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A Moment of Weakness Changed my Life

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It was a beautiful Autumn Saturday morning. My husband and my teenage son had headed to our lake cabin for a weekend of fishing. I fully intended to grab the novel I had been reading and sit out on the patio in my sports bra and athletic shorts, just to catch the last warm sun rays of the year. I had just parked my bottom on the lounge chair with my book and a fresh cup of coffee, when my cell phone broke my peace. It was my husband. I answered with, ”I promised not to call you and scare the fish, why are you disturbing my romance novel?” Jake, my husband, laughed. “Well, I didn’t intend to disturb the peace, but Frank called and said he couldn’t get his lawnmower started. He asked to use ours. Would you open the garage for him? He will be over in a few minutes to pick the mower up.” I answered, “Of course, no problem. “ We exchanged “I love yous” and hung up.

Before I could climb out of my lounge, Frank, my husband's lifelong best friend, rounded the corner of the house and yelled, “Mornin’ Beautiful!” I answered, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, You just want my beautiful Zero Turn Mower!” I stood up and took a big gulp of my coffee. Frank pointed at my sports bra. “By the looks of things, you must be cold”, Frank joked. I looked down to see my nipples standing at attention through my bra. I answered, “I might be anticipating a cold Winter!” We entered the house and Frank asked me for a cup of coffee. I told him he would never get his grass cut if he kept procrastinating. I poured him a cup and grabbed the keys to unlock the garage door. When I returned to the kitchen, Frank was texting on his cell. He said he had snapped a pic of my nipples and sent it to my husband and typed, “Wish you were here!” My husband, Jake, immediately texted back… Been there, done that LOL!” For some reason being the butt of their joke made me a bit irritated. Frank saw it in my face and apologized. He said he was just trying to make Jake jealous. Frank continued,” I would love to see what Jake has seen! The compliment did make me feel better. I led Frank out to the detached garage. Frank had parked his truck and trailer out in the driveway. As usual, I had to clear a path so we could get the lawnmower out of the garage. The log splitter trailer was in the way. I had helped Jake move this little trailer before, so I plopped my butt on the ground and pushed against the trailer tongue with my feet. The trailer slowly slid around so I could pull it out of the mower's escape path. I was just still sitting on the floor when Frank commented, “ Love those printed panties you are sporting today”! I looked down and my athletic shorts were very oversized in the legs. My panties shined through both leg holes. I complained, ”Frank, quit looking… you old horny dog!” Frank smiled, “Can’t help it….pretty woman….pointy nipples….panties showing…Mmm, it’s a beautiful day!” We pushed the log splitter into the other garage bay. Once again, I didn’t think anything about my obvious voyeur and I was bent over pushing the trailer. When I looked up, Frank was staring into my low hanging bra. Frank couldn’t help himself. He spoke again, “Looks like two beautiful fleshy melons!” He continued,” I know what I am going to be visualizing when I mow today!” I replied, ”You’ll probably end up in the pond!”

Frank cranked the mower and drove it out to the driveway and loaded it onto his trailer. Frank walked back over to me and asked for a glass of water. I said sure and he followed me into the house. I noticed Frank couldn’t take his eyes off me as I poured his water. I admit I was enjoying the attention. I handed him his glass as he stared at my breasts. He mentioned that we both broke a sweat while we loaded that mower. I admitted that I got a little hot out there. Of course, just like a man, Frank turned that into a hot momma comment. His constant staring at my breast made me look down. My bra was wet with sweat in all the wrong places. My nipples and areolas were showing as clear as if I was topless. I told Frank to get on home before he got in trouble. Frank mumbled something about he would rather get in trouble than mow. As he walked out the door, he turned around and asked me if I’d mind giving him my bra. I was shocked! He kept negotiating, I kept trying to push him toward his truck. I finally turned my back to him and pulled my bra over my head. I tossed my bra to Frank and headed toward my door. Frank Yelled, “Thanks!” He jumped in his truck and left. I went back to the patio topless with a fresh cup of coffee.

I tried to sink my mind into my novel, but my mind kept wandering. It was fun flirting with Frank. We had flirted before over the years, but it didn’t ever get as persistent as today. Frank had crashed and burned several times in his personal life. He had never married. He just played with the barmaids and saloon whores. It seemed like there was a new love of his life every week. I shielded my eyes from the near noon sun with my book. I must have slipped off into a nap. I had a dream that Frank and I were kissing. I was just about naked in my dream when I suddenly awoke. There as my eyes adjusted to the sun, was Frank. He stood a few feet away and was ogling my breasts. He announced, “Hello Sunshine!” Frank said I had gotten a little sun on my breasts. He offered to put sunscreen on them. I said no as Frank squirted a gob of SPF cream into his palm. He reached out as if he didn’t hear me say no. He rubbed his palms together and then cupped my breasts one in each hand. I closed my eyes and surrendered. As he continued to rub the lotion in, his fingertips played with my nipples. And then, he did it. He found my kryptonite! He pinched my nipples between his fingernails. It sent a shockwave through my entire body! I instantly decided that Frank could have my nipples as his personal toys without any further interruptions from me. I kept my eyes closed tight as if this meant I wasn’t voluntarily participating. Frank smelled of fresh cut grass. And his aroma got stronger as he pressed his lips onto my nipple. He must have known that nibbling would also make me crazy! He nibbled my nipples between his teeth. I didn’t mean to, but my hips started rising and falling as if I was air humping. As Frank nibbled, I felt my shorts being tugged down my legs. Next, the waistband of my panties stretched and down my legs they left my body. One hand pinched one nipple, his teeth nibbled the other. The remaining hand wandered down my abdomen and into the crevice between my thighs. My labia opened and allowed his fingers to explore inside my vagina. Of all things to think, it crossed my mind that I was so glad I had shaved the day before! As I lay face up on the lounge, both of Frank’s hands returned to my nipples as Frank’s body retreated across my navel and continued in between my open spread open knees. A rush of guilt passed through me, but left as abruptly when Frank latched onto my clit with his teeth. One of Frank’s hands left my breast and entered my vagina. A rhythmic barrage in and out of his curved fingers, turned loose a flood of my vagina juice. I flooded Frank’s face as he attempted to swallow my spray. While he entertained my pussy, his clothes expertly fell onto the patio. I knew what was next. I didn’t care and I wasn’t going to say no again. And then it happened, Frank slid back up my body until we were face to face. He kissed me. It was lips to lips but soon progressed into deep sensuous kissing. I felt pressure against my vagina and his throbbing hard member found its way inside me. I have never been fucked so deep before. My pleasure blossomed past any sensations I had ever had. My orgasms lined up one after the other. I was screaming sounds, not words as wave after wave of pleasure exploded inside me. I felt Frank’s pace change. He whispered through his panting breaths that he was cumming. I begged for him to fill me with his cum. With a few more hard deep strokes, I was filled with his cum. We collapsed and fell asleep as his penis withered and left my vagina. We slept for hours entwined in each other's arms. As the evening shadow got long, we awakened. Frank asked if we could go another round? I agreed and asked him to shower with me. We went inside. It was hard to soap up and rinse off with Frank trying to sex me up the whole time. But once clean, we toweled off and went to bed. We made love all night long. The next morning Frank unloaded the mower, locked up the garage and helped me dispose of all evidence of our tryst. Frank left mid morning. Jake and my son arrived home late in the afternoon.

When we got some alone time, Jake asked me if I had a good weekend? I told him I did. He asked me if I had trouble getting rid of Frank? He said, once Frank gets horny, he can’t turn it off. Jake said that if I ever wanted to have some extramarital sex, he would be comfortable with sharing with his best friend. I gave him a shocked look. I asked why he thought we might have sex sometime. Jake said that they had drunk talked several times about it and Frank always had to excuse himself to the bar restroom to masturbate. Jake laughed, ”He has the hots for you. Baby!” We went to bed and Jake began kissing me. I knew this meant sex! I asked him if he wanted to ask his Bestie to come over? He appeared to mull it over for a few seconds, then grabbed his cell off the nightstand. After a couple of rings, Frank answered. Jake said, Hey buddy, wanna come over and do that thing we always talked about doing. Frank stammered, ”You mean fuck Lori?” “Yeah, I asked her and she agreed,” Jake said. Frank yelled, “On the way!” and the cell went click!

I thought how great this was going to be! I mean I am going to be with the love of my life that was my only sex partner until yesterday and his best friend, who admittedly is a greater lover than my husband. I jumped up and put on makeup and perfume. I touched up my pubes with my razor. By the time I finished dolling myself up, Frank had already joined Jake in the bedroom. Our son has a bedroom upstairs and once he turns on his gaming system, he will never come downstairs. I locked the bedroom door just in case. Frank and Jake were naked under the covers. I turned off the light. Jake placed me between him and Frank. One of them started kissing me on my lips. It smelled like Jake. There were times when I could sense that there were other things going on. I felt Frank's arm reach across me to Jake's crotch. It made me extremely curious. Jake had told me a long time ago that he and Frank had a very promiscuous childhood together. He had shared a little about mutual masturbation and rubbing off on one another. I decided to enjoy the attention that I was receiving and try to keep up with the boy’s sexual contact. It was a fun night in the dark. I kept wondering who’s fingers, who’s cock, who was on top of me. I sucked the cocks until my jaws ached. And as we made love further into the night, I continued to sense male sexual contact. I let my hands explore and I found a male head and as I ventured further down the face, there was a cock protruding from the mouth. I really got horny! Then, I smelled Frank climb atop of me and I felt his large swollen cock enter my vagina. I wondered where Jake was. Then Jake appeared behind Frank. I wondered what was happening as Frank fucked me and Jake lay atop him. Frank whimpered. I reached around Frank’s buttocks and Found Jake’s cock pressing against Frank’s rectum. Seconds later, we were all fucking! I was soaking wet! Frank gave me wave after wave just as he had done before. Jake began making weird animal noises and gulped air as he yelled, “I’m cumming!” I wanted to feel it. I ran my hand along Frank’s crack and there Jake plunged in and out of Frank’s ass with his hard cock. One more deep thrust and the deed was done. Jake’s seed was deposited inside Frank. Jake rolled off Frank and onto the bed. I kept my fingers at Frank’s rectum and I felt the slow flow of thick liquid stream out of his ass and onto my fingers. It wasn’t long until I enjoyed Frank’s orgasm filling my hole. We all slept until dawn. Frank sneaked out to go home. Jake jumped in the shower and got ready for work. I woke up the son and sent him off to school. The memories created the night before never left my thoughts. I wonder if this is our future, you know, the three of us. I wouldn’t mind. It adds spice.

I just received a group text from Jake and Frank. They want to play again tonight. I text back….Can we do this every night from now on?.....I got ditto text back…not one but two thumbs up emojis!

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