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Brookes Dice Game

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In college we had co-ed dorms and Brooke was on our guy/gal dorm floor. She was so free and open and made no secret that she loved to fuck whenever she could. Brooke was so sweet, so smart and so insatiable and she knew it. I had been told that all you had to do was ask for a blowjob and she would oblige you. You would think she would want to hide this nympho side of herself so as to not get a "reputation" but she didn't care and no one thought any less of her.

One evening a few guys said they were heading to her room to play "Brooke dice". It was my first time being invited so I was pleased to be invited. In the room there were 8 guys standing around laughing and waiting for Brooke to return. When she did she was as sexy as I had ever seen her. She was wearing an undersized V-Neck T-Shirt with no bra allowing her beautiful oversized nipples to show through. She had great cleavage too which helped to add to my hardness. A short leather skirt added to the slutty look that I am sure she was looking for. Even though she isn't the most beautiful gal on campus -- no one would have looked away from this gal that evening.

My buddy, who invited me, informed me there were several rules - any that were broken meant you would never be invited again. 1) Never EVER speak about what is done in that room, 2) you must follow the rules exactly as Brooke defines them, 3) You must be able to perform to her satisfaction. I just nodded as Brooke finally spoke and said "Lets go boys - strip!". In an instant everyone's pants and shirts were off and eight hard cocks were standing at attention. "Lets roll the dice". As each guy rolled his dice their rolls were met with ones of excitement or disappointment with laughing and joking along the way. I was last to roll and rolled a 4. They looked at me and down at my cock and smiled - "you lucky dog." Brooke just smiled.

"OK Boys, who had a 1? One of the guys stepped forward clearly disappointed. Brooke sat on her bed and he had his cock in his hand and started to jerk off standing in front of her. "Fuck man - I threw a one last time too" and the rest just laughed. Throwing a 1 meant you go solo but you do get to cum on Brooke's tits. She was gently teasing his balls, which I know he loved although it may not be part of the rules. I think she felt sorry for him. Within a couple of minutes he shot his cum with the first shot landing across her right shoulder and the rest falling to her cleavage. She pushed her tits together rubbing the cum between them.

"Ok - who rolled a 2?" Two guys had rolled two's and stepped forward. They lay back on the bed side by side and Brooke went down on one of the guys. Rolling twos, I was told, meant a twosome with Brooke as she gave you some amazing head. She was incredible, deep throating and massaging that cock until it came time for him to cum. She took her time too enjoying every minute moaning and groaning while she sucked his cock. When he blew his load she let it land on her face and rubbed his cock all over her lips. The other guys just moaned in excitement. To the second guy she turned. For him she laid on the bed sideways and had him stand next to her cock to her mouth. She told him to fuck her face like it was a pussy and don?t be gentle. His cock was less then average in size and thin so I knew he couldn't gag her even if he tried. "Damn" I thought, "and we are just getting started". I liked what rolling a 1 and 2 meant. "I wonder what a 4 is?"

I watched Brooke's face get fucked hard by her third cock so far of the night. Watching were the other guys pulling on their cocks to keep them engorged and stiff. I didn't need to jerk my cock as watching this gal's appetite kept me plenty hard. As I looked around at the different types of cocks I realized that my thick cock of seven plus inches stood up pretty well against them. I was brought back from my thoughts as the face fucking concluded with his hands pulling her head tighter on to his cock as he bucked and rocked. She laid on the bed and let him load her mouth with cum and then ooze out of the corner of her mouth. He stood panting a moment when she got up quickly and said. "Who rolled threes?"

One guy stepped forward but he needed a partner for the threesome so she picked the guy with a cock slightly larger than me. I learned she always decided what the threesome positions would be. This time she was begging for double vaginal penetration. The guy with the large cock sat on the side of the bed while Brooke slowly lowered her pussy on top of him. We all watched as his cock disappeared into her pussy. She moved her hips up and down so her pussy slowly swallowed and then exposed his cock for just a second before being lost again in her hole. I figured she was self lubricating as she motioned for cock number two to approach her. After lubing his cock with her mouth she laid back and allowed him to slide on top of the cock already deep in her pussy. She shuddered as the largest cock in the room joined with another to split her open. She begged for him to fuck her slowly at first and then harder as her pussy opened wider to accept both cocks at once. As I got a closer look I couldn't believe how easy her pussy could suck in both cocks. The guy standing rocked her back and forth with the guy under her yelling how much he loved the cocks sliding together. As he stood there fucking her he moved faster indicating he was getting ready to blow. "I am gonna cum" he screamed and he did, filling her pussy gasping as his load of cum filled her up. With the increased lube of cum the big cock finally blew his load inside her too. She gasped for a moment and finally whispered, "Nice, guys" as the one cock slipped out of her. She then climbed off the cock she had been sitting on, and the cum slowly dripped down her long legs.

"Next!" she said but I was too dazed to realize she had called my number. ?Hey, cabana boy did you have four?? And that was when I stepped forward, the others laughing at me. "Climb in", she said, but I looked perplexed not understanding what she wanted me to do. "You get my ass" she told me and proceeded to lube my cock with first her mouth and then K-Y. She got on all fours (thus why rolling a four gets you her ass), and pulled me behind saying -"fuck that ass of mine". My friend quickly told me, "this is how she cums - a fucking in her ass while she plays with her pussy. I got behind her and, just like her pussy that had no problem taking two large cocks, her ass just opened up and sucked in my cock. "I love thick cocks for my ass and damn I am glad you rolled a four". I fucked her ass for a very long time while she was on all fours -- or should I say all threes, because her right hand never stopped working her clit. I looked around and the other guys were working their cocks to get hard again if they had already cum or, getting ready for the roll of 5's. She kept telling me not to cum because she didn't want it to end. I kept going and when I told her I couldn?t hold out anymore and was about to cum she told me "don't or you are not coming back". The other guys laughed. They knew that she would go on forever. Four or five orgasms for her later I couldn't wait any longer and shot my load in her ass. I quickly apologized as my cock went limp but she just laughed telling me I lasted three times longer than the last guy. The other guys patted me on the back and ass telling me how good I had done. She then took some cleanser and while the other guys jerked off she cleaned me with her hands rubbing me until I became hard again. "Glad you are back - she smiled". "I did ok?" not wanting to disappoint. "Fuck yeah - best ass fucking I have had in years and better than any of these morons", all of them laughing hysterically.

"Ok - Time for 5's. Guy's choice." This should be interesting.

One of the last two guys stepped forward. He was so excited. Throwing a 5 gave him the choice of whatever he wanted. He knew just what he wanted. To fuck Brooke on her back while she sucked two other cocks. He picked two of his buddies and they got right to it. He was very thin but he had a huge head on top that seemed to be like a giant mushroom. When he placed his cock in her it seemed to open her wide and then her pussy wrapped around it. Two of the guys then moved to her face and she would lick them and rub her face while she jerked them too. "Cum boys, I want more cum". She seemed to be getting more intense with the fucking she was getting and started to shake. "You got her spot" one of the guys said. His mushroom head was rubbing her G-Spot perfectly and she was having waves of orgasms. The other two guys were getting their cocks sucked harder and harder as she seemed to be a woman possessed as she continued to react violently to her G-Spot being rubbed so nicely. When he went to cum - he pulled out of her pussy and shot his cum across her chest, with more landing on her tits and the rest eventually falling on top of her pussy. Her face fucking cocks pulled away then - neither ready to cum.

She relaxed a moment and now called for 6's. "Fuck" was all he said as the last guy came forward. "What do I want tonight?" she smirked, having fun at his expense. Rolling a six was ladies choice, my friend whispered to me -"remember rule number 1 - nothing that happens here can ever be spoken about outside these walls". I nodded that I understood. "On your knees" she told number six and he obliged. "Start sucking cocks". The guys lined up and started fucking his face one at a time. Even though he protested he seemed to relish having her tell him how to suck the cocks and listening to her every encouragement. One by one the cocks blew into his mouth or on his face depending on what Brooke told them to do. As low man on the list I would be last. He gagged and sucked and his mouth was really hurting after six cocks had blasted him with cum. He begged her to not do the last one, as I was too thick for his mouth. "Ok, get on all fours then" which he did reluctantly. She looked at me,? now fuck him like you did me". My cock reached a new level of hardness and with her help - she guided me into his ass. The other guys were spent each having cum at least twice tonight.

I fucked him as long as I had Brooke and by the end he was begging me not to stop too. He kept telling me how he loved his ass fucked, which turned me on even more. When I told him I was cumming he yelled "in my ass please - I beg you to cum in my ass!" I fucked him with three or four more good thrusts and then the warmth in my cock and balls sent a wave of cum deep into his ass.

"Dice Game is over guys" she said and we all got up - rather slowly mind you - to leave. As we left she kissed each one of us. She loved all this and she loved us for helping meet her needs as well as our own. I was last to step out the door and she pulled me back in. The guys looked back and waved to me as they walked away. "New guy gets to clean up" my buddy said to me.

She lay back one the bed driving my face to her pussy. "Eat my clit and pussy and don't cum up for air until I tell you." I loved smelling the cum from eight guys as I ate her. An hour later I crawled out of there unsure how many orgasms she had but excited about the next time we would meet Brooke again for Dice.

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