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Back in the game

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Brief background, we are a longtime married couple, with a great relationship when it comes to our sex life. After our kids went off to college we began exploring the swinger lifestyle, and became fairly active in meeting other alike couples, and even singles, mostly other men for very exciting MFM threesomes. Years have passed, and with family matters, aging parents, etc. unfortunately had us sidelined from swinging activities.

We both became restless and sex was not as exiting as it used to be. One evening over dinner, the subject came up and we discussed the topic at length. We both agreed that we should do something about it, there was just way to much fun that we were missing out on.

I, the husband, proposed that we ease back in to it, by exploring each others fantasies, just the two of us at first. I told her that I had watched some porn video clips and saved the links so we could watch them together, as foreplay and while we having sex. Her face lit up, and said “thats a great idea”, I can’t wait to see what links you’ve saved for us. Over an after dinner drink, I gave here some hints on what to expect, clips with couples masturbating together, Girl/Girl play, Hot-wife/cuckolding, bi MMF, and a few others.

To my surprise, she said lets go watch them now. Where do you want to start I asked, which category? Hmmm, they all sound hot, but lets start with the mild one, Masturbating, and work our way up in to the others. Deal, I said.

We both took a shower, got in to bed, and before I could get the video links going, she already had her rabbit buzzing, and had started without me. We saw some very down to earth married couples, masturbating, with cum shot endings, so hot!! Just like in the videos, the wife had several orgasms, while I held back till I couldn’t stand it. I jerked my rock hard cock faster, with long hard strokes, and shot my hot load high up in the air, all over my belly, with the second shot landing on her tits. Wow, what an experience, just from masturbating. That was not the end, she arched her back and came once more, just from seeing all that cum. She leaned over and whispered, clean it up dear. I knew what she meant, and leaned over her tits, licking every drop of my own fresh spilled love juices. She ran her fingers over my belly, scooping up every drop, licking her fingers and dipping them in to my mouth, wow, never done that one before. We had such a great time that we immediately said, lets do this every night.

I couldn’t wait to get home from work the next day, have dinner, and do another round of video flicks. We barely finished dinner, when the wife said, ready for some more videos? ... hell yes, I said. So we did the same routine, showered, jumped in to bed and dialed in.

This time we watched some Girl/Girl, regular moms pleasing each other. We talked about our friends and neighbors and who most likely would be up for something like this, it made it more real discussing actual people. While watching the flicks, we both were masturbating again. The wife leaned over, kissed me on the cheek, and said, lets watch the hotwifing/cuckolding ones; really I said. Are you that interested? Well, you must be also, if you saved the links, she said. Just kidding, I said, I love the thought of you having sex with another man, it drives me wild just thinking about it. Really, you’d be okay with that, the wife asked, more than okay I said.

There were several videos to choose from, and we opted for a British one, where the wife was getting ready for a date night, with her husband asking her about all the things she’d be doing with her new Bull that night. The flick showed her meeting her date in a hotel lobby, heading up to his room, and of course some wild sex scenes. Her Bull (date) was tall, with an unusually huge cock that could go on for ever. They were going wild, and at the end, she asked him to cum inside of her. All he needed to know; her arched his back, thrust his huge rock hard cock in to her once more, and spilled his hot seed. It was gushing out of her pussy and running down her thighs, wow, the guy packed a load.

She dressed, not bothering to put her panties back on, and left his room shortly after, home to her awaiting husband. You know what will come next :-) Her husband was already in bed, but still awake. She needed another round and proceeded to tell him all about her date night, every single detail. The husband got so turned on, he put his face right in-between her legs, trusting his tung in her still cum-filled hot pussy. He was loving it, and thrust his own cock in to her hot and sloppy pussy. In no time he shot a load of his own, filling his wife to the brim. Once again, she ordered him to get down and do the clean up, which he did.

Back to the two of us. We got so turned on by watching this, we started our own round. Again we talked about our male friends and neighbors and who would be the likely candidate(s) for her. The wife did quiz me if I would be jealous if she were to actually do that. Heck now, I’d love it, as long as you tell me all about it, and let me have you right after.

Fast forward, the next day we were back at it, now our daily routine, watching porn and having our own sex. This night we cranked it up a notch, and I wasn’t sure how she would react to these next videos. They were links to bi MMF threesomes, something we have not disced before. I warned her, but she said to go ahead, you got my interest now.

So here we go, the flick started out with the wife and her Bull friend having mind-blowing sex, while her husband was looking on and playing with his own hard cock. The wife was getting pounded when she looked over at her husband and asked him to join them. The wife took her Bulls cock in to her mouth and asked her husband to come over and kiss her. He reluctantly did, and as hie came near, the wife guided her Bulls cock in his mouth. Doesn’t he taste delicious she said. With a mouth full of cock, he mumbled, ahummm. The wife and husband now took turns pleasuring their guest, and when he was about to pop his load in to their hungry mouths, she stopped him and said that he still has a job to finish as she apparently had prearranged.

The husband and wife embraced, lip locked like infatuated teenagers, when the husband felt her bull behind him, rubbing his butt. Relax said the wife, relax and enjoy. She felt cold lube on his butthole and then the tip of her bulls cock try to enter his tight butt hole. You must relax honey, it's okay, its what I want, for you to enjoy it all. He had trouble relaxing, but slowly the bull made his way up his hole, ever so slowly. The wife was moaning and getting pleasure just form the thought of her husband getting fucked. The husband finally found a way to relax and the bull went at it, pumping now harder and harder. The wife cheered him on and said give it to him, give it to him, and give it to him he did. He arched his back, and with one last trust, he filled his butt hole with his steaming hot juices. His cock pulsed, and with each pulse, more and more of his hot cum filled him.

They all fell to their sides, and the wife insisted that her hubby clean her bulls semi hard shaft. The husband complied and then locked lips with his wife again.

Wow, that was some flick you saved for us, “it was super hot” she said. I was relieved, because I was afraid you wouldn’t enjoy it. Enjoy it? I loved it and loved the guy/guy play.

Would you enjoy trying something like that honey, my wife asked. We’ll I had thought about it and every time I did, I became super hard. Good, because watching that clip made me super wet she said, I’d love to see you with another man, promise me that we will try to find a guy, a bi guy, who could do us both. We kissed deeply and called it a night.

The next day, I could’t get the thought of a three-way, bi MMF out of my mind. I went on SLS and contacted a few guys that listed themselves as bi or bi curious. I had tons of replies and wiling candidates. I showed them to my wife, and had her go through them and asked her to reply and take it from here. She did, and seemed to have fun in doing so.

The weekend was approaching and we had dinner plans at a very nice nearby hotel restaurant bar. She was dressed super sexy. We arrived, and were seated. I ordered two glasses of champagne, as a toast to our newly revived sex life, she enjoyed that. We had a terrific dinner and then I asked for the check. With that, I thought we were leaving. She asked if we could sit at the bar and have an after-dinner drink; sure I said. We ordered two glasses of Porto, 25-year old tawny Porto, tasted so nice.

A well dressed gentleman was sitting across from us, by himself, and as the wife and I toasted each other, he looked over and raised his glass also. Cheers, my wife said to him’ cheers he replied. The wife started small talk with the man across the bar, when she asked if he’d mind sitting next to us so she wouldn’t have to show. Without hesitating, he came over and introduced himself to us, Bill is my name, I’m here on business for a few days. Hello Bill I said, have a seat. He sat next to my wife and the three of us chatted and got to know each other a bit. The wife began to flirt with him and soon after I noticed the wife placed her hand on his thigh. She looked over at me and gave me a wink. I raised my glass, a sign that I approved. He soon placed his arm on her leg and started moving up her thigh.

Honey, I must confess, this is not just a coincidence, Bill and I corresponded on SLS, about you know, about our fantasy. I was blown away, but pleasantly surprised. I chocked on my words and all I could muster was “.... ammm, great!”

With that, the wife said Bill has a room upstairs, how about of we go upstairs and check it out; sure, I said.

I closed the tab and brought our drinks along to Bills room. He had a nice, very large suite. We no sooner got in his room, the wife grabbed Bills butt, nice and firm honey. Make yourself comfortable Bill said. The suite had two bathrooms, and we both went to freshen up. We came out, Bill was half undressed. Hope thats okay, Bill said. Sure is, the wife said, as she started unbuttoning her blouse and telling me to also take my shirt off.

In no time all three of us were naked and hugging, with the wife in the middle. She caressed his cock which was pretty big even when flaccid, but now he grew to an enormous size. The wife took note and said OMG, doesn’t Bill ave a huge cock, yes he does, is all I could say. The wife dropped to her knees and promptly started to suck him, barely getting her lips around his head. She was gagging with his large member and I had to laugh. ,,, you just wait, she said.

I stepped aside while watching my wife gorging herself on this man’s cock. The two of them stood up, and while kissing each other deeply, fell on to the bed. He slithered down to her pussy, and immediately started liking her clit and inner thighs. It looked so hot seeing your wife getting pleasured right on front of me. She was moaning from pleasure, as he gradually kissed his way up to her luscious tits, nipples pointing straight to the ceiling.

His cock was now finding his way to her awaiting pussy, and gradually began separating those swollen pussy lips. Another moan, and even louder moan as he began to probe deeper and deeper with his massive tool. Oh my God, I don’t know if I can take you all the way .... sure you can, he said, just relax. Gradually he made his way in, all the way in. She left out a gasp, which seemed to relax her, as she now was getting flushed in the face, and beginning to orgasm. I lost count how many times she quivered and orgasmed, she was having the sex of her life.

He now started to moan equally laud, and began to thrust his rock hard rod deeper and quicker inside of her. I’m going to cum, where do you want it, he said. Without hesitating, “inside of me” she said. I was surprised, but he appeared to be a clean cut, responsible business man so if she was okay with, so was I.

In just a few seconds, with his back arched, he rammed his rod in one last time and exploded. They both came at the same time. He seemed to cum for ever, pumping her full of his hot love juices. The wife let out a scream and they both collapsed, while his still huge cock, now failing, began to slip out of my wife’s sloppy wet pussy.

The wife looked over at me, me holding my rock-hard cock in my hand,,, and said, well, what are you waiting for? I moved over and was about to put my cock in to her wet pussy, with cum running down her thighs, no dear, first you need to clean me up, as she pushed my head down in between her legs. I hesitated a bit, but followed her instructions. I dove my tongue deep inside of her and began to scoop up another man’s cum from my wife’s swollen hot vessel. Every drop honey, do a good job she said. I never seen so much cum from just one man, but I ate all of it. She then said now him. I looked over at this flaccid but very large cock, and moved closer. He guided it on to my mouth and I began to suck it clean. I felt it twitch and coming back to life again.

Suck that cock, the wife said, suck it like a good little boy. By now he was almost fully erect, and I was gagging, just like the wife forewarned me when she said “ ,, you just wait” He enjoyed my lips wrapped around his cock and so did the wife watching all of this. She was now moaning and masturbating, watching me giving this man a BJ. He began to moan again, and I picked up the pace. I felt the wife’s hand on the back of my head, pushing my head down on his cock, with every thrust. He moaned lauder and before anyone could react, he let me have his second load. He shot is hot load deep in to my throat, and I began to gag, and swallow. I swallowed his whole load, and as he was turning soft, the wife pulled me back and planted a deep kiss on me. Welcome to the club dear, I hope you liked it as much as I did, because there will be more to come...

I kissed her deeply back, acknowledging the fact that I enjoyed it also. We all freshened up and headed back to the bar for one last drink, celebrating our new freedom and sexual awakening - cheers :-)

I’m the luckiest man alive, with the best wife one could wish for .... more to come

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