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Mid life awakening or the misadventures of a Cold Warrior

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Things happened kind of late for me, I was 34 and stationed in Germany. I was not long out of a twelve year marriage when I met Giselle. A long-legged brunette with dark eyes she looked nothing like the stereotypical Fraulein on a beer poster. Our relationship began conventionally enough, we dated some, we got involved, we moved in together.

To be truthful, despite having been married for a dozen years and fathering two sons I was not very experienced. Discounting some clumsy fumbling with a couple of equally inept girls after high school, my ex-wife was the only woman I had been with. Much like the impression I had of my parents, sex was something she did because it was her "duty" as a wife. Looking back on it, the plain vanilla, lights out, missionary position a couple of times a month was akin to masturbating in her pussy. She never wanted more, resisting anything different and certainly not initiating anything. I just didn't know any better.

By contrast, Giselle could not have been more different. She took the lead and I was gleefully willing to follow. Sex had became a lot more fun. Essentially, she got me to realize that the woman knows if a guy is going to get lucky long before he does. One evening, after seeing a movie, the conversation turned to orgies and group sex. I told her, that while I had thought about such things in the abstract, it didn't really happen. She simply said, "I know some people you should meet."

It was not very much later, we were at my very first house party.

"Schatz, this is Andrea..." is not how you expect your girlfriend to matter of factly introduce you to the naked hostess. Already sitting around the living room were two other couples. Wine and beer glasses filled, music going, all I could was watch as more clothes come off and the others flirted and fooled around. Before long, one of the ladies present just backed up and impaled herself on a cock, to everyone's approval. That pretty much broke the ice and with my cock growing harder by the second, Giselle says to me, “Why don't you ask Andrea if she'd like you to eat her pussy while I fuck Peter?” Why not indeed!

That evening went well, but despite it all, I never really relaxed enough to cum. On the other hand, seeing Giselle fucking two other guys with wild abandon kept me harder than Chinese arithmetic all night. As we lay in the guest bedroom, she grabbed me, and asked, “How did you like tonight?” My cock erupted all over her hand, and she said, “Glad you like it too.”

From then on, we'd meet one or both of the other couples twice a month on a Friday or Saturday night. A couple of times we all went away for a weekend to a resort. In the meantime, swinging with Giselle had introduced me to more than a few things I had not experienced before. It was during a Friday night encounter with Andrea and Peter that the biggest shock came. All piled up on the bed, half dozing in and out I became aware of someone sucking my cock and doing a fine job of it. Then it occurred to me that I knew where both women were...

Shocked, surprised, confused, not exactly sure how to describe it. Regardless, Peter was doing a good job and before long Andrea was swapping off with him while Giselle watched and fingered herself. Soon, I came and watched as Peter and Andrea swapped a cum kiss! This happened again when it was just the four of us, but not when all three couples were there. The third time, Andrea and Giselle were in the kitchen, Peter just came over, set his beer down and said, “I need some cock.” I was laid back on the couch enjoying it when the girls came out with the pizza, and a bit disappointed when he stopped.

That was actually the pivotal weekend, as on the way home Giselle asked me point blank why I had not returned the favor. It's not like I had never heard of it or had never vaguely wondered about it. The more we talked and the more I thought about the things I had experienced over the past couple of years the less daunting the prospect seemed. Unlike my ex-wife, Giselle genuinely liked oral sex, giving and getting. Somewhere along the line I came to realize it was me I was tasting in her kiss. Contemplating it further, there had certainly been times when I had gone down on her freshly fucked pussy and gotten a face full of what I had just left there.

When she was in the mood, she would like a little ass play and she introduced me to it by sticking a finger up my ass while I was climaxing during a blow job. Like other things, it was unexpected, but it felt good. It was not long before slipping fingers up each other was almost routine during 69. The more I pondered things, and the more possibilities ran through my mind it was not really surprising when the fantasizing resulted in an erection. She was right, what was the difference as long as everyone was a willing participant? Once I made my mind up that I was going to do it all I became downright eager for the next get together with Peter and Andrea. As it happened, the very next weekend we, by chance, ran into them at a boring function. By the time the two women came back from the restroom they made it clear to us they were ready to sneak off. Early on, a corny joke one of the American teachers told, tickled her. You ask someone if they had ever had “Polish foreplay?” When they ask what that is, you punch them in the shoulder and say, “Wanna fuck?” After that, whenever we out somewhere, a punch on the shoulder was her signal that it was time to go.

We all went to the house and true to her word she did want to fuck, not that she was alone in that desire. Clothes off, wine glasses filled and by this time Andrea was stroking Peter. Giselle, having heard me say all week I was going to, was not about to let me back out. She tells Andrea to feed it to me and if needed, show me how its done. At this point, I wasn't going to back down so I put my mouth over Peter's cock and started. The taste was suddenly and vaguely familiar. I had tasted that when kissing both women after they had been sucking Peter's cock. I did a few strokes, pulled off and Andrea quickly took over. Giselle grabbed a hold of my cock and started stroking it while telling me to suck Peter and fondle his balls. Next Andrea positioned herself to where her pussy was where Giselle could get her other hand to it. I was getting into it and I could feel Peter responding to my actions. We went on until Peter said, “Stop! I don't want to cum yet. Somebody else sit back and let me do them.”

Andrea says, “Good idea! Put a show on for us you nasty boys!” I want to see you swallow it all.” Next thing I know I am on the floor with Andrea sitting on my face, licking Giselle's pussy while her husband sucking my cock. This lasted until they moved around and it was Giselle sucking my dick while Peter was pounding her doggy style. Andrea was still riding my mustache, I had fingers in her pussy and ass while sucking her clit. Giselle was getting a load of sperm in each end. We (me, for sure) had to take a break!

The last thing to be done was bend over and take it. I was on all fours on the bed with Peter behind me, Andrea was spread before me and I was eating her. Giselle was where she could watch and encourage. Good and greased up Peter slowly and gently slid himself in and didn't move. He just let me adjust to his presence.

After a bit there was some gentle movement. I knew I was hooked when I realized it was me fucking back on his cock. Hell, I had fucked them all, now I understood, fair was fair and fun too. Oddly satisfying to feel the cum oozing out my ass. After that, we'd still attend parties with others, but all bi sex was restricted to Peter and Andrea. Giselle was a rare and wonderful woman, and I wish we were still together. Time came to leave Germany, she wouldn't go and I couldn't stay. But she's the one who led me astray, and I am forever grateful she did.

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