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Night Time Fires MMF

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Night Time Fires

I work as a fire mechanic which means I respond to fire calls plus keep the trucks running by fixing any mechanical problems. We have a separate shop just for this purpose that has living quarters in case we work through the night. This particular night I was the only mechanic on duty and wouldn’t you know it, a truck was having problems. The crew left it at the shop and picked up a reserve unit. I arrived around 11:00pm and started diagnosing the problem. I found a small oil leak that looked worse than it was and quickly fixed the problem. This being a Friday night, people tend to go out and party, sometimes a little to much. I was cleaning up when I heard someone at the door, so I went thinking that the crew had come to check on their truck. I was surprised to find a younger couple lost and asking directions. The man was of average height with brown hair and wearing a polo shirt with shorts. His wife was a beautiful brunette well endowed in all the right places. She was wearing a pair of skin tight jeans that showed her perfect heart shaped ass and a low cut top that revealed a firm set of double D’s. I’m sure they immediately noticed how much I enjoyed the sight before me by the growing bulge in my coveralls. I could tell they both were feeling no pain as I could smell the booze on there breath and the fact they were lost. I invited them in and started to give them the directions they were seeking. We started talking and they asked the normal questions about the fire department, all the while I couldn’t keep my eyes off her big tits that by now were hard and showing through her thin top. There names were Tim and Jill. I showed them around the shop, stalling so they might sober up some before sending them back on the road. The subject of fire hose came up and at first I was confused but realized they were referring to the big bulge that I was displaying. I’m not huge in any respect but I’m proud of my thick nine inches that gets pretty hard for my age. The husband seemed to steer the conversation more than his wife as he made more than one sexual reference. He said they had come from a local club that was known as a swingers spot, I told them I knew of the place but have never ventured in. He said they enjoyed the spot but had not found what they were looking for. I could see that he was getting aroused as he talked of the club and would rub his wife’s ass as he described the evening. I figured I’d take a chance and invited them to the sleeping quarters, I wasn’t sure how interested she was but I knew he had some plans.

What I didn’t know was that he was just as interested in my cock as she was. As we walked down the hallway I felt a hand grab my ass, I turned to see Jill with a big smile on here face. Once inside the bedroom, Tim asked if I wanted to see his wife’s tits. I told him I not only wanted to see them but I wanted to bury my head in them and eventually fuck them with my cock. Jill slowly lifted her top off to reveal a black lacey bra that barely could contain her 36DD’s, Tim asked me to help with the bra. I stood in front of her and reached around with one hand to unhook her bra as my other hand unfastened her tight jeans. When the bra fell away, I saw the most perfect set of tits I’ve ever seen. They were firm, round and her nipples were a dark pink about the size of a half dollar. I kneeled down and started to run my tongue around those perfect nipples as I squeezed her ass to bring her closer to me. As I flicked my tongue on each nipple I could feel her knees getting weaker so I pushed her onto the bed and buried my head into her tits as I sucked my way around up to her neck. Her perfume smelled and tasted sweet as I kissed her neck and finally made my way up to her soft lips where I thrust my tongue into her mouth. Tim meanwhile sat on the bed and said he had waited a long time to see his wife taken by another man. I pulled her jeans down and was pleasantly surprised to find she wasn’t wearing panties and had a nicely shaven pussy. Once she had her cloths off I had to step back and marvel at the beautiful woman before me that I would soon fuck with her husband’s approval. Her figure looked like a perfect hour glass, her long brown hair flowing between her firm round tits while matching her big brown eyes, her toned stomach that flowed down to her wet shaven pussy and her taught thighs that begged to be spread open. I knew I had to taste her so I lay down on the bed so she could straddle my face. As she lowered herself onto my face, I could see her juices flowing around her swollen lips. I started by flicking my tongue along her clit which was meet by a soft moan and a slow rocking of her hips. As I enjoyed her pussy I felt the zipper of my coveralls being pulled down then I felt a warm hand grasp my hard cock. I look down to see Tim stroking me but at this time I couldn’t care less about who was pleasuring me. I was more interested in sticking my tongue up as far as possible into this bucking pussy that was being ground into my face. Jill was moaning louder as she leaned back and had a wet orgasm that covered my face. When she rolled off me I realized that Tim wasn’t stroking my cock anymore but was deep throating me while stroking his nice sized seven inch cock. He had shed his cloths while I was enjoying his beautiful wife. Jill helped me pull off my cloths so we were all naked on the bed. Jill said that she loved seeing her husband suck a big cock but her fantasy was to see him being fucked in the ass. I told her that I wasn’t sure about this since I’ve never been with another man before. She said that she would make it worth my while. Since I was still rock hard and needed some relief very badly, I decided to take it out on her husband’s ass. She lay face up on the bed so her head hung off as Tim leaned over her. I put the condom on that she gave me and lubed my cock up. I got behind Tim and rubbed my hard cock between his ass cheeks as Jill was sucking his cock. He spread his legs out some more as she reached up and guided my head to his tight hole. I started slowly putting pressure against his ass until my head popped in, he groaned loudly and tightened his ass to stop me. He told her that my cock was too big for him and she told him to relax because it would feel good soon. She told him how wet she was getting watching her man being fucked and that she knew how badly he had wanted this for a long time. He started to relax and I slowly pushed all nine inches into his tight ass. He soon was pushing back against me as I picked up the pace. Between me fucking him and Jill deep throating his hard cock, Tim was moaning and grunting with each stroke. Soon I was feeling the effects of his tight hole and I really started pounding him, I thrust so hard that Jill would gag from his cock going so far down her throat. Hearing the sounds of them enjoying my cock soon put me over the edge as I filled his ass with the most cum I’ve ever had. Feeling the hot cum must have caused him to cum because he filled her mouth up and then shot streams of cum all over her face. When I pulled out he collapsed onto her as she was still trying to swallow his cum. I went to the bathroom and pulled the overflowing condom off and cleaned up. I returned to the bed and we talked about the experience. Tim said he hard the hardest orgasm that he’s ever had and didn’t realize how good it felt to be fucked by a real cock instead of a dildo. He said he was surprised that he took such a big cock but he knew he would be sore later. Jill said she was totally turned on watching my cock sliding in and out of his ass, she loved the feeling of Tim’s cock pulsating with every thrust I gave him plus the amount of cum that she swallowed. Jill looked at me and said I could do whatever I wanted since I had fulfilled their fantasy of a threesome. I told her I wanted to feel her pussy wrapped around my cock but first she needed to suck my cock. I lay on the bed with her between my legs. She slowly started licking my shaft as I started to grow a thick hard on. I watched her tongue flick my head as she stared into my eyes with a hungry gaze. She would run her tongue down my shaft where she would stop and ask me if I was enjoying the show. All I could do was moan with pleasure and get harder with every pass. She would slowly suck on my shaft until she reached my head, then suddenly suck all nine inches in with one quick motion where she would pause. She would look me in eyes before every attack on my aching cock until I thought I would explode. Tim was now stroking his hard cock and telling his wife how slutty she looked and that turned her on even more. She then started to lick her way up my chest and sucked on my nipples, again staring me in the eyes as she used her tongue to flick each nipple hard. She placed my rock hard cock between those beautiful 36 DD’s. My cock was wet with pre-cum as she worked her firm tits back and forth while holding my cock between them. Her tits felt hot and soft as I watched my sensitive enlarged head glide in and out between her tits. My thoughts were spinning when I felt Tim’s cock at my lips, at first I was startled but I opened my lips and let his cock enter. As he entered my mouth I could feel his mushroom head on my tongue, then I felt his veined shaft pass my lips. I started sucking as he slowly fucked my mouth.

Jill was getting a good show watching her husband feed me his cock and I must admit I was enjoying the feel of a hard cock. I liked the way it felt sliding between my lips and feeling the head touch the back of my throat. Jill sat up and inserted my hard cock into her soaking wet pussy. She had to be loving the male on male scene because my cock slid effortlessly into her tight pussy. When she had taken all nine inches, she just started to rock back and forth while telling her husband how good my cock felt inside her. The more she described my cock, the faster he fucked my mouth. I could tell he was ready to shoot his load down my throat when he started to grunt and shake. I felt his hot cum enter my mouth and with every stroke more cum came pouring out of him. I couldn’t swallow all his cum and it spewed out of my mouth down my neck. I held him in my mouth until he became semi-soft, when he pulled his cock from my mouth, Jill was waiting to suck the last of his cum off. Then Jill started to really shove my cock in and out, she would lift up her hips to the point of entering and then slam herself down. She would thrust fast, then slow, talking the whole time about how good my big cock felt. The more she talked, the hotter I became and soon I was thrusting back into her as hard as I could. Here tits were bouncing up and down as she got faster and faster. I finally couldn’t take anymore and I grabbed her ass and slammed her down on my cock as I came, in what felt like buckets. When see lifted herself off me, my cum was oozing out of her gapping pussy. Tim couldn’t resist and licked my cock clean before turning his attention to his wife.

After a while of resting they decided to leave, they gave me their number and said to call them sometime. I told them I might see them again as they left. By now they were both sober and could safely drive home so I performed my public service for the day. Later when the trucks crew returned, they asked what the problem was and why I took so long to fix it. I told them I had worked hard all night to plug all the holes that I could find and some I wasn't expecting.

Hope you enjoyed my encounter and thanks for reading. Send comments if you have any to mustangfire321 at yahoo.

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