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Gym Routine

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I punched in my security access code at the door to the new company gym and pulled the handle as the buzzer signaled the OK to enter.

The new gym had been open for a year now, and I joined about six months ago to try and reduce the stress levels induced by a fast paced Information Systems career. I had made it a priority to get down there three days a week, summer included, and I was really feeling the benefits of a good hard workout at the end of a long (and usually hectic) day.

It was about 6:30 p.m. and I could hear the music pounding from the big blaster in the corner of the room. I looked around to see who else would be here at this hour and saw one other guy already on the Stairmaster working up a sweat. He looked up and gave a wave as I headed for a five-minute warm-up on the bike. I waved back and set the timer on the bike. Sean Somebody-or-another was his name, I recalled. We had chatted amicably on the few occasions where we had seen one another here at night. Like me, he preferred to use the stress of the day to keep the 'edge' on his workout.

He had brought a great tape with him, and I found myself enjoying the music as I relaxed into a rhythm on the bike. The five minutes passed quickly, and I walked over in front of the wall-to-wall mirrors for a nice languid stretch.

Sean had finished his warm-up on the Stairmaster, and walked over to the mat area where I was standing stretching my quads.

"Ed, right?" he commented pulling up beside me.

"Yup - and you're Sean?" I commented.

"Yup. Ready for a good session" he asked assuming a similar pose with his leg distended behind him.

"Ya - shitty day today" I lamented. "Lots of crap happening on the system".

"I know! I was bounced on and off the network today for the whole morning" he laughed. "Geez, you guys in I.S. sure make it hard for a guy to stay connected to the Internet! How the hell do you expect us guys in the plant to search for smut when you keep bouncing us off!".

I chuckled at his comment and looked out the corner of my eye as he bent over to touch his toes. "Hmm. Nice body. Tight shorts, nice pecs and strong legs".

"Where the hell did THAT come from?" I thought. Oh well - I've always admired the human form and this guy was a good sample of how I wanted to look by the end of the year.

"Hey! I'd like to use some free weights today instead of the Universal.

Seeing as how you're here, would you spot for me?" he asked as he headed for the rack.

"What the hell" I thought. I could use some good ol' pumping iron tonight to get the blood flowing.

We took turns spotting and encouraging one another, and bantered back and forth a little as we did our thing. We increased the weights each round, and we had both worked up a decent sweat within the half-hour.

We moved on to some dumb bell routines and decided to finish up on the treadmill.

As we got the treadmills going, he reached up and pulled his T-shirt up to wipe his very sweaty face. I couldn't help but notice a very nicely detailed set of abs, and a totally smooth chest, topped by a great set of pecs.

I set the timer for 20 minutes and got into a good trot. Once again, we chatted about the company, our offices and careers - the usual idle chat that you get into while you're jogging on a mechanical device.

The timer on the tortuous machine dinged and I staggered off the to mats to stretch out once more, before hitting the showers and heading home. Sean pulled up beside me - sopping wet now, and proceeded to do the same. We laughed about the moisture we were dripping all over the mats.

"Wow - you're a slave driver!" he laughed. "My wife is usually the only one who can get me this hot and wet".

I chuckled and said "Careful how you say that in here... the walls have ears.

People outside the door might think we just had a good hard romp on the mats in here!"

He chucked and looked over at the locked door.

"Hmm. Good point I guess - it certainly does sound like it though doesn't it?

Two of us in here panting and sweating and groaning as we stretch."

The thought of what he was saying had an immediate effect on my crotch. I could feel the stirrings of my cock at the picture of him and his wife, sweaty and fucking on the mats while I watched from the sidelines. Now THAT would be a show!

I tried to hide my hardening dick, and put my overactive imagination into check when I noticed in the mirror that the front of his shorts had a bit of a tent there as well. I quickly stole another glance, and when I looked up, he was also looking at my reflection in the mirror. Our eyes met for an electric moment, then we both glanced away.

"Well, I'm hitting the shower", he said as he grabbed his bag and straightened up.

He looked out the corner of his eyes conspiratorially and said in a mock Irish whisper, "You can come in and wash my back - but I won't say it too loud or someone might hear!"

With a chuckle, I grabbed my bag and followed him out the door to the shower area.

His locker was in the row closest to the shower and mine was further back in the shower room. I stripped down, grabbed my towel and was heading for the shower when I heard the water turn on and Sean start to whistle.

By the time I got to the shower, he was lathering up his smooth lean body with his soap. I hung the towel and took a showerhead a couple of feet from him, trying to that proverbial male thing - steal a glance at his 'package'.

He had his back to me, and I could see that his butt and legs were smooth like the rest of him. I lathered some shampoo into my brushcut and gave it a couple of swirls.

"Hey, that's low maintenance haircut you got there", he chuckled.

"Yup - run a facecloth across the top of it and I'm done", I replied.

"Well, you make up for it with your chest and legs", he said, nodding towards my hairier body.

"Of course, all except for that shaved patch around the base of your cock and balls", he stated, openly looking down at my cock area.

I blushed and thought - SHIT - I had forgotten that my wife had been shaving her pussy in the shower when I jumped in with her on the weekend and she playfully told me it was MY turn when she was finished.

I laughed and told her "NO way! The guys at the gym will die laughing if I do that!"

She said, "If you let me shave your balls and around the base of your cock, I'll give you a blowjob".

Well, my wife HATES to suck cock. In all our years together, I have begged consistently, and she has pretty well evaded sucking my dick (except when she had too much to drink - and then it was mostly teeth).

So, I nervously agreed to the shaving.

She was pretty good with the razor, and had my balls and cock area bare within minutes.

"Must be all that practice she has shaving her pussy", I thought.

True to her word, she cleaned me up and dropped to her knees and gobbled my cock. She slathered her tongue around the head and swirled my balls around while jerking me off. Probably the best effort she's ever made in 15 years of marriage.

While reminiscing about the prior weekend's sex in the shower, I had been absently pulling at my uncut dick and was shocked into the reality of where I was, and who was standing beside me with a big grin on his face.

I jerked my hand away from my semi hard cock and glanced over at Sean to gauge his reaction. That's all I needed - to be jerking off in the shower with this guy standing beside me.

He laughed and walked a little closer.

"Here. Take a look! We have something in common" he stated.

My eyes dropped to his groin area where a nice thick uncut cock hung above a pair of huge balls. There was no hair on his balls or around the base of his cock either!

"My wife shaves her pussy - and loves to have it eaten that way. She convinced me about a year ago to shave my balls and around the base of my cock as well. She says the hairs at the bottom tickle her throat when she sucks me off. That's why I work out late at night. I don't want the guys here to see it, and most of them are gone by the time I finish my workout".

I looked at the size of his cock in amazement.

"She deep throats that thing right to the base? Enough to get pubic hairs against her nose? Holy shit! The woman must be amazing!", I stammered without even thinking.

He laughed and replied, "She gives INCREDIBLE head. She does this throat thing and swallows him right up. I've often wondered what it must feel like for her to do that. I also see you're uncut - there aren't many of us around".

As he made this comment, he was slowly pulling his foreskin out and playing with his soapy balls with his other hand.

I watched in amazement as his cock stiffened and started to point straight up.

He stroked that meat back and forth a little, sliding the foreskin across the top of his huge head.

My cock stirred once again and started to harden. I idly grasped my balls and pulled them as I watched Sean getting even bigger.

"It doesn't get much bigger, just harder", he stated as our eyes met.

I swallowed hard and thought about the situation I was in. Standing in a shower with another married guy jerking off. Nice. Real nice. All we needed was someone else to walk in and catch that scene. Shit, we'd never hear the end of it.

As that thought crossed my mind, he reached over and grabbed hold of my rock hard dick, and gave it a couple of pulls... pulling me towards him. I staggered forward in a trance as his other hand came up between my legs and gently started stroking my smooth balls.

"Mmmm. Nice shave job. They feel just like mine" he stated as he twisted my balls in between his soapy hands.

I reached over and grabbed hold of that monster rod and slid my hands up and down the length of the rigid staff. He parted his legs, and I slid my hands under his balls to his perineum and back up. His balls rode the back of my hand and flopped to the side as my hand came out from between his legs.

With a smile, he dropped to his knees and turned me into the water stream to rinse the front of my body. Then as I stood frozen to the spot, he engulfed my cockhead with his hot mouth.

I arched my back and sighed as he started bobbing up and down on my knob with slow movements. His hand reached up and slid between my legs, stroking that tender area between a man's balls and his ass. Every now and then, he'd run a finger across the entrance to my asshole and I would feel an electric current run up my spine.

Really getting into now, he leaned forward on his knees and started to go deeper on my cock. He was taking his time, swallowing as much of my seven-inch dick as he could. Suddenly, he pulled back and looked up at me, smiling.

"Now I know why my wife likes to suck cocks", he said. "This hard thing feels great in my mouth. I want to see you cum - I've never been this close to another guy's cock".

"Been this close?" I thought. Hell, any closer and my balls would be resting on his chin.

He continued to apply tight pressure to my cockhead and swirled his tongue around the sensitive glans and pisshole. He probed my pisshole with his tongue while rolling my balls between his fingers. Suddenly, he eased his finger into my ass, while he dove down to the base of my cock.

I could feel my balls tense up as a rush of ecstasy shot through my entire body. I had never felt such pleasure from a blowjob from any girlfriend who had ever gone down on me, let alone a guy.

I moaned and warned him I could feel myself getting ready to cum as he stroked a finger in and out of my ass in parallel to his bobbing on my cock.

"Shoot it Ed! I want to see what cum tastes like!! I want to see what my wife feels when a hot cock shoots in her mouth" he whispered.

That did it for me. With a grunt, I started pumping my hot seed into his tight mouth while I grabbed his head tightly in my hands.

I could hear him gulping my sperm as I shot stream after stream into his warm inviting mouth. My knees buckled and he reached behind me to hold my taut ass as I bucked forward, driving my dick into his throat.

I finished cumming and staggered back against the shower wall. My body was numb and my legs wobbled as if they were made of rubber and not muscle.

"What a GREAT feeling" he smiled, as he got up off his knees. His hard cock jutted out from that smooth belly and the head was dripping precum down in rivulets across his muscular legs. He wiped around his mouth and licked some cum from the bottom of his lips where I had dripped as his mouth let go of my cock.

"That tasted good" he commented. "Just as I had always imagined. Nice and hot and salty!"

He turned back to the shower, and asked me "Do you need to get home right away?"

I wondered where this was going. Maybe he wanted me to reciprocate? I wasn't sure if I could go through with it, however, that cock of his looked mighty inviting in that steamy shower.

"What do you have in mind?" I asked looking at that monster wobbling around above his smooth sac.

"Well, the other night my wife and I were playing with one of her dildos while we were fucking and I started talking dirty to her. Telling her to imagine two hot cocks sharing her body. She was sucking my knob while I pushed the dildo in and out of her cunt. Telling her to think of two cocks for her to suck and fuck right there in our bed. She went absolutely WILD at the thought. She came so hard that I thought she would pass out."

"After we were lying there talking and I mentioned that there were some good looking guys that worked out at our gym and suggested perhaps I should bring one home some day to bring my fantasy to reality. Seems to me I met have met one tonight... what do you think Ed? Up for some double teaming?"

My mind raced at the thought of having sex with this stud and his wife. I wondered what she looked like and would I be turned on by her body as much as I was by his."

Seeming to read my mind, he said matter-of-factly "She's a babe Ed. 37 years old, 5'7", true blond with 36C tits, a shaved pussy and an ass you could crack an egg on - she works out too!"

I laughed and replied "Does she have as much fun in the shower as you do Sean?"

He had starting drying himself off, and playfully whipped the end of the towel at me, catching me on the side of my ass. The shot to the ass stung for a minute, and I twirled my towel to try and return the favour as he quickly sidestepped me to the locker area.

"Well?" he asked me as he slipped into his briefs. "Should I call her and tell her two hot studs are on their way home? My daughter is at work until 11:00 and my son is at a birthday party sleepover since it's Friday".

My mind raced. My wife had called me earlier to say she was going out for a drink after work with a couple of her cronies to celebrate closing their year-end. She said she'd be home by midnight. I pretty well had the night to myself. I had planned to grab a video and pizza on the way home, but this sounded too good to pass up.

"I'm in - so to speak" I chuckled, thinking of the no intended pun I'd just delivered.

"Great! Follow me when we leave" he said.

We quickly got dressed, and the air was thick with tension. I couldn't believe that 10 minutes earlier this guy had swallowed, first my cock, then my spunk in the gym shower. Now we were dressing to go home and double fuck his wife. What a great ending to a shitty day!

The trip to his place was short - about 5 minutes down the road from work.

We pulled into the driveway of a nice looking middle class home, on a nice looking middle class street.

I imagined the eyes of nosy neighbours, fingers pointing, turning to their significant others and whispering "See that guy? He's going in the house with Sean to fuck his wife. Tsk tsk tsk."

I must have been rooted to the spot in my little fit of paranoia, because Sean tilted his head to one side, laughed and crooked a finger in my direction.

"Come on slow poke! Geez, do you always take this long when a beautiful girl is waiting to see your charms?"

I looked at him puzzled and said "She knows were coming?"

"Oh yeah, she knows" he chuckled. "I told her that her fantasy was going to come true tonight and to get ready."

He opened the door and ushered me into a very comfortably furnished living room. Tastefully decorated, it was finished off beautifully by the centrepiece - a blonde babe wearing a silk robe on the couch, sipping a glass of red wine, while soft jazz hummed quietly in the background.The lights were dimmed, but not so dark that I couldn't see a dazzling row of white teeth coming towards me smiling, with a hand extended.

"Hi Ed - I'm Janice" she said confidently. "Sean told me you guys had a very grueling workout tonight."

I shot a glance over at him, wondering just how much Sean had told Janice about our workout. His face beamed behind her, and flipped me the bird.

"Um... yeah. It was pretty grueling alright" I managed to stammer, drinking in her presence.

As she returned to the couch and sat in the middle, one leg crossed under her, the robe fell open a little exposing a very fetching leg and thigh.

Trying to look nonchalant, I took a chair across the room and plopped my butt, non-too-graciously into the deep cushions. As I struggled forward to try and sit up straight, she giggled "Watch that chair Ed! It's a man-eater!

We've had a few people get swallowed up by those cushions".

I stole a furtive glance in her direction and was rewarded with a glimpse of pussy from under the robe. She had nothing on under the robe and the way she was sitting, exposed her bald lips right in my direction. Talk about picking the right place to sit.

She either appeared not to notice, or was being coy as she turned to the still grinning Sean and said, "Why don't you and Ed join me ... in a glass of wine".

I nodded my thanks and she started asking me what I did at the company. She also worked in the information technology area at her own company, so we fell into a comfortable discussion about the things techies talk about when they get together.

Sean returned with the wine and I accepted the glass with a smile.

He plopped down on the couch beside her and gave her a kiss - deep and slow -

slipping her some tongue.

"Luuucy! I'm home", he roared.

We all laughed at the stupidity of the statement and Sean turned to her.

"Honey, Ed and I have something in common" he stated matter-of-factly with a serious tone to his voice.

"Oh shit", I thought. Is this where he tells her I was drooling all over his good looks in the shower?

"Really babe? What's that", she asked him with a faint smirk.

"Well, Ed here has a nice uncut cock just like mine! And, he also has shaved balls!" he stated triumphantly.

"Is that so Seany?" she said, stealing a look in my red-faced direction. "And how do you know this?"

"Well", he said conspiratorially, "I sucked him off in the shower at the gym".

Any semblance of cool she had disappeared at that minute as she spun around on the couch, forgetting the robe completely now, exposing her gash for the whole world to see.

"What? You did what" she squealed, green eyes wide open and mouth agape.

He smiled broadly and stated, "Well, I wanted to see what it was that turned you on so much while you were gobbling my dick, and we kinda hit it off ya know!!"

Even with the lights turned low, I could see the flush start from the swell between those nice looking breasts, and work right up to her pretty face.

Still wide eyed she turned to me and said, "He ACTUALLY sucked your cock right in the gym Ed?"

I wasn't sure of the politically correct answer at this point.He HAD said he called her.He HADN'T said what he told her, so I mumbled something incoherent and looked to him for help.

It didn't seem as if she was really expecting an answer of any sort (which was good, because I had offered nothing intelligible in the first place).

"Honey I know that has always been a fantasy of yours!Wow! I can't believe you actually sucked another guy off in the shower at the gym!"

Confused now, I really looked at him for some explanation.

With a chuckle, he looked at me and explained "I told you Janice wanted to try two cocks sometime. I forgot to mention that MY fantasy was to help her out with that cock."

At that point, he reached down and unzipped his jeans and started to pull that big monster cock out. It was already hard (probably hadn't gone down from the bloody shower!) and he started to idly stroke the foreskin up and down with one hand.

She sucked her breath in , and glancing at me for brief moment, leaned over with her hand and took the stroking over with the same tempo.

Sean looked me right in the eye and leaned across Janice's body to pull the sash open with a well-practiced tug.

Those firm big tits that had been hidden behind the satin now came into full view of my ogling gaze. He pulled the robe apart, and leaned forward to slip a hardening nipple into his mouth.

She moaned and started to tug his pants off as he raised his hips to provide easier access to his rock hard cock.

He looked at me and nodded towards her hard, lean body as he played with her nipple and left tit.

"There's another one on your side Ed... why don't you join us on the couch".

No way I was going to dilly-dally this time. I got up and slid over to Janice's other side and reached up to grasp a firm tit in my hand. As I rolled the hard nipple between my fingers, she moaned and reached over to pull at my zipper.

Her hand tugged the zipper down and I repeated Sean's performance with my hips, thrusting them up and pulling my pants off with my free hand.

By now, Sean was running his fingers across her bare clit and she was breathing heavy.

"Feel how wet she is Ed" he said nodding to her shaved pussy.

I reached across to feel her pussy, as she grabbed hold of my dick and started playing with the foreskin. I was leaking pre-cum like crazy, and she was just running her thumb across the top of my glans, using my natural lubricant to slide it around.

I slid a finger across her puffy pussy lips and found she WAS soaking wet.

Sean's fingers played with one side of her labia as I stroked and slid around the other side.

I realized we both had the same idea, as I slid a finger into her cunt, I felt Sean's finger slide in beside mine. We looked at one another and smiled, as another groan escaped Janice's open mouth.

Suddenly, she thrust her pussy hard against our hands and letting go of both our cocks, she started pulling her nipples out to such a length I thought she was going to tear them right off.

"I'm coming! Keep fingering my cunt. One of you frig my clit!" she whispered huskily.

Seam pumped two fingers in and out of her sopping wet cunt, and I flicked and rubbed her clit as she started thrashing all around the couch.

With a whimper, she threw her head back on the couch and let out a wild moan.

Animal like to hear, she was a sight to behold. Absolutely lost in her orgasm, she crescendoed and came wildly.

Spent now, her chest and fine tits covered in sweat, she smiled weakly and said "Boys... that was wild. Now let's get down to business".

She turned to Sean and kissed him full on the lips, then turned to me and did the same. I could feel her very lady-like tongue flicking across the outside of my lips, so I parted my mouth and her tongue slipped into my mouth.We flicked our tongues across one another's teeth, lips and tongues before she turned back to Sean, pushing him back on the couch.

He knew what was coming and spread his legs wide, pulling his T-shirt over his head before he flopped back on the cushions.

"Watch this!" he sighed, as she grasped his prong in her dainty hand and engulfed his fat cockhead in her mouth.

He moaned and thrust up into her hot mouth. She licked at the head, and down the side of his shaft right to the base of his balls. First one, then the other slipped in and out of her mouth.Expertly, she lifted his fat balls, and slid her tongue down across his perineum right down to his asshole.

She turned to me and said "He loves to have his ass licked after he's had a nice hot shower at the gym."

I could only shake my head in dumb amazement at the technique this chick was using on her man. She was good, and knew all the hot spots to hit on a guy's bod.

She reached under him, grabbing both ass cheeks in her hands and half lifted him, as he arched those big quads, giving her uninhibited access to his hole.

She stroked his big cock up and down while probing and licking at the entrance to his hole. From where I was sitting I could see his anal ring clenching and spasming as she probed with her tongue.

She turned to me and said "Why don't you show me how the shower scene looked Ed?"

I looked at the big wet head of that amazing cock, the juices from her mouth running down to his balls and eventually, his ass and thought... "what the hell".

I slid down onto the floor and crawled up to his side so I could still see Janice licking and slobbering all around his ass. She took her hand from his cock and turned it towards me.

I looked up into Sean's eyes, and he was watching my every move expectantly.

I gave my lips a lick and opened my mouth wide as I slid that fat cockhead into my virgin mouth.

He groaned and I could actually feel the head of his knob swell in my mouth as I slid down the fat shaft.

I could taste his pre-cum on my tongue, and I swirled my way down as far as I could before I started to gag. I started to bob up and down on the length of his shaft, and got a good rhythm going. I could see Janice ease a finger into his ass as she licked all around the base of his balls and back down to his cheeks.

Sean was breathing very heavy now, moaning and telling us to suck his cock and balls, and lick his asshole.

"Pump that finger in my ass Janice. Pump it in and out while Ed swallows my cock. That's it Ed. You're doing great buddy... just enough pressure... oh, you're good Ed.... A guy really knows what another guy likes."

I was really getting into it now, and Janice took my hand and pushed it towards her pussy.

She was literally dripping pussy juice out her lips and down the crack of her ass.

As I licked around Sean's cockhead, I slipped my tongue under his foreskin and pulled at it with my lips.Then back to the fat head, swirling my tongue around the top and down the sides.

I eased a finger into Janice's pussy and accidentally brushed against her asshole in the process.

She moaned, "Yes. Me too! I want a finger in my ass too Ed".

I took my forefinger and eased it back into her pussy, and then slid my middle finger into her tight ass hole. It was so wet it slid right in. I could feel her anal ring contract around my finger as I pushed it slowly all the way in past my knuckle.

I squeezed my fingers together - one in her cunt, and the other in her ass, and rubbed them together inside her. She started frigging her clit with her free hand, and really started pumping Sean's ass with the other hand.

Sean wailed, "I'm getting close you guys... keep going! Janice - pump my ass honey. Pump that finger in there! Put another finger in there beside it!"

He hissed as she granted his wish and put a second finger into his ass.

She turned to me and said, "Do the same Ed. Another finger in my ass and cunt... please!"

I pulled my fingers out, and re-inserted my fore and middle fingers into her cunt, while slipping my ring and baby finger into her ass.

She must have liked it, because she started to thrust against my hand.

Moaning, while licking Sean's balls and perineum.

Suddenly, Sean grabbed my head and said, "Ed... I'm gonna cum.I'm gonna shoot.Either jerk me off or get ready to swallow man!"

Paybacks are great, so I really bore down on his dick now - trying to get as much as I could in my mouth.

With a groan, Sean started shooting cum into my mouth.I could feel him pump 5 or 6 big gobs of cum, one after another, while he shouted "Oh fuck ya...

swallow me Ed.... Janice... fuck my ass with your fingers honey!"

That did it for her too. With a yell, she grabbed my hand and pulled it tight against her cunt and ass and rode me into another huge orgasm.

I watched those big tits rolling around, and once again she pulled her nipples hard as she exploded all over my hand.

They both rolled back against the cushions, chests heaving and flushed.

Sean looked at Janice and said, "Hey! We can't forget about Ed! What's next?

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