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Be Careful What You Ask Far

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Be Careful What You Ask For.

My wife and I recently celebrated our 22nd anniversary by renting a small house in the beautiful town of Sedona Arizona. I had been looking forward to this much needed vacation. I was planning on seducing my bride in every way imaginable. Less than 1 hour after unpacking I had my 7 inch cock in her sweet cunt for the first of many expected encounters in the coming week. My wife Kate is a very sexy lady. 44 years old with a 34D-23-35 figure she still turns men?s heads and eyes when she goes around braless, which I encourage. I have been trying to get my wife to loosen up sexually for the past few years. I have even tried to have another guy try to seduce her on more than one occasion. She likes to go dancing, and on a few of these outings I have told a few good looking guys to dance with her and to try advances on her. If she has a few drinks in her she really loosens up and becomes very horny. If I get her in one of these moods she can?t wait to get back to our house or room ad screw my brains out. I usually bring up all the cock she was teasing that night on the dance floor. This sends her to very vocal and wild orgasms. The next day when I bring up the topic of her dancing and flirting with other men she always claims that all she was doing was dancing and that none of the guys she danced with even noticed her.

On our second day she found the hot tub on the back patio. I had gone to the store to get supplies and when I returned I saw the next door neighbor stroking his cock thru his jeans. He was looking in our yard. I snuck in the house and went out to the patio only to see my wife playing with her clit and her beautiful tits swaying above the water. I knew what the neighbor was watching. I stripped down and climbed in. I saw him he did not see me. I wasted no time in getting my wife to sit on, my cock as I bounced her body out of the water and directed her tits to when our voyeur neighbor was watching. The fact we were in hot water and were being watch gave me the best erection in years. I fucked my wife in at least 10 positions for over an hour with her thrashing her body towards the neighbor. I don?t know for sure if she saw him, but I like to think she was putting on a show for our voyeur. Later that day I went over to the side yard and introduced my self to him and found out his name was Troy and he lived alone and was a house builder in between houses. He said he made cabinets during his spare time. He was about in his mid 30?s over 6? and a very lean physique. I caught my wife staring at his smooth chest. I?m 5?7? and 165 with a small belly. I made dinner the second day and when I had finished I went looking for my wife and I found her on the front porch looking at our neighbor as he was cutting wood in only jeans. Sweat was all over his body and I could tell she had been enjoying the sights. After dinner we were on the front porch having a drink when Troy was finishing up his woodworking and putting his tools away. I called out to him so I could introduce him to my wife properly. I got him a beer and her margarita to loosen her up. After 2 more margaritas and a few beers for us my wife said she wanted to call it a night and left us two on the porch. We finished our beers and I said goodnight to Troy and went inside to find my wife. I found her naked in the hot tub. I wasted no time in joining her and putting my wood to her for another 30 minutes in at least 6-8 different positions and making sure Troy heard and was watching as I propped her up and fucked her so hard that her body was constantly flailing out of the water. I could see Troy stroking his cock (It looked big from 20 yards) as he watched us fuck. She had another water splashing orgasm as I emptied a huge load if cunt in her body for the third time today.

The next morning I invited Troy over to watch a baseball game while Kate was sunbathing out back. She had taken her top off and was sunning for an hour when she walked in with only her bottoms on, she came into the living room and when she spotted Troy, she realized her top was off. I thought she took a little longer than expected before she put her hands over her big naked tits. I know Troy liked what he saw as he was adjusting his jeans as he tried not to stare. After Troy left she came out naked and jumped my cock and fucked me till my cock was sore. We both exploded into nice climaxes and I asked her if she saw Troy?s bulge when he saw her naked big tits. She said he was a little uncomfortable in his chair. I asked her if she was turned on knowing she can still get a rise out of men. She grabbed my cock and said she has been getting this cock hard for 22 strait years. I told her Troy would love to fuck her and I would like to see her please another man like she has me over the years. She told me that if I gave her enough to drink tonight she would try and make my fantasy a reality. Wow! I invited Troy over to a barbecue. Before we could eat Kate was on her third drink and was dancing with Troy on our patio. It was about their third dance when she started feeling his cock thru his jeans, getting him hard. He looked at me and I smiled and gave him thumbs up. He wasted no time in attacking her tits He had her dress lowered so he could suck on her big nipples. This was driving her lusty as she kept trying to get his pants off. She finally managed to undo his belt and unsnap his jeans and when she pulled his zipper down she got to his boxer briefs and put her small hand inside to retrieve his rock hard one eyed monster. I have a very nice 7 inch cock that has kept her satisfied for over 22 years. When she released Troy?s cock she was awestruck. It wasn?t that much bigger than my cock but he was at least an inch and a half bigger and quite a bit thicker. I felt jealous right then and wondered if I was making a mistake. She immediately went to swallow his cock (she rarely gives me a blow job) and was soon bobbing up and down on his manhood. She had been sucking for about five minutes when he told her he was ready to explode. I thought she would pull her lips off and have him shoot on her tits like she does me on the few occasions she does suck me off. No, she pulled his cock all the way in a very quick motion she put her mouth to his base and he erupted with a huge load of cum down her throat. When he withdrew his cock from her mouth he told her that was the best head he had ever had. She smiled and said she wanted to fuck him as soon as he was hard again. She turned to me and grabbed my cock and smiled that she had me hard also and she wasted no time in having me get her cunt ready for Troy?s bigger cock. She was already loose as I stuck my cock in her cunt. I then regained some of my lost confidence as I had her wailing and screaming as I gave her two nice orgasms before I shot a huge load of cum in her wet cunt. Troy was ready to fuck her now but she wasn?t quite yet she excused herself and when she came back out she was dressed in a Victoria?s Secret sexy outfit with out a crotch. Troy and I both were in awe as she got on the bed and called for Troy to fuck her hard. Troy wanted to go down on her and was soon smiling with mine and her juices covering his face. It seemed to make his cock grow even bigger, when he mounted her she was telling him to go slow at first till she was comfortable with him then she wanted him to fuck her harder than I just had. Troy did not disappoint and fucked her in the missionary position for about 20 minutes until she had her first orgasm then he turned her over and fucked her doggie style for about 10 minutes and another climax. Troy then pulled her body to the edge of the bed and pulled her legs over his head and pounded her from his standing position. He fucked her so hard that the pictures were falling off the walls. She was screaming for more cock and I put mine in her mouth and she almost bit it off as he continued to pound into her. She was in a state of bliss when Troy thrusted his body once more and filled her with his cum. I followed quickly and she laid there trembling for over five minutes coming down from her high. Troy got up and was putting his jeans on when I asked her if we should invite him over tomorrow night. She looked at Troy and said Thanks but no thanks. She told him that it was all for me. She said she enjoyed it but once was enough. Both our jaws dropped. Troy said thanks and left. We both cleaned up and went to bed. I awoke in the morning with more than a morning woody; I snuggled up to her and tried to feed my cock to her from behind. She was tired and very tight, but when I finally got it in I fucked her for over 45 minutes of the slowest possible fucking two people can fuck. I rested my cock in her cunt during 3 very intense orgasms then resumed my very slow pounding of her cunt. When I finally erupted in her, I was sill rock hard buried inside her five minutes later .She drifted back to sleep.

Later that day I went into the city for groceries and a few movies. I had only been gone about 25 minutes, but when I went into the house and call out Kate I got no response. As I walked thru the kitchen I heard water splashing and thought she was getting out of the hot tub. I stuck my head out the window and was greeted to the backside of a guy who was fucking her from behind; they were thrashing the water in the hot tub as he pounded into her. She was yelling at him to fuck her harder. I was sure it wasn?t Troy, who was it? I went around to the front of the house to look for Troy and found him stroking his big cock. He saw me and motioned me over. I went to his yard and he told me this kid showed up right after I left and she brought him to the hot tub and has been fucking him for the past 40 minutes. Both Troy and I were supporting very nice bulges and I asked him if we should invite ourselves to the party. He was reluctant to interfere in her pleasure. Troy and I just sat there and watched her and this young stranger go at it. We were both stroking our cocks and Troy motioned me over to a patio in his back yard. It was very private and we could still see and hear my wife and her stud go at it. When we got back there he handed me a beer and soon we both had our cocks out and were stroking them as we watched and listened to my wife and her new stud. This guy was yelling as he was fucking my wife telling her to take it all and that he was going to pound her so hard that she might drown in the hot tub. She was just as loud in her responses back to him. Then for the first time in my life another man reached over and grabbed my cock and started stroking it. It felt different, good but different. I reached over and put my hand around his cock it was very thick around and felt like hot steel in my hand. I could barely get my hand around his big cock. After a minute of stroking each other Troy asked me if he could suck my cock. I was up for it and said only if I can suck your cock too. We both undressed and lay down on his patio and after a second of hesitation I felt his lips on my cock and I put my mouth on his thick piece of meat. It was awesome as I licked his cock and tried to adjust to his enormous size. He was doing a great job on my cock as his tongue knew exactly what a cock likes. I had his cock buried to his balls and worked my tongue so as his cock was buried to the hilt my tongue was rolling over his head. That did the trick and I swallow my first load of cum in my 44 years. His load was so huge that I gulped and gulped and he was still shooting his seed in my mouth as I released his cock. His explosion in my mouth set off my own eruption in is throat. Troy told me my wife gave him great head but if I was free later he would love another shot at my mouth. We both forgot about Kate and her stud, they were gone. I told Troy that I would really like another round with his cock and tongue. I got my shorts on a grabbed my beer and went back to our house. I walked in and found Kate in the shower, I asked her if I could join her and she told me that she was about done. While she was drying off I noticed her cunt was very raw and tender (she really took a pounding) and her tits were also red with bite marks. I asked her if I made her so raw with my 45 minute fuck this morning. She smiled and said you wish. She then told me that when I left for the store the caretaker called and said his son would be over in a few minutes to reset the alarm system and check the sprinklers. Barry (caretaker) told Kate he would be gone before she noticed him. She was lying outside when she saw him out of the corner of her eye staring at her tits. She stood up and called him over and introduced herself and found out he was Brian and was 22 home for the summer from college. She said he was wearing a tank top and loose shorts and she could make out a nice bulge waiting to be released. She told him that she could help with his growing problem and for the next hour she said he fucked her hard and he came three times in her cunt and that he would be hard and ready to pound her again in less than five minutes. She then went for my cock and swallowed it as it was my reward for allowing her to fuck Troy and experience other cocks for the first time in her life and that while away from home she was going to enjoy and indulge in my fantasy. She also said Brian was coming over tonight with a friend and she was going to spend the night with two hot young studs. Then she told me that Brian did not want me around and that I would have to find something to occupy my time until after her studs had fucked her silly. I think I created a fuck monster; she has one cock for the first 44 years of her life and in the past 24 hours she had tried two new cocks and she loved them and wanted more. I walked over to Troy and told him who the stranger was and Troy said he has not seen Brian in over 4 years. I also told Troy that she had invited Troy and a friend to a party tonight and that I was not invited. He said we could watch the whole event from his game room. I asked what he was talking about and he told me he wired the house with a camera system and that if I could get my wife to have her party in the living room or the second bedroom as the previous owner had him install hidden cameras around the house and property. Troy said he has always been a voyeur and that he installed an extra monitoring station in his house. Troy said the previous lady of the house was very pretty and he really liked when she would watch dirty DVD?s and masturbate on the couch. Troy said he had one in the master bedroom, but the guy did not want any records of what he and his wife did in private. Troy said that once he saw the wife fucking herself with a big vibrator and that hubby came home and she pulled his pants off and swallowed his four inch cock while she bounced up and down on her plastic cock. He never saw them fuck but she always came up with a collection of toys and always gave him a great show. Troy kept it in his basement, when we went down there to see the system he turned it on and we had a great view of the living room and fireplace area. After we made sure the camera angles were good, I was looking around Troy?s game room and saw a nice water bong and asked Troy if he got high and he said everyone in Sedona gets high. He asked me if I did and I told him we are going to have our own party tonight.

I went back to the house and told my wife that Troy and I would be out on the town tonight and if there was cars in the driveway I would stay at Troy?s the rest of the afternoon I tried to fuck my wife and she said I would have to wait until tomorrow at the earliest as she was saving her cunt for the 2 studs tonight. I was a little disappointed but I would still have a great time tonight. I asked her to keep her boys out of the bedroom and she assured me that their fun would be everywhere but the bedroom. She also told me that she would revert to the women she has always been when we get back to Scottsdale and not to try anymore of my fantasies in her. Then I asked her if she would let me videotape the party. She told me if I could hide the camera, she would not object.

At 7pm I went over to Troy?s and we went to dinner after a few bong hits. After my first pot in about 15 years, I was wasted. Troy said he would drive and he lit a joint as we got on the road. We went to a sports bar and had bar food for dinner, after a few beers and food we were ready to head back home. Stopping to pick a twelve pack of beer and smoke another joint we were back in his basement by 8:45 and when he turned on the camera system the action was hot and heavy as my wife had both cocks erect and she was sucking one as she played with the other. She was still in her panties and shirt which was a bright yellow Victoria?s Secret short thing that hugged her tits and showed some belly. Both guys were naked and I could see Brian?s cock it was about my size and very thick around like Troy?s cock. His friend was bigger than Troy but not as thick. She was going to have a good time tonight. She was alternating between her two prizes and in about fifteen minutes of her excellent cocksucking Brian filled her mouth with his first release of the night. His friend was not far behind as she was attempting to get his whole cock in her mouth and throat. Troy and I were already sporting hard cocks and he told me to get comfortable. I stripped down to my boxer brief and watched Troy as he took off his short and was not wearing any under wear at all and I saw his very nice cock spring up and point strait out. He went over to the bong and we each had three hits before we looked at my wife sucking another cock while a guy?s head was buried in her box. Before the cock in her mouth could erupt she had them switch positions and placed the bigger guy on her stomach and he was fucking her tits and she propped her pillow so she could align her mouth to his thrusts. After getting in a rhythm with him she was able to get about five inches of his cock in her mouth on each thrust. He was also tweaking her nipples with his thumbs as he slid his cock between her globes. Brian was waiting for her instruction to mount her and feed her his cock. When she told him to start fucking her he wasted no time and was soon fucking her so hard that she lost her rhythm with the cock in her mouth for a few seconds. Troy and I were watching intently both sporting hard cocks and I think each one of us was afraid to begin. I was high, drunk, hard and very horny. I got off the couch and went to Troy?s cock. It felt hotter than the first time and soon I had my lips circling his big head as my hand went to his big ball sac and I used a finger to play with his balls as my mouth engulfed his cock. I left his cock buried in my mouth for a few seconds and then I pulled out and used my tongue to lick his entire length all the way down to his balls. I took each ball in my mouth and flicked my tongue over it and then went to the other ball and did the same thing. Then without delay I swallowed his whole cock and was really enjoying it when he started bucking and was fucking my mouth as I tried to keep the whole thing in my mouth. He was so hard and thick that my mouth was completely full and stuffed and between my hand on his balls and my tongue on his head and tip he was going crazy bucking and fucking my mouth and shouting out that I keep sucking his cock and that I can?t wait for him to flood my mouth with his seed. Just then he erupted with the biggest load of cum I have ever felt. He withdrew his cock as he was still cumming and sprayed my chest with the rest of his cum. He took his fingers and scooped it up and tasted his own seed and smiled and told me I was an accomplished cocksucker. In my regular persona I would be embarrassed and confused. Here and now I was proud. I got up with my throbbing cock and went to get a beer when I returned and check the camera my wife was on her hands and knees and the big cock was drilling her from behind as she was sucking Brian?s cock while he was using his tongue on her clit while the other one was fucking her. I could tell she was being driven crazy. Her clit is very tender and she can have orgasm after orgasm if you hit the right spot. Brian found that spot and she was a wild woman on his cock as she went from orgasm to orgasm. She was so loose that his whole thick cock was engulfed up to his balls and she was actually playing with her tongue around the head of his cock. The big guy in her cunt was thrashing wildly pounding her and grabbing her wildly swaying tits. I was enthralled with watching her when Troy came up and said he would return the favor and he took my hard cock and swallowed my cock to my base. He was doing a very good job and I was in heaven watching my wife get hers as I was getting mine. Right when I was ready to explode, Troy told me to hold on and went to a cabinet and brought a little bottle and took the cap off and sniffed it and gave it to me to sniff. I was so high and horny I did not even ask what it was and just inhaled the stuff for about 5 seconds. Within 10 seconds Troy was all over my cock with abandon and my mind was spinning as I?ve never felt anything like it before. The pleasure was surreal as I felt every little touch as he swallowed my cock. Soon I was bucking and fucking his mouth harder than he fucked my mouth but he was able to take the pounding I was giving his mouth. When I came I thought I would never stop coming as I watch cum leak from his mouth. When I withdrew my cock from his mouth I rested back on the couch and still was coming as a shot of cum landing on my chest. I scooped it up and tasted my own cum. I had barely came down from my high when I saw my wife lying on the floor with the cum on her belly and tits as the guys were on the couch drinking a beer. She stood up and went into the kitchen and came back with a drink and went into the bathroom. The guys were talking and the big one was asking Brian how he found this hot piece of ass. Brian told her she and her husband were renting the place for the week and his dad asked him to reset a few readings and when he came over she attacked him and fucked him in the hot tub out back for an hour. He asked about me and Brian said she had gotten rid of him for the night. When she came back out she was wearing a sexy nighty and got on her knees and got both guys hard and ready to go when she took them out side to the hot tub. Troy switched the camera and we were watching from his basement as she slid on Brian?s cock and had the friend play with her tits using his cock and hands to stimulate her nipples. In a very short time she was lost in lust as I could read her face and the orgasms she was enjoying. I asked Troy if we could go out on the patio and see what we can see and hear. I already knew that we would be able to see as I had seen Troy watching us two days ago. I put on my boxer briefs and Troy put on his shorts and went on the patio. When we got there she was screaming for another cock for her mouth. Troy wanted to go and feed her his cock; I put my hand on his cock and told him we could only watch. He then took off his shorts and asked me to give him another blow job. I removed my shorts and asked him about his little bottle and he told me it was call Rush or Poppers and that it intensifies sex and leads to great climax?s. We opened the screen door and went to his couch and we were taking a sniff and sucking each other to mind blowing blow jobs. I would take a sniff and his cock would seem to grow, but so would my mouth and his pounding became easier to take to the hilt as even my throat was titillated and I wanted more of the pounding. When we would stop to take another sniff we could here Kate and her boys going wild as the guys have now become vocal and are telling her to take it all as the water is splashing all over the deck. We rested a minute and took another sniff and went back at it I had a 9 inch cock buried in my mouth while my wife was only 20 yards away getting pounded by 2 very hard and large cocks. While I was lost in Troy?s cock he erupted and flooded my mouth with his huge load of cum this time I pulled my mouth to the tip of his shooting cock and used my tongue on his erupting head to direct his cum on his stomach. I was still hard as a rock and Troy asked me to fuck him. Two bong hits and after a few screams from my wife I was sniffing poppers and putting on a condom about to fuck my first ass. He was so tight that we had to use baby oil and even then it was very slow going after about 3 minutes and a few sniffs I was buried in his ass. It felt unlike anything I have ever felt. He settled down for a few seconds to get used to my cock filling his ass and was soon he was thrusting back on my cock and bouncing up and down on my cock. I was in heaven and when I heard my wife scream for Brian to fuck her harder and harder that was all I could take and shot my aching balls into Troy?s ass. Troy ground his ass against my cock and enjoyed my shooting wad. The hot tub had finally quieted down when my cock went soft enough to slide our of Troy?s ass. I went in a take a shower when I came back out my wife was in Troy?s living room saying I could come back home. Troy was naked when she came in and when she asked where I was he said I had spilled dinner on my self and was in the shower. Troy wanted to fuck her again but she had told him it was a one time thing. When we left she asked me why Troy was naked and I told her we were on his patio listening to music when she had her guys went to the hot tub and that when she had called for another cock he took off his shorts and wanted to rush over and stuff you mouth full of cock. She smiled and said ?did I say that?. She told me that I could fuck her if I wanted or I could suck out the cum from her studs if I choose too. Having just cum in Troy?s ass it would be awhile before I was hard again. So I went down on her and was treated to a quart of cum as she was overflowing with the seeds from the young guys. She said each guy had come four times in her cunt and his friend Jim had cum four times in her mouth. Brian had only cum in her mouth twice. After I licked her clean I was ready to pound her into submission. I had brought a bottle of poppers from Troy?s and took a sniff as I mounted her and wow what a sensation my cock felt as it touched every part of her cunt. The feeling was fantastic as I teased her about all the cock she was getting and in less than 5 minutes I shot my fourth load if the night. A record for my 44 year old body.

My wife was sore for two days, but Brian and another friend showed up Friday night and took her dancing and brought her home at three in the morning all fucked out. Telling me she had fucked them in his truck on the red rocks of Sedona three times each and had given each a memorable blow job. Troy and I exchanged blow jobs and bong hits that night and when she got home I again ate the cum leaking from her cunt and fucked her hard this time for at least 15 minutes before the poppers would let me have the most intense climax of my life. The next two days we were tourist and I even fucked her on the red rocks. We have been home for two weeks and I have only been laid once as she said she if fucked out and for me to never bring it up again. Yeah right.

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