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Something I discovered with a former Girlfriend, is that I enjoy eating cum from her pussy. She introduced me to it one evening after I had a few too many drinkss when we were out. I had taken her to dinner and then some drinks, ending up with her driving me to my house. She decided to stay also, which was not unusual. She often stayed over and we would normally see how many times she can make me cum. Making her cum was no problem at all. She was one of the ladies who cum just thinking of cumming!

Anyway, she tucked me into bed and crawled in with me. Soon she had her mouth on my flacid cock and was doing her best to get it hard. But to no avail. It just layed there in a drunken stupor. OK it wasn't drunk but I sure was! She decided to make me make her cum with my mouth. I had done that many times and enjoyed it.

She crawled around and into a 69 position with her on top. Nothing unusual there either. She sucked my pecker some more and after a slow start, I started eating pussy as best I could. Sure enough she started oozing her wetness into my mouth. I licked and sucked doing my best to make her cum. When she started shuddering and squirted a bit I knew I was doing it right! She moaned and unloaded big time all over my face! I caught my breath as she calmed down and suddenly exclaimed “looks like you enjoy my girl cum!” I then noticed my cock was standing tall and proud. OK it's not a big cock but it does get hard and the 69 had done the trick to make her cum and her cum did the trick to make me hard!

She smiled, kissed me and turned to sit on my cock! I was still drunk but not THAT drunk! I let her ride me for a bit then with a sudden urge I shot my load deep up her generous cunt! I felt my cock unload time after time until I was exhausted. She finally moved off me and looking at me said “that was a lot of cum, you got any more?” I answered hell no.” She smiled and moved up over me and told me “I'm going to make sure you have some cum in you!” I had no idea what she meant but then she sat squarely on my face, ramming her cum soaked cunt down on me! I couldn't breathe and when I tried I got a mouthful of my cum! She laughed and told me to “keep eating baby you are going to fill up with cum again!” She planted herself again and I felt her cunt squeeze out more cum. I swallowed and swallowed then she let some of her cum flow into my mouth too! Finally she was sated, I was full and she got off me. I took deep breathes trying to get back to normal breathing! She laughed and told me “see you have more cum in you now!” I was going to tell her never do that again, but for some reason I asked if she liked me eating her cum filled twat. She told me “YES, I love it!” We chatted a bit more and soon we were both asleep.

Morning came and we were tangled together in the sheets. She moved when I started to get up and pulled me back down to the bed. After a big long kiss, she let me up and I headed to the bathroom to clean up and pee. I finished peeing and she came in and pushed her pussy into my face while I sat there. She told me how good my lips tasted covered in both our cum! She then told me to tell her how her pussy tastes covered in the cum of both of us. I had no trouble licking her and I had to admit to her that I had enjoyed last night and now eating her messy pussy this morning.

We both got into the shower and cleaned up, she got out, dressed and got a taxi to work. I got up, dressed and drove to my job. Smiling all the way about how the evening had went. Sitting at work, I got a text from her “hey sweets, how about some creampie lunch?” I answered that would be great and she told me to pick her up and take a long lunch if possible. I agreed.

I picked her up and drove to her apartment. All the way there she was feeling my cock through my pants. Unlike last night when I couldn't get hard, today it was hard just thinking of her sinking my cock into her pussy for me. Arriving I parked and we took the elevator to her place.

She and I went in, straight to the bedroom and threw off our clothes. She was a beauty and the fact she liked fucking was a big bonus. She had told me of some of the adventures she had in the past and she was one of those women who was a lady in the street and a greedy cunt in bed! OK more than a greedy cunt, also a greedy mouth and ass! Many times she wanted my cock in all her holes and she indeed enjoy it and yes she swallowed. Every time I shot a load in her mouth it went straight to her belly!

I told her we could take our time this afternoon as I took the rest of the day off. We lay on the bed fondling each other licking and sucking whatever we each wanted. Fingers were used as well as our tongues to make the other excited. After about a half hour, I was hard as a rock, she was dripping wet---and the doorbell rang. I wondered why the hell is someone here! She looked at me and got up, put on a robe and told me she would be right back. I layed there stroking my cock while she was in the other room. I heard some voices, hers and a man's.

She came back into the room followed by another guy.. Iwas shocked and a bit angry but she explained. This is my boss. He told me I can have the rest of the day off IF WE let him join us. I was shocked as she had not mentioned that kind of action ever before! I was not entirely happy, to put it mildly! But she explained that is would be OK he's not Gay. She also told me “I always wanted two hard cocks in me at once!” I nodded thinking it wouldn't be so bad with me in her cunt and hin in her mouth! Then she announced “I want you both in my pussy after a little fucking!” Then she helped him strip and she dropped her robe. She got into the bed and we put her between us.

Some petting and stroking and fingering and then she went down on hm and presented her pussy to me, which I gladly licked and sucked on!

She got off his cock and my face and turned around so he could eat her twat and kissed me! I was a bit shocked that she had just had his cock in her mouth and now was kissing me! I tasted a little salty taste and knew it was the precum from him. She would not get off me and kept sucking my cock too! I fell into a state of bliss. Pussy on my lips and lips on my cock! The mouth was working it's magic as I felt the precum starting to flow generously. Her mouth kept sucking and was eating it all. She took a short break to catch her breath then went back down on me. It was feeling really great when she told me to hold on a minute. She got off my face and moved off the bed a second. But to my surprise the mouth was stil sucking my hard cock! I looked and her boss had me deep in his throat! I almost jerked it away but he held it in his mouth. She giggled and asked if he was doing OK. I surprised myself by telling her “feels great baby!” She shocked me by saying I should try it too. I told her no way but she maneuvered him into a 69 and suddenly his cock was in my face! She took it and put it into my mouth. I felt it's hardness and the softness of the skin in my mouth. And I tasted the precum he was leaking! I really shocked myself by admitting that I was enjoying this! Soon I could not hold back and announced my impending cum! She bent to help him suck me off and I unloaded with both mouths encircling my cock taking all my flowing cum! I fell back relaxing and wondered if he was going to want to feed me his cum.

Soon we had all caught our breath and she started directing us to get in position to put both cocks in her pussy at once! She had him on his back with his cock straight up. It was a little longer than mine but about the same thickness so she put him on bottom. She sat on his cock and it slid up into her easily as she faced his head. She bent forward and exposed her wet cunt to me and told me to move up and slide in with his. I tentatively moved into her when she told me “For Gods Sake Just Push It Into my cunt!” I pushed one last time and in it went easy and smooth. I felt his cock rubbing mine and that somehow made mine even harder. I had not rubbed cocks with another guy since high school. But damn it felt nice! I love her wet pussy but with two in her it made it perfectly tight! Not too tight but nice and snug and slippery as hell from her juice, his precum and mine! She started to bounce on us and I started to move in and out in time withher. He only had to lay there as we provided all the movement. I was able to look down at her asshole and my cock against his as we stuffed her cunt full of cock! My God it felt great! He was enjoying it as much as I and she was ecstatic!! It was only a short time before I shot my cum in her hole with his cock! Feeling my cum in her cunt made him cum too. Double load in her fuck hole made her scream out and flood us all with cunt cum! Then we collapsed together. Resting a bit he mentioned he would go clean up. She told him, “No I'll take care of that!” I thought and he probably did too,that she was going to suck us both clean. But she instead told him that I would be cleanup man. She pushed my head down on his limp cock and moved me back and forth to suck it. Soon I was sucking it on my own. Then I was hoping he would cum again in my mouth this time! I got my wish in about two minutes. I was sucking his cock and he flooded my mouth with his cum. She smiled and nodded saying “what a good cocksucker you are!' She moved me aside and took my tool down her throat It wasn't long before I did the same thing in her mouth that he had done in mine. She swallowed every drop! Then she kissed me deep and long. She tasted his cum in my mouth and my cum also! I tasted my cum along with her! Then she told me to suck her pussy for her. A day ago I would have said no but now that I had eaten my creampie from her I was eager to suck it out again Only along with his cream too. It took awhile, but I finally got every drop out. She bent forward to kiss me then said “ I want more!” As she bent forward she reache back and opened her ass for him. He took the hint and pushed his now hard cock up her butt! She wiggled and squirmed and moaned as he butt fucked her. I knew what it felt like and envied him as she obviously loved the ass fucking It wasn't long before she flooded my face with cunt juice again and he unloaded deep in her bowels. This time he went to clean up as I ate her pussy cum. Then her and I went to clean up.. We agreed to all do this again soon.

The next day she texted me that her boss had a couple of trusted friends he wanted to join in. She asked if I would mind being cleanup man for me and the other three. I smiled and told her anytime she wants I'd eat her snatch. Then she asked “Mind cleaning the guys up too? Maybe even fluffing them for me?” Smiling I agreed, realizing I was now a cock hound as much as a pussy eater!

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