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Angels Date Night

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Just had to share our recent experience with all of you SLS pervs. The wife, Angel, and I have been in the lifestyle for sometime and we enjoy chatting with a-like couples and singles, and occasionally we do meet in person and if all click, we play and have fun. We are close to retirement age, but still enjoy the lifestyle and meeting people of all ages. After all, that is why we are all here, to have some safe/clean fun.

Last Saturday, we thought we would get away for a date-night, enjoy dinner at an upscale restaurant, have a few drinks and spend the night at a hotel right next door, so we wouldn’t have to drink and drive. Dinner was fabulous, especially the desert. We finished our dinner, but the night was still young, and we decided to move to the bar for an after dinner drink.

Two Porto, Graham’s 40 Yr Tawny, we ordered. Angel was chatting it up with the bartender, she never met a stranger, when this well-dressed gentleman walked in and sat at the opposite side of the bar. Scotch on the rocks please, he said. He grabbed Angel’s attention immediately, because she gave me a nudge with her knee.

He must have been in his mid-forties, tall with chiseled facial features, and well built. I turned to Angel and said “you like?” What’s not to like, she replied. We sipped at our Porto, when Angel commented, his drink is getting low, can I buy him his next one? Sure, have at it, I said. He was surprised when the bartender served up his next drink. He looked over and raised his glass to thank us, Angel. Angel acknowledged by raising her glass. He smiled and decided to walk over and engage us in conversation.

We all introduced ourselves, his name was Keith, and it turns out he was from out of town, here on a business conference, in the medical field. He decided to break away from his business colleagues and unwind a bit. Just what the Dr. prescribed, Angel commented (pun intended). We all laughed and toasted each other, cheers.

I noticed he had a wedding band on, and asked if he was married. Yes, been married for 10-years now. Wife also travels a lot in her profession, and we don’t spend nearly enough quality time together, as we should, he said. Oh, that’s too bad I said. Our time will come, he said.

The bar got a little more crowded and noisy, so I couldn’t hear every conversation between Keith and Angel, but I was okay with that and started chatting it up with a couple that was seated next to me. Time passed and my drink was getting low. I asked Angel, care for another? She said, hold off, let’s see what Keith wants to do. Oh, I guess I missed more of their conversation than I thought I did. She turned to Keith, and again, I couldn’t make out what they were saying, but Angel turned to me and said, if it’s okay by you, can we just go back to our room and have Keith join us, and dip in to that bottle you brought along? Sure, wow, I said. Angel gave me a peck on the cheek and said, he is ours for the night. I immediately felt a movement down below, and my guy was springing to attention in my pants. Angel noticed and grabbed my pants and gave him a little shake, which made him even harder.

We settled up our bill and walked off to our hotel. Keith said, I will join you in a bit.

We waited in our hotel lobby and wen’t up to our room once Keith arrived. Keith commented about our beautiful suite, with a river-front view, quite romantic he said. That was the idea and is why we are here this weekend, I said.

Angel excused herself, I need to freshen up, she said. Angel had changed in to a very sexy Silk Chemise, with a slit up her one side, and of course no bra. I poured us all a drink, and toasted to a wonderful evening. Keith commented on how beautiful Angel is. I couldn’t agree with you more, I said, and raised my glass once more.

Angel was now schmoozing up to Keith, and then paused, so Keith, you are married, are you okay with this? Implying, the three of us, and what’s about to come up next. He said, good question, a question I asked myself before joining you. I never have strayed from my wife, but like I said, we both travel a great deal, and our sex life is great, but too infrequent. Okay, Angel said, just wanted to make sure we are not causing any issues in your marriage. I broke the awkward silence, by raising my glass and said, so be it, here is to a great evening. To a great evening Keith said also, raising his glass.

Angel leaned on his shoulder and started kissing his ear and whispering sweet nothings in to his ear. I noticed a significant bulge appearing in Keith’s trousers. I went over to the light switches and turn them off. It was a moonlit night and had just enough ambient light trough our window to set the proper mood.

Angel started to unbutton Keith’s shirt, while I went to freshen up and also get comfortable. I appeared just in may shorts, so Keith knew, it was game on. He also got undressed, down to his shorts. Angel started massaging his cock through his shorts, and then kneeled down and freed up his very, very large cock. Oh my, she gasped, quite the member she said. Not wasting any time, Angel wrapped her lips around his very pronounced mushroom head, it even looked delicious to me. Keith with his eyes closed was clearly enjoying the blowjob Angel was giving him. His moans were getting louder and with shorter intervals. Angel resurfaced and said, I better behave, otherwise it will end too soon. We all laughed.

Keith asked what sort of play we are in to… I said Angel likes getting fucked doggie style and I enjoy being underneath her in a 69 position, so I can watch the entire show close up. And, if you are comfortable with it all, Angel enjoys it if I lick her at the same time, and if you so choose, have that massive cock of yours drop in my mouth occasionally. WOW, I can explore it all in this one evening, all my fantasies come true, Keith said. Well great then, let’s get it on.

Angel started passionately kissing Keith, and grabbing his cock with her hands, while I was in back of Angel rubbing her shoulders and her beautiful curvy ass. I looked down over Angel’s shoulder, at Keith’s huge cock that was now sticking upwards and straight out. Keith and Angel were both moaning and clearly ready for the next act.

She grabbed my hand, and lead me to the bed. I laid down with my head at the foot-end of the bed, while she climbed on top of me in our favorite 69-position. I could see her swollen, wet, pussy was pulsing and eagerly awaiting Keith’s cock to penetrate her. I licked her pussy and clit, when I felt Keith’s giant cock squeeze between my lips and her pussy. I gave her one last lick and let Keith enter her ever so slowly. I heard Angel gasp when she first felt that large mushroom head of his penetrate, oh yes, she screamed.

Keith finally got all of his shaft deep in to Angel, all nine inches was my guess, and very thick girth. He then started pumping it in and out of Angel’s now dripping wet pussy. I was below, in heaven, watching a live porn show unfold just an inch away.

Keith seemed to get thicker with every trust, and Angel was screaming, yes, yes, yes, clearly the sound of immense pleasure. Keith was trusting deep, and suddenly slipped out and dropped his cock right in to my open mouth. It was not accidental, because he was now fucking my mouth, while I was gagging on that big shaft of his. Angel knew what was happening and encouraged us, by saying yes, fuck his mouth hard. A few more strokes and Keith went back at fucking Angel even harder than before. They both were now moaning, a clear waring sign that they were both about to cum. Keith's moans got lauder and shorter. I saw his cock swell up even thicker and harder. He moaned, I’m ready to ….. Angel said, yes, cum, cum deep inside of me, arching her back, getting ready to receive his sizzling hot load. Keith arched back, and with one final thrust unloaded. Yes, yes, Angel screamed, I can feel it. Keith gave her one more thrust, then pulled out and pushed his still hard shaft down in to my awaiting mouth. He arched back again, and unloaded what appeared to be his main load. I was choking on his hot load, some of it dripping out the side of my mouth; Angel and I were loving it.

Keith’s cock went flaccid and I gave it one more cleanup suck. Angel was clearly in heaven, watching us and then proceeded to straddle my face, with her pussy cupping my mouth. I then realized, I was wrong, Keith definitely dropped his main load deep inside of Angels pussy, She was squeezing out every drop of Keith’s load, and I could hardly keep up swallowing it all.

It was an unbelievable evening for all three of us, and we all experienced many firsts. We all got cleaned up, shared one final drink with Keith, before he disappeared in to the night, back to his hotel. Angel and I couldn’t resist, and had one final round of our own, rehashing all that just transpired for an unforgettable date night.

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