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Enjoying the best of my husband's two worlds

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It?s been a month now since Dan confided in me about his bisexual fantasies and only two weeks since our first real MMF encounter. When I listened to my husband describe his fantasies and several dreams he?d had, I have to admit, I was somewhat shocked. But the moment we shared our first blow job and had another man?s cum mingling between our tongues, I knew I was hooked.

We talked about Ken (our first) a lot and when we did I was always assured of stirring my husband?s sexual desires. I teased him frequently with comments like ?hun, I loved looking into your eyes while he shot his load into our mouths?. I would laugh but deep down the thought of my macho husband and me sucking and fucking another man became an obsession for me as well. In the weeks that past since meeting Ken, Dan and I experimented with every sex toy in the house. The dildos and vibrators were previously reserved for my pleasure but I didn?t mind sharing them one bit. Dan quickly became accustomed to taking ?big blue?, my 12? favorite and I loved fucking him with it too. However, our world changed forever the day I introduced Dan to that 16? double headed dildo. We fucked each other silly and when my pussy made contact with his ass and we lost sight of that monster cock it was our greatest accomplishment together ever.

You can not imagine how many ?straight? guys will agree to male on male contact when a woman suggests it. Our second encounter happened very much like the first. Dan and I strolled into our favorite hotel bar and seated our selves next to a younger and great looking business traveler named Gary. I started some small talk, allowed my short skirt to climb up my legs and before ya knew it the three of us were openly chatting about everything, including sex. While Dan paid a visit to the men?s room, I told Gary about my husband?s bisexual fantasies and that we were hoping that he could join us for the evening. It was then that Gary confided in me about some bi-fantasies of his own. He was more than willing to share those desires with us. When Dan came back to the bar he was happy to hear the news and before we could finish our drinks we were all headed to Gary?s suite.

In his suite, Gary popped the cork on a bottle of white wine while we all decided to get naked, more comfortable and much more open in our discussions. During our disrobing, I asked if anybody minded if I took control of the evening?s events. Dan and Gary both agreed that they would do anything and everything I desired for the rest of the night. My pussy was dripping wet before either of them even touched me. I was in heaven! By the looks of the boy?s cocks, they were just as excited as I was. My Dan?s cock is exceptional. Eight and a half inches of pure pleasure and very little recovery time. Gary, I learned quickly, was equally as large as Dan but not quite as thick. This would soon prove to be VERY beneficial.

I pulled things together quickly by reaching out and taking hold of both dicks. I stroked them into full erections and then introduced each of my men to the other?s cock. I?m not sure how other women think when it comes to watching MAN SEX but it drives me simply wild. When I saw Dan wrap his hand around Gary?s hard dick and begin to stroke it, I had to gasp for my next breath of air. WOW, this was going to be someeeeeee night!

I first directed the boys into a side by side 69 position. My eyes feasted on their mouths devouring each others cocks. I watched the veins on each shaft pulse as they worked their tongues and I knew they were both pleased to be doing what they were doing. When my senses came back to me I realized that I had four fingers in my cunt all the way to the knuckles. I was so fucking hot I couldn?t see straight but managed to blurt out my next instruction. Gentlemen, I said as I positioned myself on my back, please kneel here on either side of my face. I want to sample some of this beautiful cock myself. While I licked and sucked on Dan?s dick, I held and stroked Gary?s. Then I reversed the order until I felt Gary?s dick grow harder in my mouth. I stopped short of making the poor man cum but was pleased when he provided my first taste of pre-cum for the evening.

My next call was for some needed relief of my own. I asked Dan to lick my pussy while Gary tongued my ass. The men were too willing. Before long my first of many orgasms took over and I was riding two tongues for all I was worth. My juices flowed and Dan?s face resembled a glazed donut when I finally pulled myself apart from their snaking tongues. My GAWD, I?ve never cum like that before! But I was willing to do it again and again? Calling the shots was really getting to be fun and I got more creative as the night went on.

Gary was the first to fuck me while I sucked Dan?s cock. It started in the missionary position but I wanted more. I told Dan to lay on his back while I straddled his face in a conventional 69 position. I then directed Gary to slide his meat into me dog fashion. While Gary pumped his cock in and out of my sopping wet cunt I told Dan to suck Gary?s balls. He readily obeyed. Then I asked him to slide his tongue into my pussy right next to Gary?s cock. I was being fucked and eaten at the same time I was enjoying the sexiest show I?d ever seen. Needless to say, I didn?t last long. My pussy contracted as though it had a mind of it?s own and my juice spewed over Gary?s hot, hard meat. It was too much for poor Gary to take and he moaned once, closed his eyes tight and shot four hot blasts of cum deep into my wanton hole. He continued to pump till our combined juices flowed freely out of my engorged cunt and were covering Dan?s face while he greedily lapped and sucked at every drop he could reach.

It was only then that I realized that there was another very hard dick just waiting to be fucked. I slipped gently away from Gary?s softening dick, reversed my position and sat squarely down on Dan?s manhood. I gasped at his hardness and while I rode him hard I instructed Gary to suck my husbands balls while I watched. Gary complied with a smile!

My pussy lips tightened around this familiar cock until I knew I had him. My Dan?s dick exploded and Gary had a birdseye view. I rode my happy hubby until his quaking stopped and his hot jism turned to a buttery mix that flowed out of my hole and down his shaft. Gary feasted on the treat and smacked his lips when there was no more to eat.

We all sampled some wine while we cuddled in each others arms. It wasn?t long before both men had their hands roaming on each others hard cocks again. I do believe they loved the feel of another man?s dick in their hand. While we accomplished a lot already, there was something else that would NOT be without tonight. I wanted to get an up-close and personal view of my husbands first ass fucking. I knew he wanted it that way too.

I rolled over to Gary and slipped his cock into my mouth and began licking, sucking, stroking and lubricating with my spit. Both men knew what I wanted next. Dan assumed the (all fours) position without even being asked. I moved from Gary?s dick to take on the task of lubing my husband?s ass. I buried my tongue while Gary patiently waited his turn. When Dan?s asshole was dripping with saliva I moved over far enough to help guide Gary in. It was the most erotic thing I?ve ever seen. Watching my husband slowly take this hard cock deep into his ass as he wailed in pure pleasure. When Gary was fully inside I gently massaged his nuts and told him to pump that ass for all he was worth. I watched these two men fucking till I thought that I couldn?t stand it any longer. At that point Gary threw his head back and drove his cock deep into my husband?s ass and held it there while the hot cum sprang from his dick. It was several minutes before both of them collapsed in a heap and I was right behind.

Our evening was officially over after a shower for three. Gary will be back in town late next week. I think we?ll see him again, don?t you?

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