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Bi, cuck, or friend

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Hi, I'm Greg. The year was 1985. My beautiful wife Shelly and I had been married for 10 years. Two children, Hard job in construction and we had a very devoted relationship. Along about this time we discovered nose candy. It was all the rage at the time and we really enjoyed it. It truly helped our sexual relationship. We were never too tired for sex any more and soon we discovered that we enjoyed it during sex. She decided to snort some off my cock one day and Even though I was very hard It made me somewhat numb and we found we could fuck for hours. Then she would get numb and we could go even longer. One night quite by accident we were going at it pretty good when she screamed for me to fuck her in the ass.I numbed her up with my tongue and a little coke and fucked her good. Our orgasms were tremendous and we sometimes broke furniture during our lovemaking sessions. I'm not exaggerating here. We fantasized a lot about having others join us but didn't much believe it would ever happen. This was about the time we met Brian and Ellen. They were introduced by a mutual friend that worked with Ellen. We hit it off and got together for a dinner one night and I discovered that my beautiful wife had told Ellen about our Sexcapades. Bryan brought it up and said he had heard it lowered inhibitions as well as increasing the orgasm strength, we assured them it did exactly that. Then, one thing led to another and soon we were doing lines off the girls tits and they ended up doing lines off our cocks. Ellen leaned over and started kissing my wife and Brian looked at me as if to ask permission to help the girls out, I nodded approval and he leaned in and started sucking Shelly's nipples, first one then the other. I spread her legs and removed her panties then began licking her clit. She started coming immediately with a tongue in her mouth, Brian sucking her tits and me munching on her pussy lapping upl her nectar. Then Brian Rolled her over and started sliding his cock in her from behind, his cock was longer and thicker than mine and it was a rush to see her fucking this huge cock. Ellen pulled my face into her sopping cunt and I buried my mouth in her and lapped at her pussy until she started screaming for me to fuck her good, fuck her now! I crawled up and started fucking her hot little box and Listened as Shelly came on Brian's cock for probably the forth time. He came along with her that time and his come was dribbling out around his cock as he pulled out spent. I don't know why but I couldn't help myself, I leaned over and started sucking her very sloppy pussy. She was stretched wide, her tender lips bruised but she tasted delicious, His salty earthy tasting cum mixed with her sweet nectar was overwhelming and I came in Ellen as I sucked her clean. After Shelly was clean, I turned Ellen over and cleaned my jizz out of her pussy. I had discovered a new kinky side of myself. A while later, after showering and resting up over drinks and more nose candy, Shelly said she wanted Brian to fuck her doggy style and wanted me to be in a sixty nine with her while he did. I laid down on my back and pulled her tender lips down to mine and began sucking and licking her to prepare her for him. He knelt over my face with that big cock right over my mouth nose, eyes and forehead. I sucked in the head of his cock and he really seemed to enjoy it. I licked the underside of his shaft and helped him slide his beautiful cock into my wifes pussy. I would kiss his balls and lick along the shaft as he pulled back to let me lick the underside of his big head. Shelly was sucking my cock and I felt Ellen start sucking my balls and licking down to my asshole. I was in heaven. Then Shelly started coming, I started coming and Brian started coming and I was licking and sucking both their juices trying not to drown and loving every minute of it. Brian pulled out and Let me suck the jizz off his beautiful cock, Shelly let her well fucked pussy drain into my mouth as i kept lapping her pussy and Ellen pushed her off me and started riding my cock like she would never see another one. We all came several times more that weekend and many weekends after. One night the girls had taken our kids to a school play and Brian asked if I would mind giving him a blow job, since i had been sucking pussy juice off of it for months now I didnt hesitate, I quickly undressed myself then pulled off his shirt and released his belt, Unzipped his jeans and helped him slide his pants down and off. I opened my mouth and licked that big beautiful cock all along the underside and took about half the length into my mouth and my gag reflex kicked in, I didnt want to stop, I leaned back and asked if I could practice deep throating his cock. He smiled and said he couldn't think of a better way to pass the evening than have me learn to suck his cock. It didn't take long for me to overcome my gag reflex and soon I was swallowing his cock all the way to his pubes. After I Started rocking the entire length while stroking his balls and sticking a finger in his ass it didnt take long for him to explode, His come went down my throat, filling my mouth and out on my chest. It was delightfully perverse. I sucked him until he was soft and clean. Then as I stood up, he grabbed my cock and dropped to his knees and took me in his mouth. He rolled his tongue around my cock and pulled my foreskin back lapping at the head of my cock then opened wide and started rocking his mouth back and forth on my shaft , just as I was about to come he stuck his finger up my ass and massaged my prostate. I came like never before. He swallowed every drop and sucked me until I was limp. I looked at him and he said, turn over I want to fuck you. Panic struck but I turned over immediately and raised my virgin ass to him. He went down and started tonguing my asshole stretching and probing with his tongue. It was wonderful I came again. My cock was harder than ever before. He took his time sliding the head in slowly, the pain was terrible but he persisted and I wanted his cock in me. He kept working and stopping, working and stopping until I could feel his balls resting against the underside of mine. He started pulling back out and I felt totally empty, I wanted to be full of his cock. I pushed back and we got in a rythym and he for ever more gave this man the fucking of his life. I must have come ten times without my cock ever being touched just having my ass reamed and his balls slapping the undersinde of mine. We cleaned up and showered before our wives came home. We didn't tell them what we had been up to. The next weekend the kids were away with family and we got together for a cook out. Steaks, some good liquor, some nose candy and two very horny women. The girls prepared the trimmings while we prepared the steaks. After eating a wonderful meal I put on some music and cuddled up next to Ellen while Brian setteled in next to Shelly. I had Ellen naked in just a few miinutes and she begged me to suck her pussy, she said I make her cum so hard by doing what I do with my mouth. So I sucked her labia into my mouth and started twirling my tongue around those extremely long lips. She came and came and came. I glanced over and Brian was fucking Shelly doggy style until she came. The girls decided we should calm down for a minute and got up to get us some drinks, Brian sat up and had precome dripping off his cock and not wanting to waste it I leaned over and started licking it off. He got harder and grabbed my head with his hands, I opened my mouth and slowly started going down on his shaft all the way to the base and the girls came in about then. Shelly let out a squeal of delight and Ellen came over and started sucking Brians balls while I deep throated his cock. Shelly got between Ellen and I and started sucking my cock. When Brian unloaded in my mouth I swallowed most of it while I shot my load into Shellys mouth. After Brian was spent, I let him fall from my lips and Ellen kissed me and told me how hot that was. Then Shelly came up and shared a three way kiss with us sharing mine and Brians come. Brian pulled me up and kissed me and the girls were going crazy. Shelly said that was so fucking hot I never thought two guys going at it would turn me on like it does. I reached over to her and pulled her over to share a kiss with Brian and I and Ellen came in to makke it a four way kiss. It was truly hot. We were getting aroused again when Ellen asked if Brian would suck my cock. He looked over at me and asked if it would be ok? I replied, CERTAINLY! He leaned over and started licking me and sucking me into his mouth and told me to get on my knees. I knelt over his face and started rocking my hips back and forth with him sucking my cock then licking the underside and sucking my balls. The girls were playing with their clits and nipples and watching as Brian started liicking my asshole and stuck his tongue in my ass. I said fuck me, fuck me and he got behind me, lubed me up and fucked me like the whore I was for him. He was fucking me, Ellen hopped under me and started sucking my cock and Shelly got in front of me and started humping my mouth. DAMN I'm coming again.

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