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It was 1968 and I was in my last year of HS. A small town in the Midwest with only a couple hundred students in the school. Growing up there I knew almost all of them personally, as friends, teammates and fellow work mates I had dated a handful of the girls, and even got lucky a couple of times. Hard to do in small town USA no girl wants the reputation that follows any rumors, or just the truth sometimes, about sex at our age. I was 18 and all I could think about was the next date of the next girl. I liked all the girls I dated but none seemed to be the “special” one for me. So I kept dating. Dances, movies, parties. Then one day at a friends house my friend was showing an 8mm B&W movie while his folks were out. It was a porn movie. I had never seen one and as I watched all the different things they were doing, I got a roaring hard-on. I hid it OK but it wasn't easy. Soon as the movie was over I excused myself and headed home. “Chores to do” Is what I told the others. In reality I had to clean myself up. I had cum in my pants. I got home OK and took a bath and got clean clothes. Mom and Dad got home and wanted to know why I was home. I told them a story about wanting to go to the movies later. They accepted that. I, on the other hand knew I was going to call Sandy. She was the last girl I had dated. I decided that if I could I would see if I can replicate a scene or two from the movie I had seen at my buddies house. I talked to Sandy on the phone and she said she would go to a movie with me. I walked to her house and we then walked to the local theater. It wasn't far, nothing in a small town is far. We went in I bought the tickets and got popcorn and a Pepsi for us. We found a seat towards the back and settled in. We were almost alone in the theater. The evening movie would not start until the one we were watching was over. Sandy and I ate popcorn and shared the Pepsi with two straws. We watched the movie but I was more interested in watching Sandy. One or should I say two, of her attractions were in her sweater. Not big but certainly noticeable and shapely. I had gotten to first base with her on our second date and was hoping for that and more tonight. As the movie plot unfolded we held hands. Her hand on top of mine and she was slowly kneading my wrist and lower arm. I moved as close as I could to her. Leaning over I gave her a kiss on the cheek all she did was turn her head and return the kiss on my mouth. This was working out well so we kissed a bit more and I sneaked my hand down to her leg under the edge of her skirt. She did not object. I left my hand there but when I moved it up farther she gently moved it back. First roadblock I thought. We each kept the other busy kissing and snacking on popcorn. Finally she told me she had to use the ladies room to powder her nose. So I moved to let her past me and as she got directly in front of me she slipped and put her hand out to catch herself. I reached for her at the same time. My hand had her waist but her hand landed squarely on my cock, which as she grabbed it started to inflate. She hesitated but then moved I and mumbled she was sorry. Off the went to powder her nose or whatever lades find to do in the bathroom besides use the bathroom.

It seemed like a long time before she returned, in fact I had thought maybe he had just left me and went home. But she returned and I moved far enough to not block her path and stood up to let her by. I stood there and she squeezed past me and her hand brushed the front of my pants. In the blink of an eye my cock was responding. She sat down in her seat and wiggled a bit to be comfortable. Then it was back to popcorn Pepsi and the movie. At first anyway. Soon she has her hand on my leg and took my arm and dr*ped it over her shoulder. This was all fine with me. It meant I was still on a date with her and she had not walked out. As the show went on we cuddled together as much as the theater seats would let us. Her hand had moved up slightly, almost to my cock. My hand migrated down her shoulder and was at the top of her left breast. As we both wiggled we got more tangled up. I was enjoying my self and she kept creeping her hand farther up almost to my crotch. Smiling at each other, kissing rather more erotically and just enjoying each other, we were having a good time. Soon the popcorn and soda pop was gone but we didn't care. Then suddenly the lights came on. The movie had ended. We looked at each other and laughed. “What was the ending?” I asked. “I have no idea she replied.” When we left the theater some of the other kids from school were in line and asked how the movie was. I just told them “well, I enjoyed it. Sandy said the same thing. We walked away from the movie and I asked if she would like something to eat. She nodded and we went to the cafe on main street. We took a small booth in the back of the store. The waitress took our order and scurried away. Sandy and I asked each other “Did you have a good time?” Each of us said we did. She asked me “Want to take me to the new movie on Monday?” “Of course I do” I replied. We sat there making chit chat until the food arrived. The pizza they had was OK but not terribly good, it was a frozen one they just heated up, but we talked and ate and smiled a lot. On a couple of occasions Sandy moved her hand to my leg and was slowly moving it closer to my crotch again. I did not say anything and certainly did not stop her. She had just turned 18 so we both were pretty much adults. Finishing the pizza, I paid the bill and we started to walk to our houses. She said “I want to stay out some more, take me to the park by the river.” I took her hand and we went hand in hand to the small park by the small river in our small town. It wasn't far so we got there fairly quickly. We looked around for a bench to sit on. One that was clean and away from other benches. Finding one just about to the water, we sat and talked about school and our after school plans. I told her “Well, as soon as I turned 18 I had to register for the draft, so I guess I wont have to worry about a job right away.” She nodded and asked if I was worried I may have to got to war in Vietnam I told her that I had no say in it. If they sent me I would have to go. She frowned and said “I'm going to be really sad if anything happens to you. I like you more than any other boy in town. Even your buddy. It surprised me but I felt pleased she liked me. I gave her a kiss and told her “thank you, I feel that way about you too.” She gave me a kiss. A lot more passionate than any so far. I kissed her back. She took my hand that was over her shoulder and moved it down. All the way down to her left breast. My cock noticed immediately and there I was next to this pretty girl with a boner! I was petrified she would notice. She shifted to make my hand cup her breast and smiled at me. I squeezed and she shook a little. I moved my other hand to her also. I took her hand. I did not have to move it, she did on her own. She moved her hand squarely onto my cock. I was a bit shocked but all she said was “is that OK? Hope you don't mind.” I mumbled something and just took her face in my hand and turned her towards me and gave her a deep tongue tangling lip covering kiss. When I was done I told her”No I don't mind, do you? For about an hour we sat in the dark alone and talked small talk and moved our hands on each other. Kissing became hotter as we stayed there. Then we heard voices. People were coming. The movie had let out. As some came our way we put hands back to ourselves and just sat chatting. One of the more Adult Couples who passed near us smiled and we heard them say something like “Remember when we were young like that and sat in this park? Remember we could not keep out hands off each other! You got very naughty!” As they moved on I chuckled to Sandy “ I guess this is a popular spot in the evenings.” We laughed and decided we should get back home as it was getting late and our folks would be worried.

As we returned walking we agreed that tomorrow we would meet in the daytime. The cafe would be a good place. We settled on a time and parted ways at her house. She gave me a really nice hot kiss and I watched her walk away. As she approached her house the porch light came on One of her parents had likely been watching us.

The next day was another great weather clear skies day. Dad told me to do a few chores then take the day off. “Maybe go see that Sandy girl and see if she likes to hike or fish.” I smiled and told him that was a good idea. I hurried to finish the chores. I gave Sandy a call and we agreed to meet at the cafe.

As I saw Sandy come in I waved her to “our” table. She was dressed in jeans and a short sleeve shirt and wore some boots Not uncommon for the girls in this town to dress like that. It was a working persons town. We chatted about last evening and how much we each enjoyed it. I asked what she wanted to do, where she wanted to go today. She surprised me and said “lets take the river trail up stream a mile or so. I could use the exercise.” I told her “you don't look like you need the exercise, you look great!” That got a smile from her and she remarked that I was in pretty good shape too. We asked for a couple sandwiches to go and a soda each. Then we headed out on our little excursion.

The river trail started at the park we visited the evening before. We started to follow it upstream and stopped now and then to look at something. Sometimes it was a funny crooked tree or a fish swimming almost on the surface. There was always something great to see if you just look. After about a mile we stopped and looked around. Off the trail a bit and away from the river there was a small clearing. Somewhat overgrown but it had a picnic table. Not many people would wander this far to picnic there were much better places to stop and eat. We found a spot and sat at the picnic table We sat next to each other. Closer than we ever had before. We ate and drank our lunch, disposed of the litter and sat on a part of the trail overlooking the river. Something about watching water move in an endless stream was even more entertaining than a movie or television. We laid back on the bank and she moved to me. She leaned over me and kissed me deep. Then she smiled and apologized “I didn't meant to do that” she blurted out. I reached for her and took her in my arms. I kissed her back and told her I DID meant to do THAT! It sort of broke the damn of emotions between us as we entwined with each other there on the river bank. Before I realized it she had my shirt off and I had hers off. Now she was working at my belt and I was unbuttoning hers. We smiled sheepishly at each other and both said at once “are you sure we should do this?” We laughed and she stood and slid her pants off. I stood and took mine down too. She sat down and reached out for me. She took my cock in her hand and pulled me down to her. As we laid on the ground we kissed cuddled and got all tangled up. Then she pulled my hand to her panties and let me remove them. She was more beautiful than I had ever considered before yesterday. Her breasts were beautiful, her face was a classic face her hair was a dark auburn and her legs were things of beauty strong yet feminine and very appealing. She caught me looking and blushed. I told her she was beautiful. She blushed again and I kissed her. I pulled my mouth away after a great kiss and my hands roamed her body Her breasts felt absolutely wonderful. Full and firm and perfectly shaped. Not that I had a lot of experience with women's anatomy but I knew she was near perfect. I was interrupted in my thoughts as her hands took my underwear off. It wasn't going easily because my cock was rock hard and keeping it from falling. She smiled and took her hands and pulled them down and off. She bent to pick them up. As she started to straighten up she let her lips brush my cock. Not anything more but the smile she had was bigger than ever. She took it in her hands and moved them on it. She told me it was how her brothers handled themselves when they thought nobody was looking. Then she knelt down and licked it and then took the head and then the shaft in her mouth. She it it go and looked up at me. “I saw Mom do this to Dad, do you like it? I know Dad did when Mom does it.” It was my turn to blush as she had described what I had seen in my friends movie. Blow jobs and fingering and fucking and sucking everything. I took her head and moved it to my cock again. She opened her mouth and took some of it in. Then moved her head in and out. Stopping she said Mom and Dad like this hope you do too! I assured her she could do that to me anytime she wanted. She smiled and sucked my cock deeper. Soon I knew I was going to cum. I told her so and she nodded and kept sucking. “Do you want me to cum in your mouth?” She nodded again. So I kept her head right there so I could cum all in her mouth. As I spurted the first time, she choked a bit. I let her head go but she shoved her head onto my cock even more! As my cock continued to empty into her beautiful sucking mouth I knew she was “the one” for me. I finished cumming and suddenly felt tired. She let my cock slide from her mouth and laid back allowing my softening cock to fall free. She took it and licked it a bit more. I could see some cum still in her mouth and was amazed she had not spit or swallowed the final drops. When she smiled, some cum came out of her mouth She caught it in her hands and showed me. Then she ate the cum from her hands I was impressed. I did not realize it at the moment but she had just made two firsts for me! My first time to cum in a mouth and her first time to eat cum from a cock—or at least I hoped it was her first time

As I started to lay next to her she moved me farther down and positioned me between her legs looking at her pussy. It was a beautiful pussy, all soft auburn hair fringe, the pink insides showing made her look completely vulnerable. Her breasts were still on her chest, not sliding off to the sides. Perfect firm beasts. She looked down towards me and softly said. It's YOUR turn now.” I moved closer to her pussy and as I was almost there she moved down a bit and in range of my tongue. I then knew what she meant by “my turn” and started licking. Soon my tongue was deep in her and so was a finger. Two fingers actually, one in her pussy the other up her beautiful butt. She was squirming and moaning as I licked her clit and poked her pussy with tongue and fingers. This went on for a while when she shuddered and moaned loudly as she had her orgasm. I kept licking because I did not know what else to do. I was still eating her pussy when she pushed my head away. We lay In each others arms and fell asleep. It was twilight and we were both naked and by the river. As we gathered out thoughts we looked at each other and both grabbed the other and pulled close, kissing and touching and feeling and once again, licking and sucking! We each had a marvelous orgasm in each others mouth before we got dressed and hiked towards town.

Two weeks later we had graduation ceremonies. Parties and friends and family were everywhere. No private time for Sandy and I. So when the celebrations were done we found a way to go to the next town and got a motel room. Our parents did not know we were together They all just thought we each were finding our new found freedom. They were right. We did just that. We found the freedom to be with each other and found the freedom to lay around naked in a bed and enjoy every nook and cranny of each other. I had found I loved to lick pussy, she liked the taste of cum and I also liked to feel a tongue on my butt hole. But so did she. It was one of those sex acts that you can do with each other but hard to do at the same time. But we tried. And tried. After two nights we returned home. She and I had done every sexual thing we could think of! Vaginal, anal, oral, hands, toys, lips and tongues went everywhere and I MEAN EVERYWHERE! Things we had not tried were going to have to wait till we get others involved. We realized that if we want to do more then we need more tongues hands fingers pussies asses and cocks! We both agreed on mutual agreement to invite someone into our little family.

By the end of the week we had each made a possible list of people we know that would make a good fit and would talk to them together or perhaps one on one. Mutual decisions must be made Of course we each found things we did with each other would be taken off our list of sex if either of us did not thoroughly enjoy the activity. Virtually every thing to do with sex would be considered and either added or dropped from our things to do list.

One week later when we got together we had each made a list of people to invite to our little group. We each had 3 people to consider. Male or female, if we agreed then we would invite them. One of the things on our list is to not make a decision final without telling the other first. It would take the two of us to deny a person or a sex act. If we found a woman who hated being butt fucked then she was out. If we found a guy who would not lick pussy no matter what then he was out Etc etc etc. If it was a person or act then we would decide together.

Once we had decided to let others join us we started to contact those on our list. First we agreed that first contact would be anonymous. A small town just has too many that would not jump at the chance to play with a couple.. With just her? Damn near every man would and some women too! But with me, a young man? Very few would play alone. As a couple we were pretty sure some would enjoy us both together and we would enjoy them.

We went into this with eyes wide open and not expecting any immediate meetings. But if they happened it would be the one of us who contacted them that would meet. Then when they knew what we were doing we would both meet them. We each agreed to play with whoever agreed. Her with guys and gals and me with guys and gals. No discrimination on gender. She said she would lick and suck and so did I.

First contact was by her to a friend of hers. One that knew her pretty well and she knew had played with others in the past. She contacted her by messenger to meet and they met that afternoon. The girls name was Barbara, or Barbie. She was not a barbie like the doll but was not in amy way ugly.

She agreed to meet and Sandy went to meet her at the time and place they decided on. I was not told where, only when. That way both could meet and discuss all they wanted without any fear of me butting in. The day and time came and Sandy went to the meet. I kept myself busy by washing the family car. A rare thing for me to do but my folks let me do it without comment. I finished the job in about an hour so I went to my room and waited. Chatting online with whoever was around, I was BORED!! Then my phone rang. It was Sandy and she sounded hopeful. She had met and they talked and would like me to join them at Barbies house. She lived alone and just a few blocks away so I walked over. Sandy met me at the door. Introduced me, although I had already met her before in school a few years ago. I had never thought she would be one of those interested in some FFM fun. FF maybe but I figured she was one of the girls who enjoyed female company more than male. I was hopeful we could bring her into our group as the first one to play. I met her again and she remembered me and smiled. “I always thought you were cute.” She told me, I told her she was looking really good too. We chatted a bit, all three of us, telling each other what we wanted and what we wanted to do. I, of course, wanted to play with both girls and have them play with me. But I also wanted to please both of them. That may be a problem but I was determined to do my best. Both girls smiled at that. They also wanted to please each other as well as me. I was, as they say, Hot To Trot! Lets start now! They both smiled and agreed. We went to Barbies bedroom. She lived alone now and had all the privacy she wanted. The bedroom was nicely appointed in a girly way. Frilly curtains, a stuffed animal or two laying around. All the normal girl things. Sandy started the action by kissing me. Barbie jumped in and kissed Sandy and I was excited to be there, as evidenced by my pecker standing straight in my pants. Next step was Barbie taking off her top and Sandy followed. I took my shirt off and then Barbie grabbed my belt and dropped my pants. I stepped out of them and Sandy had her self naked already! I thought I was anxious but she beat me! Sandy took hold of my undies and virtually yanked them off me! Barbie was nude by then so all three of us were ready to play. Barbie pushed Sandy down on the bed and then me beside her. Barbie started to lick Sandy's tits and then moved down her belly. Sandy was nervous as she had never had a girl lick her anywhere before. As Barbie reached the pussy Sandy moaned and Barbie licked and sucked her Soon a river was flowing from Sandy. Barbie was really enjoying eating the pussy. I was lying there with my pecker trying to touch the ceiling and it was all I could do to keep from jerking off right then. Sandy shook and wiggled and finally almost screamed she was coming! Barbie kept licking and sucking until the tremors stopped. She turned to me and said, “your turn!” I felt Barbie grab my dick and stroke it. I almost shot a load right then. The sensual overload was nearly unbearable. I thought “this can not get much better” when Barbie swallowed my entire cock in on gulp. She sucked and jacked me as I felt her tongue twirl on my dick. In less than a minute she had me ready to explode! Hold it back she said. And relented sucking me for a minute. I finally calmed down a bit and Sandy was looking at me and shaking her head. “I thought for sure you would cum! But am glad you didn't. Now you can enjoy us both more. She moved to me and kissed me then kissed Barbie. They were both having a great time and so was I! Barbie told Sandy, “You think he will recover if I finish him off?” “Sandy said “I certainly hope so! He is horny one. She then guided my cock into Barbies mouth again and again I was starting to feel a cum starting. Barbie did not stop this time when I told them I was going to blow! Barbie sucked and Sandy smiled and played with her pussy while I watched helplessly and shot my load into Barbies mouth. It felt so damned good. Better than ever before in a mouth. As I lay there shaking Sandy took my cock into her mouth telling us she would be the cleanup lady today. She sucked my shrinking cock completely clean.

As I was still recovering from the worlds best blowjob, I saw the ladies start to play again. Sandy was starting to go down on Barbie. Something I never thought she would do. As I watched, Barbie spread herself wide open and Sandie started eating pussy. As I watched I saw her face start to glisten with Barbies cum. Soon Barbie was shaking and twitching and cumming also. All three of us had cum now. A good time was upon us. That afternoon after we left Barbie and had promised more anytime, we talked about who was on my list. I agreed to shower and get hold of my buddy John. He was the same age as I was and I had seen him in the showers at school so I knew he would be a good fit for the ladies. John was fishing by the bridge on the river. I arranged for Sandy to meet us there in about 15 minutes. I arrived and found John sitting on the bank. I asked him how he was and, like always said when someone asked that he said “Horny, how about you?” I told him being horny was what I wanted to talk about. That got his attention so he reeled in his line and we talked. I told him we had two ladies so far that wanted a “physical relationship” and not an entirely emotional one. He was interested and asked with who. I told him not until we talk about this. As I described what we were planning and how he became really interested. “So you want to start a swinger group where everyone gets some?” Yes I told him but everyone can get some from everyone else too. I told him the ladies would enjoy each other but the guys, if requested, would enjoy time with each other too. Specifically, I told him, SEX. He looked apprehensive at that but that is when Sandy arrived. She knew John and had agreed that if he would join she would be able to handle him if he handled any guys in our group. She explained to him he could have pussy anytime one of the group was with him. Or blowjobs or even some butt fucking. He thought for a few seconds and asked “Do I have to let a guy fuck me?” Sandy told him “Only If he is asked nicely. And that goes for you asking us ladies nicely too. Now do you want in or not? This is to be a very private group of individuals that just want sex, no romance and no politics, no arguing and no pain. Just sucking and fucking.” John asked “When do we start?” Sandy said now is OK if you like. He smiled stood up and dropped his pants and took his cock out, looked at her and said “blowjob please” She smiled and told me “I figured he would ask that first thing.” I told her “Well go ahead, I'll keep a lookout”. As I watched she knelt in front of him and took him in her mouth. I walked away a short distance and watched for anyone coming. But the only one I saw was John cumming in Sandy's mouth! Didn''t take long and they were both smiling. As john started packing up his fishing equipment we left. Sandy asked “want to find more today? We seem to be on a roll”! “Sure why not.” so she said she knew of one of the ladies in the school that had seemed to be quite interested in her students. And not as a teacher. We called her an asked if we could talk to her about some personal things. It being after school was out for the year and all we needed some advice. She invited us to her house so we headed there. She was at the door soon as we knocked. Opening it we saw she was in shorts and a tank top. She was teacher but not an old woman. Late 20's at the most and she was definitely one of my choices too. Sandy and I sat and started by talking about the two of us. How we had gotten along really well lately and then segued into how we both love having sex. She became slightly worried when we told her that. But she said nothing. Sandy told her we had a great relationship and we would like it to continue, only with some other friends too. At that I told her that Sandy and I would be happy to let her into our little discreet group. She looked shocked. Sandy said this group will be very discreet and not public at all. Each and every one in the group would have to remain discreet and not talk to anyone outside the group about it, other than referring to us all as friends. In this small town that would be considered normal. Small towns all had groups of friends. She thought about it and told us to talk to her later for a decision. We thanked her and left. I asked Sandy “You think Bonnie will join or not.” I hope she does Sandy replied. We went back to our houses and stayed there for the evening with family time.

By the end of the week we had grown from the two of us to eight. Four boys four girls. We decided that would be the best match to please everyone. We had made plans to have a weekend camping trip for the group. Summertime in the outdoors day and night would be a good time. Campfires camping and fucking! What could be better!! We made reservations at a campground about 20 miles away by a small lake. It was not a big place but it was very nice. Perfect for a get together with intimate friends. The first day, Sandy and I went early and set up our camp. We picked a nice spot in the clearing with room for a nice campfire and not far from restrooms. We had checked with the owners and learned they had just had a mosquito spray company service the area as a bonus. Around noon our group started arriving. Eight people some with tents and some with hopes of sharing a tent. We were sure that would work out. All in the group were under thirty and had been accepted by Sandy and I. As the group arrived and started to set up their tents Sandy and I greeted them and offered to help with anything we could. A couple of them had needed a hand and we provided it gladly. Soon six tents were set up. All of us were together around the afternoon fire chatting as we talked we noticed some were already meeting up with others. They would wander off into the woods or simply go to a tent. Nobody cared, we were all here for a fuck fest with anyone who wanted it. When two guys walked to a tent, nobody said a thing. When they reappeared they were smiling so that was how it was. One lady, Bonnie the teacher, approached Sandy and I and asked if we would care to have a quickie a thanks for inviting her to the group. We agreed and went to our tent. Soon as we were inside, Bonnie dropped her clothes and pulled Sandy's clothes off. I dropped mine as I saw Bonnie eat Sandy's pussy. I got behind Bonnie and grabbed her butt and spread her cheeks and slid my cock into her already wet pussy. Sandy came quickly and a little loud in a couple of minutes. Bonnie held off cumming as I pounded her pussy from behind. I shot my load quick too knowing more was to come . Bonnie almost shouted into Sandy's pussy when she came. As we left the tent several people started clapping! I guess we were a bit loud.

As the evening started the boys brought out the meal. Hamburgers and steak along with some non-alcoholic drinks because not all of us were of age yet. The food was good, the fire was friendly and the bugs stayed away. As everyone paired off we saw some girls take two guys and two guys take one girl. Perfect ratio of men to women. Soon the noise from the tents was making it obvious that everyone was enjoying themselves.

The next morning some ragged looking folks emerged from the tents. But all had big smiles on their glazed faces. The glaze was a good indication some serious sucking and fucking was going on. Exactly what we were all here for! Sandy and I went to the restroom to use the shower there. We both went to the mens shower and cleaned up inside and out. Two other men were there watching. They were washing themselves rather rapidly. Especially their dicks! Sandy told them to come over to us and let us handle things. They both came over and Sandy made sure they were very clean inside and out. She cleaned their assholes as well as their cocks. One of them helped her clean one of the asses himself. Nobody complained. I did not complain or even comment when one guy started sucking my cock. Sandy had already sucked me off earlier so I was not about to cum again so soon. On the other hand I was asked by Sandy if she could watch me suck a cock and offered the other man to me. I followed our own rules and turned to him and took hold of his now hard dick. I jerked it a bit then put it into my mouth. He started to pump it in me and soon I had a mouthful of cum for my very first time! Sandy saw my mouth leaking cum and came over to help me. She licked and the sucked his cock too. He was a very happy camper, so to speak. In fact as we got back to our tent it seemed that all of the others had been having fun too. One of the ladies headed to the shower dripping cum all the way and one of the guys was laying exhausted and naked on the grass! I was glad we had gotten a somewhat private part of the camp. By the evening we had all rested up, gone swimming and a couple had caught some fish for supper. They busied themselves cleaning and then cooking the fish. The rest of us decided that those two could have their choice of the rest of us for their pleasure that evening. Never saw two happier people. After eating they started telling the rest of us what they had decided to do. The man started by telling us they both wanted to suck and fuck all the rest of us. The woman also said that is what she desired also. She said she really wanted to eat pussy and suck cock at the same time. She would pick a woman get into a 69 with her as the man would fuck her she would eat them both. When they were done then two more would join in. Until everyone had been sucked and fucked and licked clean! We all thought that would be a great evening.

The plan was great and it went off wonderfully. First Bonnie the teacher was in a 69 with a cock in her cunt as the woman ate Bonnie out. The man fucked and filled Bonnie as the woman sucked Bonnie dry she sucked her man clean too. Next was Sandy to get fucked and sucked. She and the others were really enjoying the show. Then surprise surprise, I was picked to be fucked and sucked! I was a bit worried as nothing bigger than Sandy;s finger had been in my ass before. But the rule is the rule. So I got on my hands and knees and the woman got under me and took my cock in her mouth. So far so good! Then the man had someone lube my ass up really good and ran fingers into me to loosen me up. I felt the cock start into me. It was painful but then the cock passed into me past my sphincter and it was better. I felt him slide in and out as my cock was sucked. I was amazed that I was enjoying this. I looked as Sandy and she had a big grin on her face. I heard her say that it looked like I was enjoying this a bit too much. She was right. I was enjoying it more than I had ever imagined I would. But before I knew it the guy grunted and shot a load up my ass and I shot my load down the woman's throat! We all collapsed and others cheered. This continued as we all got either fucked or sucked pussy or ass. Two women went for seconds and got ass fucked and ate the woman's pussy for her. We were all happy campers Still, when bedtime came we all paired off again. Some with the same ones and some with others

The next morning was about the same as before. Lots of stickyfaces coming out of the tents. Mine included. I had feasted on Sandy as she leaked cum all over my face. I was beginning to like cock and cum and she was starting to really love eating pussy. We headed for the showers again and again we went to the men's shower area. We scrubbed each other with her taking extra care in cleaning my butt. I was starting to enjoy the butt play too. Not really enjoying getting fucked but I was able to tolerate it now. So I knew and Sandy did too that we were going to add a few more guys to the group. Bi guys hopefully. Some who enjoy eating fucked pussy and cock too. Not to mention fucking some hot butts of a guy now and then. The group had gone from me and her and a couple others to plans for more. Much more inclusion.

Sandy and I had planned for everything except what to do if we had this much success. We talked it over for the next few days and tried to come to a decision of what to do. Should be drop the whole idea? Should be embrace success and just keep going the best we can? Should there be another solution? After two weeks of brainstorming something happened that surprised us all. We had a married couple want to join the group. How had they found out we even had a group? We had not wanted married couples because of the chance of causing divorces or other marital troubles. But now we were confronted with it.

Eventually we decided to interview the couple and ask some pointed questions. Two days later we met with them at their home on the outskirts of town.

Tom and Mary had been married for six years and had been swingers on and off for that time. Now they wanted to be in our group Somehow they had heard that we were much more inclusive than many swing clubs. We were determined to find out how they had heard of us at all.

The couple were very nice and completely open about sex. He had been with swingers for a couple of years and knew how important good security was. We had to keep it all under the radar if we wanted the group to survive and they understood that. We told them we did not want the problems married couples can bring and they reassured us they would keep everything secure. Then they offered to prove themselves. He stood up dropped his pants and told his wife to suck him off. She smiled as she took his cock into her throat After a few seconds of this he pulled it out and kissed her. Then he told her to suck my cock. She pulled mine out and went down on it. I told Sandy to finish him off. She smiled and sucked the cum from him in short order. The wife was about to swallow my cum too. I unloaded and she swallowed every drop. She kissed him and Sandy kissed me. We all had a taste of cum. We left and talked about the experience at her house. Her parents were off on summer vacation so we had the house to ourselves. We sat at the dinner table and talked. How about jealousy? There seemed to be none on either side. How about compatibility, they were a bit older than most of us. I asked if she had enjoyed the older man's cock. She had and I had enjoyed the wife's mouth. So age was not a factor for them. We decided to let them in unless anyone objected after meeting them for the first time. We had a mini-orgy planned for the next Friday so that would be the time. We invited the couple with the restrictions we had just decided on. They agreed and would be there for the mini orgy.

We had rented a small hotel in the next town. They were happy to let us have 5 rooms. Three with double beds two with king beds. All were interconnected with doors from room to room. Nobody had to go outside to get from room to room. It was perfect. Sandy and I went and spent a night there to be sure it would be OK. No problems. One of the king bed rooms had a kitchen so we planned on some simple food. We informed the others and arranged to have the rooms waiting for them to check in. Everyone pays for their room. In the meantime Sandy and I had been playing around with some others. Not members but possible additions in the future. Sandy even had brought one girl in to fuck me and play with her too. We asked if she knew any single guys that would be interested. She had indeed. We asked to meet with her and one of them. One gal one guy was our group motto for joining. Once in you could be with whoever you wanted.

We met with the two to interview them together. He was 19 tall and in shape. He had played football in HS and was still active in sports and exercising. We both liked him she had been with Sandy before and was a good fit. He needed to show what he wanted and what he was willing to do. We had her undress in front of us, which she did immediately. He was ogling her with lust in his eyes. Sandy told him to undress completely. He complied with no problem. Then I told the girl to eat Sandy's pussy. Sandy pulled her pants down and the girl went right down on her licking and sucking. I asked Sandy to stand and bend over the table. Then I got behind her and slid my cock up her from behind. I was really dripping precum and did not want to stop but I did. I then told the guy to eat her pussy. He hesitated a bit but finally started licking her from behind. Then I told him to stop and for the girl to bend over. She did and I fucked her and told her I'm going to cum in you. A minute later she was full of my cum. I saw the look on the guys eyes and told him to fuck Sandy and cum in her. He looked relieved and slid into her from behind and almost immediately shot his wad up her cunt. Then I got behind her and licked her pussy clean. I then told him to eat the girls cunt till all the cum was gone. He looked really worried. I and Sandy told him no eating pussy full of cum no deal. He finally buried his face in her and we heard him slurping her pussy. When he finished we told the girl to suck his cock clean and eat Sandy clean. The guy was quiet but did not complain. Then I told him to suck my cock clean. Now he was not happy. I reminded him that he had just licked pussy full of my cum and now my cock was covered in pussy and cock juice. He finally knelt down and sucked me clean. When I pulled out of his mouth he looked at me as if to say “let me eat some more”. They dressed and left. Sandy and I deliberated and finally agreed he did good. If he can eat cum from a pussy and clean a cock he was going to fit right in We called them and told them to show up in two days for some fun. They seemed very happy.

The mini orgy at the hotel was upcoming and Sandy and I went the morning of and got an early room. One of the king beds and the kitchen. We brought food for ten and a little extra. Put it all away and made sandwiches for lunch and some for an early dinner too. We also prepared meat for cooking, chopped veggies and made sure the drinks were cold. The couple we had allowed to join were reminded that not everyone of drinking age so please no alcohol or other prohibited items. You want to fuck us you follow the rules. They did and were happy to be there. They got a room with double beds. In case and in hopes of having the occupied. Our new members the ones we had interviewed showed up and took another double bed room. Soon everyone was there and we had a room to spare. It became the “party room”. Music was played and a TV set up to show DVDs, which the couple had brought Sandy and I had a plan to use the DVD for inspiration for entertaining others. Soon we were all present and housed. The party room had extra chairs and beds moved out of the way. We all danced and ate some food. At supper everyone had their fill and relaxed. The new people were mixing in well and all was good. But now it was entertainment time! Sandy put in a DVD and everyone gathered around while we ran through the entertainment rules. We all joined the group for sex. Sex with others of each gender. MM FF MMM FFF MFM FMF. Whatever combo we desired with no backlash from anyone. No condemnation because you shot a load somewhere not usual, no shame from having something in your mouth and swallowing whatever. So with that said, we are going to start a DVD. It is a xxx DVD of course. We will each draw a card from a deck. As the DVD is playing we will pick a card from a hat and then another card. The first one will be the “giver” the second will be the “receiver” no matter who it is. Just do it and enjoy as we get ready for the next couple and the next and next and next. This should take up a lot of the evening but bear with us and enjoy. If you have enough left for more, I'm sure someone will be happy to please you. Sandy bring the cards please. What we are looking for are pairs of cards. So Bonnie please pick a card. Bonnie reached in and pulled out a card. Then one of the guys, John, picked a card and so on and so on till we all had a card. No trading cards What you have is what you have. Now play the DVD and lets start the party! Sandy hit play and the DVD was running. Bonnie, what is your card? She showed it was the five of hearts. Who else has a five? If nobody has one the Bonnie will draw again. Everyone keep your cards to yourself so no cheating. Nobody had a five so Bonnie drew another card. A Queen, who has a queen. Sandy stepped up and showed her card, a Queen. Both girls went to one of the beds that were pushed aside and dropped their clothes Sandy grabbed Bonnie took a tit in her mouth. On the DVD two women were sucking on tits then they ate pussy so Bonnie and Sandy ate each others pussy. This was working out well. After a few minutes the DVD stopped. Another person showed their card. It was ME. I have a six, who has a six?? The married woman stepped up and showed her card a six. We took the bed and Sandy and Bonnie moved back to the group On the DVD a guy was eating pussy so down I went. Then t switched to a guy sliding into the pussy that the other was eating. So another card was quickly drawn and it was John He came over and slid his cock into the pussy I was eating I kept eating and then john shot his load. I ate it all and sucked them both clean. I went back to the group. The DVD was stopped and another cad was drawn. An ACE! The man had an ace. One of the girls showed her Ace and off to the bed they went. The DVD was running and a guy was fucking a woman so our couple did the same thing the same way. Soon the scene changed to show the guy shove his cock in the woman's ass Our couple shifted a bit then up her butt he went! They continued till one came. It was the girl who came. Back to the group they went and another man pulled a card a 10. Then another guy pulled a ten! Of to the bed they went. The DVD was now showing one guy sucking the other. So they did too. The guy being sucked shot a load in the suckers mouth just as the scene ended. Back to the crowd they went. A Girl drew a card. It was another Queen The next card was drawn by the last girl in the group who had not drawn yet she came forward drew a card and it was a four The DVD was started and it showed two women eating each other then quickly went to one eating the others ass. The women did the same. Soon everyone had played and those that had not cum picked someone of their choice to cum or make cum. Too some surprise one of the guys picked another guy and got a good cock in his mouth and mouthful of cum soon after. Another non cummer was a girl. She picked one of the guys. She picked the guy with the biggest cock and took him to the bed She opened her mouth and deep throated him expertly then she opened her cunt and he slid into it without hesitation. We were all in awe of this young girl taking that huge cock in her throat and then her cunt. But when she moved again she put her ass in the air and spread her cheeks for him. He started to slowly enter her butt and she suddenly pushed back against him hard and he filled her with his full length! A good 8 inches was deep in her ass and she was fucking back on him hard! We heard him groan and moan as he filled her ass with cum. A LOT of cum! It was flowing out every where and was loving it. As he pulled out her ass was gaping The married man stepped up and shoved his cock in her butt, making more cum in her flow out. He fucked and fucked and she bucked and bucked till they both suddenly moaned and together they both came. Applause filled the room as they sorted themselves out. Everyone was starting to break into couples or more-some. Sandy and I grabbed a guy and a gal and got them into that king bed with us. He kissed Sandy and she told him she wanted what that last girl got! She raised her ass up and I saw his hard cock slide right in. No panic no cries of pain. Only moans of pleasure from them both. The girl we gabbed to join us was Bonnie. I laid her down and licked her fucked cunt for her. She shuddered and moaned then pushed my head away and told me to fuck her like Sandy is being fucked! She rolled over an raised her butt up for me and used her hands to spread her asscheeks. She still had cum in her ass to I just pushed into her slowly and easily. She and I were both enjoying it completely It was not long before Sandy came and that made the guy in her ass cum too. Hearing them cum made Bonnie demand that I cumNOW. RIGHT NOWGIVE ME THE CUM UP MY AAASSS! What to do? What could I do? I came hard in her butt. Best cum of the night for me—so far. We all collapsed and caught our breath. Soon Bonnie was sucking the married guys cock while Sandy and I played with each other. The next Monday we all met up to discuss how the party went and how it could be better. Everyone agreed it was a good time Biggest complaint was the guys didn't bring enough cum! We laughed and said all of us guys would try to do better. The meeting broke up and Sandy and I had come to a decision about us. We agreed that things were going great with the group and ourselves but something was missing. Passion had been lacking lately We decided to go to a city for the weekend. A fairly bit city was about two hours drive away. I told her I would borrow the family car. She said she would find a hotel and make the reservations for us. then we went to the bedroom of her apartment she had just gotten and broke it in. The next morning we were really looking forward to our little getaway next weekend. No family no friends just she and I doing whatever we wanted for two days.

The morning we left we were the happiest we had been since the first time we found out we were made for each other. The drive was uneventful and the hotel was great! Not a big fancy place but it had a pool and had a restaurant. We would not have to leave to exercise or eat. But we knew we would get plenty of exercise in the bed, on the couch in the pool if nobody was looking and on the floor!

The room was well appointed and had the king bed we both loved. The restaurant was good and fair priced and the pool was nice and warm water. We got back to the room and showered togeth That revelation gave us the inspiration to go to our next level of sexcapadeser and played slap and tickle while we washed each other. OK there was not much to the slap part but some things got tickled more than others! We fell onto the bed, turned on the TV and found it had pay per view porn Sandy picked a show and we laid back and were enjoying the movie It was a good one, a 60's or maybe even 50's porn. We both enjoyed seeing people our grandfathers and grand mothers age fuck and suck It reminded us that our generation was here only because their generation had fucked and cummed enough to populate our country! We determined to find some old folks and show them what they taught us!

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