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Do You Really Love Me

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I'm pretty sure everyone has been asked or has asked the all important, universally common question. Do you really love me? I know I have and here is what it led to.

I met the lady and we decided to date. Where was not important but we both l.iked the first couple of dates. We did the usual dating ritual. You know, mutual admiration and mutual choosing where to go and what to do. Everything went very well. I noticed I was spending more and more time with her rather than any other ladies I happened to be dating also. I never hid my other dating from her and she never asked. Then one day after a movie, a romantic movie (yes, some of us “guys” like those too). We were driving to a drive in restaurant to have a quick snack before headed to our homes. She asked me if I would like to come to her house and have a quick late dinner. I agreed. I knew she could cook and had a nice house. So we went to her place. She fixed us a quick couple of burgers and we had a drink or three. Things were pretty normal for both of us. We each enjoyed each others company and were relaxed and comfortable with each other. I did not realize how comfortable we were when she braoached the subject of sex. Yes we had kissed and fondled each other. She even gave me a handjob one afernoon while driving around. Now she started to ask if we should go farther.

I was not shocked but I was a bit surprised. I knew she had dated others since we had met and was pretty sure she knew I had dipped my wick in a few ladies also. But now the conversation was turning to sex and verging on the subject of love. She asked if she was desirable (she was very pretty) so I confirmed she was. We cuddled up on her couch and kissed. Nothing we had not done before. After some kissing and light petting, she asked if I wanted her. “SEXUALLY I mean”she said. I thought for a brief second but asked her the same thing. We both blushed a bit and kissed. She reached to my pants and felt my dick getting hard. I squeezed her tits and felt her nipples grow through her lighe blouse. It was then I realized that for the first time she had gone out with me with no bra. My cock started to swell more and I pulled and pinched he nips, rolling them with my fingers. Her breath started to get heavier as she got more excited. “Do you love me?” She asked. I stopped what I was doing and thought a few seconds. She noticed the pause and I finally asked her “Do YOU love me?” She hesitantly told me “ I think I do!” I answered “I love you as much as you love me!” We continued to fondle and feel then off came her blouse. First time I had seen her topless and I loved the view. She stood and started to undo her skirt. She stopped and asked “Do you REALLY LOVE ME?” I told her I did feel that I loved her but that is was kind of sudden to decide right now. She dropped her skirt and told me “If you REALLY love me will you make me cum like I made you cum the othe day?” I did not answer, I just reached over and pulled her panties down exposing her pretty shaved pussy to me for the first time. I fondled her a bit and rubbed my fingers all over the lips. Then I felt inside her and my hand came out wet! I smiled and she took my head in her hands and pulled, pushed and guided my face to her pussy. I can take a hint and started using my tongue to good advantage. I have to tell you that I love eating pussy almost as much as getting a blowjob! I found her clit with my tongue and in no time at all she was shaking and moaning. Then she flooded my face!! I licked and sucked her until she calmed down. After a few minutes she smiled and thanked me. I told her that I loved doing that for her. She asked me “ Do you do that with every woman you date?” “ Not every woman” “Why not?” she asked. “Not every woman is as nice as you and some really don't enjoy it that much. But you seem to really love it.” “Oh I do I do! “ she answered. “In fact, I would love to have youfor my private use every day and night! IF you don't mind.” Me mind? LOL Did she not think that I loved having my tongue in and around her cunt making her cum? I told her “ I truly love eating your pussy and will do it anytime you like.” She smiled and told me to stand. I did and she had my pants down in no time at all. I could see that she had done this before. She pulled my undies down also and smiled up at me. “would you mind if I did the same to you? Make you cum with my mouth?” I simply pulled her head to my cock and she openedd her mouth, taking my cock deep as it would reach. I am not huge, only about 61/2 inches but thicker than average I supposed. She took it all and kept it there as her throat worked me. Then she started bobbing her head back and forth. “Do you want to cum in my mouth?” she asked. “OH HELL YES!!” I almost shouted! I had not had a blowjob for a week or so. My last time was from another gal I had been dating. She was pretty good but now I was feeling “backed up” with cum and was eager to blow my cum! She smiled around my cock and started using her mouth, tongue and hands in earnest! “Cum for me and fill me up! I WANT TO SWALLOW ALL OF YOUR CUM RIGHT NOW!!” Within a few seconds she got her wish! I started cumming and cumming! I shot every drop of cum in her and I could feel her swallowing every time I unloaded. She finally backed off and I noticed that not a drop was on her face. She had swallowed it all. I had never had a woman do that well before! Trust me, I have been sucked off by a lot of women in my life and I absolutely love blowing my load in a mouth! We both relaxed, naked on her couch. Soon we moved to her bed. We fell asleep quickly. I did wake up early because I felt her sucking my cock in my sleep. As I woke up I shot another load in her mouth. As I looked down at her I thought she was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. She finished and saw I was awake. She smiled and moved up to sit on my face. I soon had her gushing her cum into my mouth and all over my face! I had to admit, not only was she the best tasting cunt I had ever sucked, she was the woman who had cum so much that I almost drowned! After we got up she cooked breakfast. She asked me “ Still hungry?” I told her “yes for your pussy!” She just smiled and started to wash the dshes. As she did she bent forward a bit to grab the dishes in the sink and her apron, not covering her beautiful backside, showed her pussy and it was glistening. She smiled over her shoulder and told me to have some dessert! I did. I moved to her knelt down and started licking her pussy from behind. As I licked her and she started to cum I felt my deflated cock start to grow and grow! It wasn't long before I was hard and ready. I asked her “Are you hungry too?” “No my belly is full of cum. But my pussy is hungry!” I stood and spread her open and took her from behind. Neither of us took long to cum. I shot a nice load in her cunt and she flooded my cock with her juice! We took a shower and made sure we were both clean by tasting each other. We were definitely clean!

I too off to go home and told her I'll take her to lunch. She agreed and the morning was spent by me relaxing and rehydrating myself! She had really drained me. By noon I was feeling good again when the doorbelll rang. I ansered the door and it was her! I smiled as she came in. As we ate some soup and a sandwich (I'm not exactly a famous chef) she asked me a similar question like she had asked the other night before I had sucked her pussy and she had sucked my cock. “ Do you REALLY REALLY LOVE ME?” I told her I did and of course I had realized that I did indeed love her. I asked her why she asked and she told me “I may have a little kinky side to me you may not like.” I don't mind as long as it does not hurt or has anything to do with pee or poop.” She assured me it did not have anything to do with that. We talked more, made some plans for the rest of the week (unkown to me it turned out to be more like plans for the rest of our lives.), We were to meet again at her place the next day.

I arrived on time, just before noon. It was Sunday so we were not working and when she invited me in she told me that she planned to introduce me to one of her kinks. I wondered what it would be but felt I could handle it whatever it was. She went out to her garage. In couple of minutes I heard her talking to someone. It was a male voice Now I was really wondering what she had in mind. I was to find out quickly.

“This is Ed, he is one of my closest friends, I've known him for years and he is a really good person” I shook his hand as she introduced us.. Then she told me “My secret is this. I love cock.” I told her that I aleady had figured that part out! Then she told me that her and Ed had been really really close friends and had known each other, biblically for years and enjoyed many things together. I frowned a bi and asked her “what do you mean known each other biblically?” She looked shyly at me and told me straight out “We have been fucking and sucking for a long time quite often.” I guess I looked puzzeled because she told me “I love you but I want to continue fucking and sucking Ed's cock too! Do you REALLY LOVE ME?” I sat for a minute and finally decided that if they had been doing that all along then he probably was not a romantic threat to our reltionhip. I told her “If you and I will still continue to love each other then I think I can handle you and him loving too.” They both replied at once “We don't LOVE each other like you do, we just love to fuck and suck each other!” I understood and agreed that as long as we all argree she and he can get some cock and pussy with each othe I'm OK with it

Soon we were all on the couch together and talking like old friends. She decided to see if we were all compatible and moved us to the bedroom. We undressed and I could see why she like to have him fuck her! His cock was a solid 8 inches and not too thick but enough to fill her up! My cock was smaller but no one seemed to care. She gave him a kiss then gave me a very passionate kiss and tol d me to lay down on my back. I did, fully expected her to sit on my face Which she did. I was really enjoying myself and she was moaning and getting wetter. As I pushed my tongue deep in her sopping cunt I tasted her delicous juices. That is when Ed moved behind her leand on my shoulders to hold me down and his big hard cock slid into her pussy deep as it could go! He pushed into her right across my tongue and I could taste his precum. It surprised me when I realized it tasted just like my precum that I had tasted before as I jerked off to porn. He did not stop as he started to fuck my love faster and faster! I had no say at all I just kept eating her pussy as he pumped into it! When he moaned that he was going to cum, I tried to pull away. I could not. I was held down and trapped with my tongue up inside her! I felt and tasted his cum in her. I had never tasted a man's cock nor cum before. As he started to pull out his cum and cock slid across my face and mouth His cock and cum were all over me now. She kept pumping her cunt into my face and mouth. I was still trapped as her cum was now flowing into my mouth. But now, surprisingly, I did not seem to be disgusted or outraged. Although I had considered doing what we were doing as degrading, disgusting and queer, now I just didnt mind. I realized that if my LOVE liked it I should too. Soon we separated and laid on the bed. After a bit of rest and me falling asleep, I was awakened by my cock being sucked. “What great woman I love” I thought as I woke. As my eyes opened she gave me a big wet kiss and thanked me for joining in the fun so nicely..”I guess you really do love me dont you! I moaned yes I do! Then realized my cock was still in a mouth! ED was sucking me off and I was about to cum. As I let loose a hot wad into his mouth he took it all, swallowed some and moved to her. They shared my cum and swallowed it. Then she kissed me again and I tasted my cum for the first time. It tasted a bit like Ed's had earlier as I fucklicked them. Again Iwas not shocked or disgusted. I kissed he back. Later that afternoon when ED had left we talked. “Tell me the truth” she said, “did you mind what happened today? Had you ever done anything like it before eveb in your fantasies?” I told her no not even in my wildest fantasy had I ever even thought about eating anyones cum or getting sucked off and swallowed by a man. I then told her it was surprising but I did not, after the shock, find it disgusting. In fact blowing my load in his mouth was very much like othr women's mouths I had enjoyed. BUT I told her it was not the erotic experience that had enjoyed when she sucked and swallowed all my cum. She smiled and asked if I would let it happen again. I told her “Sweetheart if you want it then I am happy to do it with you. But I have no desire to go looking for guys to suck me off or fuck you.” Smiling we fell asleep till supper. After eatine we talked about moving together in the near future, This activity went on for a couple of months then I moved into her house. We both had good jobs and were enjoying our lives together Ed would be invited over by her now and then and pretty much followed our initial encounter. Me licking pussy while he shot his load in her then sucked me off as she watched sometimes she would suck him clean as he sucked and shared my cum with her and then she would kiss me. In time her kiss contained the same amout of passion but more and more of my cum. I didn't mind.

One day Ed came over and he started eating her pussy while I fucked her good and, for some reason, I shot huge load into her fucked hole! I felt his mouth on my cock as I pounded her cunt like never before! It was obvous to us that I had shot the biggest load ever! Following the familiar pattern she sucked my cock clean kissed Ed and then me! I was beginning to really enjoy our routine of suck and fuck!

Sometme in the second month of our bi-weekly ritual it changed again. As we went to the bedroom and stripped, she laid on her stomach instead of her back. As she laid there she reached back and spread herself wide open, her pussy was on display and I leaned to eat the sweetness. But as I pulled back she told me to “Lick my other hole sweetie!” She had never wanted that before and I had no real desire to suck on her asshole. But for her I took my tongue and treated her butthole like I did her pussy. I licked and slid my tongue and fingers into her butt and found it not to be a bad thing. In fact I noticed my cock was just as har as when I ate pussy or tasted cum! Soon she told me “ Enough!! Now fuck me right now. Shove your cock into me! “ I started to slide into her pussy but her hand took me and I pushed into her ass for the first time I had never buttfucked a willing woma! (I had fucked an ass or two over the years but it was not invited by the ladies even when I made them cum that way, I had never filled an assfull of my cum!) I found her ass tight but was able to slide in slowly with just a little push. “Have you done this before babe?” I asked. “Yes I have but never with you and now I want all you can give me deep inside!” I was surprised but by now almost nothing would shock me about her! She was a truly sexual loving creature at heart! As I moved inside her I felt Ed feeling around under me. He was using his hand to guide my cock in and out of her pretty butt! It did not take long before I was ready to cum and told both her and him I was going to cum! She moaned to let her have all I could for my first assfuck with her! I did. First time I ever shot a hot cumload up a willing ass! I felt so turned on that I thought I would faint! Exhausted, I lay on top of her to recover. As I aised up quickly she let out a loud moan. Telling me “You pulling out fast felt so good I came again!” I smiled and kissed her neck. Ed bent to her and licked cum from her butthole. She moaned and it was obvious we had found another way to enjoy each other. Within a few minutes She told Ed to “Fuck my ass now with that big cock right now! As he moved into position she sat him upright. The she got into position over her and felt her self with a finger in her ass. Pulling it out she told him “shove it on in he lubed me up with a big load of cum!” she settled on to hm and he thrust upwards and his 8 inch thick cock disappeared completely in her ass! Soon she was bouncing wildy on his cock. She motioned me over and pulled my cock to her mouth! Ass cumming then being sucked clean was another first for me! She sucked me clean and said “fill my mouth and belly sweetie!” I was nearly hard again when she said that and suddenly I was down her throat, hard as I had ever been! Between our two cocks she was gagging and moaning. I was surprised when Ed shot his load in her butt and I filled her mouth simultaneously!! She handled us both with a big moan and some fingers in her pussy! As Ed pulled out a mixture of his cum and mine started flowing our of her asshole! She moved onto her stomach and used her fingers to fuck her ass and told me “ use your fingers to feed my al that cum from my ass!” I fingered her butt full of cum and she licked my fingers clean. Then I realized that I had a true Cum Slut on my hands! And I found it quite exciting!!

After that we would suck and fuck whatever hole we desired at the moment. No asking permission, no regrets and only pleasure no matter who wanted to cum where! I thought we had reached our sensual peak and had no more to explore. As it turned out I was wrong. We all had more to explore.

We had taken a short vacation to a swingers resort the three of us. While there we met several other swingers and attended a party the first night. While Ed found a nice couple whose lady was definiteyly interested in his big cock the man was not. They headed off to their room and latter told ne they had sucked and fuck all night long. What did her hubby do? Well my sweetheart told me it would be rude not to invite him to have an evening with us. So I agreed and he joined us in our room Not long after getting to our room she invited him to our bed. He acceptedd and informed us he was not interested in gay activities and I responded that neither was I. We solved the potential problem with another first for me. She had him naked on the bed cock pointing straight up when she started sucking him. I watched as she devoured his nice uncut cock into her mouth. She motioned me to her and asked Do you want to fuck me?” Of course I do was my reply she bent to talk to him and he nodded yes! At that she bent forward and reached to open her cunt very wide! She took his cock and put it into her pussy. Then she motioned me forward. As I strarted to move to her asshole she took my cock, put it against her cunt and told me to “Just push it in it will fit!” the guy under her told her good, he loved that! So I pushed a bit and she told me shove it all the way in! I pushed harder thinking I would find her limits now! Wrong again! Hard cock sid into her with the tightest feeling cunt I had ever had my cock in! As we got comfortable with two in her in one hole I started to move in and out and was shocked by the feel of my cock sliding easily against his! It was amazingly wonderful feeling and I almost immediately started to cum! She moanded how wonderful she felt so full and slippery. He started to moan something ike “too soon too soon to cun it feels so fucking good!” she moaned as her twat got suddenly wetter and even more slppery! It was no use. We all came within a few seconds of each other! I shot my load, he shot his and a few seconds latr she was drenching us! We relaxed and our cocks slid from her and we laid on the bed. She soon started breathing normally and then moved to suck us clean! Both cock in her mouth at once! After a few minutes I felt his cock harden against mine then mine against his.. She kept it up while mumbling to double cum inher mouth! Took a few minutes but we obliged her! My cumslut simply swallowed every drop of the double cumshot! At beakfast we all reunited. ED, us and the other couple. We all drank a lot of orange juice just to rehydrate! We split up but after lunch we met again and I got yet another surprise from my sweeheart.

As we were talking the ladies were comparing companions with an agrement that ED was the biggest but we all were experienced and quite sexually skilled. The other couple commented that the two of us made a beautiful pair and we did the same. They made quite a great looking couple and soon the conversation changed again as the ladies commented how “deliciou” each thought the other was looking! We continued chattng and all decided that our room had the biggest space and the biggest bed so why not we meet there this evening and see what develops.

At supper time we all met again and had a wonderful meal.. The ladies urged us to “eat a LOT of oysters because they have plans for ALL of us! Smiling and laughing we finished eating and had a couple of after dinner drinks. Then we all retired to our room.

Once in our room we talked some more until the other guys wife stood up and exclaimed “We going to suck cock and fuck or just talk! She proceeded to undress as we all watched. She was indeed a beauty. Long and lean and built with solid body Not real athletic but just perfet from her long red hair to her pretty tits and perfect ass and those beautiful legs! Not a thing to complain about . A perfectbeauty. My gal stood and drew immedate attention to her body also. She was for ME perfect. For others apparently she was also a beauty as I noticed ED and the other guys cock start to bulge his pants. The ladies also noticed it. Both ladies were licking their lips! Us guys all hurriedly undressed, the ladie knew what they were in for, two of us guys also knew what the ladies were getting but I didn't until now. My cock swelled and my mouth watered. I have to admit that a beautiful redhead was in my dreams for years and now here she was all naked, horny and wanting some cock to suck and fuck probably in every hole! My gal noticed my attention and simply said, Pick one of her holes and give her some cum!! Go lover get some pussy ass and mouth! The other two guys moved into my gal and had her surrounded in no time. One was kneeling sucking her pussy and fingering her ass while the other was sucking her pretty titties! I was embracing the redheaded beauty, kissing her fingering her shaved twat and running my tongue down her throat. She was grabbing my cock with one hand and feeling my butthole with her other! I was nearly in heaven! Soon we all were in one bed and there were cocks and tongues and pussy everywhere. Ed included. Within a few minutes he had put the other guys cock into my gals cunt and was eating her ass! While she sucked his huge hard cock! I'm not exactly sure what happened next but I do know that Eds cock was filing my gals cunt and her mouth was full the other guys cock. Not sure but I don't think that combination lasted long I do know my cock was buried in that gorgeous red cunt and I could feel a cum starting. The redhead was moaning, My gal was moaning Ed was grunting and the other guy was trying to talk with his mouth full of tongue. Again that went on for an undetermined time as we all got a great cum within minutes of each other. We collapsed on the bed. The redhead swallowed the last of my cum, my gal swallowed a load and had the other guys cum flowing from her cunt while Ed was cleaning her up! Before I knew it my cock was being stuffed into the redheads cunt still soft. Worked prety well as her cunt was now wide open. She had found a toy on the bedside stand that my gal had brought just in case My cock soon was inflating again. The redhead was on top of me bouncing and suddenly stopped. She squealed a bit and I sawEd sliding his big cock up her ass very easily. His cock was shiny from lube so he was able to use her butthole with no problem. Feeling his big cock in her butt rubbing mine thorough the thin flesh between us was another treat. A treat that I was quickly getting addicked too! The other guy was taking a few private pics for us as we had asked him to . I once again shot a load in a hot cunt. Did not matter which cunt or ass or mouth. I was at the point where I just wanted to cum somewhere! And Cum I did! I had cum more this weekend than I had ever before. Except when I was 16 and had found a Hustler magazine in my dads room! I spent and enire nite jerking off. Time after time I shot my load! I didnt get anther boner for a week! Once again we were all resting. After a short while the other guy was starting to make a few strange noise. I sat up and discovered why. Ed was working his cock into the guys ass! I jwas glad he never tried to get that monster into me! That thought surprised me as I had never pictured any cock in my ass. But now my gal was behind me fingering my butthole! I was getting to like the feeling. She whispered in my ear that I should cuddle up the to the other guys cock with my butt lubed and see what happens. She kissed me and told me she would like to see it at least once. She got some lube and rubbed it into my asshole again and again until she could put three fingers in me easily. Then she jerked off the other guy to get him ready and I had her move me into position and help him find the hole He found it and in he went! No trouble at all for him or me! He was fucking me nicely as Ed was fucking him. The ladies were crowded around watching and when the guy shot his load into me and Ed unloaded in him they squealed in delight and kissed us all! The redhead sucked my cock and My gal sucked Ed's. Then again we relaxed. It was getting late and we all got up, showered and had a snack and a drink or three! Back in the bed Ed commented that the ladies had enjoyed the guys fucking that it was only fair we see the ladies make each other cum! The redhead said “That's a WONDERTUL IDEA” and my gal told her to 69 with her. They got into position on on top of the other and started immediately to eat pussy finger ass and pussy too one would cum a bit then the other. Then they changed places they sucked cunt till both had squirted a gallon all over the place. Then they licked each other clean. Us guys were hard as a post! Each of us had our cock in hand and jerking off. Ed almost was ready to cum when the other guy went down on him. Not to be outdone I went down on the other guy. In a couple of minutes we were each cumming in a mouth and eating cum. The ladies were cheering and asked us how we liked eating cum. We all said it was ok but it's better with pussy juice! Theylaughed and said we can find out when you guys can unload again!

Night slipped into morning and we found ourselves in a big pile again. I no longer matter who had what in their mouth or hands or pussy or ass. We eventually untangled and the other couple kiss us all. At least the redhead did. Then we made plans for the next swing meeting near us. It was at the point where we all got checked out and into our cars, said our goodbyes and started down the road. As I drove along my gal looked at me and asked “DO YOU REALLY LOVE ME?” I smiled and told her I'll prove it next Sunday. She looked at me and said “How?” I gave her the diamond in mypocket and told her “Next Sunday ok?” She cried and kissed me then sucked my cock all the way home! “Anything you want” we told each other. “ANYTHING”!

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