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Joan Rivers and the Marine

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I attend small private college with a typical party style. On Friday and Saturday nights you attend a couple of parties, went to the campus bar / club, and then went to a late night party. One of the girls I knew socially, Jen was an interesting gal. While she was not "pretty" in the fashion magazine or Barbie doll sense, she was very attractive in that peculiar way. She had captivating eyes and a husky voice that sounded like Joan Rivers. She had a nice figure (about 5'6", 125lbs I'd guess, nice ass, nice boobs) and enjoyed dancing at the campus club. I'm not the greatest dancer, but she enjoyed dancing dirty with me i.e. grinding her ass into my crotch (or the other way around) and the occasional chest rubs against me. We would always have a good time but never went any further. She was very nice but a bit odd at the same time and my friends would bust on me about dancing with her. She mostly hung out with this guy Jack, who was in the Marine reserves. He was very stoic looking and said little. While not rude, he wasn't outgoing or friendly either. She always called him a friend, never a boyfriend and their actions indicated as much. Jen on the other hand was very outgoing and friendly.

So, one night after numerous beers and some dirty dancing, I asked Jen if she wanted to come up to my room for a couple of beers. She replied sure, let me go get Jack. I was hoping to get into her pants and she went got her Marine body guard. Great. So, the three of us went up to my room, one of my roommates went home for the weekend and the other was likely staying over in his girlfriends room. The two of them sat down on our low slung love seat, I grabbed a beer for everyone and I sat across from them in one of those director style chairs.

After some jokes and small talk she reached over and started to rub Jack's leg. A minute or two later they leaned towards each other and started making out. I was stunned and not sure what to do, leave, tell them to leave, or just watch. So, I watched for minute or two, sipping my beer. I found myself becoming slightly aroused. Jack then slid his hand down between her legs and gave her a little rub, Jen then repositioned herself so the Jack could unsnap her jeans, and unzip her. He then slid his hand in her pants. She started to moan and squirm. Jack then stopped kissing her and moved down to slide her pants and underwear down, exposing her hairy pubes. I got a peak at her pussy lips as he spread her legs slightly and lowered his mouth to her. I really started getting a boner at this point and started to give myself a little rub.

Jen then looked over at me a smiled and gave me a little head nod. With that, I stood up and walked over to her. She was enjoying the licking she was getting while I stood there with my hand down my pants. I then undid my pants and lowered them, unleashing my hardness. She smiled as I gave myself some pumps. The pre-cum was oozing out and dripping down my head. I rubbed it in nice and slow and took one nice big drip to my own lips. She then leaned forward, grabbed my cock and brought it towards her face. Jack stopped and sat up beside her as she licked and stroked my cock before wrapping her lips around my head. She went up and down my shaft, pumping me, and licking around my head. After several minutes of this, she grabbed a hold of my cock and pointed towards Jack who was watching and messaging his cock from the outside of his pants. He then leaned forward and took my cock into his mouth. Jen slipped her other hand around my ass and pushed forwarded, taking her other hand to the back of Jack's head, forcing my cock all the way into his mouth. I was so horny, I just stood there in shock as another guy was engulfing my dick. I didn't stop him because it felt so good. Jack slid my cock in and out of his moth as Jen started to fool with his pants trying to free his cock. He then stopped and stood up pulling down his pants. His nice hard cock was right there beside me. Similar in legnth (6.5" - 7"), but much thicker and with a slight curve. My cock while a little thinner and very strait with a huge mushroom head. His cock head looked overwellmed by his girth. Jen then proceeded to give us both some strokes before taking his cock into her mouth. Continuing to hold onto to my cock, she sucked him while I watched. She then pulled his dripping wet cock out of her mouth and pulled our cocks closer together. She then procedded to rub our cocks together. I was really enjoying having my dick rub another guy’s dick. She then took both heads into her mouth and played around. I could hardly control myself. To keep from coming, I pulled away slightly and lowered myself in front of Jen. I pulled her pants the rest of the way off, spread her legs wide and l lowered my mouth to her pussy. After several wonderful licks, I spread her lips with my fingers and exposing her inner pinknes and her large clit.

As I flicked her clit with my tongue she moaned and bucked. She had her left hand groping her still covered tit and her right hand wrapped around Jack's cock as he knelt beside her. I continued to take full licks of her before insert my fingers. As I slid my fingers in and out I would pause to lick her some more. After several more minutes of this she started to buck her hips and moan. She didn't need to tell us, but she yelled out I'm cumming. She then pulled Jack's cock back into her mouth as I slid pulled off my shirt and finished taking my pants off.

I knelt back down and removed her pants from around her ankles. I then slowly slid my hand up under blouse and grouped her lace covered tit. Her hard nipples easily pocked through the thin fabric. My hard cock rubbed against her leg leaving trails of pre-cum. I then unbuttoned her blouse and slid her underwire bra up over her big tits (at least a D). She pulled Jack's dick out of her mouth to moan as I pulled on her hard nipples. I then went down to take them into my mouth. I she pulled me up to kiss her, I was aware that Jack's cock was only inches from my face. As we kissed she pulled his cock closer a until it touched our lips as we kissed. She then wrapped her fingers around the base to angle it right between our mouths. I didn't hesitate for a moment as I moved from her lips to his head and shaft. She continued to work her side of his cock with her tongue or lips with our tongues and lips occasionally touching. My cock throbbed as I rubbed it against her body as shared Jack's cock with her. She then said she needed a cock in her.

So, I pulled back and walked over to get some rubbers. She got up and finished taking off her blouse and bra and met me by the bed. As she walked towards me, I got the first good look at her beautiful tits. Because they were big and heavy, they hung down and swayed back and forth as she walked towards me. Her areolas were nice and dark and her nipples nice and hard. Jack pulled the rest of his clothes off as well and walked over with his hard dick bouncing as he walked. Jen and I kissed and I fondled her nice big tits. As I bent over to take her nipples into my mouth when Jack positioned himself behind her and placed his cock between her ass cheeks. He asked me if I wanted the front or back. Being a tit man, I said the front.

I looked up at Jen and told her that I want her on top of me riding my cock. She smiled and gave me a playful shove down onto the bed. I slid over as Jen climbed up onto the bed. She straddled me with my cock touching the inside of her legs. I reached over to grab the string of Trojans I laid on the bed. She said to let her do that as she opened up a rubber and started to put it on my tool. She then spread her legs a little wider and rubbed my head across her lips before sliding me into her wet cunt. I grabbed a handful of tit as she started to ride me. I looked over at Jack who was standing close by stroking his cock. I then pulled Jen down on top of me, grabbed her ass cheeks and slid her back and forth on my cock for a minute or two before stopping and pulling her cheeks wide to expose her asshole. Jack looked excited as he pulled a rubber on and positioned himself behind her. I held still as he slowly rubbed the lube from his rubber around her hole. He managed to fiddle with my balls as well - an awesome feeling. He then slowly slid his cock into her ass. Once he was fully in and pumping her I moved my hands to her hips so that I could thrust my cock in and out. I was so turned on by the feel of my cock buried in her and the feel of Jack thrusting his cock into her and the occasional feel of Jack's sack coming in contact with the base of my cock. Jen started to cum and the pleasure was too much and I began to cum as well. I don't think my cock had ever pulsed so hard. I could feel gobs of cum shooting out. Jen was moaning and yelling loudly as her body shook. My cock continued to throb for several minutes. I could feel Jack starting to really start to pound her up the ass and Jen enjoyed it. I could still feel that my cock was still fully erect and I was still aroused.

Jack then pulled out and started to rub his cock against the base of my cock and Jen's pussy lips. She then told him to slide it in, so he slowly worked his cock into her pussy with my dick still buried in there. The feeling was intense. I could feel his hardness against mine as her pussy became tighter with two dicks inside her. He slowly slid back and forth, Jen came again very quickly. It didn't take long for Jack to start grunting and blow his load as well. He then pulled out and I told Jen to roll over. As she rolled over she spread her legs wide and drilled her with my still throbbing cock. Jack pulled his rubber off and kneeled down near her face so she could take him into her mouth. I pumped her hard as I felt another orgasm build. I watched her big titties bounce around to my thrust. She was having trouble keeping Jack's dick in her mouth. So mostly she just held onto it. It didn't take long for me to cum again. I could feel the condom starting to slip from all the cum and juices so I pulled out.

As I pulled the rubber off, Jen told me to come closer so she could lick it clean. She kept hold of Jack's dick while sucking mine clean. The two of us were standing beside the bed and I decide to reach over to grab a hold of Jack's dick myself. It was still somewhat hard. When Jen paused, I kneeled down and took Jack's semi hard cock into my mouth. It still was still a little sticky from his cum as I twirled my tongue around his head. Before long he was hard again. Jen then leaned over and started to lick his cock and took turns sliding it into her mouth. Jack then started to grunt and unload into Jen's mouth. She kept most of it in her mouth, with drips running down her chin. She then leaned over to me and began to kiss me. Drawing my mouth open with her cum filled tongue. She then smeared the cum on my tongue and lips as we kissed. I slid up into the bed next to her and sucked on her tits some more. By now my dick finally started to go down. Jack leaned over and gave me a few sucks but I was exhausted. I cuddled up with Jen in the bed. It was a twin bed, tight for two, not good for three, but Jack didn't seem to mind and went over and climbed into my roommate’s bed. The next morning Jack was gone but Jen was still in my bed. We fucked again nice and slow. Afterward I asked her about Jack. She said he was a closet bi and was hoping to find a release. The two of them had sex a couple of times but never a three way. She suggested me awhile back and they just waited for the right time. Needless to say there were couple more right times after that.

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