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Fulfilling a Couples Sexual Fantasy

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Happy hour on a Friday night at our local neighborhood bar outside of Pittsburg was always crowded and fun. I would normally meet Jerry and Jennifer there after work Friday evenings. I was closer to the bar with my drive home from the office while Jennifer and Jerry would arrive separately since they worked in different locations. This Friday night, I walked in knowing I was there before either Jerry or Jennifer.

There happened to be a couple of seats open at the bar as I made my way in through the many Friday night regulars. Of the regulars, I knew Jennifer and Jerry were bi as well as Brian and Susan, William, along with David and Michelle knew I was bi. This evening, none of them were in the bar yet and not sure if their schedules were going to allow them to be there this evening. With Jerry and Jennifer, our relationship had been close, even before the three of us became lovers. Now that I was introduced and initiated into their bi orgy group as a regular member, I didn't have to count on my work trips as a way to enjoy the company of both sexes. Jerry was going out of town on business for a conference in Atlanta the next morning and Jennifer was going to make sure I was occupied for the weekend. I was looking forward to it.

I took an open bar stool next to a couple of regulars I knew, Holly and Nick. Holly was a stunning voluptuous brunette and quite a knockout. You would never have guessed that both she and Nick had just turned sixty that year. Holly was always dressed to the tens. That night, her five foot five inch frame was enticingly displayed in a grey cashmere sweater dress showing off here thirty-eight double D breasts, hour glass figure, killer ass, and gorgeous legs and always a pair of killer stilettos. This pair just happened to match her dress. She wasn't slim, but enhanced in all of the right places and she sure was one attractive woman. Nick was six foot tall and handsome, peppered hair, and always in a suit. He wore a blue pin stripe suite this evening with a Brooks Brothers white button down shirt and a deep red tie. She was a local realtor and he worked for a major bank in down town Pittsburg.

The chair to the right was empty and the stools further right had been occupied by others I'd seen in the bar before. I noticed as I approached that it appeared that both Holly and Nick just might have been the first occupants of the bar at happy hour this evening. Holly was always flirty often dropping innuendos but never pressing and acting on them. This evening, when I walked in, she gave me a kiss on the cheek as I shook Nick's hand and placed her right hand on my waist and pulled me close telling me she was glad to see I made it there this evening.

I ordered my drink and waited for Jennifer and Jerry to show up when my cell phone rang. It was Jerry. He had to leave for the airport this evening and Jennifer was dropping him off at the airport. They would miss happy hour but I might see Jennifer there after she dropped him off. Once off the phone, I turned my attention back to watching Holly slowly move to the music coming from the piano bar. The piano player's rendition of Billy Joel's Piano Man had everyone in the bar singing the verses.

After a two rounds of scotch and ice I thought I might get a bite to eat at the bar. When I ordered my lobster tail, baked potato and asparagus, Holly told Nick she was also hungry. In no time, they were eating as well. Just as the bartender cleared the dishes, Jennifer walked into the bar. Happy hour would be over in thirty minutes. We quickly ordered several more rounds and chatted, watching the dance floor fill up. The music was a great mix of fifties, sixties and seventies, and the selection included both fast and slow dances. Jennifer looked extremely sexy, as always, in a black knee length pencil skirt, ivory blouse and black matching suit jacket. Of course, her standard black stiletto heels always showed off her killer legs and ass. What can I say; she's a gorgeous redhead.

The girls were chatting away and even danced a few fast dances together. The girls disappeared into the bathroom on one of those girls' trips and Nick and I chatted about the day, Steelers football, Penguin hockey and the good time we were having that evening. Nick noted, "You, Jennifer and Jerry are pretty good friends aren't you? You know, we see you all together a lot."

I smiled and said, "Yes, we are. We're neighbors who happen to have become good friends. They have been good to me since moving in after my divorce and making me feel welcome here."

Nick slapped me on the shoulder and responded, "We are glad you chose to move into this area and glad to have you as a regular here too."

This was the most conversation I had ever had with Nick since I had moved into the subdivision. I caught sight of the girls walking closely together back from the ladies room giggling like teenage schoolgirls. Jennifer reached for my hand as I sipped my scotch and made the attempt to pull me toward the dance floor for a slow song. I hurriedly put my drink on the bar and followed her. Once there, she pulled me close and put her right hand up to pull my head down so that she could talk without everyone hearing her.

"You will never believe what happened in the ladies room," Jen said pulling back to gauge my reaction.

"You are right. I have no idea," I replied with a perplexed look on my face.

"Holly told me that Nick has been pressing her to have a three way or another couple join them in bed and wanted my advice." She pulled back again to gauge my reaction.

I leaned back in to her ear and commented, "You and Jerry are good candidates for the couple. They are both very attractive and I could just imagine you fucking Nick while Jerry had Holly. You have to let me see pictures or even video," I grinned back at her.

"Well, it gets even more interesting. You see, Holly said that Nick wanted to double team her with another guy as well as see her make it with another woman." Again, she leaned back to gauge my reaction.

My cock was growing and Jennifer noticed. She ground into my cock just as the second slow song began to play. "So, right up both of your alleys, so to speak. Again, they are both pretty hot. I would do them but I don't have a partner," I replied.

"You haven't heard the kicker. Holly told Nick she would do it, do everything on one condition." And again, she leaned back for my reaction and playfully ground into my throbbing cock knowing she was teasing me to no end.

"Ok, I give."

"Holly told him that if he would consider having sex with a guy in front of her, she was totally game with everything. She told him that was her fantasy, for him to put on a sex show for her." Yes, she leaned back again.

I smiled back at her, "Jerry would love to fuck Nick."

"Yes, I believe he would if he was here. But, you are here tonight and he isn't. So, you and I are going to help them fulfill their fantasies tonight. Are you up to it?" She ground into my cock with a little more force and didn't have to wait for an answer before saying, "I believe you are."

"Well, first, what about the kids? You dropped Jerry off at the airport."

"Kids are already at Mom's house. Next?"

"How do you let Holly and Nick know?" I was concerned about our escapades becoming public.

"Holly knows you are bi. I told her in the ladies room after she told me the conditions she put out there for Nick to have his fantasy."

"Who's going to tell Nick? Big key to this is him you know."

"You let Holly and I take care of that."

By then the second song had ended and a third slow song began. Jennifer pulled me toward the bar and told Holly to dance with me. Holly smiled, and grabbed my hand to pull me back up onto the dance floor. She immediately pulled me close and put her head on my shoulder. Damn, this woman was a beauty. Jennifer was stunning. Holly was extremely sensual. "So dearest, I didn't know you played both sides. Having you and Jen this evening is more than I expected. I can't wait to enjoy you both. My pussy is throbbing right now and I can't wait to watch Nick and you put on a show for us girls. After that, we do anything."

"Holly, you and Nick are quite attractive. You are so hot! And Nick, he's extremely handsome. I never would have thought you would want me to join you two."

"Baby, I have longed to fuck you since you first came here. I'm not that forward to have just walked up and said I wanted to fuck you."

"Well, you have dropped some innuendos," I said.

"I have. And you haven't picked up on them." She ground herself against my cock just to make sure I caught the gist of her comment.

"Maybe I just should have asked you to dance sooner," I grinned back.

As the song ended, we walked back to the bar. The piano player was going to take his break and the recorded music picked up on the speakers over the sounds of the crowd. Nick had just gotten up to head to the men's room and Jen turned to smile at us as Holly and I made our way back to the bar.

"So," Holly started, "How did he respond?"

"Well, at first, he couldn't believe that you told me about your conditions to the fantasies. When I placed my hand on his bulge and told him not only would I enjoy putting on a show with you, I would fuck him silly as well. Of course, the kicker came when I told him who his partner was going to be when putting on the show for you and I". She smiled at me. "Nick's cock almost burst when I told him. I think he was hoping it was either you or Jerry. That was why he got up to go to the men's room. I think he had to fix himself."

I grabbed my drink and took another long pull. I motioned to the bartender to get us four another round and that I would pick up the tab and pay now. "Ladies, let's drink a toast to great times this evening."

Nick walked up just as we were about to toast. "I agree," He said with a huge smile. To good times by all."

We quickly drank our drinks. At her last sip, Holly looked at Nick and said, "I am ready for the show. Let's go."

The girls began to walk out of the bar while I paid the tab. Nick followed the girls and looked over his shoulder to make sure I wasn't too far behind. I was wondering what was going through his head at that very moment.

Outside, Nick and Holly got into their Mercedes while Jen and I got in our cars to drive to their home. It was only a couple of streets away in our subdivision. They were on a quiet cul-de-sac with their huge brick home sitting on the back of a lovely wooded lot.

Once there, Jen and I followed Nick and Holly into their home through the garage, mudroom, and into the kitchen. Holly put her purse down on the counter and made the ground rules for the evening. "First, there is a huge full bath down stairs. I want Nick to go upstairs and take a shower and you go downstairs and take a shower. Nick knows what he has to wear. You only need a towel. Jen and I will get comfortable downstairs in the family room. It is plenty big enough to start this party."

Nick smiled and made his way to the stairs. "And baby, don't forget to bring down the toy basket. Make sure you have plenty of lube." She gave him a wicked smile.

Nick responded, "Yes baby." And off he went up the stairs.

Holly explained where everything was in the bathroom and I made my way downstairs. The basement recreation area was huge. There was a huge bar, big screen television, stereo, pool table, Ping-Pong table, three sofas, several overstuffed chairs, a walk out patio, a guest bedroom and the huge bathroom. The tiled shower had two oversized rain heads, a bench, and was large enough for at least eight people, I found the towels where Holly said they would be. I stripped and had just stepped into the shower when I heard soft music coming from the rec room. The shower felt great. My cock was bouncing around as I showered. I took my time to make sure I was extra squeaky clean. I was still slick from shaving before going to work. I was extremely concerned about putting on the show for Holly and Jen. I was a little nervous but extremely excited about having Nick. I was not all that sure of how Nick was going to react. My concerns would be short-lived.

Once toweled off, I wrapped myself in my large plush Turkish bath sheet, turned off the light, and padded out to the rec room. The lights were set dim, but bright enough to see everything going on in the room. The girls were sitting on the sofa, both with drinks in their hands, gorgeous legs crossed and chatting. Jen's blouse was unbuttoned erotically displaying her white sheer lace bra and pert nipples prominently stretching the sheer material. Her skirt hiked up to nearly the top of her thighs showing her garters and hose. Holly's cashmere sweater dress had ridden up to her thighs showing a little skin between thigh highs and the hemline.

I had beaten Nick out by a few minutes. I heard Holly and Jen's conversation about how erotic it was thinking about Nick and another man. She had gotten the idea after they had watched an X-rated video that had a male, male, female bi scene and Nick's cock got extremely hard when the two guys were engaged in a sixty-nine giving each other head. Holly's own pussy throbbed seeing the scene but Nick's booming erection gave away his deep fantasy. Jen had also mentioned that she looked forward to enjoying Holly's wares as well.

They sat close enough together on the sofa to let their hands roam every so slightly across each other's breasts and thighs as they chatted. I watched and listened to them talk as I walked in. I took notice of the many pillows on the floor, the soft and erotic music by Kitaro on the stereo, and candles lit throughout the room giving off the soft flicker that added to the ambiance.

I know my towel was really a cock tent as I moved into the center of the room and found myself a nice spot among the pillows in front of the girls. Both women grinned. "I am so looking forward to this. Holly said. "My pussy won't stop throbbing," As she grabbed Jen's hand and moved it up her skirt for Jen to feel for herself.

Jen noted, "Oh Holly baby. No panties and that is one wet pussy. Shaved too! Let me slide a finger in you." Holly spread her legs wider giving Jen better access. "She is so wet and really tight."

Jen slid in a second finger and began finger fucking Holly right then. Jen is a master at it and Holly began to fuck Jen's fingers for a few minutes. We heard a rustling upstairs and then Nick moving down the stairs. Jen pulled her hand from Holly's pussy and licked her fingers, giving Holly a little preview of more of what was to come this evening.

Nick made it to the end of the steps carrying a basket of adult toys, lubes, and gels. He wore a black silk robe and pants set and you could tell the tent in his pants as he put the basked down near the pillows I was laying in. "Now baby," Holly began. Before anything else happens this evening, I get my show. You had better make it good. At least one of you is experienced. Who knows, you may even lose your virginity at both ends this evening. Now, you don't need to pay attention to Jen and I. We can do what we please. However, you will not get anything else until I am completely satisfied with the two of you and your performance. You can proceed."

Nick turned to me and I motioned him to come to me in the pillows. I stood up and displayed the towel tent my hard cock was making and slowly let is slide off my hips and onto the floor and letting my cock poke out in front of him. "So Nick, have you ever sucked cock before?"

He shook his head no and crawled forward to me. "Well, what we are going to do is a little sixty-nine for the girls. You copy what I do to you and the girls get a view. Ok?"

He shook his head yes. As he approached me on all fours, I motioned for him to sit up so that I could remove his robe. I untied the silk belt and let it fall. I pulled him forward and moved him onto his back in the pillows. I then slowly started to nibble down his neck, shoulders, and chest paying a lot of attention to his nipples. He did have nice dark, thin, and sparse body hair on his chest and a small amount down his stomach, right down the center. I let my tongue play with both nipples for a bit before making my way down his tight belly to the top of his silk pants. I looked up at him and asked, "So big boy, what do we have here?"

I, ever so slowly, pulled his silk pants down exposing a beautiful hard cut six-inch cock, throbbing for attention. I kissed the tip and let my tongue slowly glide down the shaft as I pulled down his pants. I looked up to see Nick's eyes were closed and he was breathing heavily, savoring the sensations. I looked over to see the girls watching intently, Jen had buried a hand between Holly's legs again as they watched.

After pulling off his silk pants, I worked my way back up the insides of his legs, alternating between the left and the right letting my tongue swirl lightly all the way up to his neatly trimmed pubic hair, magnificent balls, and throbbing cock. I took the time to gently tease him from his puckered asshole to his balls. I even tried to see what he would do if I let my tongue try to probe his ass. I smiled as he moved his hips to try to let my tongue have open access to his ass. His cock pulsed with his heart rate.

"I see you like this. "

"Oh yes," He responded.

I moved around so that I could top in the sixty-nine position so that the girls would have a good view. I straddled his head giving him access to my balls first as I slowly ran my hands down his sides to his hips and let my tongue tease his cock again.

"Now Nick, take my cock into your mouth and just do what I do to you. Ok?"

His soft yes was barely audible. He opened his mouth and caught my cock head and immediately began to suck extremely hard on my, his pulse racing. "Hey big boy, I said like I do. Not like a Shop-Vac gone wild, slowly, softly. Treat my cock the same way you want yours sucked. Be gentle."

Holly let out a moan as Nick tried again, this time much better. "There you go, easy now. The idea is to make this last. Tease me just like I am doing you."

Holly sighed, "Oh baby, that is so hot. You love it don't you. I could tell. Show me how much you love cock my little cocksucker."

Jen positioned herself where she could now concentrate on finger fucking Holly with earnest. She had a view of Nick and I and had the buttons on Holly's dress now opened down to her taunt stomach exposing her beautiful breasts. You could hear Holly's pussy sucking on Jen's fingers from the sounds of the juices being slapped around by the intense fingering.

I concentrated on Nick again, giving him directions on how to suck and lick my cock. He was a quick study. I let my fingers slide down to Nick's ass and slightly probed with one finger. I told him he could do the same, slowly and gently. He followed my lead.

"Holly, can you hand me some lube from the basket," I asked?

Holly leaned over to grab a bottle of lube. Jen removed her hand from Holly's drenched pussy. Holly stood up and let the dress fall to the floor, that is, with a little help to pull it over her hips. She shimmied out of the dress and half-slip and then reached back and unclasped her sheer lace bra letting her massive breasts loose. Either she had a nip and tuck or she had learned how to defy gravity because those breasts were awesomely firm with huge areolas and erect nipples. She only had a small tuft of pubic hair in the shape of a V pointing to her full and puffy pussy lips that were spread wide open as she took a wide stance to bend over and grab the bottle of lube for Nick and I as well as a long thick double dildo.

Bending over and dressed only in her thigh high hose and stilettos, Holly gave Jen a magnificent view of her attributes and access to her gaping pussy. Jen took immediate advantage of the access as Holly bent over to hand me the lube by sliding her fingers into her pussy from behind and causing Holly to shudder. I had two gorgeous women and handsome gentleman who I was bound and determined to turn bi this evening. This was hot.

I slowly sucked on Nick as he reciprocated. As I poured some lube onto my fingers, Holly leaned back into the sofa spreading her legs and taking one end of the double dildo and inserting the head and some length of the shaft into her cunt. Holly watched as I slowly slid one finger into Nick's ass. Jen stood up and peeled off her jacket and blouse, bra, and skirt, leaving her in only her garter belt, hose, and heels. She reached back and unclasped her red hair letting it flow down her shoulders..

I slowly finger fucked Nick's ass and added a second finger. Holly watched her husband do things he had only dreamed about or saw in the X-rated movies. Now he was participating.

Jen sat back down on the sofa facing Holly and moved up to let her legs dr*pe over Holly's spread legs. Jen positioned herself so that her own pussy was nearly rubbing Holly's. Holly was slowly fucking the double dildo and watching Nick and I when Jen pulled the other head to her own pussy. After few rubs up and down between those hot lips and gaping pussy, Jen slid her end into her pussy and began to slowly fuck the dildo and in turn, fucking Holly at the same time. The two caught a rhythm, slowly fucking the big and thick double dick.

"Nick, I have two fingers in your ass now. How does it feel?

I heard all three of them moan but Nick responded letting my cock plop from his mouth, "Oh fuck, that feels so good!"

"I bet. You had better not cum yet. Did you know that if I massage your prostate, like right here, your cock would go ballistic?" I massaged the right spot and his cock sprang up pulsing even harder, precum emerging now at the tip.

"Oh shit, that was incredible," he signed.

"Now, we are going to see if you can deep throat me. Let's try it."

I took him to the back of my throat and let his cock pass slightly, his body tensing from the feeling. I then pulled back and said, "Now, it is your turn."

Nick tried but gagged. I was a little bigger at seven inches but wanted him to try. Holly came from the fucking that Jen was giving her while Jen told her, "Yes, that's your husband sucking cock and getting finger fucked. Cum for me. Cum!"

Holly let out a loud moan from her orgasm and then softly muttered, "Fuck me, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, oh yes! I'm cumming again!" She had her second climax in just a few moments.

She called out to Nick, "That is so hot baby. Do you like it?"

"Oh yes, Oh my God yes," Nick blurted!

I could feel Nick's balls tighten as he was nearing his climax. I grabbed the base of his cock and squeezes down to abate his climax and continue to tease him. It worked the first time and several times more. "See how I did that you little cocksucker? Really does prolong you shooting your wad. Love it?"

"Oh shit, it feels so fucking good!"

"I know. I had a good teacher. My turn to teach a virgin."

I returned my attention to Nick's cock and worked him again, deep throating him bringing him close to cumming. "Holly, I can make him cum or fuck his ass, what do you want to see next?"

Holly responded right back, "Fuck his ass good."

"You heard your wife. I want her to have a good view so slide around here and let me prop your ass up with some pillows."

I let go of his cock and slid back to allow him to move into position. I moved some pillows under his hips and ass and began to apply more lube to both his ass and my cock. I lined myself up to his ass, put his legs up in the air and back giving me complete access and giving the girls a great view of what was about to happen.

Jen began to cum as Holly fucked her. Holly had reached between them and was rubbing Jen's clit feverishly. This set off Jen's squirting orgasm that Holly wasn't quite ready for. But again, once she experienced the show, set her off on yet another climax.

Both girls were now watching as I eased my cock slowly into Nick's ass. I could hear him suck in his breath as I began to fill his hot ass. "How does it feel," I asked?

"Oh my goodness, I can't explain it. I feel full. That first push hurt, but then... Damn, your cock feels so good!"

"Did you hear that Holly? Your husband loves cock."

Holly moaned more as I began to slowly fuck her husband's ass. I was slow and riding him deep to my balls at first. His cock was oozing precum now and I knew he wasn't going to last. Hell, neither was I much longer.

I slowly continued to fuck his ass giving the girls a good show. As I felt my climax coming on, I picked up the pace and began to pump into him. The girls had a wide-open view of my cock sliding in and out of his ass. I would almost let the head of my cock pull out of his ass before riding him deep again. Then, to see Holly's reaction, I pulled all the way out and said, "Holly, look at his ass."

Holly's expression was priceless. I slid my cock back in his gaping asshole and began fucking him again. By now, cum is oozing out of Nicks own cock and I'm ready to explode. "I going to cum in your ass," I said.

"Oh give it to me. Let me feel it," Nick responded.

Nick pulled back on his legs holding them wide open giving the girls the best show. I exploded as I rammed it home. "Feel me," I asked?

"Oh baby, he's cumming. Oh, I feel it!"

"Yes baby, take it. Take that hot cum you cum slut. Take it all!"

Holly and Jen were fucking hard again as I finished pumping my cum deep into Nick's ass. I knew Jen was going to squirt again. I no time, she sent several more cum squirts all over Holly's legs and one as far as her tight stomach. Holly lost it again.

I told Holly to watch as I eased out of her husband's ass. His gaping hole let go of my member and allowed some of my cum to drain down his ass crack. I sat back and moved to his side and grabbed his cock to finish him off. I had him shooting his load in my mouth in in seconds.

One of my favorite acts after I have a load deposited in my mouth is to share it with someone. I slide over to Holly and shared a kiss giving her the taste of her husband's cum from my mouth and tongue as I swallowed the rest.

The girls were soaked, Nick was spent and had cum dripping out of his ass, and I was quite satisfied with whole thing up to this point. "So Holly. Was this your fantasy?" "Oh shit yes! That was better than the DVD," she responded. "Baby, how do you feel?"

"That was incredible. I've never felt so many new and different sensations. He was so good at making me hold off. Baby, you are hot and always awesome in bed. But, he just fucked the lights out of me."

"Glad you two liked it. I can see you and Jen kind of enjoyed each other and the show."

Jen smiled and laid there with her fingers slowly toying with her clit as the dildo was still buried in her. "I'm looking forward to you two guys double teaming Holly. I want her to eat my pussy while you two fuck her silly."

"Well, I'm going to take another shower. Nick, would you like to clean up with me?"

I got up and made my way back into the bathroom to shower off. I was in the shower when Nick joined me. He was quick in helping me get cleaned up, soaping up my cock and balls, making sure I was clean. I leaned forward in the shower and spread my legs giving his hands access to my ass and cock. He even took the opportunity to slip a finger, then two into my ass that quickly brought my cock back to life.

After allowing him a few minutes of ass play, I grabbed the body wash and washed him down as well. His cock also began to grow, as I made sure he was squeaky clean again. I would have stayed in the shower but knew that I really wanted to fuck Holly. "If you are ready, we need to go enjoy the next part of your fantasy and fuck the daylights out of your wife."

After toweling off each other, we made our way back out into the rec room to find Jen sitting on the top of the sofa back, legs spread with Holly on all fours and her head buried in Jens magnificent pussy. You could tell Jen loved it as she ran her hands though Holly's hair guiding her tongue and mouth to pleasure her. Holly's ass was hanging off the sofa, jutting up in the air; her legs spread wide open, with both her pussy and ass wide open for the taking. My cock grew rock hard at the sight.

Jen leaned back using the wall as a brace. I was able to get Holly to break away from Jen's pussy long enough for me to slide under her and have her straddle my cock and slide down on it slowly leaving her ass open and exposed for Nick to fuck. Holly was tight and soaking wet. I also had access to her magnificent breasts. They loved the attention and when they got it, they sported rock hard nipples. I let her begin to fuck my cock as I sucked and teased one nipple and then the other.

Nick lined up behind Holly, his cock rock hard. He lubed his cock and began to apply some lube to Holly's ass by dripping some onto her ass and letting his fingers rub her tight rosebud. I felt one finger enter Holly's ass as he rubbed my cock as I slid in and out of Holly. Then, he added a second finger. Holly leaned forward and moaned into Jen's pussy. This caused Jen to grab Holly by the head and to press her as deep into her pussy as Holly could get her tongue to move.

I could tell when Nick began to pull his fingers out of Holly's ass and I anticipated the feeling of him sliding his cock into her and rubbing my cock. As the head of his cock popped into her ass, Holly began to shake and another orgasm was on the way. At first, we were a little out of synch. But it didn't take long for the three of us to find a rhythm. Nick and I fucked her nice and slow.

Jen told Holly, "I love having every hole filled. We just need Jerry here to fill your mouth with cock. You would love it!"

"Oh yes," Holly moaned. "Nick, I feel so damn good. I think I can do this more often. Oh yes, fuck me baby. I feel so damn full and my pussy is throbbing!"

Another wave overtook Holly. She pulled up from Jen's pussy and started moaning louder as Nick and I pumped her. Jen quickly dropped a hand between her spread legs and began slapping her pussy and clit. I knew what that meant. We were about to be showered with pussy juices, as Jen would squirt torrents of pussy juices when she slapped her pussy and came. In no time, we were all doused with her pussy juices shooting out in forceful bursts.

Nick came deep in Holly's ass first announcing his impending climax, "Awe fuck baby, I'm going to cum!"

As Nick shot his load, Holly came yet again and this set me off as her pussy grabbed my cock trying to suck the cum from me. I had both breasts squeezed together trying to put both nipples in my mouth at the same time when she slammed down on my cock. I felt the eruption coming forth. What a feeling. She was so hot.

We stayed connected for a few minutes before both Nick and I slipped out of Holly. Holly said, "Boys, oh damn that was so good! I can't believe I waited so long to have this experience."

"Holly, we will do this more often," Jen said. "And if you are up for it, you can join our little group as well. Of course, that is if you would like to. You can come to my house anytime you want and you are both welcome to enjoy us whenever you like."

Holly smiled, "Right now, I have cum draining from my pussy and my ass. I think we need to carry this upstairs where we can do so much more. I know Nick should have enough left in him to fuck you Jen and I really do want to watch. And, I know I could make use of that cock again too," Holly claimed as she playfully grabbed my cock.

Holly got to her feet and reached out for my hand. The three of us followed her up the stairs to the master bedroom. This was just the beginning of enjoyment with two more friends.

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