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Gay Dungeon

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I was quick to be a fan of adult videos as soon as I turned 18. About a week after I turned 18 I built up the courage to actually go in an adult bookstore. I new what to expect but the vast collection of videos amazed me. For two hours I went through the rows of videos deciding what type of videos I wanted to start my collection. I decided on four very different videos and was anxious to get home and check them out. The first was a straight video. Not much to this video, just a series of a guy fucking a girl. The second was a bi video. This was a series of threesomes, two guys and a girl and two girls and a guy. The third one was a gay video. Mostly just two guys but did have a scene with three guys and another scene with four guys. The last one, which I watched last and became my favorite, was a gay video produced at one of the ?dungeon? places in New York. I thought the sex was unbelievable and even had fantasies of going there one day.

After about a month, and watching the dungeon video numerous times, I finally took the time to read the production information of the dungeon video. I wrote down the information of the director, production company, and even some of the actors? names. I went to the library to check out the New York phone directory (internet was not around) and started going through the directory to contact who I thought would have information about this dungeon club. It took some time and about twenty calls but I finally was able to contact a guy who helped run the dungeon club. I had to build up my nerve to call him as I didn?t want to sound inexperienced as I wanted him to take me seriously.

Finally one night I gave him a call. I was really surprised he answered as I was thinking I?d get a voice message or worse that the number was disconnected. I told him about watching the video and I was really interested in going to the club sometime. He was really nice and asked where I was from and what I liked about the video. He told me about the place, the guys who went there, and even about other videos that had been taken there. I told him that I probably wouldn?t be able to come until summer as I had turned 18 and about to graduate high school in four weeks and needed to work to save enough money. He said, ?How about you come up next weekend and I?ll pay for the plane ticket and pay all your expenses?? I could hardly believe my ears! The following week we had four days of classes so I could fly up Thursday night and come back Sunday night. Before I had time to even think about it I told him I would love to. He said to call him back the next night and he?d check on making all the arrangements.

The next night I called him. I could hardly concentrate on my classes as I was thinking about the trip and what it would be like and what I could expect. I wasn?t a virgin but I?d only been with about 5 guys. I loved sex, both the fucking and getting fucked, but really loved to get fucked. The thought of being with a group of guys and watching other guys fuck each other in person, rather than watching a video, made my dick hard each time I thought about it. I called that night and he let me know if I wanted to come to visit he could have everything arranged. I would fly to New York Thursday night and fly back Sunday evening. He would pick me up and make sure I got back to the airport for my flight home. He said he had a 3 bedroom apartment outside of New York and I could stay with him. The club was only 15 minutes from his apartment and the next weekend they were arranging a lot of theme rooms so a lot of guys were going to be there. We set up the arrangements and decided where I would meet him. We decided I would think of a theme for one of the rooms.

The next week I kept on thinking of what type of theme I would like. I even went back to the adult bookstore and found one other video that was produced at the dungeon club. This one looked more extreme than the first but I decided to buy it to find out more about the club. I had to have watched that video three times that night and don?t remember how many times I jacked off. The one scene I really got turned on by was where they had taken one naked guy over to a corner of the dungeon, strapped him on what they called a ?fuck bench? and put a blindfold on him. The guys then took turns having the guy suck their cocks and fucking him. Even when the video showed some other scenes you could still see in the background the guy on the ?fuck bench? sucking cocks and getting fucked. It showed the guy on the ?fuck bench? having loads of cum shot into his mouth, on his face, on his back, on his ass, and even guys shooting their loads deep in his ass. Then they took the guy off the ?fuck bench? and put him in a sling and continued the same things. The only thing I didn?t like was they never showed the guy at the end. One of the last scenes of the guy getting fucked in the sling showed him covered with cum and still sucking guys off. It was after watching this over and over that I wanted to be just like the guy in the sling. Having cum drip off my entire body would be great.

I had no problems with my folks letting me go to New York as I told them several of my friends and I were going to go sight seeing and we wanted to do this before school was out as we were going to be busy working and be off to college the next fall. I had already packed so I went to the airport right after school. My flight was leaving at 5pm and Mike, the co-manager of the club who I had been talking with, was going to pick me up at the airport at 8. O?Hare airport was always busy but I was so anxious about going that it took me no time at all to get to the gate. I didn?t even know which airport I was flying into as my mind was focused on telling Mike about the theme I had come up with. I waited for Mike at the gate we planned to meet and he showed up a few minutes before 8. He put my bag in the trunk, asked me how my flight was, and asked if I was up to stopping by the club. It seemed like 2 hours to get to the club and I was actually disappointed when I saw where we were. I had imagined a club surrounded by other clubs, bars, stores, etc. but this was what looked like a vacant warehouse. I followed him to the door as he unlocked it and went in. We walked through the lobby and through a set of doors. My jaw about dropped when he turned on the lights. Whips, chains, paddles, dildos, straps, slings, and even some crosses were arranged around this huge room. I followed him to his office as he offered me a Coke and asked me if I had thought of a theme. My dick was hard and my hands became cold and sweaty. I took some deep breaths to gather up the courage to tell him about what I had thought about. After telling him he knew exactly what I was talking about and said a lot of guys wanted to do that again. He took me on a quick tour of the club then we headed to his place. He said he would have everything set up for me and we?d go back to the club Friday evening and I should spend the day getting ready and he?d help me prepare. I wasn?t sure what he meant but he told me what to do so I?d be all ready for Friday night. He also told me there was one other thing I should know about when they made the video with the guy in the sling. He said the video was shot over a 72 hour period. He could tell I had no idea what he was talking about. He explained the parties, like the one in the video and the one planned for this weekend, started Friday night and did not end until Sunday morning. There would be nothing but sex the entire weekend.

I fell asleep thinking about what Mike had said about non-stop sex for an entire weekend. I didn?t think guys could fuck like that for that long. In the morning I got up and Mike was already up and in the shower. I walked down the hall and into the living room when he came out of the bathroom naked with just a towel around his neck. Mike was about 40 and about 6? tall with neatly cut black hair. His chest was covered with hair but was very neatly trimmed. His cut cock was very nice, not overly thick but guessed to be at least 7 inches when hard. His pubic hair was trimmed just like the hair on his chest. He walked into the kitchen and offered me some orange juice. He told me he had everything I would need in the other bathroom and led me down the hall. Following him I could see he had a nice smooth bubble butt as he kept himself in nice shape. He said we?d spend most of the day just relaxing and getting ready and he wanted to get fucked in the sling as they hadn?t had a group party like this in some time. I thought Mike was more of a top guy but soon learned he liked to get fucked as much as fucking another guy.

I was constantly wiping pre-cum off my dick as I thought about the weekend to come and not knowing exactly what to expect. We spent the day getting ourselves ready for the weekend. I asked Mike how many guys they were expecting. He said they had 50 guys the weekend they made the last video which I bought. They hadn?t had a party like this for about a month and he expected at least 75 guys to be there this weekend. The more I thought about 75 guys being there the more I thought about not going, yet at the same time I was turned on by thinking about it.

We left around 5 and went to the club. I had never felt so ready. All anxiety had left me and I was ready to get this party started. I spent most of my time walking around the club looking at all the things they had around and all the rooms adjacent to the main room. By 7 there were about 20 other guys there as we just talked and had drinks until the rest of the guys arrived and get the party started around 9. About 8pm Mike came over and showed me the ?fuck bench?. He had set up a sling next to the fuck bench to make it easier to move back and forth between the two. He asked if I wanted the blindfold and I told him to have it handy as I wanted to watch what was going on around me. The main room was getting full of guys, some had already gotten undressed. I decided to just stay dressed and let Mike know to come get me when he was ready to get things started. He winked and told me he had a great idea of how to get things started.

I looked at the clock as it was just past nine. More and more guys were getting undressed and Mike came over to get me. He took me to his office and told me I could leave my clothes in his office. We got undressed and he took me to a corner of his office. He took out a small strap and strapped it to the base of my cock under my balls. Next he put on a harness around me which went around my back and over my shoulders. He said this would be good for guys to hold on while fucking me. Next he took out two more straps which he strapped over the top of each one of my triceps. This gave me more of a leather look. He thought about putting a collar on me but decided against it as he thought the leather look was better without a collar. He also put on a strap around his cock, a harness around his chest, and straps over his triceps. The only thing the same about us was we each had on identical leather straps in the same places but that was about it. I didn?t have any hair on me except for some nicely trimmed pubic hair. I only stood 5?7? and weighed 145lbs. I didn?t have any hair on my legs or ass which the guys who I had been with before had loved that I was so smooth. I had gotten a hair cut two weeks before so I had fairly short hair and Mike said I had some of the deepest blue eyes he had seen. We walked out to the main room as I noticed every head in the room turned to watch us.

Mike motioned for 3 other guys to come over. Mike grabbed a microphone set up outside his office and welcomed all the guys to a weekend at the dungeon. My eyes about came out of my head when Mike told the guys I had just turned 18 and this was his way of throwing me a birthday party. I looked around and saw there had to be a hundred guys looking right at me, all with huge grins on their faces. I could feel my face turn red and grin ear to ear. Mike put the microphone down, looked at me and said, ?Let?s get this thing started!? Mike reached down and grabbed one of my legs as another guy grabbed another leg. The two other guys each grabbed one of my shoulders and lifted me up, face down. I didn?t struggle as I felt their strong arms on me. They carried me straight to the fuck bench and strapped me on just like in the video. My arms were strapped to either side of the bench as I felt two handles to grab hold of. They strapped my feet into two stirrups near the base of the bench which bent my knees and allowed my ass to stick out. They strapped my knees to the bench which allowed me to brace myself even better.

Since Mike knew it was my first time, yet knew what I wanted, he got down behind me on his knees and started licking my ass. His tongue felt nice and warm working its way around my hole. One of the guys who carried me over stood in front of me as I took his cock in my mouth. I could already taste pre-cum on his dick. I could see that several guys had begun sucking each other. Some of the lights dimmed, some music started, and noticed some gay porn being shown on the televisions around the club.

I felt Mike?s finger start rubbing my hole as he added some lube. He started to work the lube in me with his finger. Another guy had come over as I started to suck his dick along with the first. Mike worked two of his fingers in my ass as I moaned quietly and told him to get my hole ready for him to fuck me. He continued working my ass open as he began rubbing the tip of his cock on my ass getting his cock lubed and ready to fuck me. I felt his hands reach up and grab ahold of the harness strapped around me. The head of his dick pressed hard against my hole as I felt Mike?s dick begin to make its way in. Mike let out a moan has the head of his cock popped open my hole. I took the cock in front of me deep in my mouth as Mike shoved his cock all the way in till I felt his balls against mine. I took the cock out of my mouth only long enough to tell Mike to fuck me hard. I went back to sucking the two dicks in front me. I grabbed harder on the handles of the fuck bench and braced myself as Mike started to pound my ass. Each time he shoved is cock inside me I let out a breath and was in rhythm of Mike fucking me. I could feel his cock swell and soon release a load of cum in me. He took his cock out and went back to licking my ass. Another guy came over as Mike stood up and the other guy put the head of his cock against my hole. With one thrust the guy shoved his cock deep inside as I moaned. Both the cocks I was sucking on each started to shoot cum onto my face and lips. I took one of the cocks into my mouth as the guy finished shooting his load against the back of my throat.

One after another the guys took turns fucking me. One after another I sucked their cocks with my cum covered lips. The warm cum on my face felt great as I felt another guy take his cock out of my ass and shoot his load over my back. I felt some of his cum shoot all the way to the base of my neck. One guy shot his load in my mouth and I kept it in my mouth as another guy stood in front of me and I took his cock into my mouth and worked the cum already in my mouth around his cock. I heard Mike get on the microphone again and tell the guys that when they got ready to cum to go over and shoot their loads all over me. I felt more and more loads of cum being shot over my back and ass. I could even feel some of their cum shoot up into my hair. My entire body was being warmed by all the hot cum being shot on my body. Mike soon came over and told the guys to unstrap me and lift me into the sling. They undid the straps as I felt the cum slowly ooze down my back and legs. Some cum even dripped off my chin. They lifted me into the sling as I held on to the ropes. I felt a guy?s mouth wrap around my cock and another guy shove his cock deep inside of me. Two more guys stood on either side of me and shot their loads on my chest. I felt the guy fucking me take his cock out and shot his load on my balls and cock as the guy sucking me rubbed the cum around my cock and continued to suck me off. I felt myself cumming and told the guy to jerk me off till I came. His hand wrapped around my cock as I felt the warmth of the previous guy?s cum on my cock. He jacked me off faster and faster till I couldn?t hold it and shot the biggest load of cum I had ever shot. Cum was shooting out of my cock straight into the air. The guy kept jacking me off and made my cum shoot in different directions, one load hitting the chest of the guy now fucking me, another load landed on my face, and more of my loads landing on my chest. I could see my cum shoot out up in the air at least three feet before landing on my chest.

Load after load was being shot into my mouth, chest, and ass. Mike came over and asked how I was doing. I grinned as the cum oozed out of my mouth and down around my neck. The guys lifted me out of the sling and strapped me back on to the fuck bench. The cum on my back had dried but was soon mixed with fresh warm cum being shot onto my back. I heard Mike suggest for one of the guys fuck me with one of the dildos from the club?s collection. Mike went over and took one from the wall and walked over in front of me. ?What about this one?? I looked up and he was holding a 12? dildo with a handle. It wasn?t too thick around so I knew it wouldn?t split my ass wide open but then again I had never taken a cock that deep in my ass. I nodded and Mike walked around and waited for the guy fucking me to finish shooting his load into me. Mike rubbed some of the cum dripping from my hole on the dildo and slowly put the head in me. I felt him put it in deeper and deeper and feeling it fill me up. I felt the base of the handle reach my hole as Mike kept it there for a minute. I felt the cum already inside of me work its way deeper and deeper. Mike began fucking me with short thrusts with the dildo, each time taking it further out before shoving it all the way back in. More and more guys gathered around to watch as Mike began fucking me harder and harder with the dildo. I felt my cock get hard as I could tell I was about to shoot another load. I?d never been fucked so hard, fast, or deep before and I loved the feeling of that dildo working my hole. I could feel my hole loosen up as I released another load of cum which shot on to the floor. I never knew I could cum and not have even touched my cock. Mike yanked out the dildo and grabbed hold of the harness around me and shoved his cock into me. It seemed like when Mike took that dildo out of me at least 10 guys shot their loads of cum all over my ass cheeks and my back. I felt a few loads land between Mike?s cock and my ass and could feel the cum being worked into my hole by Mike?s cock. Mike took his cock out and shot a load of cum that landed between my shoulders and in my hair.

Mike then suggested I take a break but still let any of the guys who wanted to shoot their loads on me then they could. They unstrapped me from the fuck bench again and brought over a small round stool. This worked out great as it gave my ass a break from being fucked but I could still suck guys off and they could shoot their loads on me from any side. Cum continued to drip down my body and some onto my cock. Several guys took turns sucking on my cock which had gotten hard again. It seemed like a non-stop line of guys I would suck off and they would shoot their loads all over me. Guys were shooting their loads on my chest, back, and even into my hair. I loved the feeling of all this hot cum covering my body.

I sat there still sucking some of the guys off and felt the cum on my ass rub against the seat of the stool. I looked down and saw several large puddles of cum all around the stool where cum had dripped off my body and off the guys? dicks. Mike brought another stool over and set it down next to me. Mike then led another guy, a little larger than me and hair on his chest was matted down with cum, over to the other stool and sat him down. Mike had led this guy over by a leash that was attached to a collar around his neck. The blindfold covering the guy?s eyes was covered with cum. When he sat down I could see he was covered with cum too. I couldn?t resist. I stood up and had the other guy stand up in front of me. I put my arms around him has he did the same as we rubbed our bodies against each other rubbing the cum all over our bodies against each other. I turned him around and as he stood in front of me I rubbed the front of my body against the back of his body. With one hand I rubbed the trimmed hair on his chest and felt the cum on his chest work its way through my fingers. With my other hand I reached around and started rubbing his cock. After a few minutes I put my hands on his shoulders and slowly had him bend over. He bent over and grabbed his ankles as I started rubbing my cock against his ass. I shoved my cock into his hole and started pounding him harder than I had fucked before. I felt his balls slap against mine and the cum on his ass against my hips. Mike came over next to me and told me he wanted me to shoot my load down his throat. It was the least I could do since he had been so good to me. I could feel my cock getting ready to cum and I took my cock out as Mike got on his knees. Mike took my cock in his mouth and started sucking me off. I let out another load of cum as I watched Mike close his eyes and swallow every drop.

The rest of the weekend I took turns getting fucked in the sling and fuck bench with the guy with the blindfold. When I need a break I?d just go over and sit on the stool while guys would continue to come over and jack off or have me suck them off. I didn?t realize how awake I was until Mike finally came over and let me know it was 4am, Sunday morning. He was not kidding when he told me it would be a weekend of nothing but sex. My cock was still hard and was wanting to shoot at least one more load as it had been several hours since I had shot a load which one of the guys sucking me had taken in his mouth and he then spit my cum on his dick and fucked me. Mike led me over to the swing as I expected he wanted to fuck me in the sling one last time. To my amazement Mike got in the sling and wanted me to fuck him. He got in the sling and flung his legs into the stirrups. I could tell he had his share of being fucked as I noticed some cum around his ass. I slid my cock inside his ass and could feel my cock being lubed by the cum inside of him. I grabbed the harness around his chest and shoved my cock as hard and deep into him as I could. My cock swelled up as Mike told me to shoot my load inside of him. I felt my cum shoot out and I continued to fuck him and felt my hot cum work its way out of his ass and on to my balls. I took my cock out and Mike quickly got out of the swing and started sucking the remaining cum off my cock.

After we finished he told me where the showers were and handed me a towel he had brought over. As I walked over to the showers I noticed a corner which had some mirrors which reached from the floor to the ceiling. I walked over and took a look at myself in the mirror. My hair was matted down with cum. My face you could tell was covered with dried cum. I turned slightly and could see my entire body had what I would describe as a cum film all over me. I could still feel some cum oozing out of my hole and drip down the inside of my thighs. I gazed at how I looked with all this cum over my body. I walked into the shower area, grabbed a bar of soap and a rag, and turned on one of the showers. I loved the way the cum felt over my body and really didn?t want to wash it off and wanted to enjoy the feel of all this cum as long as possible. I finished my shower and got dressed. Mike took me back to his place and got something to eat before taking me to the airport. I had not eaten anything since Thursday night and didn?t realize how hungry I was. When we got to the airport Mike got out and got my bag out of his trunk. He also handed me a package wrapped in brown paper. He told me this was his birthday present to me. I told him how great of a time I had and that I would want to do it again some time. We shook hands and then embraced. He said that was the largest turnout the club had ever had and he would be glad to have me come again.

After the plane was in the air I decided to open the package Mike had given me. I decided it was ok to open it up now as there were only about twenty people on the plane and no one was really close to me and I had the row of seats to myself. I opened the package and inside was a video tape. Inside the package was also a note which Mike had written. The note simply said, ?Something to remember the time you had at The Dungeon!? I knew immediately what was on the tape. When I got home I immediately went to my room and put in the video. Mike had hired a guy to video tape the entire weekend and to video only me. Of course the tape was edited but there was over 8 hours of video of me getting fucked, sucking, getting cummed on, and even where I fucked the guy with the blindfold. When I eventually got to the end of the video, the last scene was where Mike got into the sling and I fucked him. After Mike had finished sucking the cum off my cock he had, unknown to me, looked straight in to the camera and give a big smile and a wink. There the video ended. Too bad video tapes don?t last forever, but at least memories do.

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