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First Time as a New Couple

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Alicia and I met through a personals online dating site. I wrote to her because in her add it stated that she was openminded and was looking for an open minded person. We met for dinner for our first date and ended up at my house in bed, on the floor, and in the kitchen. After that night we were together all the time and she soon moved into my house with me.

After about 6 months of living together we were laying in bed together. Alicia was on her back and I was on my side. I was admiring her body and scoping up the cum leaking from her pussy and rubbing it on her fat dark nipples. Alicia had the body type I loved. She is hispanic, curvy to a little chubby, 5'1" short, bronze skin tone, 44DD and kept herself smooth. While we were laying there we started talking about sex an our past. It eventually came out that we both had experiences with sharing or being shared. She had done a few mfm 3 some in college and had some bi experiences as well. I had some group experiences as well as a few bi experiences.

We both agreed that we enjoyed the lifestyle and decided to give it a try together as a couple. We took some pics and created a profile for a few swinger sites online. We got plenty of emails but nothing was really catching our attention. Then we finally got one that Alicia really liked. A older couple was hosting a small house party and they wanted to know if we would like to attend? We liked the idea of a get together like that, plus the attire was very casual. Neither Alicia or I were dress up people. For us flip flops, short and a nice shirt was formal.

We left early that evening to slowly make our way to the party. We stopped at our favorite restaurant/bar to have a few drinks first. Alicia was dressed perfectly to me. It was summer so she was wearing some overall shorts. To me it was hot to see the big part of the overalls trying to hold in her large full breasts. I also liked them because the legs of the shorts were pretty loose and baggy. I was able to run my hand up her thigh and into her shorts all the way to her pussy. She wasn't wearing panties and was already wet. She was excited to get to experience this with me she said. We soon headed on to the party. On the drive there she said that she thought we should have a few ground rules. She said that she didn't really want to kiss others, condoms should be used always, she didn't want to do anal with others and didn't want us to play separately. I agreed to all the rules since I figured it was kind of late to argue them anyhow and plus this is what she was comfortable with that arrangement.

We arrived at the house of our hosts. It was a nice size house out in the country that had a lot of privacy. We went to the door and rang the bell and waiting a few seconds. The door opened and the host greeted us as John. He was at all guy, maybe 6'3"? Very muscular and very hung. He was just wearing a thong that looked like an elephant. The trunk of the elephant thong held Johns cock and he had it filled completely. John let us in and led us through the house to the back where everyone was. They had a big deck in the back where there was a nice pool as well. Everyone was in different states of dress/undress as the they mingled around having drinks and talking. John took us over to the small outdoor bar they had and introduced us to his wife Joanne. Joanne was a short petite woman with amazing green eyes and red hair down to her waits. She was completely naked and in the process of letting a couple lick salt off her small breasts for tequila shots. After the couple was done licking the salt and sucking on her hard nipples they did their shots and everyone was laughing and having a nice drunken time. John introduced us to Joanne and she gave us both hugs and deep kisses. She kissed Alicia much longer than she did me while rubbing her hands over Alicias breasts through her clothes. Joanne commented on Alicias big beautiful breasts and how she could wait to get her naked. Then she told Alicia that she couldn't wait to see her take her husbands big cock later and started playing with Johns elephant trunk. Joanne then asked if we would like to do a shot with her and surprisingly Alicia agreed. She didn't like drinking straight tequila so I wasn't ready for her to agree. John grabbed us a couple of beers to chase the tequila with and Joanne grabbed the salt shaker and lime. Joanne wanted us to lick the salt from her and she wanted to lick her salt from Alicia. Alicia agreed and stripped her clothes of right there. I was so hard for her already and how bold she was being with these complete strangers. Both John and Joanne quickly had their hands all over Alicias body feeling her tits and fingers exploring her smoothness. I could tell Alicia was enjoying the attention because she had a huge smile on her face. Joined the licked Alicias hard nipples and then she sprinkled salt on them. She got the shots ready and her and John started both sucking on Alicias nipples to get their salt, then they took their shots. Now it was our turn. Joanne ask Alicia how we wanted our shots and Alicia told her she wanted to lick the salt off of Johns cock and wanted me to lick the salt off of Joannes tits. John pulled his big cock out and Joanne got it wet and put some salt on the head of his cock. Then Joanne said that I need to strip down as well so I did and as I got undressed she put salt on her hard pink nipple. I watched Alicia as she knelt down and took johns semi hard cock in her mouth swallowing as much of it as she could, then she pulled back and took her shot. Now it was my turn so I bent over and started sucking on Joannes hard nipple and at the same time started to rub her smooth pussy. Joanne moaned lightly and told me to finger her. I slid my finger into her very wet pussy and she moaned some more and asked me if I liked how wet she was? I stopped sucking on her nipple and pulled my finger out and took my shot. I then told her I did like it and she smiled and told us hat she had already been fucked and filled earlier. Joanne took my hand and put my finger in her mouth and sucked on it. She said how she loved the taste of sex and asked us if we did as well. Alicia and I both just smiled and told her we did. Joanne smiled and slid two of her fingers into herself and pulled them out. Then she said that she wanted to do a 3 way kiss with us so we got close and all kissed and tasted the cum on Joannes fingers. I think we would of all ended up having sex right there if it weren't for this other couple that walk up and was insisting on using Joannes body for more shots.

Alicia and I decided to take the opportunity and walk around and mingle some. We walked around with our beers and looked at the gathering of people at the party. We noticed that it was mostly couples and they all seemed to range from our age of early 30's all the way up into the 60's. We did notice a couple of single guys there but didn't see any single women. We mingled some more, Alicias breasts attracting attention as well as requests to feel them and suck on her big eraser sized nipples. We had a few more beers and decided that we would slip into the pool. The sun was starting to go down and the later day/evening setting sun is the hottest part of the day in Texas.. We both were enjoying the feeling of the warm water on our naked bodies and the cool drinks in our hands. We moved over to our own little spot at the edge of the pool and were enjoying watching the activities that were going on around us. Alicia was rubbing my hard cock under the water and I was playing with her hard nipples. I was taking her some about how she had already broken a fool of kissing when she and Joanne kissed deeply earlier. She just said that it wasn't like she had a choice but it was still fun to give her a hard time about it even though I knew it was true. After a bit we decided to get out and dry off. John was pulling futon mattresses out from his house and laying them on the deck so that people could play comfortably out there. I offered to help but he just asked if I could please light the tiki torches he had already set up. As soon last the first mattress hit the ground Joanne was on it on her back with her legs spread wide and a guy sliding in between her thighs. Alicia told john that it looks like Joanne liked to get right to the point and he just laughed and said that she loved being the center of attention. Alicia and I sat on a recliner to watch the true party start to unfold in front of us. Another couple sat in the recliner next to us and started talking to us, asking us what we thought about it all. So far we both loved it. Alicia was rubbing my hard cock again and I was taking advantage of her laying on her side on the recliner to rub her ass. I had worked my finger tip into her ass just enough to apply pressure and tease her some knowing that she loved that. The other couple commented on how they enjoyed the parties for the chance they got to meet others but didn't like the fact that the host liked to play bare and letting other cum in Joanne or John cum in others. They also mentioned the single guys and didn't agree with having single guys there just because they were bi. When Alicia heard that part she gave my cock a hard squeeze. After a bit Alicia decided she wanted to walk around a bit so we got up and walked around to the bar area and got a couple more beers for us. While we were there Alicia grabbed my cock and told me she really wanted to suck my cock with one of the bi guys there. She thought it would be so hot to see me getting my cock sucked by a guy and her helping. I agreed that we could definitely try that if she wanted to see that. I turned Alicia around so that she could watch the action going on on the deck. There was Joanne in the center of it all with her legs open wide and another guy about to mount her. In her loud drunken voice we could hear her telling her next fuck that he needed to pull the condom off. She only took it bare. Alicia and I both laughed at that and Alicia said that the other couple we talked to earlier must really disapprove of that. As we stood there watching I got behind Alicia and put my arms around her. I had one hand on one of her big breasts and my other hand was down between her thighs. I started to finger her wet pussy and then use her own juices to get her clit wet. I was rubbing her clit and she pressed her plump round ass against my hard cock. Alicia was getting off to watching the action and being masturbated openly. As I rubbed her pussy one of the single guys walked up to the bar and watched. He slowly stroked his hard cock as he watched me bring Alicia to orgasm right there. She leaned on the bar as her legs got shaky from the mild orgasm she was having. After Alicia had recouped some the single guy introduced himself as Alex.

Alex was looked around our age maybe and he was tall and thin with a long thin cock and very in shape. Like me his cock and balls were smooth. I know Alicia really liked that look and feel. Alex commented on how it was lucky for Alicia that the bar was there for her to hold onto. I told him that it was a mild orgasm and that if it were a strong one then she would of definitely needed more support and if it were one of her big ones then she would of been on the ground gushing. Alex said that he would love to see and help her with a big one, he had never experienced a squirter or a gusher before. Alicia just smiled embarrassingly and said that she had never gushed with a stranger before but you never knew what could happen on a night like tonight. Alex asked if this was our first party to attend here? We both told him it was and he said that he had know the host and hostess for a long time and had been to several of them. He pointed out Joanne and said how she loved being the center of all the attention while John liked hosting mostly and also like waiting towards the end of the night to clean his wife after she had been shared a lot. He also explained that you have the condom couples/people and the bare couples/people and that once it is known that you play bare then the condom people will rarely play with you. He asked what we were and Alicia answered that at the moment we were condom people since we were new to the lifestyle as a couple. Alex and I continued to talk as Alicia excused herself to go to the bathroom. Alex told her where it was so she headed off to the house as I talked to Alex. I learned that he was really into hiking like I was so we were soon talking about the best trails and the best gear to use. We were talking away planning a hike together to a place he knew about that he called Eden. It was on his families private property and it had a small spring fed creek that you could camp next to and swim in. Since it was private land he said that you can spend the entire time naked out there. After a while I noticed that Alicia was still gone so I decided to go look for her to see if she was ok. I walked into the house and looked around for a bit and then I could hear voices. I followed the voices and ended up in a office. John had Alicia in his arms. Her legs were wrapped around his waist and he held her up off the ground and was fucking her hard. He was bouncing her on his big cock and it almost seemed that he was supporting all of her weight on his cock in her pussy. It was so hot to see her big tits bouncing and he made her go up and down on his cock. I could tell she had already had a big orgasm as well because Johns legs were wet with her juices. I walked up to them and rubbed Alicias wet ass and tasted it. It was definitely her cum. Alicia just looked at me and smiled an exhausted smile as John pushed his entire cock into her. Alicia is multi orgasmic but once she has her big orgasm she is usually to exhausted after to continue with sex but in this situation she had no choice. John was panting away and saying how good her pussy felt on his cock. I could tell Alicia was getting ready to cum again as her legs started to get stiff.. She let out a loud grunt as her orgasm hit and a few seconds later John ground out as he thrust one last time deep into Alicia and started to cum. After a few seconds he laid Alicia back on the desk that was behind her and slid his still hard cock out of her. His bare cock was covered in their cum and looked so good. Alicia just lay there on her back trying to catch her breath as Johns cum leaked from her pussy and started to spread under her on the desk. John then rubbed his wet cot on one of her dark nipples and covered it with the cum from his cock. He said that he loved fucking a woman like that but couldn't do it with his wife because her pussy was too tight to get fucked hard and deep like that. He was pleased to find that Alicias pussy was fairly loose and she could handle it. Alicia finally said something and said that he had probably made her even more loose. John kissed Alicia has she sat up and told her to take her time. He would clean the cum from his desk later. He then told me I was a lucky guy and said he needed to go check on his slut of a wife and make sure everything was still going smoothly. I smiled at Alicia and then I kissed her. I could taste cock on her lips. I then bent down and sucked on her cum covered nipple. She asked me if I was ok but I didn't answer her. I just had her lay back on the desk again and then I went down on her. She said that she was to exhausted to orgasm again but as I licked her clean I could feel her body stiffen and then release as her orgasm swept over her. I then stood up and easily slid into her messy stretched pussy and fucked her as hard as I could giving her two more orgasms before I had my own and added my load to her already sloppy pussy. After we finished I helped her back up onto her shaky legs and we walked back out to the pool area. We went back out straight to the bar to get some more beer as we were both thirsty at this point. The party was still going strong and now Joanne was in the 69 position with another woman as the action went on around her. John was in a recliner laying back as another lady was cleaning his and Alicias cum off of his smooth cock. Alicia put her hand on my cheek and wiped off some of the cum that had gotten there when I went down on her. Then she apologized to me. She said that she knew we had said that we wouldn't play alone or bare and both had just happened. She said that one minute john was showing her some of his favorite porn on his computer and the next minute she was cumming on his bare cock in her pussy. I assured her that it was definitely ok and hat really she was just breaking her own rules that she set. I told her how hot it all was for me. She was relieved to hear that I was ok with it and turned on by it. She then told me how she thought he was going to split her because he was so big and that how she can't believe the mess the three of us made in her office. As we stood the talking some Alex walked up again and said that he saw I found her. Then commented that is seems that she had been busy by the look of her thighs. I looked down at Alicias tanned thighs and could see that she had cum running down them. I laughed and told him that yeah we had both been busy. He smiled and asked if it would be ok to clean her. Alicia replied that she didn't know if she could take much more. This was the most orgasms she had ever experienced. I got her to go along with it though and was starting to lead Alicia over to a recliner. Alex asked that we stay right there behind the bar and just have Alicia lean against it while he did his thing. Alicia agreed and leaned over to support herself and then she opened her legs. Alex sat down behind her and started to slowly lick up the inside on her thighs. His tongue licking up through the cum laking from her. Alicia moaned in pleasure and told us it felt really good. My cock stirred some from the pleasure she was experiencing. Alex continued to lick higher and higher until he reach her messy pussy and he started to hungrily lick away at that. Alicia let out a deep sigh of pleasure as I moved closer and she started to stroke my cock. Alex them spread her ass cheeks open and pushed his tongue into her ass. Alicia let out a squeal as this surprised her. She soon closed her eyes and her body began to stiffen again. Alex had his tongue in her ass and several fingers in her pussy. She let a groan escape her as her stiff body finally relaxed and she let up on the firm hold she had on my now hard cock. Alex pulled his head back from her ass and slid his fingers from her. He held up 3 cum covered fingers to us and then rubbed the cum on my cock. He asked if it would be ok to clean me now and before I could answer Alicia almost yelled "yes, do it so I can see" . Alex smiled at us both and took my hard cock into his mouth. He had some amazing oral skills and it felt so good I now had to steady myself against the bar. Alicia loved it. She became very vocal at that point and was going on and on about how hot it was to watch and that she wanted to help. I soon had them both sucking on my cock and I was getting very close. Alex said that he didn't want me to cum yet because he all wanted us to cum together. He said that he wanted to try position with us but in order to do it we would have to go get on one of the futon mattresses. The three of us heady over and found and empty but definitely used one, There was a large wet spot of cum on it and Alex said that he would get a towel to clean it but we assured him it was ok. We both enjoyed messy cummy sex, Alex had me lay down on my back and then had lacier get on top of me and mount my cock with her back towards me. we knew what he wanted but then he got between Alicias open legs and slowly pushed his long thin cock into her pussy with mine. Sh moaned out loudly at this and said she wasn't sure she could do it. He assured her she could since she easily took 3 of his fingers. He slowly pushed his cock deep into her with mine and held it there. Alicias was already gasping as her orgasm hit her. It was so tight in her and it felt so hot to have Alex's cock pressed against mine so tightly in her wet pussy. I knew that I wouldn't last long as Alex started to slowly slide his cock back and forth in her wet pussy. He started to pick up the pace and thrusting harder into her. I really wasn't able to push into her in my position but his pushing hard into her now was causing her body to rock back and forth on mine and make her pussy move on my cock. It felt amazing in her like that and I know she loved it as well. Orgasm after orgasm was hitting her as we fucked her pussy..Alicia started to get very vocal and was wondering if she would be able to have another big orgasm that caused her to gush. As she got louder it attracted the attention of a couple of other guests and soon Alicia had hands and mouths all over her tits and even one rubbing her clit. I knew I couldn't hold back much longer and then I felt it. Alicia body got very stiff and she got quit as I felt her wetness gush out onto my cock and balls and cover my legs. I was so turned on that I came as well. After Alicias orgasm passed her body became limp and she just lay on top of me as Alex continued to pound her pussy for another minute or so before he gave her a final deep thrust and filled her. From what I could tell from what I felt against my cock in her was that he was a heavy cummer. Alex kept his cock in her for a bit and then has mine became soft and slid out he slid his out as well. He helped Alicia roll off of me and she laid on her side exhausted her ass and thighs were covered in our cum. Another guy came up and asked if he could have a turn. She didn't answer but I figured thats what we were here for so I had her roll on her back and I spread her legs wide. There was cum everywhere. I started to kiss Alicia and asked her if she was ok. She just smiled and said that she had never experienced anything like that before. I kissed her again and she grunted as the other guy had slid his cock into her. Alex came over to the other side and also asked her if she was fine. Alicia smiled at him and answered him by pulling him closer to her and taking his cum covered cock into her mouth and sucking it..then she looked at me and asked if I wanted to help so we started sucking his cock together as the other guy was pumping his load into her pussy now.

As Alicia lay there I lay next to her. The guy that had just added his load into her was sucking hard on one of her nipples. Alex had gotten up to get us some beers. I asked her if she was ok and she said that she was doing great but didn't think she could orgasm anymore and also didn't think she could get fucked much more because her pussy was getting sore. Alex returned with our beers. As he returned the one guy kissed Alicia and got up. His cock dripping cum onto her pussy and stomach. As soon as he left he was replaced by another guy in-between her legs. Alex commented on how popular she was but that a lot had to do that she was allowing guys to cum in her. The other guy asked if he could fuck her in her ass. I was about to tell him no when Alicia said ok. She then looked at me and smiled and said that we had set already. Then she kissed me and whispered into my ear that the guy had a thin cock so it should be easy for her to take since her pussy was already to sore for more. The guy lifter Alicias legs high in the air and was using all the cum to lube her ass and cock. Alex lay down next to Alicia on her other side and was gently sucking on her hard nipple. He would rub cum on it and then lick it off. He kept repeating this. I started to kiss Alicias neck and play with the cum that Alex had rubbed on her other nipple for me. As I kissed her neck she grunted lightly as the guy had slid his thin cock into her ass fully on the first thrust. She grunted overtime he thrust into her and seemed like he was fucking her as hard as he could. Luckily like she said he had a very thin short cock and did not last long. He soon moaned out really loud as he pushed her legs back to her chest and threw everything he had into the final thrust into her ass. Alicia eyes got big and said that she could feel his cum shooting into her ass and that he was a really heavy cummer it seemed. I told her that at least she got that out of it and I explained to Alex that she loved a lot of cum. After the guy got off of Alicia she closed her legs and announced to Alex and I that she was done, she couldn't take anymore. Alex asked if I were done as well or if I were going to continue to play some more, I told him that I was done even though I was hard again. Alex reached between Alicias thighs and scooped some cum from her leaking pussy and rubbed it on my cock. The he moved over and took my hard cock in his mouth and sucked me to completion right there. He had amazing oral skills and was able to make me cum fairly quick. He held my cum in his mouth and kissed Alicia and shared it with her. I announced that I was now done and Alex agreed that he was done as well.

We exchanged phone numbers and addresses with Alex and made plans for just the 3 of us to get together. i got my clothes and got dressed but Alicia was absolutely exhausted and didn't want to mess with clothes. We found John and Joanne. He was on his back and Joanne was sitting on his face kissing another woman that was riding his cock. We thanked her and asked to borrow a towel. There were a lot laying about the area. Alex walked us to my truck and I put a towel down on the seat for Alicia to sit on. She decided she was going to ride home naked. We figured it was so late that no one would notice plus I had tinted windows and we sat up high. Alex gave Alicia a deep kiss and then shook my hand and said we could talk about our hiking/camping trip some more later. As I drove us home Alicia reclined her seat back and spread her legs. We talked about it all and relieved all the hot details. She started to rub cum on her clit and masturbate herself. I told her I thought she was done but she said that she was getting horny again thinking about it all and that her clit wasn't sore like her pussy was. She rubbered herself to orgasm and then had me lick the cum off her fingers. After that she closed her legs and went quiet for the rest of the ride home

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