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Double Your Pleasure

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My lady and I had spent several years together and had really enjoyed each other in most every way. We traveled together, did adventures together and finally lived together. Although not married, we may as well have been. I was in my early 40's and she is in her late 30's. I am 5'8” about 170 lbs in fair shape and she is 5'4” about 120 lbs. Her shape is quite attractive, thank you. Not large but very well formed breasts, her waist is not tiny but emphasized her absolutely gorgeous ass! I find men, and some women, sneaking peeks at her all the time. Her pretty face and red hair set off fire alarms in a lot of people! Like me for instance. Way back in the day when I was not monogamous, I ran into a cute redhead in Boston. By the time we had spent two nights with each other I was more than proficient at eating pussy and determined that redheads were forever in my future. Having “done everything and been there” we were looking for something to do on a 2 week vacation. The only thing we had determined was that the trip would be on our motorcycles. Yes she rides her own and very good at it also. More than once some 1%er had commented to her about “you sure you can handle that bike little lady?” And found out quickly she indeed could. But where to go for two weeks? We didn't want to spend more than two days each way on traveling and even that had to be entertaining. We sat down with a large US map and drew a circle of 600 miles radius around where we lived. Then used the internet and a couple of biker travel magazines to see what we could do in that circle. It wasn't long before we decided that a trip into Arkansas and into Missouri and back would be a good route. Now, other than riding what do we do while in that area? Arkansas is awash in places to ride. But where to stay? We decided on a renovated hotel in the little town of Harrison. Reviews were great and the roads in the area were also very good for motorcycles. So a quick reservation for the dates were made and we made ready to go.

Packing was problematic. On a bike you only have a very small space to use for things you think you need. After packing, repacking again and again, we finally pared down the luggage to a manageable size and weight. By looking over each others items and making suggestions to each other, we did what we considered to be the best of all possible worlds. The old saying of “bring half as many clothes and twice as much money as you think you will need” is definitely true. We did each have some items that we considered indispensable though. She made room for some of sex toys. I made room for a toy she enjoyed me using on my self, a plastic and rubber toy that imitated a pussy, ass or mouth. We each agreed on these things for the other, so into the bags they went. Otherwise it was minimal clothing. Only a couple of changes each. We agreed that no matter where we go we can find more clothes as needed. We also agreed that since we had limited space, souvenirs would be shipped home instead of carried.

Finally the day came to leave. The bikes were ready, gassed up and packed, ready to go. We were more than ready, excited is not the word for this trip. She was so excited she could hardly sleep! In the early morning hours I was lying peacefully sleeping when I was suddenly aware of intense pleasure! I was cumming! I almost panicked when I realized she could not sleep so she leaned over and sucked my cock hard and now I was cumming! When I realized that I let the cum flow and could feel her throat on my cock as she swallowed every drop! She finished me off, smiled in the dark and kissed me. She knows that I have always enjoyed thanking her for sucking my cock with a big wet kiss! We both enjoyed the intamacy of that midnight kiss. I could taste some cum on her tongue and she gladly fed it too me. We both fell asleep the rest of the night. Breakfast was not our usual blowjob/fuck and eggs that morning. We double checked everything in the house, and had determined we could make the most of the day by hitting the road and eating later. The sounds of the bikes warming up and the sight of her putting on her leather pants, jacket and gloves as she dressed made me look in awe at her beauty! Sadly the helmet covered her medium length beautiful dark auburn hair. She gave me the OK sign and off we rode. Two hours later we found ourselves on a small highway as we left our home state of Alabama and entered Mississippi. We decided to enjoy the countryside as we rode instead of blasting down the superslabs! We were talking to each other via Bluetooth communicators and each of us had things we pointed out to the other.. “Look at that beautiful house!” “Look at that antique car” and more, were commented on. Finally she told me she needs to stop and eat. I laughed and told her she had her breakfast in bed! She giggled back and said she needed more than liquid and we stopped at a small cafe. Steak and eggs for me and a nice cheese omelet for her and we were sated. So off we rode again. A beautiful day and even temperatures with great roads were a marvelous start to our adventure!

But alas, as we started to descend a small mountain, rain clouds broke the spell and started lightening their liquid load on us. Fortunately we were near an old style roadside park with a picnic pavilion and a rest room. We stopped and rolled the bikes out of the rain.

After a short time we noticed a car parked on the other side of the pavilion. We had not noticed it before. It wasn't long before a man came out of the restroom and ran to the pavilion to keep dry. As he entered my gal greeted him with a smile and “hi there”. He responded with a smile and thanks. He said his name was Larry. My gal introduced us “this is James and I'm Dottie” she offered him her hand and he shook hers and mine. As we passed the time while it rained we chatted. He was from Arkansas and was headed home. He lived in a small town called Mountain View not far down the road. He told us about some very nice small restaurants there and if we stopped he offered to show us around. “It won't take long. The town is very small, but it has some beautiful old architecture and great food”. We decided that it wasn't really out of the way and agreed to meet him there.

The rain had stopped, we geared up and watched as James left in his car. Soon we were also on the winding roads. Enjoying the fresh smell the rain had left, we carefully wound our way. About two hours later we saw the Mountain View welcome sign and almost immediately spotted the small town square Larry had told us about. We parked there secured the gear and as we finished Larry drove up. Greeting us he offered to take a very quick tour of the town, which we accepted. Only about 15 minutes later we had finished seeing 99% of the town so Larry took us to a hotel restaurant that was absolutely amazing. Turn of the century items were all along the walls and shelves. The tables were all old hand made and the chairs had been made to match. We sat and ordered our lunch as Larry talked to us about the town's history.

We finished eating and Dottie asked what the rooms in the hotel were like. Larry said to let him show us. Turns out he lived there! He had a permanent room on the top (3rd) floor, We took the ancient elevator up and down the hallway. He opened the door and we marveled at the furnishings. “All hand made furniture, made to my particular specifications” he told us. The separate rooms were all theme decorated with seemingly antique items. “These are all fake, I had them made too” Larry told us. The small kitchen had a small stove/oven, a small apartment size refrigerator and a very small table to dine at. The living room/bedroom was outfitted with the bed a small lamp table, an overhead fan, air conditioning and heater and two comfortable chairs. We all sat down and chatted some more. Because there were only two chairs Dottie sat on my lap. It was starting to get late and we were going to have to hurry to get to our reserved hotel for the evening. Larry told us the roads from here to there were excellent biker roads. Lots of twisting and turning and elevation changes with some big sweeper curves and some virtual U-turn curves. I stood and started to stretch, Dottie was not heavy but my legs were starting to get sore. Dottie told Larry she loved the room and went over near him. I asked her to sit down and relax a few more minutes and she did. Right on Larry's lap! Larry was a little startled but let her make herself comfortable. Soon he was smiling as he talked. Remember when I said she had an absolutely marvelous ass? Now Larry was finding out that it's true. As we talked and he smiled, Dottie wiggled a little in his lap to get really comfortable. She looked at me and winked. I knew that look. She was getting way too comfortable on Larry's lap! I smiled back and told her we need to keep going. She let out a sigh and stood up, placing her hand on Larry's lap to push her self up. Her hand, for some reason, started rubbing his lap. Well I knew what she was rubbing.

She told me we need to thank Larry for the nice afternoon and I agreed. Larry, just sat there trying not to acknowledge the lump in his shorts as it tented the pants he had on. Dottie looked at him and said that she was going to give him a very special thank you. He stammered something about not necessary but she had already grabbed his cock through the pants and there was no stopping her now. “Larry do you like that? “ He nodded and she stroked him more. “Larry do you love the ladies” and he stammered something about “usually”. She asked what does that mean and he tried to answer her but had trouble speaking. She took him by his hands and stood him up. She turned his back to the bed and reached to remove his pants. In a split second they hit the floor, followed quickly by his underwear. He may have been in a bit of shock but his prick was standing tall by then. Dottie pushed him back onto the bed and kissed him. Then she opened his shirt, licked each nipple before going lower. Moving her hands along his body as she went, she finally made it to his engorged cock! It was not big but it was very very hard! It bounced with each breath he took. It started to drip a bit of Precum as he protested, weakly. She took his cock and said “James what to you think of this?” Very nice indeed I said. It looks good. “Good enough to eat?” I didn't answer as she looked at Larry and then engulfed the entire cock into her throat! Larry did not move except for his hips pushing his cock deeper in her sucking throat! His eyes were closed his arms were stiff and so was his nicely formed cock! Dottie jerked as she sucked and worked her hands in a corkscrew. We knew he could not last much longer. His moans were getting louder her hands were moving ever faster and she looked at me and mde a look with her eyes towards me. I nodded, know what she desired and I bent to the task she was assigning me. Kneeling by the bed, I moved over his cock with my mouth as she jerked him.

Not long after I started sucking him he unloaded! A loud groan, eyes closed and body jerking, his cum filled my mouth. I moved off his cock and Dottie moved onto it. She took the last blast of cum down her throat as Larry opened his eyes! He looked at his cock in her mouth and saw cum oozing out the corner of her mouth. He smiled and I opened my mouth and let some of his cum flow into Dotties mouth as he watched. Instead of being angry, he shook his head and declared “You two had me fooled, I thought you were both straight! I didn't know you were bi!” “That's how we like it” Dottie told him. It was soon decided that I would call our hotel and cancel our reservation for the trip, I assured them we would be there tomorrow. That settled we moved our bikes to Larry's parking area for the night and brought in an overnight bag we shared. Lary told us he knew a great place for supper. Dottie told him he certainly gave us a great dessert! We laughed and relaxed as he described a hamburger place around the other side of the town square. Only a hamburger place he told us, but you will be full by the time you finish it! The place was just opening for the supper hour and we walked the short distance. Everything in the town was only a “short distance” it was so small. Small but wonderful overall. We marveled at the way buildings were restored to show the original building modes. But also at the way new technology had been incorporated in them. Even the oldest building there had unobtrusive modern heating and cooling, Wi Fi and satellite Television. One old building that was a small warehouse was now a small nightclub. A blacksmith shop was the local car dealer and so on! The Burger Place (that was it's name) was as described. Formerly it was a hardware store but now it was a unique restaurant. The decor was all kinds of old time tools and equipment. All of it, we were told, was originally for sale here. None was reproductions. The Menu was short but interesting. The different ways to make the meals were all listed. Plain hamburgers were not on the menu. You could make one to your fancy. I chose the Monster Burger! A full pound of lean chopped steak on home made buns. Dottie had the Girly Burger, a smaller mix of hamburger and bacon with a topping of pimento cheese! Larry had his usual steak burger. A 12 ounce ribeye steak cooked to his choice and on a huge home made bun from German Bread! The waitress was very nice and helpful explaining the options. Way too many to consider for us and we took her recommendations. As she left Larry and Dottie were both watching her walk away. Her behind was swinging nicely and they were mesmerized by the movement in her waitress skirt. Barely long enough to cover the cheeks, it did absolutely nothing to hide her shapely rear. Dottie commented that she was beautiful and Larry, smiling told us “you should see it without the skirt!” We looked at him asked if he had that pleasure. “Oh sure, Shirley and I have been in and out of beds for years. We love it when she shows off like this.” We asked if she liked to play with more and he told us “Of course, she and I have shared half the town in bed over the years. Would you enjoy her tonight?” Dottie smiled sweetly and said “Does she lick pussy?” Larry laughed a bit and said “of course and she likes cock in her ass too in case James has any questions.” We all chuckled and soon were eating. Larry and I went to the restroom after dinner and as we relieved ourselves he glanced over at my cock and remarked that he will be happy to return the favor I had given him today. I smiled and said I'm looking forward to that!

We walked back to the hotel as the sun was setting on a great fun filled day! The hotel had a small bar and we adjourned to it. Having a couple of beers and wine for Dottie, we talked about ourselves. Where we lived what we did and how we lived. Soon we were like old friends and everyone was getting along great! Too soon, we were getting tired and retired to the room.

The bed, although the bed was a king, we were concerned it would be over full if Shirley were to join us. “No problem“ Larry said. He went to a door on the opposite wall and opened it. There was another room there. He poked his head in and asked “Shirley are you home?” A voice came back “Yes I am, can I come in to see you guys?” Shirley walked in. she was naked. Beautifully naked. Her body was absolutely beautiful and Dottie remarked that she felt jealous. “Oh no dear you look stunning! Your body is remarkable. While mine is soft and pampered your body is muscular and shaped for action.” Within the next two minutes all of us were naked. Larry and I had hard cocks instantly and Dottie was trying her best not to grab Shirley and throw her on the bed and dive into her beautiful bald pussy face first! Not a hair on it even though she had beautiful blond hair on her head. She and Dottie went to the “girls room room for a chat” they closed the door behind them as they went into Shirley's room. Larry and I stood there naked with boners. I reached out and grabbed his and he grabbed mine. Stroking each other and feeling adventurous I moved one hand to his butt and worked a finger into his ass crack. Finding the hole I slid my finger across it, caressing it. I was rewarded by a moan. I let go of his cock and pushed him back onto the bed. As he lay there half on the bed, I had him raise his legs up as high as he could and I took his cock in my mouth as my hands spread his cheeks. I used one hand to move his ass open so my finger could reach his hole easier. I slid one finger deep in him with ease. When I did that he moaned and a drop of cum appeared on the tip of his hard cock. It was not precum, but cum! He was on the verge of cumming from my finger just poking into his asshole! I stood up and used both hands to open him up. My own cock was starting to drip so I used it to lube his ass and started to push it in. He moaned again and more cum appeared. I pushed all the way in and started pumping to his moans. It wasn't long before I felt my own cum starting to move. I gave a mighty heave and it shot out deep inside him! As my cock started shrinking it fell out of his ass and cum flowed out. I bent to the other task and took his cock into my mouth and started sucking! In only a minute of my mouth on him he suddenly groaned loudly and shot his load down my throat! I swallowed hungrily and he pumped more into me! Finally he finished and I licked his cock clean and got a towel to wipe him clean. We both laid on the bed and relaxed. We fell asleep.

The girls, once they closed the door, grabbed each other and kissed deeply. Time and time again their hands roamed all over each other. As they kissed Shirley quickly put two fingers in Dotties cunt. She pumped them fast and hard. Dottie responded by humping the hand. Soon she was fingering the Blonds cunt the same way. Laying on the bed, juices oozing from them both, they kissed some more then each moved to suck on the others pussy. Fingers still deep inside each other, they kissed and licked pussy juice. There was a lot of pussy juice and both ladies loved it. They lapped and licked and fingered each other's pussy and asses. Shirley came first! She stiffened up and stifled a scream as she let loose. Dottie, while Shirley was cumming Also stilled a scream in Shirley's pussy as she ate every drop from that delicious cunt! After a minute or two they broke the embrace, looked at each other and giggled. “That was wonderful” Dottie said and Shirley replied “Wonderful? That was Fantastic! I've never cum like that before! I thought you were going to drown!” They lay like that feeling each other all over, inside and out as they recovered.

“You feel like some cock Dottie? “ asked Shirley. “Lets see what the boys are up to. They're pretty quiet!” They got up and Shirley moved to clean up. Dottie stopped her saying “My James loves to eat a messy pussy, just let him lick it clean!” Shirley giggled again and then opened the door.

Waking up James felt something familiar on his cock. Just like early that morning, he felt the mouth sucking him. And just like that morning, he was about to cum! The dim light in the hotel room allowed him to raise his head and take a look to see if Dottie was doing her best again. As he glanced down he noticed that it was definitely not Dottie! She was standing by the bed looking at him. Then who was it? Looking again he saw blond hair! As the head bobbed up and down on his cock he realized that Shirley was sucking him off! Before he could say anything the cum shot out of his cock and right down her throat! She swallowed every drop with no leakage! As she raised her head up and wiped her lips with her hand, Dottie bent to her and kissed her deeply! Then Dottie smiled at James and kissed him. Next to James lay Larry, naked and sleeping. Dottie smiled at James and took Larry's cock in her mouth and sucked it. Just as happened to James early that morning and now again with Shirley, the cock got very very hard and exploded in her mouth. Just like Shirley and her that morning she swallowed it all then kissed Larry who was now awake and trying to figure out what just happened!

What the hell is happening? He asked. Shirley simply asked back, “what's the matter Larry, you rather have James suck your cock for you instead of this beautiful redhead? “ Larry shook his head no and sat up. Still half on the bed, his feet on the floor he said he was going to clean up. He left the bathroom door open and started running water in the big tub. Unlike a normal sized tub, it was obviously meant to fit a couple. As the tub filled he asked if anyone wants to join him. “I do” both girls announced. “If you have anything left to give then we'll be happy to help clean you up. From what we saw you are going to need to change sheets and get your ass cleaned up too! There is dried cum all over you! “ “That's James fault. He fucked me and then sucked me too! I'm afraid I wasn't so careful with his cum as he was with mine. Most of the cum on me is from James cock. Not that I mind.” The ladies both went to the bath and Dottie got in with him and Shirley came back out to James. “ She will clean him up, I want to clean you up. With my mouth.” Shirley started with the face, licking and kissing all the traces of cum from him. Then working her way over every inch of James' body she finally reached his groin and licked and sucked it completely. She rolled him over and started at the top again finishing up by spreading his ass cheeks and making sure his asshole was clean of any cum that may have strayed there. When she rolled him back over he had a hard on.

“Oh my, we must take care of that again!” and started to suck him off one more time. James just laid there too tired to move. Until she slipped a finger up his ass and then two. Still sucking she reached over to Dotties overnight bag and removed a dildo. She spent a few seconds licking it and putting a bit of lube on him and the toy then went back to his cock and started inserting the toy up his butt. He squirmed and moaned as she felt his cock get stiffer. His hips were moving to get more of her mouth in the upstroke and more of the toy on the downstroke! They paid no attention to the splashing noises in the bathroom.

Dottie was busy scrubbing Larry all over with soap and water. When she got to his ass she pushed the bar of soap up inside him. His ass opened easily as she pushed it in a little ways. Then out it came and she moved him to lay back with his legs up and spread under the faucet. He looked at her as she ran warm water up his ass and marveled at how he had never thought of cleaning himself up like that. It felt absolutely wonderful and with that feeling came the hardening of his cock.

As Dottie and Larry left the bathroom, Shirley went in with a dildo in her hand. “Got to clean this off for you Dottie. James loved it in him!” Dottie smiled and told her “Good girl, you found out he really likes that!” James was laying on the bed and had a towel around him to keep any mess off the bed. Smiling he motioned Dottie over to him and kissed her. “Have fun sweetie?” he asked. She smiled back and told him “you know I did dear. Did you taste her pussy? It's wonderful and she cums so easy! I would eat that pussy every day. You absolutely must eat her out!” “ I will dear just a soon as she comes out here. Have her sit on my face please.” With that he leaned back and relaxed, waiting to taste a pussy. Dottie moved over him and squatted on his face. “Just a warm up for you babe!” as she squirmed he licked her inside and out.

Shirley came out of the bathroom and saw what was happening. “Wish that was my pussy on his face!” “ Just warming up his mouth for you Shirley”. Dottie got off as Shirley took her place. James immediately tasted her pussy juice. Hers and Dotties, that familiar taste made the combination great tasting. He ate it and licked it all up. Shirley squirmed and had an orgasm, flooding his mouth with her juices!

As the four of them were worn out they all decided it was bed time. Trying to figure out who wanted to sleep with whom took a turn or two. Shirley wanted James cock to fuck. James was non-committal, as Dottie and Shirley were both excellent cunts to fuck and suck. Larry was kind of partial to James sleeping with him as memories of his ass being fucked so nicely. Dottie was remembering the taste of Larry's cum and Shirleys cunt. She couldn't make up her mind. They decided to have a contest. Everyone jerk off or use toys on them selves. The last one to cum got to decide for every one. Dottie and Shirley went for the dildo's in Dotties bag. Larry went for a dildo he kept in a drawer. James went for his pocket pussy and soon all of them were jacking, fingering and moaning. In about three minutes Shirley came. Then Larry shot another load, although not as big as before. He sighed as the dildo came out of his ass! James was stroking and hoping he could hold on. Dottie was fucking her pussy and ass alternately with her dildo! James shot his load. That made her the winner. She took Larry by the hand and led him into the other room. They left the door open.

Morning found the four people sleeping soundly. Exhausted they could not stay awake any longer. During the night both ladies had once again drained the cocks of both men. Larry had cum one more time in Dotties pussy, she came on Larry's face and they fell asleep.

In the other room Shirley was stirring. James was dead to the world. Shirley reached down and fingered her pussy again. Soon she was letting more juices out onto the bed. She then reached down and slid a finger in James butt hole while he slept on his side. Feeling something different he started to wake and realized that it was a finger in him! He looked up at Shirley and asked her “Is my cock hard again?” She nodded yes. He had her remover her finger and let her sit on his cock. The cock did not go in her cunt, she moved just right and it went up inside her butt. She bounced on it for awhile then felt a hot shot of cum blast up her ass! Soon they pulled apart and she held her hand over her hole to not drip cum on the way to her bathroom. She cleaned herself up and James came in and took his cock in his hand, limp and wet, and as Shirley started to speak put it in her mouth. She was surprised but sucked him clean.

The next morning Shirley went to the cafe and served them breakfast burgers! Half pounders with a soft fried egg and bacon on it. Yes it was delicious. She kissed them all and told them to have a wonderful trip. Then kissed Larry and told him he needs to come by for lunch, she had a special treat for him to eat. Saddled up and ready to ride they said goodbye to Larry and told him to come visit them in Alabama anytime and feel free to bring a guest! Off they went the relatively short distance to the old renovated hotel in Harrison.

Arriving in Harrison they found the hotel easily and parked in the hotel garage and checked in. Bringing more luggage in than the overnight bag , they asked if anyone there could help them. The front desk rang the bell and a Bellhop came to help them. He was a young black man about 21. He told them to go to their room and he would bring the bags up to them.

They opened the room and saw it was not very big but very well appointed and very clean. Some things were actual antiques but most were reproductions. The knock on the door announced the arrival of their bags and the hop brought them in. Setting the luggage on the couch, he opened the closet and started unpacking. Dottie and James told him that was unnecessary but he dismissed their objections as he unpacked As he reached Dotties bag of toys he moved to the dresser and opened the bag. Dottie and James were looking embarrassed as he carefully removed each item and put them in the drawer. Soon he was done and told them to have a great stay. Before he left James gave him a $20 bill and whispered something to the young man. He smiled said no problem at all sir and left.

As the young man left Dottie asked what he had told him. “Well I mentioned that all those toys are because you are horny as hell and perhaps you would like to help us out.” Dottie looked at him and a quick anger came to her face! But before she said anything she calmed a moment and told him “You better be ready to please both of us then!” They found a small outdoor bistro around the corner and went there for a lunch. The waiter came and took an order for a beer and glass of red wine and some spaghetti they saw on the menu. He brought the drinks and went away. It was about 15 minutes before the food came. A waitress brought it and they asked what happened to the waiter. “Oh he's not just a waiter, he and I are married and we own this place”. A mild look of surprise on their faces they thanked the waitress and started to eat “She isn't pretty but she is kind of cute don't you think?” Dottie told James. He looked up and noted that he had not looked at her that well. “That may be true dear you didn't notice her but I think you noticed her husband.”

They finished their meal in silence and the waitress took the plates and offered them a dessert. They ordered a custom fudge cake brownie with ice cream on it. The waitress left and James commented “You are right, she isn't beautiful but she does have a nice ass and she seems very friendly.” “How about her husband then?” Dottie asked. “Oh I don't know, he's handsome but kind of stand offish to me. But maybe its just me.”

The waitress stopped by to ask if everything is alright, which it was. In fact it was delicious! The spaghetti was great and so was the dessert. “What else can you offer?” Dottie asked. The waitress said she would show them the full menu if they liked. Bringing the menu she told them that they deliver to the local hotels for an extra $5 per order. Smiling she left the bill and walked away. While drinking their drinks James told

Dottie “I think we should order something later on for a snack, don't you?” “I guess we could if you are still hungry then.” I'll be hungry like I always am in the evening.” Dottie smiled and told him “I'll have to see if I can feed you something a bit extra tonight then!” Smiling they left a generous tip and walked around the town. The owners both smiled and said thank you as they left. The old hotel was right down in the old section of town and there were plenty of old buildings to see. After an hour they arrived back at the hotel and showered. The shower being small they showered individually. Dottie went last and when she came out into the bedroom area there was James laying on the bed cock sticking straight up! “ Let me guess. You want to fuck!” “Good guess but I'll settle for your hands or mouth if you like.” “Oh no, you want it you are going to get it.” All clean and fresh she climbed on the bed and got on all fours. “Fuck me doggy James. You know that's my favorite!” He obliged and got behind her fingering her pussy for a moment, finding it wet and slippery, he bent to taste it. It was as good as it always was. Waiting no longer he slid his hard cock deep into her in one push. After about 2 minutes inside her pussy there was a knock on the door. He jumped up and she covered herself as he went to the door. Using the peekhole he looked out and saw the Bellhop. Opening the door slightly he mumbled something to the young man who nodded and stepped inside. Dottie was wondering what the hell is going on? Do we need anything? Did we forget something. Then James came over to her and standing there naked, reached over and pulled the covers off his beautiful red head wife! Grabbing at the covers she started scrambling to hide herself. Then she noticed the young black man was stripping his clothing off. His coat and shirt were already off and his shoes were kicked off also. He undid his belt as she watched in confusion. James was enjoying himself. Smiling and jacking his cock a bit. The young black man was now naked. He was in pretty good shape and his cock was not huge but still big! At least 9 inches soft! James said nothing. Dottie was now staring. The bellhop said, “Hello ma'am, my name is Roger and I am yours for an hour.”

The light in her head came on and she laughed at her husband! “You set me up didn't you! You had this planned since we checked in!” Smiling he told her “yes indeed and now he is all yours to use as you see fit. I told him we are both bisexual and he will not be harmed in any way by either of us. I also asked him about anal sex receiving he affirmed that he was OK with it unless it became too hurtful. So my dear you can do what you want with him and tell him what you want him to do!”

“OK you bastard,” she said to James “you win but the first thing Roger needs to do is jack that cock into a nice hard one!” At that Roger started fondling himself and within a few seconds his cock started growing. Now he was looking huge! Both of the people in the room with him were wondering what they could fit that into! It was very impressive! As the cock grew, all thoughts of having that up his butt were gone from James head! He wondered what Dottie was thinking about it. Dottie looked at her husband and shook her head in amazement that he set up this whole thing. Then she started wondering what she was going to do with Roger. Specifically Rogers monster cock! She was sure she would not get it all in her mouth and was really wondering if it would fit in her pussy, let alone her butt! Then she smiled and thought “hell, I'll give it a try!” Roger, standing there nude and a good 12 inch cock poking out was waiting for his first instructions. Dottie spoke first “Roger dear, go over to James and tell him to suck your cock please.” Dottie thought that would either be a good thing for James or Roger or a bad thing for James, but either way it was revenge! She smiled as Roger came to James. “James, Dottie says you have to suck me off! Please get on your knees and open your mouth. By the way I cum big amounts too so swallow it all please.” James knelt on the carpet opened his mouth and took hold of that big beautiful black cock and started to fit as much as he could into his mouth! It just would not go past 8 inches. Four more inches to go and he could not do it. Roger spoke again “If you relax your throat enough and don't gag it will go right into your throat with no problem. I promise to cum quickly and you won't even have to swallow much, it will go straight down to your stomach.” James started to try to get more of it in his mouth. As he slid it in bit by bit, it became more comfortable with what he was attempting. Soon he felt it actually in his throat and relaxed even more thinking “I can do this! I know I can!” He finally bottomed out after about ten minutes of trying. He started moving his head back and forth to make sure it all was in. Suddenly Roger announced “Hope you're ready to eat!” and shot a load into the mouth, throat and stomach all in one big shot. As James felt it go down he was amazed that he did not have to swallow as it flowed into his stomach. He also noticed that he could not taste the cum either. “Well, it's not in my mouth where the taste buds are “ he thought. Then he suddenly felt cheated out of tasting any of the young man's cum. That was one of the things he loved about cum in his mouth, the taste. Before he knew it Roger was done and just pulled his prick out of his mouth and throat! It felt really weird as it slid out fast like that. Then as it flopped out onto his chin he tasted it. The cum had dripped into his mouth as it left. He savored it. Not the same taste of any cock he had ever emptied. It was slightly familiar but different. He stood with some in his mouth and leaned over Dottie and kissed her transferring the rest to her hungry mouth.

Dottie watched her loving husband with amazement! He was doing it! He was taking all that big black cock down his throat! As Roger reached the bottom of his cock in James mouth he smiled. This was not the first white boy that had sucked his monster and everyone of them had enjoyed it. Dottie was still watching with rapt attention as Roger shot his wad in her hubby's mouth and started to pull out. When it was out of his mouth it just flopped down all limp. Wondering if it would get hard again anytime soon James suddenly kissed her! Some cum from Roger was still in his mouth and she tasted and swallowed all she could. It tasted great and she wanted more. A lot more. The told Roger “get over here and let me help make that cock hard again so I can try that!” Roger approached jacking his flaccid cock in front of her. She reached out and grabbed the biggest cock she had ever seen. As her hands moved on it she found a few drops of cum still coming from it. She got it on her hands and ate it all. More, she wanted more, she wanted all he could give her! She leaned forward and started to take as much as she could in her mouth. By the time she got the head in her mouth the rest was nearly hard. Roger was a quick man! She did as she saw her husband do. Taking it a bit by bit, Roger told her the same a he told James. Open up and relax. She did much quicker than her husband did and soon he was balls deep in her throat! She started to move her head to suck and felt it grow harder. She did this for a good five minutes when Roger grunted and she felt the cum flowing. She started to pull back in an attempt to take more cum in her mouth to taste. He let her pull him out and she stopped just as the head was the only thing in her mouth! He grunted one more time, sighed and another massive cum blast filled her mouth to overflowing. Some was rolling from her mouth to her chin Then she felt James mouth start to take the excess! He did his best but some got onto her tits and belly and possibly all the way to her cunt! She didn't care. She reveled in the size, the taste and the ability for her to suck such a monster!

But what now? How can they use this big thing to have even more pleasure? Dottie thought for a few seconds then told Roger “Roger now go suck my husband till he cums please.” Roger simply smiled and moved to James, knelt down and opened his mouth. James, already naked and hard simply slid his cock into Roger's mouth and pumped in and out a few times. Roger was thinking “I don't know how this white man makes babies with that itty bitty thing in my mouth!” He did his best to please James and was successful. James, after a couple minutes tensed up, moaned loudly and said “here it cums eat it all!” Roger, still sucking on the cock was pleasantly surprised by the amount of cum James shot out! “Maybe this guy can make some kids after all” He swallowed diligently and finally emptied all the cum into his stomach. James relaxed a bit and Roger felt his cock shrink in his mouth. He smiled as the cock pulled out. He looked at James and said “You sure have a nice load to eat! Thank you for letting me swallow it all!” James, taken aback told Roger anytime you want to suck my cock you will be welcome!” Now James had to think of what next to do with that monster without hurting anyone or anything! Sure would hate to hurt my ass or Dotties ass or cunt with it. That would not be good for either of us.

Dottie watched as her husband lost his load in Rogers mouth. She always liked to watch him cum when she wasn't the one taking it. When she was taking it she knew it was wonderful! But she was wondering what was cumming next and she laughed at the double entendre' she made.

Finally deciding what to try next James asked Roger what he wanted to do with either of them. “Roger do you have any wishes to do anything with the two of us?” Roger was surprised but thought for a few seconds and asked to see James up Dotties ass and cum in it. That was something he had not considered. Roger wanted to watch them butt fuck! I wonder if he will do the same to me while I fuck Dottie he was thinking. Dottie heard the request and smiled. She loved feeling James fuck her in any hole! She got on her hands and knees and got ready for the cock. James got some lube from Dotties bag of toys and applied it to his cock. Roger took some and helped him lube it good then turned to Dotties and used some to make sure she was ready to be ass fucked. When his fingers slipped in easily and he put all fingers up her ass he knew she was ready and willing! He briefly considered fucking her ass himself but decided against it. This was these peoples party not mine.

James moved to Dottie after seeing Roger nearly fist fuck his wife's butt, gave her a big kiss and moved behind her. He pushed lightly and she moaned. He was really surprised when his whole cock slid up her butt with virtually no resistance! “Wow she was really ready to fuck!” He buried his cock balls deep in her butt and started pumping. There was no resistance and barely any friction. He literally was getting no feeling on his cock. He asked her “Lover, do you want Roger to do this for you? “ Her answer was a moaned out yes please let me take that wonderful dick and all his cum!” Roger, hearing this moved in by James, reached down and pulled James from his wife's butt. Then he moved to put his in her. The head slid in pretty easy. The rest was meeting some resistance. He slowly pumped in and out to try to get it all in carefully. Dottie felt him hit bottom. His cock was stopped. She tried backing up some and got another inch into her ass. She could not take anymore length. She told Roger “I'm so sorry but I am not deep enough to take that cock of yours.

It feels so good in me though. I want to make you cum deep in me!” Roger told her he would fill her up for sure to just wait another few strokes. Then he unloaded and cum was flowing out of her ass around his cock. Her butt had actually expanded to take his thickness, now it was not letting the cum stay in her! Roger, having empties his nuts into her bowels pulled out. Cum flowed freely all over her legs and the bed. James came over to help clean up but his mouth was not enough. He got some towels from the bathroom and finished her up. Then he turned to Roger and apologized. “So sorry you didn't get to go all the way in her Roger. She normally does much better.” Roger told him “After seeing her take as much as she could she told me to cum so I did. To tell the truth I was surprised she did as much as she did. No other woman has been able to take it all or even as much as she did! It felt wonderful!” Dottie rose up and kissed Roger and thanked him for what he did for them both. She told him to “see if Roger had any other ideas and if not them he can leave when he wants to.” She went into the bathroom to finish cleaning her fuck holes!

When she returned Roger was still there. “Roger what is James getting you to do now?” “Well , even though I've cum three times, twice in you and once in James, he says he wants to see the cum shoot out of my cock before I go. Is that OK with you?” Dottie told him to go ahead and use whatever lube or things he wanted and she would be sure to enjoy the show. Roger got some more lube and asked Dottie to put it on his cock for him. As she rubbed the lube on his member it began to get bigger and bigger. James also took some lube to help him. James was jacking him off and not waiting for Roger to do it. Roger smiled and asked if both of you would mind sucking my cock head a bit to help it harden! Both Dottie and then James took as much in their mouth as they could easily manage. Roger told them that was plenty and started jacking off in earnest! His hands flew the length of his cock rubbing the head good as it passed over it. His cock visibly swelled as he got closer! James was also jerking his meat! And Dottie was fingering herself and licking her fingers. Then she suddenly bent over her husband and sucked his cock as they watched

Roger jerk his! Soon Roger's eyes rolled back and he moaned. Dottie guessed what was about to happen and left James cock in time to kneel in front of Roger and catch the first blast of hot cum straight into her mouth. Roger let another hot blast loose and James was there next to Dottie to catch it. This happened four more blasts before Roger, exhausted, stopped shooting cum. He laid back on the bed and fell asleep immediately.

James was very happy with the performance. Because of the way Roger shot his load down James throat he barely tasted any. The same with Dottie! They both had now gotten literally a mouthful of his cum! They relaxed, turned on the TV and laid in bed next to Roger. They all slept deeply, completely exhausted.

The phone woke James up. He looked and it was 8AM. They had slept almost 10 hours! When he answered it was the front desk. They had not heard from Roger when he was late for work. Since James room was his last assignment they asked if he had seen him. James told them no he had not. They thanked him and hung up. Looking over on the bed lay a sleeping Roger. But Dottie was awake and sucking Roger's dick hoping for another hard on to coax more cum from. Roger's cock was starting to stir when James woke him up. He was a big groggy but realized where he was. “What time is it?” “After 8AM Roger” “Crap, I'm late for work!” “Yes we know the desk just called to see if we had seen you. I told them no. So if you have a good excuse I'd be using it” Roger got dressed and told them he was going home to call in sick. “ Hey if they don't fire me are you two going to be around for a bit? That was great last night!” They assured him they had two more days here as he left out the back stairway.

That day they returned to the Bistro for lunch again. The same waiter and waitress were on duty. Turns out they handle the day shift and two others come in to take the night shift. They had a casserole this time and it was delicious. Dessert was good old Apple Pie!. The waitress sat with them for a bit and chatted because there were no others in the business except her husband the owner. As they chatted her husband came over and joined the conversation. Dottie did as she always seemed to do with people, bent the conversation to sex. A little at a time the talk got a little more adult. Soon they were talking about female enhancements, tits, and butts. The men were smiling smugly as they listened. James knew that his sweetheart would, if she could, have them in bed before morning. As the afternoon wore on they all decided to meet at one of the local clubs for a few drinks.

7 PM and all four met at a bar just down the street. They sat and talked more then a couple more drinks. Then a dance with their partners. And a few more drinks. After an hour more they were dancing with each other's partner. And a few more drinks. The Bistro couple, whose names were Rose and John, were feeling pretty frisky. As John slow danced with Dottie his hands were on her ass and his head was trying to see her boobs from the top! Rose was just about the same but when James didn't put his hands on her ass she moved them there! Rose was leaning heavily on his chest. The dance ended and all of them shifted at the table so they were sitting with each other's partner now. Dottie, with a smile, told them “James and I need to go to the room now. There's things he is going to do to me that I don't want to miss!” James nearly choked on his drink as did John. Rose just said “like what? Is he going to fuck you?” Dottie looked her in the eyes and told her “why yes, he is going to fuck me and I''m going to like it! He has a most delightfully delicious cock and cum too!” Rose sat back and simply said “John take me home and fuck me too! In fact you can fuck my butthole if you want! And your cumm is good too!” John told her you are a bit drunk dear. Let me just put you to bed and leave you alone!” “No you don't you just want to sneak out and fuck Dottie too! Don't you!” James said “Dottie I think Rose is jealous. John how far away do you two live?? John told him just a block from here in an old house that is small and cozy. “ “John why don't you let Dottie and I help you get Rose home, it will be easier on you both that way.” “Why that's a great idea James, lets take her home and thank you!”

They left the bar walking with the ladies between them for the block to their house. It was a small place, two bedrooms a bath kitchen and living room. Small and as John said, cozy. The living room even had a small artificial fire place and a small couch. John took Rose to the bathroom and put her in the shower. He returned to the living room where James and Dottie were sitting on the couch. He took a seat in his big chair and they all relaxed a bit. But after a few minutes Rose returned to the living room. Naked. “She announced that John needs to fuck me now! So lets get at it! I need a cock in my ass, I know you like that John so here it is for you” and she bent over and spread her cheeks to show him her asshole. He was embarrassed and apologized for her. Then he asked Dottie to help take her back to the shower to clean up some. Dottie, although feeling no pain was nowhere near as drunk as Rose and helped John take her to the shower. Dottie said she will stay with her till she's done showering then we can put her in bed. John thanked her and returned to the living room where James was waiting. “I'm sorry about Rose but she just had too much to drink this evening Usually the last thing in the world she wants to talk about is sex. “ “Hey John don't worry about it. Dottie is just the opposite. All she thinks about is sex, especially butt sex, she loves it anytime anywhere with anyone!” John was a bit surprised at this turn of the talk. As embarrassed as John was he was also intrigued. “So James you're telling me that your knockout beautiful wife will fuck anyone anytime?” “Well almost, it isn't anyone anytime really but when she see's a guy or gal she likes then she goes for the cock or cunt!” “Cunt? You mean she likes pussy too?” “Sure she does and I like it too! So when she brings another babe home I get what she gets! Same if I bring a guy home, she get what I get.” “You telling me you like pussy and cock?” “Yes I do enjoy it all! I know you are thinking I'm with her to get cock that she attracts but that isn't it at all. I love Dottie with all my heart but if she wants some cock and twat to fiddle with then I'll take my share and I know the next question. Yes I suck cock and eat cum. And take it up my butt too. I don't expect you or anyone to do what I do unless you want to.” “That's good to know James, I don't think I can take a cock in any case. But I understand where you are coming from.” About then they heard the shower go off and John got up to see if the ladies were done. He opened the door and saw Rose kissing Dottie with a lot of tongue! He stood there a bit stunned. Rose looked up from the kiss and said “whats the matter john, you don't want to fuck me so I'll let Dottie have my pussy!” John took one of Rose's arms and Dottie the other and took her to the bedroom. As she laid on the bed Rose said “well someone better damn well fuck me tonight! Either you, Dottie or James is going into my pussy with cock or tongue or toy! But SOMEONE GOING TO FUCK ME!” Then she grabbed Dottie by the tits and dragged her down to her cunt. Dottie resisted, although not violently. John watched as his beautiful bride was trying to get another to lick her pussy! He told her “STOP IT ROSE!” She responded by holding Dotties head against her pussy and telling John “Why don't you take her place? I like when you lick my cunt for me and my ass too! So come on do it and she can go! Rose kept Dotties head on her cunt. Dottie was, at this point not struggling at all. In fact she was trying to lick her cunt for her while she was there. John noticed this and said “ Rose honey do you like that licking she's giving you It looks like she is enjoying it too! So why not let go of her and you two can go to the bedroom and do that all you want!” “Really John? You will not care if I get my pussy licked by a woman? How about by a man? Or better yet by you?” “Sure babe you can lick pussy or whatever you want to do tonight. You can lick pussy or get it licked or tell me to fuck you up the butt like you said before. I'll be good with you and never tell you it's bad!” “OK sweetie you are my love and you can fuck me up the ass if you let me eat this pretty ladies pussy! Now help us to the bed.” John helped Rose to the bed and James had heard the commotion and helped too! “James!” Rose called out, “John is going to let me eat pussy and get my ass fucked. Are you going to fuck Dottie too? I hope so cause it feels so wonderful with cock in me!” Looking at John he said “Sure Rose I'll fuck Dottie if she wants and Dottie can eat your pussy too if you want And if Dottie wants!” Dottie spoke up saying “You are damn right I want to be fucked too! Pussy and ass and mouth too please, both you and john at the same time! Is that OK Rose? Can John fuck me with James? James will be happy to fuck you too! Won't you James?” “Yea Dottie I can do that you know I like it. Anywhere you want it babe! Does Rose want me to fuck her mouth too?” John, listening to all this spoke “I had no idea Rose was like that! I LOVE fucking her anyway she lets me and I love blowjobs! What

man doesn't like a blowjob! So yeah James will fuck you with me and dottie too if he lets her!” At that the group went into the master bedroom and plopped the lady onto the bed. Dottie got undressed but Rose was still naked. She had rolled onto her back and was furiously finger fucking her pussy and moaning. John undressed took his cock and slid it up her cunt for her. She went wild with fucking, shaking, moaning, and grabbing his cock as it fucked her pussy! He was plowing that pussy hard and deep! By the time Dottie and James were naked John was cumming buckets in Rose, filling her pussy to overflowing ! Dottie took notice and went down on the flood licking it as much as she could get. When John pulled out she took his cock in her mouth to clean it off. But instead of shrinking his cock swelled up again and blasted a second cum in Dotties mouth! James took Dotties place and licked Rose till she was clean enough for now. Then he looked at Rose and plowed his hard cock into her also! Now John was done cumming and his cock was shrinking rapidly. He looked over at James and Rose then at Dottie on her knees eating his cock and cum! Then he rolled over on the bed and just relaxed. Rose was quickly sobering up as James fucked her cum filled cunt. Dottie was kissing Rose with a mouthful of her man's cum. Rose was just laying there smiling! Not too long after wards Rose went to the bathroom and Dottie went with her again. This time it was for both of them to shower off all the cum on and in them! James smiled knowing Dottie was planning on cleaning out Rose's cunt with her tongue. He was a bit jealous of her. John laid on the bed still relaxing. He got up and began undressing. “What are you going to do John” James asked. “Getting undressed so I can fuck Rose proper the way she wants when she comes back. But if my cock don't get hard I'll just go to sleep.” You want your cock hard John? I”ll get it hard for you.” John nodded and James went down on his cock, taking the cum and pussy covered cock deep in his mouth and started sucking! John moaned a little and again relaxed letting James have his cock in a deep throat! John warned James not to make him cum or he wont be able to give Rose the poke up the butt she wanted! James nodded and kept sucking cock. The door opened from the shower and both naked women walked in. Rose looking much better than when she went in. She laid on the bed, Dottie also rested on her arms watching John get his blowjob. Rose suddenly looked over and exclaimed “Hey you let James suck your cock but you won't use it to fuck me?” John pushed James away and moved to Rose, flipped her on her stomach, lifted her up to be on all fours and told her she can have her butt fucked now if she wanted. She didn't answer and John spread Rose wide open. Dottie quickly moved in telling John to wait while she gets Rose ready for a good ass fucking. She licked and sucked Rose's pussy and then moved to her asshole. Her tongue dancing around the hole and then darting in and out of her hole Soon Dottie declared Rose is ready. Rose told him to hurry up so John shoved his cock up her cunt for a few strokes, fingered her butthole and then slid his rock hard cock deep into her ass! He let it sit while Rose got used to the feeling and then started slowly at first then faster and faster pounding her butt like a jackhammer as Rose yelled for more and harder! John gave one might shove and filled her with cum! He pulled out and Rose told James to get in there and fuck her hard and fill it with cum! He obliged. John's cum made the entrance and fucking quite easy. As she was being butt fucked, Dottie told john to get under Rose and start licking. He did. He was almost anxious to eat cum dripping into her cunt! James noted that John was eating her pussy and pulled out and shoved his cock into her pussy too! John licked it and James stuck the cock in Johns mouth for a stroke or two the back into the ass he went. Just in time he pulled out and fed Dottie his cum load! Dottie swallowed it all and kissed James then Rose, sharing cum with both of them. The next morning found all four still there laying in a big sticky pile. When everyone was awake showered and fed, James asked if they had enjoyed themselves last night and did they have any regrets. Everyone smiled and shook their heads no. James told them there is a bellhop at the hotel they should meet. 20 years old huge cock and absolutely full of cum! They all said they would enjoy that guy. So James told them he would send him to the Bistro for lunch tomorrow. They split and went back to the hotel where they told Roger to go eat at the Bistro around the corner, The blond waitress has discovered she liked butt fucking and sucking cock. He smiled and told them thanks. After a nap they got up went on a ride and took the rest of the day sightseeing.

When they left the hotel they had a drive to Hot Springs Arkansas. It took most of the day but the roads were great riding! Twisting roads and wild life every now and then were perfect. Arriving in Hot Springs they stayed at another old hotel famous for housing everyone from the Governor to Presidents to gangsters. The town was famous for it's healing Natural Springs and the rich flocked there in the 20's 30's and into the sixties! Lots of touristy places around and tours you can take. Not to mention the springs were still open. They had a top floor room over looking the main street. The hotel was marvelous. Still decked out in the finery of years gone past and bellboys waiters and doormen everywhere. Best of all it was not much more expensive than other hotels in the area. James and Rose were enjoying the sights, made plans for supper at one of the fine restaurants and were shopping and arranging to send things home!

The next day James found the springs and spa's so he made appointments for both of them to enjoy a massage and spa in the springs But the springs were bathhouses separated by sex. Men in one and Women in another. They split into the proper spas and went to the massage and spa areas.

Entering the spa area James paid his fee, got a locker and grabbed one of the towels and a robe that was supplied. The robe was a soft and fluffy one and felt good on his skin. Walking into the spa, an attendant asked what he would like for his visit. “A nice wet sauna, then a cooling shower would be good” he said. The attendant led him to the wet sauna, took his robe and made sure he had a towel to sit on, then opened the door and told him to simply leave when he wanted to. James went in and in the steam he found a seat on the lower level of bench seat style seating. Sitting on his towel naked he felt the sweat pouring from his body almost immediately. Relaxing he closed his eyes and leaned back onto the next level of seats. But instead of finding a hard seat behind him he discovered a set of legs. Someone was in the next tier of seats. He excused himself and started to move. A voice from the steam told him “no worries, just lean back and relax, that's what I'm doing.” Looking behind him, James saw an older man leaning back against another pair of legs belonging to the man above him. He also saw a nice sized cock behind his head. He thanked the man and leaned back, making sure he bumped the cock with his head. The man said nothing so he relaxed and was enjoying the steam when he noticed the cock was now hard and poking him in the left ear! “Oh excuse me again” he told the man, who smply told him he was enjoying it all. The man on the upper seats started to climb down past James and as he passed he grabbed the older mans cock and jacked it a couple times before continuing. As he stood in front of James he was sporting a nice hard six inch dick. He turned to James and asked if everything was OK. “Just fine” James told him. The man remarked that he should try the dry sauna next and left. The older man above hin told James that he was going to the dry sauna also. He stood up and moved down off the seats backwards. As he passed James he turned a bit and hit James in the face with his boner! “ Sorry” the man offered. James said no problem, reached up and took the man's cock in hand and jerked it off a bit then licked the precum from it for him. The older man told him he really should go to the other sauna where there was better visibility. James watched him leave, then got up and took his towel to go to the shower then the dry sauna. He took a nice cool shower, soaped himself off very good then went to the dry sauna.

The dry sauna was set up different than the wet sauna. It had the levels of bench seats only two high with a neck high wall spaced far enough apart from each other to allow two men to sit together. He noticed that the older man and the other from the wet sauna were sitting together and playing with each other's cocks. He sat on one bench seat in the next section. As he watched he could not see what was going on behind the wall as it was shoulder high. He did notice that each of the men's heads disappeared for few second periodically. He had to know exactly what they were doing so he stood up and looked. The older man had his cock in the other guys mouth and then they switched. He watched as the traded cock sucking for a few more minutes. Then the older man groaned and shot his load in the guys mouth. He swallowed it all and left no mess. Nice and clean blowjob! The older man left, leaving James and the cock sucker alone. The man motioned for James to come sit next to him. Moving around the wall he sat down and almost immediately the man grabbed his cock. He figured that he may as well have some fun too and grabbed the man's cock. It was small but hard as a rock! He jacked it a bit then leaned down to suck it for him. Surprisingly the man shot his cum almost immediately! James felt the cum flow into his mouth and swallowed. The man relaxed and James kept his mouth on the guys cock. Soon the man stood up, thanked him profusely and left for the showers. Now James was alone. He also had a hard cock so he decided to hit the showers also. Maybe he could jack out a load in there. He grabbed the towel, wrapped it around himself then noticed that his prick made it into a tent in front of him. Thinking “what the hell, seems the guys here like to see and suck cock. So he took off the towel and walked to the shower room.

Gang showers like in the old military barracks were reminiscent of past times and pleasures. He took a shower between two other guys, adjusted the water and cooled off. Once again he soaped himself up good and washed thoroughly. Leaving the showers his cock had somewhat deflated but was still a bit tumescent. He checked the spa map on the wall and was looking where to go next when he heard a voice behind him. “I see you have found the dry sauna and showers sir, where would you like to go next?” The attendant was there like a ghost! Looking at the map the attendant told him he looked like he would enjoy a massage and James agreed. Following him to that area he walked in, the attendant left and James laid on the table face down.

It seemed like a long time but he had fallen asleep. A voice asked him if he was ready for a massage. The voice was female. He looked up and a very pretty black haired woman about 35 was standing there. “Hi, My name is Betty Mr James”. A bit stunned he told her that he is just James please Betty. Betty agreed and asked what kind of massage he wanted. Deep pressure, light rubbing or what? James said the “or what” sounded good. Betty smiled and went to another table to get her oils. He noticed she had on a very short robe, white, with white panties showing as she moved and the robe flipped up a little. James thought he was sure he knew exactly why so many famous men and women had come to this place! Total relaxation and enjoyment!

Betty returned with her tools of the trade and asked if he would like hot stone also as she started to rub his shoulders. He said that sounded very good and was enjoying the rubbing on his back. Soon she moved to his left side of the table and was working her way down that side of his body. Each stroke of her hands made aches and pains flow away, he was in Heaven, the thought. He would later amend that to be in the gateway to Heaven as he learned that true Heaven was yet to come!

Betty had worked on his back and now was rubbing his butt vigorously. He was enjoying that as well. As she rubbed he felt her fingers slide between his cheeks and poke his butthole once. “Was that an accident?” he thought. Betty moved to his left leg and plied her trade wonderfully. He felt her hands move to his calf's then his feet! The bliss of lovely hands like hers on his feet felt absolutely wonderful. Then she moved to the other side.

Working the other foot was just as good as the other. The calf's felt wonderful as did the thighs and now the inner thighs. “Hmm she didn't do my inner thighs on the other side” he thought. Then he felt her go to the butt. Again her hands felt great on his butt. And after a few strokes he felt his butthole get poked again. But this time he was lubed up quite well and her finger slid inside his butt so easy that he did not even realize she did it. “No accident this time” he thought. She continued up to the top of his head and asked him to roll over.

Rolling over in this situation is not always pleasing to a masseuse but he did anyway. She stood holding his towel to cover him as soon as he rolled. She seemed to take her time covering him and he noticed that too Finally she moved to the top of the table and started working on his facial muscles. His cheeks his jaw, then his neck. Reaching farther without going to the side of the table, she rubbed his upper chest. He was nearing that Heavenly feeling again when she reached even farther to rub his abs and stomach. He also felt her tits when they popped out of her robe and slapped his face! Betty apologized and popped them back into the robe. James told her it felt rather nice, a tit massage in his face would be great. Betty blushed and moved to the side of the table. Ignoring his comment, she moved across his stomach to his thighs. Rubbing them deeply released tensions he didn't know he had. Then she moved to the inner thigh. She rubbed, and poked and rubbed some more and when he looked down at her, she was smiling. She had gotten his cock to stand as tall and stiff as it had ever been! Moaning she asked if everything is OK. He mumbled that he has a stiffness she needs to take care of. She just smiled and continued rubbing down his leg to his feet again and then the other foot and leg. Arriving at his inner thigh again she let her fingers slide down around the underside of his cock and balls and rubbed with a finger on his butthole one more time. He felt the need to cum and cum soon. He knew if she were to so much as jack his hard on just once he would shoot a load! She didn't touch his cock but again rolled him over. He was uncomfortable in that position and told her so. “Just a moment James” and she ducked under the table. He felt his stiff cock bent up almost double under himself. As she moved her hands under the table he felt his cock suddenly slide free and was sticking straight down. He sighed at the relief he felt. Betty came back up from under the table and started to rub his ass again. She explained that they were entering the final phase of the massage and to just give himself over to whatever he was feeling. If it felt good he could do it. With that statement he reached out and pulled the cord holding her robe closed. Her boobs spilled out and her panties were on full view. She smiled and told him “That's it James, just let yourself do what makes you feel good. She was still kneading his butt cheeks and he reached behind himself and took her hand. Guiding it to his butthole he used one of her fingers and slid it into himself and moved it in and out. He also felt her remove his hand from hers and continued on her own. “is that all you want there James?” she asked. “Well what else is there here?” He replied. With that she moved her fingers one by one into his butt. Soon she had four fingers in his ass moving in and out fucking him. He also felt something on his cock. But his cock was under him! Then he realized that she had moved him so his cock would poke through a hole in the table. And now it felt like something was sucking it! “What's got my cock?” he asked she smiled and said not to worry no harm will cum to it. At that he put his trust in her and felt her fingers leave his butthole. She moved to the other table and picked up a medium sized dildo, about six inches long and nice and thick. Feeling her slide that up inside him so easily made him feel so good he could not stand it much longer. “I'm going to cum if you keep that up” he told her! “Do whatever you want to feel good. Then she kept fucking him with the toy! Whatever or whoever was under the table with his cock was about to get real messy! In a spasm of shoving his cock down and ass up, he shot a load of cum! The dildo popped out of his oiled ass and hit the floor. He was completely sated! “OK James you can roll onto your back now.” He did and his cock was still thick but not as hard. Betty asked if he needed anything else now to make him feel any better? “Betty would you suck my cock clean please.” He asked, not knowing if he was about to be kicked out of the spa. Betty smiled and reached under the table and helped a young man stand up. He had sucked him off and now he wondered what next. Betty bent to her task of sucking him clean as the young man, also nude as he was, moved to James mouth and simply put his cock down James throat! Unexpected as that was, James started sucking the young man off. It didn't take long to get his mouth full of hot cum from the man. Betty was working his cock in her mouth, the young man already had his supper and now James had eaten. Good Grief James thought. What next?

Betty took him from the massage to the attendant again, who led him to the Hot Springs the town was famous for. Hot pools marked with different temperatures on labels indicated to him which pool he would prefer. He chose one not too hot and just moderately warm and moved into it. He was again relaxing and really enjoying himself.

The attendant had left and soon another body entered the water of the pool with him. “Hello darling” the person said. James opened his eyes and there was his beautiful wife naked in the pool beside him! She leaned over, kissed him and grabbed his cock. Having just shot a two loads earlier, it was still quite soft. But Dottie used her expert manipulations along with talking quietly in his ear, soon had him growing again! Returning her favor he fingered her pussy, finding it unusually wet. Something other than pussy juice was in that pussy! She smiled and told him, there was a lovely man with the most marvelous cock in the massage room He got me so damn hot I had to fuck him and he loaded up my pussy with his cum. Does it feel nice dear? Nice and slippery and sticky? I hope you are hungry.” James whispered that if he wouldn't drown he would eat every drop from her sopping wet cunt right now! She smiled and told him she was ready to leave for the room and some really fun stuff! They climbed from the pool together and two attendants took them to their dressing rooms. Soon they were in their hotel room and james face was buried in her still full twat! Sucking as much and licking up everything, he was enjoying the taste of her pussy full of cum and her own juices. Soon she orgasmed and pushed him off her. Kissed him and tasted cum and herself on his lips, then rolled over under the covers and fell asleep. They got up the next morning packed the bags, he concierge took them to the bikes and smiled commenting that he heard they had really enjoyed the hotel! They looked at him and smiled, wondering who had told him that. He bid them goodbye they tipped him well, saddled up and rode north on scenic highway 7. Hours later, after another wonderful ride in the mountains, stopping to see the scenery and have a snack, they arrived back in Harrison to check back into the old restored hotel. Once again they visited the bistro around the corner. They were greeted by the couple they had so much fun with a few days ago had a great meal and found out the bellboy had dropped by and taken a job there. Both of them were very pleased with the bellboy. He indeed had pleased them both with his abilities to make them cum wildly! Dottie agreed that he was indeed special. They bid goodbye and returned to the hotel to spend the night. Standing on the very small balcony, James was enjoying the view when a couple in the next room came onto the balcony. They paid him no attention, not even noticing he was there as they wrapped arms around each other and kissed passionately. The woman knelt in front of her man and opened his pants and drew out a large cock! It had to be a good 10 inches! James signaled to Dottie to come out and look. She did and gasped! The woman took her man deep into her throat. Every inch of cock disappeared and soon the man grunted and it was obvious he had cum. A bit of cum appeared around the woman's lips as she kept sucking! Finally she stood, kissed him deeply again and then went into their room. Show over, Dottie remarked how wonderful that the woman had been able to take all that cock and cum! Still tired from the day, they went to bed and slept soundly until morning. A quick, but playful, shower and they were on the road again! Branson Mo. Here we come she shouted as they motored away!

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