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Mind Blowing Day @ Victoria Secret !!

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It was the weekend before Christmas in 2014. I went shopping at the Manchester Mall when I stopped in to Victoria Secret to browse for some sexy lingerie for a lady friend….

I happened to catch in the corner of my eye this beautiful woman near a rack full of sexy PJ’s and didn't think anything of it.... until she walked over to where was browsing and ask me to give her a male opinion on something she was going to buy for herself…

I was slightly shocked that she would ask me to help her make a decision on something so sexy…. it did not take me long to notice that she had a VERY tight sweater on without a bra on.... that not only showed off her amazing cleavage... But her perky hard nipples too.... she had amazing hair and green eyes to go with those 38 D’s!!

So, do you think my husband would approve of this? She asked me with a sexy smirk on her face…I quickly replied “Yes I am certainly he would and I’m sure an erotic evening might be in store for you both!”

Without hesitation she said “Well…. would you mind if I tried this on in the dressing room just to make sure…and then you could really give me your opinion on how it looks on me?” At that moment she looked down at my crotch and saw a very large bulge forming and said “Oh my …this could be a very fun day” I replied by saying “Sure…but didn’t you just say you were married ?”

She replied…I’ve done this before and he loves when I report back to him about the sexy details” Well you don’t have to ask me twice….”Sure… I’d love to help you out” I slowly followed her to the dressing room…. walking right by a sales person trying to hiding my huge erection…

So she stepped into the last dressing room and I followed like a little puppy…the first thing I noticed was how roomy it was with a nice bench on the far wall…. within a minute of entering she slammed me against the wall and began to kiss me madly…like we had not seen each other for years…she tasted so good as our tongues began to explored each others mouths…. she commented what a good kisser I was…such soft lips that she loved to sucked and bite….

I could not help myself by reaching under her tight sweater and towards her gorgeous breasts…it was ecstasy once reached her erect nipples...I pinched each of them gently and rolled them between my fingers and thumb and began to cup her large breasts with my hands…. they were just so fucking amazing and so firm….

She did not hesitate to slip her hand towards my crotch and slowly began unzipping my jeans and slipping in to grab my thick and erect cock…she was glad I went commando. …Because she wanted to begin stroking my cock as soon as she could…all the while we continued to kiss passionately…our breathing became deep and passionate….

I quickly spun her around and began to kiss the back of her neck.... all the while I was massaging her breasts under her sweater…. I knew that I needed to reveal them to fully enjoy them…so I reached down and pulled it over her head and through it onto to floor…. WOW …her skin was so soft and warm to the touch...she continued to reach backwards and wasn’t going to let go of my cock…stroking it very slowly…her goal was to make me cum…. but I was doing everything possible to not give in to the temptation….as I pulled her red hair to the side and began to nibble on her ear lopes…kissing her cheeks with my warm lips…..

She turned around and went down to her knees very quickly…. unbuttoning my jeans and letting them drop to my ankles …thus releasing my cock for her full view and pleasure…it wasn’t long that she was licking my shaft towards my swollen head…teasing my a bit with her warm tongue…as she began taking me deeply within her throat…she was soooo fucking good…my eyes were closed at this point in total ecstasy….

All of the sudden I heard the door open and there in plain view…a man entered the dressing room…I was still in a daze from the amazing blow job she was giving me…. when I heard her say…”Honey what are you doing here…I thought you were shopping?” I could not believe it…. holly shit I said out loud…as my pants were down to my feet…and my cock was inches from her mouth…a full 8 inches going soft quickly…. I thinking…my life is over, this guy is going to punch my lights outs …right in front of his wife…who is topless in a dressing room and on her knees with a strangers cock in still in her hand….

He told her to stand up and ordered me to sit on the bench and to slip off my pants …that he was not going punch or kill me…he then demanded her to continue to suck me until my cock was hard…as he got behind her and began to pull off her skirt and slipping off her panties exposing her round ass…without hesitation…. he then began to lick her from behind…. slipping his tongue in both of her holes getting her wetter and more excited…. all the while she now was deep-throating me….

As this was going on…I could not believe what I was apart of…. a total fantasy that you read about in Penthouse Magazine…. it was surreal…he now instructed her mount my very hard cock…. as he stood back and watched as her wet pussy slip down over my fully erect cock…. Oh shit…. this was incredible…. she was so wet and so tight...this was a woman….I just met 20 minutes ago.... fucking me so slowly with her husband present…

I then watched him get on his knees and began to lick her clit as she was riding my thick cock slowly up and down right in front of him…. I could feel his warm breath on my cock …and then I thought I felt him lick my balls…I was fine with it…because I was so into being deeply inside her pussy …doing everything not to blow my load inside her…. she continued to ride my cock until as he was licking the both of us…

With a slight rise from her…my cock slipped out of her warm pussy and right into his mouth…wow…he had an amazing tongue and took me deep into his mouth…. Oh fuck… it felt amazing…. he then would slowly guide it back into her wet pussy for a few minutes…before pulling it out to again to clean off her pussy juices, as he lick every inch of my thick shaft…it was something I had never experience before …

As he was sucking my cock….I would reach around and began to rub her hard clit with my fingers to bring her to a near orgasms….but we both teased her for a while between his tongue, my cock and my fingers…he told us that it was okay for both of us to cum on his face…I slipped back in her pussy for a couple of long strokes …as he licked her and I fucked her to an incredible orgasm….I was so into her moaning and muted screams …so not to be discovers by others in the dressing room …

Oh baby…oh baby…I’m going to cum…you guys are going to make me cum…Oh baby …I’m cumming…. Oh baby….”Can he come inside me too?” she asked…. Oh yes baby…. I want him to cum deep inside you…. so I can taste him and you too…. please. …I want you both to cum …I love it …my god…we both didn’t hold back…. we both came together which seemed to last for an eternity…WOW…WOW…WOW…this is so HOT!!

We all just collapse for a moment…. as he was cleaning us all up…. okay lets go back to our house and really get to know each other more formally…are you game?

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