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Getting to Know My Neighbors Better

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I had begun to pull into the driveway having returned from the convention in Dallas. Yes, the same one where I got to enjoy Matt, Henri and Joan when I saw my neighbor Jennifer, waive from her garage. As I pulled into my garage, Jennifer walked out to the middle of the yard and waited for me to get my bags out of the trunk.

?How was the trip?? Jennifer asked.

?Quite enjoyable, I have to say.? I responded thinking back to enjoying Matt?s first experience.

?Well, Jerry will be home soon too. Want to come over for dinner this evening and a couple of drinks to unwind? The kids are at my mom and dad?s house for the weekend. Besides, you can tell us about your trip.?

Jennifer was exquisite, and if it weren?t for the fact that she was not only my neighbor, but also my neighbor and my friend?s wife, I would not have hesitated to see if there was an opportunity to see if she was as good in bed as she looked. She was hot. She stood five foot two, one hundred and fifteen pounds of red headed fire. Her red hair fell almost to her waist. She had a very tight body with exquisite breasts, which I?ve seen only from her wearing her bikini on the back deck and when we had barbeque dinners over the course of the past two years. For work, she?s always dressed professionally, dress or slacks and jacket, always heels, and sometimes, her hair would be in a ponytail instead of falling freely down her back and over he shoulders. Today, her hair was in a ponytail and she wore a nice pair of black slacks, a red blouse, a black jacket and a pair of black heels. It was cold, but no snow on the ground yet.

?Let me put this stuff away. Aren?t you supposed to be wearing a coat out here? It?s cold. I?m still not used to Pittsburgh weather,? I chimed.

She shrugged her shoulders and responded, ?You need to get used to it. This isn?t Atlanta.?

?Well then, is there anything you would like me to bring over for dinner? A bottle of wine?? I asked.

?How about two of your German Auslese? I think the three of us would enjoy that very much.? Jennifer cocked her hip to one side and smiled.

?Well, I?ll rustle them up. How long before Jerry gets home?? I asked.

?He should be here around five thirty seeing that we aren?t going to the tavern tonight for happy hour. We wanted to stay home. Thought you might like to stay in as well since you were on the road all week.?

I shut the trunk of my car and yelled back to her, ?I?ll see you in a few to help out in the kitchen. I need to freshen up first.?

I opened the door to the kitchen and pressed the garage door button. The alarm system chirped away until I could enter the code. Home at last. It was a busy and interesting week in Dallas.

I opened my bags to remove my dirty clothes and placed them in the laundry room before heading upstairs to unpack the remaining items. I took a long shower letting my mind wander through the course of the trip and the enjoyment, causing my cock to thicken again. I shaved, just to keep myself slick. I love that feeling.

Once out of the shower and dried off, I bushed my teeth, rinsed, and applied a couple of squirts of Obsession to finish off. I padded into my master bedroom and chose a pair of khaki pants, a dark blue Polo shirt, and a pair of dark blue silk underwear. I grabbed a pair of socks and a pair of loafers. The silk underwear happened to feel extremely sensual with my shaved cock and balls.

Dressed, I went downstairs to the finished basement and opened the door to my wine closet. I selected two good bottles of wine and happy with myself, walked back up the stairs to the kitchen to check on the time. It was just after five and Jerry would be home soon. I could help Jennifer in the kitchen until he arrived, so it was off to Jennifer and Jerry?s.

Their garage door was open, Jennifer?s car, or should I say family minivan, was parked next to their two Harley?s, a black Road King for Jerry, and a dark blue soft tail Heritage Classic for Jennifer. I had my own Ultra in my own garaged. We often went for rides on the weekends. Their oversized two-car garage was plenty big enough for both bikes, the minivan, and Jerry?s Volvo convertible. I knocked on the inside door and Jennifer yelled for me to come in and that the door was unlocked.

Jennifer was at the sink rinsing some tomatoes for the salad. ?My, handsome, you smell pretty good there,? She noted.

?I needed to take a shower. Long trip back. It was refreshing.?

?Well, now you can go out and start the gas grill. You know it is supposed to be a nice day tomorrow, maybe even a ride day with the weather warming up near the mid sixties through Sunday. We thought about it.?

I opened the back deck patio doors and stepped out into the chilly air again. I opened the grill lid, turned on the gas, hit the igniter switch and lit the grill. I set the knobs to medium high to get the grill toasty, closed the lid, and stepped back into the house. It was getting dark.

?With the cold today, I can?t believe it will be warm tomorrow.? I turned to see her pulling the steaks from the fridge.

?Well, we usually go to a party once a month with some friends. We will more than likely ride there tomorrow evening. It isn?t far, about twenty minutes away.?

Just then, I heard the Volvo pull into the garage. It took a few seconds before the door began to come down and I could hear Jerry close the car door. I opened the door and smiled chiding him, ?Surprise! Just the face you want to see after a hard day?s work.?

Jerry laughed, ?Don?t worry, she told me we were having dinner this evening. How was your trip??

As Jerry came into the kitchen, he gave Jennifer a kiss on the cheek and a pat on the ass. They were a great couple. Ten years younger than I at thirty-two years old, they were college sweethearts. Their two kids, a boy eight and girl six, were like my own nephew and niece. I was lucky to have made friends with them following my divorce and move to Pittsburgh two years prior.

Jerry smiled and said he was going upstairs to freshen up and would be back down in a few. Jerry was five foot seven, slightly built but well toned. He played tennis regularly as well as golf. His blond hair was thick but he had little to no body hair. Jerry was both handsome and cute, in a way I couldn?t put a finger on but we had hit it off and were great friends.

?Ok buster, put the steaks on and I?ll check on him.? Jennifer walked to the stairs and looked up before heading up the steps. I loved watching her walk. She always made me smile.

I turned to grab the steaks and the tongs and walked outside to endure the chill while the steaks cooked. We all liked them done the same, pretty easy to cook filets medium on the grill. Done in no time, I walked back in with the steaks just as Jerry and Jennifer came down the stairs. Jerry had taken a shower and changed into a pair of tan Dockers and a button down blue shirt. ?Just in time,? I chimed in.

We ate dinner, chit chatted about the week, the weather, and sports. When we finished, we gathered the dishes, placed them in the dishwasher, and grabbed the two bottles of wine heading downstairs to the family room.

Jerry turned on the big screen and found the sports channel news update and we poured the first glasses of wine and toasted to friends. The first bottle went quickly and I cracked the second bottle when Jennifer asked if I?d like to see a movie. ?Sure,? I responded. ?What kind??

Jennifer walked over to the DVD player and turned it on. She grabbed the remote to change the input to the video system and a movie came on, one I was very familiar with. I looked at Jennifer and Jerry and smiled a little nervously. The video scene on the TV showed a woman sitting on a sofa, nude with her legs spread fingering herself while two guys were on the floor before her on a blanket with pillows all around, in a sixty-nine, each sucking on the other?s throbbing hard cocks.

?Jerry and I went to borrow a DVD from your collection to watch this week. It was in your DVD player when we turned it on to see what might be good to watch. Don?t worry, it was just Jerry and I.? Jennifer had a wicked smile on her face.

I stammered, ?Well, I see you found a good one.? I didn?t know how this was going to play out.

Jerry smiled and hoisted his wine glass for a toast, ?To the neighbor we are glad to have and didn?t realize we could have enjoyed more with sooner.?

Jennifer and I raised our glasses and I looked at them both as I sipped my wine. Jennifer spoke, ?We wanted you to know that we both have always found you, well, pretty hot, so to speak. We were glad to see the video.?

I looked at them and they were both smiling. ?Yes,? Jerry agreed. ?We have and we both still do.? Of course, that is if you are interested in us too??

I must have stammered when I replied, but I was flush and excited at the same time. ?So, does this mean you are both in the life style or Jerry, you?re bi too??

?Yes, I am and we both are bi. Of course, we just couldn?t come out and say anything but now that we all know, what do you think??

I took a deep breath and said, ?Thank goodness, I?m a lucky guy. So, how long have you both been playing, so to speak??

Jennifer replied, ?We started in college, believe it or not. So, since we?ve been dating. We were pretty open about everything and when Jerry and I went to a Halloween party in our junior year, he dressed as a girl. He was pretty damn convincing. So much so, he was on his knees giving head to several guys that night and they didn?t know he was a guy. We both enjoy the best of both worlds.?

I was becoming more relaxed. ?Wow, I would never have imagined.?

Jennifer asked, ?So, how did you find yourself enjoying both sexes??

?Well, it is a long story.? We sipped our wine and I told them about my curiosity in high school but never acted upon it. Then, I told them about the girlfriend who would finger-fuck my ass and milk my prostate while sucking my cock and who introduced me to pegging. I told them about the night I ran into my ex-wife at a club with some of her girl friends and after a few drinks and feeling pretty horny, she told me that she had candid conversations with her friends with regards to sex and she had wished that she had brought another guy into our bed. She wanted to see me have sex with one of her guy friends. The erotic conversation was enough to make her cum on her seat at the bar just talking about it. That from a woman who didn?t like to fuck at all. Go figure.

I filled them in on how that conversation triggered my curiosity about having sex with men, crossdressers, couples, and the whole lifestyle. Then, I filled them in about losing my bi-curiosity virginity to Robert and becoming a member of their bi-group just two years before in Maryland and some adventures in Atlanta. Lastly, I told them about my week in Dallas I had just spent. Both of them had wicked smiles.

Jerry smiled and asked, ?Jennifer, are we ready to take this upstairs??

Jennifer began to unbutton her red blouse revealing her gorgeous pert thirty-four C cup breasts with her nipples already poking through the black lace front hooked bra. She let the blouse slip off her shoulders onto the floor. Then, she unbuttoned and unzipped the black slacks, slowly letting them slid them down her perfect legs revealing a pair of matching French cut black-laced panties. She stepped out of her heels and the pants, cocked her hips to the side placing her hands on her hips and smiled, ?I am going upstairs. You two boys, follow me.?

Jennifer moved toward the stairs and quickly unhooked her bra, turned to the side, let it fall to the floor and began walking up the stairs. Three steps up, she slid her fingers into the waistband of her panties and slid them down, leaning over displaying a perfect ass and the back side of her shaved pussy before continuing up the steps.

Jerry moved over to turn off the television and DVD player as I moved to the steps to continue to watch her make her way to the top. My cock was rock hard at that point.

I made my way up the stairs to meet her at the landing leading to the second level of the house where she wrapped her hands around my neck, pulled my head down to meet her luscious lips in a heated kiss. I let my hands slide down her back to her ass as she began to suck on my tongue and let one hand roam to the front of my pants to feel my cock throbbing. ?My, we need to get up upstairs and get you out of those clothes quickly mister.?

By now, Jerry had managed to make his way upstairs and approached me from behind to get in behind me enough to snuggle up against my ass. I could feel his cock throbbing as he moved his hips letting his manhood slip back and forth across my ass cheeks and the crack of my ass. He softly mumbled, ?Yes, upstairs now.?

Jennifer and I broke off our kiss, she grabbed my hand and led the way upstairs to the master bedroom. Their master bedroom was the same size as my own, complete with a huge on-suite and a sitting room. The king sized bed was turned down, displaying dark blue satin sheets. There were several toys on the nightstand including a nice lifelike dildo, a strap-on, a nice sized double dildo, lubes and lotions.

Jennifer led me to the bench at the foot of the bed and told me to sit down and then moved toward the television and DVD player in the TV stand. She turned them on and slid a DVD into the player. When it came on, she skipped through a few minutes and stopped on a woman with long blond hair, black leather dress, seamed hose, five inch black patent leather stiletto heels who dropped to her knees and pulled out one of the largest cock?s I?d seen in a home made video and began to devour it like it was a prized salami.

Jennifer came over and began to pull my shirt off. My cock was throbbing in my pants. Jennifer said, ?That?s Jerry, or should I say Jessica, his female alter ego.?

?Really?? I couldn?t believe it. ?No way!?

?Oh yes,? Jennifer replied. ?Like I said earlier, Jerry is pretty sexy as a woman and dressed up, just like you see there.?

Jerry smiled and began to slowly remove his clothes. His fair skin seemed totally void of hair with the exception of his blonde locks. He was satiny smooth. When he slipped off his briefs, I swear I saw the veins bulging in his throbbing cock.

Jennifer slid my pants off leaving me sitting there with my blue silk underwear and stepped back to place them on the love seat in the sitting room, Jerry stepped forward and knelt down on both knees before me and looked up, saying, ?Let me help you off with these. They are just a little too confining.?

I watched between Jerry live and Jerry on the screen as he slid them down my thighs releasing my cock, pointing right at his face, hard and throbbing. As he slid them down my legs, he leaned in, turned toward Jennifer as my cock was right against his cheek and chimed, ?Baby, I?m going to have the first taste, if that?s ok with you.?

Jennifer smiled and moved toward us to my left side, placing her right leg up on the bench, leaving her pussy spread wide open looking down watching her husband begin to lick, suck, tease, and then engulf my cock. I reached up with my left hand and slipped a finger, then two, into her drenched pussy. She was wet and slippery as I eased two fingers into her and let my thumb rub her clit. She began to slowly fuck my fingers.

My right hand moved to the back of Jerry?s head, caressing it as he slid up and down my shaft. ?Damn Jerry, you are fucking great at this.?

He responded, ?We love it.? He didn?t miss a stroke. ?Just so you know, she?s a squirter when she cums.?

I looked up at her and she nodded her head yes. ?Oh baby, he?s got magic fingers. I?m close. Keep it up.? She began to fuck my fingers and moan loudly, telling us how good it felt.

I was ecstatic. Here I was with my very good friends, now ?great? friends, having hot sex. Jennifer?s body began to shake as she announced, ?I?m going to cum!!!?

She didn?t disappoint. When she came, her body convulsed and three streams of juices shot from her, one with each time her body shook. She slid off my fingers with a smile. ?My turn Jerry. Get me some lube and our friend I use on you over on the nightstand.?

Jerry released my cock from his mouth with a plop and slowly stood up. I watched him has he walked toward the nightstand and then looked back over at the television to see him on all fours, his ass up in the air and the gentleman with the large cock lining up to slide his massive tool into his ass. The camera panned in to show the huge cock?s head pressed against the puckered asshole and slowly, ever so slowly, begins to slide into the hot ring. It took a few minutes, but the head finally broke into the tight orifice and slowly slid deeper into the hot tight hole.

?Oh my goodness, that is so hot!? I told them both.

Jerry returned with a lifelike cock dildo and some lube. Jennifer reached for the lube and liberally applied it to my opening, sliding in one, then two fingers to work to loosen me up.

As she slid her magic fingers into my ass, she noted, ?We have the weekend to fuck our brains out. Also, we?d like to invite you to our party tomorrow, be our new guest and possibly a member.?

Jerry began to tell me about their monthly bi-gathering as his wife?s fingers probed my ass. ?This month?s party is at the couple?s house who we?ve known since college. That?s Tom?s cock in my ass.? He was grinning.

Jennifer said, ?Tomorrow evening?s event is a costume party. You?ll see Jerry like you?ve never seen him before. We are dressing as biker babes. Maybe you can be our biker guy.?

She bent over to suck on the head of my cock, teasing me. The sensations were wonderful. She grabbed dildo, eight inches long, a realistic dong, pulled her fingers from my ass and placed the head against my asshole. She began to slowly push. ?Here it comes, baby.?

The head slipped in and she eased the dildo into me slowly. ?Look baby, his ass loves a good cock in it, just like yours does.?

Jerry moved closer to watch. I motioned him forward to me so that I could reciprocate and take his cock in my mouth. He moved into the same position as Jennifer had and I leaned over to take his hardness between my lips. I could feel his cock throbbing as I slowly began to work my tongue under the head and down the shaft.

Jennifer leaned back to watch the close up of me sucking on Jerry?s cock as she slowly fucked my ass. We were all moaning in ecstasy, me from having my ass fucked and the slow fucking of my mouth by Jerry?s cock. Jerry moaning showing his enjoyment of the blowjob he was getting and Jennifer from watching up close and now fingering her clit as she fucked my ass.

I could tell Jerry was close to cumming when he placed his hands on my head and began to slowly fuck my mouth deeper with each stroke, trying to test my gag reflexes. He told Jennifer he was close.

She told me to suck him and take his load, but I had to show her his cum before I swallowed it all. I wasn?t going to last much longer myself and I told her so. She began to fuck my ass harder and my cock oozed precum as she deep fucked me.

Jerry announced, ?Here it comes!? He pulled my head down hard on his cock as he erupted shooting his hot cum into my mouth. I love that feeling!

I moaned as he kept delivering me his load. I swallowed some and got a hard slamming of the dildo in my ass as Jennifer reminded me to show her. As Jerry began to soften, I let his cock go from my eager mouth and slide from my lips. I opened to show Jennifer his cum on my tongue and smiled as I swirled it around. She leaned forward with her mouth opened and I tilted down to share a steamy cum kiss with her, sharing what was left of his load.

Jennifer then slipped back down to engulf my cock and worked for me to deliver my load. ?Feed it to me,? She called out and engulfed me to bring me to an amazing climax. She took my load looking up at me as she left the dildo in my ass and turned to Jerry. Jerry slid down on his knees next to her and they shared my load, both showing me that they had some of my cum in their mouths before swallowing and licking their lips with mischievous grins.

Jennifer smiled. ?You sit here for a minute, how does that cock feel in you??

?Well, you keep moving it like you are and my cock will be hard again pretty quick. You have it in just the right place.?

Jerry smiled. ?I?m glad we were looking for a movie to watch. You always told us if we wanted one, to grab one to watch.?

?Oh, I?m upset. I wish you would have done it sooner.?

They both laughed. I slid my head to the side to see the television screen to see several couples in different sexual positions, all combinations. Jennifer reminded me that they were all great people and I would enjoy myself. She kept slowly easing the dildo out of my ass before sliding it back in again. She added more lube. She kept it up for nearly twenty more minutes and between the anal stimulation, the video of the group fuck session, and the company I was with, my cock slowly began to thicken and regain its hardness. Jerry was as well.

Jennifer motioned for me to stand up and held the dildo in position in my ass as she motioned me around the side of the bed. She patted the bed and I climbed up with her behind me. The sheets were cool and fresh. I love the feeling of satin sheets.

Jennifer slid onto her back and pulled me forward. She released the dildo and it began to slide out before Jerry eased it back in, keeping me impaled. Jennifer reached between her legs to finger her pussy before reaching up to guide my now hard cock into her waiting sex. As my cock slid in, I was amazed at how tight she was for having two kids. She cooed in my ear, ?I want you to fuck me. Fuck me good. Oh, and Jerry, his ass is yours.?

As I slide deep into her womanhood, Jerry eased the dildo out of my ass. As I slowly pulled back, he lubed his cock and slid up behind me. He grabbed my hips and slid his cock into my wanting ass. It is an amazing feeling. It took us a few strokes to find the right rhythm but we did and when Jerry grabbed my hips to guide me back onto his cock as I eased out of Jennifer?s hot pussy, I was greeted with that amazing feeling.

We fucked like this for what seemed like an eternity but know it wasn?t. Both Jerry and I lasted quite a while longer than our first session. Jennifer?s next orgasm was another squirter as I felt it squirt against me and down both hers and my thighs. Her second gave me yet another drenching as she shook. She moaned out to Jerry, ?He?s fucking me real good baby. It feels so good.?

Jerry replied, ?So does his ass baby. I?m fucking him real good too.?

All I could muster was, ?Oh my!?

When she came a third time, I told her I was going to cum too. As she erupted, I held off until she stopped shaking before I buried myself and released my load. Jerry pulled his cock almost all the way out, just to the head until I quit cumming. ?Jerry, baby, oh his cum feels so good,? Jennifer cried out.

Jerry pulled my hips back impaling me with his cock buried deep in me. He let lose. I could feel his hot load shooting into my depths. I didn?t want to move. We all chuckled and again agreed we should have done this much sooner. If we had only known sooner.

Jerry?s cock slid from my ass first. I could feel the cum oozing from me. I slid back and rolled over to the other side of Jennifer keeping her between both Jerry and I. Jennifer reached between both of our legs and grabbed ahold of our cocks and commented, ?My guys.? We all three chuckled. Jerry fell asleep first. Jennifer turned facing Jerry as he slept and reached back to pull me closer. I don?t know which of us fell sleep first but I know I fell asleep with a smile on my face and the smell of Jennifer?s perfume and shampoo as I snuggled up to spoon her.

I woke up around three in the morning with my cock hard. Jennifer stirred and must have felt my hardness because she moved slightly, spread her legs open lifting the right one up, reached behind to guide my cock into her wetness and pushed back to ease me into her soaking wet pussy. I thought I was in a dream. As she began to work herself against me taking me in deeper, we began a nice slow fuck as Jerry slept. Our slow fuck caused her to cum two more times before I let lose of my load in her and we fell back asleep with my cock still in her.

Jennifer was up first and into the bathroom starting the shower. When she came out, I went in to use the bathroom and took a shower as well. She had laid out the towels for all of us. As I dried off, Jerry peeked in and smile, ?Hey there sunshine. Coffee is on downstairs. I?ll be down after my shower.?

Having dressed, I made my way down stairs to see Jennifer sitting at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee, slowly sipping it and smiled at me as I made my way to the coffee pot. She was so adorable, dressed in a loose fitting sweatshirt and sweatpants, with white tennis sox, like I always used to see her on Saturday mornings from the back deck. She commented, ?Well there mister. You now know that we play. Right now, we can play anytime we like. Remember that. Now, about tonight??

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