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Foursome Massage

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This is a follow up story from my massage with Matt where I had my first just male-male encounter. I had set up an appointment with him and his fiancé, Abby but had to cancel twice due to my hectic schedule. I finally worked it out and last Thursday evening, I made it happen. Now, Matt and Abby only do their four hand massage at their place so I had to travel to them. No problem. And it turned out to one hell of a trip.

When I get there, Matt meets me at the door and leads me to their living room. Abby is there. I?ve seen her a number of times at the spa but since she works the desk I?ve never gotten a chance to see just how hot she is. She?s wearing tight jeans and a loose fitting top that shows off her stomach a little. Her body is incredible and I?m starting to get hard just thinking about seeing it naked. We all sit for a little and Abby asks me, ?So did you like the massage Matt gave you?? She?s smiling a little letting me know that she knows everything that happened. I say, ?Yes I did. I got a lot more than I was expecting and loved every bit of it. Or should I say every inch of it.? That got her to laugh and she says, ?Then you?re going to love tonight.? Matt says, ?Let?s head upstairs to the massage room.?

When we get there, it looks just like a room at a spa. Candles, music and the big massage table. They let me undress and get under the sheet and when I tell them I?m ready, they ask me to go ahead and place my head in the head rest. So I do and the door opens. They walk in and they are wearing linen pants and tops. I know this from being able to see their pants and when all hell breaks loose, seeing the tops on the floor. Abby talks saying, in a soothing voice, that we are going to begin. Again, like last time when it was just Matt, I?m half hard lying on the table. Instead of using lotion, the use heated massage oils which feel incredible. They work my back and shoulder muscles together and they move around with Abby starting the massage and then Matt really working the deep part of it behind her. They move fluidly working my body over and really working me up. I?m easily rock hard 10 minutes in. At one point with Abby massaging my shoulders from above my head, I reach out and run my hands up her legs and then down. Then I ?go for it? and move my hands to her ass. I don?t feel any panties, not even a g-string. This just makes me harder.

I feel her reach down on move my hands out of the way so she can move out of the way. Matt is now up at my shoulders and I do the same to him that I did to Abby. When my hands reach his ass, I hear Abby moan a little. I then give her a show and move my hand to the front and run my hand along Matt?s cock. He is solid steel and I can feel all 9 inches of him. I then hear Matt moan. They continue to move around me until Abby is back close to my arms. I feel her take my arm and start working down it to my hand. She places my hand on her upper thigh letting me know that she?s now naked and then slides my hand over and trails it across her pussy lips before setting my arm back down. Matt follows behind her doing the same thing and my hand slides across his erect cock. They do the same thing to my other arm and hand. This time when she touches my hand to her pussy, I can feel that she?s wet. And when my hand grazes Matt?s cock, it feels different. It was quick but I think it didn?t feel as thick. I?m not sure if my mind is playing tricks on me but I start to concentrate on their hands now. Could there be another guy in the room? So when it?s Matt?s turn I try to focus on how they feel. Then the next time he touches me, does it feel different. Again, not sure if my mind is messing with me but they do feel a little different. But I?m not going to get upset about it.

They then move to my legs and instead of just exposing a leg at a time, they cover up my back and uncover from my waist down. So my ass is fully exposed. They massage my legs and my gluts. Not sure who does it, but when they pour some oil onto my ass, it runs straight into my ass crack. This causes me to jump a little and rise up onto my knees. Which is exactly what they wanted. I then hear Abby say, ?Oh looks like someone wants some special attention.? She then slides her fingers between my ass cheeks and pushes an oily finger into my ass. I sigh, ?Ohhhh? as she does it and then I feel her reach underneath and play with my balls. Matt says, ?Do you think he?s hard yet?? I say, ?Ha ha. Been hard since you two walked in.? That?s when my suspicions are realized. ?Two?? Abby says. ?Turn over.? When I do, there are three naked people in the room with me. Abby, Matt and their friend Dan. Dan is built similar to me with a solid 7 inch cock. That?s when I say, ?I thought so. I thought their hands and their cocks felt different.?

Things get turned up very quickly when Dan says, ?Good for you. Smart man. Now stop talking.? As he says this, he pushes his cock into my mouth from the side. I turn so I?m lying on my side and I hold his hip as he thrusts in and out of my mouth. I hear Abby moan and then say, ?So here?s the deal. These two are going to fuck you. If I like what I see, I?ll join in. If I don?t then you have to leave without getting me. Understand?? I mumble ?Uh huh? with Dan?s cock still in my mouth. So wanting to get Abby hot I pull off of Dan?s cock and lie on my back with my head hanging over the edge of the table. I then say, ?Fuck my mouth Dan. Give it to me. And Matt, fill my ass. I need cock in both of my holes. Treat me like a cock whore. Fuck me.? Abby smiles and says, ?Well that?s a good start. Now fuck him like you two fuck me. I want him begging for it. And I want him covered in cum. But make sure he drinks some too. I can tell that he?s a cum whore too.? As she says this, I feel Matt?s guide his oiled up cock deep into my ass and I swallow Dan?s cock. Dan pumps in and out of my mouth making me deep throat him and I feel Matt bottom out in my ass. It feels so fucking good and my cock is throbbing on its own.

Abby sees this and I hear her moan and I then hear her pussy juices. I try to look out of the corner of my eye but I can?t see her. But I try to concentrate and I know she?s fingering herself. That?s confirmed when she screams, ?Oh fuck!!!? and then screams, ?I?m cumming! Oh fuck yes!? I try to seize the opportunity and push my finger knuckle deep into Dan?s ass and when I hear him gasp I feel his cock swell and explode. He recovers after two solid squirts down my throat and pulls his cock out and shoots the rest of his cum all over my face and chest. Matt isn?t far behind him and when he pulls out, he grabs my cock and strokes it hard and fast. With my cock in his right hand and his in his left, he aims the cocks and I cum with him and my body gets coated in two fucking monster loads of cum. As Matt and I are cumming, Abby explodes in orgasm again and I feel a couple drops hit me. I say, ?Oh fuck, you can squirt? Is that what you just did?? Abby says, ?Yes, and I can squirt a ton.? I say, ?Please. Please Abby. Stand above me and squirt all over me. Please. Cover me in your cum.? Mix it with all of this creamy spunk and I eat it all.? She doesn?t say a word. She climbs up on the table and standing above me I watch as she uses a glass toy and she fucks her bald pussy silly. It doesn?t take long at all and when she pulls it out, I am flooded. Pussy cum everywhere. She hits me from my nose to my balls. Even as she?s still cumming, I start scooping up all of the cum and juice and eating it from my fingers. Within seconds, all three of them join in. Everyone gets a taste of the three guys cum and Abby?s cum. By the time we are down, all three guys are hard again.

Abby looks at me and says, ?Ok, that was so fucking hot. I now need your cock in my cunt. Fuck me hard now. Abby then lies on the table and I move to push my rock hard cock inside that sweet, dripping wet pussy. But I stop. I then move down and clamp my mouth on her pussy licking her hard and sucking on her clit. Abby starts thrashing grabbing my head and keeping it in place. She starts cumming soon and orgasms three times very fast. I then look up at her and open my mouth and she knows what I want. She starts rubbing her clit hard and within a minute squirts again shooting it straight into my mouth. As she starts to squirt, I feel both Dan and Matt licking and sucking on my cock as I moved up on my knees hoping they would do just that. They suck on my cock, lick my balls and lick and asshole. After Abby squirts, I move up and look over at Matt and say, ?Push my cock into your fiancé?s cunt. Make me fuck her. Then bring me your cock.? Abby just moans. Matt then reaches down, grabs my cock and feeds it into Abby?s pussy. He then looks at me and says, ?Fuck my whore. Fuck her cunt until she squirts all over you. Fuck her cunt hard and cum inside her so I can eat all of your cum from it while you fuck my ass.?

I then start to slam my cock in and out of Abby. She starts yelling at me to ?fuck my cunt, fuck my cunt.? I lean down and suck on her tits and nipples. When I lean back up, there is Matt?s 9 inch rock hard cock ready for my mouth. And I suck it. Hard and fast inches from Abby?s face. She says, ?Oh fuck this is so hot. You?re fucking me and sucking my man?s cock right in front of me. Oh fuck I?m cumming. I?m cumming.? I feel her juices gush all over my cock. Seconds later she screams for me to pull out and when I do, pussy cum shoots everywhere. All over me from my hair to my cock. All over Matt?s cock and some even hits Dan who?s just standing watching. When she finishes, I plough back in and devour Matt?s cock again. Matt is straddling Abby?s head so she leans up and starts tonguing his asshole while I deep throat him. We hear Dan say, ?Oh he?s not going to last much longer? which just makes us work harder and faster. Matt grabs my head, forces his cock even further down my throat and erupts. His entire load shoots straight down my throat as I swallow every drop. Even with him deep in my mouth, I can pull out as Abby tells me too and she squirts all over us again. She pulls me back inside her and when Matt moves away, she looks me straight in the eyes and says over and over, ?Cum in my cunt. Cum in my cunt. Fucking cum inside my dirty, whore cunt.? I can?t take it any longer and I explode dumping a ton of cum inside her pussy. When I?m finished, I pull out and take her my cock making Abby suck me dry.

While Abby is sucking my cock, Matt moves between her legs and starts licking her pussy. Very slowly at first just teasing her. Then a little more. After Abby cleans my cock, keeping me hard, she says, ?Now go fuck his whore ass. Just like you fucked my cunt.? When I walk past Dan, I grab his cock which is dripping pre-cum and say, ?And put this deep in my ass. And shoot that load deep inside me.? With Matt lying on his stomach licking Abby, I move in behind him and keeping him more or less lying flat, I lube up his ass and push my cock deep inside him. This way Dan can get behind me and fuck my ass. Abby starts cumming as she watches me fuck her man and Dan fuck me. While cumming, my cum floods out of her pussy into Matt?s mouth and he swallows the mixture of my cum and Abby?s cum. Abby continues to cum and even squirts soaking Matt?s face and hitting me in the face too.

While slamming Matt in the ass and getting my ass fucked, Matt actually slides up a little and slides his cock into Abby?s pussy. The four of us then fuck in unison for a solid 20 minutes. Dan starts the chain reaction when he can?t hold back any longer and announces that he?s ?going to cum in this fucking whore?s ass?. As he explodes deep in my ass, the feeling of his cum shooting inside me sets me off and I cum deep in Matt?s ass making him cum deep in Abby?s pussy. Once all three guys are finished blowing their loads, we all pull out. Abby makes Dan lie on his back and she sits on his face grinding her pussy on his mouth. Dan eagerly licks and eats waiting for his gift of Matt?s cum. Matt cleans Dan?s cock while I clean mine. Matt and I then wait to feel the cum ooze from our assholes. But I don?t wait for long. I move in behind Abby still sitting on Dan?s face and push my cock back into her pussy. Matt?s cum has dripped out and Dan has swallowed it all but he?s still licking her pussy. So he gets to lick my shaft and balls too now. As I pump her pussy from behind I reach down and start to play with her asshole. I push my finger into her ass and Abby loves it. Less than a minute later she screams, ?Pull out. Pull your cock out.? I do and Abby floods Dan?s face almost drowning the man.

Once Dan regains control and is licking all of the cum Abby squirted on him, I push my cock into his mouth making him suck me. Abby knows what?s going on and says, ?Yeah, Dan. Suck my cum off of his cock.? Just then Dan squeaks with my cock in his mouth. Looking back I see why. Matt has Dan?s legs spread wide open and Matt is plowing Dan?s ass with his big cock. I pull my cock from Dan?s mouth, push it back into Abby?s pussy but only to get her cum all over it. I then pull it back out and when she starts to say, ?Put it back? I place the head of my cock at her asshole. She quickly changes and says, ?Oh fuck yes. Fuck my ass. Fuck it hard. I can?t believe I haven?t been fucked in the ass yet tonight. Fuck me. Please.? But I won?t do it yet. I make Abby turn around so she can suck Dan?s cock while he continues to eat her out. Then while Matt fucks Dan?s ass, I fuck Abby?s ass. And I slam her ass. As hot as Abby?s pussy is, her ass is even hotter. Her muscles are pulsating sucking me in and out as I pound her. Dan?s cock in her mouth along with Dan?s tongue in her cunt coupled with my cock in her ass has her in constant orgasm as she cums over and over again.

Since the guys have cum a couple times each already, we fuck for a while. But the hot scene alone keeps us all close. But then Dan takes his finger and buries it in my ass and then pushes in a second one. This just makes me fuck Abby?s ass harder which makes her suck Dan?s cock harder. I tell the other guys to all cum in Abby?s mouth. And I tell her not to swallow until all three loads are in her mouth. So we actually need Dan to cum first so I tell Dan to pull his fingers out of my ass. It doesn?t take much longer and Dan does cum first. Abby catches all of his cum in her mouth and then sits up and kneels in front of Matt and me. She opens wide and I beat Matt cumming in Abby?s mouth while Matt is still fucking Dan?s ass. Matt pulls out and I finish just in time for Matt to reach Abby?s mouth. Abby gargles and swirls around three nice sized loads and then swallows every drop.

We take a break then and recoup. We take ?inventory? to figure out who hasn?t fucked who and where. I?ve fucked Abby everywhere and I?ve fucked Matt?s ass. But since Dan just got his ass destroyed by Matt, he begs for a break. Dan hasn?t fucked Abby anywhere other than her mouth and Matt hasn?t fucked her ass. So I tell them to give me a little show and since Abby is insatiable she?s game. We actually move to Abby and Matt?s bed, a nice king size bed. Abby has the two guys lie next to each other on the bed. Abby then moves in facing away from me and proceeds to play and suck on their cocks. I really can?t see her sucking them; just can hear them. But I have a perfect view of Abby?s pussy and ass as she?s on her knees. She knows exactly what she?s doing. But I?m going to wait even if it kills me. But that doesn?t mean I can?t play with her. I move in right behind her and bury my two middle fingers into her pussy and my thumb into her ass. She gasps and then says, ?Oh fuck yes. Finger fuck my holes. Finger my cunt and my ass. Oh fuck yes.? I say, ?Only if you fucking squirt for me. I?m thirty Abby and I want your cum. Give it to me.? She continues to suck the two guys as I finger her harder and harder. Soon she just screams, ?Now.? I pull my fingers out and put my face right near her pussy. She explodes and drenches me in her cum juice. As soon as her orgasm ends, she yells, ?I need cock now.? And she climbs up on Dan slamming her pussy down on his cock. Matt is immediately behind her pushing his cock into her ass double penetrating her.

For the next 15 minutes, Abby fucks them more than they fuck her. She cums multiple times and squirts twice drenching Dan in her cum. After the 15 minutes, Abby makes them stop as she can?t take anymore. She thinks she?s cum over 30 times and is almost blacking out. But with her making them stop and me watching the whole thing, all three guys are rock hard and need to cum again. So I ask Abby if she has a strap-on and she says, ?Of course?. I tell her to put it on and to fuck my ass hard. Which she does in record time. As she puts it on, I lie on the bed on my back. Abby quickly lubes my cock and the dildo and then plunges in. As I open my mouth to sigh, gasp or scream, I can?t. Matt is there pushing his cock deep in my mouth. Then I feel Dan grab my cock and I feel his ass slide down on it giving me the only hole I haven?t fucked tonight. Matt holds my head against the bed as he pumps him cock in and out of my mouth fucking my face while Abby annihilates my ass with the big fat dildo.

Dan rides me sliding almost completely off my cock and then sliding all the way back down. After about 5 minutes I feel him pull off but then feel him push into Matt?s ass fucking him and forcing Matt?s cock deeper into my mouth. While Dan does that, Abby reaches down and strokes my cock. 5 more minutes pass and Dan moves back to my cock impaling himself back down on it. My fingers replace Dan?s cock in Matt?s ass and after one more 5 minute session, Matt can?t hold back any longer and he fills my mouth with his last load of the night. I swallow every drop not that I had a choice. Once I drain Matt dry, I tell Dan to make me cum in his ass. Abby helps by fucking me even harder and after only another minute, I explode in Dan?s ass. When my orgasm is over, I tell him to bring it to me and I tongue Dan?s ass until my load drips out of his ass into my mouth. As I?m eating his ass, Dan tells me he can?t hold back any longer and he moves and feeds his cock to me giving me all three final loads. I eat his load down too and as I finish it up, Abby finally pulls out of my ass.

We all clean up and Abby makes me promise to come back very soon.

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