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If Brokeback were Bi

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If Brokeback was Bi

Buckle bunnies. That's what they call us hot cowgirls... basically western eye candy. What people don't know is that I'm a lot more than just a pretty face. I can ride a bull, tame a bronco, and even mend fences right up there with the best cowboys. As a result, I'm not typically the "buckle bunny" that the cowboys go after. I'm what they might call "intimidating". It's a shame... my fearless nature runs into the bedroom. If a cowboy is lucky enough to let me ride him... well... it will be a ride he will never forget!

I was working a horse in the round pen at sunset and this Mare was stubborn. She was rearing and bucking and I was starting to worry that she might hurt herself or worst of all me! Then I realized I was being watched. He was leaning against the barn watching us closely. I could see that He was a tall, powerfully built, gorgeous cowboy with eyes that could see right through you. He walked slowly toward the round pen with cool confidence. He casually leaned against the round pen and pushed up the front of his hat a bit before asking me if I could use a little help...

I asked him what he was doing spooking my horse? He didn't answer at first. Instead a slow grin spread across his face as he looked at me. He said, "ma'am, I don't mean to ruffle your feathers, it's just I've done this a time or two and I always like to help a pretty lady when I can".

It was obvious that I did need help but I've never been the kind of person who admits to needing help... I tend to figure things out for myself. Before I could answer, he climbed over the round pen fence and was standing next to me. He calmly took the rope out of my hand and in a low voice, started talking to my mare. I was getting flustered and I could feel my cheeks getting hot with anger and embarrassment as he took over my training. Before I could protest, I noticed the mare responded to him immediately. He a moved her through all of the gates... walk, Trot, canter and then turned her around and did it again. The Mare calmly did as she was told and I was astounded by the immediate change that he brought to our training session. She seemed to bend to his will, even flirt a little letting out a soft nicker now and then.

The cowboy worked my Mare into a lather of sweat and when he stopped, she greeted him in the middle of the ring like an old friend. I was amazed without wanting to admit it... I was still annoyed that he took over my training session without my permission. I said, "well that was amazing but quite unnecessary, I'm an expert too and..." he interrupted me, "I know who you are and I respect what you do... maybe I was just trying to find an excuse to finally meet you, I'm Ted, I just bought the Crowley place down the road a ways". As he extended his hand I could see mine be swallowed up by his sheer size. There was an instant electricity that hit and I felt a shock wave that seemed to run all the way to my Pussy. Surprised by my physical reaction to meeting him, I stumbled over my introduction, " oh hi, I uh heard something about a new owner but haven't gotten around to stopping in, I'm umm... Carley, pleased to meet you, would you like a tour of my place?"

Ted replied, " sure, I was hoping you would say that, one of my cowboys is coming by here in a little while to meet you, I thought we might collaborate on a few things and since he's my right hand man, I thought you two should meet as well, that okay?" "Sure, if he's half as good with a horse as you, I'd be happy to work with him!" I exclaimed.

As we walked around my property I was taken by the "presence" he had about him. Strong and self assured, like nothing would rattle him and he could handle any situation. I felt so small walking next to his large frame. We came to the area where I had some picnic tables near the riding ring where clients could watch a show or a training session. The place was deserted now and the sun was setting.

We stopped in front of the picnic table and a "moment" sort of happened. The conversation stopped and he faced me. I felt a flutter in my stomach as he put his large arm around my waist and pulled me in for a kiss. It was soft and slow and I could feel that wetness again in my pussy as my breath caught in my throat I could feel the passion building. I didn't realize he had picked me up and gently set me down on the top of the picnic table. My legs voluntarily opened as he leaned into me. I could feel his cock getting hard in his jeans and I was dying to pull it out to get a better feel of it.

He started unbuttoning my shirt and feeling for my nipples through my bras. It seemed that the race was on to take off our cloths as quickly as possible. Jeans are a little tricky to take off but he some how ripped mine off within seconds leaving me in just my underwear. He came back up to kiss me hard on the mouth while he unsnapped my shirt with one hand. He reached around and unsnapped my bra with one hand and I could feel my nipples get hard as they were freed into the night air.

I felt his large hands move down my body and one hand slipped under the top of my panties as he expertly found my clit and started making slow circles. I was slick with wetness at this point and my back arched up and he slid a finger in side my pussy slowly and then replaced it with his thumb. He pulsed his thumb slightly while he pulled off my panties with his other had and started making out with my pussy. He slowly licked the lips teasing me until I was in agony. He found my clit and started alternating blowing on it and sucking it. At this point I was moaning and I wanted badly to play with his cock.

His cock seemed buoyant and as it popped free of its constraints. My hand felt how smooth and rock hard it was and I started sucking it immediately. First putting in the tip and then sliding the whole cock in and back out again. I loved teasing him by lightly grazing my teeth over the top before taking as much of him in as I could. I licked the whole shaft up and down and went lower so that I could put his balls in my mouth. I savored sucking each on individually while my had still stroked his cock.

I was in complete concentration and about to start licking ass when I heard a man say "Howdy!" I jumped up startled letting out a little scream.

As I scrambled to find my cloths and cover up, Ted calmly said, "oh hey Murph. This is Carley, the woman who owns this ranch. I was just taking a tour and...", " oh I can see, HA! Miss Carley, it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I'm so sorry to interrupt the ah... tour. I heard your a pretty good rider... have you ever tamed two stallions at the same time?" Murphy inquired with a broad smile and wink.

I felt like I was blushing all over my body as I stammered, "I um, well, I guess I've never had the opportunity." I was totally distracted by being caught with a nice dick in my mouth when I noticed that Murphy was a perfect bookend to Ted but with playful blue eyes and wavy thick blond hair. I suddenly felt the urge to ride two stallions. When was I going to get a chance like this again?

I invited Murphy to join and he didn't wait for us to undress him, as if there was a fire drill, he stripped down to nothing in less than a minute. I giggled a little as he almost fell over trying to take off his boots! Then he did something peculiar.

He knelt down behind Ted and spread open his ass cheeks and started licking and sucking loudly. Ted grinned widely and leaned in to kiss me. He whispered in my ear, "lay back darlin', you're going to enjoy this ride". Just then I could feel his cock's head slowly enter my pussy as I let out a quick gasp as he started rocking slowly to find a rhythm he liked. I saw Murphy appear and lean over to suck on my clit as Ted picked up the pace on fucking me. He started to pound me hard and I could hear animal sounds escaping my body and the tingling sensation started to spread throughout my Pussy and ass. Just then I felt cum gush out of my pussy all over cock and he immediately pulled out and helped Murphy lick up every last drop.

As I struggled to recover, Ted bent Murphy over the top of the picnic table and started giving him a nice wet rim job. I was still a little weak from cumming so hard but I wanted in, so I crawled under the picnic table and found Murphy's heavy, thick cock. I felt the excitement building in my gut as I took him completely in my mouth. I was still in a little shock about my current situation but it all seemed to happen so naturally, I couldn't wait to see what happened next!

As I slid Muphy's cock in and out of my mouth Ted started rubbing his cock around the entrance of Murphy's asshole. I heard Murphy moan and then grunt a little as Ted slowly slid in his nice hard cock. Ted and I got into a nice rhythm with him pushing into Murphy's ass while I sucked on his cock... Murphy was obviously in an extended period of ecstasy as we picked up the pace. Ted was really giving it to Murphy hard when Murphy exploded in my mouth. I could feel the hot, wet cum hitting the back of my throat and filling my mouth. As I swallowed the load in a few gulps, I could feel it running down the side of my face... I licked that up too.

I could hear Teds gruff voice call me and I scooted out from under the table waiting for my next orders. Ted was all business as he grabbed my hair and my waist and leaned me over the edge of the picnic table. It was my turn. As he ran his hands over my smooth, firm ass he asked me "are you a virgin?" And he gave my ass a slap... I replied, "yes, be gentle!" Ted was in another mode now and he wasn't taking orders from me. He spread my cheeks apart and I could feel his tongue probing my most sensitive areas. Murphy came over and they took turns licking my lips, clit, and ass. It was an amazing sensation, one that I had never felt before. I was wet for the 10th time since meeting Ted. I felt Ted slid his cock in my pussy. It was really deep in this position and I could feel myself start to squirt as he fucked me so hard that our skin made a loud and rhythmic slapping sound. I was cumming so hard that I could feel it gushing down my leg. Just then, I felt Teds thick finger enter my ass. Omg. Now I was the one howling in ecstasy. As he probed a little deeper, I could I could feel him start to slide the head of his cock in my ass. I was going to get reamed. Murphy was inexplicably ready to go again and he put his cock in my mouth. Just as well, I would need something to block the screams of ecstasy. Ted ordered me to play with my clit and he slowly worked his cock into my ass. He was gentle at first. All of the sensations were so new and amazing. He told me to push out a little and he slid in a little deeper. It felt really good as he slowly stared rocking in and out of my ass. He told me to tell me to spread my ass cheeks for him and I obliged. He pulled out for a minute to show Murphy my gapping asshole. I felt a little embarrassed standing there holding my ass cheeks open for a couple of cowboys to stare at my gap but it was arousing as well so I went with it...

I begged for him to fuck my ass again... this time a little harder. He started slow and as the intensity built Murphy started playing with my pussy and clit. He slid a few fingers in my pussy and worked it with ease and expertise. I was groaning uncontrollably as I could feel my G-spot being worked from two angles. Ted was fucking me deep in the ass with his big rock of a cock and I was loving every minute of it.... I could feel the tingling sensations start to spread through my Pussy, up my back, and down my legs. I knew I was on for a monstrous orgasm. Ted thrust in much harder and faster and I felt myself let go. Ted pulled out of my ass and shoved his cock in my pussy for the final fireworks. I squirted all over his cock while my Pussy grabbed his cock hard. I could feel Ted's Cock pulsing inside of me as we came together. The final cum fest seemed to last forever when Ted pulled out and we all fell in a heap on the grass.

We all lay there panting heavily. The sun was setting and the sky was as gorgeous as I felt at the moment. I lifted my head and smiled as I asked, "now who's hungry?"

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