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An Amazing First Experience (Corrected Ignore Prior)

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This is a true story that was an amazing introduction into playing with others. I know it is far beyond what many would expect on their first foray into the lifestyle I think reflects the way many couples expand their experiences in the lifestyle (we were lucky it happened on our first time). My wife, Kim and I (Ken) began several years ago by sharing fantasies and often reading the stories here on SLS. At first the stories we read were quite mild, but they allowed us to take steps gentle steps together in the beginning. Who knew where those steps would eventually lead, how they improved our marriage and how they would lead us both to feel confident and turned on as we explored our fantasies. We have now had a number of very hot times with couples and singles of both sexes and found that we love to have our boundaries pushed! But going back to the beginning. One night after reading about two couples who had met on vacation and then ended up in one big pile on the hotel bed, we discussed the idea of making it real. That night we placed a Hot Date ad on SLS looking for a couple to lead the way. Next morning over coffee we checked the mail on SLS and there we were floored when we saw that there were 7 responses! We had said we wanted to meet an experienced couple but not one that spent every minute in the lifestyle. We wanted to be attracted to them in other ways too. The first two pieces of mail we opened were single guys, both very polite and one in particular very attractive. We were surprised that the attractive guy said he had met a number of couples and would love to show us both the ropes. But we were sure we wanted to meet a couple, so we replied thanking him for his interest and moved on to the other responses. They were mostly out of our age limitations or not attractive to us, but one couple in particular seemed to be the kind we could relax with for our first experience. Kim was very attracted to his pictures and in particular to his ripped body. I thought the wife looked like she was made for sex. Taller, blond and what looked like natural full breasts. We decided to go for it and planned to meet them the next evening for drinks near our home.

At 6 o’clock Kim stepped out of the shower and I saw for the first time that she had completely shaved her pussy. She looked so hot and was obviously ready to make our fantasies real. When she dressed in sexy black panties, a short black skirt and low cut white blouse that showed the top of her sexy bra, I could hardly keep my hands off her. I dressed casually and neat in a golf shirt and slacks and we headed for the bar. Outside we hesitated, looking at each other and took deep breaths before heading inside. We had planned to meet at the bar and they had told us what they were wearing. But we could not see them so we found a spot at the bar with two empty seats on Kim’s side. We ordered a drink and just then our phone buzzed with a message that they were stuck in traffic and it looked like they would be an hour late. I looked at Kim and could tell she was getting nervous and this delay didn’t help, but we settled in to a conversation about the football game that was on the TV behind the bar. That’s when we heard a guy at the bar next to Kim ordering a drink. She looked around and then turned back to me startled and indicated for me to look at him. Just then he asked if anyone was sitting in the seat next to Kim. I leaned back and said “no take it” as Kim stared hard at me. Kim then leaned towards me and said “its him the one who wanted to meet us”. I thought she was mistaken but I leaned back so I could see past her and sure enough from the picture it certainly looked like him! His drink arrived and he turned our way and said Cheers. Kim was now acting very nervous but she had turned to face the bar and no longer had her back to him. They touched glasses and she too said cheers as he introduced himself as Ron, asking why he had not seen us in this spot before? I told him we were only there to meet some friends who were late. For the next 30 minutes we chatted with Ron about all the usual things. He was charming and I could see that Kim was really enjoying the conversation turning her stool completely towards him and letting him see her sexy top and long legs reaching out from under the mini skirt. I excused myself to go to the men’s room and thought I would send a message to our new friends to find out how much longer they would be. I took my time knowing that Kim was enjoying the talk which had now become quite flirty with Ron openly complimenting her on her “pretty little bra peeking out at him”. As I came around the corner of the bar I heard them both laughing and he had put his hand on her knee as they did. I stopped and waited, fully expecting Kim to move his hand. But she didn’t! Instead she pulled her purse off the bar and placed it in her lap, hiding his hand. I could not believe it, my innocent wife was boldly allowing a guy she had just met in a bar to put his hand on her bare leg. What’s more she was encouraging him by hiding his hand were bag. I stayed where I was, watching discreetly from the corner of the bar. They were no longer laughing, but looking each other in the eyes, and he had leaned in closer to her, as his hand was obviously moving under her purse. I watched as she moved her foot on the bar stool allowing her knees to part. Ron was saying something to her and I saw her throw her head back and smile. As she did she saw me at the end of the bar and gave me a big smile, calling me back with her finger. I walked over towards my seat from behind Ron and he didn’t even move. He was leaned in towards Kim and his hand was up my wife’s skirt. Before I sat down Kim stopped me and I found myself stood next to them shielding them from any intruder’s eyes. Kim spoke first… saying “I was right” this is the guy who wrote to us on SLS. I found out later that it was Kim who had boldy asked him and that’s what they were laughing at when he put his hand on her knee and she had reached for her bag. Kim asked me if our couple was nearby so I looked down at my phone and saw a message. I read it out loud. The highway was still blocked and they would still come if we wanted but it could be hours. That’s when Ron said why don’t you call them and make other plans, I would love to spend the evening with you both. I looked at Kim, she was obviously very excited and I am sure that Ron was tickling her pussy as we sat there. She didn’t hesitate… “Yes, let’s go back to our place with Ron, we are already having fun”. The scene was so hot and Ron seemed like the perfect third so I was easily convinced. I called the barman over and paid for our drinks and just as the barman returned with my card, Ron’s hand slid from under Kims skirt clutching her panties and Kim stood up and stepped out of them smiling. He smiled knowingly and Ron held her panties to his face. We walked to the door and headed to our car telling Ron to follow in his. I remembered to send a message to the other couple and then turned to see Kim already playing with herself in the seat next to me, her skirt high and exposing her bare wet pussy. I asked her if she wanted to go through with this and if she wanted me to be there on in another room, after all we had not discussed a three way with a guy. I will never forget the look in her eyes as she said, “This was meant to be. Ron is so sexy and he wants to have the both of us tonight.”

I didn’t read much into those words at that moment but later I realized what she had meant. I drove and he was close behind. When I pulled into our garage he pulled in behind us onto the driveway. Kim got out and went right into the house while I walked back towards Ron. He reached out his hand and said, “I hope you don’t mind me coming back. You are a very attractive couple,” I shook his hand and invited him in, realizing how turned on I was with the whole situation. When we stepped into the kitchen there was no sign of Kim and I supposed she had gone to freshen up. I opened a bottle of wine and poured three glasses, and as we toasted Kim came down the stairs in a short silky red robe, still wearing her high heels from earlier. She stepped between Ron and I and placed an arm around both of us as we both stared at her sexy outfit. “I can’t wait to see where this evening is going to take us” she said looking deeply into my eyes. That’s when Ron pulled her to him and began kissing her deeply. Kim was responding arms around his neck, mouth open as Ron picked her up and carried her to the kitchen counter. He pushed back pulled open her robe and exposed naked body. Her legs were spread either side of him as he lowered his head between them to let his tongue flicker across her clitoris. He pushed her legs over his shoulders and dove into her wet pussy licking and tasting the juices that had been building all evening. I had reached down and was stroking my cock as I watched this incredibly sexy show unfold in front of me. Kim was flat on her back head back loving every minute and now I saw her sit up and Ron had stood up. She was undoing his belt and pants groping for his obviously very hard cock. I found myself staring, wanted to see what he was bringing for her too. And neither of us would be disappointed as she released Ron’s hard uncut cock of at least 8” and pulled it towards her mouth. But she hesitated and she jumped down from the counter and took Ron by the hand…leading up to our King Size bed…calling me to follow and bring the drinks upstairs.

By the time I got to our bedroom door Ron and Kim were naked and lying in 69 with Ron on top, lapping at her pussy while Kim was licking the head and down the shaft of his huge cock – her first other than mine since we had met 6 years before. I put down the wine glasses and sat on the edge of the bed. They were both so excited it was so arousing to watch and I would have enjoyed just doing that. But Kim stopped sucking his cock for just enough time to tell me to get naked and join them on the bed. I didn’t need to be told twice and I lay next to them with my head close to Kim’s watching her sucking Rons cock. It was so erotic. Kim stopped for a moment and motioned me in to kiss her. She opened her mouth and forced her tongue into mine and for the first time in my life I tasted the saltiness of another man’s cock on her lips. She switched back to Ron as I watched from inches away…he was thrusting now and knew he was loving Kim’s expert oral talents. I could tell he was close to cumming when she stopped and kissed me again, confirming my suspicions as I tasted what could only be precum on Kims tongue. She looked at me and smiled as she asked if I was ready? I didn’t quite understand what she meant but she had her one arm around me holding me close as her other held Rons head to her pussy and she was squirming as he bringing her to a huge orgasm… his finger supplementing his tongue in her pussy. Suddenly Ron started moaning and thrusting his cock rapidly into Kim’s mouth and he lifted his head from her pussy and shouted “I’m cumming” Kim was licking and sucking like she had never had cock before and indeed she never lets me cum in her mouth. So just as Ron screamed he was cumming, I was not surprised to see her pull away from his cock. But I was surprised to feel her pulling me in to her as Ron’s cock began pulsating and spurting load after load of his hot cum … all over my face and into my mouth. I was stunned but Kim was smiling at me and holding me tight. As Ron slowed and fell back on top of us, she looked me between the eyes and said to me lovingly “I have never seen you looking so sexy”. Then she gave me a long kiss with Rons softening cock laying across our cheeks.

I couldn’t explain how I felt and I really didn’t want to try. This was an erotic scene with no planning and no restrictions. I felt so comfortable and turned on lying with them eyes closed, Ron’s cock still lying across us both as it started to come back to life. Kim already starting to move her hips under Ron, and my cock as hard as it has ever been now crying for attention. I didn’t have to wait long, as I lay there I felt Kims hand on my cock, squeezing gently and running her nails under it teasing me. I thrust into her hand begging release which I knew would not take long. Suddenly I felt lips on my cock and I opened my eyes to confirm that Kims hands were holding me tightly and her mouth was still next to mine. Ron was now sucking cock…and it felt fabulous. Somehow Kim knew from my expression and she held me tight, whispering, relax and enjoy it, I told Ron when we were sitting in the bar that I wanted this to happen. And he was as excited as me. Rons tongue was flicking over the tip and driving me crazy and I was involuntarily thrusting into his mouth. It felt so good, he knew exactly what to do and Kim was there encouraging me. Briefly my feelings were interrupted as my thoughts turned to the fact it was Ron doing this to me. A guy making me feel so good. Then I felt a hand move under us and heard the sound wetness and Kim moaning, Ron must be fingering Kim. But then I felt his hand between my legs as he kept that amazing tongue working on my cock. I was still thrusting and suddenly I felt his finger, well lubed from Kim’s pussy slip into my ass. Kim held me firmly as I spasmed in shock…but the feeling was good, no it was wonderful! I felt the cum build up inside and I shouted “I am cumming!” I fully expected Ron to pull away. But no he sucked harder as I gushed into his mouth and swallowed as I filled it. He drained every last drop out of me. As I opened my eyes again, Kim was smiling at me. She looked so beautiful at that moment, obviously this had turned her on as much as us. And Ron’s cock still above us was obviously ready for round two. Maybe that was why Kim was smiling.

For the rest of the evening our focus was on Kim, first Ron parted her legs and ran his cock over her lips until she could stand it no more, Then he thrust it into her deeply giving her what she had really wanted all night, his cock deeply buried in her pussy. He turned her over and fucked her from behind while I lapped at her pussy. He sat her on top and she ground into him until he was ready to explode and then he threw her back on the bed, legs over her shoulders and fucked her hard and fast until he filled her stretched pussy with his cum. We all fell back on the bed closely holding each other as if we had been together for years.

That night was the first for many things but it definitely wasn’t the last. Ron became a regular visitor at our house over the next few years before he moved away and it was not at all unusual for Kim to send me a message while I was on the golf course to say that she had just been fucked by Ron and I had better get home to taste her sweet pussy. Ron and Kim even spent a night at his place while I was away. And Ron even spent the night at our place when Kim was away.

It wasn’t until years later, that Kim told me that she had written back to Ron after our first SLS Hot Date ad and told him where we going that night, just in case the couple didn’t show up. We were both glad that they didn’t!

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