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Our Road Trip Saga Chp 9 Helping a Couple Have New Experiences

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The next week or so we spent some time seeing parts of Utah. We stayed a few nights in Moab and explored Arches.

On one of the hikes we met a very nice couple named Martin and Jenny. They were also navigating the slot canyons and we walked for a while, then ate lunch together. Martin was a tall black man that was a former volleyball player and his wife, Jenny was a petite gymnast. They met in college where they both competed and have been married for about 5 years.

We struck up a conversation over lunch and discovered we were staying at the same hotel. As we finished the days activity, we made plans to meet for dinner.

Over dinner we talked about each of our trips and what we did for a living. Martin and Jenny talked about being athletes in college sports. They also talked about their size difference and how people stared at them.

We laughed a bit then Jan remarked that she wondered how they had sex. They laughed at that and explained that it took “some getting used to.”

Martin remarked that Jenny was very flexible and that it came in handy. Jenny blushed a bit and averted her eyes. She talked about the fact that she was a small white woman married to a tall black man, and some people looked down on them.

“Yeah, some people are just stupid.”

Jan agreed with me and we changed the subject.

After dinner our discussion again turned back to sex when Jan asked, ”How does it work out for you two in the bedroom?”

Jenny spoke first, ”We met in college and really didn’t plan anything. We just did as much as we could as often as we could.”

“I had to be careful of hurting Jenny when we first met. I was way bigger and had to learn ways of pleasing her without hurting her.”

Jan paused for a second, “Way bigger huh.”

Martin looked embarrassed and Jenny confused. When she realized Jan’s meaning, she smiled.

“Well, yeah. He’s pretty big there too.”

We all laughed at that.

Jan asked, “Have you guys ever thought of being with other couples? Maybe having new experiences?”

“Martin and I have discussed it. We both think we may be bisexual, but have never acted on it. Mostly we just talk about it while making love.”

“Maybe you two should join Tom and me for a little fun time. We could just be on our individual beds so there is no pressure. We could watch each other. That could be hot.”

They looked at each other and grinned. They asked if they could have time to talk about it. We exchanged numbers and retreated to our own rooms.

After about 30 minutes we got a text with their room number.

“We’d like to try being on separate beds so there is no pressure. If you guys are alright with that, come on by.”

We arrived at their room and were invited in. Jan and I walked to the far bed and sat down on the edge. We all made small talk, they seemed nervous. I got the impression they were waiting for us to make the first move. I took off my shoes and laid back against the headboard while Jan rested against me.

I started things going by rubbing Jan’s shoulders. She rolled on her back and leaned up to kiss me. I leaned my weight on her and pressed my tongue into her mouth. Moving my hands to her blouse, I started unbuttoning. When I reached the bottom, I spread the sides exposing her bra. A quick glance at Jenny and Martin found them staring at us.

I returned my attention to Jan and started rubbing her tits. My fingers traced along the lace of her bra and up the straps. Hooking my fingers, I slid them down. With her blouse still over her arms, I slipped the cups under her tits. Her nipples were hardened as they became exposed to the cool air. I slid my tongue around each nipple, then alternated pulling them with my teeth.

Jan moaned quietly, “That feels nice.”

I helped Jan sit up, removing her blouse and bra. I peeled off my shirt and slid behind her so that we were facing the other bed.

Martin was kneading Jenny’s tits through her top as she stroked his arms. We watched as he reached down and pulled her top up over her head and set it on the floor. He unhooked her bra in the front and exposed her tiny pert breasts.

I stroked Jan’s tits as we watched Martin stick out his tongue and flick Jenny’s nipples. Her little sigh was a huge turn on.

I turned my attention towards Jan’s shorts and slowly peeled them down her legs. Martin stopped and looked our way. Jan pulled her legs from her shorts and laid her head back on the pillow. I moved my hand into her panties and stroked lightly. I peeked at Jan’s face and saw that her eyes were locked on Jenny. Slowly she lifted her right leg and whispered for me to remove her panties.

As I slid them down, I watched their expressions. When her shaved pussy was exposed, Martin’s eyes widened and Jenny smiled. Lifting her leg a bit more, I was able to take them completely off. She lowered her leg back down and hooked it over my legs. This exposed her spread pussy. My hand slid back down, spread her lips and gently rubbed against her clit. Jan’s low moan was clearly a turn on.

Martin decided to copy what we were doing and slid behind Jenny. He removed her pants and panties and softly stroked her pussy.

We all laid facing each other, watching as the husbands stroked their wife’s pussy. The scene was unbelievably hot.

Jenny had her eyes closed and her hand was guiding Martin’s hand up and down along the folds of her pussy. As he stroked her, his eyes were locked on Jan. I slid two fingers inside of her and slowly moved in and out. Her wet pussy made a sucking noise as it entered and exited. She then reached behind and fumbled with my shorts and boxers. As my cock was freed, I leaned forward so that it would be seen from the other bed.

Jan began stroking and squeezing it which brought a moan from my lips. Martin then repeated the same actions. When his cock was released, I was surprised at the size. It stuck up much further than mine had.

Seeing this, Jan decided to roll off the bed and kneel at the side. She pulled my legs over the edge and began sucking. Her ass was facing them as they continued stroking each other. As they watched us, Jan made a point to take my whole cock into her throat and hold it there. She gagged a bit which seemed to excite them. Jenny rolled towards Martin and leaned down on his cock. She was only able to take about half his length and stroked the base with her hand.

Jan heard her gag and removed herself from my cock. Looking back, she stood up and began talking to Jenny.

“Try to relax your throat. Let it rest there a bit then try a little further.”

Jenny did her best but was still struggling. Martin was clearly enjoying the attention and had his eyes on Jan.

Jenny then spoke, “Do you want to show me? I know we said we’d just watch, but it seems we’re past that now.”

Jan looked at me and shrugged. I nodded at her and she moved forward on the bed. Jenny came and sat next to me as Jan began sliding down on his cock. She took about half and then pulled back out. She slid back down and took about 3/4 of it and held him there.

I asked Jenny, “How big is he?”

“About 8-9 inches.”

Jenny reached over and started stroking my cock. I put my arm around her and fondled her breasts. As I pulled on her tiny nipples she moaned. Looking over, Martin seemed in a trance staring at his wife.

Jan broke the trance when she said, “Come stand over here.”

Martin rose and stood at the foot of the bed. Jan laid back, hung her head, and guided his cock back into her mouth. Martin pushed forward and groaned as more and more entered Jan’s throat. Jenny stared as Jan’s throat grew wider with each push. Martin started to push in and out with a slow pace. Jan would pull his ass cheeks and try to hold him deep in her throat. When she’d gag, he would slowly pull out.

I leaned over to Jenny, “You said you guys wanted some bisexual experiences, here’s a good opportunity.”

Jenny stood, climbed on their bed and between Jan’s legs. I watched as she slowly stuck out her tongue and tasted a woman for the first time. She was delicate at first, but slowly buried her face and tongue inside my wife’s pussy. She eagerly licked and flicked her clit. She pushed fingers inside making Jan moaned loudly.

This made Martin start to thrust quicker. He increased his pace all the while watching his wife eat pussy. He started to moan and told Jan he was going to cum. He seemed panicked and wondered if it was alright. Jan pulled his ass closer which gave him a signal that he should cum. He started moaning as I watched his balls tighten and his cock throb. With one long thrust he came into Jan’s throat. His load must have been large. I watched as some cum leaked around the edge of her mouth. She held him still as he emptied his balls. Her head in his big hands, gently caressing her hair, he shook until he pulled out.

Jan licked her lips and looked down and Jenny between her legs. She then lifted her knees and exposed her ass. She pushed Jenny down so that her tongue brushed against her asshole. Jan moaned and kept guiding her head from her clit to her ass.

Martin sat down next to me and we watched the scene unfold. Jan sat up on her elbows and told Jenny to lay on her back. Jan swung a leg over Jenny’s face and laid her pussy against her lips. Jan then moved her head down and began eating Jenny. Jenny’s pussy had a small patch of hair at the top but was shaved clean below.

The sight of these beautiful ladies feasting on each other was awesome. My cock was hard and Martin was stroking his back to full size. Jan stopped and looked over at us and smiled.

“Jenny, our husbands are watching us with full erections. Maybe this is a chance for Martin to fulfill his fantasy.”

Jenny then spoke from underneath Jan’s pussy.

“Go ahead Martin. You’ve wanted to feel another man’s cock. Stroke Tom’s now. Stroke it for me baby.”

With that Jenny slid out from underneath Jan and sat up against the headboard. Jan leaned back into her and they both stared directly at Martin. I laid back on the pillow and waited with my cock sticking straight up.

It took a few moments but Martin slid his hand up my leg and softly gripped my cock. He laid on his stomach and over my legs.

Jan spoke next, “Tom, remember when that guy sucked your cock in our hotel in Idaho? It felt great, didn’t it?”

“It did baby. Martin, you can suck my cock if you want to.”

Martin continued to stroke me without looking in my eyes. He stared at my cock and ran his fingers along the veins. Every time I thought he might put his mouth on it, he pulled back.

Finally I said, “Look at your wife Martin. She has Jan leaning against her and she is stroking her pussy and pulling her nipples. There is no shame here. We are all adults and no one will say anything outside this room. If you really want to, come up here and suck my cock.”

I looked over when I heard Jenny stand up and walk towards us. She bent over and put her lips on my cock while he stroked it. After sucking a bit she raised up and kissed him on the lips. Taking her hand she guided his head down to my cock.

“That’s it, baby. Take his cock in your mouth.”

With that he leaned forward and I felt his tongue swirl around my cock head. He opened a bit more and took me inside his mouth.

“Can you feel his warm head against the roof of your mouth?”

Martin answered with a muffled, “Un-huh.”

I looked at Jan and she smiled while fingering her pussy. She then stood up and climbed on the bed with us. Kneeling behind Jenny, she slid her tongue in her pussy. Jenny started moaning as Martin kept trying to take me deeper into his mouth. I soon felt an orgasm building and asked if they wanted me to cum. Martin grabbed me harder and mumbled yes.

I closed my eyes and felt my cock swell. My body spasmed slightly and I began pumping my cum into his mouth. My groan seemed to excite Jenny more and she also started to cum. Jan kept eating her from behind as she jerked. Holding her hips, Jan then stuck her tongue deep in Jenny’s ass.

“Oh, Martin. Jan has her tongue in my ass. It feels so wonderful.”

We were both writhing on the bed and Martin kept sucking until I stopped spewing. He then released my softening cock from his mouth and turned towards a calming Jenny. They kissed passionately while Jan climbed up towards me. We all laid on the bed and smiled at each other.

We decided to take a break and ordered some drinks and snacks from room service. As we talked, we shared much more information about our sex lives. Jenny and Martin both talked about not ever being with a member of the same sex but were glad they had the experience. Jan talked about our trip and the experiences we’ve had. Jenny’s mouth was agape when Jan told her about the party, being with multiple guys and having two fuck her at the same time.

“Actually, what surprised me the most was when Tom and another guy fucked my pussy at the same time. It happened without planning and I really loved it.”

“Wasn’t it really painful?”

“Not as painful as having one in my ass. It got pleasurable real fast.”

All this talk started to get us excited again and Jenny suggested we finish our drinks and maybe try a few things. Martin nodded in agreement and we all toasted each other.

As we put the drinks and food aside, We took turns in the bathroom then all laid out on the bed.

Jenny asked me if I ever had been with a man before this trip.

“Only when the guy sucked my cock in Idaho. As a teen, I had a few experiences with friends.”

“I’m thinking that I’d like to try and fuck you both, if that’s alright with Jan”

I looked at her and smiled. Jan nodded and I asked what she’d like to try.

“Can you teach us how you both can fuck my pussy?”

Jan spoke up, “Jenny, you are really tiny and Martin is huge. Do you really want to try that?”

“I’m used to Martin’s size. I’d still like to try adding Tom’s cock. But first, I’d like to see Tom suck Martin’s cock and make him hard.”

Jan giggled, “Now there’s an idea.”

I shook my head, smiled and crawled towards Martin. He stood up beside the bed and I reached over and fondled his huge cock and balls. As I stroked it, it got harder. I then leaned forward, licked the head and tickled the tip. An excited Martin grabbed my head and pulled me closer. I relaxed my jaw and took him in. I gripped the lower third of his cock so he couldn’t gag me and continued to stroke and suck, until he was at full erection.

After another minute I pulled back and told Jenny that he was ready. Jan told him to lay back on the bed and for Jenny to mount him. Watching her slide on to his big cock was amazing. It looked like he would tear her open. She worked herself down on to his cock and moaned.

“I might need to get some of his cock when you’re done. That looks delightful.”

Jenny smiled at Jan and nodded. She then started riding him slowly as I came up from behind.

Jan whispered, “Tom’s going to time it so he enters you at the same time Martin does. Slow down a bit.”

I laid my erection at the opening of her pussy. His big black cock slid easily from head to balls. Once he was almost out, I held her hips up and moved my cock parallel to his. I slowly pushed the head past the opening. Jenny grunted loudly.

Jan asked, “You ok baby?”

Jenny nodded yes and I pulled her hips down slowly onto our cocks. She made some groans that sounded as if she were in pain. I stopped again and waited.

Jan stroked her head, then nodded at me and I continued pulling her down on to our cocks. I heard her whimpering and looked at Jan for instructions. She whispered into her ear and waited for a response. Jan looked at me and nodded again so I pulled her down the rest of the way.

Once down, I removed my hands and let her move by herself. Slowly she started moving her ass in a steady rhythm. It was all I could do to keep from cumming again. Our cocks were fused together in her tiny pussy.

Jenny started moving a bit quicker. With every lowering of her body, she moaned loudly. Her paced picked up and she was getting so loud, I thought someone might call security.

“Oh yes. Oh my god, yes. Fuck me. Fuck me harder.”

Martin said something that I couldn’t understand and Jenny started bucking wildly.

“Oh my god, I’m cumming. Oh god. Oh fuck. Oh. Yes, yes, yes, I’m cumming.”

Juices flowed from her pussy and I followed soon after by adding my load into her. As she quieted, she leaned all the way forward and my cock fell from her now gaping pussy. As she laid on Martin’s chest panting, I rolled to the side and looked at her.

“You ok?”

Jenny turned and I saw tears in her eyes, “Yes, it was marvelous. I’ve never cum so hard in my life.”

Martin chimed in adding,”You were amazing babe. You were like a wild animal.”

Jan laid next to her and stroked her, “Mind if I have a turn on Martin’s cock?”

Jenny smiled then nodded. Jan crawled over to him and lowered herself on his long cock. As she slid all the way down, small moans escaped her lips. She closed her eyes and rocked on him. Martin grabbed her tits and pulled at her nipples making her moan. She placed her hands on his chest and threw her head back. He then pulled harder on her nipples which made her lean forward. He stuck his tongue into her mouth as they kissed passionately.

Jenny was watching closely and crawled over to me. She took my cock in her mouth and sucked it gently. I reached under her and pulled at her nipples. Twisting them a bit made her moan again. She picked her head up off my cock and leaned in, kissing me. Her soft tongue wrapped around mine and she sucked it softly.

I looked over at Jan and watched her continue to pull his cock with her pussy. She paused momentarily, and spun around into the reverse cowgirl position. She closed her eyes and pushed back against him as he held her hips.

“Push a finger in my ass.”

Martin smiled and started pushing his finger in her ass. She moaned as he entered her.

“Put another one in.”

By now, Jenny and I were watching the action next to us. She rubbed my cock again all the while staring at Jan.

Martin inserted a second finger and Jan moaned loudly, and picking up her pace. Martin looked like the happiest man on Earth.

Smiling ear to ear, he finally spoke, “That’s it Jan. Ride my big cock. My fingers pushing in your ass. Come on babe, I want to feel you cum on my cock.”

This spurred Jan on and she picked up her pace. Her eyes were closed and she started moaning, “Yeah baby. Just like that. Use my pussy. Stretch me out . Yeah. Yeah. Push deeper in my ass.”

Jan started shaking and fell forward. Martin continued to push into her ass and pussy as her juices flowed. Her moaning increased as her orgasm hit and she threw herself back.

Shaking, I could hear her say, “Yes, Yes, Yes.”

Martin held her hips tightly until she calmed down. As it subsided, she pulled herself off and laid back on his chest. His arms enveloped her as she sighed and closed her eyes.

Jenny pushed me back and asked if I felt like fucking some more. I smiled and moved her blond hair from her eyes. She straddled me and slowly lowered herself on my cock. Her pussy was still stretched out but felt warm and inviting. She rocked slowly and coated my cock with her juices.

Then she did something surprising. She pulled up off me and slid back down until my cock rested on the edge of her asshole. Slowly, she added weight until my head passed the rim of her ass. She grunted and made a painful face.

“You ok, Jenny? We don’t have to do this.”

Jenny smiled, “I want to. Martin is too big for me. I want to try this.”

She continued lowering on to my cock but stopped and yelled out in pain. Jan hopped off the bed and pulled some lube from her purse. She bent over and squirted it on to the sides of my cock. This seemed to feel better to Jenny. She relaxed a bit and slowly worked her ass up and down until it was coated with lube.

She then slid down all the way on my cock. She let out a guttural moan as she took it all. I watched her eyes as they rolled back in her head. I feared she might pass out. I sat still and waited for her to start moving. Slowly she started to rock on my cock. Her eyes stared into mine and then she leaned forward and kissed me.

She whispered into my ear, “Fuck my ass Tom. I’m ready now. Fuck me hard.”

I gripped her hips and thrusted up into her ass. She grunted and pushed back against me. I continued to thrust my hips up into her as she moaned quietly. I picked up my pace and pushed as harder and harder. She bounced on my body and moaned louder and louder.

“Are you going to cum for me?”

Jenny moaned, “Yes, Yes. I’m going to cum.”

I reached down and fingered her clit as she bounced. That pushed her over the edge and she started jerking and moaning loudly. I kept up my thrusting until she fell forward on to my chest. I could hear her panting in my ear.

“You ok?”

“Mmm, yes. I loved that.”

I allowed my cock to fall from her ass but kept hugging her. Her head was resting on my shoulder as her breathing steadied. I turned towards her and kissed her lips gently. She rolled off me and crawled up into Martin’s arms. Jan did the same with me.

We laid next to each other for a while longer until Jan suggested we return to our room. As we left, we made plans to meet for breakfast.

“We’ll see you in the morning. We had a good time. Goodnight you guys.”

As we left the room, I looked back and saw them laying in each others arms.

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