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A Trip To Paradise

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Hi all…. For a while, I have been wanting to share an adventure my wife and I had a couple of years ago but only until recently have I been able to come to grips with the great time we had and am choosing to share it with you all now… My name Nick and my wife is Francis. We are your typical mid-western suburban couple. Fran works for the local branch of a national banking corporation and I am a general contractor and in my spare time, I coach at our local high school. Both Fran and I have led a very conservative life especially when it comes to our sex lives. We were each other’s first lover and only began having sex just before we got married a little over twenty years ago. Because of our professional and social circles that we are a part of, we have always chosen to stay away from anything that might be consider “scandalous” or “inappropriate”. Funny how being thousands of miles away from home can change things…. Fran and I had been married a number of years when we had noticed that our sex lives had begun to show what we figured was the normal “wear” of life. Where we once had sex several times a week in the beginning, the frequency of our love making had dwindled down to once a week if we were lucky. We both had recognized that we needed to do something because when we did have sex it was GREAT. We realized that we just needed to do it more often, but we needed something to help with the “spark”. We began to look for things to “spice up” or sex lives and Fran began making trips to the lingerie store picking up various articles that surely helped. One night, out of the blue, Fran had suggested that we watch a porn flick. Things got better and Fran and I seemed to have rekindled the spark and we were going at it almost as often as we did when we first got married…. and we were loving it. The movies that we’d periodically watch were what I’d assume are your typical XXX movies. The movies were filled with mostly scenes of M/F, M/F/M and F/M/F action. Nothing really kinky or “strange” in the movies we were watching. The scenarios in the movies became the topic of discussion with Fran and I often wondering what it’d be like to add an additional person to our love making. After months of watching those videos and many hours of discussion, it appeared that our talk would be just that… talk. One night, the video Fran and I had chosen to watch was to feature a number of threesomes. We got into bed and got the movie queued up and got ready for another hot night of porn and great sex. The first scene was an incredible M/F/M threeway. The subsequent scene was another M/F/M threesome but this one was different than any other threeway we had seen before. After the initial interaction between the two guys and the woman, the woman grabbed the two guys by the back of their heads and brought them together and the two guys began to kiss. WTF?!?!? After only a couple of seconds, I reached for the remote to turn it off but Fran stopped me saying that if she had to watch two ladies go at it, I would have to reciprocate and sit there as the two guys went at it. Not really sure where things were going to go, I reluctantly decided to watch. I hesitantly watched as the three began to kiss and feel up the others. Before long, the woman was stroking the two guys’ cocks as the two of them were deeply kissed. The initial sight of the two guys kissing and probing the other guy’s mouth with their tongue was repulsive to me and I gave Fran the appearance that I was watching but I really wasn’t. After a few moments of that, one thing led to another and the three were now each giving oral pleasures to one another including one of the guys sucking on the dick of the guy as that was licking the woman’s pussy. As soon as the one guy began to suck on the other guy’s cock I saw how Fran’s face lit up excited to see the action on the screen. Seeing Fran’s incredible interest in what was going on, I turned my attention back to the screen to see what was the cause of Fran’s interest. Initially, the sight of one guy sucking on the other guy was even more repulsive than watching the two guys kissing earlier. However, after a few moments of watching the one guy sucking off the other guy, the female starlet told the guy receiving the blowjob, “I’ve heard that no one will suck a guy like another guy….. Is it true honey?” The guy getting his dick sucked simply nodded his approval, to which Fran jokingly asked me if I had any interest in finding out of that was indeed true. I told her, “HELL NO!!!! No guy is ever sucking me off… And don’t ever ask me if I’ll suck off another guy….. that’s just gross and I’m not GAY!” Well, at the end of that video, there were two other scenes that involved guy-on-guy action, and by the third scene, watching two guys getting it on with the woman AND the other guy in the scene didn’t seem so repulsive after all. In fact, as we watched the last scene watching one guy licking the woman’s pussy as the other guy fucked her seemed really cool and it was actually making me hard and horny. Then when the guy licking the woman pulled the guy’s dick out of the woman and sucked him clean then reinserted the dick back into the woman I began to think… “THAT WAS FUCKIN HOT!” Over the next couple of months, the genera of videos that Fran and I watched often included M/F/M action with the guys engaging in various sex acts with not only the woman but the other guy too. I will admit that as we watched more videos with guy-on-guy action, the thought of it was now becoming a source of not only excitement but also wonder for me. As I mentioned earlier, because of the professional and social circles that Fran and I run in, I had resolved that this would only be a fantasy and something that I’d playout in my mind. Little did I know that a couple of months later, that would all change. The corporate office for Fran’s bank had planned a four day conference… in Hawaii! I know, awe shucks….. Since Fran and I would be celebrating our twentieth wedding anniversary right before that conference, we decided that I’d meet Fran in Hawaii on the last day of her conference then we’d stay there several more days having a “second honeymoon”. Fran’s conference in Hawaii was scheduled for late April and we searched the weather and found out that that time of the year is when it is most beautiful. We anxiously looked forward to enjoying all that Hawaii had to offer especially the beautiful beaches. About a week before Fran was to leave for Hawaii, she showed off this really amazing string-bikini that she had bought. It was stunning yellow with small triangles on the top that covered barely half of Fran’s lovely 36C breasts, the bottom part was one of those Brazilian style bottoms that allowed the lower half of Fran’s shapely and toned ass cheeks to be exposed. Seeing my wife in that sexy and sultry bikini got me hard in an instant. Following the fashion show that Fran had provided for me that night with the attire she had purchased for “our part of the trip” we ended up having sex three times that night. The day of the trip arrived and Fran left for Hawaii. She called me upon her arrival and she told me how beautiful Hawaii was. She told me that her hotel room was near Waikiki beach and it was more beautiful than any picture we had ever seen. Fran called me at the end of each day telling me of the things she and her other co-workers had experienced in their free time, including hitting some of the nightlife and shows, but she was even more excited to explore more of Honolulu when her conference was finished and it was just her and I. The day before I flew out, Fran told me that she overheard one of the guests in her hotel inquire with one of the bellmen about locating a clothing optional beach. She told me that the bellman had told the guest that sunbathing nude is against the law in Hawaii BUT he had heard of a spot on the north shore of the island that was the “unofficial nude beach”. Upon hearing of that beach, Fran said she began to wonder what it’d be like to experience laying out on a beach naked. Upon hearing that my beautiful wife wanted to check out a nude beach made me more anxious about meeting her in “paradise”. The next day I jumped on the plane and made my way to Hawaii. I arrived the following day and Fran met me at the airport. We got to our hotel in Waikiki and Fran headed off to the last day of her conference. I took the opportunity to rest because that evening Fran and I were supposed to go to a luau on the west end of the island with a bunch of attendees from the conference. When she got back to our room that afternoon, she woke me by giving me an amazing blowjob and then fucking me silly. We got ready to go to the luau and Fran chose to wear a cotton sun-dress where the hem went to the middle of her thighs. The dress showed off her beautiful figure and just before we left our room, Fran flashed me her ass cheeks under her dress letting me see that she was wearing a tiny G-string panty. Because of the neckline and the open back of the dress, it was very evident that Fran was going to this luau bra-less. Realizing that my wife was basically naked under that summer dress had me hard and horny looking forward to night number one of our “second honeymoon”. While at the luau, I took great pleasure as I watched a number of the guys and even some of the women looking at Fran rather lustfully. We had a great time with the others in our group and when we got back to our hotel, we weren’t even out of the elevator when Fran had “accidentally” allowed her dress to fall off her leaving her in only her G-string panty. Needless to say, I realized that we weren’t going to get much sleep that night. The next day was the first day that Fran and I had to ourselves and we headed out to explore the island. As we drove around the island, Fran brought up the idea of heading to the nude beach and I thought that it’d be interesting to check out. We made the drive up to the north shore of the island to a beach that is called Polo Beach. Thanks to the pictures on the internet, we were able to find the entrance to the beach and went to check the beach out. Now because when we left the hotel, neither of us were expecting to go to that beach (at least I wasn’t expecting to go there….) we really didn’t have anything to stay at the beach longer than a few minutes. We found the area where people were hanging out and as we got closer we could see that of the dozen or so people there, all but two were hanging out naked. We laid out the blanket near where the others were and we just kind of watched what was going on. Because we really weren’t prepared to hang out at the beach long, we stayed there only about ten minutes before we began making our way back to Waikiki. On our way back to the hotel, we decided that Polo Beach looked like a chill place to hang out and since we were thousands of miles from out home, no one would ever find out what we had done. We made plans to spend a couple of hours the following afternoon at the nude beach as we made the forty minute trip back to Waikiki. The next day it was about noon when Fran and I got back to our hotel room and made our final preparations to go back to Polo Beach. We loaded our rental car with blankets, beach chairs and a cooler with food, drinks and even a bottle of wine with glasses in Fran’s beach bag. We got to Polo Beach and again there were about ten or so people there. We secured our area on the sand and Fran and I got ready to lay out. I looked around and there were three couples where both the guy and the woman were naked and there were two women together laying out nude and there were two single males lying alone by themselves. Seeing that all but one of the women were nude I dropped my board shorts allowing my 7in cock to flop out. Fran shockingly looked at me completely naked and said she wasn’t ready for that yet but did choose to remove her bikini top allowing her full breasts to catch some sun. Fran laid on her stomach and I offered to rub sunscreen on her nearly naked body. She nodded yes so I began rubbing lotion all over her body starting with her legs and making my way towards her ass. When I got to her cheeks, I used my fingers to move the material of her bottom form a Brazilian style bikini bottom into a thong by running the bottom of her bikini into her firm and milky a__ cheeks. As I spread her inner thighs I got a peek at the material that barely covered her pussy and I noticed that the yellow material was a darker shade of yellow than the rest of her bikini, she was wet! I made mention of what I had seen to Fran to which she simply smiled. I took the chance to give her milky white ass cheeks a quick whack which left a slightly pink hand print on her butt. Fran told me to “behave”, that nothing was going to happen there on the beach! We had been lying out for almost an hour when Fran finally flipped over which gave me an chance to rub lotion on her front. I began rubbing lotion on her and as I made my way to her exposed breasts she noticed that my dick was now at a semi-hard state. Her reply was, “I see you like what you’re looking at. I have something better for you to see!” With that, Fran surprisingly reached for her bottom and pulled it off leaving her now completely naked. There was my beautiful wife, completely nude and with her legs slightly separated and anyone that walked between us and the water’s edge could see right between Fran’s legs at her beautiful and freshly waxed pussy. I offered to rub lotion on her pelvic area but she told me that she’d do herself. I gladly watched as Fran rubbed lotion on her bald pussy occasionally seeming to be slipping a finger between her lips. Seeing that got my cock a bit harder and Fran knew that what she was doing was getting me aroused. As we laid on the beach we watched as people jumped in and out of the crystal clear turquoise blue water. It didn’t take long before the sight of naked men and women walking the beach and enjoying the sun didn’t faze either of us. Fran and I jumped in the water and we couldn’t’ believe we were actually hanging out and swimming nude and doing it in a public place. One of the times that Fran and I were in the water, we began talking one of the couples that was there and we ended up moving our stuff next to theirs and we spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out with them. Like Fran and I, they too were visiting Hawaii. We had been there for nearly three hours and we were getting ready to make our way back to Waikiki. We told our new friends bye and began our drive back. As we drove back to Waikiki, we decided that we’d return to Polo Beach the next day as well since we had such a nice time hanging out, relaxing and enjoying the incredibly beautiful beach. When we got ready the next day, Fran chose to not even put on her bikini and instead she just wore the same summer dress that she wore to the luau the other night but this time she wore nothing underneath. We headed up to Polo Beach again and we found that there were about the same number of people there with about the same mix of couples and a handful of single guys. We laid out our blanket and Fran dropped her dress without a hitch and I dropped my t-shirt and shorts and we both laid out naked under the warm Hawaiian sun. We both rubbed lotion on each other and it didn’t take long for us to strike up a conversation with a couple lying relatively close to us. With the four of us enjoying the sun, this local gentleman stopped by and told our new friends “Aloha!” They told him “Hi” and introduced him to us, his name is Kimo. He is a good-looking Hawaiian guy looking to be in his late forty’s or early fifty’s. He sat on the other side of the couple and the five of us hung out there sharing really nice conversation and getting to know each other. The five of us had been enjoying the sun when the couple began to gather their things as they got ready to leave. They told us “bye” leaving Fran and I there with Kimo. Since he seemed like a cool guy, we told him to move closer to us as we three just kept hanging out. As the sun began to get lower on the horizon we got ready to make our way back to Waikiki and we said “bye” to Kimo. As we wrapped up the last of our things, Fran asked me if we were going to go to Polo again the next day to which I said that I’d love too. Hearing that, Kimo asked us if it’d be alright if he met us again there and hungout with us. He seemed like a really nice guy so we made arrangements to meet him back at Polo Beach the next day.

We arrived at the nude beach the next day about the same time and once again there were about ten to fifteen people on the beach... but no Kimo. Fran and I had been relaxing on the beach for nearly an hour when Kimo finally arrived at the beach. He apologized and took up the spot next to us. Like the day before we hung loose and soaked in the warm Hawaiian sun. We had been enjoying each other's company and sharing a snacks and even a few drinks. At one point, we made mention to Kimo that we had been trying to set up a beach-side couples massage for Fran and I but those that could accommodate our request wanted $400 for a two-hour session and we thought that was kind of pricy. We expressed our disappointment in not being able to schedule it before we left. Kimo replied that he had given friends massages in the past and he admitted that he had even met a couple there at Polo Beach and he had given them massages. He said things went further than he had anticipated and it resulted in "happy endings" for both the guy and the woman. Fran looked at me with a smile on her face and used her left arm to nudge me realizing that she wanted me to ask Kimo if he'd be willing to massage Fran and I. I asked him and he happily agreed. With that, Kimo asked if we wanted a "regular" or a "wild" massage.... Before I could say anything, Fran surprised me with her response as she excitingly said, "Wild massages... for BOTH of us!"

Kimo suggested that we move to a more secluded area of the beach where we'd basically be by ourselves. We grabbed our belongings and began walking down the beach. As we walked we discussed what and how far things would go with our massages. Fran insisted that I get massaged first as she wanted to make sure that Kimo didn't massage her getting to feel her up then once he was done with her he wimp out and not massage me. I thought it was an interesting request but I understood where she was coming from. Kimo agreed with no resistance and we made our way down the beach to an area where no one else was and no one could see what we were doing. I got to tell you, the whole "naughtiness" of it was definitely getting my heartbeat going and as I was holding Fran's hands, she likewise was getting excited too. Since we had all put on some clothing to make our way down the beach, we had to strip again once we laid out the blanket. As Fran pulled off her dress, I noticed that there were signs of her juices beginning to seep out of her pussy... it was clear that this "deviant behavior" was getting her excited and aroused too.

I dropped my board shorts and my semi-hard cock popped out to which Fran jokingly made mention that she was surprised to see that the thought of a guy massaging me and eventually stroking me off till I came had given me a hard-on! I told her that my hard-on was from me eventually getting to watch Kimo rub and caress her to the point where she'd have an orgasm. With the thought of a guy soon touching my cock running through my head, any arousal dissipated and my semi-hard cock quickly went limp. Kimo directed me to lay on my front so he could start on my backside. I laid on the blanket as he directed and Fran sat on the blanket near my face and right after she took her seat she removed her dress exposing her beautiful naked body to the warmth of the Hawaiian sun. I found myself in a quandary of sorts, do I close my eyes and try to relax as Kimo massaged me or do I keep my eyes open and enjoy the view of Fran's lovely bald pussy that was surely wet and creamy at that point.

Kimo began at my calves as he poured coconut oil on my legs and began to rub his hands across my body. I've had massages in the past but I got to admit that he is definitely skilled possessing strong hands and the ability to have me relax under his control. Steadily he worked his way up my legs and before long was massaging my ass cheeks. The steady and firm pressure of his hands had me in a complete state of relaxation and bliss. After massaging my ass cheeks for a couple of minutes, he moved by my head and he began to massage my neck and shoulder area. As he began to work my upper back I felt what I realized was the head of his dick gently rubbing against my left shoulder. After the initial shock of feeling the touch of another guy's cock on my skin, I took it as part of getting a great massage from him while we both happen to be naked. As he worked his way to my lower back, I felt the surge of blood and pleasurable tension build in my pelvic region. I even began to feel my dick stiffen a bit.

I was on the verge of falling asleep when I felt a playful whack on my ass cheek. I opened my eyes and realized that it wasn't Fran, it was Kimo! "Ok brah, now its time to turn over.... I'm gonna work your front now." At that moment I realized that the combination of the warm sun, the incredible massage, Fran's naked body and the smack on my ass cheek had actually got me to nearly a full erection. Realizing that I was nearly at full hard-on and I was to turn over was something I wasn't ready for. As I flipped over, I did it in such a way that Fran could see my front and Kimo was at my back. I got Fran's attention and with my eyes got her to notice my dick at a near full erection. This brought a huge smile to her face and she gleefully announced to Kimo, "Looks like he's enjoying his massage Kimo. He's almost fully hard! I can't wait to watch you massage his cock and stroke him till he cums!" I looked at Fran with a kind of disbelief yet excitement to see how she was enjoying watching what Kimo was doing to me.

I was now lying on my back with a near full erection going on. Kimo again began to massage me beginning at my calves slowly working my legs moving up to my groin area. When he got to my pelvic area he stopped and then moved again next to my head and began working my neck, shoulders and arms. I was completely relaxed and enjoying the strong feel of Kimo's massage. It had been a few minutes as he worked his way towards my genital area when I felt his hand and on my dick. I opened my eyes and looked to see that it was indeed Kimo who's hand was on me and I looked over at Fran and she had a huge smile on her face with her eyes clearly fixed on Kimo gripping my shaft. Kimo began to work the area around my cock and with steady pressure which brought all the tension in my genital area to my dick with every motion finishing with his hands gripping my shaft and giving it a stroke form the base right through it's length. After a couple of strokes like that I heard Kimo mention, "I wanted to release all the built up tension in you before I take it to the next level." After the initial shock, I found what Kimo was doing to me very relaxing and pleasurable at the same time... I was really starting to enjoy this. Kimo had done that stroke through my dick several times when he asked me if I was ready to cum which I simply nodded my head "yes".

Kimo moved his body so he was kneeling next to my right hip and he reapplied a heaping glob of oil on his hands as he got ready to begin stroke me. I watched as he reached for my cock and now had his two hands on me. I still wasn't 100% "ok" with a guy stroking me off so I decided to divert my attention and gazed at my wife who was now sitting there with her legs opened giving me a clear view of her pussy dipping wet. Kimo began to stroke my cock with his hands slowly at first going form the base all the way to the head. That motion was soon followed by him twisting his hands around my shaft as he stroke me..... I will admit that it began to feel damn good! I had been receiving one of the best hand jobs that I had ever fortunate to get and after a couple of minutes released myself to enjoy everything that Kimo was doing. I closed my eyes to let myself get completely lost in what was happening to me. No longer did it think it was strange that a guy was stroking me off and I found it pleasurable. Kimo had been stroking me for a couple of minutes when I began to feel the urge of my orgasm build in my balls. I knew that I'd soon be blowing a load of my cum all over the place and that it'd be at the "hands of a guy"... and I was ok with it.....

My eyes had been closed as Kimo was stroking me getting me closer and closer to an orgasm when I felt the warm and soft touch of a pair of lips on my cock. I slowly opened my eyes expecting to see Fran on me but instead there was Kimo with his lips on the my cock. WTF!?!?! I jumped and pulled my dick from Kimo in utter shock that he had tried to suck my dick. "What the fuck are your doing man....?" I asked. He told me that as we walked from where we were to our present location, Fran had asked him if he had ever sucked another guy's dick and asked him if he'd consider sucking mine. Fran admitted that they did have that conversation and she had even given him the motion of a blowjob (you know, the one where you put your hand to your mouth as if giving a blowjob) signaling to Kimo to suck my dick. With that initial shock of what had just happened, my cock was now limp and I was still in shock of what had happened. Fran told me that it was her doing and that she really wanted to not only see a guy stroke me but also blow me too. Fran gave me a wet passionate kiss on my lips and as she leaned in to kiss me I saw how much her pussy was getting wetter by the minute. And to top that off, she grabbed my dick giving it a gentle tug and stroke trying to revive my erection. Fran and I kissed deeply and probed the other's mouth with our tongue all the while my wife nursed my hard-on back to a full election. Once Fran had me fully hard again, she broke her kiss and asked me if she could watch Kimo stroke and suck on my dick. I reluctantly nodded my approval to her which resulted in her turning her control of my dick back over to Kimo. She moved back to sitting next to my face and again spread her legs but this time I watched her as she began to rub and finger her pussy.

I was lost in the sight of my wife masturbating with herself when I felt Kimo once again grip my cock with his hand. He began stroking me and I again let myself get lost in the amazing manual skills of this guy. He stroked me for a couple of minutes when heard him ask me if I was ready for him to suck on me..... As I watched my wife pleasure herself, I moaned my approval. It only took a couple more strokes before I again felt Kimo's lips on my cock. Much like me getting over the initial shock of Kimo stroking me, it took a moment or two before I came to grip with the fact that a guy was sucking on my dick. I chose to get lost in what Fran was doing trying to not concentrate on what Kimo was doing to me but I soon got over the fact that it was a guy sucking on me. Kimo had been sucking on me for a minute or so when I realized that not only was he skilled with his skills in giving manual pleasures but also skilled with his oral capabilities too. It was at that point where I allowed myself to enjoy the full effects of what Kimo was doing to me.

Where the blowjobs that I had always gotten from Fran, were usually tender, what Kimo was doing to me had more "strength and power" to it. The magnitude of his suction and intensity of bobbing up and down gave his blowjob another level of pleasure that I had never felt. I took my eyes off of Fran and looked at Kimo as he worked his oral magic on my dick. He was now climbing from next to my hip in between my legs forcing me to widen them to allow Kimo to lie down between them. With Kimo now between my legs he pulled my dick from his mouth and traced his tongue the length of my shaft down to my balls taking one of them in his mouth. My shaft was covered in his saliva and he used it as lube as he continued to stroke me with his hand. Kimo began to suck on my sack tugging it as he pulled his face away from my groin. He let that sack "pop" from his mouth followed by him doing the same to the other one. That was followed by him spreading my legs as far wide open as he could then raising my shaft and balls giving him uninhibited access to the area between my ball sack and my asshole. Kimo gave that area a lick with his tongue then ran his tongue over my balls then up the entire length of my shaft all the way to the tip of my head. I had never had that done to me and that sent me into a new level of ecstasy! Seeing what he was doing to me, Kimo went back to taking my dick in his mouth again sucking it like a lollipop.

At this point, what he was doing to me was so amazing that I really didn't care that it was a guy doing it... it was mind blowing and I was loving it! The funny thing was it was about that point where I remembered that one night when Fran and I were watching one of the videos that had guys giving each other blowjobs, she commented that she had heard that "No one would suck a guy like another guy.... after all, only another guy would truly knows what a guy really wants in a blowjob" I told her that who ever said that didn't know what they were talking about.... but at that moment, it surely seemed that there indeed was some merit to that idea. At that moment, I was getting one of the best blowjobs that I had ever gotten and it was at the hands of another guy.... I was completely enjoying what Kimo was doing to me but with the building of my impending orgasm, I wondered what would soon be happening.

As the sense of my orgasm built, I announced to Fran and Kimo of the explosion that was soon "cumming". With my announcement, Kimo pulled his face and mouth from my cock and once again resumed his masterful stroking of my cock. Fran leaned over to me and got her face right up to mine and whispered "Thank you honey for doing this for me..... it was better than any scene I've seen in a video! You're awesome... you're so damn fucking hot I can't wait to get back to our hotel, I'm going to fuck you silly tonight!" Fran gave me one last kiss then I felt myself get pushed over the edge into an amazing orgasm. My first load of cum shot several inches in the air landing on my chest followed by the next surge landing on my waist. Kimo kept his skillful pressure as I launched a third, fourth and even a fifth load of cum. With most of my built up tension launching the first three surges into the air, the last two or three surges of my warm, white milky goo oozed out of my cum and spilled all over Kimo's hand. He milked the last drops of semen from my dick collecting my seed on his hand. He reached for a towel to wipe my cum off his hand but before he could, Fran instructed him to give his hand to her. My wife loves the taste of cum so she promptly and efficiently cleaned Kimo's hand of my chest leaving it with only traces of her saliva.

I looked at Fran who had a huge smile on her face and Kimo seemed to be happy with what he had done to me. I laid there taking a moment to come down from my orgasm catching my breath for a moment. While I laid there, Fran leaned over and gave Kimo a kiss on his cheek as she thanked him for fulfilling one of her fantasies. He thanked her and said that he was anxious to get a chance to massage her. Hearing that, Fran playfully began nudging me to get up off the blanket so she could take my place. I got up and as I began to move, Fran quickly took my place lying face down with her arms at her side and her legs spread about shoulder width apart.... It was clear that she had taken notes and she was eager to feel Kimo's magical touch.

Like he did with me, Kimo began at Fran's calves then worked his way to her ass taking time to rub and massage her cheeks. He worked her shoulders and back and was quickly working her lower back. Kimo had worked on Fran's back for about ten minutes before instructing her to turn over. When she did, it was obvious to Kimo and I Fran was horny as hell as her nipples were hard and erect looking like pink pencil eraser tips. Kimo started again at my wife's lower legs then worked his way up. When he moved to Fran's torso, she told him to go straight for her breasts! He grabbed my wife's luscious and full tits with his hands and began to caress and massage them giving special attention to her plump and erect nipples. This got Fran to coo and sigh with signs of quickly loosing herself in what Kimo was doing to her. Kimo had been working on Fran for nearly twenty minutes when he finally got to her genital area. Like he did with me, he applied steady pressure to the area near her pelvic area then gliding his hand and that pressure across her pussy. Kimo's pressure across Fran's pussy area got her to squirm and moan rather loudly. That was soon followed by my wife begging Kimo to rub and finger her pussy wanting to get pushed to an orgasm.

I watched as Kimo followed Fran's directions as he focused more of his efforts on my wife's genital area. He began by rubbing his well lubed hand and fingers across her lips and sliding his middle finger through the folds of her pussy. Fran was now spread eagle about as wide as she could with her eyes closed taking in the very sensual massage Kimo was giving her. With my wife falling into the touch of Kimo, her nipples were as hard as can be standing straight up popping off of her tits. I leaned in and began to lick and kiss her nipple wanting her to enjoy as much sexual satisfaction and bliss as she possibly could. I had begun to lick and nibble on Fran's right nipple and although I was caressing and fondling her left one, I figured that having two mouths on her breasts would help dive her somewhere she loves to go! I signaled to Kimo to join me in kissing and licking Fran's nipples and he quickly took advantage of my invitation. Kimo and I had her in heaven as we used our mouths to lick, kiss, nibble and tug on her nipples all while Kimo was fingering her pussy.

This went on for a couple of minutes when I suggested that since Kimo got a chance to suck on my cock that it was only fair that if he wanted to, he could go and lick Fran's pussy. He took full advantage of my offer and was quickly between Fran's legs with his face flush against my wife's crotch. I continued my oral pleasures of Fran's breasts and decided to use my free hand to massage, caress and pull on her other one giving special attention to her nipples. I have never seen Fran in this position before getting pleasured by me and another guy at the same time and us doing in on the beach out in the open surely added an extra level of excitement to what we were doing. Fran was the focus of our attention for about five minutes when she began to tremble from the orgasm that was building in her. Kimo sensed that she was on the verge of an orgasm and he increased his oral pleasuring sending her to the precipice and soon over the edge.

Fran roared into her orgasm as she bucked and shuddered from the waves of sexual release that took over he body. Like she always does, she let out a number of moans and screams as her legs tensed up followed by her kicking and bucking like a wild horse. She ran her hands through her hair clinching her eyes closed as she let out her audible confirmation of her orgasm. Kimo somehow managed to keep his face between her legs as she came allowing him to concentrate his oral pleasures on her clit sending her higher and higher though her orgasm. When she couldn't take it any more, she used her hands to push Kimo's face away from her pussy allowing her to close her legs. Even though he couldn't directly use his hand or tongue, Kimo pressed on the fleshy area right above her pussy helping to extend Fran's orgasm as long as she could hold it. I love watching my wife feel that way and Kimo surely seemed like he knew how to make the most of it.

Fran took a few moments to come down from the high of her orgasm and she laid there in the afterglow soaking in the bliss that she had felt. She told me that she wanted to tell me something but it was clear that she wanted to keep it just between us two wanting me to bring my ear close to her mouth. When I got my ear next to her, she told me that she wanted to invite Kimo back to our hotel room She said that since we both had enjoyed the massages that Kimo gave us, she wanted to see if he'd be willing to join us in our room to continue our play. I told Fran if that's what she wanted I'd ask. We both asked Kimo if he wanted to join us for more fun and he agreed. The three of us gathered our belongings and made our way to our cars. We gave Kimo the name of our hotel and he told us he'd meet us there. We got in our cars and made our way back to Waikiki. As we began driving back, Fran and I began to talk about what our expectations were about what we were going to do with Kimo.

It began as usual and I assumed that it'd be your typical encounter involving two guys and a woman... the two guys working on the woman with her as the center of attention. However, I was surprised when Fran asked me if I would consider engaging in sexual play with Kimo. "I want to see you and Kimo engage in bisexual play. He's already sucked on your dick, I want to see you suck on his." Fran began. "I also want to see if you'd be willing to let him have anal sex with you too!" she continued. From there, Fran went on to describe what she was hoping that I would do with Kimo in our hotel room. I admit that hearing what Fran's request was a little much for me and I told her that I really wasn't sure if I was ready to go to that point. I replied, "I will admit that having him suck on my dick was pleasurable for sure.... but I don't know if I'm ready to suck on a guy...... I'll have to see honey! Things would have to be just right.... I'll think about it and if the situation is right, I might give it a try." The rest of the forty-five minute drive to our hotel was strangely quiet. As we parked our car, Fran looked at me and told me, "This is like a second honeymoon for us.... We're thousands of miles from home and no one will ever find out what we have and will do... take a chance honey!"

As we planned, Fran headed up to the room to get things ready for Kimo to arrive and I waited for him in the lobby. I had been thinking about what Fran had requested and things were racing through my mind as to how far I'd be willing to give this bisexual thing a try. I had been waiting about twenty minutes when Kimo arrived looking all cleaned up and wearing a pair of jeans and an aloha shirt, looking sharp. We shook hands and we made our way to the elevator. I noticed Kimo had a bottle of wine with him along with a small brown paper bag. After the elevator closed he mentioned that he overheard Fran and I talk about our favorite wine so he bought a bottle for us to share. Then he reached in the bag and showed me that he had purchased a box of rubbers and lube. I thanked him for his consideration and it was about that point when the elevator to our floor opened. We made the walk to our room and there once again there was an awkward silence between Kimo and I. I guess neither of us was really sure of what would be happening that night.

Kimo and I entered the room and I gave him one of the chairs that accompanied the small round table and we both grabbed a seat. The door to the bathroom was closed and Fran was still in there doing whatever she was doing. When the door finally opened, she came out wearing a very sexy looking lingerie outfit. She was rocking a red corset made of lace and satin, it was snug on her torso but the part that held her tits but only covered the lower half holding my wife's luscious 36C breasts up and propping them seductively out. On her lower half, Fran wore a matching red thong and red thigh-high stockings. To compliment her outfit, she had on a pair of patent leather red stiletto pumps that absolutely screamed "fuck me!" She turned around showing the her back side and gave us both a wiggle tempting us with her seductive beauty.

She made her way to the bed with Kimo on one side and I on the other. She invited Kimo to her first and he got to the bed kneeling on the edge and began to kiss Fran deeply. The two of them kissed for several moments when Fran looked at me then signaled for me to join her and Kimo. I got to the bed and assumed my place on her other side when she leaned over and began to kiss me. As I kissed her, I watched as Kimo's hands began to caress and rub my wife's milky white breasts popping up from the corset. For the next couple of minutes, Fran alternated kissing me then Kimo and then back. Kimo and I took turns feeling my wife's tits as she made out with the two of us. At one point while I was Fondling Fran, she began taking off Kimo's shirt. This got him to speed up the process and he was soon dropping his jeans allowing his cock to press against his boxer brief underwear. Fran reached into his shorts and began tugging at his dick in his shorts turning her attention to him as she resumed kissing Kimo. As they went at it, I took the liberty to pull off my shirt and dropping my shorts. It didn't take long before both Kimo and I were on the bed next to my wife butt naked with our dicks pointing directly at her in the middle.

Fran seeing the two erect penises pointing at her, she took full advantage of the situation and dropped to her knees on the floor to the point where she had our dicks in front of her face. She took our cocks and brought them to her mouth and began sucking on the heads going from one to the other. She gazed up at the two of us and gave us a sinister looking smile. She asked us to stand up and face the other, she then brought the heads of our dicks together so they were touching and brought them to her mouth. She pulled our still touching dicks from her mouth and I saw that the heads were covered in her saliva. Fran seeing the well lubes heads began rubbing them against each other circling one around the other. Although this was a strange feeling for me, seeing how it caused Fran's face to light up got me to let her continue to do what she wished. This went on for a few moments when she signaled us to stand next to each other. Once we had gotten where she wanted us, she again grabbed our dicks and this time she did her best to hold them together side-by-side stroking the paired cocks in unison. She gave us a couple of strokes then took the two dicks in her mouth as much as she could. With Kimo and I both having dicks about the same size at about 7in each and decent girth to them, Fran was able to get a little more than the two heads in her mouth. My wife seemed to be having a blast with Kimo and I so I decided to just roll with where things were going. This dual cock blowjob that Fran was giving went on for several minutes when she told us how she wanted to hopefully see things go form there.

Fran asked me if there was any chance of seeing me suck on Kimo's dick and I told her that I didn't know if I was ready to go there but if things got really hot and intense, I might consider it. Then she asked me if there was any chance of watching me and Kimo have anal sex with each other. I don't know why I said what I did but for some strange reason, my reply was "I'm willing to try if Kimo is......!" The very moment I said that I realized what I had just said and was afraid that I made a commitment that I might not be ready to up hold. From there things got really strange yet as it turned out, it was actually very enjoyable.

Fran got into the center of the bed on all fours and she was now facing Kimo. I had a clear view of Fran's wet and dripping pussy begging to get penetrates. I made my way up to her and grabbed the shaft of my dick and guided the head of it brushing it against my wife's pussy. I had accumulated a decent amount of her juices on the head of my cock and continued to slide it the entire length of her love slit teasing her. It was about that point where she looked over her shoulder and scolded me about what I was doing to her, "Stop teasing me..... shove that dick in me and fuck me!" As soon as she said that, she reached for Kimo's cock and devoured it with her mouth engulfing it all with relative ease. I put the head of my dick at the entrance to her pussy and eased the first half of my dick in her. She is usually wet but with her being the center of attention she was wetter than I had ever remembered and I easily slid into her warm and tight cunt. I began to fuck my wife with a steady pace as she used her hand to help her give Kimo a blowjob as I proceeded to fuck her. The three of us had been going at it for a couple of minutes when I realized that Fran was now enjoying her first ever "spit roast" and she was now looking like one of those starlets we'd seen in the videos.

We went at it like this for a few minutes when Fran flipped around now facing me and affording Kimo a chance to fuck her while sucking on me. With my cock covered in her juices, she took my cock in her mouth and began sucking one me. She had barely gotten my cock in her mouth when her body began to bounce forward and back. I quickly realized she was now being banged by Kimo. Her eyes gazed lovingly at me as she was clearly in a state of complete sexual bliss getting her first ever feel of another dick other than mine shoved in her. She closed her eyes and allowed the thrusting from Kimo to dictate the motion of her going up and down on my dick. Fran began to let out moans of pleasure as she took the two dicks in both ends of her. My wife really seemed to be relishing what Kimo and I were doing to her and it was clear she wanted more. Kimo fucked Fran from the rear for several minutes when he pulled his dick out then moved around so he was kneeling next to me offering his dick to Fran. Once again, Fran went at sucking on the two cocks alternating between mine and Kimo's. I loved watching my wife act like a slut Seeing her like this sent me to a place I had never been before... I was willing to do anything to please her and make her happy.......

After sucking on Kimo and me for a bit, Fran looked up at me and again asked me if I'd consider sucking on Kimo's dick. In that moment of lust and desire, I told her that I'd give it a try. "You know I love the taste of your pussy.... Why don't you let me clean your juices off his dick ." I said, then in the second or two after it hit me..... I just agreed to suck on another guy's dick, what the fuck did I just do?!?! Hearing that, Fran spun herself around and offered her pussy to Kimo and he quickly drove his dick deep in my wife. He slid his dick in and out of her a couple of times then Fran pulled herself off. I gazed at Kimo's cock and it was covered in a sheen of Fran's pussy juices. Fran grabbed Kimo's dick with one hand and the back of my head with the other. She kissed me deeply and slid her tongue into my mouth then she pulled herself away and gave me one last beg to watch me suck on Kimo. The look in her eyes sent me into a trance of sorts and I lost all resistance as she guided my head to Kimo's cock. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth, the scent of Kimo's cock covered in my wife's pussy juices had me lost for that instant then I felt it.... I felt the tip of Kimo's cock against my lips. He slid his dick into my mouth and I focused on the taste of Fran's pussy trying to not focus on the fact that I had another guy's dick in my mouth. Hungry for my wife's juices as I was, I found myself greedily taking more and more of Kimo into my mouth desperately trying to get as much of Fran's juices into my mouth.

Lost in the realization that I had another guy's dick in my mouth, I soon felt the small puff of pubes that Kimo had over the shaft of his cock against my nose and in that instant I realized that I had his entire cock in my mouth. I pulled myself off leaving just his head in me and I felt Fran's hand pushing my head back down. I released my fight and allowed her to guide me onto Kimo again. With little to no "taste" left on his cock the reality that I had a guy's dick in my mouth was now overtaken by the realization that it actually felt.... good! I pulled myself off of Kimo this time completely dislodging his dick from my mouth and I leaned up and gave Fran a kiss on her lips. I saw the utter delight in her eyes getting to see me suck on Kimo and she again tried to guide my head back down onto Kimo but this time I told her, "I got it honey.....!" On my own, I went in on Kimo and took his cock in my mouth with no help from Fran. As I began to willingly suck on Kimo, my mind raced thinking about what felt good to me trying to do to him the things that I liked done to me. I went at it for a couple of minutes savoring the feel of Kimo's dick in my mouth. I ran my tongue along the bottom of his shaft feeling his veins and the contour and texture of his cock in my mouth.

I was really starting to enjoy having his cock in my mouth when I heard Fran ask Kimo if he'd suck on me at the same time. I saw him give Fran a kiss on her cheek then he directed me to lie on my side. He turned his body opposing me now having our cocks at the other guy's face. Kimo took my dick in his mouth first and I quickly followed. Here I was engaged in my first ever 69 with a guy and I was enjoying it....! Out of the corner of my eye I could see that Fran was leaning against the headboard with her legs spread wide open. She was caressing and playing with her nipples with one hand while she was running and playing with her pussy with her other. My wife was loving what she was watching so much she was masturbating to Kimo and me. Seeing how horny it made Fran, it made me want to give her all that she wanted...... I allowed myself to get lost in the new found pleasure that I was in the midst of the 69 I was sharing with another guy.

Kimo and I had gotten lost in giving and receiving blowjobs from the other for a while when Fran chimed in that she wanted to get in on the action. Not really sure what she meant by that Kimo and I broke our 69 and Fran jumped in the middle of us and her face was now right next to mine with Kimo's cock standing up straight between us. My wife leaned in and gave me a deep and passionate kiss with our lips mere inches from Kimo's dick. Slowly, Fran worked us towards Kimo and we soon had his cock between our lips. Realizing what she wanted I joined her as we gave Kimo a double blowjob with our mouths on either side of him. We worked his cock in unison sometimes together while other times one worked his shaft while the other his head. Fran and I worked him like this together for several minutes when Kimo voiced that he was on the verge of blowing his load. Much to my surprise, Fran pulled away as she told him she had plans for him. With Kimo's cock free, she got him to join her and I was now the focus of an amazing double blowjob! I quickly realized how Kimo got sent to the verge of his orgasm as it took only a minute or so before I too was on the verge of blowing my own load.

Fran had gotten Kimo and I revved up and on the verge of an amazing orgasm and then she revealed what she had hoped to see next. Fran expressed that she wanted to see if Kimo and I would be open to fucking the other in the ass while she finished off the one getting fucked with her mouth. Kimo quickly responded that he was game and I realized how my wife was enjoying watching me explore the realm of bisexual play so I told her I was also up to it. I had never had anything more than the occasional finger from my doctor up my ass so I wasn't sure how it'd be taking Kimo's 7in plus dick up my ass. Knowing that I have the ability to cum and recover quickly Fran told me that she wanted to see me get fucked in my ass first to which I obliged. Kimo apparently had done this before and guided me into position.

There I was on my knees with my ass high in the air with my cheeks spread open. I felt Kimo apply some lube to my ass as he began to play with the entrance to my ass with his finger. Little by little he eased his finger in me and he told me that I needed to relax. Over the next couple of minutes, he slowly worked his entire finger in me getting me to relax and accept this new feeling. Kimo slowly began to slide his finger in and out of my ass and as he did this, I could feel myself begin to relax my ass allowing him to finger my ass with greater ease. He had been doing this to me for several minutes when he said he was going to begin putting his dick in me. I felt Fran's hands on my cock and I soon felt the head of Kimo's dick brushing against my ass. Realizing what I was about to endure, I tensed up. Fran and Kimo encouraged me to relax to allow Kimo to penetrate me. I slackened my ass just enough and then I felt it..... Kimo was able to slide the head of his dick into my virgin ass. The initial discomfort of his dick in my ass caused me to again tense up. Kimo paused and waited till I slackened my ass before he eased more of his dick in me.

It took me several minutes of Kimo easing inch after inch in me before he was able to get his entire cock in me. When I realized that he had finally gotten all of his dick in my ass I took a deep breath and let out a sigh that was a combination of slight pain and relief, surely more on the slight pain side of things. Kimo took his time and over the next several minutes as he worked his ass in and out of me. As I relaxed more and more getting used to the feel of his dick in me, his pace got quicker and quicker. When he began going at me with little to no effort, he told Fran that he thought I was ready to get finished off. He pulled his dick out of me and he laid on the bed next to me. He directed me to straddle his cock allowing myself to slide down on him impaling myself. Once again, it took several minutes to get through that initial awkwardness as I slowly guided Kimo's dick into my ass. When I was able to get all of him in me, he directed me to ease myself up several inches which would allow him to fuck me from below. I eased myself up and leaned backwards resting on my arms. With me in this position, my dick was standing straight up as Kimo began to fuck my ass.

Seeing my dick standing straight up, Fran got between my bent knees and began to suck on my dick as Kimo fucked my ass! OMFG!!!! I could not believe the level of complete sexual ecstasy that I had had gotten launched into. To combination of Kimo's dick in my ass and Fran sucking on me at the same time catapulted me to the verge of an orgasm faster than ever. I announced to Fran and Kimo that I was about to cum and that sent the two of them into overdrive. Kimo began to pump my ass with complete reckless abandonees which sent me into the most amazing orgasm that I had ever felt. Sensing that I was going to explode, Fran increased her intensity of her sucking and she pulled on my balls hoping to prolong my pleasure but that really didn't help. I screamed that I was cumming and I felt the first ribbon of my cum launch into Fran’s mouth. That first surge got her eyes to light up as the second and third waves of my cum shot into her mouth. My wife tried hard to keep all of my semen in her as I released all of my jizz in her mouth. I watched as Fran swallowed the contents of what was in her mouth, but with the incredible build up, those first several surges turned out to only be the beginning. I had one of the most explosive orgasms I had ever had launching what seemed to be a gallon of cum into my wife's wanting mouth. When she had taken the last shots of my cum in her mouth, she pulled her mouth off of my spent cock and showed me her mouth half filled with cum. She closed her mouth and swallowed. Fran opened her mouth showing me that it was empty!

With my cock limp and recovering from the most amazing and incredible orgasm I had ever experienced, I desperately wanted to get a chance to return the favor to Kimo and fuck his ass while Fran sucked him off. Kimo had pulled his dick from my ass and the initial freedom my ass felt was amazing in itself. As my ass recovered form its first ever fucking, Fran began to try to revive my dick by lightly stroking it. Kimo headed to the bathroom to wash his dick off, and Fran and I spooned together basking in the afterglow of what had just happened. In the few moments we had with just the two of us, Fran told me that after the three of us were finished, she had more in store for just the two of us after Kimo left. She even whispered to me that before our final night in Hawaii, we were going to find a woman to bring back to our room... my wife said that it was only fair that if she got to have her fantasy, it was only fair that I'd get mine too. Kimo had been cleaning himself off for several minutes and by the time he returned, my cock was well on its way for another round.

Kimo and Fran went back to giving me an amazing double blowjob and that got me back to a full hard-on in no time at all. With me fully erect, Kimo got into position for me to fuck him. Much like how he entered me, I went through the same process beginning with my finger then progressing to getting a chance to ease my dick in him. The incredible feel of my dick up Kimo's ass was unlike any feeling I had ever felt. His ass was well lubed but the feel of the walls of his ass gripping my dick was a feeling that is incredible. I could feel Kimo relax to the point where I could pump him easier and before long I was going at him at a decent pace. As I thrusted into him, the sound of my lap slapping against his ass got louder and it soon became synchronized with the moans that he made. I fucked Kimo's ass for a few minutes when I realized that the snug fit of his ass was putting me on the verge of another orgasm. I wanted him to have the same amazing feel of getting his ass fucked as Fran sucked him off so I pulled my dick out and moved to the center of the bed.

As I had done a few minutes ago, Kimo straddled himself over my dick but where I faced his feet, Kimo opted to face me. He gripped my shoulders and began to lower himself onto my dick easing me into his ass. It was clear that Kimo had done this before because he was able to impale himself on my dick with relative ease. His ass cheeks were now resting on my lap with my entire dick up his ass. His dick was standing straight up begging for a release. Kimo bean to ease himself up and down on my dick and I watched his cock flop up and down in unison with his motions. He had ridden me for a couple of thrusts when Fran moved in to suck on him. I watched as Fran engulfed his dick with her mouth and that sight alone almost set me off. I tried to divert my attention hoping I could last till Kimo blew his load. But I really wasn't sure I'd last that long....

I closed my eyes and thought of something other than the incredible feeling I was experiencing at that moment. I kept my pace of pumping in and out of Kimo and hoped that I could somehow outlast him. I felt the urge to explode hit me like a freight train and I stopped my thrusts with me deep in Kimo and just when I thought I couldn't hold off any more, I heard Kimo let out his grunt and low scream that he was going to cum. I kept my dick deep in Kimo and opened my eyes to see what Fran was going to do. My wife quickly pulled herself off of Kimo and grabbed his cock with her hands and began to stroke him. Still balls deep in Kimo I watched as the first stream of Kimo's cum shot all over Fran's tits. She kept up her frantic stroking of Kimo getting him to launch stream after stream of his white sticky goo all over her breasts. As Fran milked the last drops of cum out of Kimo I gave Kimo one last out then in and that was all I could handle. I was now blowing my cum up Kimo's ass. I held my cock in him as hard as I could feeling surge after surge of my seed getting deposited in Kimo. Just as Fran finished milking the last of Kimo's cum onto her tits my limping cock was forced out of Kimo. I watched as I pulled my cock from Kimo. It was covered in lube and cum. Kimo reached around and grabbed my dick and milked the last remnants of my cum out.

Fran was sitting there with Kimo's cum all over her tits and she began to use her fingers to smear his mess all over her. She looked at Kimo and I and requested that we help her clean herself off. Kimo went right in and began kissing and lapping up his own cum from Fran's right tit. I hesitantly leaned in and Fran offered me a finger covered in Kimo's cum and she put it in my mouth. I tasted the familiar taste of musky cum on her finger and for an instant forgot that it belonged to another guy.... His taste was no different than mine so I leaned in an began to lick and lap my wife's left tit cleaning off Kimo's white gooy mess. Kimo was far more into cleaning up his own mess than was I but Fran sensed that I was not really "all in" on her request so she ended up "helping" me as she used her fingers to aid in the cleaning of her chest. When we had gotten most of Kimo's cum cleaned off of Fran, the three of us collapsed on the bed. I was on one side of Fran with my face next to hers and Kimo was on the other side with his head leaning on her torso next to her tits. We laid there for a while basking in the post sex glow of an amazing time. Kimo finally got up and gave Fran a kiss on her cheek then thanked me for a wonderful time. He gathered his things, dressed and made his way out of our room. After Kimo left, Fran and I fell fast asleep and woke sometime around noon the next day.

What we experienced that night was something that I thought I'd never do.... but once I allowed myself to enjoy the pleasures of playing with Fran AND another guy I was pleasantly surprised at how enjoyable it actually was. Thanks to that experience, I now have been able to enjoy the wonders of sharing Fran with other men both in heterosexual and bisexual encounters. Our last night in Hawaii, Fran made good on her promise and we met a young local girl who was a hula dancer at this luau that we went to. We invited her back to our room and had an amazing night with her, maybe Fran will write about that night and send in her story for you all to read and enjoy. Thanks to our trip to Hawaii, both Fran and I enjoy playing with both men and women.

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