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Karen Takes the Plunge

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"I will absolutely not play with another man for you," Karen said emphatically to her husband Dave. "I just don't feel right about it . . . I'm not sure you would feel the same way about me."

Dave sighed, knowing that, in fact, it would make him love her more and would be so much fun to not only be involved in a threesome (a chance to delve into his bi-curious fantasy) but to watch her be given so much pleasure would be huge for him. Dave had tried for weeks and months to convince Karen of that, and now, that there was a possible perfect match; he was frustrated at not being able to convince his beautiful bride.

"Well, let's at least meet him for lunch," Dave said, pleadingly. "He says it's a no-strings lunch." Dave had found Bill on SLS and he seemed to be exactly what they fantasized about . . . someone who would put Karen first, be willing to please her very well, but also willing to play on the bi-side a little bit.

"Well," Karen hesitated, "I don't see where a lunch would hurt . . . but I'm not bringing him into our bed."

"Great, great," Dave said quickly and he ushered her out the door and into the car. On the ride into the restaurant Karen felt herself becoming more and more agitated, and she couldn't quite explain it. On the one hand, she was dead set against this, she really felt Dave would not be same after . . . however, on the other hand, she felt herself tingling between her legs and a slight dampness was forming in her pussy. It's just a lunch, she thought, shrugging off her confusion.

Arriving at the restaurant, they spotted Bill quickly and made their way over to his table. They sat nervously chatting for a while when suddenly Karen realized this was just like any other lunch with a friend . . . the conversation was pleasant, she felt no pressure . . . Bill was not leering at her or checking her out constantly but was obviously interested in her, and he was a very nice guy. They talked and laughed, got to know one another pretty well and Karen started to relax. Dave was obviously enjoying that things were going well so far . . . he had been very nervous to begin with but was now relaxed and calm. Bill would occasionally look directly into Karen's eyes and give her a warm smile that made her feel good all over. After a while she noticed herself getting a little moist again, she had dried up at first meeting due to her nerves, but she was starting to warm up to Bill and for the first time wondered what he would be like in bed.

The lunch wound down, but the three continued talking for a while over coffee and were enjoying the day immensely. "Hey, this has been great," Bill, said brightly, "but I've got to get to my clinic."

Immediately Karen found herself disappointed that the meeting was over.

Bill smiled warmly at her again and she felt herself smiling warmly in return.

"Hey, would you guys be up for meeting me for dinner," Bill asked. "No pressure . . . it can be just dinner . . . you can talk it over and let me know later."

Dave and Karen glanced at each other and Dave was waiting for Karen to respond. "We'll talk it over," Karen replied, with a smile.

It was all they could talk about on the way home and Dave was relieved to find that Karen was really considering it . . . it was obvious that Bill had made a good impression. "I just like the way he treated me," Karen repeated several times. "It seemed so natural and relaxed."

As soon as they got home, Dave let Bill know they would meet them at his hotel for dinner. The pair spent the afternoon talking about Bill and Dave took Bill's lead and didn't pressure Karen about anything other than dinner. Karen found herself very excited about the evening and she could tell Dave was bursting with excitement. He got even more excited when she excused herself to go get ready a couple of hours before they had to leave . . . Dave knew that was a sign she was going to be putting a lot of effort into looking hot . . . and he wasn't disappointed. When Karen entered the room ready to leave Dave let out a long sigh . . . Karen looked fantastic. She had chosen one of his favorite outfits . . . a classy, refined dress that buttoned in front from top to bottom, and could be altered to stay refined, or with the loosening of a button or two or three could become as sexy as hell. Karen had chosen the refined look but Dave could still feel himself hardening inside his boxers.

Karen was having mixed feelings at this point as she still worried about Dave's response . . . but, he kept telling her he would love her more and he seemed so excited . . . plus she couldn't get Bill out of her mind.

Dinner was a replay of lunch, although with the help of a couple of drinks and a glass of wine, the conversation was a little bit sexier. Still there was no pressure from Bill, just his warm smile and demeanor. When Bill left for a restroom break Dave reached over and kissed Karen hard on the lips and Karen responded hungrily and immediately noticed her panties were damp. Dave reached over and unbuttoned the top button of her dress and while she wasn't sure about her feelings, she let it happen. When Bill he returned he didn't say anything about the button, but he surely noticed as his eyes lit up and then he tried not to stare.

As dinner was winding down it was apparent no one wanted to leave. Bill looked over at Dave for a sign and Dave shrugged and nodded, not knowing how to respond.

"Well," Bill said slowly, looking them both in the eyes, "I’m not ready to have this evening end . . . would like to come up to my room for a nightcap."

The moment of truth had arrived. Dave and Karen glanced quickly at each other. "Remember, no pressure from me," said Bill.

Karen wasn't sure what to do . . . on the one hand she still worried about the consequences . . . on the other hand her pussy was flowing and her panties were sopping wet . . . and no one had touched her yet!!!

"Just one drink, maybe," Karen stammered looking at her husband. Dave beamed his approval and smiled directly into her eyes with love. She was overwhelmed with that love knowing now that he was telling the truth . . . he would still love her if he shared her with another man.

They quickly hopped up and made their way to Bill's room. Still no hurry, everything was relaxed and easy . . . except for the fact she was sitting in a puddle from her pussy. They talked and laughed some more with the conversation dominated now by sex. Finally, Bill broke the ice.

"That is some hard on you're sporting there Dave," he said with a laugh. He reached over and softly slid his hand over Dave's crotch and rubbed his cock through his jeans. "Mind if I feel it."

"A little late for permission," Dave laughed, as he adjusted in his seat to be able to get his cock at the best angle.

"You told me in our e-mails that you really wanted to suck my cock . . .are you still up for it," Bill grinned, opening his belt and sliding his pants to the ground.

"Oh, yeah," Dave responded, watching Bill disrobe completely. Karen sat watching transfixed. Bill's cock was not huge, but a decent 6" that looked to be a comfortable size for sucking. Dave stood up, pulled of his shirt and kicked off his shoes and socks. Bill reached over and unzipped Dave's fly, then pulled his pants and boxers off in one movement to expose Dave's raging hard on. Karen's hands were moving slowly . . . one moved toward her breast and the other toward her clit as she watched the two guys. Dave dropped to his knees and started to fondle Bill's balls gently, then reached his other hand up to stroke Bill's cock up and down the shaft. Dave moved his head forward and began to lick Bill's shaft and then pulled his cock towards him and put his mouth around Bill's cock drawing it in 2-3 inches and swirling his tongue around the head.

Karen was mesmerized and felt her nipples harden into little rocks. She unconsciously unbuttoned a second button on her dress and her other hand found her wet panties and she glided her finger inside them to feel her engorged clit. After a couple of minutes of sucking on Bill's cock Dave noticed that Karen was flushed and hotter than he had ever seen her. He stood and walked over to her and wrapped his arms around her and kissed her deeply. Karen melted into Dave and they started rubbing against each others bodies. Continuing to kiss her Dave slowly moved behind her and put both of his hands are her gorgeous tits and massaged them gently. Karen moaned softly and felt him deftly unbuttoning her dress buttons one by one. Soon they were all undone and Dave lifted the sections apart exposing her to his hands and Bill's eyes.

Dave pulled her back toward him and she could feel his cock rubbing up against the crack of her ass. Dave motioned to Bill and he slowly walked over to Karen smiling. Karen started to panic but Bill was so calm and relaxed and Dave was making her feel so good she decided to relax and enjoy. Bill reached out and gently felt each breast, as if weighing them or testing their size. He ran the back of his hand down her stomach lightly until he stopped just north of her drenched panty line. Dave tugged on the dress and she felt it sliding down her arms and onto the floor. Bill looked her up and down approvingly as Dave unhooked her bra and set her tits free. Bill let out an audible sigh as her tits sprung free and felt each one in turn. He reached forward both hands and grabbed both tits, then put her nipples between his fingers and rolled them back and forth. A little pinch on one and then the other and then his lips found the first nipple and sucked hard. Karen drew a quick breath and moaned in pleasure as she felt her wet panties started to slide over her bottom. Dave followed the panties down to the floor then kissed his way back up her legs until he licked the crack of her ass.

Dave stood up and directed her to the bed where she lay down in between the two guys. With Dave in back, rubbing his cock on her backside, Bill kissed his way down her belly until he found her pussy. However, Bill didn't find her clit just yet as his tongue danced here, there, everywhere, except for her clit, driving Karen crazy. Dave was still rubbing up against her and had reached around to play with both of her tits. Finally, finally, Bill let his tongue graze Karen's clit and it was like putting her finger in a light socket. Bill followed that with a general assault on Karen's clit while putting, one, two and finally three fingers into her pulsating pussy. Karen starting riding a wave of orgasms as she felt Dave insert a slippery finger up her ass and she bucked her hips to get the most out of it.

Dave pulled out his fingers and kneeled by her head and Karen turned and sucked his cock hard and fast. Bill moved behind her and laid flat on his back and then pulled her on top of him so that she was face up laying on his stomach. Dave slid down and spread her pussy and pulled Bill's cock from underneath her, gave it a couple of quick licks and inserted it into Karen's pussy. Bill began moving in and out slowly and Dave started to lick her clit and Bill's cock. Dave's biggest fantasies involved sucking a guy to completion and /or a creampie from a friendly "donor". Here he could have his cake and eat it, too. Bill picked up the pace as he played with Karen's tits and she was riding her way to another giant orgasm. She squeezed her cunt muscles and Bill could feel he was just about ready. He yelled out he was going to come and Dave quickly pulled Bill's cock out of Karen and swallowed it whole. The first spurt of cum flew down Dave's throat and then he firmed his grip on Bill's cock, temporarily stopping the flow. As he swallowed that first spurt, Dave quickly inserted Bill's cock back into Karen and she flew up and down on Bill's cock, sending him quickly into another 4 or 5 spurts of warm cum. As Bill finished and relaxed Karen screamed out, "Clean me up, Dave! Now!"

Dave didn't need to be told twice and he dove in licking and sucking Karen dry, gathering up all of Bill's cum and sending Karen to another crashing orgasm. After a moment of rest Karen was on her knees sliding her way down to Dave's cock.

"Now, it's your turn," she screamed. "Come on, Bill," she said, motioning that he join her. So, Bill and Karen both attacked Dave's cock, taking turns licking up and down the shaft, sucking on his balls and swallowing the head. Dave wasn't going to take long and soon announced he was going to cum. Karen put her hand at the base of Dave's cock and motioned Bill to finish him off. Bill lowered his mouth onto the head just as Dave's first shot exploded from his cock. Bill swallowed all that he could and Karen then grabbed back Dave's cock and sucked out every last drop of Dave's cum. Looking at Bill, Karen opened her mouth wide and showed Bill all of Dave's juice, then slid up the bed and kissed her husband deeply sharing his own cum with him. Both finally swallowed what they had and then collapsed onto the bed.

Karen lay there for a while thinking about what transpired. Dave cuddled up with her close and squeezed her hard. "I love you so much, Karen. Thank you so much for doing that. You are the best." Karen basked in the glow and mouthed the words thank you to Bill who was watching them cuddle. "My pleasure," Bill responded as he picked up and left them alone for a while . . . but only a little while . . . because he knew round two would be even better.

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