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Booth Discovery (pt 3)

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My naked wife lay in rapt attention in bed beside me. Recently fucked and entranced by the tale I was spinning about my first bi adventure in the adult boostore arcade booths. I thought she might be mad but the more I recounted the more interested she got and the more details she wanted. When I was finished telling her the whole tale she looked me straight in the eye and said “You have to do it again!” “What?” I balked. “No.” “Yes, you obviously enjoyed it judging by the fucking I just got!” “Oh no, I said that was all you babe. You know how I ache to make love to you while I’m away.” “That’s sweet.” She replied with a peck on my cheek. “But I know how you love getting blown. I’m sorry it just isn’t my thing. My jaw gets tired and I’m not really into the taste of cum.” “It’s quite alright, love. You make up for it in many other ways. I mean your pussy and tits are delicious and I love it when you let me take your ass.” “Ok, however, I want you to do it again then come back and tell me all about it as you fuck me silly.” With that she yanked the pillow from under my head and pulled it under her hips as she rolled onto her stomach. “Do you think you have another load left to drop in my ass? I’m still horny.” I sure did. The next morning I woke up late and found myself alone in bed. I could hear Pam downstairs walking across the house here and there, talking with the kids. I made my way downstairs and she greeted me with a kiss and a squeeze of my ass. She bent in close and whispered conspiratorially, “I’ve made a few inquiries on line and found a couple of adult bookstores in our area. If you’re lucky one of them may have some booths. Do you know that the hole through the wall is called a gloryhole?” She giggled. I stood shocked at the kitchen counter my morning coffee at mid pour. “What?” “You know, what we talked about last night. I found you some possible candidates. You should check them out?” “I don’t know Pam. There’s a world of difference between doing this out on the road where the possibility of running into someone I know is pretty slim compared to near my home.” “I’m not saying you have to do anything...yet! Besides both of these are in neighboring towns. I’m just saying check them out and see what they have to offer. Go in pretending you’re shopping for some movies or toys for us. Anyone you meet in there will be doing the same so how can they judge?” We went back and forth like this for a while until I finally relented. “Ok, next time I’m out and about I will check these places out.” “Perfect.” She said as she leaned in to kiss me and squeeze my crotch. “I’ve got a list of errands for you to run anyway.” I spent most of the day running errands and hauling stuff home. Later in the afternoon I found myself the next town over near one of the bookstores Pam had found on the web. She’s pretty crafty, I bet this was no accident. I worked up some courage while I staked out the place by driving past a couple of times. An unassuming brick and wood building with 4 cars and a truck in the parking lot. It didn’t advertise itself too loudly since it was between an industrial and a residential area. I’ve probably driven by this before 20 times and haven’t noticed it. I finally got the courage to stop in, pulling my car to the side of the lot. I walked into the place and was greeted by a short haired older woman in glasses, maybe mid-50s. I waved hi and made my way around the store. There were racks of dvds in the center of the space while the outer walls held shelving loaded with toys, lubes, and even some lingerie. It wasn’t a big enough space for me to wonder where the other entertainment options were. One side of the room had a sign that read “theater” over a dark curtained door and a sign on the opposite wall read “arcade.” I didn’t see anyone else in the store so I asked the clerk about the admission process. She told me it was my lucky day because on the weekend one fee covered both the theater and arcade admission for two hours. “Lucky me!” I paid my admission and she handed me a handful of tokens saying “Enjoy” with a twinkle in her eye. I walked to the back of the room and considered my options. Thinking I now knew what the arcade held in store I figured I’d see what the theater was about. Parting the curtain I entered a smallish room with a bright projection screen offering a brutal scene where a busty red headed woman was getting slapped on the ass by a thick fingered hand that left red handprints on her porcelain skin. Meanwhile another hand pulled her head back by the hair while a huge cock reamed her ass. I couldn’t see much else in the room so I held my ground until my eyes adjusted to the dim light of the rest of the room. I could now make out two rows of chairs facing the screen and one lone man occupying one of the seats. The more my eyes adjusted the more I observed a steady rhythmic rustle and slow arm movement coming from the area in his lap. “Ok” I thought to myself and turned to leave. As I did, I noticed that there was a short figure standing quietly in the shadows to my right. He stood there, hands on hips with an enormous half erect horse cock bowing out of his pants. I think I see him smile at me as I make my way out of the theater. I check the stack of coins in my hand and stride into the arcade. There’s a little more light in there and the layout seems familiar - wall with movie selection options, small red doors on numbered booths, the sound of various pre-recorded fucking sounds punctuating the space, and something else - the distinct sound of moans, groans, and someone gagging then slurping intermittently. I walked slowly around the place glancing at the tell tale flicker of light emminating from under the doors of occupied booths. The slap of flesh against flesh and muffled shuffling punctuated the space. I found a booth with the door ajar that didn’t seem occupied. I began walking in and “Whoa!” There in front of me was a tall naked 30 something woman bent at the waist, face to the wall. She was sucking a cock through the gloryhole while a rawboned man of about 50 furiously slammed his cock into her from behind. I quickly shut the door in embarassment and surprise. When I heard no change in the slapping rhythm nor the sound of the bolt being slid into place on the lock I slowly re-opened the door and took a peek. She was a voluptuous dirty blonde. A little thick in the middle with large pendulous breasts. Her long calved legs were accentuated by the high heels she wore. She seemed lost in concentration with the two rods invading opposite orifices. Both of her hands were up against the wall to steady herself from the pounding the old guy was giving her. Her huge tits swung freely, slapping against each other and brushing the wall in front of her. She would stop their swing with one hand now and then and pinch and pull her nipples hard with bright green polished nails. The old guy was totally absorbed in his pummeling while filming the action on his phone. I stared transfixed. Suddenly she detached from the old guy’s long thin rod and fell to her knees in time to take a massive load from gloryhole guy on her face and tits. Old guy kept filming, that broomstick cock dangling a stream of precum nearly to the floor while he crowed “Good job honey, that’s my girl. Who! Now rub that jizz into those big titties! Make em shine for daddy!” The woman obliged, rubbing that huge load all over her chest and then lifting each tit to her mouth to lick and suck it off. All the while staring into old guy’s phone and laughing gleefully. That’s when she noticed me peeking from the doorway and gave me a big wink and a smile. Caught! I slowly closed the door and walked in a trance around the room. From the booth adjacent to theirs a tall dark haired man in work clothes appeared suddenly and walked out of the arcade while adjusting his pants. The light in the booth he exited was still on, meaning there was still token time left. I quickly slid in and locked the door behind me. The scene on the screen showed a couple of women on their knees getting doused in cum from 20 or 30 men. They licked cum off each other’s face in long streams and swapped it in deep kisses. I dropped my tokens into the slot and punched the buttons looking for something to match my mood. I settled on a scene where a small dark haired Latin woman was being held aloft by a thick muscled and tattooed stud. He fucked her small pussy with a massive cock while standing. She was folded like a suitcase, with her arms around his neck, her torso and legs parallel to his chest, and her toes pointed to the sky above his head. He held her bent in half as he lifted and dropped her onto his engorged shaft. Each upward stroke stretched her taint as she barely accommodated his size. Little whimpers emanated from her pretty pink lips while her dark false lashes fluttered in ecstasy. I became suddenly aware of a sensation at my thigh. I looked down and a couple of green polished finger nails were reaching for my pants leg. I jump a little in surprise as a finger curled back in invitation through the hole. Big breast woman was looking for another semen bath. “Alrighty then.” I dropped my pants and aimed my limp pecker through the hole. In no time a warm mouth engulfed my member. “Ew wee” I thought to myself “Here we go.” the lips on the other end of the hole played with my foreskin. They gently pulled it away from me and then slipped a tongue between foreskin and glans, circling my cockhead. She stretched my foreskin back from my head with her lips and sucked on my swelling head. She blew across its wetness making me shiver before taking me deep in her hot mouth. Repeating the effect again and again. “I hope grandpa is getting a good shot of this.” I thought to myself. My cock at full mast now she began to fuck it with her mouth. Tonguing the underside and even tickling my ball sack with a long tongue right through the hole in the wall. She’d pull back to my head ring and then taking me all the way to the root, again and again. To delay the inevitable I was running errand lists and baseball scores through my mind but this lady’s technique was bringing me to the brink. I knock twice on the wall as a warning that I’m gonna blow and slam my hip bones into the wall. “Here it comes daddy!” I hear a female voice squeal from the other side of the wall as my first shot spurts out of my cock. “Catch it daddy. Suck it down daddy! Don’t you miss any of that sweet, sweet cum! Catch it!” “What the fuck?!” I whisper. Has the old guy been blowing me the whole time? I thought big titty woman was working her wonders on me? Too late to do anything but enjoy the ride. I finish blowing my load as the lips envelope my head one last time suckle me like a mother’s teet. He nurses the last few drops out from my deflating cock. I pull back a bit and look down. Sure enough - there’s stubble ‘round them lips! Ol gramps has skills! I start to pull back from the hole completely when I hear big titties say “Hey! Hey, Mister, do you have another in you? I sure do like that cock. Can I have some too? Please Mister?” I’m not sure what to say at this point but she continues. “Stick that cock through here and I’ll work you back up. Daddy says you can fuck me in the ass.” I stand there wondering what I’ve gotten into. The Latin woman on the screen is now in an acrobatic 69 with the muscled stud. His face is buried between her thighs criss crossed around his head and she is pushing stiff armed against his massive thighs while taking as much of that giant cock up her throat. “Mister?” Pink lipstick lips at the hole. She flutters her tongue salaciously through the hole. “Why not?” I drop my tokens into the slot and inch my shriveled cock through the gloryhole. Immediately a set of lips lovingly kiss and suck my dick until I start to regain an erection. At this point I don’t care who’s blowing me they’re doing a bang up job. The wall trembles and I hear her grunting. “Daddy” must be banging her from behind again. She builds me up until my cock stays firm and then her hand pulls me tight against the wall. The head of my cock is being slathered with something cool and slick. Now it is being rubbed up and down against an ass crack then !plop! I’m in! I hear big titties moan a low “owww” and “Daddy” says “Yeah! Take it Honey. You like that dick in your ass don’t ‘cha? I told you I’d find you one that would fit. Maybe we’ll work mine in next?” “Oh, no daddy, yours is much too big for this ass...oooh! Ah! Ouuuuch” It sounds like its her first time and she’s adjusting to my small yet thick six and half inches. I’m working her slow, but it feels like she’s pulling away. I decide to hold still, flattened against my side of the wall, cock stationary on her end, allowing her to take control of how much she wants to take. She picks up on the cue and works a little of my cock in at a time. “Oh, oh, ohs” and “Aaahs” coming from the other side of the wall. She builds to a steady rhythm back and forth. Taking a bit more with each backward thrust. The wall shakes as she pushes back hard against the hole burying my dick as far as it will go. She’s tight. She stands still allowing her ass to accommodate me. Her sphincter squeezes the base of my rod. I’m so excited my dick pulses uncontrollably and she squeals at the increase in size but her surprise also makes her sphincter squeeze me more which creates another pulse on my end. “Oh, Daddy!” She hisses. “It hurts so good Daddy!” She pulls off slowly and her ass clamp massages the rim of my cockhead as she nearly pulls off with every outward stroke. More cool slathering on my shaft. “Is that good girl? Is that what I told you it would be?” “Yes, Daddy! This is what I wanted. Oh Daddy that cock feels so good in my ass. I want to do this all the time. Give it to me Mister. Bang my hole, blow your warm load in my virgin ass!” Normally I would be gushing buckets by now but I’ve come so many times in the past 24 hours. My dick remains hard and I don’t think I’m anywhere near blowing now. I think of warm mouths, I think of my wife’s wet cunt, her tight ass, her thick nipples...the wall keeps shaking and Big Titties keeps on pounding. Suddenly there’s a knock at my door. “What the fuck?” I crane my neck towards the door. “Hey mister?” I hear Daddy say, “Trade me spots”. I pull away from that ass and the hole in the wall with an audible pop then squelchy fart. I pull up my pants and crack the door. “Say what?” “Yeah, trade me spots. These damn booths are too small for more than two. You go over there and finish off my Honey and I’ll feed her dick through that hole there.” “Um, well, ah well, ok.” I say as I quickly dash around the booth, head down but checking to see if there is anyone watching. Luckily there isn’t. I knock on Honey’s door and she opens it with a smile. “Hi Mister, come on in.” She whispers in a sweet girlish voice. I lock the door behind me, drop some tokens in the slot as she drops my pants around my ankles. “This is a sweet little pecker you got” she says looking up from where she’s kneeling. “Daddy sure enjoyed sucking this beauty. He’s a good cocksucker isn’t he? Taught me all I know he did.” I actually blush as she finishes the praise and deepthroats my cock in one gulp. She works me back up to full hardness then turns back to the hole in the wall while spreading her ass cheeks in my direction. I slide my cockhead up and down between, what I can now see are ring pierced labia, to lubricate my head as she blows Daddy through the wall. I place my cockhead at her sphincter and ease it in. She moan/squeals around a mouthful of Daddy’s cock as she pushes a little dilating her aperture enough to engulf my head crown. I hold still for a second so she can adjust but she’s having none of it now and pushes hard off the wall burying me deep in her ass in one deft movement. A small scream escapes her throat but she breathes deep and locks into a back and forth rhythm. Pushing off Daddy’s cock, burying mine, pulling off mine, deep throating Daddy, repeat. I reach around her and cradle those dangling tits. Her nipples are pierced too! She tells me to tug on them. I pull tentatively and she says “No, harder Mister! Pull those fuckers!” I’m conflicted, my wife’s nipples are so sensitive she doesn’t like more than a bit of pressure and tongue lapping. Here’s this woman wanting me to inflict pain on her. I reach in and give some gentle tugs while I pump her ass. She swats my hands away. “Like this!” She pulls her nipple by the stud through it and then pinches the tip. She repeats the motion and I leave her to it while I grip her hips and begin pumping in earnest. She begins twitching and shuddering in orgasm as I hear Daddy yell “Here it comes Honey!” In one swift move she pulls me out of her ass and pushes me into her cunt while she sucks down Daddy’s load. I continue to pump away at this sopping wet new hole as my load spurts into her pussy. I’m shuddering, she’s shaking, both our legs are wobbling as my cock plops out of her slick slit dragging a slimy load out onto the floor to land with a thick splat. I sit back on the bench as she stands before me - arms akimbo, backlit by the screen, cum dripping off her chin as she swipes up to catch and lick it off her fingers, heavy tits glistening, cum dripping off her labia piercings. She’s a vision of unbridled hedonism incarnate. She drops to her knees in front of me and cleans me up with her mouth placing a kiss directly on my pee hole. She pulls my pants up for me and whispers “Thanks Mister, that was fan-fucking-tastic. Just what I needed. That was the best birthday present ever. You own my ass cherry. Maybe next time, you can fill my ass with your cum?” “Next time?” I think to myself as I exit the booth. Round the corner comes Daddy, huge smile on his face, fly half down, eyes glazed. “Boy, you did real good in there. Real good. Thank you, you made my Honey’s birthday dream come true. You know if you ever wanna go at it again give us a call.” He hands me a slip of paper with a number on it, claps me on the shoulder, and walks away humming a tune. I head out to my car and the sun is beginning to set in the late afternoon sky. Pam’s going to wonder where I’m at. Boy, is she going to flip when she hears this tale. I don’t know if I have it in me to tell it tonight. I don’t know if I can go another round if it gets her all riled up. I stick the piece of paper in my wallet and head for home. I’ll have to check out the other spot on my next errand run. (To be continued in Booth Discovery pt. 4)

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