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A Special Massage

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I'm an early 40s single dad who has shared a few stories on here before. I have played bisexually for a few years but experienced something different a couple of weeks ago. I was alone at home as the kids were at the grandparents for the night. It had been a brutal couple of weeks with work and life and I was stressed to the max. I needed some relief and needed to relax. I called the spa where I usually get a massage but there were no appointments available. I figured since it was last minute. I asked the girl at the desk if she knew of anywhere else I could get one assuming she?d say no since she didn?t want to send me to a competitor. She actually said she did but it was a guy. I have never had a guy massage me before but figured since I needed a deep one that it would be okay. She even said that he?d come to my house and actually preferred it that way. My cock jumped when she said that and I was thinking to myself, ?What are you getting yourself into?? But I took his number and then after debating it for 30 minutes, I called.

Matt was very professional on the phone and said that he didn?t have anything planned the rest of the day and could come over whenever. I asked if 8pm was okay since I needed to take care of a few things beforehand. He said no problem and I gave him my address. After getting the weekend stuff out of the way and eating a light dinner, I don?t know why I did this but I showered completely and shaved cleaning everything up; cock, balls and asshole. Something in the back of my head was controlling me. When Matt got to the house, I invited him in and showed him to the family room. He set up the massage table and we talked a little just introducing ourselves and taking about what kind of massage I wanted. He was dressed in white cotton pants liked you?d see at a Caribbean resort and a tight t-shirt that showed off a muscular body. When I mentioned that I really needed a complete body massage that would work all of my muscles, I got a little look from Matt. It was very quick but I caught it. Now my mind was going nuts thinking more than a massage might be on the table. Now, I?ve been with guys before and I enjoy the bi-side of my sex life. But I?ve never been with just a guy. There has always been a woman in the room or involved in the act. So this would be something completely different and I?m not sure how I would feel about it.

After getting everything ready, Matt excused himself from the room to allow me to undress and get under the sheet. He said I could dress however I felt comfortable and as usual I got naked. I?ve never been worried about getting aroused during a massage because it?s never been an option for anything other than the massage where I usually go. But I can?t get away from the feeling that Matt was giving me that look for a reason. And neither can my cock as it?s slightly aroused as I lie on my stomach. I yell to Matt that I?m ready and he comes back into the room and starts the massage. Everything goes normally with him starting at my shoulders and working down. He spends a long time on my shoulders and back as that?s usually where most of my tension is. Matt then works one of my arms and lets it fall down off the table hanging down. My hand brushes Matt?s leg and I don?t move it away. I don?t do anything though; it just rests against his leg. Matt then replaces my arm against my side and moves to the other arm. This time when my arm is left to hang, it runs down Matt?s thigh to his knee to his calf. When he brings it back up, I actually bend my arm so it runs back up his leg and I actually feel the back of his thigh and his ass. With my head in the headrest I can?t see his reaction but I think I heard a little sigh from him.

Matt then covers me back up and starts on my legs. As he works them he asks if it?s okay to massage my glutes. I tell him yes it?s okay and I say, ?Remember I need a full body massage.? He says, ?Oh yes, I remember. I was just checking.? When Matt starts to massage my ass, a shockwave hits my body. I have no idea what?s going on cuz like I said before, I?ve never been with just a guy and never thought I would. But as he is massaging my ass, my cock is hardening. Matt massages the other leg and my other ass cheek and then he asks me to turn over as he pulls the headrest out. I?m very hesitant to turn over because I?ll reveal my hard-on. But as I start to roll over I look at Matt and see that he?s rock hard and sticking straight out from his pants. He starts to apologize and before I even figure out what he?s saying I lay down so he can see me. He then half laughs and says, ?Never mind. I was going to be a little embarrassed.? He then surprises me and says, ?Would it be okay if I removed the sheet all together?? I then surprise myself and say, ?Sure and please get as comfortable as you want.? When the words leave my mouth I know I?ve committed to fucking him tonight. Matt thanks me and removes the sheet and then his clothes. So I?m lying on my back on a massage table completely naked with my 7 ½ cock rock hard getting massaged by a man who is completely naked with a nice looking 8 ? 8 ½ cock that is rock hard.

When I shake my head a little and let out a sigh/laugh, Matt says, ?What?? I say, ?Didn?t expect this tonight.? He says, ?Neither did I.? I let him continue the massage but it becomes more foreplay than a massage. As he reaches over and massages my chest, his cock presses against me; hits my head and my shoulders. I ask him to move down and massage from this side. When he does this, I grab his cock and hold it in my hand playing with it. Nothing is said about it and of course he doesn?t stop me. But soon he gets out of reach. After finishing what would be a normal massage Matt says, ?You did say a full body massage correct?? I say, ?Yes I did.? He smiles a little and says, ?Well, there are two muscles that I haven?t massaged yet but they require special attention that cannot be done on the table.? I say, ?I understand. Follow me.? Matt grabs his massage lotion and follows me upstairs to my bedroom. When we walk in, I turn around and kneel and say, ?Me first. You?ve earned it and I want to thank you for a wonderful massage.? Matt doesn?t stop me and I slide my mouth down his shaft taking his full length into my mouth. He lets out a guttural moan as I deep throat him and then I slide off his cock and say, ?Don?t hold back. I want it and I want it now.? I suck his cock hard and fast with only one goal in mind; to make him cum deep down my throat as fast as I can.

After only a couple of minutes, I reach up and grab his hands and bring them to the side of my head. I then hold his hips and stop moving. Matt knows exactly what to do and begins pumping his cock into my mouth fucking my face. He even starts talking; ?Oh fuck yes. Take my cock. Oh fuck. That?s it. Take it all as I fuck you mouth. Make me cum. Make me explode in your mouth. Oh fuck yes. Here it comes.? Again a guttural moan escapes his mouth and when it does, Matt explodes in my mouth shooting stream after steam of hot cum into my mouth and down my throat. I swallow every drop of it and as I suck him dry it?s only then that I realize that I actually moved my hand to his ass and was playing with his asshole as he came. I stand up and he says, ?When you stuck your finger against my asshole, I was done. That felt so fucking good. So after I?m done taking care of those two muscles of yours, I want you to take care of one more for me.? Matt doesn?t wait for a response; he just pushes me down on my back on my bed. He then leans his head down and nearly swallows my cock. After only 1 minute of sucking, he pulls off and starts stroking it saying, ?Well we should really work this muscle as it seems very tense and need of relief. But how should I work it? With my hands or my mouth?? I say almost pleading, ?Your mouth. Your mouth.? Matt just says, ?Okay? and deep throats me again. I?m not sure if I cum quicker than he did but it seems just as fast. And I?m very aware that he has his finger knuckle deep in my ass when I explode into his mouth. Matt swallows every drop of my cum down as I did to him and when he pulls off of my cock, I see is ready to go again.

I say, ?Stand up by the bed.? I then move to the edge of the bed, pull my legs out and back, look at him and say, ?Fuck my ass Matt. Please fuck my ass.? Matt quickly applies lotion to my asshole and his cock and pushes his nice, big, fat cock deep inside me. I don?t slow him as my ass almost pulls him in. He looks down at me, smiles and says, ?Guess you?ve done this before. And with a cock this big.? I just look at him and say, ?Fuck me. Hard. Give me that cock Matt. Work that last muscle of mine.? And he does. Matt plows my ass. He pounds me hard and then harder. He pulls his cock almost completely out and then impales me with it again. Over and over again Matt fucks my ass. Since we?ve both just cum, I know he?s going to fuck me for a while. So we change positions with him pounding me doggie style and me riding his cock. But I like it the best when I can watch him pound me so we finish back where we started. Matt is now holding my legs like I?m a little whore and when I can sense he?s about to cum, I say, ?All over me. Just pull out and shoot it all over me. Give it me Matt. Give me your cum.? He pulls out just in time and unleashes just as much cum as he did the first time. He shoots it up to my face and on my chest and stomach. He pushes back into my ass and shoots the last two shots up my asshole. When I look at my cock, it?s twitching and leaking pre-cum like crazy. I have to concentrate really hard to calm myself down from cumming.

And it doesn?t help when Matt slides out of my ass and then proceeds to lick his own cum from my body. He scoops up some with his fingers and feeds them to me. When all of his cum has been cleaned from my body, I?m so fucking ready to cum I?m worried I?m going to spend like 2 seconds in his ass. I?m not sure why I?m so jacked up with just doing Matt. I guess it?s the taboo side of finally having just a male-male experience. Matt doesn?t wait for us to come down from his orgasm. With me still lying on my back, he pushes me to the middle of the bed and while lubing up my cock with lotion, he applies some to his ass and then sits right down on my cock. ?Oh fuck? we both scream. We then do the same to him as we did to me. I fuck his ass hard in multiple positions; him riding me, doggie style on the bed and with him bent over the bed and me pounding him with him on his back. We end back where we started with him riding me. And with Matt screaming, ?Cum in my ass. Oh fuck yes. Fill my ass with your cum. Oh do it. Do it now. Cum for me.? I then explode shooting what feels like a gallon of cum deep into Matt?s ass. Matt is jerking his cock hard in front of me and I can see pre-cum leaking from it onto my stomach. I can?t believe he?s about to cum for a third time so quickly. I can see how close he is and with my orgasm about over I say, ?In my mouth. Bring it to me.?

Matt slides off my cock and pushes his into my mouth. Twice in a hour, I greedily take his load down my throat swallowing every drop. As I?m sucking him, I can feel my cum dripping out of his ass onto my chest. And when I?m finished with his cock, Matt licks up every drop of my cum. We then go downstairs and he dresses and put his massage table away. I pay him for the massage even though he tries to refuse. He then tells me that his finance is the woman I talked to at the spa and she?s a masseuse too. He continues and says that they give a mean double massage but they only do that in their home. He finally ends with, ?And the special part at the end is even better than just me.? I just booked an appointment with them for next weekend. I cannot wait.

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