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Our First Foursome

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We are a normal everyday middle aged white couple. We have fantasies that we talk about, a lot. LOL. My name is Chuck and my wife is Ingrid. We were sitting in a Mexican restaurant located at the end of the Santa Monica Pier. We were on a trip to celebrate our 10 year anniversary. We were both enjoying a few adult beverages and deciding what to do for the evening. I had noticed a couple that kept looking our way. I thought the guy was just creeping on my wife. She was wearing a short dress with a low cut neck line and her breasts were amazing. Anyway, I noticed his wife looking too so it got me thinking. We had always talked about swinging but never had the courage. I excused myself for a restroom break. On the way, I asked our server to send the couple each a drink on me. She obliged. When I returned from my break, the couple both raised their glasses and mouthed "thank you". I nodded as did my wife and then gave a motion with my head to say "come on over and join us". They came over and introduced themselves. Marcus was a tall slender black man with a great personality and smile. His wife Heather was a tall blonde white woman with breasts that dared you to look and an even brighter smile and personality. My wife was very chatty thanks in part to the margaritas and Marcus' smile. In the middle of normal conversation, the band came back on stage and so my wife leaned over and asked Heather if she could dance with Marcus. I was surprised . Heather was excited to say yes. Marcus took my wife by the hand and led her to the dance floor. I was shocked, scared and unsure about how to feel. Heather scooted over next to me and put her hand on my knee and assured me it was ok and that Marcus is a gentleman. We watched as our spouses danced to an upbeat Spanish song. My wife was having a blast. Every so often I saw Marcus touching her hips and I have to say, my nervousness went away when I saw the look in my wife's eyes. I started to get a little turned on. "Could this be the night?" I asked myself. Heather, almost like she was reading my mind leaned in and told me that Marcus had never even hugged another women since they had been married. The music changed to a slow song. My wife looked at me and I motioned for her to stay out there. Marcus pulled her close and they swayed to the mellow sounds of a soothing beat. As they danced, Heather scooted closer and placed her hand on my leg. I could feel my cock move right away. We both just kept watching our spouses dance. My wife looked over at me and I could see in her eyes what she wanted to do. I nodded in approval. Her hand slowly dropped from his neck down to his waist then she continued down to rub his cock through his pants. Heather was watching to and she moved her hand to mine at the same time. What was happening? I'm watching my wife rub another mans cock as his wife is rubbing mine. The song lasted for what seemed an eternity. I guess the message was clear. This was happening. They returned to the table and I immediately asked if they would join us at the beach house we had rented. They couldn't say yes fast enough. We settled our checks and left together. We decided to all ride together since it was so close. Marcus and Heather rode in the back seat. I decided to spice things up and I asked if the myth about a black cock was true. To my surprise, my wife said "show us". Heather was happy to take her husbands cock out. It was beautiful. Not yet hard but once she licked his shaft it hit fully erect. 8 inches of black cock was only a couple feet away from my wife. As Heather continued sucking his cock, my wife decided to join in. She reached back and wrapped her hand around the base of his cock. I thought he was gonna cum right then. He moaned and Heather took her mouth off and offered it to my wife. She was shy so she just stroked it while Heather sucked it. We arrived at the house and made our way inside. I immediately took the party to the oversized love seat in the main room. Marcus grabbed Heather and planted a deep passionate kiss onto her lips. I did the same to Ingrid. After the kiss, Ingrid whispers to me that she wanted to suck his cock and asked if I was mad? I took her hand and moved it to the bulge in my pants so she could feel how hard I was. She smiled and told me thank you. We watched as Marcus and Heather undressed each other . They moaned and groped and licked and kissed all over each other. Marcus laid Heather on the couch and started licking the inside of her leg. She had a smooth shaved pussy that was already dripping wet and ready to be fucked. I could see his cock fully erect and ready to satisfy. Me and Ingrid undressed each other and Ingrid started sucking my 7 in cock only inches from where Heathers head was resting while Marcus licked her sweet wet pussy. Before I knew what was happening, Heather had grabbed my cock and was stroking it in my wife's mouth. I just about came right then. My wife stood up and I thought she was gonna be mad but instead, she knelt down and started licking Heathers nipples. Heather moaned as she squeezed my cock so hard. I looked down and saw Marcus rubbing my wife's ass with his free hand. I don't think my cock had ever been so hard. If I didn't do something, I was about to cum and I wasn't ready for that. I raised up and started helping my wife suck Heathers tits. This left my cock hanging free. My wife was on one side and me on the other side each taking care of one of Heathers beautiful breasts. Marcus was still rubbing my wife's ass and then I felt his hand grab my cock. I was shocked and a little nervous But decided to let it happen. He stroked me up and down from behind while he slid his fingers inside my wife's wet pussy. I heard her moan. She looked at me and we kissed. Heather stood up and asked Ingrid to lay down. Heather climbed on top of Ingrid in a 69 with her ass in the air. Marcus stood up and beautiful hard black cock was only inches from his wife's pussy and my wife's mouth. I wanted to get up and go to the other end but i had to watch what happened next. Marcus pressed the head of his cock to heathers pussy and started to slide in a little. I could see my wife sticking her tongue out so that she could lick the bottom of his shaft as it slid in. This got my dick even harder. I couldn't help myself. I reached over and grabbed his cock and slowly stroked it while the head was inside Heather. I felt him push deeper until he was buried balls deep in her pussy. I leaned in and started licking heathers ass as Ingrid licked Marcus's balls. We stayed like that for a few minutes then I told Marcus to let my wife taste heathers pussy on his cock. He gladly pulled out and dropped the head of his pussy covered cock into my wife's mouth. I heard her moan as he stroked her mouth with his cock. I even leaned in and got a taste of heathers freshly fucked pussy. It started making me even harder if that was even possible. I got up and went to the other end where Heathers face was buried in Ingrid's pussy. Heather looked up and smiled and opened her mouth and slowly took every inch of my cock in until I felt her tongue on my balls. I grabbed her head and started fucking her mouth as I saw Marcus doing the same to my wife's mouth. After a few minutes, I pulled her head away from my cock and fell to my knees and rubbed the head of my cock on Ingrid's wet and aching pussy. Heather took my cock in her hand, spread Ingrid's pussy lips apart with her other hand and guided my throbbing cock in. As I slid into my wife, Heather licked Ingrid's clit. Marcus slammed his cock into heathers pussy again and she let out a loud and erotic moan. Both women were now getting fucked and licked at the same time. Every thrust had me wanting to explode but I wanted it to last longer so I would pull out and let Heather suck Ingrid's pussy off my glistening cock. After a few more minutes of that, I told the women to sit up. They were each sitting on the couch with me and Marcus standing in front of them. I told Ingrid I needed to see her suck his big black cock. She was eager to oblige. I watched as she took his cock in her hand and slowly moved her mouth to it. Slowly stroking every inch of its hard black length. My heart raced as the head touched her extended tongue and she let it slide into her mouth until her lips where wrapped around it and her hand was stroking the shaft. She was loving every inch as I was loving every second. Marcus told Heather not to leave me hanging. So she scooted over and took my cock into her mouth and I started fucking her mouth again. While we were both standing there being pleasured by each other's wives, I scooted closer to Marcus so that our cocks could touch. Heather and Ingrid would rub our cocks together then take turns double teaming one cock at a time. All of a sudden , Marcus dropped to his knees and took my cock into his mouth. Ingrid stood up and started kissing me and telling me how hot this was. Before I knew it, Marcus and Heather were both sucking my cock while my wife and I shared a deep passionate kiss. Ingrid then knelt down to join the fun. I was enjoying three mouths on my cock. I had to pull away so I wouldn't cum. I had to know what it was like so I told Marcus to sit on the couch. He sat down and that cock of his was standing up straight with just a little curve to it. I was right between his legs and bent down to take his cock in my mouth. As I did, Ingrid caressed my back and whispered that she was so wet and turned on to see me suck that cock. Heather had climbed up on his face so I had a great view of him licking her pussy as I sucked his cock. As my mouth went up and down on his cock, Ingrid started stroking it and then leaned in to lick the shaft while I sucked the head. We were both licking and sucking that big black cock together. Our tongues touching as his cock throbbed between us. I told Ingrid to climb on top of that big cock. She asked if I was sure and again, I moved her hand to my stiff cock to let her know I was sure. Ingrid straddled him and I watched as the head of his cock disappeared into my wife's pussy. His thick cock was stretching around her white pussy as she slid down to take him deeper. I looked up and saw Heather kissing Ingrid as her hand slowly moved down her back to feel her husbands cock as it started slamming harder and harder into my wife's pussy. I stood up and had Heather and Ingrid both suck my cock while Marcus fucked Ingrid. I looked down and made eye contact with Ingrid as her lips where wrapped around my cock and his cock was buried deep inside her pussy. I never felt such intense pleasure and passion. Heather stood up and kissed me as Ingrid continued sucking my dick. She then grabbed my cock from Ingrid's mouth and pushed Marcus's mouth onto it so he could suck my cock while he fucked my wife. This went on forever until i decided to switch it up a bit. I told Heather to bend over so that she was leaning over Marcus's chest. I then leaned down and licked her wet pussy as Ingrid continued her joy ride on his big cock. I eased my cock into heathers pussy. She moaned as I pushed deeper. Ingrid, still bouncing on Marcus, reached over to feel my cock sliding inside another woman. She subbed heathers pussy as I fucked her. Ingrid could feel my balls slapping her fingers with every stroke. I was at a point where I had to explode so I pulled my cock out of Heather, lifted Ingrid off of Marcus and laid her beside him on the couch. I got on my knees between my wife's legs and leaned in to lick her pussy that just got fucked. It was an amazing taste and feeling. I then grabbed Ingrid's hips and pulled them close to mine so I could bury my cock deep inside my wife. As I started fucking my wife, Heather got on he knees on the couch and Marcus started fucking her from behind. I grabbed my wife's legs and pushed them back so I could give her the fast hard fucking that she loved and deserved. As I was stroking her long and deep, I could see Marcus take his cock out and cum all over his wife's ass. This sent me over the edge so I pulled out to cum on my wife's pussy and as I did, she erupted and squirted all over my cock. I watched in amazement as Marcus leaned over and licked my cum off of Ingrid's pussy. I went ahead and leaned over and licked his cum off of heathers ass. I must admit it was a treat. I came back over to my wife and laid on top of her and we shared a deep passionate kiss with another mans cum in our mouths. It was and intense kiss that made me love and cherish her even more. After we were all spent, we said our goodbyes and our friends took a cab back to their car. Me and Ingrid laid in bed the rest of the night talking about what we just did and planning our next adventure. Then we continued to fuck each other until the sun came up.

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