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A Bar Story

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When I was young, I was always the fat kid. It wasn't until I started playing football my freshman year in high school that things began to change. It took pumping iron and running sprints until my senior year that everything changed for me. Girls began to notice me, and though I knew it I had no idea how to handle the attention. Subsequently, I didn't even lose my virginity until I was 18 and out of school. I started boxing and doing jujitsu to replace football and stay in shape, but also to improve my confidence. Even after that, I didn't really come out of my shell until I began working in restaurants. I started out serving, and anyone who has worked in late-night bars knows that everyone is fucking everyone. It was during this time that my luck changed, and all for the better. I got a lot of experience, and learned a great deal about technique and how to please a woman. I was always decently good-looking, about five-nine and one sixty-five, with a shaved head of black stubble, long eyelashes, and close-cropped beard. I had a good body, but had to do a lot of maintenance to keep myself presentable. I am a hairy guy, and had to constantly groom all over. I took the time, shaving my balls, back and ass on a regular basis, along with trimming the rest of the hair on my body. I feel that this, along with my confidence and other attributes, lended greatly to my success. This time period was really the first I was told I had a huge cock. When you are fat, the blubber hides several inches. I had watched a lot of porn, but never really put myself in comparison to those guys. The girls I had been with up until that point had always been surprised by my size, and I guess maybe somewhat intimidated, but never really commented on it other than with moans and cries. Women in the hospitality industry were much more vocal. They admired it, attended to it, and a few even fell in love with it. My cock is nearly ten inches, not really fat but by no means skinny, with a bullet-domed shaped head and what has even been described as a "beautiful dick" on an occassion or two. Luckily, I have a very large set of balls underneath to keep everything in proportion. This is not bravado, simply a fact. I bartended at several different bars over the course of about four years, always leaving for better opportunities. Then I finally hit the jackpot. I live in a southern college town, and while gamedays on campus are enticing, it's the gigs in the rich part of town that pay all year round, inside and out of college football season. I got on as a bartender in the busiest bar in the richest part of town, and eventually became bar manager. Despite my status, I still worked shifts like any other keep. I had made my rounds with several of the female servers, and had managed to stay on good terms with them all. Honestly, it was the best advertising a guy could have. After a while, my nickname became "Mr. Yardstick." I didn't much care for it but couldn't do anything about it, so I embraced it in good humor. Then I ended up kicking three guys asses on the patio on night after they harassed a server. They were drunk, and I had experience as a fighter, but anyone who has trained knows that this was luck. Their intoxication and indecision allowed me to the better of them. This, along with the fact I was treated like a celebrity at every spot I went to because everyone wanted to be acknowledged at the hottest bar in town by the marquee bartender, gave me a kind of fame. I was a young asshole, and ate up not having to wait in lines at clubs and getting comped tabs at bars. Being the bar manager, I made the schedule, and let me tell you, I had a great staff. My guys were all nice-looking with great technique, and not only were the female keeps of my staff quick and efficient, but they were gorgeous as well. The kind of money made there attracted the cream of the crop, and I loved to schedule them front and center while I worked the crazy service well. That night it was four-to-one women to me. First, there was Ashley, who had formally done Miss Fitness contests, but had to quit because her 36DD tits were hindering. She was stark blonde and tall (maybe five-ten), with ice-blue eyes, full lips and despite the fact I loved brunettes, she totally turned me on. She wore skin tight black pants, and her ass was amazing. Next was Shae (Shay), and let me tell you, this young lady was a thing of complete beauty. She was perhaps five-foot one, with long black hair and dark brown eyes. She had a HUGE set of tits for her small frame, the measurements I couldn't even guess, but I was sure over DD. The rest of her was pure sculpted muscle, from her shoulders and calves, to her almost four-pack stomach. Her skin was a nice toasty brown, which showed her Italian and Latin ancestry. I also knew sometimes she wore no panties, having seen her bend over in tight shorts and could almost see the strip of cloth bury itself between her pussy lips. Tiffany was the darkest personality of the group, with full-sleeve tattoos covering her muscular arms and back, short pink and black hair, and piercings in her tongue, lip, and eyebrow. I doubted she ever worked out a day in her life, but looked like some kind of ballet dancer, pale sinewy muscles covering her lithe body, and a perhaps low C bust protruding from her black v-necked shirt. Her ink was intricate clock-work designs and naked skulls, which of course our patrons loved. Our regulars liked to call her Darkness, as a testament to her tats and jokingly because she was quite pale. We had all taken to it immediately, of course. Last, but certainly not least, was Lori. She was the only one of the four I had had sex with before, on two occasions, and this girl was a sexual beast. Smaller (maybe five foot), with short burnt-orange hair and pink skin, Lori was built thickly, but I could attest there was not an inch of extra on her frame, save for her massive fat tits. She was certainly at least triple D or E. Guys used to joke it was a wonder she didn't tip over due to being so top-heavy. The bar-insignia polo she wore could barely contain them, and lifted it so high it might as well have been a midriff tube top. The black shorts she wored exposed just the very bottom of her ass cheeks. She had a bubbly personality, a fantastic toothy smile, and loved sex as hot and dirty as she could get it. Very few limits, that girl. This story is 100% true. Some of the dialogue may be a bit ad-libbed, but most of it is still acid-etched into my brain 15 years later. So, one Friday night closing, around 2AM, our closing manager got a call. It was a family emergency and he had to leave immediately. He threw me the keys and said "Don't bother with the drawers. Just pull tips and lock them up in the office." I had closed several nights for other managers, for a wide array of reasons, so this no big deal. As we cleaned, it occured to me that we had never all closed together. Normally, I liked it to be two guys and two girls, to keep a good balance with the guests. I looked at the tip bucket, which was overflowing with twenties, and decided then there it would have to be a once a month thing. We all sat down at the bar, talking and laughing and bitching about the night, having a couple of beers and a few shots of Patron. Cultivating a nice buzz, I got up and went to the back to the beer cooler to count kegs for the next day's order while the girls started counting the tips and paid our barback Shane. When I came back out to the bar, the were sitting close together whispering and giggling. "Where's Shane?" I asked, strolling behind the bar across from where they were sitting. Shae grinned. "Took his tipout and headed out. Said he would come in around three tomorrow before open to stock glass and bottles." I chuckled. "Must have had someone he needed to see." The girls all laughed at this, but in a way that somehow made me feel left out. "Okay, I give. What's the joke?" Darkness elbowed Ashley in the ribs and said, "Go on, tell him." Ashley rolled her eyes and said, "Well, I talked to Jamie a few days ago..." Jamie was one of our servers, and we had been on FWB kick for a few weeks. She would come over late-night after our bar or the bar she was at closed, and we would fuck for a couple of hours. She was skinny, not voluptuous by any means, but pretty in a girl next door way and was quite filthy in the sack. "And?" I asked filling the silence after she trailed off. Ashley swirled her beer in the bottle. "We are pretty good friends, Jamie and me. We talk, ya know? So, I asked her if the rumors about you were true." I took a sip of my beer. "What rumors would those be?" Ashley smirked. "Don't play dumb." I smirked back. "Say it." She looked at me intensely with those ice-cold eyes. "That you have a huge cock and are a great fuck." I smiled. "And she said?" "Well, what we want to know, is why you never hit on any of us for some fun?" Lori winked at me. I set my beer bottle down and leaned over the bar towards them. "Was Jamie descriptive?" Ashley leaned over the bar a foot away from me. "Downright explicit." I leaned back. "The truth is, I don't hit on anyone. I'm not a chaser. Things just happen or they don't. I'm all about spontaneity." Lori laughed, and I realized she hadn't let the other girls in on our previous get togethers. "That is absolutely a fact. I had to throw myself at him before he gave it to me." Ashley, Shae, and Tiffany all looked over at Lori in disbelief. "What?" she giggled. "If it makes any difference, I can attest the rumors are true." Tiffany grinned. "Well, let's see it, then." My cock became instantly hard. "I don't show till I have something to show for." Tiffany laughed. "Fair enough." She reached over and pulled down on Shae's shirt with one hand, the other sliding up her back and unhitching her bra. In one swift movement, she pulled Shae's tshirt and bra over her head and off. I was stunned. Shae's huge, brown tits sat on the bar in front of me, which had large, dark areolas with rock-hard nipples perhaps an inch long. She smiled wide. "So?" I came around the bar and all the girls turned on the barstool toward me. "So, who's gonna take it out?" I asked with a grin. Darkness wasted no time in hopping off her stool and approaching me. She gave me a long, deep kiss and unbuckled my belt. She unzipped the front of my pants and stuck her hand inside, taking ahold my cock inside my boxer briefs and gasped. "Oh, ladies, we have a big boy here," she said as she stroked my cock in my pants. She went further and cupped my balls. "Mmmmm, big shaved rack of nuts, too." She slid her hand even lower, making me spread my legs where I stood. Her fingers slid down my taint to my asshole and she circled it with her middle digit. "Oh my," she said devilishly. "Shaved ass, too." Tiffany pulled her hand out of my fly and smelled her fingers. "Just sweaty like the rest of us. Clean boy." For some reason, her smelling her fingers made precum ooze out of my fat dickhead. Then she quickly undid the button and slid my pants and underwear to the ankles. My cock sprang free, now fully erect and throbbing. The head was already turning purple in anticipation. Shae cupped one of her big tits, teasing the nipple and slid her other hand down the front of her tiny shorts instantly. Ashley smiled, and slid off the barstool. "Now that is a dick. Don't stop. Strip him down. I'll help." She slid my feet out of my shoes and socks, and then my pants and underwear over them. Tiffany slid my bar polo and undershirt over my head. Finally, I stood there naked in front of them, Shae topless and working her clit under her shorts slowly, with Lori, Ashley, and Darkness appraising me deviously. "So, we're really going to do this," Shae laughed. "We're all going to fuck him." "No." Ashley leaned over to Shae and ran her tongue across her lower lip. "We're all going to fuck each other." Shae giggled in delight. "Well, if that's the case, all of you are totally overdressed," I said with a smile. Darkness didn't need any more encouragement. She reached back and unhitched her bra, then pulled it and her shirt off over her head in one movement. Two perfect, tear-drop shaped tits flopped out from underneath, bigger than I thought they would be. Her nipples were light pink with puffy areolas, and despite her pale skin she displayed no blue veins of any kind. She undid her belt and wiggled out of her tight shorts and panties, sliding them to the floor. She took a moment to unlace her sketchers and remove her socks, then kicked off the rest. Her pussy was completely bare, with a large pink lips protruding, and a firm bullet-sized clit. Ashley began to strip next, and all of our eyes were glued to her firm, toned body as she did. I knew I wasn't the only one there waiting in anticipation. She reached under her polo and pulled up, hooking her sports bra under her thumbs along the way, and I think everyone in attendance gasped at what flopped forth as she pulled the shirt over her head and off. Her tits were deeply tanned like the rest of her, though not so much as Shae's, but the nipples were small and a very light pink. They must have been almost two inches long, so hard I could see the small divet at their center. She then turned her back to me, showing the deep, dividing line of muscle running up her spine from the small of her back to between her shoulder blades. Bending over, she stripped the tight, yoga-like pants off at the same time as her panties to first reveal a dark rimmed asshole amidst her pronounced tan-lined ass, followed by a completely bare pussy that was merely a slit between her legs. It was lovely. Shae, who was sitting on a bar stool topless, lifted her ass and ran her shorts down her tanned legs. She wore no panties, with a little landing strip hovering above a cunt that would make the tightest pornstar jealous. She kept her tennis shoes on. Lori smiled shyly. "I'm not quite as kept as the rest of you." This was surprising, since last time Lori and I had fucked, she was shaved completely bare. First, she pulled her bar polo and sports bra up over her head, and her massive tits flopped out from underneath. Her boobs were fat and round, sagging only a little despite their weight, but somehow made them that much more appealing because of their incredible size. Her areolas were also huge and fleshy, with inverted nipples. She dwarfed every other girl there, as I knew she would from experience. I couldn't wait to get my cock back between them. The major difference from the last time we fucked became apparent as she pulled her shorts down and revealed a full orangish-red bush. She turned around as she stripped off her panties, her big ass parting to display the rest of her unshaved twat and hairy asshole. Darkness slid her hand between her legs. "Tell me I'm not the only one that thinks that hairy ass is a turn on," she whispered, her finger slapping in and out of her wet hole loudly. Ashley grabbed Lori's right ass cheek as she was still bent over and spread it wide. "Reminds me of the porn I watched when I was a teenager." Darkness turned to me, her fingers sliding in and out of her wet cunt. "How about you? You like a hairy pussy and asshole?" I smiled. "I like it any way I can get it. I'd like to see you tongue-fuck that hairy asshole, though." "Soon," Ashely agreed. "But tell us, what do you like?" Lori piped up quick, her ass spread wide before me. "He likes his cock sucked and loves his asshole licked. He likes it fucked, too, but I didn't get a chance to really explore that. Just fingers. He likes anal and doggy, and his cock feels so fucking good from behind. His big, fat balls slapping off my clit gets me off real good. Oh, and tit-fucking and facials. Both times he painted my face. He's shoots a really big load." Darkness smiled. "Mmmm, I love a big cummer." She reached over and spread Lori's other ass cheek. "Bet you'd like to fuck that hairy hole?" I grabbed my cock with both hands and started stroking it, one on top of the other. A few drops of precum leaked from the head of my dick onto the wood floor. Darkness licked her lips, looking at my glistening helmet. "Fuck yeah," I said, "but not yet." Ashley grinned. "He's right. These are just the prelims. Still got a long way to go." "Music to my ears," Darkness purred. "I want that thing in my mouth immediately." She sauntered over and dropped to her knees. In one hand, she grabbed my balls at their base under my cock and circled her forefinger and thumb around there. She pulled down and began teasing them with her other fingers. With my nuts pulled taut, Tiff circled her tongue over the shaved skin, sucking on my sac loudly, coating it with her saliva, taking one big ball in her mouth, then the other, eventually trying both and giggling at the futility. She spit in her other hand and grabbed my cock tightly, stroking it up and down, her slick fingers sliding over every vein. Then she opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, bring forth a gasp from all of us. It was long enough it slightly curled under her chin, and had to be five inches long. It seemed Darkness was not only filthy, but also perfectly equipped for it, physically. "Jesus Christ, look at that fucking tongue," Shae hissed. "That's some Gene Simmons shit right there." Tiff stuck it out all the way and touched not only the bottom of her chin, but the tip of her nose as well. "Yeah, people I fuck seem to like it." Without further preamble, she swallowed my rod down to the balls. Deep-throating was a rare treat for me due to my size, and Tiff was a champ, working it with loud slurping sounds, and the sensation of my cock down her throat was incredible. I moaned out loud in spite of myself. Coming out of my head-induced stupor, I looked up to see Ashley had two fingers in Shae's pussy and Lori was sucking on her tits. Shae's tight hole was dripping down her legs, and Lori winked at me again with one of Shae's tits in her mouth and moved around to spread her ass and show me her wet, hairy cunt. Ashley reached across and grabbed Lori's ass, and then ran her finger along Lori's crack. She then slid a finger into her ass, and Lori moaned deeply with Shae's nipple between her lips. Darkness pulled my cock out of her mouth, with a long string of spit trailing off her tongue where she had been throating me. "I have an idea," she pronounced proudly. "Sit on that barstool." We had two kind of barstools, those with backs and those without. She ushered me to the kind without a back. "Straddle it, with your ass and balls hanging off the edge." I laughed. "So you're in charge, huh?" Darkness smiled. "You'll love what comes next." I did as she commanded, and straddled the cushioned barstool with my ass spread and balls hanging off the edge, my big cock lying on the cushioned seat, facing Ashley, Shae, and Lori. Ash slid her two juice-soaked fingers out of Shae's dripping hole and sucked them into her mouth, then kissed her deeply. "I wanted you to see how sweet you taste," Ashley purred. "And now I think I wanna give Lori's a try." She moved around behind the bent-over Lori, who replaced Ash's fingers in Shae's cunt with her own, and knelt, spreading Lori's big ass wide again. Darkness watched as she crouched behind me and spread my ass as well. "Now we're getting somewhere," she moaned as she planted her face between my cheeks. Then it was my turn to moan. Loudly. I have no idea who taught that girl to eat ass, but she was world-class. That long, luscious tongue swirled around my asshole, darting in and out at intervals and sucking at others. All the while her hand, coated in deep-throat spit, pulled and coaxed my balls. On breaks from tonguing she would slide farther under me and suck on them. I could feel her nose on my hole, and her breath sent chills up my spine. I looked down and could see a significant amount of precum had pooled on the leather seat around my cock head. During my amazing rimjob, I watched as Ashley delivered a top-notch licking of her own. She was angled so I had a great view of her tongue sliding from Lori's furry asshole to cunt and back again, also taking time to fuck each. Ash's pink nails dug into her widely-spread cheeks, the shiny coat of saliva that drenched Lori's crack mixing with her own juices. I could tell the little orange ginger bombshell was getting close to cumming, as she started grinding her ass on Ashley's face. She slid a third finger into Shae's tight pussy, which sent her instantly into climax. Shae bucked her hips up, giving me my first glimpse at her perfect little butthole. I had plans for that later. Her juices ran down and pooled on the chair, which brought Lori off in turn. She made the most adorable squeal, and her big ass seemed like it swallowed Ash's face as she bucked against her, who like a good girl lapped and lapped until the convulsions stopped. Lori pulled Ashley's face from her ass and brought her up, kissing her sloppily, smearing both their mouths slick with pussy and spit. She laughed lightly. "God, I came so hard. My legs are jelly after that." I felt Darkness pause from her expert ministrations. "No need to stand," she cooed naughtily. "Come kneel with me." Lori smiled and nodded, drifting back behind me. Now, I have had a lot sex, in a lot of different ways. I loved it dirty and nasty, but not the way it is these days, with gaping assholes and pissing and whatnot. But this was on a whole new level. It's like my fantasies intertwined with those of these women. They loved everything I did, and this night, they were going to see all those lurid things enacted. The string had been cut loose, and the private acts they masturbated to late at night with porn had all drifted to the surface. The biggest turn on was once they found out what I liked, I didn't have to ask it of them. They demanded it of me. I would never be this lucky again. Lori knelt behind me, or rather under me, and while Tiff stretched my balls and licked my ass she sucked my sac lovingly. Shae hopped down from her barstool and looked at my throbbing cock. She tsked. "This monster isn't getting the attention it deserves." Spitting in her hand, this brown-skinned goddess grabbed my member off the leather and began to stroke. I looked up at Ashley, whose face was still smeared with wetness, and those blue eyes held a lust I had not ever seen before. She watched intently, focused, on what was happening before her, and slid her fingers between her legs. Leaning back on the bar, she spread her pink so I could get a good look and smacked her small clit repeatedly. About that time I felt Lori's tongue leave my balls and join Tiffany's exploring my asshole. It was like nothing I had ever experienced before. Shae laughed out loud as she felt my cock pulse and throb. "This big guy is ready for fucking in a bad way." Ashley looked me in the eyes and I knew she would be first. Turning around, she stood on her tiptoes pushing her ass across the small distance of barstool toward my waiting cock. As she scootched along the leather not taken up by my dick, Shae lined my cock up to her cunt. The big head met Ash's small labia, instantly sliding toward it's goal. I couldn't thrust from my position, so I waited on her to impale herself. As she slid back, sticking her delicious ass out toward me, the tip slowly slid between her lips and into her hole. Ashley gasped and shuddered, my size completely filling her small opening and stretching it wider. She moved towards me, albeit more slowly, engulfing every rock-hard inch until maybe two-thirds of my shaft was inside her. She was so tight it felt like my cock was in a vise, and I could feel her canal muscles gripping me tightly as she squeezed down like a fist. Ashley was the most athletic woman I had ever been with, but all the kegel exercises in the world couldn't make up for nature's gifts and her hard work. Lori and Darkness began eating my ass with renewed vigor. They both, especially Tiff, seemed to actually love doing it. I could hear the wet sloshing of their pussies behind me as I assumed they were playing with one another, especially with the occasional groaning I heard and felt against my hole. I looked over at Shae, who winked at me and smiled. Both her pussy and asshole had looked so tiny, and I wondered how I was going to get this big thing in either. But as past experience had taught me, with enough spit or lube, anything is possible. I couldn't wait to try. Turning my attention back to Ash, I had a chance to truly study her from behind. Most men are either ass or tit men, and I am myself both. But what gets me every time is a woman with a great back and shoulders, and Ashley's were immaculate and sculpted from rock. As I said before, she had a deep valley running down the center of her torso, showing off the muscle she had aquired through long hours in the gym. Added to her dark tan, I was enrapt by the shifting lines that were feminine perfection. I hadn't actually started moving yet, and now that my cock had made good progress inside her, she placed her feet onto the footbars of the stool. It wasn't like a barstool one buys for a home. The seat was bigger, rectangular, and longer, which made the position we were in much easier, but if most of my ass hadn't been hanging off the back getting serviced by the two beauties behind us, it probably wouldn't have worked as amazingly as it did. She planted her hands between her legs and gripped the edge of the stool, and began to work back and forth across the leather. I didn't have to move, nor did I want to. Shae moved around in front of Ashley and began playing with her clit while they sucked each other tongues. Lori's tongue left my asshole (there was no mistaking Tiff's was still working) and heard her growl, "Yeah, sit on my face." The licking became more erratic on my hole, making it all that much hotter, and though I had no way of seeing what was happening, I could guess. Shae's fingers began to speed up on Ash's clit, who moaned deeply, still keeping her slow tempo sliding back and forth on my meat, and said softly, "Oh, that cock...that big fat cock is going to make my pussy cum." "You like that big cock in your pussy?" Shae breathed heavily. "Oh god, I'm so full. I'm so fucking full of cock right now," she cried as she began to slam her ass back against me. I felt Tiff sucking all my balls. "He's...oh, fuck yeah baby, eat my ass, too...he's not...oh god...far. I can feel his sac tightening up. Tell me when you're about to....mmmm yeah, blow. I'll give you a surprise." Shae licked my lips. "You wanna cum on me, babe?" "Fuck off," Ash panted. "This is my load." Shae smiled. "No problem. I think he has enough for both of us." I heard Lori laugh from behind me. "Don't worry," she said, a bit muffled and between slurps. "He's got enough for all of us." Ashley lifted off the chair, propped herself up with her hands on the edge, and began to slam her ass down on my cock. Sweat was rolling down her muscled, tanned back, droplets sliding down the gully in the middle. I could see her little dark sphincter began to contract and pulse, and Ash screamed as she slammed down on my full length. Her whole body shook, and her legs got so weak Shae had to hold her trembling body up. That sent me over the edge. "Fuck, I'm gonna cum." Ash's head snapped around to me, then looked back to Lori behijd Tiff. With renewed energy and lust in her eyes she slid off my cock and onto the hardwood floor with a soft patter of feet. "Get down from there," she commanded. "I want you to paint us both. Cover me and Lori with your big load." I reluctantly slid off the barstool away from Tiff's wonderful probing tongue and stood beside it. Darkness, however was not through with my asshole yet. She pushed my left leg up from behind till my foot rested on the top footrail of the stool. She reached between my legs and pulled down on my balls, massaging them as I took my cock in my hand. It was soaked with Ashley's juices as I slid it back and forth. Lori scampered around from behind Tiff and both knelt down in front of me, the blonde with a look of sexual intensity and determination, while the brunette smiled wickedly. "Yeah, sexy," Lori said, licking her lips. "Give us that nut. All over us. Drain your big fat balls on our faces and titties." "Fuck, here it comes!" I bellowed. At that instant, I felt Tiff release my slippery balls and with both hands spread my ass as far apart as she could without hurting me. She crammed her long tongue up my asshole until I could feel her teeth against my crack. It was heaven. The first rope of cum spurted in Ash's mouth, perfectly up the middle of her nose, forehead, and into her dirty blonde hair. I turned and aimed at Lori, who took the next smaller stream on her tits, and next one, which was huge as the first, into her mouth and all over her chin. I turned back to Ashley and followed with two massive sprays all over her face. It was literally dripping off her nose and mouth. She looked like someone had poured heavy creamer all over her head. I'm a huge cummer, but this was an all time best. What happened next almost made me hard instantly again. The two beauties kneeling before me began to lick my cum off each other's faces. Darkness, who had just removed her tongue, and Shae came over and all four girls started licking and kissing together, swapping my seed back and forth. Darkness wiped her mouth and said, "How about anal all around?" Lori nodded excitedly, having already experiencing what Tiff was suggesting. Shae stuck out her pouty, full bottom lip. "But I've had nothing in my pussy other than fingers." "How bout this?" I suggested. "All of you get on your hands and knees in a line. I'll fuck each of your pussies and asses, one after the other." Shae frowned. "What if...I don't know...what if one of us isn't quite clean?" Lori and Ashley looked at each other quizzically. Darkness rolled her eyes. "She's asking what happens if one of us leaves shit on his dick after anal." Ashley laughed. She went behind the bar and pulled out a pack of wet wipes. "After each fucking, accident or no, the recipient cleans the tool." Tiff laughed. "That works. Won't be an issue with me, though. I enema daily." We all stopped and looked at her, completely silent. "What?" she said with a shrug. "A girl never knows when she's getting a monster cock in her ass." We all broke out laughing. As it turned out, to mine and their delight, it wasn't an issue with any of them. They lined up, asses in the air, in order of Lori, Ashley, Shae, and Darkness. They had made me promise not to cum until they all had their fill and I agreed, very happy to fill them all. Lori's hairy snatch looked so inviting. It was sopping wet, and Ash was right. It did remind me of the porn I watched as a teen, and really turned me on in a strange way. I crouched down and slid my cock into her cunt. Immediately she began to moan and rub her clit with two fingers. Lori was very tight, though not much as Ashley, who was like a vice grip. I spread her ass and looked down at her hairy hole. It was a small asshole, not brown, but the color of the rest of her. I spit on it and pulled my dick out of her pussy. I looked over at the other girls, who were watching and rubbing their slits. Darkness moaned. "Fuck her hairy asshole. Put that big cock all the way in. Do it." I obliged, sliding the head past her sphincter, the slowly working my shaft in and out. Lori squealed with delight, and came almost instantly. I sped up, feeling my balls slap her wet cunt. I could feel the cum bubbling in my sac so I pulled out and moved on. After a quick cock wipe down, I moved on to Ashley. Having already had her pussy, I went straight for her dark asshole. As soon as I got the head in, I could feel her powerful ass muscles clamp down around me. It was literally like fucking a fist, though I couldn't see them, I felt her fingers on her clit as my balls slapped her snatch. Her butt was milking my dick with every thrust. She came loudly and I had to pull out immediately or her contractions would have made me blow. My rod came out with an audible pop. She was a sweaty, whimpering mess when I moved on to Shae. Since Ashley was in no condition, Shae cleaned off my cock with a wipe, though there was thankfully no need. Something like that can ruin a mood. Shae then resumed the position. What lay before me was probably the most perfect pussy and asshole I would ever see. A thin slit with small outer lips and a tiny clit protruding up top. Her asshole was a tiny pucker the same tan brown color as the rest of her body. I stood there for a moment, cock in hand, both admiring the view and wondering how I could possibly fit in either hole. Darkness, seemingly reading my mind, shifted over from her next-up doggie position and lay her head on the small of Shae's back (Shae's back was also fantastic. Muscular, but more lithe than Ashley's), just above her ass. She stuck out her bottom lip, pouting. "Wow, she's tiny, huh? How are you gonna get all that meat inside those two little holes? Well, maybe I can help you, if you ask me to." I played along. "I would like some help." "What would you like help with? Say it." "Help me fuck her pussy and ass." Tiff grinned deviously. "What's the magic word?" I smiled back. "Now." "Good boy. Your wish is my command." Tiff stuck two fingers down her throat and gagged. I thought she might throw up, but then pulled the fingers out of her mouth with a rope of thick saliva hanging from their tips. She began to work it all over Shae's pussy and asshole, much to her delight, and then spread the rest with a stroking hand over my cock. "You're welcome," she said nonchalantly and got back on all fours, awaiting her turn. I lined up my cock head to the top of Shae's slit. My balls were already hanging low from the massive load I had built up over the course of the night. I knew her clit was about to get hammered by my swinging nuts, as well as her pussy when I enter her asshole. I began to work the head between her lips and Shae groaned loudly. When you are as big as I am, most pussies are really tight, but Shae was a different thing all together. At first, it was like trying to fit a square peg in a circle hole, but after some slow strokes, my cock slid in past the head. She groaned, but it wasn't the reaction I expected from some with more accommodating holes I had entered. This was a girl used to big dick. It was a line of questioning I would have to persue later. Right now, the tightness of her pussy was exquisite. It was a different tightness from Ashley, but even moreso. Where Ash's pussy gripped and pulled at my cock, Shae's wrapped around and squeezed it. I fucked her tight cunt till it was dripping down her legs. Her moans filled the bar as she came over and over. I pulled out and put the head against her almost nonexistent asshole. Tiff had soaked it with her spit, but I gave it a few more doses for good measure. I took my remaining thick cords of saliva and rubbed them hard across her little opening. Shae cooed and moaned. I began to press forward against her sphincter, and saw her small brown body tighten and protest against what was happening. "I can stop any time you want," I said, but removing none of the pressure. "Don't you dare stop," she gasped. "I want it all the way in there. Don't worry, I know how to take it." I wondered on her last statement for a moment, but not too long as my helmet finally passed through her tiny ring. What I experienced next was undeniably one of the greatest sexual experiences of my life. Shae's ass was like a sucking mouth without a throat. My shaft stretched her completely, but her hole kept pulling me back in as I worked it. I wasn't going to last more than ten strokes tops. That's when I felt Tiff's fingers wrap around my balls. "Oh no you don't, stud. Not till I get mine. Get out of there." She pulled on my sac as I inched out of Shae's asshole, and I was more than a little reluctant. That being said, I was also eager to find out what Darkness had in store for me. She inspected my cock, ran a wipe across it to be sure, then took my shaft down to the base. Her neck bulged as she grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled me back and forth, fucking her throat till she pulled away, a thick, goopy line of saliva connecting her lips and my cock head. She took it with her hand and smeared it all over her pussy and asshole. "I want you balls deep in both. I know you won't last long after all this, and that's ok. But give it to me good and me and Shae will clean you up all nice." I slid into Tiff's cunt first, and she grunted loudly. I didn't waste any time, as I had been feeling my second load boiling in my balls for a while now. Her pussy literally felt what I could only describe as wet velvet, and while nowhere near the tightest, still hugged my wet shaft as I crouched behind her upturned ass and banged away. The interior of her canal was literally ridged, and I could feel every contour drag against the underside of my helmet as I moved back and forth. Darkness was rubbing her clit wildly and shuddered out an orgasm with a wild, heavy moan. "Put it in my ass!" she screamed, her voice filling every inch of the entire bar. "Shove it my hole! Right now!" I withdrew and slid right into her asshole. It was more accommodating than the others, I suspected due to her constant playing with it, but was still tight and lovely. I slowed my stroke down, my balls making a wet slapping sound off her pussy, making sure to give her every inch. I was so close I almost didn't warn her, but didn't want to catch her berating after if I didn't. After two minutes I was approaching the point of no return, and hissed, "I'm gonna cum." Tiff immediately pulled off my dick and spun around. Shae got on her knees beside her, confident she had earned as much of the coming load as Tiff. Darkness started talking to me while pulling on my tool. "You got another big load in those fat balls for me, baby? You gonna blow it all over me and this hot slut next to me? Shoot it. Shoot that nut all over our fucking faces," she said softly, her hand becoming a blur of knuckles and foreskin. My first ejac had been huge, even by my lofty standards. The second, however, was epic on a new level. I began cumming, my body shaking as the explosive orgasm that had been building over the past half hour rolled through me. Jet after jet of watery-thin cum began pouring out of my cock. Tiff took the first few squirts all over her face, aiming the head for maximum coverage, and then did the same to Shae. Literally, from the forehead down, both girls looked as if I had poured a half gallon of milk on their face. Darkness pulled Shae over to her and they began to kiss passionately, tongues playing and the licking each other's faces. My cock throbbed once more while watching, a small stream of cum releasing droplets on the hardwood floor. Then Tiff did one of the nastiest things I have ever seen. She got low on her hands and knees and licked the drops off the dirty floor. "Fucking gross!" Lori exclaimed, but her smile and fascinated expression showed she was just saying what she thought she should, and not what she felt. Tiff shrugged and licked her lips, as if it was the most natural thing in the world. Ashley just laughed. There was something about Ashley I couldn't put my finger on. I had a feeling that, in her own way, she was darker than Darkness herself. I made a mental note to spend a little alone time with her in the future. We were all spent, and the girls and I went to the restrooms to clean ourselves off. We made a point to put on our shoes first. A high volume bar bathroom on the weekend isn't anyplace you want to go barefoot. After we returned, we kicked off our shoes and had another beer, all naked, laughing about the previous events of the night and gently toying with one another's most erogenous parts. Shae's phone rang and she walked over by the door to answer. "Does she have a boyfriend?" I asked the other three. Ash and Lori were sitting on either side of me, and Tiff was behind the bar, leaning over with her pale tits resting on the rail. "Not that I know of," Darkness replied. "She talks to her roommate twice a night, though." Shae finished her conversation and turned to us. "My roommate is coming by to pick up my key. She's lost hers." I nodded. "Guess we better get dressed." Shae smiled deviously. "No, I think we should stay exactly how we are." The statement lingered, but no one questioned. We each sat naked at the bar, having another beer and shot. Ashley and Tiff sat on either side of me, drinking their beers with one hand, playing with my cock and balls with their others. Eventually, we saw headlights flash through the windows. "Listen," Shae said tentatively. "Before she comes in, I should let you guys know my roommate is transgender." We all just sat there, looking at her. "And she's gorgeous. And very, very hung." "What...the...fuck..." Darkness hissed. "How many times have I said I loved big-cock trannies?" Lori laughed. "At least two hundred." "That's exactly the point!" Shae protested. "I didn't want her to become a sex object to you guys. But..." she paused and bit her pouty bottom lip. It was sexy and adorable at the same time. "But now we are all here, all naked and hot to go, and..." Ashley said, taking a pull of her beer. "And now it just kinda seems meant to be," Shae finished with a grin. "What do you think? You guys want to fuck her?" There was a knock on the front door. Shae smiled wide and skipped to the entrance, her big tits bouncing as she went. She opened the door and led her roommate into the bar. "Guys, this is Tera." Tera was absolutely stunning. Perhaps five-ten, with long brown hair tied on top of her head with a scrunchee, and a sharp, gorgeous face along with pouty, pink, full lips, no one would have known that she wasn't all woman. Her big fake tits sat perkly and braless, nipples protruding, under the midriff shirt she wore, and in her tight grey sweatpants was a huge bulge she wasn't trying to hide. Tera scanned the display of naked bodies before her, eyeing Ash and Tiff, who one hand over the other were stroking my big dick. "Oh my god, you guys are all so fucking hot," she laughed. The bulge in her sweats twitched and grew. "Guess I showed up late to the party." Of course, Darkness was the first all in. "No, I think you are right on time. Damn, baby, look at you," she breathed. "How big is that thing?" Tera looked down at the stiffening cock in her pants and back up with a sly grin. "Why? You wanna come find out?" Tiff looked back at us, an incredulous look on her face. "Are you fucking kidding me? Best. Night. Ever. God, I fucking love trans-girls! Shae, you and I are going to have to have a serious discussion about why you have been holding out on me and what exactly has been going on in that apartment of yours. Everybody cool with this?" Ashley and Lori both nodded their heads enthusiastically, big smiles on their faces. Darkness turned and looked at me. "What about you, Yardstick? I have no idea how this will go down, but I don't want you freaking out all homophobe on us if her cock gets too close to yours." Now, unbeknownst to everyone there, I had a thing for trannies. I was in no way gay, and the thought of sex with another man made me nauseous, but for some reason my feelings on shemales was completely opposite. Knowing they had once been men didn't figure into the equation somehow. And when they looked completely feminine and sported a massive cock...well, that was a huge turn-on for me. I had never experienced such outside of videos, but here it happened to be right in front of me now. I would never even have questioned Tera being female unless I had seen the big bump in her sweats. Obviously, she wasn't wearing any underwear, and I could only guess how large her cock was. Something told me I was about to view my twin. "I'm good." Darkness knelt in front of her, and gazed up into Tera's eyes. "I am so excited I am literally dripping down my thighs. I know this is going to be epic," she said huskily. With that, she reached up and pulled down Tera's waistband. That which we saw next left us all breathless. Her cock flopped out of her pants, and half-hard it had to be 8 inches. A set of balls nearly as big as mine sat underneath, and she was completely shaved or waxed, more likely. Tiff moaned loudly. "That is huge! How big does it get hard?" Tera blushed under all our scrutiny. This had to be new for her. "Well, it's been measured hanging around seven, but hard it tops around eleven inches, or so I'm told." Ashley gasped, Lori visibly shuddered, and Shae just grinned. "So you are telling me we have a ten and eleven inch cock both in this room?" Tiff asked, somewhat slackjawed. "So it seems," Tera said, looking over at my hard cock. "So...." Darkness said with a grin. "You going to play with us?" Something in Tera's demeanor changed. Her tongued darted across her lips. "I don't know. Is he included in the festivities?" Her eyes were locked on me, looking from my face to cock and back again. Tiff smiled. "Do you want him to be?" "I insist on it. It's my price to play." Again, her big dick twitched and grew a little more. Ash laughed. "Oh, I like her." Tiff turned to look at me. "So, how about it?" I had to admit, I was more than curious. "Just what kind of involvement are we talking about?" Any awkwardness Tera had felt or feigned feeling melted away in an instant. "Well, your level of involvement all depends on you, but I do have some non-negotiable conditions." I laughed, and Tiff clapped her hands together. She was still on her knees in front of Tera, maybe six inches away from her impressive meat. "I love conditions!" Darkness cooed. "Condition away!" "First," Tera drawled, "I get to suck his cock." I didn't hesitate. "No problem there." "Second, he fucks my ass. Bareback. Shae knows I'm clean." Shae looked at me and nodded. "Maybe I should have a look first before I decide," I attempted to remark off-hand. "Tiff, help her out." Tera flashed a smirk and spun around. Darkness wasted no time in hooking her fingers around the waistband of those sweats and yanking them down to Tera's ankles, who bent over seductively. Her ass was heart-shaped, much like Ash, and she had a little brown asshole a few inches above her huge balls. I felt my rod pulse seeing her bent over like that. "Okay. Done deal." Tera looked over her shoulder at me wryly. "Third, and last condition, is I get to fuck him." Everyone paused and looked at me. I tried to keep up the appearance that I was considering the proposition, but my answer was already decided. "Please say yes," Tiff whimpered. She had taken our new friend's cock in an over-handed grip, stroking the length down towards the floor and spread one of her asscheeks with the other hand. Her middle finger rubbed Tera's hole. I looked over to the other three, who nodded hopefully. Finally, I said, "I'll do what I can, but you're huge, so no promises." Tera kicked off the sweats at her feet. "Fair enough." The girls literally descended on her like a starving man at a buffet. Ashley was making out with her furiously, tongues darting and entertwining as they fondled each other's tits. Lori and Shae were taking turns sucking her huge cock like a lollipop, now at it's intimidating full-mast, and licking her her big balls. Darkness, of course, moved to her preference was slurping her asshole like a cup of soup. Tera looked like she was in heaven. Apparently, she liked the girls and the boys both. Our new friend pulled Ashley over, turned her around over a bar stool, and slid her fat dick head up and down my star bartender's dripping slit. Ash moaned loudly, then went stiff as a board as Tera slid her length into her. Her eyes rolled over white in her head and you could literally see every muscle of her finely toned body contract in an instant, mind-numbing orgasm. The sounds she made were gutteral, bordering on primitive, as shook and her hand instantly fell to clit, a blur of motion. I have to admit, I was jealous I didn't have the same effect. Ash seemed to cum for nearly a minute straight, Lori and Shae enrapt at the spectacle. Finally, she slid off and gasped, "No more. No more for me. I can't cum again like that. I'm done." Lori was quick to take her place, spreading her thick ass to reveal her hairy pussy and asshole. She flashed her big, toothy smile back at Tera. "Asshole, please and thank you." "My pleasure," Tera replied, and began working her dick into Lori's ass. Luckily, my earlier efforts had made it easier going in Lori's very-tight but accommodating butt. Our new trans playmate stroked her piece in and out of her ass, which culminated in a large, surprisingly wet orgasm. I sat back and stroked my cock to the show before me. Tera watched my hand rise and fall with a special kind of lust in her eyes. Finally she said "I need to get fucked by that. Now." I instructed Tera to sit on the stool as I had earlier, with ass and balls hanging off the edge. She happily obliged, giving me a lovely view of her little brown asshole and large sac. "Have you ever had anyone as big as me in your ass before?" I asked as I scanned her body. She was slender and lean, with a musculature not unlike Ashley, just less pronounced. Tera looked over her shoulder at me. She really was beautiful, with no trace of masculinity save for the incredible appendages between her legs. "No. I've had an eight inch dildo, but nothing like that thing." I looked over at the girls, who were in a moderate state of play already, with eager fingers and tongues. "So who's going to lube us up?" Before anyone could even speak, Shae was on her knees in front of me. She took my cock in hand and pushed it right down her throat, gagging loudly. When she pulled it out, a thick line of spit drooled off the head to her mouth. She captured it with her hand and began massaging it into Tera's hole. Darkness was sitting on a barstool, watching us with utter intensity. I could see the unbridled lust in her eyes. Having a trans playing with us was obviously one of her utmost fantasies. She was fingering her cunt loudly, and reached under to slip two fingers in her asshole. I rubbed the head of my cock against Tera's ass, which elicited a groan from her. I looked at Tiff. "Enjoying the view?" "God, yes. Fuck her. Fuck that ass with your big cock. I am so wet. Fucking goddamn, fuck!" She shoved three fingers in her shaved twat and squealed. Ashley stepped over and began rubbing my asshole. "Do it." I decided not to play nice. I was too horny. I shoved my cock in her ass to the hilt, and my shaved balls smacked against hers. Her hole was so tight, nearly as tight as Shae's, which was really saying something. "Oh god," Tera whispered. "Oh god, he is so fucking huge." "Isn't he, though?" Tiff purred, sliding off the stool and taking her throbbing cock in hand. "But I bet you have him beat by at least an inch. Look at this thing. It has to be near a foot long." Darkness smiled. "You want to put it in me while he fucks you, baby?" "Yes, fuck yes," Tera gasped. Tiff spit on her dick and stroked it back and forth. "You want my pussy or asshole? He's been in both and I promise they are stretched and ready for you." As I thrust in deeper, Tera gasped loudly and gripped the stool tightly. "Your choice." Darkness laughed. "Then it's ass. It's always ass," as she stood and scooted herself back on the stool, hands on the bar. Tera slid into her sphincter with a loud grunt, followed by an immediate orgasm from Tiff, who actually squirted during. (Afterword, she told us she had never done so before.) She soaked the floor, which Shae, the consummate cleaner, quickly mopped up with a bar towel. Tiff slid off her massive meat and stumbled to an adjacent stool as I pounded Tera relentlessly. I could literally feel her prostate pulsing against my cock head. I reached underneath and cupped her large balls, which were swelled with the load that was cumming. Finally, Tera's body began to shake, and her asshole began to contract in spasms around my dick as her orgasm surfaced. I looked over her shoulder as stream after stream of cum shot from her engorged head. Her distance was legendary, the thin, watery load literally spraying the underside of the bar and footboards. There must have been eight huge ropes followed by an ending wide-area spurt. The girls were in awe. Lori was in mid-diddle of Ashley's pussy, her mouth hanging open. "Goddddaaammmnnn," she cried out. "What a waste! She could have covered us all three times over!" Shae was making out with Tiff, whose knees still looked a bit wobbly. "Don't worry," she said as her tongue teased over Darkness' lips. "She can do it again." Ash grinned. "Hell of a sight, though. I'm fucking dripping now." Just then I felt my own balls contract, and slid out of Tera's clutching asshole. She sighed in frustration. "Why are you stopping?" "Because I think this next one will be my last, and I think we need to give these lovely ladies a good shower at the end." Tera crawled off the stool, her big, thick cock, now half limp, dragging behind her on the seat. "That's awfully generous of you. Now comes the last part of the deal. Still up for it?" Seeing her gigantic dick swinging between her legs filled me with both excitement and trepidation. I was going to do this, I assured myself. When would another opportunity arise to experience what was now a sure thing? Tiff came close and whispered in my ear, "Fuck my butt while she fucks yours. Please." It was a no-brainer. This was happening, and there was no stopping it now. "Looks like she could use a little help getting ready," was my reply. Ash grunted with delight as she dropped down between Tera's legs and began to lick the head of her swinging cock. One hand went up to her balls, rolling her large nuts expertly across her palm while the other hand crept between her ass cheeks. Ashley inserted first two, then three digits into Tera's stretched asshole, fucking her steadily as she gulped on her massive dick. We all watched her instrument grow from an impressive flaccid state to its awe-inspiring glory. Ash, for her part, was like a woman possessed, intent on getting as much of it down as possible. We saw her throat buldging as Tera's thick shaft ran halfway down her throat, and still a hands-worth was throbbing between her lips. Tears were streaming down her face, and I worried she might be in severe discomfort until I realized it was reactionary to having so much down her gullet. Seeing her hand swirl like a blur around her clit informed us all she was as turned on as could be. Ash came gurgling on the dick down her throat, and Tera pulled her long shaft out of her mouth. She then attacked me, almost literally, bending me over and eating my ass with a fervor that would put Darkness to shame. Literally, my hole was dripping and greased, and I knew what was coming next. Tiff got on all fours and stuck her ass in the air. "Fuck mine while she fucks yours. I want to feel it." I slid my cock balls deep into her asshole. Tiff's sphincter gripped my cock tightly and she cried out profanities. I heard Tera say behind me, "Moment of truth. You ready for this?" Ashley, Lori, and Shae had quit playing with each other and were sitting on their knees, intently watching what came next. "I think so," I said tentatively. Tera placed her fat cockhead against my asshole. Both were generously covered in Ashley's throat spit, so I didn't need to worry about lubrication. She pushed forward, and I gasped as she slid the head of her dick inside me. It was indeed so huge. First, Tera slipped in the head and a little shaft to warm my hole up. Then she began to feed it into my ass, inch after inch. I was in agony and ectasy, as her massive dick started to move in and out of my butt. Shae began to moan as Ashley rubbed her cunt. I could feel every vein and ridge of Tera's rod as she stretched my hole in a way I never thought I could manage. The fat head of her tool was rubbing my prostate, making my own member swell hugely in Tiff's ass. "Oh god, I can feel it in my pussy and stomach! I can't believe how hard and huge you are. Fuck fuck fuck fuck..." That was when it happened. She shoved it all the way in. Eleven inches of cock in my ass. If I hadn't been good and drunk I don't think there was any way I could have handled it. I felt Tera's fat sac touch mine and she sighed deeply. I saw stars. Apparently, my cock swelled to even new heights as she bottomed out in my hole. Tiff started to buck underneath me, screaming something about my cock being similar to a nightstick (how she made the comparison I never asked) and as Tera's massive helmet probed my prostated I began to cum. And cum. And cum. The most massive load of my life began to spill from my cock into Tiff's asshole. She came again and again as my tool filled her ass and actually flooded jizz out around my shaft. Not like some unbelievable geyser, mind you, but while I was still inside my spunk dripped out around my girth and onto the floor. I was in the throws of ecstasy, and knew a second load was on its way. I had no idea I could come this much, and still more was on deck. She cried out, "It's too much!!" and crawled out from under me. I looked at her spread wide open as she creeped out on her hands and knees and my nut was a steady river out of her ass and down her pussy, dripping to the hardwoods. As she stood up on wobbly legs my seed rushed out in a torrent down her thighs. Darkness sat on the closest barstool, her breasts heaving and eyes lolling. Tera began to pick up speed, her cock pumping me so deep I literally almost screamed. My dick was already again fully engorged, and my balls were amazingly fit to burst a second time. She gasped loudly. "Oh, his ass is going to make me cum. His tight asshole is going to make me shoot." Upon hearing Tera make her exclamation, the girls were on there knees in a flash in front of us. I had one foot propped up on the rail of the barstool so they all got a great view of her pounding my ass. My rock hard member was banging against my stomach as her big wet balls made a slapping sound impacting against mine. They were mesmerized, pinching nipples and rubbing clits while their eyes were glued to the show in front of them. I don't think they even blinked as they drank it all in. I began jacking my cock, and after three strokes I knew I was about to blow. That's when Tera pulled out of my ass. It seemed to last forever as she exited out of me. I knew my hole was probably gaping, which was no turn on for me, but it wouldn't matter with what came next. Tera sidled up beside me and we both began stroking at the girl's faces. They were all switching between smiling and groaning with lust as they touched themselves and each other while we rubbed out our loads. Tera was watching my cock while I was switching back and forth between her and the beauties in front of me. She groaned loudly, and held her breath. Then something porn-worthy happened. Tera gasped, and cum started shooting out of her dick at a rate that I had never seen before. I didn't think that much was possible. She blasted each girl in turn with hard, watery sprays, coating their faces with a thin glaze. Then, she went back and did it again. The girls were laughing and smiling, licking their lips and wiping their eyes. It was all too much and I began to cum. Long, thin ropes of jizz poured out over them, and though I only made one pass, it was one for the ages. It was a true cumbath. They were covered from tit to hair in spunk, a look of shock and peals of laughter as they began sucking both our cocks, eager for the very last drops. Tera and I, being the ever considerate facialists, brought them the cloth towels from the back as they wiped each other off in turn. Then it was time to clean. We all stayed naked, cleaning the bar methodically, and the footboards and stools of any...ahem...biological evidence. There was a lot of play during that hour, but nothing serious, alot of gropes and pulls and sideways licks. Lori, however, did go down on Shae to orgasm while they were cleaning the service wells. As well dressed, there was a certain reluctance to putting on our clothes, as we knew this would never happen again. Although certain combinations of our fivesome came about over the next months, it was never like that special night of unexpected pornographic action. We all kissed with exhausted, dazed smiles and went our separate ways just as the cleaning crew was showing up and the sky was getting blue with the sun. Ashley, Lori, and Tiff (who was walking a bit bow-legged but with permagrin etched on her face) made their way to their cars. Shae and Tera stood arm in arm and watched them leave with a sigh. "So, I guess it's time to head in," I said with a smile. "Thanks for the great night. I'll never forget it." "Oh, no," Tera said deviously. "You are coming home with us." "Do you work tomorrow? Or today, I mean?" Shae asked with a giggle. "No, I'm off." Tera licked her lips. "So are we..."

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