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I heard a knock at the door and went to open it. There stood a young man in his early twenties. He said, Sir I see you are doing some work on your house. I just stopped to see if you needed a hired helper. I was in the middle of a major remodeling job on the interior. I guess he saw the piles of construction materials in the front yard. I thought for a second and decided to entertain the idea of having some help. Come in and let?s talk, I said. He followed me into the den and took a seat. How much, I asked. He answered, How about one hundred dollars per day and a place to sleep. He explained that he was working his way through his senior year of college and was taking the summer off to get his finances together. He continued, a day can be as long as you make it. He informed me of all of his skills and experience. I agreed and we began looking over the jobs to be completed.

He introduced himself as Jake. He was a sandy haired athletic looking young man. I wanted to introduce Jake to the woman of the house, so I tapped on the patio window where she was sunbathing. The door opened and in walked my wife Jill, wrapped from waist down in a towel. Her breasts were wet and glistening with perspiration. When she noticed that we had company, Jill lifted her towel to cover her breasts, but that gave Jake and me a full view of her narrow trimmed strip of pubes, ending at the folds of her little tanned pussy. Embarrassed, Jill muttered, Sorry! Jill retreated to the patio and threw on her cut off jeans and a bikini top. When she returned I made the proper introductions. Jake couldn't wipe the smile off his face.

I showed Jake the small apartment above our detached garage. Jill began bringing up towels and bed linens.

As days turned into weeks, we all became comfortable with one another. As we worked in the upstairs, finishing an unfinished space, I would tease Jake about seeing my wife?s breasts and pussy. I would tease him more when he got a boner while I was teasing him about Jill. He would get me back on occasion. I was bent over filling my nail apron when he ran up behind me and started dry humping me. He said, this is what I am going to give Jill! We both laughed. Later he grabbed my crotch while I was telling a Jill fuck story and yelled, Pecker check! I was beginning to wonder about his intentions. These playful groping and grinding events increased day by day.

One Monday morning he caught me bending over again and grabbed my hips, pulling me back into his crotch. I turned around and told him if he didn?t stop, I was going make him suck my cock. He laughed. I bent back over to gather some tools and he did it again. I turned around unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out through the trap door of my boxers. You want it, suck it! I said while holding my cock in my hand. Jake dropped to his knees and launched his mouth toward my cock. He grabbed my hips and pulled me forward. My cock disappeared inside his mouth. I felt his tongue playing with the underside of my cock. As much as I tried not to get hard, He brought me to full erection in seconds. I was shocked and pleased at the same time. In no time, I felt that warm feeling rush across my body. I held my breath until I couldn't hold back any longer. My cock launched its load of cum into Jake?s mouth. Jake swallowed and continued to wash my cock with his tongue and lips until I couldn't take any more. I pulled out and put my cock back into my pants. We worked in silence for nearly an hour. I replayed that event in my mind over and over. I still couldn't make sense of it. I finally convinced myself that I enjoyed it, but felt extremely weird about it. So, I broke the silence with some nonsense small talk and things got back to normal.

That night when Jill and I went to bed, I stammered through the events of the day. Jill wanted to know every detail. She was actually excited about Jake sucking my cock. Jill rolled over on top of me and pushed my boxers down my legs. Jill threw off her panties and climbed aboard. She lowered her tight pussy over my cock and rode me like a horse. Her juice flowed down the gutter between my balls and legs. Jill grunted wildly as her pussy went into seizures. I launched my second load of cum for the day. Jill collapsed onto my chest and we fell asleep with our cum mingling between us.

The next morning, I told Jake about how Jill had reacted to the story of our little rendezvous the day before. He too, wanted to hear every word of Jill?s wild ride. Jake became excited and demanded my cock again. I conceded and I lay back on my tool bin and let him unzip and unbuckle my belt. As soon as he had my cock free, he devoured it. I was out of breath as I lost my load into Jake?s throat. This became the pattern for the next three days. Jake would suck me off in the morning and Jill would fuck the hell out of me at night after hearing the story of our dirty deeds.

On Friday, as Jake and I began to insulate the attic room, I told Jake about Jill?s crazy ride. Jill had stopped in the middle of her thrusting and changed holes on me. I told Jake how I had fucked the tightest ass ever. Jake got that wild look in his eyes and I instinctively dropped my pants. Jake dropped his boots and pants and briefs on the floor. Jake turned toward a small step ladder and bent over it. He said try this hole. I was expecting a blowjob as usual. This was just too crazy to comprehend! I spit on my fingers and spread Jake's cheeks. I pressed my finger into his hole a few times and then took my cock in hand and pressed the head of it into Jake's bottom. I met with great resistance, but finally I had the head of my cock pressed in. With a little more work, I slid inside as deep as I could go. I began thrusting in and out. I plopped out a few times, but it was easier to get back inside. Jake's hole became slicker as I continued to thrust. I could hear my balls slapping Jake's legs. In no time, I tensed and sprayed my cum deep inside Jake. When we cleaned up and got back to work, I commented on what this story would get me that night. We laughed.

Later that day, I looked out of the attic window to see Jill sunbathing nude on the patio deck below. I offered Jake a peek. We wasted an hour looking down at her beautiful large tanned breasts and her perfectly manicured pussy. Her little brown pussy lips with hints of pink. Jake got excited again and offered to suck my cock. I said no, I needed to save my energy for Jill time later. Jake then boldly requested that I give him some relief. I was dumbfounded. It took me a few minutes to think about it. I eventually thought what the hell and told him OK. He stood looking out the window at Jill as he let his cock out of its confines. I kneeled down and opened my mouth. I took Jake's cock in my hand and plunged in. It was smooth and hard. I began bobbing my head back and forth on his seven inch circumcised cock. It seemed like forever. My neck was getting sore. But just when I thought I was going to give up. Jake tensed. I sucked harder to try and finish him. A salty warm flood of liquid filled my mouth. I was swallowed and kept sucking until it was all gone.

That night, I had a billion things to tell Jill. As soon as I told her I had fucked Jake, Jill began throwing off undies. She said keep talking as she located my cock with her mouth. I continued my story as Jill gave me a wonderful blowjob. When I got to the part of the story about sucking Jake, Jill stopped sucking and popped her head out from under the covers. I could see her big eyes through the darkness as I spoke each word. When I finished my story, Jill crawled up to the headboard and dropped her pussy and ass onto my face. I licked and nibbled as she ground her crotch ass to pussy across my lips. Her breathing shuttered and a spray of Jill cum squirted into my mouth and nose. We played for an hour. I shot my load on her breasts and we fell asleep face to face.

Saturday morning came and the remodeling continued upstairs. I told Jake about Friday night?s main event and we decided to 69 it. We both stripped off naked and I got on top. In a few minutes, I had a mouthful of cum and I lost my load shortly thereafter. As we were dressing, I heard the squeaking on the stairs. I walked over and no one was there. I thought nothing of it and we starting back to work.

A little later, I peeked out the window and Jill was back in position on her recliner. Jake joined me in the window. Jill had her legs spread open toward the window, giving us a wonderful unobstructed view of her pussy. As we watched, Jill pulled a large red vibrator from beneath her towel and began thrusting it in and out of her pussy. We watched as her juices ran out of her hole. Jill lifted her knees toward her chest and pressed her toy into her ass. What a show! She frequently looked up toward the window to make sure she had an audience.

Jake and I got so excited that we both had stripped off naked and were masturbating at the sight below. In no time Jake and I were rolling around on the floor cock to cock grinding one another. Somehow Jake?s cock found my rectum and he was pressing hard against my opening. I raised my knees and he pressed harder. I sharp pain of lightning zapped me as Jake's cock head cleared my entrance. His cock slowly sank until it disappeared inside me. Jake entered and exited with slow rhythmical strokes. I stroked my cock as he continued to violate my hole. Jake pressed against my prostate and a gush of milky liquid poured across my abdomen.

Just at that moment, I sensed that we had an audience. I looked over my shoulder and Jill sat at the top of the stairs watching us with great delight. Jake had not noticed and grunted that he was about to cum. I stopped him. He looked over and saw Jill. He pulled his cock out of my ass immediately. Jill motioned to us with her finger and we followed. She led us to the bedroom downstairs. She climbed up on the bed and inserted her toy into her ass once again. We could hear the muffled buzz of the buried vibrator.

Jill commanded it is Jake time. I stood by the bed and watched as Jake climbed onto the bed. Jake buried his head into my beautiful wife?s pussy. Jake slurped loudly Jill handed me her vibrator and told me to play for her. I took the buzzing toy and shoved it slowly into my ass. I found my prostate and another flow of liquid dribbled onto the floor.

Jake maneuvered on top of Jill and soon they were fucking wildly. I had never seen Jill fuck another man before. I was both excited and anxious. Jake was pounding Jill. Their parts slapped loudly against one another as I stood there with a vibrator up my ass. Jake was kissing Jill. It made me uneasy, but I watched on. Jill flipped Jake onto his back and straddled his cock. I watched as Jill?s pussy accepted his member and Jake's cock disappeared inside her. Jill began squirting her juice. She dropped down upon Jake?s chest with Jake?s cock still inside her. She told me to join them. Jill ordered me to fuck her in the ass. I straddled Jake's legs and crawled in behind Jill. After a bit of maneuvering, my cock found Jill?s ass. All three of us began moving back and forth and we found our rhythm. Jill?s ass sucked my cock and I exploded inside her in minutes.

I climbed off and went to the kitchen to grab a beer. I fell exhausted on the couch in the den. I sipped my beer as I listened to Jake and Jill moan and slap together. About three beers later, I walked back to the bedroom to check in. Jake and Jill were sixty-nining. I grabbed another beer from the kitchen and went back to the den. Two, then three, then four hours passed and they were still fucking.

I cooked supper and went back to the bedroom. Jake was fucking Jill in the ass doggy style. I climbed up on the bed and stood astride of Jill with my cock in Jake's face. Jake didn't miss a stroke and took my cock in his mouth. Several minutes later, I felt like I was going to cum and I pulled out just in time to launch my cum into Jake's face and onto Jill?s back. I was off again for another beer. We took turns off and on until early in the morning. We all woke up Sunday afternoon still exhausted.

Jake has gone back to finish his senior year, but visits every weekend.

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