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In Cassys hands, Part 2

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In Cassy's Hands, Part 2

Cassy, using her sensuality, her beauty, her guile and her seeming clairvoyance had spent the afternoon breaking my boundaries and my heart. Where did this woman come from? What confluence of events had occurred to place Cassy and Andrew in the high-end stereo store on the very afternoon I had chosen to go? What made her look over her shoulder and choose me that afternoon? And most confusing, who could know by looking at her what desires lay in the deepest darkest corners of her mind.

As I started to recover, I saw her reach across to the table beside her and grasp the tip of a very long phallus attached to a harness. As she stood up and began to place it around her hips, I got more than just a little apprehensive. While I was willing to try anything to please Cassy, I really wasn't sure whether I was ready for what she apparently had in mind.

She twisted around to the right, pulling a buckle tight, and I could not keep myself from admiring her lithe tanned body. As she turned the other way, toward me, to adjust the other buckle, she quickly glanced at me and started to giggle slightly.

"I wish you could see the expression on your face, Michael." She grabbed the red leather strap on the harness and pulled hard. As it cinched tight against her bronzed hip, she laughed out loud, "It's that same expression I used to see on patient's faces whenever I would pick up a needle and a syringe."

"Well, Cassy, you must admit, that thing is a little intimidating!"

She stuck her lower lip out just a bit in a faux pout, wrapped her fingers around the giant cock protruding from the lowest point of her flat, firm abdomen, and started stroking it. "Well, there's no reason for you to be frightened Michael. This is not for you. However, my lovely husband has been such a good boy today, and he has been so helpful, that I'm going to repay him with one of his favorite treats."

Andrew didn't say a word. He just turned toward her and grabbed the end of "her" giant penis - there was easily room enough for both of their hands with room to spare.

Cassy said, "Michael, why don't you just make yourself comfortable on the sofa there and watch. Andrew has a lot of work to do before I can give him what he really wants. For one thing he has to get my big cock hard enough to take his tight little hole." She then turned all her attention to Andrew.

I was extremely relieved she wasn't going after me with that thing, and as far as watching, I thought to myself, "Why not?" But truthfully I couldn't see what it was that Andrew had to do to make penetration possible, the strap-on looked as hard as a rock. Then I watched as Cassy gently placed her hands on each side of his face and pushed him to his knees. He stared up at her the entire time, the all-too-realistic phallus resting below his chin. I was not prepared for the eroticism of what happened next, and it would be a long time before I began to deal with my reaction to the scene.

Cassy took her thumbs just barely made contact with the surface of his lips. One could see the excessive stimulation she was causing by tickling his lips. Andrew's eyes closed and he nuzzled her tummy with his forehead. She continued and he reacted, so aroused that he felt the need to kiss her just below her navel, pushing the phallus farther down with his chin. She moved her hands back to his cheeks, and placed her thumbs gently at the corners of his mouth. She very sweetly and very quietly said, "Open your mouth, baby." Andrew's lips parted slightly, and he moved forward slightly to kiss her golden tummy again. She pushed her thumbs just slightly further into the corners of his mouth, "Open, "she commanded. He responded by opening his mouth another half-inch. As his arousal heightened he reached up and wrapped his hand around the base of the big life-like cock. She gently pulled his hand off it. "Don't touch, Andrew. I will feed it to you when it's time." Having taken one hand from his mouth, she used it to gently stroke his face and hair, "I know you want it baby, but you'll have to open your mouth much wider to get my big cock in there, now open wider." He responded by widening his mouth another half-inch.

All of a sudden there was the sound of a sharp slap on Andrew's face. "Open your mouth, I said!" and he did very quickly. She moved her other hand back up, replaced her thumbs in the corners of his mouth and pushed back hard, like she was putting a bit in his mouth, "Wider!" Andrew opened his mouth wide and looked up at her. "Wider!," she commanded him. He responded, opening his mouth as wide as he possibly could. "That's better, my love. You keep it like and you can have this treat. He looked somewhat like a baby bird as she lifted her hips and inched the tip of the phallus toward his face. "You want this?"

As best he could with her thumbs pushing his mouth wide he said, "Yeth."

"Are you sure my love?"


"Open wide," she said as she touched the dildo to his lower lip.

As Andrew held his mouth open wide, Cassy moved forward very slightly and let just the tip of her phallus touch his lips. Andrew's tongue began to move around the head of it. She pushed it in another inch and Andrew's eyes closed in the way someone's eyes close when tasting great chocolate. She would continue to slide the tip of the toy in and out of his lips. As he grew accustomed to it's size, and increasingly aroused, he leaned forward to get more of it, but she simply pulled it away a bit more. Cassy was only going to allow him to have what she wanted him to have, no negotiations permitted.

Sitting on the sofa, watching these two was like an out-of-body experience. Cassy was so tall, so beautiful, so elegant. Her tall, tan frame was so lithe, so elegant. Her breasts were larger than one would expect on a woman her build, but not too big. Her eyes were angelic and full of fire at the same. Even the way tiny golden hairs on her flat abdomen reflected the candle-light in the room made her look magical. But, the contrast between her beauty and her behavior was so striking. She was a woman you would expect to see in an evening gown sliding out of the back seat of a limousine, and it was so obvious that she would feel perfectly at ease in that role. But here she was, naked from the waist up, a large and rather grotesque phallus strapped to her slender hips, teasing her husband's mouth. It struck me as strange that she looked no less at ease in this role.

Watching from my position on the sofa, I began to feel separated from myself but connected to them. It was as if somehow I was close to them. Even though I was five feet away I began to feel Cassy's power and command over the situation. I also began to feel some empathy for Andrew. Even though I understood fully that everything Cassy was doing to him was something he obviously wanted done to him, I somehow felt the desire to comfort him; to stand behind him and touch his shoulders, maybe stand so my chest was against his back, maybe touch his thighs or his.... "Holy shit!" I thought to myself. "What is going on in your mind?"

Cassy grabbed the hair at the sides of his head and pulled his face farther down the phallus toward her. Andrew gulped, and it appeared that he gagged a little. He started to pull his head back but Cassy wouldn't let him. She had two handfuls of hair and she held him there for another five seconds until his eyes started watering. Then she let him pull away. But, the moment he caught a breath of air, she pulled his face back to the very base of the harness and held it there. The poor guy couldn't breathe, his eyes started to water and she continued to hold the dildo deep in his throat.

Then the oddest thing happened. She let go of his hair, and he stayed there at the base where the harness met his mouth. Pulling back no more than an inch or two, he continued to deep throat the object. I had no idea where he was putting it or why he didn't pull away. But he remained there until Cassy sharply pulled back and removed the dildo completely from his mouth.

"On your feet baby, and turn around," she commanded, and he did as she said. Andrew bent over, grabbed the top of the sofa back, and Cassy began sliding the phallus up and down between his cheeks. She smoothed a portion of lubricant onto it, and slid about one inch of it into his backside. He let out a guttural moan that could only be interpreted as appreciation. She slid back out very slowly until the silicone cock popped all the way out and fell from its own weight.

"Oh baby, I'm so sorry," Cassy cooed. "Now you have to take that big blue cock again." She lifted it up, aimed it perfectly, and pushed it back in again very slowly. Again, Andrew let out a deep growl moan. At the end of a two or three inch push Cassy stopped. She waited there for an interminable time then slowly started to pull out. The large silicone head reappeared, then popped out again. Mockingly Cassy said, "I don't know what's wrong with me today, my love. You are going to have to take this big thing once again. You do want your big blue cock back again, don't you baby?" Andrew whined a little and buried his head deeper into the sofa cushion.

"Bwessft," or something similarly unintelligible was all he could reply. I was mesmerized watching this show. Again and again Cassy pushed in, slid slowly out completely, then made him open up to take it all over again. She kept that up for a short while, then, without warning slowly pushed her silicone penis all the way into him. It was obvious it was a bit of a trial for him, but it was equally obvious that he was enjoying it. Cassy stood tall, resting her hands on Andrews hips, slowly impaling him, over and over again, on her member.

As I watched this beautiful woman take this fit masculine man, I realized that I was seeing something that I had never even imagined before. I also realized it was making me hard again. I instinctively reached to touch myself, and Cassy spotted me. She smiled a little, then turned all her attention back to Andrew.

Now, I had learned a couple of things in the time I had been watching. The first revelation was that Andrew had started this part of the afternoon's adventure with a proud and raging erection. It had actually grown from that state to a higher point when Cassy was feeding his mouth with her phallic toy. However, when she had started inserting into him, it disappeared very quickly to a limp, but still respectable position. Now his penis was beginning to swell again. I had to ask myself several questions at this point. Firstly, why did he get erect while Cassy was obviously mistreating and demeaning him? Secondly, why did he lose his erection when she began taking him anally? Why was it beginning to grow again now? And most importantly, what was it about this scene that had me paying so much attention to a man's penis? What the hell was going on here?

Cassy slid her hand off Andrew's hip, down his thigh, and around his abdomen to touch his penis. "Oh my, it looks like both my boys are back!" It wasn't until that moment that I realized I had been lying on the couch, stroking myself, and that I was indeed fully erect again. Andrew was also. Then Cassy took it to the next level.

"Andrew, I don't think it's fair for our new friend to lie there and stroke himself while you have a perfectly good mouth available and doing nothing."

Just as I was about to say "That might not be.." Andrew interrupted by saying, "Cassy, I don't think he's ready for that yet."

Cassy stood on her tip-toes and slammed the strap-on deeply home. "I didn't ask you what you thought he was ready for Andrew, and I don't remember asking him what he thought about it either. If you want me to keep fucking your hungry little ass, you'll put your face in his lap and swallow his cock. If he ever wants to come back here and play with us again, he'll let you. Am I clear on that?"

"Yes, my love."

"And make sure you do it so I can see. You know how much I love to watch my sexy men. I want to see your pretty face fucked. And Andrew?"


"I know it will be his third time today, but I think our new friend wants to come again. I would like to see if you can do that for him."

I didn't know what to say. I wanted to say, "No" but I couldn't. I definitely wanted to come back here and play again, but this was new territory for me. I had never had another man's mouth on me before, and to be honest, as turned on as I was, the thought really did not appeal to me at this moment.

Andrew looked at me, his face almost apologetic. Then I watched as he leaned forward and felt his breath on my thighs. He licked the shaft from the bottom to near the tip just once, then engulfed my penis in his warm wet mouth. Maybe it was the tension, or the forbidden nature of this moment, or maybe it was that this man knew exactly what he was doing, but the blow job I was being treated to was nothing less than exquisite. As he continued, my eyes closed, my hips pushed up toward his face, and I lost track of where I was, what I was doing, and who was doing it. I stopped thinking and only felt.

Andrew's ministrations were so different than anything I had ever felt. I could feel the strength of his mouth and jaw. He swallowed me all the way into his throat, but there was no gag reflex, no need to come up for air. He just swallowed me completely and kept me there until he was ready to slide his mouth up my cock again. The entire time, his tongue sawed back and forth across the frenulum, driving me insane with pleasure. I could feel the heavier weight of his head in my lap, I could feel the razor stubble of his beard as he deep throated me. There was no way to confuse this with the soft sweet touch of a woman giving the gift of oral sex. But, much to my surprise, it was really, really good.

Andrew started to pick up the pace, and Cassy reached around and grabbed his growing member. As she slid her hand up and down his shaft, he got more involved and more excited about what he was doing to me. I finally relaxed a bit and could feel myself working toward another orgasm. Cassy laughed, "Hey you two, you'd better not start ignoring me!" With that, she picked up the speed and the intensity with which she was fucking Andrew. "See how this works, Michael? The harder I fuck him the better he sucks you! Isn't that right baby?"

Andrew answered by swallowing my cock all the way down his throat. Cassy chose that moment to pull out completely. "Oh Andrew. You have been such a good helper today! And you need to come so badly. Let me help you." She made Andrew lie on the floor. Then she motioned to me (and my raging erection) to come toward them. "Put your knees on either side of Andrew's head, Michael. That way he can finish what he started."

I'm not sure why, but even though I had decided it was somehow okay for Andrew to put his face in my lap on the couch, this felt different, and it bothered me. I hesitated. Finally, realizing I was not going to resist, I did as she said. My cock hung just above Andrew's face. As Cassy lifted his legs and slid her strap-on back home, Andrew sighed. Within minutes his mouth was over my penis again, and it felt really good. It was better actually, being less than three feet away from Cassy, face to face, her eyes flirting, her teeth biting down on her swollen bottom lip as she slid into Andrew.

Cassy's excitement was building, Andrew's excitement was building, and I was simply losing my fucking mind. Before long, Cassy pulled me forward and began biting my lower lip instead of her own. We started moving together, Cassy pumping Andrew's ass, me fucking Andrew's mouth, and Cassy and I rising and falling together kissing passionately.

She suddenly reached down to her hips and unbuckled the huge strap on device. Leaving it firmly planted in Andrew's backside, she slipped out of the harness and slid away to devour his erection. I watched helplessly, my kissing partner no longer available. As Cassy sucked Andrew, she stated into my eyes, never blinking. It was like watching a porn movie, and it was working. I felt the first twinges of an upcoming orgasm building. From my kneeling position I leaned forward and put my hands on the rug. My face was no more than a foot from Cassy's now and she continued to stare into my eyes as she slid up and down on Andrew's cock.

As the stimulation rose I caught myself bucking my hips into Andrew's face, sinking myself deeper and deeper into his throat. Just then, Cassy reached up and grabbed the back of my head. She held my face merely inches from hers as she swallowed and released Andrew's beautiful cock. She released it from her mouth, and planted a wet hot kiss on my mouth. There was that unwomanly taste a gain. I was so aroused, so close to orgasm that it turned me on more than I would have ever imagined. As she went back to Andrew, the smile in her eyes told me she knew it. After swallowing him for another minute, she kissed me again. As she did, Andrew's erection tried to slid between our chins. I didn't care. Se went back to him, and I felt my orgasm building. I fucked his face mercilessly, my back started arching. I starting to make a groaning sound, this was going to be a monster. Cassy watched intently, and as the moment neared, she smiled, removed Andrew from her mouth, wrapped her hand around the wide base, and offered his gorgeous cock up to me. I knew what she wanted me to do, but I hesitated. I just couldn't do it.

My orgasm seemed to start in my legs working its way up to my groin, where it has burning like nothing I had ever felt. At the moment I was losing all control, Cassy rubbed the silky head of his cock across my lips. That was all it took. As my orgasm crashed through my body, I opened my mouth wide and swallowed Andrew. I took as much as I could, trying to imitate what he was doing to me. I screamed with my mouth full of manhood, he pushed his hips upward three or four times and we came in a sucking, humping, pumping, twisting pile of humanity. I didn't taste him because I had gotten so turned on that I had lost a semblance of a gag reflex and he was far down my throat, far past my taste buds.

Cassy started laughing, "Oh my God! You two are so fucking hot! That was beautiful. We have to do that again!" I rolled my eyes. I didn't think it possible for me to have another orgasm, ever! Andrew put his hands on my hips and lifted up, trying to catch a breath.

"What the hell was that?" he laughed.

"That was Michael making you come in his mouth." Cassy replied.

"Really? I didn't think you wanted to go there, Michael"

"Well," I said, "I didn't think so either. All I can say," staring directly as Cassy, "is the devil made me do it."

"Oh, yes. I know her well."

As we got up and tried to gather our senses, I noticed it was 3 a.m. "Oh my God, I have to go." But I didn't go. We sat talking and laughing and having a couple drinks. Then we decided to get in the hot tub for a while. Then we had another drink. Finally, as the sun was coming up, I realized I truly had to go.

After finding my clothes, getting dressed and giving goodbye hugs, they walked me to the door. Cassy gave me one last kiss, then stepped back a step and touched both my shoulders. "Michael, I want you to know that I am so glad we met you today. We had a wonderful time with you, and I feel like you had a good time too."

"Oh, yes, absolutely. Maybe my best day ever"

"I want you to know, we're very proud of you too. I believe you covered some new ground today, opened up some new doors for yourself."

"Yup, brand new doors. I'm hoping I don't get home and freak out."

"Freaking out won't do any good. If you decide that you did something you didn't like, or that makes you uncomfortable, well, now you know that and you can choose what you want to do - and what you don't. Andrew and I would like to invite you back. But there's one thing you need to know."

"And that is?"

"You are welcome here with us anytime. We really like you. And, we like having you join us when we have sex. But, each time you return, I can promise that it is going to get more and more challenging for you. I am going to push your envelope and challenge your borders every time you come here. You might want to consider, the next time you come here, you will be challenged just like you were today. I will ask you to go places you have not been before."

"What do we do when we run out of challenges, what if I decide I like everything?"

"You're so cute. I promise you, I will challenge you. You'd better give that some serious thought. But, I sincerely hope we will see you again. Here's my phone number. Call us the moment you want to return."

Cassy kissed me, Andrew gave me a hug, and the door closed behind me. As I walked out the lobby onto the plaza, I thought to myself, "What more could she come up with?"

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