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Beyond My Imagination

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The story I’m about to share is amazing in many respects. My wife (Amanda) and I have been married for 41 years and have been retired for 8 years now. Both of us worked in the public eye, as educators, for our entire careers. We’ve been very careful with our social life. A OWI charge or some other episode wouldn’t play well in the jury of public perceptions.

My wife has aged well. She was a physical education instructor for 33 years and always kept in shape. Three children have changed her body a little but she works at staying fit. I played softball for 30 years after being a college athlete in basketball and baseball. I’ve continued to be conscientious about my body throughout my life as well.

She is 5’6” and her 34C size has changed to 36D thanks to those three kids. She has a nice curvy frame and is still sexy as hell, especially for our age. She takes time to take care of herself, both physically and in her appearance. She is always dressed to kill! I’m 6’2” and 215 pounds so am about 15 pounds more than I should be but still above average! I’m average sized, probably small compared to what I read on here, at 6”. We’re both traditional in that we don’t shave our pubic areas. Amanda keeps it neatly trimmed.

Another detail about us is that I’ve been interested in exploring new ventures and she is ultra conservative. We have a very traditional sex life. We both like to please orally but never anything anal. She thinks that is gross. She is 110% straight and has stated many times she can’t believe in and even is somewhat opposed to girl/girl or guy/guy things. I’ve been bi-curious but have never mentioned that since she is so clearly straight.

We were able to book an all-inclusive resort for four nights at the Grand Palladium in Jamaica this past spring. We’ve never been to an all-inclusive as we’ve preferred cruising. We’ve been on five Caribbean cruises and one to Alaska. We’ve also been to Hawaii three times and love the islands. So with this being our first all-inclusive we were pretty excited. We looked forward to the food and drinks although we aren’t heavy drinkers.

The first day was uneventful. We checked in and then went to the pool for awhile. It was pretty busy and there were couples of all ages. We didn’t seem to stand out one way or another which was comforting. Amanda looked good in her two-piece suit. Although a pretty conservative suit, her attractive body was still on display. The 36D’s are pretty hard to hide in that type of attire! We went to the lounge after dinner and had a couple of drinks and then retired to bedtime “gymnastics”, which was great!

After breakfast we decided to hang out at the pool and get some sun. I have to admit it was hard to keep myself under control as I watched all the young ladies enjoying the sun. Also, as I applied sun tan lotion on my wife I realized that I was a pretty lucky man. For 41 years, and the three years we dated in college, I was able to enjoy a wonderful lady.

Amanda untied the straps of her two piece and allowed me to finish applying the sun screen on her back. She left the straps untied, found a chair and her book, and settled in for a lazy afternoon. After about an hour or so we decided to go for a swim. We both enjoyed the swim up bar. A younger guy, probably late 20’s or early 30’s, was there with his wife Julie. His name was Matt and, to our surprise, were from our home state of Iowa.

We chatted for some time and had several drinks. They were a lot of fun and we shared stories of where we lived and our recent trips and cruises. Matt and Julie shared some of their trips and mentioned they had gone to Desires in Cancun. Of course, we have no experience with clothing optional resorts or nude beaches. Matt described their experience at the resort and I closely watched for Amanda’s reaction.

I’ve suggested we go to a nude beach or resort and was always met with a quick, “No, we are too old for that type of lifestyle now,” Even though I explained a good percent of people there are older like us she wasn’t very interested. What was interesting was how attentive she was to these stories. She was constantly smiling and offering an occasional, “Wow” to the stories. It wasn’t so much the craziness of their story because there didn’t seem to be anything kinky. It was just their ease of being nude and chatting with other people like nothing was up.

We decided to go back up for the deck and Matt and Julie asked if we wanted to join them for dinner and drinks and rehash some more Iowa experiences. We agreed and went our own way for the afternoon. We did a few resort activities and then went inside to relax. After a shower we were ready to head out for the evening.

Amanda dressed in a sun dress that showed her assets pretty well. I was kind of surprised because she is so damn conservative. It must have been that we were a thousand miles from home and no one we knew would be around. Old habits are hard to get rid of. My attitude was “who gives a rip” but Amana was always guarded.

We met Matt and Julia at the agreed time and had a nice dinner. We moved on to the entertainment and drinks. We were both up dancing and having a good time. A slow dance was the next song and Matt asked if he could cut in. I said sure but only if I can dance with your pretty wife. I was kind of surprised that Julie pressed closely to me and Matt and Amanda certainly weren’t at arm’s length either.

Matt and I headed to the restroom together. He mentioned that he enjoyed dancing with Amanda and I the same. Not much else was discussed. Julie and Amanda headed off to the restroom next and Matt and I talked small talk and ordered another round of drinks. Julie and Amanda came back laughing and giggling so it was apparent they enjoyed each other’s company.

The night ended uneventful and we each went back to our rooms. Before we left we decided to meet again the next day at the pool. Amanda and I talked for awhile about the evening. She said that Julie talked more about the Desire Resort when they went to the restroom together and were alone. She asked why we hadn’t tried that type of scene. Amanda said the typical line that we are too old. Julie said, “You don’t give yourself enough credit.” She said I’d be a “head turner” at a nude resort and complimented me on my body. Our conversation continued about that type of a resort and our new friends. We started to play around in bed and Amanda was extremely wet. My head started to spin with thoughts of her and I letting loose of a few of our inhibitions. However, reality said I was probably dreaming.

We went to the pool late in the morning and found Matt and Julie on the deck. We, once again, lathered up for a nice day in the sun. Julie had a very skimpy two-piece on and her body looked stunning. I was afraid my growing bulge was going to give me away. We had a number of drinks and decided to hit the pool again. We made numerous trips to the swim up bar.

I mentioned that we are social drinkers. Amanda had at least five margaritas and appeared to be feeling it. She does tend to let her guard down a little when she has too much and she was likely there. The four of us started a little “horseplay” in the water. Matt dove underwater and came up behind Amanda. He grabbed her around the waist and lifted her out of the water. Amanda screamed but it wasn’t a scream of fear. His arms likely got a feel of Amanda’s breasts

We were all laughing and enjoying the water. The horseplay had some touching involved but it all appeared to be innocent and inadvertent. Julie’s leg would often brush up against mine but I assumed it to be accidental.

It was brutally hot and Matt and Julie asked if we wanted to join them in their room to get out of the heat. Before I could answer Amanda answer, “Sure!” We had pretty much dried off and we just headed up to their room.

We arrive in their room and Julie went to the restroom. She came back out wearing a white T-shirt and gym shorts. Matt disappeared for a short time and came out dressed in a similar fashion. They served another round of margaritas and we continued with our conversation. Julie’s perky nipples would protrude through her t-shirt. I couldn’t miss how nice they looked and I was starting to get hard.

When I stood up to head to the restroom Julie’s eyes met mine. She noticed my bulge and smiled and winked. I looked down and back to her and returned the smile. When I returned from the restroom Matt had joined Amanda on the couch. Julie was on one of the bar stools by the island/bar and I sat by her. Amanda spoke up and said she wanted to hear more about how this resort compared to the Desire Resort.

Matt said, “Amanda it’s much like this resort.” “The food, drinks, and entertainment are the similar.” “The only difference is that people run around without any clothes on for part of the day.” Amanda said, “I guess that leaves old farts like us out!” “No one would care to look at us!” Julie said, “Stop right there Amanda, you two look great and would fit right in.” Matt added, “I’m looking at you and you are “eye candy” Amanda!” Amanda giggled while blushing, and said, “Now you’re propping up an old gal’s self esteem!” Matt then chimed in, “If you walked by nude it would sure turn my head!”

Well it was time for me to process all this. Where in the hell is this headed? Amanda was a couple drinks beyond her sanity level for sure. She was really enjoying this conversation. I observed Matt and Julie smiling at each other. To break the silence, I added, “You two have given us food for thought!” “Maybe I’ll get Amanda to one of those places before we die!” Julie chimed in smiling, “From what I’ve seen, and to be fair I haven’t it all, you’d be one of the knockouts at Desire.” Matt added. “Damn right she would.”

I’m not sure if all this sudden praise and compliments had an effect but Amanda said, “You haven’t seen it all?” “Would you like to?” I sat there in utter disbelief and Matt said looking at me, “Damn right if you don’t care.” I shrugged my shoulders and nodded my head saying, “If it feels right go for it Amanda”

Amanda took another swallow of her drink and untied the straps to her bikini top. She pulled the strings down and cupped her breasts with her hands. Then she pulled the top off and dropped it on the floor. She said, “I guess I don’t need this if you’re going to give me a full impression of how I’d fit in.” I was stunned and Mike eyes widened as he focused on my wife’s beautiful breasts. Julie then followed by removing her t-shirt to reveal her assets.

Matt looked at me with that questioning look. I nodded, shrugged my shoulders, and gave him the both thumbs up. He put his arm around Amanda and immediately fondled her breasts with the other hand. Amanda responded with a little whimper and soon they were making out. Julie swung the bar stool around to face me. She placed her hands on both legs, just above my trunks and let her hand climb all the way to my hardening shaft. She used the index fingers from each hand to stroke up and down my cock.

I removed my shirt and as I was doing that Julie removed her gym shorts and was now naked in front of me. She tugged at the strings of my suit and I obliged by pulling them down. Now both of use were totally naked and she jumped on my lap and passionately kissed me. I glanced at Amanda and her bottoms were off and Matt was kneeling between her legs tasting my wife’s pussy.

Julie grabbed my hand and led me to the bedroom. Matt and Amanda joined us in a few minutes. It was amazing to be fucking Julie, and right next to us at an arm’s length away, Matt was pounding Amanda. I heard Amanda moaning and seemed to be really in it. Matt was a little bigger than me and, of course, younger. I’m sure he could have gone on all afternoon and by Amanda’s reaction she would be just fine with that. The action slowed for a minute and we laid back. Julie moved over to Amanda and said, “I can’t believe you’d think you wouldn’t fit in at a nude resort.” She started to play with Amanda’s tits and I watched with interest.

I wasn’t at all sure how this would go over but Amanda just relaxed and let her go. Julie then rubbed Amanda’s clit and moved down between her legs. She ran her fingers through Amanda’s bush and then used her tongue to stimulate her swollen clit. I moved to get a better look. Amanda was arching her pelvis to meet her tongue.

Mike got up on his knees to see as well. His hard cock was no more than a foot from my face. I looked up and Mike looked at me and raised his eyebrows. I thought what the hell. I slid a little more and took his cock in my mouth. I could taste his cum along with my wife’s juices. He had obviously shot his load in my wife.

Amanda was having another huge orgasm brought on by Julie eating and fingering her and I have a hard, thick cock in my mouth. We carried on for a while longer and then matched up with the right partners. I was the only one that had not got off. I entered my wife’s soaked pussy wet from a stranger’s cum, another stranger’s saliva, and her own juices. Amanda pumped against me like never before. She has a way of contracting her vagina that literally makes it impossible not to cum. That technique literally milks the cum from me. She was now yelling for me to fuck her and I let a full load shoot deep inside.

The four of us played and fucked for awhile longer, often switching partners, and then went out for a final, departing drink. It was amazing to have all four of us sitting around naked and talking. We got dressed and hugged each other and exchanged phone numbers and addresses before going back to our room.

I have to admit I had fantasies about this very thing but this went far beyond my wildest imagination. Amanda is ready to go on our next adventure and so am I!

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