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Hot-Wife transformed

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Hot-Wife transformed ...

Here we are, sharing our private story here on SLS, with friends and fellow members, who we enjoy so much. Some of you may actually know us. We’re Brian and Angel, long time married couple, enjoying life to its fullest. The story is about how we evolved, sexually that is, post kids.

After we became empty nesters we found ourselves a bit lonesome. Without realizing it, we were so preoccupied with kids and our jobs, that we didn’t pay nearly enough attention to each other. Our sex life was just okay, but way too infrequent. As long as the kids were around, we always found ourselves busy, and neither one of us had time to complain about the lack of affection and/or sex.

After the kids were gone, and moved away, we had much more time on our hands, especially in the evenings and on weekends. We began to pay more attention to each other, and each others needs, and that included our sex.

We began with some innocent pillow talk about our fantasies, and finally discussed the Swinger Lifestyle. We both found it so exciting, just talking about it, and eventually, long story short, we decided to give it a try and went to one of the Lifestyle clubs while we were vacationing in Europe.

Our first experience at a Lifestyle Club was wonderful. We met some great, sexy, intelligent people, and us being multilingual, we had no problem communicating with them. It was a whole new world that had opened up right in front of us. What great fun we could have in this newly discovered social activity for adults like us.

We came State side and researched the Lifestyle here, joined SLS, and met a few couples. Some we hit it off with, and some, though they were nice, we came right out and told them that as far as sex, we just didn’t click; no harm done.

We enjoyed several encounters with a few sexy couples, always MFMF, same room. It was wonderful, especially afterwards, when Angel and I were back home alone having our own sex, rehashing what we just experienced with the other couple. We were contacted by several couples here on SLS and also a number of single men. The thought of another man having sex with my wife Angel always aroused me. We discussed it and at first Angel was a little surprised that I was getting aroused and not jealous. After talking about it a number of times while we were having sex, she asked if this is really something I’d like to go through with. I didn’t hesitate in saying, “hell yes”. She was open to the idea, and asked for me too find a suitable guy. She did a little research of her own, and gave a pretty good idea on what type of guy to look for. He had to be a non-smoker, no drugs of any kind, no facial hair, average to fit physique, healthy/no diseases, and lastly, which surprised me, he had to be a married guy.

So why married I asked? She felt that a married guy would be more cautious, and safer when comes to DDs. Okay, so be it, I went to work on finding this special person.

I turned to SLS, and in a matter of a few days, I was able to find two gentlemen who fit the bill. We arranged a meet-n-greet over a drink and although both very nice, she opted for the one who was about eighteen years younger than me, Jeff ... can’t say that I could blame her.

The very next week we invited Jeff to come to our house, for an afternoon session. The day came and Angel was totally excited, and so was I. I wanted this to be an exceptional experience for her and for her to have the time of her life. She was dressed to kill, makeup done to perfection, super high, stiletto heels, and her outfit was stunning. When I saw her, I got an immediate erection, but this was her day, and not so much mine. We agreed that she would play with Jeff on her own, one-on-one, and that I would only join her after she and Jeff were done, and Jeff was gone.

The door bell rang and Angel greeted Jeff who was standing there with his mouth gaping wide open, WOW, WOW, the only two words he could muster. I also said hello and told both of them to enjoy and have a great time, while I was getting back to my project that I was working on.

After a short while, I heard a few moans, a few “oh God,s Yes, Yes, fuck me harder” coming from our bedroom. It was comforting to hear that the wife was enjoying herself.

Fast forward. Angel and Jeff hit it off, and got along very well. She enjoyed the sex and I enjoyed our sex, immediately following their encounters. She shared every detail with me, which got me super hard, just the thought of another cock fucking my wife.

After a few months of this, and during one of our usual followup sex sessions, she described Jeff’ cock to me and how rigid and fat it was, and how deep he was able to penetrate her. It got me so super hard, that she noticed my super hard reaction. She said, “... what, does cock get you excited?” I said, well, I have to be honest, I’ve been a little curious about what it would be like to suck a cock. She burst out laughing, not a good thing, but then said, well I can see that, being that I’m bi also and enjoy playing with the ladies too. With a smile, she said, we have to see about that, and we left it at that.

A few weeks had past and Angel said that Jeff would be coming over that afternoon and asked if I would be home. I said, yes, but don’t mind me, you two have a good time I said. Jeff and I have talked about having you join us one of these times, so be ready, just in case I give you a shout. Oh, that would be nice, you sure Jeff is okay with that? Yes, Im sure, we discussed it before.

Jeff showed up right on time and the both of them disappeared in to the bedroom, as usual. I stayed closer to the bedroom this time, just in case I would be called on to join them. They always were loud while having sex, but this time they were over the top. I could even hear both of them panting and Jeff’s balls slapping on Angel’s ass as he was pounding her. It was so hot listening to them that I almost burst my load. I could hear their pace quickening, and their moans getting lauder and lauder. I could hear Jeff say, I’m ready, and Angel saying, no, no, I want you ‘in me” At that point I could hear Jeff give out a load grunt, and several more after, and then silence.

The silence broke, when I heard Angel say, Brian, are you ready to join us? I paused for a few seconds, and quickly entered the bedroom. Both of them were sprawled out on the bed, recharging themselves after their obvious intense session. Jeff was at the foot of the bed and Angel on her back, asking for me to join her. She said to lay on my back, which I did.

She leaned over me and gave me deep kisses. I loved her “just fucked smell, feel and taste” it was so erratic and sensual at the same time. She slithered on top of me, gently placing her knees on either side of my head, straddling my face. I could see her gaping pussy glistening with juices. She gently lowered herself while I started licking her clit. Gentle dear, she said, its still so sensitive down there. I slowly pressed my tongue forward, and deeper, and could feel and taste their commingled juices. Angel started to moan, and all of a sudden tensed up, squeezing a huge gob of cum in to my mouth. There was no mistaken, I just received a load of Jeff’s , still steaming hot cum in my mouth. I swallowed as quickly as I could, but it just on coming.

All of a sudden, I felt a pair of strong hands envelop my cock. Wow, Angel must have planned this in advance, I imagined. My semi hard cock became rigid almost immediately. A few seconds later, I get a warm set of lips around my fat mushroom head. While I was still busy cleaning my dear wife’s cream pie, Jeff was giving me a very sensual cock massage. My cock started swelling in Jeff’s mouth, and the entire sensation, physical and mental, was almost too much. I began to moan and mumbled, I’m about to cum. Go ahead dear, let it all out, my Angel said. I held back as long as I could and then rammed my cock upwards in to Jeff’s throat. I shot my hot load, spurt after spurt, and I could hear Jeff starting to gag. It was a new sensation for me and I came like I never came before.

My cock went flaccid when Jeff released him, and my wife turned in to a 69 position at the same time, leaning over and sucking my fading cock perfectly clean. I started wiggling, thinking we were done, but the wife grabbed my legs and lifted them up high, making me wonder what is to come next.

I soon felt a cool, wet sensation on my ass. Angel began to apply lube to my bun hole, making me just a little nervous. She began to circle her finger around my hole, knowing that I needed to do some relaxing. She slipped one of her fingers in me, then two, still making the circular motions. I have to admit, it felt nice and it did help me relax.

She slowly removed her fingers, and then I could feel the head of Jeff’s cock pressing ever so gently on by nervous bun hole. She grabbed Jeff’s cock and began to guide him. I felt him pushing in, the head almost entirely in, and stretching me slowly to his size. Angel must have been enjoying what she saw, because I could hear her moans timed with whenever Jeff pressed forward and inward. Jeff gave his rock hard cock one firm push, and he was in, all in. I could feel his balls slapping on my cheeks. Angel approved, “give it to him” she said. Jeff followed her directions and started pounding me, deep in me. I could feel his throbbing cock hit my prostate, a sensation I never felt before. I enjoy it so much that I was almost ready to pop another load. I didn’t think I had it in me, but I tensed up, arched my back and let loose. I came for a second time, with my wife quickly putting her lips around my cock and enjoying my fresh hot sperm pulsating in to her mouth.

Jeff was not far behind and was getting ready to pop his own load also. She stopped him and asked him to pull his cock out of me and switch to her awaiting pussy, with me still on the bottom. I saw Jeff approach, and pull his condom off, and inserting his fat hard cock in to Angel’s pussy, just an inch from my mouth and nose, what a site!!

Angel moaned as she felt Jeff jam his hard cock inside of her, and it only took a few strokes and pushes before Jeff was ready to dump his load. He arched his back, but quickly pulled his cock out of Angel’s red hot pussy and jamming it in to my open mouth. Before I could react, I was already gagging in his steaming hot sperm, squirting down my throat. I took most of it, but the excess, was dribbling out the corners of my mouth. Angel dismounted, turned and proceeded to help clean me and Jeff’s cock, what a gal.

All three of us collapsed on to the bed, laid there for a minute when Jeff got up and took a shower, washing off any evidence of the sex-capade that we just had. He came out, all cleaned up, dressed, and leaned over Angel and gave her a deep kiss. He shut the door behind him and left to go home to his lovely wife.

Angel and I ... we both were transformed. We saw Jeff on a monthly basis and never stopped experimenting with new ways of pleasuring all three of us.

Life is good, it couldn’t be better!

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