as soon as we rounded the edge of the island we let out a nervous laugh, adjusted ourselves within our shorts and rolled our eyes breaking the tension. The nervous giggles continued as Lee said, ?Did you ever think we?d stumble on something like that??

?Never?, I answered.

Still surprised by my reaction to seeing the guy?s dick along with the gal I wondered if it was a normal to be intrigued by a guys dick but instantly felt better because Lee added,

?Could you believe his cock, damn was he ready!?

Lee seemed completely comfortable commenting on the guy?s erection so I stopped second guessing my reaction and we bantered about the gal, the guy and the blow job as we sailed to the second island and our camp site. The constant conversation did have one side effect, our cocks never got a chance to deflate. As we beached the boat and then jumped off it to pull it higher onto our little beach our trunks danced with the motions of our hard cocks poking and bouncing to our movement. Something we both noticed but tried to ignore. Lee had a line in his hand heading up the beach to tie the bow to a rock and with each step his trunks slipped lower and lower pushed away from his body by his hard rod. I think I mentioned that Lee was a blond and along with his blond head hair his body had a light, fine, tan down on his upper chest ending just below his nipple line leaving a smooth expanse of flesh on his upper stomach. Following that line down I saw that his shorts drifted low enough to display the small patch of pubic hair he had above his cock. Somehow that intensified my reaction and I wondered what Lee would look like standing there naked and sporting a raging hard on. With the boat securely tied off by its bow, and its the stern floating on the lake I glanced at Lee as I tried to hid my interest and erection, unsuccessfully.

Lee and I had been together long enough to that we had cleaned up in front of each other many times showering, shaving and dressing in the same way all guys do. We had seen each other nude many times but now I found myself drawn to Lee in a curiously sexual kind of way. I kept trying to maintain my control by telling myself that I wasn?t gay, that we weren?t gay, but still I was conflicted by the depth of my response to the scene on the beach and Lee?s obvious tumescence. Images of seeing and touching Lee intimately had my thoughts in turmoil and in that instant I also realized that with as horny as I was right then that if the opportunity offered itself I was going to experiment with my sexuality. Getting a hold of myself I forced my gaze away and pushed those thoughts out of my head?. What was I doing, where were these feelings coming from? My erection began to subside and while I still wondered what was going on I did feel like I had just avoided a bullet. What would have happened if Lee saw me looking at him? That just might have ended our friendship not to mention what he might have told to our mutual friends! Damn, somebody needed to slap me!

Confused, hardly describes my emotional state. I kept telling and questioning myself??Mike you?re not gay, you?ve never fantasized about a guy before let alone reacted to one so what is happening now?? Well that was true except for? shaking that memory from my head to clear it I used the setting up of the camp to keep me distracted. We cleared a spot for the tent on the only near level space we could find, threw in our sleeping bags, set up the camp stove and uncorked a bottle of wine. Neither Lee nor I were beer drinkers but we loved red wine and opened a bottle as we relaxed.

The day had become as hot as promised and even now in the late afternoon and at the water?s edge we still sweltered finally deciding just to sit chest deep in the cool lake water talking and drinking our wine. The drive, the sailing, hell the whole day had us so drained that we decided to just say here tonight and head into Vegas tomorrow. The sun finally slipped behind the peak of the island we were on and we welcomed the shade. With the tip of the peak shielding us from the sun we abandoned the comfortable waters of the lake, started a portable charcoal grill, seasoned a couple steaks and drank some more. The smell of searing steaks on an outdoor grill swirled around us and we added a couple ears of corn to the grill letting them roast.

Nothing tastes better than a meal in the open and we ate with pleasure, talking and drinking some more. We passed the hours affably and in a moments silence we watched the sun lower itself below the horizon relishing the quiet understated beauty of a desert sunset. The silence of dusk enveloped us like a familiar old blanket and in unspoken agreement we didn?t disrupt it with idle talk. The only sounds came from the cleaning up of our camp. If we had followed our plan we would now be surrounded by other campers listening to all their talking, arguing and play. This was a thousands time better but still the privacy gave rise to a few surprising day dreams. I had thought I had compartmentalized my concerns about my sexuality but here alone with Lee they somehow magnified! Feeling sticky I decided to wash up so I grabbed my soap, shampoo and towel and walked chest deep into the lake. Standing beside the stern of the boat I dr*ped the towel over its backside pulled my swim trunks off and began to wash. I rinsed, shampooed and rinsed my hair again looking up into the sky and seeing a gibbous moon beginning to rise. Out here away from city lights I was amazed to see so many stars and realized that with a near full moon the night was unusually bright. Hell it was bright enough to read the print on my shampoo bottle. I put the shampoo bottle down and picked up the soap beginning to wash my body, under my arms, my face, my torso and over my balls, sliding my cock through a soapy fist. Partially hidden by the boat and the night I let my mind wander down a forbidden lane. Alone with my own thoughts I didn?t question the right or wrong of what I was visualizing and instead let the warm lust of the afternoon and evening take my day dreams wherever they wanted to go. It was then that I realized that I did have an attraction to the male form and in that same instant also realized that I was ok with my reactions. I didn?t know how or when but I was going to find out what sex with another boy was all about.

I stroked my shaft slowly and smoothly as I let my thoughts drift in the wine haze and absently I registered a splash. Turning I felt my prick jump seeing Lee entering the lake with his shampoo and soap but more that that he was already naked. I found myself transfixed and my eyes followed his motion. The moonlight threw every dip and bend of his body into interesting deep bas-relief shadows. With each step his muscles rippled and his fleshy shaft swayed until it reached the water. I was glad that he wasn?t looking directly at me because it would have been not only embarrassing but impossible to hide my new found curiosity. As his crotch entered the water my eyes dilated when the water first caressed his balls then supported his rod as his flaccid dick floated on the surface for the briefest instant. I twitched involuntarily. Almost in slow motion I glazed over as the parts of his body that defined his maleness slowly disappeared, the water caressing and encircling him. Damn I was rock hard and torn secretly hoping he could sense my state of arousal and at the same time hoping that he would be ok with it. I was slipping into a hyper sexual state and I couldn?t help but visualize Lee doing the nasty things that popped into my mind. I tried to calm myself before I became a fool and falteringly came to my senses breaking my open gawk. As I shook the mist from my head I wondered if it had been my imagination but I could have sworn that in that brief walk I could see his shaft lengthening and thickening? it had to be a hallucination.

Slightly bewildered I looked back over at Lee trying to start a conversation and notice a half hidden smile on his face. Had he caught me staring and was he laughing at me? Damn, I hoped not. In the entire time of our friendship I had never felt this awkward. I couldn?t even leave the lake, because of my tattle tale erection. How would I ever explain such obvious arousal? The evening air and the seductively comfortable lake water didn?t help to relieve my desire. I tried to think of other things and just when I felt my hard on start to subside Lee began to wash. Lee had managed to leave himself in a most provocative position. The water covered his male parts but just barely and under the pretext of a conversation I began to steal furtive glances at him whenever he turned away. His hands filled themselves with shampoo and he raised them to his hair closing his eyes while he lathered the shampoo over his head and I thickened seeing that the raising of his hands brought his penis partially out of the water.

What an interesting contrast. Lee?s body was deeply tanned in that golden brown color that blonds get but the tan stopped at his waist and resumed about two or so inches below where his balls hung down. The untanned part of his body stood out in the moonlight. It was incredible, the tan ended and pale pink skin began every so many shades lighter than the rest of him, his small tuft of hair above his cock slightly darker than the sun lightened bits on his head with the shaft of his cock a rosy beige just the same color as the skin around it. Not only was the image in front of me exciting but it was also beautiful? beautiful in a master?s piece of art way.

He kept his eyes closed as he rinsed his hair and then took a bar of soap and began to work it into a lather over and under his arms, his chest and his legs which he lifted out of the water one at a time. Finally he began to wash his genitals soapy hands closed around his shaft, lifted his balls and then he turned from me and his hands then slid over the white cheeks of his ass. As he stood there with his back to me it took all my will power not to reach between his legs and touch his backside or heft his hanging balls in my hand. This was the most erotic bath I?d ever witnessed made ever so more sensual by the clandestine nature of my new found desires. Little did Lee know he was now part of my sexual fantasies! I know time must have slowed because Lee?s bath and my arousal seemed luxuriously long and when he turned around I thrilled to see his cock was standing up. What a great image. I looked at it and then startled knowing I had been caught and glancing up Lee just smiled turned, grabbed his towel and headed towards the beach.

Was I dreaming? Did this really happen or were my desires just driving me crazy?! Stupidly I grabbed my stuff and followed Lee?s naked behind to the shore where I began to dry off. I had a terrible time keeping my eyes off him when I heard him say

?Sorry, Mike I guess I flashed back to the guy getting a blow job that gave me that hard on but then you know already know that don?t you.? Of course I knew that as my eyes were glued to his sex and when I heard him ask, ?So did ya like what you see??

Oh hell yes I had liked the look of his hard manhood but wasn?t ready to admit it so I answered with a jibe, ?Oh it was ok but I wonder what it would be like to find one you didn?t have to squint at to see.? The two of us laughed together and for the next minutes playfully sparred as we talked. Finally ending when Lee poured some more wine and raised his glass in a light hearted toast? ?To all the stiff dicks and those that inspire them.?

I drank my toast conflicted. On one hand I was happy this incident was handled so light heartedly but the more we teased the more I became curious about Lee. He was a bit more than comfortable with the whole naked washing thing and when I caught him with a smirk I thought, ?two can play this game.?

The evening was still overly warm but a mild breeze made it bearable and some how interestingly sultry. All the wine I?d consumed had left me buzzed and getting up I reached into the tent pulling my sleeping bag from it and announcing ?I?m gonna sleep on the trampoline tonight cause it?s just to hot to climb into that tent.?

Lucky for me the Hobie Cat being a catamaran was designed with a heavy vinyl trampoline as its deck. The tramp was tied to the aluminum frame of the boat and was split down the middle held being held together by a cord lacing them together. The gap it created was a meager four our five inches. With the trampoline supported this way it was a perfect hammock like spot for my sleeping bag. I knew it was too warm to fold that sleeping bag over myself so instead that bag became an inviting soft down filled mattress. My plan was to sleep naked and exposed to the night and then as I had hoped Lee pulled his sleeping bag from the tent and threw it onto the tramp next to my as he said ?You?re so right that tent is like an oven.?

Oh silly me for a brief instant I had thought I was in control but as soon as Lee finished spreading his bag out he hopped onto the tramp and slithered out of his trunks as he suggest to me, ?You?d better get rid of those damp trunks cause you?ll ruin your sleeping bag.? This despite the fact our clothes had dried hours ago in the desert air. Everything was happening so rapidly and becoming scarily easy so in a moment of mischievousness I blatantly raised my hips pulling my trunks off. My cock flopped against my stomach and I saw Lee?s eyes follow its motion. His eye contact ignited my arousal and pumped flame into my penis? trying to hide what was happening I rolled onto my stomach to cover my fast growing erection. Lee dropped down beside me lying on his side. He too was becoming erect but he didn?t try to hide it. Instead it stood tall, proud and on display.

I gasped as he was now totally erect and he teasingly mocked my earlier words by saying ?so do you have to squint to see it now?? For the second time today I realized that I loved, with a capital L, Loved, seeing a stiff cock. Evilly I slowly rolled onto my side staring at his face as I waited to see his reaction when he saw that I too was rock hard.

His reaction was more than I?d expected. He went from a teasing mock to surprise, to an intense stare at my arousal and then we locked eyes as a hopeful smile crossed his face. I too smiled but inwardly decided I wanted to play this out and prolong the seduction as long as I could. Lee was staring unashamedly at my groin and under that intense inspection I felt my cock twitch. His eyes widened when he saw it move untouched and damn that made me hotter.

If I were to bet I would guess that it was here that Lee figured out the game because he reached his hand to his member and as I lay exposed he deliberately gave me a long once over. He continued to dance his hands over his rod as he asked if I had ever done something like this before.

I answered no and before I could say anything else he added. ?Not even as a kid back in your old neighborhood. I mean you never played a I?ll show you mine if you show me yours kind of game.?

A memory came to mind of something I?d never mentioned to anyone and in that instant I decided to share this part of my past, a part that I barely admitted to myself. Taking a breath and with my eyes looking down I began the story. ?Well, yeah there was this time once way back when, a time when I was somewhere around fourteen and a kid who lived down the street had come over. His name was Ron. He wasn?t one of my regular play mates just someone in the same grade and I had invited him over to study for a test. When he showed up I introduced him to my mom and we headed up to my room.

My room was what you?d expect a pair of twin beds, a desk, an end table between the beds with a lamp on it. Funny but it was that lamp that started it all. The lamp was built out of the top of an old cast iron toy safe with a door and combination lock that really worked. As you can guess that was where my few treasures were stashed. One of these treasures was an old silver Kennedy half dollar. Ron looked around and asked about the safe and I told him I?d show it to him later.

We spread our stuff over my desk and begin to go over the school work. We?d been at it for an hour when my mom time came up stairs with some milk and a couple slices of cake saying that she was heading off to do the shopping and asked if I wanted to go. I told her no that we still had more studying to do and she nodded her head and told us to play nice while she was gone.?

I looked up and noticed that Lee was listening to my story and had stopped playing with himself which was ok with me because now that I started the story I wanted to finish it and finally tell someone what happened so long ago. It was something I?d relived a thousand times in the dark but had never shared it with anyone. Now rock hard at what was coming I continued.

?I waved as she left and then Ron and I took a break to enjoy our snack. We downed it in no time and after taking a sip of the milk Ron eyed the safe and asked if it worked. Nodding my head I dialed the combination and opened the door to show him. Ron looked in saw the half dollar and pulled it out. Laughing I told him to be careful cause I had my eye on him and he wasn?t going to leave town with my fortune in his pocket. With an ?oh yeah well then come and get it? we began to tussle and as kids do we wrestled over that half dollar, back and forth over one bed, then the other and onto the floor. I grabbed at his hands trying to pry the coin from his grasp, unsuccessfully, and then Ron broke away and shoved my fifty cent piece into his pants with a look of triumph on his face. I didn?t know what to do. Even back then the guy code said you don?t go fishing inside your friend?s underwear or around his privates but nothing I could do or say would convince him to give up that half dollar. So, as a last resort I told him if he didn?t give it back by the count of ten I was gonna go in there and get it myself.

Ron just kept giggling as I counted to ten. When I hit ten I asked him again for the half dollar and he just shook his head so I jumped him. We started wrestling but something was different. He twisted and wiggled but wasn?t really fighting too hard so with only moderate difficulty I got to his pants and unbuckled his belt. He rolled over trying half heartedly to get away but I pulled him back and with each attempt at escape I?d get closer to getting my half dollar back. I pulled his belt through the loops of his jeans and folded it in half spanking him on the back side with it. I think maybe a little to hard. I didn?t want to hurt him but since his belt was in my hands it seemed like the thing to do. Ron jumped and squirmed clinching the cheeks of his ass together causing him to grind his crotch into the carpet. I remember that the grinding motion was overt but at this point I was still clueless. With another swing of the belt he let out a muted moan and thinking I may have hurt him I tossed the belt aside and instead grabbed his tee shirt which was tucked into his jeans a pulled it over his head tossing it next to the belt. Then I rolled him over and sat on his chest with my butt towards his face and my knees pinning his arms. He was trapped and I began to work the buttons of his 501 jeans. One after the other the buttons opened and once they were undone I fought to pull his jeans off along with his shoes and socks. Still he struggled, it was so weird cause he I was chasing my lost half-dollar fully dressed while this guy was down to his shorts. Again I demanded my coin and again he refused to give it up so I told him I wasn?t afraid to go in there and get it pointing to his crotch and again he just giggled. I grabbed him and we wrestled yet again but I found he was easy to control and as I reached for the hem of his shorts he stopped fighting. Screaming my success I pulled his underwear towards his knees and instantly knew why his struggle was only half heartedly. There right in front of my eyes was his cock and he had a hard on. His cock was pale white with a ruby head, and fully erect was about half the size of mine when I was hard. We were both still adolescents but I had matured early and I had almost reached my full size so in comparison I felt huge.

I remember thinking how weird it was that our play had given him a hard on but without a second thought I reached in took hold of his cock with one hand while I pulled his shorts completely off with the other. Still my money wasn?t visible so I reached in yet again and lifted his balls moving them out of the way and found him holding it there nestled under his sack and between his legs. He had his ankles crossed and locked so most of the coin was surrounded by flesh. I pulled his cock gently, move his balls aside as I tried to free the coin from his clutches. Ron just squirmed and let out breathy ?ohs? as I tried to free it. I wasn?t having much success so while still holding his balls in my palm it began to tickle him with my other hand. Strange wonderful warmth surged through my body as I saw him struggle under me. His sex in my hand and his naked body wiggling as I tickled him made me hot as eventually his writhing and struggling broke the strangle hold he had on my half-dollar.

Holding my hard fought for half-dollar I looked down at Ron and realized how surreal the scene was. There was Ron bare flesh from head to toe his arms pinned under my legs, his prick hard and erect with the first look of sexual lust I had ever seen. I guess we guys are hard wired for sex because even though I?d never seen that look before instinctively I knew it. In that brief pause I felt myself heat up and then felt my dick thicken.

This was my first sexual encounter. I didn?t know what had happened, I didn?t know what to do but I did recognize that his hard cock meant he was excited and setting my coin aside I reached up and took hold of his cock again and began to play with it. I was a fast learner. Ron closed his eyes, moaned and lifted his hips propelling his cock deeper into my grasp. That really turned me on!?

I stopped telling the story and took a few seconds to compose myself. At the start of the story I sat down, crossed my legs letting my erection deflate but now that I had reached this part of the story I was again sporting a full solid hard on. My cock sat there pointing to the sky and I looked over at Lee.

Lee was stretched out on his side supporting his head with one hand and fondling his balls with his other hand, his hard dick incredibly hard and rigid pointing towards his head. As the silence continued he turned towards me noticing that I was watching him touch himself and he asked.

?What happen then??

Almost in a daze I thrilled as his hand moved from his sac to the shaft and as I continued my story I watched him begin to slide in through his fist.

?Well he was totally naked and I was completely dressed and something about that really turned me on so like I said I had reached out and took his dick in my hands and began to stroke it kind of like this.?

As I spoke the words I reached out and took hold of Lee?s cock. For the second time in my life I had a cock in my hand that wasn?t my own. I knew if Lee had any objections to what would happen tonight that they would be voiced now. He didn?t say anything. Instead he just moaned at my touch and rolled his hips moving his prick in my hand. He pumped his shaft in my grasp just like Ron did in my story and I tried to concentrate and focus as I began again.

?I played with Ron?s rod with one hand, fondled his balls with the other and he just wiggled with his eyes closed as I touched him. I couldn?t believe how nasty doing this made me feel and my cock strained to be free of my jeans images raced though my head and for the first time in my life I wanted to know what another persons body felt like against mine in a sexual way. So I released my grip and made Ron stand up. Once he was up I pushed him onto the bed with his back on the bed and his legs dangling over the side and begged him to take my clothes off.

Ron looked at me with more lust than I?d ever seen and he reached down and helped me pull my shoes and socks off, tossing them aside. His eyes went to my tee and it joined my socks and shoes. His eyes popped at my semi nude state and reached to my jeans unhooking my belt. His hands wandered my stomach and chest touching my nipples and slowly returning to my jeans where he worked the button and zipper. I don?t think he blinked not wanting to miss the instant when my cock would make an appearance and with as much excitement as I he loosened my jeans. My jeans were now spread open wide and then the craziest feeling of my life happened when his hand slipped into my shorts grabbing my cock. His hand felt like fire on it as I looked down to see the tip of my dick an inch or two above the elastic of white shorts. I watched Ron?s face just so I could drink in him looking down at my dick. I don?t know how it was possible but his reaction made my dick harder and he then began pulling my pants down and off. I stood there shaking in my tidy whities desperate to be naked and Ron actually leaned forward and kiss my tummy as he pull my underwear down. My hard cock popped free and was thrust forward. For the first time I wickedly displayed it to another. My being was rocked by the experience and I shook as Ron eyes looked over my penis?. I loved it. He was transfixed. His eyes shifted to mine and then back to my shaft and with a tentative movement he reached out his hand, stopping for just a second? almost like he couldn?t believe he had permission to touch it. There was nothing more I wanted than for him to touch me. I was on fire and when his hand closed around my dong my knees buckled. This was beyond anything I?d ever felt and in an instant of recovery my stance firmed, I drove my cock through his fingers and then covered his hand with mine. Together we slid our meshed hands over my shaft. It was fucking insane! ?

As I was telling the story I had moved my hand down to Lee?s balls and gently teased the underside of his sack. Lifting them and relishing in their heft. I watched as he began to show the first few drops of arousal at the small cleft on the crown of his cock. I knew where my story was going and was nuts will lust. That thought had my dong as hard as I?ve ever remembered, so taut that it stood parallel to my body, the sack around my balls pulled tight. My cock could grow no further. Almost dizzy from my level of arousal I returned to the story planning to act out the narrative very soon with Lee.

?I watched our hands on my cock and looked his body over while we pumped and I had to know what it was like to lean into another person?s body. I released my grip on Ron?s hand and placed both my hands on his shoulders and pushed them back till he was lying on the bed. I was between his spread dangling legs and as he laid back his dick stood up inches from mine. I wanted to feel his dick against mine. I wanted to run my hands along his body and explore the sensual pleasures of touching naked flesh. I wanted to feel his hands on me, on my sides, on my back pulling me down on top of him. I wanted to feel his chest against mine, to feel his cheek brush the sensitive spots along the sides of my ear. I wanted to feel him grind his cock against mine in desire and believe it or not I wanted to feel his lips kiss mine.?

I stopped talking, gave Lee?s manhood a caress as I reached for and took a drink of water from the bottle resting near my sleeping bag. I needed a quick break if only to keep from exploding. Even in the moonlight I could see the flush on Lee?s face and setting the bottle down I moved to his side of the tramp and positioned myself beside him. We were on our sides, face to face with our stiff cocks inches apart as in the story, with purpose and lust I slid my hips closer and Lee opened his legs and we intertwined them bringing our cocks into contact. It was as consuming as it had been so many years ago, erotic and rapacious my whole body seen concentrated into the few square centimeters of our contact and then gasped when he reached between us and took my tool into his hands. Wonderful electric shocks of sexual delight flooded over me. I reached behind Lee and pushed him against me tighter and closer while looking him in the face. With body pressure I rolled him back as I pressed myself on top of him chest to chest, cock against cock as he withdrew his hand from my organ I thrilled as he folded his arms folded around me. Together with an innate naturalness we moved against one another swirling our bodies letting the tips of our dicks brush their sensitive tips against the others smooth stomachs. It?s difficult to describe the intense level of arousal created by feeling another man?s cock pressing into you. Knowing that the stiff prick touching yours is every bit as aroused as you are. Knowing his lust for you is shouted, screamed by the warm smooth texture of his hard flesh pressing into you. In that perfect moment I looked into Lee?s eyes seeing his desire reflecting mine like a charcoal?s cherry ember and kissed him. So far this was the scariest part of our encounter. Kisses are undeniably intimate and I let go of my fears finding Lee?s lips to be full and firm and willing. The feeling was wonderful! Our tongues probed each others mouths, our arms embraced, hands explored and we nestled our cocks gently against each other in a slow, unhurried grind.

With a warm tender kiss I pulled back and knew that this was indeed a ?perfect moment?! The stars above us, no walls around us, a cool seductive breeze washing over our bodies and the two of us close friends? close naked friends exploring a new sexuality in my wildest dream I never envisioned so many events conspiring to make this adventure so wonderfully full. I kissed him again feeling him worming his hand between us and then enveloping both or our shafts in one grip. Cock to cock he held us trapped together and as he stroked he whispered.

?I want to hear more of your story.?

Our bodies rested against each other. Pleasure coursed through my body with each movement of Lee?s hand and I closed my eyes letting Lee?s grip synch our passion with the story.

?Well, Ron and I learned about a guy?s body that afternoon. We looked down as our torsos came together watching our dicks meet. Ron had the sparsest patch of hair above his tool while I had just a bit more and the sensation as our rods and balls met was magic. Together we worked our hips keeping the tips of our dicks touching and Ron began to push his way into a standing position. He stood maybe two inches shorter than I and I remember looking at him as he stood we re-embraced arms around one another. Our cocks mashed between our bodies falling off to the sides and I let my hands wander over the cheeks of his ass caressing and then enveloping them using them for leverage to pull him closer and slightly upwards. He was now on his tip toes and I became aware of his smooth, hairless balls swinging into mine. I was getting ready to come and found myself torn by two opposing thoughts. The first was how messy that would be and what Ron would do if all that stuff hit him and the second was me cuming all over him in the dirtiest way possible. Then it happened Ron started spasming and he splashed himself all over our stomachs. I stopped moving and pulled back to watch him cum. Dang it was hot and with his dick still hard I reached down and took his cum covered rod in my hands and milked every last drop out of him.

I hadn?t orgasmed and desperately needed to get off. Ron must have known what I wanted because he pushed me back onto the other bed his cum sliding down our bodies. He looked over mess and ran a hand into it smearing it up and over his right nipple and then took my cock in his cum covered hand and began to jack me off. There was something monstrously obscene about that and within seconds I was shooting jets of my own white goo all his hand and over myself. The two of us were a fricken mess but damn it was unbelievable. Wondering how much time we had left until my mom came back the two of us walked naked to the bath room and took turns cleaned each other up. Hell, seeing Ron get hard again while I ran a warm wash cloth over his body renewed my own erection and there we stood two naked boys, with stiff dicks and taking turns running a warm, wet cloth over the other. I turned him so he faced the mirror coming up behind him and pressing my upright cock into the crack of his ass as I reached around him and took hold of his tool wrapping the warm towel around it and as I ground myself in the crack of his ass I jacked him off again catching his load in the wash cloth. He turned around wrapped his arms around my head and leaned in giving me a kiss. I loved it.?

It was great and right about then we heard the garage door open. We jumped a mile ran back to my room and dressed as quickly as we could. The thought of being caught scared the wits out of us so we threw a couple books on the floor and lying side by side on our stomachs is how my mom found us when she opened the door to my room to check up on us.

As mom left she closed the door for us and Ron turned to me with the biggest grin his face would allow, wrapped one arm over my shoulder, leaned in tonguing my ear and whispering, ?that was fucking awesome.? Something to which I nodded my head to enthusiastically. Then I heard him whisper in my ear. ?Why don?t we take turns going to the bath room to take our underpants off, then we can lay here and touch one another it will be fun.?

I thicken at the thought and bobbed my head in agreement. Ron jumped up, opened the door and disappeared down the hall only to return in seconds. As he re-entered the room I noticed all the buttons of his jeans were undone and his upright cock was clearly visible and I sizzled trapped between lust and fear that he could be caught. As I watched he wiggled his jeans under his balls bringing both his shaft and balls into plain sight. He began to sway and roll to some unheard rhythm thrusting his hips to make Jake and the twins bounce and dance. I reached up and ran my fingers down his balls.

Now it was my turn. I strained to hear if mom was coming, gave Ron?s prick a passing caress and started to head to the bath room. I was in the hallway just a step or two beyond the door to my room. Ron was in the process of pushing it closed when I pushed it back open all the way and I decided to up the ante of our little game. I called down to mom shouting? ?Hey mom what?s for dinner?? And, as I hoped she answered form the kitchen so standing right there in the hall I stripped off my jeans removed my underwear, I stood naked from the waist down and began to stroke my hard rod. Ron stood transfixed by the wicked theater and glancing towards the stair way he came into the hall with his erection still on display and shocked the shit out of me as he bent over and planted a kiss on the tip of my dick. My cock twitched and wobbled of its own accord. So far all the afternoons play had been astounding but somewhere between feeling his kiss on the crown of my penis and seeing him do it rocketed me into the stratosphere! Then with a wicked leer Ron turned, reached back took hold of my dong and like leading a dog on a leash pulled me back into my room by my stiff prick. I followed lost is arousal, pants and shorts in hand. As we passed the threshold of my room Ron pushed the door closed and dropped to his knees in front of me. He knelt there kissing me all around. He lifted my shirt, kissed my stomach, pelvis and gloriously he kissed my dick and balls it was amazing. He planted kiss after kiss all around my groin and I loved every second of it but I wanted something more but just didn?t know what it was. I reached down and pulled him up so our cocks would once more meet and I kissed his lips as we pushed our cocks into each other. Pulling away slowly I threw my shorts into my closet and stepped into my jeans. The rest of the time we spent together consisted of attempting to study while we tried to slip our hands inside of the other jeans, caressing butts, trying to find cocks and sliding exploring fingers into the cracks of each others ass. We stayed hard forever.?

Coming back from the narrative I looked at Lee and found him lost to the listening. After a few seconds he realized I had stopped and spinning towards me kneeling asked, ?What else happened? I mean did he ever suck your cock? Did you kiss or suck his? And with obvious interest he asked did you guys do anything else? You did play some more didn?t you?? He added hopefully

His voice kept reach higher and higher notes as the questions flowed and I smiled. Looking directly at him naked with a raging hard on I answered, ?We might have done something else and we did get together a few more times but I think I?ll save that for another time?

Open mouth curiosity showed on Lee?s face laced along with a tinge of disappointment that was until I reached out palm up caressed his balls and then took hold of his shaft pulling him to me. We shifted position winding up kneeling together where pressed our bodies into one another wrapping arms around each other sandwiching our cocks between us upright and ready.

Lee leaned his weight into me pushing me backwards onto my sleeping bag with him coming to rest on top of me. The weight of his strong tanned body pressing against mine, his strong hands caressing my side, my neck, running through my hair and with him on top of me I relished the thickness of his cock above me. I closed my eyes and felt his hot breath on my eyes, my ears and cheek moaning as I felt him traced the lines of my neck and across my collar bone. My breathing deep and rapid I enjoyed every tingle as I concentrated oh trail of his touch? between my breasts and down to my belly button. It was all I could do to keep from putting my hands on his head and forcing him down to my crotch. I desperately wanted to feel the warmth of his mouth surround my dick?s crown but I wanted to wait for him to do it. With each of his movements my hips tried to squirm upwards and I hoped he didn?t stop his downward travel. My cock strained against his body as he slid himself lower overwhelming me each time his movement left my shaft without physical contact. I existed somewhere between insane lust and sensory deprivation? it was maddeningly, erotically lascivious.

And, then it happened! My eyes opened wide as he took hold of my cock, raised it up and slid it into his mouth. A deep, deep groan rumbled from me as he swallowed more and more of it and then retreated back up the shaft slurping and sucking. My senses peaked and I tuned into his every touch. One of his hands had firm wonderful control of my shaft while the other one gently caressed my nuts. My face twisted into a raunchy passionate grimace and with Lee between my legs I spread them as wide as I could. I don?t know why but that roguish whim to open my legs as wide as I could shot sparks through my body making me feel luxuriously dirty and acutely sexual. They say your mind is the most formidable part of a sexual libido and I?m here to tell you that it is true. The thought of our encounter so incomprehensibly taboo coupled to the fact that this was a first for me at least a first in my adult life made it wantonly sharp, rich and viscously sinful. I boiled in an exquisite ithyphallic stew as Lee caressed and sucked me forever. It was without doubt the most intense liaison of my life and there was still so much more to explore.

Lee?s attention had me near my peak and I reached down and took hold of his face and said. ?You need to stop! I want to make this last as long as possible and I don?t want to cum yet.? And, I pulled him up and kissed him trying to taste my cock on his lips.

He was back on top of me and as he lifted his body up I took a single finger and pushed him backwards with an insistent touch. Together we rolled and we both knew what was about to happen. We scooted and maneuvered so Lee was now on his side of the Hobie resting nestled atop the folds of his sleeping bag and I looked down to see his spectacular rigid dick. It was beautiful, as pale as the rest of his untanned body, curved upward in a gentle arc, nearly as thick at the base as it was at the head and majestically formidable. I found myself marveling at the beauty of his erect penis something I?d done more than once today. Kneeling over him I skipped all the preambles and took hold of that special organ reached out and flicked my tongue across the sensitive underside of its tip and then tilted it into my mouth. I had done this with Ron in one of our get togethers but this the first time I really knew what it was all about.

Lee?s cock gave off a subtle scrubbed scent from the soap he had washed with earlier and I rubbed his maleness over my face marveling how soft it felt on my cheek yet so wickedly rigid in my fist. I worked it closer to my lips and then centered it between them and let it penetrate my mouth. My tongue darting to it?s crown as my lips locked under the mushroom crown. I loved the unique taste of it and as I thought about what I was doing I felt my cock bouncing as the muscles in my stomach contracted again and again. I was still near cumming and wondered if it was possible to orgasm without something touching me. I was so turned on with the feel of Lee?s cock and the sensation of it in my mouth that I would not have surprised if I had sprayed myself all over the place. I teased the crown with my tongue, licking under it and swinging my tongue back and forth over that volcanically sensitive spot near its tip. My level of lust multiplied a hundred fold as Lee let out a deep bass moan as his dick simultaneously twitched and jumped in my mouth. I loved feeling him wiggle and moan, love the feeling of control I had over his pleasure and was blown away as he started thrusting himself in and out of my mouth. His hands slipped into my hair taking hold of my head and holding it stationary as he vigorously pumped his erection through my moist mouth. Fuck it felt spectacular, I had become his sex object and I felt like his only care was to use me, use my mouth to reach his moment of ejaculation. I love it and tried to provide his penis all the friction and suction I could. I was so turned on by this I had closed my fist around my own rod and was stroking myself in unison with the thrust of Lee?s pelvis. More than once he drove himself deep into my throat causing me to gag and tear but rather than causing my lust to abate it amplified my very core. I took his shaft into my hand and pumped his tool, teased his balls and I knew he would soon explode and in my desire to know everything about sex with a man I decided that I would swallow every drop of his release.

Lee writhed under me and I let his intense reaction to my oral torture burn within me as I took my took back into my hand. Then with a huge moan his body tensed and arched. I felt his cock begin to spasm and he flooded my mouth with his cum. I found it slightly salty but not unpleasant and I finished off all most all of it with the excess oozing over my lips. Completely lost to the moment I knelt up with my fist wrapped around my dick and scooted forward till my balls came into contact with Lee?s. The soft connection was all it took and the sweet release happened in that instant. With a lurid fascination I watched the cum shoot out of my cock. I came as hard as I ever had and relished in the sight of watching it land in thick white drops all over Lee?s body. It was fantastic the shear abandon I felt was beyond description.

There we were Lee a sticky mess, me with a dribble of cum on my chin and I was happy and carnally satiated. I knew that my sex life had changed forever. Sex with a guy had some unbelievable thrills attached to it but the thought of a fucking a gal still piqued my interest too. Perhaps the second biggest change to my sex life was that with either a guy or gal I could never go back to the tame way I had previously had sex, from now on I?d play the glorious game with a wanton abandon.

Looking down at Lee I warmed seeing his closed eyed wan smile and knew we drifted in the same sensual warm afterglow. His tanned chest rising and falling with his comfortable deep breathing, one of his hands laying on his chest with an outstretched finger idly running through a puddle of my cum, his cock still thick and not yet fully flaccid,. His eyes opened making contact with mine and he smiled. I?ll knew the last few seconds would live in my memory forever with the image of his finger swirling my cum around his chest the catalyst for future solo releases.

I returned his full grin with one of my own and almost in unison we noisily tumbled over the side of the boat into Lake Mead winding up in each others arms as we surfaced.

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