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Mary & Siobhans Bed and Breakfast Series-- Chapter 5- Escape to Reality, Part 2

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By: Darla

The sun felt wonderful on my skin as I climbed out of the swimming pool, and wrung the water from my long, thick hair. I lay down on the chaise, and stretched luxuriously. Ahh, this was heaven.

I'd made the reservations for Ken, but damn, I guess I'd needed to get away too.

The combination of sex, sun, and playfulness was just what the doctor ordered.

My body glowed with health, and my mind was free for the first time in months.

My last conscious thought before the heaviness in my limbs drug me into sleep, was that I couldn't remember ever feeling this good.

The feeling of cool, slippery hands woke me from my dreams, and I opened my eyes to see two silhouettes standing over my naked body. When my eyes cleared, I saw that the silhouettes belonged to Siobhan and Mary.

"We didn't want to disturb you, Darla, but the sun is pretty intense out here.

That fair skin of yours would be burned in no time." The soft, lilting voice belonged to Siobhan, and once again I found myself enthralled by her gorgeous accent.

"Mmm, thank you. I didn't intend to fall asleep." I groaned softly as Mary's hands moved up my calves to my thighs. Her touch was firm and sure as she massaged the creamy lotion into my sun-warmed skin.

Siobhan looked at me for long moments before dribbling some of the cool lotion on the skin of my belly, just below my full breasts. She placed the bottle on the ground, and sat down next to me on the chaise. Her hands were warm and smooth on my flesh as she moved them through the lotion. The slippery liquid coated my belly, and then she ran her hands up between my breasts, and across the full swells. My nipples hardened.

I watched her eyes as she took my thick nipples between her fingertips and rolled them gently. I found my body arching beneath her touch.

Mary's hands were sliding up my inner thighs, brushing lightly across the smoothly shaven lips of my pussy. I knew I was wet, and wondered if Mary could see the glistening moisture seeping from between my lips. I wriggled slightly as one fingertip slid slowly up my slit. When Siobhan reached forward to kiss me, Mary's finger delved deep, pressing into my wetness.

God, what an experience. The tip of my tongue reached out to meet Siobhan's, and they tangled together playfully. Mary climbed up on the chaise between my spread legs, and pushed the heal of her hand against my wet mound, grinding it against me as her fingers slid back and forth inside of my dripping cunt. Then she fucked me with two slender fingers. My hips rose to meet her thrusts, and I moaned softly against Siobhan's mouth.

Siobhan moved away from our kiss, and pushed my head back down to rest on the chaise. Then, her glorious pussy was somehow above my face. I looked at the bright red pubic hair at the top of her slit, and the unfolding petals of her lips. The tip of my tongue came out to run along one smooth lip, licking my way up toward her hooded clit. She tasted just like I expected her to -- clean and sweet. I heard her moan as I flicked my tongue around the little nub, avoiding the most sensitive area.

Mary's mouth was a warm surprise on my pussy. I felt the warmth of her tongue as she dipped it into my soaking entrance. Her head nudged my thighs further apart, and she nuzzled closer into my wetness. I was on fire. The combination of Siobhan's wet cunt on my mouth and Mary's soft warm tongue on my own swirled around me, and took me places I'd never been before.

My tongue slipped back to press into Siobhan's tight little hole, and I thrust deeper and deeper as my finger reached up to brush lightly across the point of her now engorged clit. She was rocking back and forth against my searching mouth, and her juices smeared over my chin and cheeks.

"Yes, so good. Darla..." Her voice was thick with passion as I did my best to make her come in my mouth.

Mary straddled my leg and pressed her own wet pussy tight against my knee-riding me solidly as her mouth kept up its intense assault on my twitching cunt. I could feel just how wet she was as her juice mixed with the lotion she'd just applied, and made our bodies slide easily together. God, this was hot.

The heat of the sun added to the heat of our bodies as we writhed and squirmed together, giving each other what we all needed. Mary concentrated on the head of my clit with her tongue while her fingers were a blur inside of me. All sensations gathered in my belly and sparked outward, sending me into tight spirals of pure naked lust. My body gathered in on itself, and then simply exploded in a shower of juice.

My tongue stiffened as my body rocked upward, filling Siobhan's hole with the rigid length of it. My chin pressed tight on her clit and she rode me like a bareback horse - grinding herself on my wet skin. Then I felt her inner muscles grip my tongue tight inside of her. Her warm juice gushed over my sucking mouth and ran down my cheeks to disappear into my thick hair. Her groans were loud in the quiet of the countryside, and I felt a thrill knowing I had brought her to this glorious orgasm.

Mary continued sucking at my still trembling pussy, her tongue moving quickly over the silky smooth folds. Her hips rocked faster and faster over my knee, grinding her clit on me as she too succumbed to the culmination of Siobhan and my orgasms. She shoved her fingers deep inside me as she rocked and stiffened.

I watched the play of sensation over her beautiful features as she came all over my leg. Her eyes squeezed shut and her head reared back in pleasure. She looked spectacular as she shrieked out in her own clenching orgasm.

Slowly, all three of us came back to earth. I was coated in not only my own juice, but that of Siobhan and Mary as well. I couldn't believe the experience we had just shared, and I looked at the two women with shining eyes.

"Um, that was..." I cleared my throat and tried again, "...that was utterly fantastic. I've never experienced anything even close to that before." Siobhan and Mary looked at each other and moved away from my sated body. They kissed deeply, exchanging my flavor between them. Siobhan slipped her arm around Mary's waist and smiled gently at my limp body.

"Darla, you're a wonderful lover. I'm so glad you decided to allow Mary and I the pleasure of your body. And I'd like to invite you to seek us out again before you and Ken leave tomorrow." Mary nodded and kissed Siobhan again. "Yes, our bed is open to you whenever you like. Now, I'm sure you'll excuse us, we need to our bedroom for a bit." She looked deeply into Siobhan's eyes and the two gorgeous women moved toward the back door of the cabin.

I knew they were going to continue where the three of us left off, and I smiled to myself. These two were something else, and I made up my mind to return soon -


Two hours and another refreshing swim later, I decided to explore the property surrounding the Inn. I was really beginning to enjoy the freedom away from clothing. The soft breeze felt wonderful against my scissoring legs and I loved the way it caressed the tips of my breasts.

I walked for what seemed like miles, finding little alcoves tucked away with stone benches for anyone that wanted to make use of them. I began to see the original layout of what must have at one time been extensive gardens. I sat down on one of the little stone benches and just allowed my mind to drift.

I don't know how long I was there before I became aware of the soft grunts and groans nearby. I realized that I was eavesdropping on two lovers engaged in what had to be some pretty hot sex, judging by the muffled moans. I knew I should just get up and walk away, but my libido seemed to have increased tenfold since I'd left the city just twenty-four short hours ago, and I had to ... watch.

I moved through a little break in the bushes, and saw Ken on his knees. He was not alone. Josh stood in the middle of a tiny clearing, and Ken's mouth was wrapped around the younger man's cock, sucking him slowly. Ken's cock was as stiff as a steel bar as he rocked back and forth, tonguing Josh's shaft and balls.

God. I couldn't believe I was watching my lover and best friend giving this young man head. I felt my pussy swell immediately with excitement. How fucking hot. My finger slipped between my puffy pussy-lips as I watched Ken's mouth moving up and down, taking the long, thick cock as far into his mouth as he could.

Ken pulled his mouth away, and a single strand of saliva trailed from the tip of Josh's cock to Ken's bruised looking lips. Ken looked up, then turned around on his hands and knees, presenting his ass to Josh.

Josh knelt down behind him, and cupped Ken's cock in his large hand. He stroked the hard flesh firmly, wrapping his fingers around the swollen head. I was in perfect position to see the pleasure on Ken's face as Josh squeezed and then slid his hand down the hard shaft. Ken shifted his hips, and pushed against the tightness around his cock.

My fingers moved slowly through my wetness, playing lightly with my clit as I watched. My heart thundered in my chest, then seemed to stop as Josh spit in his hand, then smear the thick saliva over the head and shaft of his hard cock. I knew that soon, that thick cock would be splitting the globes of Ken's butt and sinking into his tight ass.

Josh rested the head of his cock against Ken's dark star, then pressed very slowly forward. I saw the split second of pain cross Ken's face as he forced himself to relax. Josh waited a moment for Ken's body to adjust to the pressure of his insistent cock, and added another glob of spit to the skin stretched tightly around his throbbing cock.

He pushed again, and Ken took the entire length of Josh's impressive cock up his ass. Both men groaned as Josh's balls bumped against Ken's. Josh held himself immobile, deeply implanted in Ken's body. Then they began to move. Ken pressed back as Josh pushed forward.

I quietly settled myself on the ground, watching intently as I fingered my clit.

I stifled the moan that threatened to slip from my lips; I didn't want Ken to know I was his witness.

Ken's cock was steadily dripping as Josh moved inside of him, fucking his ass slowly and thoroughly. Ken shifted his weight to his left hand, and wrapped his right around his wet cock. He timed his strokes to the leisurely pace of Josh's thrusts, his hand moving easily on the wet skin.

I was wriggling with lust as my fingers delved into my dripping hole, fucking myself as Josh fucked Ken. My other hand brought my right nipple to my mouth, and I sucked my own tit. So fucking hot.

Strong, masculine hands gripped Ken's rocking hips, and held them steady. Then, Josh pulled almost all the way out, then slammed his hips forward, stabbing Ken's ass. Ken grunted with pleasure, then groaned loudly as Josh did it again and again.

When Josh stiffened, I knew he was filling Ken's ass with his cum. His fingers dug deeply into the skin of Ken's hips as he yelled with release. Ken's hand yanked hard on his own cock, pulling and squeezing strongly. Soon, thick jets of white cum shot from the tip of Ken's cock, painting the grass in front of him a pearly white.

My fingers pinched my clit hard as I watched my lover come from the sensations of having another man's cock up his ass. My whole body stiffened as I came. I tried to keep myself from crying out, but I failed miserably, and four male eyes turned to see me writhing on the ground not twenty feet away. My fingers were still buried in my cunt, and my breasts shook from the orgasm that still flowed through my limbs.

"Darla." Ken didn't seem real surprised to see me, and I wondered if he'd known about my presence the entire time.

When my body stopped convulsing, I got shakily to my feet. I knew my face was flaming as I walked toward them. Both men sat on the ground, watching me approach. Josh was smiling broadly as he pulled me onto his lap and stroked my inner thigh. His fingers found my soaking pussy, and he played with the wet curls that capped my slit.

I looked over at Ken and smiled apologetically. I knew I shouldn't have been watching them, but once I saw, there was no way I could have left. He tried to look mad at me, but I could tell he was just feeling too damn good to be mad.

He reached closer and kissed me deeply, his hand joining Josh's on my still sensitive cunt. The two men played with me simultaneously. I had no idea whose fingers were whose, but the sensations were incredible. Ken's mouth clamped down on my left nipple, as Josh kissed me lingeringly.

Someone was fucking me with his fingers while the other played with my screaming clit. I wriggled and moaned on Josh's lap, squirming my ass on his cock. I felt it stiffen beneath me, and slip between the crease of my butt. I rocked back and forth and felt my body gather for another mind-numbing orgasm.

My spine stiffened, and I arched clear off of Josh's lap, screaming in ecstasy as I came hard for the second time in ten minutes.

Josh held me close as I tried to recover from the clenching, nerve fraying orgasm. Ken kissed me again, his tongue hot and wet between my teeth, searching out every ridge along the roof of my mouth. I melted against Josh's hard body and let myself go limp in his arms.

After a lifetime, we all rose to our feet and made our way back to the Inn. Josh kissed us both at the door, then went to shower before dinner, and Ken and I went up to our own room.

Ken's face was relaxed for the first time since he'd called me to take me to lunch earlier in the week, and I was glad he'd finally seemed to figure out his desires. He pulled me into his arms, and let his mouth trail across my lips to my ear.

"Thank you, Darla...I can't even tell you how much I thank you." He tugged me into the shower, and once again, we missed dinner.

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