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Late night surprise

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Late night surprise

Only one hour to closing time. It had been a long shift and I was looking forward to closing the bar and having a drink or two before heading home. I was counting the minutes when she walked in. She was tall and slim with long black hair. She was wearing high heels leggings and a long low cut top. Her full round tits were spilling out of the top while her nice round ass was covered by the bottom of her form fitting shirt. She sat down at the bar and ordered her drink. I introduced myself and she responded telling me her name was Jane. We chatted some while I took care of the rest of the customers at the bar. She said she lived close and was on her way home when she decided to stop for a night cap. The place was almost empty when I gave last call and asked her if I could by her another drink. She accepted and gave me a devilish grin. It was 2:00 and I was picking up everybody?s drinks when she asked me if she had to leave yet. I told her she could stay while I cleaned up if she liked. Everyone else was gone so I locked the door and started cleaning up.

We talked while I was washing glasses. The conversation quickly turned to sex. She said it had been a while since she had had any action and she was feeling her buzz. I was putting stools up on the bar when she grabbed my ass. I jumped a little and turned and kissed her. Her lips were full and soft. Her tongue felt good as she swirled it around my mouth. My dick was growing quickly when I felt her softly pinch the head of my dick. We broke our kiss and she whispered in my ear that she had a surprise for me and that I needed to hurry so we could head to her place. I finished up and followed her to her apartment.

I was rubbing her ass as I followed her up the steps to her apartment. It was round and firm and with the tights she was wearing I could tell she wasn?t wearing any panties. She unlocked the door and we stepped inside and into each other?s arms. She kissed me deeply and began to grab for my dick. She dropped to her knees and unbuttoned me pants. After freeing my hard cock she slowly licked it starting at the base and ending at my swollen head. Her tongue was hot against my cock and quick to lick up the leaking pre-cum. I reached for her big firm tits as she slowly took my dick down her throat. I moaned and pinched her nipples. She stopped for a minute to take off her top and bra before starting to suck me again. She was amazing. I loved how she would take my entire dick into her hungry mouth and then slowly pull away sucking me hard. She made a popping sound every time my dick left her lips. My cock was covered in her saliva as she was working her magic. I told her I couldn?t last much longer like this. She looked up at me and smiled as she took me down her throat. I could feel her throat squeeze the head of my dick as her tongue was lapping at my balls. I couldn?t take any more. I grabbed the back of her head and unloaded my sticky load into her mouth. She sucked every drop out of me before standing up. She kissed me hard pushing some of my cum into my mouth. I was shocked at first but after the blow job I just got I didn?t care, besides it didn?t taste bad in fact I was kind of enjoying it. She broke our kiss and asked if I enjoyed my cum as much as she did. I told her it was ok and I enjoyed it but I wasn?t sure I like it as much as she did. She led me to the bedroom and told me to get naked on the bed as she disappeared into the bathroom. I quickly undressed and was lying on the bed when she returned.

My soft cock was quickly starting to grow when she entered the room. She was wearing a see thru gown with a small pair of thong panties. She twirled at the foot of the bed and asked ?Do you like?? My hard dick answered her question as all I could do was just nod and moan my approval. Good she said. Are you ready for your surprise? I nodded again as she turned around and started to slowly remove her panties. Her ass was beautiful as it showed thru her gown. My dick was twitching with anticipation. She removed her gown and turned to face me.

Her hair was flowing passed her shoulders down to her fantastic tits. She had big hard pink nipples. Then I noticed something different. She had a dick hanging between her legs. I was more than surprised I was shocked. How could this beautiful creature have a dick? Was she a man or a woman? I just sat there in shock. She asked if I liked her surprise. I didn?t know what to say or do?

She climbed up on the bed next to me and said I hope you aren?t upset. I was still frozen. She placed my hand on her soft dick and said don?t be shy you can do anything you want; I know you want to play with it because your dick is so hard. That was when I realized how hard I was and how turned on I was. Her dick felt good. She was 7? soft and thick. I couldn?t believe it when my hand started to play with her hardening cock. She quickly grew to over 8? and was very hard. She knelt next to me and asked if I wanted to suck her. I nodded and moved my head toward her. She placed her hand on the back of my head and guided my mouth to her hard dick. Slowly she fed me her monster. I was very hard with a soft texture. She tasted salty and sweet. It wasn?t long before I started to relax and was sucking her. She started to moan and was pumping my face. I could feel her head hit the back of my throat as her balls rubbed my chin. I couldn?t believe it not only was I sucking this beautiful woman?s dick but I was loving every minute of it. My hunger was building as she fucked my face faster. I felt her head swell and her ball tighten and knew what was next. I grabbed her tight round ass and pulled her into me taking her cock as far down my throat as I could. Her ass twitched in my hands, she let out a loud moan and unloaded her spunk into my throat. I started to gag a little and then began to swallow. I couldn?t believe how big her load was. I swallowed as fast as I could but still couldn?t take it all as some was leaking on to my chin. Her legs grew week and she fell back on to the bed. She licked her cum off my face and kissed me letting me have the rest of her load.

I felt her hand grab my cock. She was stroking me and playing with the cum leaking from my head. She asked how I liked her dick. I told her I had never done anything like that before and that it was very hot and erotic. She asked if I was ready to fuck her. She said she needed a good hard fuck. I rolled her over and began to lick her tight ass. After a few minutes she was begging for my dick. I lined up the head of my dick with her rosebud and slowly started to push. My head popped inside as she let out a little squeal. I stopped to let her relax and adjust. She pushed back against me making my cock slide all the way into her. I began to ride her ass. Her ass felt wonderful squeezing my prick. We got into a rhythm and I began fucking her hard. I could feel our balls slapping together. It wasn?t long and I was ready to cum again. I slammed into her one last time and unloaded my balls. She moaned and ground her ass into me. I kept my dick in her ass until I started to go soft. I could feel my cum leak out of her ass as I slid out of her. We lay on the bed together catching our breath.

After a few minutes she got up and said it was my turn. I wasn?t sure I was ready to be fucked and she could see the fear on my face. She kissed me and whispered in my ear ?I will go slow and I know you will love it.? What the hell I thought I had already done everything else. She raised my legs and started rimming my ass. It felt good having her hot tongue lubing up my virgin ass. She inserted a finger making me jump. She looked up at me and said just relax and enjoy your massage. Before long she was working me hard with two fingers and saying I was ready. She pushed my knees up to my chest and placed the head of her cock against my hole. She pushed hard against me shoving about half of her cock into me. I moaned in pain. She held still and told me to relax. She started to play with my cock and balls. She was giving my limp dick an incredible hand job and I was starting to get hard again. I couldn?t believe I was getting hard after the two big loads I had already shot. That was when I realized she had her cock all the way in me and was starting to fuck me. She was right, it felt great and I was loving every inch of her. She was now fucking me hard and fast while playing with my dick. It was amazing. I knew she was getting close she was moaning louder and fucking me harder. She pumped into me one more time and I felt her cock start to swell and twitch. Feeling her cum in my ass was incredible. Her head would swell and I could feel her hot juice fill me up. She collapsed on top of me and we were both exhausted and drifted off to sleep together.

I woke up a couple hours later to find Jane sucking my dick back to life. We sucked and fucked each other till I had to go back to work the next afternoon. I still love women and chase as many of them as I can but every couple weeks Jane and I get together for some fun. She is a very hot woman she just happens to have a nice dick too.

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