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Covid Sex

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On January 1st 2020, my move to Miami became official. The corporation I work for transferred me to Miami, my first major promotion complete. Over the holidays I made a couple trips from Minneapolis to Magic City, apartment tours, seeing my new office, meeting some of my new co-workers, who would now report to me. It was all very exciting.

On my seventh home tour I found the apartment this small town farm boy from rural Minnesota dreamed of living. It was more than I expected to spend, however the view of the Atlantic Ocean, the luxury appointments, shiny gym, both indoor and outdoor pools, hot tubs. The ground floor had dry cleaners, ethnic restaurants, hair salon, florist and a couple bars.

I signed a 1 year lease for a small studio on a high floor with a balcony overlooking the ocean. The location on South Beach ideal for tourism, however the commute from South Beach to the offices across the causeway could be brutal. The one year lease committed me to making that drive for a single year and then, well, I didn’t know.

Minneapolis had been my home for the last seven years. From my time at U of M on the North side of town to the move downtown and a residential tower, sans balcony. Before college the town I grew up in had a paltry 1000 citizens, a single stop light. I left in August of my freshman a virgin, headed to ‘the big city’. Full of excitement to get to a place where everyone didn’t know me and my family.

I studied finance, joined a frat, met a girl, lost my virginity, dated the girl for three and a half years, focused the last semester on my studies, graduated in the top ten percent of my class. The break-up hurt, but my grades proved I wasn’t dead. My strong semester brought attention from potential employers, a bidding war broke out, without my help. My internship at a national bank was the place I expected to land, however a competitor bank was offering $20,000 more per year.

My ‘mentor’ over the summer heard the dollar figure at a job fair on campus, took me to lunch, asked if the news was accurate, asked me to hold off on a decision for a couple days, I did. The offer was another $10,000 higher, I signed on immediately. My father had never made more in one year on the farm than his 22 year old son would make in his first year out of school.

On graduation day, my parents and family made the drive to Minneapolis, attended ceremonies, had a big family dinner and drove home, dad saying $180 for a bed for an eight hour sleep, foolish. I was left all alone on graduation night, the frat was empty except for a couple kids who would attend summer school. I wandered around, stopped for a beer at the bars I had drank in the last four years. My last stop was a campus legend for beer, wings and women. Surrounded by student housing towers it was the choice for the students not in the fraternity system, kids that were not especially social, book worms and computer nerds.

Wings and a pitcher of beer on my lonely table, the bar was slow. Graduates and family’s in tow at the expensive sit down places I could never afford, the campus quiet. The ten or so students included a couple guys like me and three women in a booth, the emptiness accentuated by the loud music and thirty glowing TV’s showing sports.

When I passed a table I heard my name called, turned to see my ex’s best friend. Jordan sat with two ladies I didn’t know. It was that same awkward conversion I’d had multiple times in the last months, my friends treated me like a bird with a broken wing. It wasn’t that bad!

The clumsy conversation ended, I headed to the john, finished my wings and slowly sipped warming beer. Jordan and her friends got up, hugged, Jordan stopped by, gave me a hug, one of the ladies headed to the restrooms and the other left ahead of Jordan.

Coleen was her name, she left the bathroom she came directly to my table, asked if I had plans that night. My answer a sheepish ‘no’. She asked if she could sit down, of course, we drank, talked.

Coleen was a female version of myself, farm raised, her 5’11” frame, mine 6’4”. Working on a farm is hard work, boy or girl. Us Nords are generally big. She had that sun drenched blonde hair, almond shaped brown eyes, wide hips, huge boobs and strong hands. We got a little drunk, had sloppy sex and over coffee the next morning figured out we really liked each other.

She was staying in Minneapolis for law school and within a short period we found an apartment that defiantly wasn’t student housing, connected by enclosed walkways between buildings to avoid going outside during cold winters. Coleen and I shared household duties between her school and my 60 hour work weeks, trying to get ahead.

It felt more like we were roommates with great sex. We rarely went out, I liked sports, she thought them unimpressive. She attended student protests, woman empowerment seminars and rallies for whatever cause was most radical. This lasted three years When she graduated from law school we fucked for a weekend, she moved out and we haven’t spoken since.

I worked my ass off, three months later it all paid off when my boss offered me the opportunity in Miami. I said yes, the company bought out the rest of my lease had a moving truck come, took care of the cost of the move including the deposits on the new place in Miami.

The drive down took hours, the landscape covered in snow and then rain through Florida. I made it quicker than I thought and planned. I arrived at 10 pm on New Year's Eve to a quiet building until the elevator reached my floor. The door opened, half-dressed men and women milled around the elevator landing. Gavin we are NOT in Minnesota!

Men with leather chaps, ass cheeks hanging out, one guy with a dog collar, complete with heavy chain help by a freakishly tall dark woman. One guy obviously a cross dresser in a school girl outfit, Adam’s apple popping out and a beer belly hanging over the short skirt. A beautiful blonde lady flashed the ‘school girl’ when the doors opened, trench coat, high heels and nothing else on but a devilish grin, perfect body, naturally large tits hanging just a bit, nipples hard and long, dazzling white smile and bright green eyes filled with mystery.

The guy behind her had flip flops and what could only be described as a fancy jockstrap, bulging with a clear outline of a cock and he was the responsible one ‘Margie cover up, we live here.’ Margie did as obeyed, but the image of that body was inscribed on my brain. My first thought was concerning this couples age, they appeared to be my parents except much better ‘kept’ and pretty good looking for fifty plus.

The rest of the gaggle was men and women of all sizes, ages and attractiveness. Black, leather, chains, most surprisingly rope. I saw two or three carrying rope. I was confused, this wasn’t Minnesota. I continued down the hall, the carnival entered the elevator, laughing and giggling. Into the elevator. Margie the last one in, I turned to look and Margie flashed me a smile, wink and a shot of one of those magnificent globes.

The apartment empty I crashed on the floor used clothes and a sleeping bag to make a bed. Sore, tired I had nothing in the apartment except what I had brought in the car. When I woke it was 7am midwest time and 8am here, I needed coffee, the Starbucks across the street was quiet on the 1st day of the year, occasionally someone would pass the window. Stumbling or half-asleep, going home after a club or the famous ‘walk of shame’.

Into my second cup, I saw Margie and the guy walking, obviously a couple they held hands and walked proud, not stumbling and in deep smiling conversation. The man had clothes on now, skin tight jeans, Tony Lama boots and t-shirt showing ripped arms, flat stomach and long legs, Margie the overcoat, and high heels, her confident stride made those breasts move side to side obviously without a bra.

I jumped up, grabbed my coffee and followed. I got to the elevator bank as they disappeared into a car and were off. I got the next car. The door opened, I could see the sexy couple walking to a door just past mine, I couldn’t tell if they were my neighbors or a couple doors down. I watched and gawked. It truly was Magic City!

The lonely and empty apartment felt cold, sad. The terrace was my destination. Leaning on the rail looking at the view that sold me on this place, staring into blue sky and lapping waves on the beach, I need to get out.

As I turned to go back in and find a bar for College football the sliding glass door next to me opened. There was about twenty feet separating mine from theirs, the guy in the boots and jeans.

‘Hey neighbor’ he shouted and I could barely hear. He shouted again ‘welcome’. I mouthed a hello and waved. Slightly embarrassed I headed straight in the slider, I was excited, like knowing I’m getting laid by my last girlfriends, soon. I’ve never been into men but noticed my blood had settled on my cock and balls and there was growth.

Keys, wallet and phone I headed straight out, the closest sports bar, none were open, so I walked the beach. I rolled up my jeans and took off my sports shoes and socks. The sand was chilly and tingled my body and I getting hard thinking about my new neighbors and the group of friends I saw just a few hours ago.

On the 3rd of the year I rolled into my new office, I was assigned an assistant, ‘James, please don’t call me Jim or Jimmy’, James was clearly gay. Skin as perfect as any woman and a very fashionable suit without a tie, he looked like an ad from the Miami tourist board. Is everybody down here gorgeous and hot? I could admit James was model quality but feminine. He turned out to be an outstanding assistant and was the reason my first year was so successful.

I settled in, James made sure I completed all the stuff I had to do. I was introduced around. My new boss was across the office, the only other office with a window. All the other employees in dull off brown colors of corporate America.

Janice was professional, expensive suit, professional heels not the spike heels off the other female employees, they looked like they were going clubbing, stylish and sexy, it’s not Minnesota.

Two weeks in Janice asked me for a sit down at 5:15 pm after most of the work force had gone home. Janice was put together suit, shoes, coffered hair, flawless make-up making her 45 year old face appear 15 years younger. Finger nails a professional shade of red, manicured. The blonde hair, high cheeks bones showing structure and care. The wedding ring a huge rock. She asked me to sit and took the leather chair opposite me, not behind her desk, our feet almost touching as we both crossed our legs. The skirt to her suit worn at the knees I could see killer bare legs, tan and shapely.

“Gavin, I called you in here on a less than a work related cause, I’d like to hear about you, where you’re from, education, family and all that stuff, you were hired by my boss,I know very little about you, except James told me you work your tail off.’

I took 15 minutes and gave as much information as I thought relevant. She never interrupted me, nodded her head and kept eyes locked on my eyes and face. When I finished ‘well, I thank you for that, I believe it’s good to know more about my people than just work. I think we’ll, make a great team.’

We got along great, we divide tasks among the employees, took most of our lunches working at her desk. One evening in her office for our daily download on the day she had an extra button undone on her silk blouse and a shorter than normal skirt, she sat down, the skirt halfway up a strong thighs. I knew she ran in the mornings, I stared. We got through the work. The mood changed with her questions ‘have you found a girlfriend since you’ve moved?’

I stammered a slow ‘no’ not knowing where this was going.

‘Why not, you’re a great looking guy, successful, the women must go crazy.’

I explained work, moving, paperwork.

She got up, took a long stride, standing over me, she ran her hand through my off blonde hair, asked if she could kiss me.

I was floored, lost, confused and turned on. Doing the boss, her power was sexy. I stood seeing slight fear in her face, I went for it, kissing her full on the lips. I hadn’t had sex in months and I guess all the skimpily dressed people in this city made me bold and horny.

A long embrace, her hands never left my ass. She pushed me back into the chair, got on her knees, looked at me with eyes of lust, ‘I need sex, my husband doesn’t touch me, I love him, but I have needs. Can we keep this quiet? It doesn’t have to be awkward, just physical, can we do that?’

Damn, what do I say or do? Listen to the little man, he’s getting hard, starting to be uncomfortable pushing up against my belt it certainly needed relief. I’m not one to jack-off much, both women I’ve been with loved sex and rarely said no.

When I didn’t answer quickly, Janice blurted out ‘I’m sorry, can we forget..’

I jumped in before she could finish, ‘Yes, Yes, Yes.’

‘Well I was scared are you were offended.’

‘No, surprised.’

‘I’m the one who gets into trouble here, you being my employee.’

‘I’m kinda turned on.’

When she said ‘I can see.’ I felt my face get hot and go red.

‘I’d really like to give you a blow job, OK?’

Before I could answer she reached over and massaged my growing crouch. The rubbing continued until I was uncomfortable. She gently undid my belt, undid the button, pushed my chest back and pulled down my boxes and pants all at one time. Out popped ‘him.’

‘WOW, that’s big.’ I had no idea what to say. She said ‘my husband is defiantly not half as big.’

She licked, sucked, rubbed my balls, took my length until she chocked. No one had been able to go that far down on my cook. Well, it had been some time since I’d had sex and being one not to jack-off much, it didn’t take long before I knew I was a point of no return. ‘I gotta cum.’

‘That’s what I was hoping.’

She knew what to do, not a drop spilled out of her mouth, I felt a waterfall came out of my engorged stick. I had never gotten a blow job like that. Spent, my head thrown back on the leather chair, she stood held my face and said ‘you’re gorgeous.’

Over the next few weeks we would grab hotels rooms for lunch, fuck on her desk after hours, she like to blow me in her car. She was a slut in a suit.

I had been frequenting a small bar on the ground floor or the high rise where I lived. I saw a lot of the same crowd very evening. I would sit at the bar quietly sipping beers and lamenting how routine my life was becoming. Gym, work, beer, sleep, rinse and repeat. I hadn’t made any friends outside work, employees kept their distance, but completing assignments that made my job easy.

One Friday night at the bar a group of women, looking like they came from work, occupied the big table in the center of the bar. Young, old, pretty and homely. The young ones fashionable dressed, all laughs and giggles. The one that approached the bar to order more drinks waited for the bartender at my left.


With a nod back to the table ‘they bet me I wouldn’t say hi to you.’

‘Guess you won.’

‘I’m Lisa’ hand extended.


‘I’ve seen you in here before.’

‘Yea, I moved in upstairs about 5 weeks ago and I haven’t made a lot of friends outside work.’

We sat there drinking and getting to know each other, the conversation never quiet or awkward. She worked around the corner in a realtor office, most of the ladies with her, salespeople. The group of women broke up, most came and gave Lisa hugs and kisses, she introduced me and I saw envy in most.

I was seeing the boss, getting regular sex a few times a week, I was getting drunk and Lisa was touching me, our knees touching. I’d never as bold as that night ‘wanna go up to my place?’

‘I thought you’d never ask.’

We finished drinks, paid, walked in our first silence. She grabbed my hand in the elevator, I was aroused, I was about kiss her when the door chimed open on the spa and pool floor. My sexy neighbors covered in sweat and very little clothing got in and grinned big.

We all introduced, Barry and Margie seemed warm and friendly. When the elevator deposited us at our floor Margie turned and said we should come over for dinner, sometime.

Lisa and I tore clothes off, kissed deeply, fell into my bed with just underwear on, she kissed my chest, looked at me with a mischievous grin before heading south, licked around my navel, that sent chills over me. I was almost fully erect when she pulled my boxes over my engorged cock. It came out hard and fell stiff, the head a few inches above my navel. Her mouth opened and a ‘wow’ trickled out, she looked up at me in shook.

‘Gavin, that’s a huge cock.’

‘It’s the only one I have.’

That made her laugh, and then devour it, I laid and watched, she climbed up on me, grabbed the base put the head inside her and was grinding on it until she was able to have it all the way inside. She sat for a moment with it completely inside and then was shaking, I could tell starting to orgasm, when it passed she rode my cock for minutes, sometimes shaking again, having a small orgasm. This went on for 30 minutes, I just laid there and watched.

We both finished when she laid on me, whispered in my ear ‘cum inside me.’ I did as instructed. Minutes of sweaty, breathlessness, me inside her, pulsating until going limp. She fell off me, said it was amazing. She got up and I could see her naked body fully for the first time, very nice. She gathered her clothes, went to the bathroom, returned 10 minutes later dressed, made up like nothing ever happened.

She walked over to the bed where I laid naked and in a haze of a powerful orgasm. She kissed me full on the lips, deep, wet. She pulled away looked at my limp dick. ‘I hope to see you and ‘him’ again’ and dropped a slip of paper with her phone number on it, turned and walked out, turning at the door ‘call me, please.’

Magic City is NOT Minnesota.

For the next six weeks it was a repeat of Lisa and Janice, I was in heaven. They both wanted sex, no dates, except lunches with Janice, sex and always her paying ‘I get reimbursed.’ I was in heaven, my work improved, I worked out more, drank less beer and still didn’t make friends outside the office.

On March 17th, a conference call changed our lives like conference calls across the country. Go home, stay home, we have no idea what’s next. Ten minutes latter it was only Janice and I in the office. We had boxes full of work related papers and files, Janice looked into my eyes in the parking garage, ‘I’ll miss you.’

On the way home I stopped and bought groceries, filling my car full. I stopped at a liquor store bought beer, tequila, a case of wine. If I was going home alone. I was going to learn how to cook, I’m 27, it’s about time. Wine would be something I had to learn. The scene in the garage under my apartment was people like me arms full of stuff, work, food, booze and expressions of shock and questions.

A week into lock-down I called Lisa, no play she was concerned about Covid. Janice would communicate often assigning work and completely professional, when I asked how she was doing she answered ‘my husband and I are getting closer than ever, I appreciate you asking.’ No lust in her voice.

I was devastated! Last week I was having sex almost daily with two wonderful ladies who just wanted to ride my cock, suck my cock and scream. Now I had none of that, I was completely alone. Phone calls, video chats, with work, mom, dad, my sister and couple friends from the frat.

Having had this much sex changed everything, I was hard all the time, dreams of Janice’s great blow jobs, Lisa riding my cock for hours, riding and falling on my chest a couple minutes later, back on top with wild abandon.

Late in April I was out on the deck, shorts and t-shirt, the office dress code, now, I was on a conference call where I would not be required to do anything but listened. Ear buds in I couldn’t hear anything but the voices in panic, no one has any idea of what to expect now. I turned to my right and there were my neighbors. Margie on her knees, head buried in Barry’s lap. I tried not to notice, look, gawk.

The call went on forever, so did the blow job next door. Twenty minutes in I was stiff as a board, bored by the call, trying not to get caught as I peeked across the open twenty feet. Barry caught my gawk and gave me a thumbs up, big grin and then pointed down at Margie. I was in shock and couldn’t look away. His cock glistened in her saliva, beads of sweat on her upper lip, she never could get the whole thing in her mouth. Seductivly going up and down, slowly then quickly.

She grabbed the shaft and twisted her hand in time to her mouth going down to the base, going all the way to the top, teasing the head. I looked at my cock, then Barry’s, his was larger than mine, maybe the two women I had been seeing had over exaggerated my size. Barry finished in a huge scream I couldn’t hear, Margie’s mouth never left his cock, he spasmed.

She stood complexly naked, her nipples hard and wetness running down her left leg. She turned my way, winked and went inside. Barry stood his giant cock limp and pulsating, he was obviously trying to say something to me but I couldn’t hear and I pointed at my ear buds, I got another thumbs up, he followed Margie.

The call ended, my erection didn’t. Inside, I paced, had a shot of Don Julio Rosado. I tried Netflix, couldn’t concentrate, I was ready to give up and head to the computer, surf porn and rub one off. The knock on the door unexpected, I jumped, peeked out. Barry was standing there, six feet back.

‘Hey!’ So casual. When I didn’t say anything Barry continued ‘hope that didn’t freak you out, you seemed to be enjoying it’ he was glancing at my cock, I was sure ‘we’ve been locked up and all. You’ve seen our friends enough to know we live an alternative lifestyle. If it’s a problem…’

‘No, I’m OK’ I said after pushing up my jaw, wiping perspiration from my forehead.

Barry gave me space, time passed, I fantasized, caught myself day dreaming, my cock wasn’t getting less engorged. What I said next stunned me ‘you wanna come in?’

‘Sure’ we bumped fists, I opened the door and walked into my small studio, Barry followed at six feet. The living space was limited, couch, bed, two stools at the counter. I decided on the patio. Two chairs on the terrace, I looked at Barry’s terrace, four times the size of mine. Barry came through the door while I arranged the chairs as far apart as possible.

‘Hey I was going to have tequila, can I get you one?’


‘Hang on’

I placed two generous pours of Don Julio on the small table. Quarter limes on the rim, no salt. ‘Thanks man, you know we’re swingers, right?’ The words hung in the air. No idea where this was going, what to say. I held the tequila, took a sip. Looked up and Barry was sizing me up.

Barry talked, I remembered little, snippets, ‘ropes’ ‘gang-bang’ ‘glory-hole’. Sitting, I sized Barry up. His hair thick, almost black except for the gray in small amounts, expensive trim, Paul Newman blue eyes, 190-210, 6’2”, too white a smile. Semi ripped, no body fat, tan and healthy. I caught myself checking out his package, turned red, looked into his face with a little shame, this was a handsome man, symmetrical face, strong jaw, excellent skin.

Silence, when did Barry stop talking? How long had I been staring at his junk?

I know I remember something about ‘dinner’ ‘tonight’.

I came to, Barry sat in silence, sipping tequila, sizing me up with a big wide smile. I said ‘sure.’ We sat in silence, sipping. Barry was chill, I was stunned at my words, thoughts, at my loss of intelligent conversation. Barry finished his tequila, stood, fist bumped and walked out. I had barely moved.

Seven o’clock found me in front of Margie and Barry’s. Dressed, showered, shaved and cologned. I was still in a fog, I had been standing there for minutes, debating, when the door opened.

Margie stood there in silk and heels. Strapless and black. ‘Hi, Gavin’ she extended a manicured hand, soft, red, of course, nails. We fist-bumped. She turned, I followed. Her ass moved up, down, left, right, wrapped tight in smooth silk. Tanned, strong calfs, manicured feet with the same red.

Their place was huge, the sitting room bigger than my whole place. Decorated in black and white. On the terrace Barry sat chill, we walked out to the terrace and a table set with wine, cheese and shrimp.

We drank white, I nervously nibbled, Margie was amazing, she looked straight towards me and asked questions, I answered, every time I did I felt relief, comfort. She asked, I told her, girlfriends, what I thought when I saw them on occasion ‘dressed-up.’ Thirty minutes of her focused on me, she touched a spot in me that let down all my guards.

She excused herself to the kitchen. Barry opined ‘she has that effect on people.’

‘It’s that obvious.’

‘It’s cool and she can cook!’

Dinner was Risotto with lobster and portabella mushrooms and a lite red wine. I loosened up with each bite, the wine had me chatty. I walked right into the trap with ‘so what kind of sex stuff are you into?’ For the first time all was silent.

Margie replied ‘me or Barry?’

‘There’s a difference?’

‘Sure, I like toys, boys, blind folded, tied up, Barry is move a voyeur, exhibitionist, bi-sexual sub.’

‘Guess it was the exhibittionist in you this morning.’

‘That, you’re hot and I wanted to shock you’ Barry said.

“Mission accomplished.’ I don’t know if I’ve ever had another man call me ‘hot’ when did I get this cosmopolitan?

With more conversation and wine my stomach was nervous, I could feel myself shake slightly, I felt I was breathing harder.

We ended with Creme Brulee, Baileys, coffee and conversation about getting together during pandemic, having dinner, our caution the last few weeks. They hadn’t left the apartment, I had gone to the grocery, once.

At the door Margie asked if she could hug me. I said yes, she was warm and smelled terrific. I shook hands with Barry, Margie said ‘that feels good to do, again.’

I jacked off twice that night, didn’t need porn or erotica. I fantasized about both of them, worried if I was gay. My dreams blew off that thought, a virtual Barry giving me head as I laid back upon Margie, my head in her abdomen, she rubbed my chest and nipples, running her red nail around my navel.

It had been three weeks since I’d cum, now puddles spattered on my face, huge gobs landed just below my chin, the last spasms of cum in my navel, hand and pubic hair.

The next two days we waved when we saw each other on the decks. I was pacing while on another conference call. I felt excited, lost concentration on the call. Here on the phone with bankers, lawyers and accountants I was fantasizing about pussy, cock…at the same time. My heart beat quicker.

I walked around hard, I couldn’t concentrate on work, I googled terms, acronyms, so many questions and they all excited me. I would go to sleep thinking of alternative sex, wake up hard, drooling.

It took all my nerve to knock on that door, again! Margie answer in a flowing silk robe, half open, globes shiny, I could see down to her navel. We hugged and she turned and walked into the large living space, she turned to look at me, the robe flowed, I caught a glimpse of her pussy, she smiled. ‘I knew you’d be back.’

She slowly removed the robe and let it fall to the floor, her heavy breasts had a slight droop, huge dark areola, nipples, hard and pointed right at my crotch. Her entire body was hairless and silky smooth, tiny waist that accentuated full hips, her labia was wet and shiny, swollen in arousal. She wore no makeup and the blonde hair pulled back in tight ponytail, her age showed in tiny crows feet.

She came right over to me, got up on her tip toes, kissed me on the lips, settled back on flat foot, undid buttons on my shirt, kissed and licked my chest, hands rubbed my hips and ass. My cock trying to bust out of the boxers cage.

She moved down my torso with tongue, fingers, excitement, the touch on my bare skin, she teased, grinned, never touching my crotch, letting chin, tongue, cheeks and fingers sweep across the outline of my hardness, barely grazing. On her knees she buried her head in my abdomen, reached up, she played with hard nipples, I got goose bumps. Margie looked up, caught my eye, smiled devilishly, licked her lips. She pushed back, gently, slowly, teasing with soft touches in the right spot, she started to unbuckle, undo the button fly of my jeans.

Seductivly she pushed my jeans to the floor, one moment her hands on the back of my legs, rubbing my hard legs, then moving to the front, continuing to push the jeans slowly. I thought I’d cum before she got to my boxers, she could tell with a look.

The kisses on the inside of my thighs, the graze of her nose on the bottom of my balls, the exploration of my body with manicured hands.

After she had removed my jeans and flip flops she stood, got behind me, licked at my ears, neck and back. Reached around, rubbed my member still covered in black nylon, she pushed the head over the top of the boxes, teased the head between fingers, pulled the entire length out and stroked me to full height ‘I just knew you had a great cock.’

I stood frozen, awaiting instructions. They came ‘sit on the couch.’ I did! She got on her knees, played, stared, licked and teased. “Are you hot, Gavin?’

My voice barely audible, out came the whisper of ‘yes.’

Her mouth was warm and wet, she brought me to the edge of ejaculation, she’d back off, go slower, stop moving her hands, she’d lick my balls, tried to get all of my balls into her mouth without success. She could take my full length down her throat, I was amazed, never before had a woman done that!

Barry came around the corner naked, damp, messy wet hair. He watched, I caught his eye, he threw back his head and laughed loud. Rapidly getting hard, the large cock forming an arch. He pinched his nipples, licked his lips. Margie turned ‘two giant cocks make me happy.’

She stood and offered me her hand, led me to my feet, then to the ‘room.’ In the center a Tantra Chair in red leather, in one corner a swing, complete with foot holds and a strap seat. Shelves filled with toys of all kinds, some I recognized, guessed what some were for, others so strange in form and size I had no idea.

She led me to the chair, positioned me at the higher end, laid down with her head directly under my balls, I fed her my cock, I could see it go down her throat, her throat expanding inch by inch as she took the length. I could feel Barry’s presence behind me, he reached around and rubbed my crest, he kissed my neck, ran his hands through my hair and then he was gone.

He was on his knees at the other end of the couch, rubbing Janice’s feet, that made her moan, made my cock get a sensual buzzing. I looked down a her legs spread wide, her lapis wet, shiny and pulsating with blood in arousal. Barry lapped once, she shuttered, I was on the verge of climax. She slid my cock out of her mouth, rubbed it over her face, moaned as Barry clapped his mouth over her womanhood, I watched, completely turned on.

Within minutes she was shaking, panting, throwing her head from side-to-side. She grabbed my hands, pulled hard, came even harder. Barry didn’t let up and pusher her hard with his hands so she couldn’t move, I had a strong grip on her arms and she was stuck as Barry kept licking, sucking, lapping. She came twice more. I could see down as Barry raised his head, I couldn’t take my eyes off his huge erect cock.

Barry finally got to his feet, Margie pushed me away, she did a one-eighty, now her ass elevated, legs thrown back, her ass and pussy almost pointed straight up, completely exposed. ‘Fuck me, Gavin.’ I obliged.

Her vagina wet and slippery it tightened around me, I went deeper, she moaned. Barry played with both our bodies, when he turned, a flash from his ass, sparkly. She asked me to pull out and straddle her as she looked at my ass. Then she had Barry move to my old position and enter her ass. With both of us pistoning in and out she yelled ‘more’ harder’ ‘don’t you dare cum’ ‘yes, yes.’

Barry and I crest to chest, touching. He circled his hands around me, pulled me close and we went up and down in unison. Our heads side by side, my mouth in his ear, I licked his ear and he moaned. I could feel his sweat, hear his heart race, smell his musk. I pulled back my head, looked at Barry and went for it, locked in a full embrace, our tongues swirling, his diving deeper, trying to move up and down and keep our mouths locked, we were moving to hard now and we lost our embrace. ‘I have to cum.’

‘Come inside me.’

‘I’m ready, also’ Barry moaned and exploded, I could feel the power of his ejaculation. Margies vagina opened, a flood came out, the lubricant like silk on my cock. Barry was motionless his beast pulsating in her ass without moving, I circled my arms around him and moved up and down as hard and quickly as I could, he pulled out, grabbed his cock and rubber the tip over her gapping anus, this made her wild with the moans and yelling, I couldn’t last. I buried myself as deep as I could go and unloaded shot after shot.

My knees weak, I was shaky, Barry was on his knees, eyes just inches from my cock and Margies exposed bottom. I pulled slowly out, Barry grabbed my cock, looked at me, smiled and licked and sucked every last drop from my pulsating cock. He licked Margie, her ass, pussy and clit. I had to sit. I watched as Barry cleaned Margie, it appeared she continue to cum and when she did he licked with more passion.

Finally Barry fell forward into Margie and they slid down the chair locked arm in arm, sweaty, panting, filled with fulfilled lust. I knelt over them and rubbed Barry’s ass. It was shapely, firm and soft. Softer small hairs and sweat mingled between my fingers. He was shuttering under my touch. Margie broke the silence ‘boys I need to get up.’

The three of us stood there naked and shiny, Margie extended hands to us both, pulled us into a triangle, kissed Barry hard, I got movement down there. She turned to me and did the same, a hand worked my cock and balls, short nails it was Barry. Margie pulled away from my mouth, Barry and I stood inches apart, I glanced at Margie, she looked amazing in full lust and bedroom eyes. I went for it.

Barry and I making out, my hands rubbing his back, his one on my cock, pumping me hard, the other fingering my anus. Margie moved away, Barry pulled off, pushed me silently to a message table, pushed me gently until I was lying on the table, he got between my legs and started, licking, sucking. Swallowing that length, getting me hard. He accomplished his goal!

He stopped, came around, a leg up and over me and straddled me, his cock just inches from my chest, without a word he swallowed me, the whole thing, clamped on, I grew back to full length, he swirled his tongue on my mushroom head. When I looked down to my cock all I could see was his cock, he was soft, so long it rubbed my chest as he went up and down. I shifted until his snake was above my head, he never moved his hips, I had to go get it.

It tasted like sex, sticky, small drops around a cock, balls and anus, not a single hair. He was hard and started to fuck my mouth. I laid still, he would bring his hips up, down, my head flat on the table, he made me choke when he went too far, his cock huge, my mouth was sore, he was as big as a coke bottle. I had to push him up, I was out of breath. Margie’s pussy next to my head she rubbed my back, moved her hand to Barry’s balls, messaged, Barry got harder, I watched upside down as she fingered his ass pulled out the shiny object, inserted a finger, twisting and turning, in and out. Barry’s moans vibrating my cock gently.

I licked his balls and shaft, I couldn’t take his cock in my mouth, it was massive in girth, my mouth sore, the sight of Margie fingering him too good not to watch. Barry pulled my cock from his mouth ‘Margie I wanna get fucked.’

Margie pulled away, Barry stood, his balls drug across my face and chin as he did. I looked back and his cock was right there, hard but downward hanging, I realized the size and weight meant it didn’t stand straight up, it could only go to a forty-five degree angle. I grabbed the base and took as much as I could, it was easier to lick his shaft and balls, this seemed to be enough for him. I turned over and tried again to take all that cock in my mouth, my mouth strained and ached, I got about half before I started to choke. I pulled off and my saliva spilled down my cheek.

Margie’s hands came into view as she held her man, she pulled him away, led him back to the Tantra chair, he was laid with his ass in the air this time, doggy style. She had pink, padded, fluffy handcuffs, locked his feet into place tied to the legs of the chair, his ass stuck in the air, he could use his hands to push his head and upper body just off the chair.

She had a double headed dildo strapped to her, a smaller cock pushed into her a large cock extended straight out. She took her time rubbing his ass hole, her cock with lubricant. She smiled seductivly, entered him slowly, small strokes in and out until she could bury her whole cock into him, that made him yell in pain, ecstasy. She got into a rhythm, they both started moaning. I sat on the message table, stroking my member, watching in lust.

Without saying a word she motioned me to the chair, I sat in front of Barry, his hands on the floor he pushed his head off the chair, his mouth inches from my fully erect cock. He looked like any woman, his expression one of being filled, slight pain, making the act more erotic, he took me in his mouth, I was still astonished he could get the whole length in, keep it fully hidden in his mouth.

Margie was really digging her half of the dildo, head thrown back in ecstasy, hands on his hips, pounding his ass, she saw me looking at her, used her finger to beckon me to her. I moved away, Barry tried to hold me in his mouth, but he couldn’t move, I came out, walked around the chair, got behind Margie and played with her boobs.

‘Fuck my husband, please.’

I leaned into her ear, licked and said ‘yes, ma’am.’

She pulled out, the grey, shiny, fake cock, rubbed on mine when she turned around, we kissed, my cock rubbed on the fake one, I looked down, saw it was smaller than me, I was much thicker and slightly longer. She pushed me forward, got behind me, held my cock, swirled the tip on his gapped ass, locked her hands on my shoulders, with the dildo sliding down my leg she used her hips to bump me forward until entered him, he screamed. She jerked forward with her hips hard, pushing me into him harder, she stoped I kept going.

‘Turn him over.’

We did, reapplying the handcuffs, she produced two more sets and strapped his hands to other legs, this took a moment, I got a little softer, Barry laid like this, ass up, legs spread and pinned on the sides of the chair torso stretched, hands over his head unable to move.

Margie had me sit on the message table and she got on her knees, got me as erect as I have ever been. She pulled me to Barry’s ass, the poor guy had to just lay there squirming hoping to get fucked, begging with his hips. She moved my hips again, teasing his man pussy, she lubed up my cock and slowly forced me to enter him, pushing me all the way inside.

Barry’s fully hard cock started to jump around, small movements, clearly wanting attention. She left me, I started long strokes into Barry, moaning. Margie came around faced me and straddled him. She teased him, running her now fully engourged pussy over his lips, tongue, face and chin. It was wild watching from this angle, my cock moving slowly in and out, his twitching cock, swollen and red. Margies pussy, Barry desperately trying get her to sit still so he could lock on to her clit and labia.

Barry got what he wanted, Margie lowered herself onto his face, you could hear him struggling to breathe, she grabbed his cock with both slippery hands and rubbed slowly from base to tip. I was doing the same to his tight hole. She told me to go faster, I did, she told Barry to suck her clit, he did, she moved faster on his huge cock, from this angle and his arousal it looked a foot long. His urethra completely full of cum waiting to explode, she directed me to go hard, fast, she moaned, ground her pussy hard into his face, I pounded his ass, her hands chocked his cock, he was unable to move or speak, his body and moans said he was good, ready.

Margie pulled hard and the first shot of semen was a dribble, then a fountain, into the air flew load after load, one hit my chin as I watched, after four or five Margie bent down and swallowed the whole thing, Barry bucked and moaned, I had to stop moving or I would have fallen out, his movements restrained by the cuffs his body jerked wildly, trying to get off or out.

He stopped suddenly, I could feel him fall limp, she lifter her head, his limp penis fell to his stomach, Margie stood up, he was a mess and he couldn’t move. Margie must have cum hard on his face, puddles and wetness, under his nose and on his chin, his cum all over his body, sweat covered and now lying motionless, my cock still stuffed all the way in him.

‘Finish him off, Gavin’

I pumped hard, he was in pain or pleasure I wasn’t sure. Margie got on her knees, inches from my cock slamming into her tied up man, she encouraged me and talked to him as her slut ‘take that big dick’ ‘do you like your tight hole getting fucked’’ ‘he’s going to cum inside you.’

At this last command he started yelling ‘please, please.’

I pounded, soon ready to cum, I looked at Margie, she knew it was time. She moved to meet him face to face, she kissed him and told him to beg for my cum. He did! She kissed him roughly and when I started to cum, he got hard, I kept coming and pumping, his cock had one more load to deliver over his chest. I kept my pulsating cock inside him until I was drained, going limp. When I pulled out cum mixed the lubricant flowed out his ass, it trickled down his crack and then puddled where his ass met the chair.

Margie came to me, staring at his ass like me ‘that’s so sexy’ she purred. She took my hand led me to the kitchen, poured two beers in cold glasses, we clinked glasses.

‘Are you going to let him out?’

‘No, this is part were he feels like the slut he is, covered in cum, in a vulnerable position, exposed, he’s probably hard, wishing he could jack-off, we’ll drink a beer on the terrace and see him in twenty minutes.’

Twenty minutes later, beers finished she untied him, he was hard, he walked away proudly to go jack-off in the bedroom. Margie walked me to the front door. Naked, my clothes balled up under my arm, I walked into the hallway.

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