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Bi Time Surprise

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This story happened a few months ago in the fall of 2019, it is a true story and I'll recall the events to the best of my knowledge. I have a friend that I have had frequent sexual encounters with in the past, he will text me or I him, when either of us are horny and looking to get our bi sides going again. It usually starts out with him asking what I want to do to him, he likes to be told what to do, we banter around with a few fantasies via text but when we actually meet up, it normally ends up that we just suck each other off, maybe a little finger in the ass play, but nothing past that up to now. So as I said before, he texted me and asked if I could come over that day, I said I was free for a few hours and told him I could as soon as I got out of the shower, well that led to texting back and forth for about 15 minutes about how hard our dicks were and what I wanted to do with him when I got to his house. So I took the opportunity to come up with a scenario that might take us to the next level of anal play, I instructed him to be completely naked, with a butt plug in his ass, his ass in the air, and wait for my arrival. he said ok and reminded me to lock the door behind me after I got there, he would often get friends that would just stop by and come right in, so if the door was locked they would just think he was not home and out with his girlfriend, and move along. So I pulled up to the house and rushed in with great anticipation, stopped to turn around to lock the door, stripped down naked, at this point my cock was so erect, it actually was hurting a little. I left all of my clothes at the bottom of the steps and went upstairs to the room where we have played before, but he wasn't in there, I went down the hallway to the only other room upstairs, besides the bathroom that is, the door was open just far enough to see him on the bed with his ass in the air just as I had instructed, but then as I entered the room I noticed that he had a ball gag in his mouth, was blindfolded, and he was bound to the bed frame. I thought how is this possible (the blindfold and the gag I understand) but how did he manage to tie himself up, as I approached him I could see he also had a jeweled butt plug in his ass, and I know it was a butt plug that belonged to his girlfriend, but at this point i was so horny, the only thing i could focus on was his naked ass in the air for me to do as i pleased. I walked up to him and said with some surprise "very nice, I'm glad you did as I instructed and then some " he just murmured a yes sir as best he could with the ball gag hampering his response. I reached between his legs for his beautiful large cock and balls as they just dangled there in all their glory, as I gently began to caress his man hood with my right hand, I placed my left hand over the small of his back and with my thumb leading the way I slid it down his crack until I was able to tap on the jewel of the butt plug, this got his attention, because he moaned with delight as I pushed on it just slightly. I began to stroke his dick and asked him if he wanted me to stop. His response was no sir, so I told him right then and there " I'm going to fuck you today, there's nothing you can do to stop it, are you ready for my cock?" He said yes sir. I then grasped the jewel end of the plug and began to move it in and out a little bit at a time, trying to loosen up his sphincter to allow me to enter him with my cock. The plug was fairly long but not very wide, it was a standard plug for beginners just starting out in anal play. I looked over at the night stand and seen that the lube he used was there as well as a small glass dildo, I thought to myself that will help, I grabbed it and liberally lubricated it, pulled the plug slowly out of his ass and began to insert the glass dildo in, it was a smooth shaft (no ribs or waves to it) but it was definitely larger in diameter than the plug. He moaned with a bit of distress in his tone, but I told him "I will go slow." During the change of hardware I had neglected the attention I had started with his dick, he started to go soft, so as I slowly began working the dildo in and out with my left hand, I again stroked him to a nice erection with my right. I said "yes, that's nice, get hard for me, do you want to cum?" He said yes sir, yes sir. I told him "you will after I fuck you, are you ready for my cock? " he just answered yes, yes, I said "yes what?" His response, sir. My cock was still as hard as it has been for a long time, I pulled out the dildo, placed it on the stand and grabbed the lube bottle, as I squeezed it out onto his asshole I made sure to run my cock up and down his crack to allow things to go easier. I always put on a condom when I fucked anyone, other than my wife, that stands for female or males, but this was a friend I knew and sucked for years now, so I just went to town and placed the tip of my cock on his hole and said "here it comes " he just moaned as I pushed it in and my tip penetrated him. I asked "do yo like that? You want some more? " he just moaned, so I pushed it in a little more and began to go further and further in until I couldn't go anymore, I began to increase the rhythm as his moans did the same, it felt so good fucking his tight hole that it wasn't going to be long before I was over the top, so I pulled my cock out of him to give it a chance to recover, I just let it hang there right along with his dick, so I reached around and played with his again soft dick, until I had him close to orgasm and stopped to pull on myself, so I could re-enter his ass, a few more pulls on my balls and I was ready to go again. This time I just rammed it in, no slow motion, and started beating my balls in his ass full motion from the start, I felt I could pump him this way for awhile, but I was wrong, before I knew it I was cumming deep inside of him, I kept going as long as I could, until my dick softened up and fell out of him. My cum was oozing out immediately and it began to run down his balls and cock, so I grabbed him and rubbed my cum in as I stroked his hard dick. I asked him if he enjoyed getting fucked in the ass, before he got a chance to respond, I heard a voice behind me say "I don't know about him, but I loved the fuck out of watching you fuck him" I turned around to see his girlfriend sitting in a chair in the corner, stark naked and rubbing her clit like it was on fire. Now I know how he was bound up the way he was. Krista is a very pretty girl, with shoulder length black hair, perky little tits, and now that I was staring right at her taking care of her self, I could see she had a clean shaven pussy. She stopped what she was doing and stood up to walk over to us, reached out and grabbed both of our dicks, tugged on them a little, and then said "I want to see you suck him until he cums" I said "as you wish" so I positioned myself underneath him in a sixty nine position and quickly began to suck and stroke his cock, some of my own cum was still on his dick, but I just took all of him and my cum in, I could clearly see Krista standing right there running her fingers up and down her clit as she watched me suck her man. She excitedly said "yes, that's nice, make him cum, make him cum in your mouth" and asked him if he was ready to cum for her. He still had the ball gag in his mouth and was moaning his answer. Krista then got up right behind him to reach over us and remove the gag from him, as she did her pussy was inches away from my face, I swear I could smell her aroma from all the juices she was producing by fingering herself. I took a chance and reached out to touch her soaked cunt, when my hand brushed her inner thigh it took her by surprise, but then she took a step to the side with one foot to spread open her legs just enough for me to reach up and start sliding my fingers over her drenched clit, she started moaning and told Chris "start sucking his cock babe, I know that you want him in your mouth " he did as she instructed, and this must have excited him so much that I could tell he was about to fill my mouth full of his cum, then he started bucking his hips and cried out he was going to cum. Krista got down on her knees so she could watch it all, he let loose and blew his load and filled my mouth so much that cum oozed out of the corners of my lips. She said "yes that's it, let me see his cum in your mouth " so I pulled his dick out of my mouth and opened wide for her to see it, she got right up to me and started to kiss me, so I transferred his cum into her mouth as much as I could, it was getting all over, but she sucked it up off my face, and said " swallow the rest " I didn't have a problem with that and did as she asked. Then she went around to face Chris, pushing him back off my dick, then she slid on top of me and inserted my throbbing cock into her soaked pussy ridding me for him to watch, after about 30 seconds or so she grabbed the base of my cock, pulling it out of herself and told Chris "suck his cock, clean my juices off of it" he again did as she instructed, then placed me back into her drenched cunt, and began humping me like there was no tomorrow. I warned that I was about to cum, but she didn't stop, instead she started crying out "give me your load, cum deep inside of me " that wasn't going to be a problem, I started cumming before she finished telling me to, it was so intense I know I was loud when I let loose that everyone in the neighborhood probably heard me. She just kept riding me as she orgasumed as well. When my dick fell out of her she told Chris to get in there and clean her drenched clit and pussy of all the cum he could. When he was slurping up my cum from her pussy, she then told him to save some for me, so he stopped what he was doing to let me have a go at cleaning her up but she said "what are you doing, I didn't tell you to stop, put his cum in your mouth and give him sum." I never really had a desire to kiss another guy, it just wasn't a turn on for me, but her telling him what to do was a turn on and I wanted to let her direct us to do as she instructed, and I must admit I was curious as hell to have him swap my own cum in my mouth. When he approached me with a smile on his face and cum dribbling down his chin, I went right in and licked it off his chin before it dripped off, he then opened his lips for me to see cum puddled on his tongue, we french kissed and I took as much of my cum from him as I could. I must say that it turned me on, my dick was even trying to get hard again. Krista was very vocal about what she was seeing and just kept saying "yeah that's good, do you like that boy's " we both mumbled yes as we kept frenching. I have been back to play with him many times since that day and we both still talk about it with great delight, Krista has yet to join in with us again, but he said she was very turned on by that day and talks to him about what she's going to do with us next time. I can't wait.

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