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A new adventure

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I was off on a trip for a week without my wife. The boss had sent me to a pretty remote place. Nothing but a phone and a television, no cable no internet. I had been gone for 5 days already and I was getting a bit horny. My wife, the light of my life, was at home and attending to all the chores, shopping and stuff that happens during the week. So far calls to her daily showed she was more than capable of handling all those mundane day to day things. No worries! Tomorrow I would be heading home. Enough of the mountain man life, a short ride in one of the company jeeps to the airport then a hop to Bozeman airport to get on an airline flight home to Florida. I was ready and it showed when I woke up with a boner! That rarely happens at home and if it does my sexy wife takes care of it in any way she desires. She gets as horny as I do during these business trips so it all works out the first chance we get to be alone. This time I would not get home until around 8 in the morning. Off I went into the blue, napping all the way and changing planes once it was all on schedule. Looks like I would be home in time for a nooner with her! Somewhere along the flight I fell asleep and when I woke it was dark, and for some reason we were on the ground and everyone was still on board. Seems a storm had moved in at our next stop so we made an impromptu stop at an airport barely big enough for our jet to land on. We were sitting on the plane and the attendants were serving free food and drinks as a comp for the delay. Some of the folks were upset but I was not. We were safe on the ground and being fed, although it was airline food and not a lot of it. I had one cocktail and tried to sleep more. For some reason I woke up from a deep sleep to the sounds of people moving about. I soon realized I was at another airport. I had slept through take off, landing and now was debarking. I grabbed my carry on and joined the throng of folks flowing out the door. As I got to the doorway I knew I was not yet home. No tunnel for getting off the plane here, a set of steps were in place. As we all carefully got off the plane, we were herded into a building. It was a modern building and it's one big room was almost full. We all took a seat on folding chairs as we waited to see what was happening. After about a half hour we were told to be ready to spend the night. No, not in this room, in a local hotel. The storms are still raging and all area airspace was shut down. Onto the old school bus we went. Several school buses actually. We trundled down the road to a rather large old-fashioned hotel. About 4 stories tall, probably built in the late 5­0's or so. We were told that because of the situation that we would have at least one room mate. Great, headed home and now this. I found my room and dumped my carry on bag. Then headed to the restaurant to see if the airlines had just transferred their food to the hotel. Turns out that they didn't. I treated myself to a nice ribeye steak, medium rare if it matters, with a side of baked potato. A cold beer topped off my meal. I was relaxing fast and knew I would fall asleep easily. We had been told that tomorrow looked like normalcy would return and we could finish our flight. I smiled as I thought of my wife and how she and I would celebrate being together after the long week. I unlocked the door, undressed and headed for the shower. I was rinsing off when I heard the door to the room open. I dried off and wrapped a towel around myself as I went into the room. Much to my surprise, my room mate was there and SHE was staring at me. I simply said hello and asked if she would mind turning around while I got dressed. She smiled and turned away. I explained that I did not know my roomie would be a woman and she said she was also surprised to find a man in her room. We laughed a bit and introduced ourselves. She was not married at the moment and was on her way to a resort in South Florida. A singles resort with entertainment, lots of folks there, most single and ready to mingle. I was wondering about the entertainment that would be provided but said nothing We finished unpacking, set alarms for early morning and went to sleep, each hoping for the best in the morning.

When I awoke it was still fairly early although sunshine was filling the room. I had to use the bathroom really bad but heard the shower running. I knocked and asked if I could come in to use the facilities and she said, yes of course. I entered did my business and left. I got dressed as she came into the room. She had a towel around herself like I had the evening before. I noted that she definitely had an attractive body. Curvy but not like a movie star kind of curvy. Her curves were all natural from what I could see. She smiled and turned her back to me “So, if you are done drooling, would you mind picking up my shoes from the other side of the room for me? I nodded and complied. When I took her shoes to her she had donned a set of panties that hid nothing and had the towel round her shoulders like a shawl. No hidden parts there either. Her towel was moving with her body and giving me sights of some beautiful breasts. Her smile when she finally spoke again, told me she knew I was ogling her body. “See anything you like?” I nodded as I was unable to speak at the moment. Anything you missed let me know and you can take another look if you like. I'm a pretty open girl and being part of the single mingling scene, I am not at all afraid of being seen. And doing some natural things.” Dumbfounded, I nodded again and my mind started wandering. Wandering from her beautiful red hair to her very pretty breasts and to the fine red hair on her vagina. Her wonderful butt was also taking a toll on my imagination. I must have been salivating some because when she said “If you want to good look just tell me. I figure my roomie can take a long hard look if he wants to! What could I say? What could I do? I'm a married man. HAPPILY married man. Wife that loves me I love her. She is my perfect woman! She caters to my wishes immediately with no argument. (OK one little on-going argument about me sliding my hard dick into her very tight bottom,, but that isn't worth mentioning). As she started to demonstrate how freely she shows herself, I felt something happening rapidly in my pants. It's been over a week since my wife gave me a good bye. have good trip fuck. and sent me off to the airport with a blowjob. So I guess I was feeling the effects of not having sex for a week or more! My roomie continued teasing me with bending and stretching for a bit. Then as she sat down and relaxed in the only chair she looked directly at me and opened her legs. As I gazed at the beautiful pussy covered in a fine red fur, she asked if I wanted to taste her. “I'm a bit horny today because of this flight delay. I was planning on having been fucked and sucked at lest 3 times by now. How about I suck your cock and you eat my pussy?” How could I respond without pissing her off? To make the story short, I said HELL YES and practically dived into that delicious looking pussy face first! She wiggled and squealed as I licked and fingered her holes. Tongue in pussy and finger up her shapely butt, She moaned and shoved her pussy tighter to my mouth. I was absolutely loving her taste and her aggressiveness! Only one time had my wife been that horny and that was a couple years ago. I kept licking and sucking this redhead cunt with all the enthusiasm of an 18 year old virgin!! Finally she pushed my head back and laid me on my back. My dick was standing tall and hard. She stroked me a bit then smiled at me as she took me deep in her mouth in one motion. No gagging no messing around, just deep throated me. I was loving it when she took a break and asked “can you cum more than once?” I moaned that with her mouth, pussy and ass available I definitely could and would use all holes she offered! Soon she was swallowing my load of cum. I blew a load that had been held up for a week! She never missed a drop, she sucked and swallowed till my cock was going limp and not a drop of cum missed her belly. I love a woman who sucks and swallows all of it. Bonus if she gives me a big wet kiss after eating me clean! I did not have to ask this woman, she sucked swallowed and kissed me passionately with a bit of cum still in her mouth! We were both loving it. A knock on the door got our attention as we lay in bed naked after my second cum in her. This time up her beautiful cunt! The guy at the door said the airline is loading in one hour and please be ready to board the buss. We answered we would be there. My beautiful redhead cock sucking cum swallowing cunt filled with cum roomie smiled and asked “You up for another cum real fast?” I smiled and kissed her. To my surprise she got on hands and knees, sucked me hard and guided my cock into that beautiful ass! She seemed to be no stranger to anal so I went into her really easily. Her smile told me that she was enjoying it so I started pumping her fast and hard. Not long and she told me to “Cum up my ass baby I love feeling a cock in there when it cums! I quickly complied and after a little cleanup by us both, we took turns cleaning up the other by licking and sucking, we got a fast shower and quickly dressed. The bus was ready to go as we were last ones on board. As we pulled away some guys and a couple of the ladies were smirking at us. Guess no secret to what they thought, rightfully, what had held us up! If they only knew the whole of it! The bus ride was uneventful and the plane was quickly loaded and readied. Off we went to the wild gray yonder.

As we flew the redhead and I looked at each other and made each other a bit horny all over again with smiles and lip licking motions. I barely made it to the forward toilet before I felt I needed to cum. I held off and returned to my seat as the redhead was going to the rear of the plane. I knew there was a “stews only” area back there so my imagination worked overtime. As she returned her hair was a little out of place and her lipstick was smeared. Some lucky attendant, male or female had been lucky. I wished it was me.

Landing at the home airport, I passed through baggage claim and saw my wife waving. I hurried to her and gave her a big kiss. As we greeted each other the redhead passed by and said “have a great home coming!” My wife asked who that was and I told her one of the passengers I had sat with. My wife had me in the car and we were driving away when her hand grabbed my lap. I knew this would be a trip with a happy homecoming!

Back home and unpacked, we had a bite to eat and relaxed as we cuddled in front of the TV. My wife had a couple of drinks for dinner and I knew she was already horny. That was confirmed when I went to the kitchen and returned she grabbed my zipper and pulled it down and reached in for my dick. She easily found it. Semi hard as she touched it, soon it was in her mouth and hard as a rock. I quickly emptied my load in her mouth and felt her throat take all the cum. She pulled back and smiled as she said “must have been a lonely trip judging by how fast you filled my mouth!” I told her it was a lonely trip but she had made me very happy I am home. We took the fun to the bedroom.

She turned on the DVD player and started a disc. Porn of course. I was willing to bet she picked it out special for us. I was right. It was a cuckold tape. We had been talking about some cuckold play and she had decided to see if it was for us. We watched as a guy, the hubby, was licking his wife's pussy. It was oozing cum from a previous fucking. The other guy was standing near the bed with a semi hard cock still dripping a little cum. The woman sucked the man as her hubby ate the cum in her pussy. Everyone was smiling. The woman had brought her man to near climax and the stranger was now sporting a full 7 inch boner. She took hubby's head and guided his mouth to the now hard cock. He slowly took it into his mouth and then the woman shoved his face into the cock hard! He was gagging a bit but he took all of it. When the cock started to shoot she kept his head down on it. Then at the end she lifted his head in time to see the last squirt of cum shoot into her man's mouth. Then they kissed and took turns sucking the other mans cock. My wife asked what I thought of it and I told her the stranger got the best of that fucking! She nodded but told me “The hubby ate most of the cum. Would you do that for me?” I slowly considered the situation. Hubby sucking cum from the wife's cunt then sucking the cock to swallow more cum. I had never done either. I told her “Not sure but I am willing to give it a try!” She smiled and told me “tomorrow we can do that if you like.” I told her OK and then fucked her and filled her up. She loves that and so do I! When I pulled out my cum was still oozing from her fucked snatch. She grabbed my head and forced me down on her fuck hole full of cum. I tasted it and decided “what the hell, it's my own cum so why not?” I Surprised my wife by licking her fucked cunt clean. She moaned and squealed and shoved my face into her pussy so far I thought that if I die they will have to pull me out of her by the ears! She said it was marvelous and we could do that every time we fucked from now on. I smiled and kissed her. I was also wondering if another guys cum would taste like mine. I would find out the next day.

The day went quickly and my wife had contacted a guy who said he would be VERY HAPPY to let me suck his cock, eat his cum from her and lick her while he fucked and filled her! I was excited the rest of the day. Evening came and our guest arrived. He was a nice looking guy a bit taller than me by an inch or two and a little more in shape than me. But his cock was thicker than mine and only an inch longer. My wife wanted to start right out with my taking it in my hand. She saw my hesitation and reminded me that the whole point of the evening is to see her take the cock in her cunt and mouth and make him cum for me to eat from her and suck them both clean. I begrudgingly agreed and took his cock in my hand as she grabbed mine. We had already gotten to the bedroom and shed all our clothes. He was experienced, he admitted that he enjoyed sucking a cock and tasting cum now and then. She told me that he said he would love to fuck and fill her up. I got her on the bed on hands and knees with me under her in a 69 position. Our guest had his cock in her mouth and was hard and ready. I started licking her cunt as he got behind her and slid his cock into her wet hole. It slid into her and across my tongue. I kind of liked it. Then he started pumping into her. I was really enjoying this. My tongue on his cock and her cunt as they fucked gave me a taste of him and her that I had never had. I knew right then that if his cock accidentally slipped out that I would suck it for him. No sooner than I thought it that it happened. On purpose from what I could tell. He pulled out and aimed it right into my mouth. I took it all in one slurp. He pumped my mouth and I tasted all the precum and then he suddenly shot a load into my mouth! I was not shocked but was pleased. I had successfully made a guy cum in my mouth. My wife immediately kissed me tasting his cum and licking me clean. Soon it was my turn to cum. I got behind her and slid easily into her fucked pussy. I felt his hands and then mouth on my cock, I got rock hard as he licked me and her as we fucked. I knew I would not last long. He knew it too and made sure I got a good cum. He sucked and fingered her and pulled my cock into his mouth. I felt a tingle telling me it was not going to be long before I unloaded, wherever my cock was. She knew it too, she saw and felt the signs of my cum starting. She pulled away a bit to let my cock leave her wet, wide-open cunt! He was already licking me and immediately took me deep throat. As he sucked I knew this was going to be a good hot, hard cum. I was hoping he was hungry! When I moaned “I'm cuming” both he and my wife were ready! She rolled off a bit leaving him room to suck my entire cock. She got up real close to watch me shoot. I unloaded a big load. He swallowed and she licked up what escaped his mouth. Then she kissed me with my cum in her mouth. One of our favorite ways to end a fuck session. Surprising me some she told me to suck him more. He slid his now hard cock into my mouth as she helped him. He lasted only a few strokes when he came. My wife squealed and I swallowed. He was soon empty and she and I were swapping cum between us. He fell asleep as we played some more. When we all woke, it was daylight. We were all in the bed and both guys had hard cocks. My wife woke and took one in each hand. Soon we were both ready for more. She moved to sit on his hard cock and I watched as her greedy snatch swallowed it all! Then she bent forward and spread her ass cheeks. I took the hint and rubbed my cock on her asshole. To my surprise, she opened up easily and I slid into her deep on first stroke. She looked back at me and told me “hope you like fucking me in the butt. I am enjoying it too but you must cum in me then move to eat my pussy full of his cock and cum. Maybe even just suck him off this time! All of us agreed that would be a great way to start the day. I did not take long to cum in my wife's beautiful, but until now, forbidden ass! I decided that if she wants me to blow anyone in order to fuck her like that in the future, she can see me suck and swallow cum every day!

We pretty much stayed like that until lunch time. Then he had to go and we got into the shower together. I soaped her up, inside and out, and she soaped me up good too. Almost came a gain as she jacked me off. Soon as we were out of the shower and dried, I told her to make sure no soap was on my pecker. She smiled and sucked it some more. Damned if I did not unload one last time. She swallowed and smiled and kissed me. Later that day we decided to see if we liked the swinging community. We got online to a swinger site. It was a well-known site so we signed up. no real porn there but some very nice pictures of other members. Only a few dick pics and those were soft. In a few days we had posted some semi-revealing pics and were approved by the moderators. We also took some hard core pics of us both that we could send to others privately. A couple of them were really hot ones of both of us sharing a hard cock or pussy. Did I mention that my wife, my dear demure darling likes pussy to suck and be sucked? I had always wanted to see her in action so we put that little tid-bit in our profile description. As we explored the site we found a section that had stories by the readers. LOTS of stories, categorized by content. Mm Mf, MFM FF etc. Nothing held back or censored, you write it they will let you post it. I'm going to give it a try one of these days.

Within a week we had offers from several couples and lots of singles, mostly men but a couple of women and even a trans offered him/her self up to us to use as we wished. Maybe later on we can see what happens. For now we had our eyes on a couple about our age, who posted some very tasty pics of them both! My wife was drooling over the guy and gal, and, to tell the truth, so was I. After some back and forth and making a date, we met at a local sports bar. Lots of folks there and nobody would care what we were talking about if it was a game night. We hit it off pretty good and we all admitted that we were there for the same reason. SEX! just good old- fashioned sex! Fucking, sucking and licking. Both of them claimed to be bi so we agreed to meet at a party they had in the plan for next week. A pool party, swim suits optional. Bring a dish to eat and share and have some drinks and fun. Sounded great so we made the plan to be there.

It was time for the Saturday party and we were primed. We had some food for the grill and neglected to pack swim suits. Bob and Cindy, our hosts had assured us we would not stand out, unless one of us had something to stand out with (she winked at me when she said that.) We arrived and the party had started so we doled out our food to those cooking and went to the pool area. Not much to our surprise, there was not one person in a swim suit. So we joined in and hopped into the pool naked. I must admit, there was a moment or two when I had to stay in the water to keep from poking my hard cock into a few of the folks there. I did find out later that if I had poked my dick into any others then it would be perfectly acceptable. Swingers all and everyone was free to fuck or suck whoever they got to agree. It was just what we were looking for. Unbridled sex with anyone who agreed in any combination or group! Neither of us had done group sex before so we were intrigued by it and wanted to give it a try. We splashed and played slap and tickle with some of the others, even had a couple of guys go underwater and take a taste of my prick. I liked that idea and gave it a try. Found a guy all by himself along the poolside and swam underwater to him and slid his semi hard cock down my throat! He did not cum but he was definitely hard when I left him to breathe! He soon had several ladies and a couple of guys trying him out. He looked happy. I know I would have been. I went to the corner of the pool that was not lit and leaned back to relax. I soon found out I was not alone as a mouth engulfed my cock completely. Whoever it was did a marvelous job on me. Took only about 30 seconds to empty my balls down their throat! Then they were gone. No lights so I did not see who it was. Damn shame, I would enjoy that again! My wife had taken a seat on the edge of the pool and was enjoying the tongue of another man's wife. I went to watch and even though I had just shot my load not 2 minutes ago, I found myself sporting a hard cock in no time at all! I loved seeing my darling wife get tongue fucked by another babe! She wiggled and giggled as the lady ate her pussy like an expert! Soon my wife let out a slight shout and we all watched her cum! The pussy kicker turned out to be our hostess. Her hubby was applauding along with others. She soon kissed him and told him, in a voice we could all hear “Your Turn Now! Then she took him by the hand to where a black many was sitting naked on the edge. “Here Eddie! I found my hubby and he wants to feel you cum in his mouth—or wherever you want to put it! She then left and her hubby simply took the now hardening cock into his hand and started jacking it. Back and forth he went as it got bigger and bigger! He kept it up till it was a good 9 inches and thick! Then, as if he could not help it, he bent forward and sucked it all down his throat! No beginner here I could see. In a minute he asked my if I would like a taste. I quickly took as much cock into my mouth as I could. Soon I could taste precum and he was moaning and saying how good that felt. Our host moved in and sucked him off the rest of the way! That load was huge and he could not swallow it all, so being the nice guy I am, I helped him clean up every drop. It was my first public blowjob and my first BBC. I knew it would not be my last of either.

The dinner bell rang and we all put on some clothes for eating and made an absolute mess of all the fine food lined up! I ate steak, burgers, hot dogs, ribs and several deserts. I was stuffed and sat back on a folding lounge to relax and digest. I must have fallen asleep because soon my wife was there telling me it was time to clean up and head home. We grabbed the stuff we came with, dishes and such and made our way to the door. Out hosts were saying the good byes at the door and we hugged and fingered our way out. We definitely would be back. Between us we had sucked at least 6 different dicks, licked every pussy that was open (all of them were open—wide open for some of them) and hugged and kissed every one there.

Once home we went to sleep pretty fast but not before agreeing we needed to meet more groups like those tonight. We decided to be much more open in our profile and maybe make a separate one for my wife. The next week or so was uneventful except the guy my wife initially brought over showed up a time or two. He sucked me and I sucked him. My wife sucked us both at once and she also decided to try DVP. Two cocks in her pussy. We got her ready by using toys and tongues and fingers. All went well until she said “use the big toy”! That turned out to be a bit more than she could handle. But no harm so we finally got her loose enough for my stiff cock and his too. I was amazed at the feel of another cock rubbing mine inside a hot, wet cunt! He had done it before and was also enjoying it immensely. We both shot a load deep in her in rapid succession. She was flowing cum out her cunt and we took turns cleaning up! I have to tell you, double cocks in a hot hole feels wonderful and when one cums there is no stopping the other from unloading too! And when both cocks are empty there is always the fun of eating both loads from her well fucked cunt! I recommend anyone who has not done this to try it! So long as the lady is willing it is great fun! Later on we plan on a DP one in each hole and maybe even a DAP! Double up in her sweet ass! She already has sucked two at a time and liked it. We will possibly explore even more if the mood and opportunity arises. There are many innovations to ways to suck and fuck and we would enjoy them all. She came up with a MMF where one M is being fucked by the other and sucked by the F. It sounds like fun. We asked our regular partner about it and he volunteered to be top or bottom. She even mentioned having an FFM or more, such possibilities did not exist for us until recently. What happened in the meantime is a mystery to me. My wife who is a conservative lady has always been someone who enjoyed sex. With me certainly and with prior boyfriends. But no “extreme” kinds of sex. Like double blowjobs, anal and FF. Not even considered two cocks in her pussy at the same time. Yet it felt so good that now she wants even more. I'm all for whatever she likes so long as it harms nobody. She already has me sucking cock and eating cum from her beautiful cunt. Now she wants me or the other guy to get fucked while she sucks one of us off. I have no problem with that despite never having been fucked. Some finger play in my butt has been the extent that I have been used anally. But the weekend is coming and I expect that we most likely will find new and pleasurable ways to have orgasms or to give others orgasms.

Our fuckbuddy came over and he brought a friend. A trans man. He was happy to meet us and quickly volunteered to be a bottom for us. But my wife asked him to fuck her mouth right away. She was curious if he enjoyed women enough to please and be pleased by her. Turns out he certainly was able to do both. He and her 69'ed while our FB and I sucked each other. My FB shot a load hard and fast as I swallowed it and I came when I saw the trans slide it cock into my beautiful wife's mouth and unload. She wetted his face really good while he ate her pussy. We all took a break and sorted out who will do what to whom. Our new trans buddy would take cock anally and I would be under him sucking him off. My wife would be sucking me off at the same time. We started out as planned and I laid under him and took his rock hard cock deepthroat. He was on hands and knees while our FB plowed the back door. Once we all got into rhythm my wife sucked my cock. In a matter of minutes we all were having orgasms, except my wife. I would make sure she got her share of sucking and fucking soon. I was sucking the trans cock when our FB moaned out he was cuming and when he shot up the ass of our trans friend the trans cock in my mouth exploded. Followed quickly by my cum going to the belly of my lovely sexy cocksucking wife! Within a minute or so of each other, we all shot a load. Now it was my wife's turn to cum The trans graciously offered to eat her pussy if one of us would fill it full of cum for her. Took a few minutes but our FB and I each gave her a cunt full of cum. She was dripping when the trans buddy went down on her. She was in heaven cumming and cumming. The trans buddy got another boner and our FB and I each got hard too. I sucked the trans off and swallowed his load and my wife took care of the cum from our FB. She was really enjoying all the sex since I had returned home. I had no idea where her desires came from but I know I was loving it too,

One weeknight my wife told me she had made reservations at a very nice restaurant on the other side of town and asked if it was ok with me. I told her I was happy to spend time with her. The night of the reservation came and off we went. She was dressed in her best little black dress and I had on a suit. We were ready to have some fun and food and who knows what other adventure! Arriving the Matitre'De seated us and soon a waitress was taking out order. As we waited my wife told me she had also invited a special friend to join us. She hoped I would like her. As we talked, a certain tall redhead approached our table. I almost spit my drink! It was the redhead from the motel and flight home! She smiled and greeted my wife by name and leaned in and gave me a nice kiss on the cheek as I blushed. I had not even asked her name when we had met at the hotel and fucked our brains out. I was sure my wife was setting me up for a very expensive divorce! We all sat and ate and chatted. Seems they knew each other from a club they both belonged to. I had no idea of the club they shared as my wife had never brought it up. But now she looked at me and simply told me that the mutual club she was a member of was a swingers club! I almost choked! She laughed and smiled and explained that she found out her redhead friend was in the same town I was working in and when she heard that the plane had delayed she got hold of her and asked her to “take care of me”. Which, as you know, she did very well in every way. They looked at each other and my wife told me it was her idea to get me to sleep with her friend. She knows I have been absolutely faithful over the years and this would be something of a reward. All I could think of was “WOW now that is a reward worth getting!” My wife smiled and explained that she and her friend had been swingers for years and that she hoped I would kind of like to join in. Which I have done. So the sex games and “friends” we were fucking were all part of the plan to get me into the group. I must say, they succeeded marvelously well. We all say there chatting and right after the waiter took the dishes away, my wife said it is time to play and we all left to our place. Me the redhead and my wife. All going to play together was like a fantasy to me! I was so anxious to see the two women together I had a boner all the way home. The ladies in the back seat were giggling and playing with each other. At a stop light I glanced back and saw my wife had her hand almost fully inside the redheads cunt as they kissed! When home at last I got out and opened the doors for them. They entered the house hand in hand and once inside they both grabbed my cock. Leading me to our bed they stripped off my shirt and pants as they took off their own clothes too. My cock was like a rock hard rocket ready to blast off! My wife and her friend laid out on the bed and opened their legs showing off the goodies. I stood there with a hard on dripping precum. My wife fingered herself and told the redhead to take care of me. She moved to me and slid my cock completely down her throat with no hesitation. My wife also took my cock in hand and pulled me from Red's mouth to her own. Soon both faces were covered in my precum. I bent to kiss them both and licked them clean. Then they laid on their backs and told me to eat pussy! Never had I been told to eat out two hot cunts at once! I gave it my best as tongue and fingers stayed busy. I was told to not stop until both had an orgasm. They both came one after the other in rapid order. Both were delicious as I licked and sucked pussy and butt-hole like it was my last meal. My wife said we have another surprise for you. She left the room and came back in with our FB. He was naked with a wonderfully hard cock. She led him to the bed and he took my head and slid his cock into my mouth. The redhead had my cock in her mouth and my wife was sucking Red's cunt. I was in Heaven! Cock in my mouth my cock in a mouth and a pussy licking wife enjoying it all! Soon my mouth was full of cum and Red insisted on a cum kiss. As we kissed my wife joined in and we all got a nice taste. Meanwhile I was doing my best to hold back my own cum. But Red was not to be denied and I unloaded every drop into her mouth. Feeling her swallow it all was wonderful! My wife had gone back to pussy eating as I watched her tongue slide around Reds cunt. Red was soon cumming and my wife was fingering her own twat. Soaking wet, the sheets would need changing for sure!. Once everyone had cum we all rested. Red told me she was so happy my wife had her seduce me and she really loved the taste of my cum. I told her that she was an absolutely wonder herself! Laying there naked with another guy and two beautiful women left us to thinking what to do next. Of course my own beautiful wife chimed in and said “He has always wanted to fuck my butt so maybe we can do that as long as we are in the mood. Our FB asked If it would be OK if her twat was being licked at the same time! Her eyes lit up and she got on hands and knees opening her butt for easy access! I wasted no time in getting my cock in position to slide in. Our FB was on his back in a 69 with her pussy in his mouth and his cock in hers. Red was behind me rubbing my ass and playing with my hole. I felt great, cock in my wife's beautiful ass a finger teasing my ass and, if I wanted, I could have Red sitting on my face with my tongue deep in her cunt.

This continued on with some minor variations for awhile but all things must CUM to an end. I unloaded deep in my lovely wife's ass and our FB shot his load into her sucking swallowing mouth. Red moved so I could lick her beautiful cunt while my cock started to shrink. As it fell out I felt a mouth on it. Our FB was down there still eating pussy and now cleaning my cock with his mouth. I was in Heaven for awhile as we all came to earth and cuddled in a heap of ass, cock, cunt, cum and mouths. ALL of us had our faces covered in the juice from this multiple pussy, multiple cock and multiple cumshots. Kissing my wife I taste our FB's cum on her lips. I enjoyed the taste. Two days ago I would have never thought I would be enjoying licking cum from my wife or anyone else! Now I could not imagine fucking without tasting cum, from me or anyone else! I was now more deeply in love with my wife and with Red. Our FB no doubt felt similarly about us.

As time went on we all decided to move into a more suitable place. All of us together moved to a nice older house with lots of rooms. Bedrooms, and living / playing room. On any given evening or morning you could find any one or combination of us in bed with any of the others. No inhibitions let us go from pussy to cock to ass to cock to pussy anytime we wished. During the warm days we rarely dressed fully. Guests were welcome as long as they know in advance what our lifestyle is. If they agree then fine. If they have some inhibition that prevents a full experience with others then a case by case decision is made by at least three current members of our “sexual family”. Some things are not allowed, such as extreme B+D or things involving blood, scat and animals or und*rage people, male or female. Although we enjoy to the fullest our ability to have sex, we do have limitations. If someone says NO then that is the end of the discussion. It may seem strange to some that we have morals, but our morals are just a bit more inclusive than the general publics.

One day I was in bed with my wife, alone for a change, when she remarked how different our life is now from what it was before. She said it seems I am more loving and agreeable to things than in the past. She is probably right, but I asked what things? She told me that my work has gone from good to great as I have advanced and making a higher salary now. That I now treat her and others much nicer than before and rarely say no to someone who wants sex of some sort. In short, she says I am a nicer person and she is much happier too. I had to agree that I felt much better now, with no sexual tensions, not hiding desires and enjoying her sexual adventures with or without me. I do love to watch her having sex with partners she chooses. Sometimes I am one of them sometimes not. I never doubt her commitment to our marriage and she has no doubt about mine. Free sexual activities have taken a lot of tension from our lives. I get horny and want to fuck, there is someone around to accommodate me. I want to Jerk Off, no problem, in fact I usually have an audience or someone else jerking off with or for me. No restrictions on who to have sex with so long as all agree. No still means no so if someone is not ready then it's on to the next person or handle it yourself. No embarrassment getting caught jerking off or someone seeing you suck or fuck whoever you like as long as it is consensual. Personally, I have never been turned down by one of the “family” for sex of any kind, including anal. We all have desires and are able to fulfill those desires without being embarrassed. It seems to be the perfect solution to tensions and being happy.

So far nobody has chosen to leave the family for other than reasons related to jobs or health. I'm sure someone, sometime, will choose to change to another more socially acceptable lifestyle but so far no one has.

Speaking of wanting to have sex, I want some right now. I see Red is here and not busy. I love her way of doing things. No fuss, no muss, just do it till you are both happy. She does love to taste pussy, cock, cum, sometimes all at once. (Try it you will like it too!) Right now I am going to ask her to suck me off. Ask me later how that went!

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