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Not his, Not hers, Theirs, Chapter 2

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As we walked inside Mark carried his clothes and Brenn shed hers so I did the same. “That was a great effort for your first time to suck cock.” Brenn offered, Mark seconded her approval, “Yes, you did very well.” “And I can teach you some more tricks as well” Brenn said with a sly grin. As we all three reclined on the large sofa pit, Mark and Brenn on one side and me on the other... Brenn spoke up again... “Can you stay the night Jeff?” “Yes I don't have anything going on tomorrow.” “Wonderful! We will go upstairs in a few min and enjoy each other more if you are up for it?” “Sounds like a great way to spend the night to me.” I replied. “I can't wait.” “That is the great part of being in your 20's and 30's., Mark replied. “Once you hit 50 it takes a little longer to do, what you used to do all night long.” Brenn laughed and said “Don't let him fool you... He is still an animal.” “He still rings my bell every almost everytime.” I laughed and said “Maybe I can learn a few things!” Brenn looked straight at me and returned.. “You will learn all kinds of things...” in a manner that made me wonder what all was in store for me. “Why don't I get us a refresher and we all go upstairs.” Brenn suggested, knowing that she would not be turned down. As I followed Mark up the stairs I noticed that he was still in great shape for 50. Strong legs, hard ass, still a bit of a V shape from shoulders to waist! As we got upstairs I was greeted by a huge bedroom with a full glass window, floor to ceiling looking out over the water... A small hot tub on the short balcony and couple small chairs and a table... I guess he could see my state of awe as Mark said,” It's our little slice of heaven here, neither of us can retire for several more years so we have this place to keep us energized.” “This place is unreal... I guess I never looked up when we were downstairs on the patio.” That's when it hit me “Here I am, standing naked, chatting with a man whose cock I had just sucked, as if it was nothing.” And it wasn't weird. It was just two new friends hanging out, chatting, both with semi hard cocks. About that time Brenn showed up with fresh beers for us all, still naked and stunning... She set them down and then grabbed us both by the cock and pulled us closer to her, first kissing Mark and then me and then Mark again... Mark moved us both over to the bed and pushed Brenn down on her back and started licking and kiss her big beautiful tits... And slowly going down to lick on her shaved pussy. I took his place dragging my tongue across her nipple, sucking and gently biting... She pulled my head down onto her nipple and I could feel her being the center of attention was giving her great pleasure... I could hear Mark slurping away on her wet pussy and she was really enjoying it. I felt a hand on my cock and felt her pulling me up to her mouth. I slid up her body so she could suck me... I knew that I was a bit smaller than Mark and hoped that she wouldn't mind... She slid my cock deep into her throat and it was incredible... I don't know what her tongue was doing but it was unreal. I watched Mark work his tongue deep into her folds and felt her wriggle around as she worked on my cock... Eventually he rose up and pushed my head down into her wet pussy, spinning me around to where Brenn and I were in a 69. I rolled her over to where she was on top and I was pinned under her, pushing my tongue into her... She kept up her attention to my cock and it was all I could do to not cum. She pulled my legs up and I felt her touching my ass...Then I felt something new to me... She slid a lubed finger into my ass... I knew it wasn't Mark's cock as it would have split me in two... but first one, and after I relaxed a bit, two fingers.... WOW! I remember thinking that this was incredible! I put all my thoughts into licking her pussy and trying to make her feel as good as she was making me feel. I had lost track of Mark but soon, I saw his big cock, right over my head, pushing it's way into Brenn's pussy, right across my tongue. I heard her grunt as he forced his way into her wet and waiting pussy... I took to licking her clit with a vigor as he rocked in and out of her, occasionally he would pull out, stick his cock into my mouth and then put it back in her. She was grinding down on my face and getting more and more wet.. I was swimming in her juices. I could hear her getting close as she was getting louder and louder... Which only served to make me attack her clit with my tongue. She had long since forgotten about my cock but I was fine with that... She still had her fingers in my ass but was mainly concentrating on her own building orgasm... I felt her tighten up and clench as she got the orgasm we had all been working on. As she tightened her muscles Mark apparently didn't have a chance as he pushed one last time deep into her and as Mark pulled out, she squirted her juices all over my face, I caught all I could by covering her pussy with my mouth and drinking it down... She was breathing heavy as she came down from her orgasm. “OK boys... let's take a break.” However I was hard as a rock and Brenn saw that I was in need of some relief. “Mark we can't leave Jeff in such a predicament.” She reached under the bed and pulled out a good sized box... Rummaged around and came out with a sizable vibrator and a smile. “OK Jeff! Let's get started!” I laughed and asked the question I knew the answer too... “What are you gonna do with that?” “She smiled, pushed me onto my back and said, “Make your dreams come true.” “Now lay back, close your eyes, relax and when I squeeze your arm... push just a little.” Who was I to argue? I felt cool lube being placed on and around my ass. I felt her get on top of me in a 69 again as she told me to keep my mouth occupied, and immediately pushed her pussy down on me. I then felt 2 things simultaneously, her mouth on my cock and the vibe pushed up against my ass... My legs were pinned under her arms so I was as vulnerable as anyone ever has been... I felt her moving it around my ass and it felt goooooood... Slowly I felt more and more pressure and the buzzing dropped a pitch... Then came the squeeze of my arm... Obediently I pushed down with my pelvic muscles and for a second felt resistance... But Brenn would not be denied. While expertly working my cock in her mouth she steadily pushed the vibe into my ass.... Slowly turning the vibe up and moving it in and out of my ass, I finally felt the sensation of being penetrated. As my mind went off into space at the new sensations I was feeling... I could feel the cum boiling in my balls as I felt the sensations coming to a new level I didn't know was there... Brenn's wonderful tongue and lips, in combination with the vibrations coming through my ass were driving me to heights I never knew about before now... “AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH! “ as I exploded into Brenn's wonderful mouth. She took every ounce I gave her and cleaned up my cock before letting me relax and pulling the pleasure toy out of my ass.... As I laid there, panting and shaking with my mind still buzzing like the toy that just came out of me... I was so glad I replied to that profile.

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