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The Swing

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The Swing

Cori strode naked through the club and took her seat at the bar. Picking up her glass, she looked at her husband with a smile. "Lost again?" He asked.

"Depends on how you look at it," she replied after a sip of her drink. "I'm naked, but his cock is hard enough to use as a pool cue."

Dan laughed as his wife shook her long blonde hair from her shoulder. "You always lose your clothes. You never could shoot pool and you know it."

"True," she replied. "But you never know. One day I'll find somebody who plays worse than me."

"In the meantime, you lose your clothes and get felt up while they buy you drinks, right?" He chided.

"Sure," she grinned. "So who loses?"

Dan shook his head once again and laughed. He knew, when it came to her body, his young wife was more than willing to show it or share it whenever she wanted to. In fact, it was one of the things that had attracted him to her.

They had only been dating for a few months when she first told him about her wilder side. At first he was unsure of what to make of it. He knew she loved to fuck, but his logic told him that any woman who would undress for almost any man who asked, under the right circumstances, could never be faithful to him. But as the weeks passed, and she regaled him with her stories of her past adventures, he came to actually like the idea of sharing his girlfriend.

The first time he had actually witnessed her wilder side was at an outdoor concert. She had excused herself to go to one of the bathrooms. After a long while, she finally returned, a bit disheveled and slightly out of breath. When he asked her if she was all right, she told him that she had run into a co-worker of hers while waiting in line for the port-a-potty. As they waited, they chatted a bit. One thing led to another, and they had ended up behind the port-a-potty. He unceremoniously lifted her skirt, bent her over, and fucked her hard right there in the open. Another man had spotted them and slid his cock into her mouth. She told him that the two men had fucked her hard until they both filled her with their cum.

Dan couldn't believe his ears. Seeing the look of disbelief in his face, she guided his hand under her skirt to her cum-filled pussy. He got an instant erection.

Taking her by the hand, he led her out of the stadium to his car. Once in the car, she reclined her seat and pulled her skirt up. He didn't hesitate. Rolling on top of her, he spotted a security guard patrolling the next aisle over from theirs. Figuring he'd have time, he slid his rock hard cock into her and thrust hard.

Cori held tightly to his buttocks as he pumped himself into her hot, cum-filled pussy, her hips grinding into his. Her first orgasm hit her seconds later as he raised himself onto his forearms. She bucked and moaned beneath him as she came. He followed soon after, filling her pussy with his own creamy load of semen.

She giggled as he collapsed on top of her. Dan groggily lifted himself to see what was so funny and saw the security guard looking down at them with a scowl on his face. He scrambled off of her and into the driver's seat, only to see Cori open her door and invite the guard to take his turn with her. Dan watched in silence as the guard looked first at him, then at the semi-nude blonde stretched out before him. He hesitated only long enough to look around before unzipping his fly and releasing a massive erection. He wasted no time climbing into the car and on top of her.

Cori squealed with delight as the thick organ filled her pussy. The guard fucked into her hard and fast, his own quick gratification the only thing on his mind. As his hips slammed into her, she thrust her hips back up to meet him. Beads of perspiration formed on the guard's brow as he somehow managed to increase his tempo.

Cori wailed through another orgasm when she felt the guard's fat cock begin to expand. She clamped her inner muscles around the hard cock and gasped when she felt the first hot spurt of his creamy load splash inside her. She bucked her hips wildly as the man flooded her pussy with it's third helping of cum that day.

The guard finally stopped his thrusting and, without a word, withdrew his softening cock from the woman and got out of the car. Dan watched him zip his trousers as he walked away from the car to continue his patrol.

Their sex life had taken off from there. That day, Dan discovered that he was immensely turned on by watching Cori fuck. Seeing her cum on another man's cock had excited him more than he would have ever thought possible. Playing with her cum-soaked vagina the whole way home kept them both so excited, he had fucked her sloppy pussy once more in the car while the automatic garage door opener closed the door behind them. Later that night, he proposed to her, explaining to her that he wanted to share in her adventures forever. She accepted his proposal, and they were married the following week.

The couple had found a local swing club and decided to check it out. After their first visit, they knew they were hooked. Their Saturday nights were spent in the club, trying out various fantasies and rapidly becoming well known regulars. Tonight was a special night for Cori. The club's owner, Juan, had told her, the previous week, that he was installing a swing in the "party room."

The party room was where all the real action took place. While nudity was allowed in the club proper, along with a bit of petting and necking, serious sexual activities were to be confined to the party room. It was basically a large room with several sofas, padded benches, and thick floor pillows arranged to allow both intimacy, and semi-public display. Cori prided herself on, "having gotten it on every stick of furniture in the place."

"Are you ready to check out the swing?" Dan asked.

"Sure," Cori replied. "I tried to get Juan to fuck me on the pool table, but he wouldn't go for it."

"That bad, huh?" Dan smiled.

"That horny." Cori giggled.

Taking her by the hand, Dan led his nude wife from the bar into the dimly lit party room. As the door closed behind them, they stood to the side to allow their eyes to become accustomed to the difference in lighting. Dan nudged Cori and pointed out the swing, which was suspended from a large A-frame over in one corner. A groan drew their attention to a rather well endowed redhead as she straddled her partner, burying his cock inside her. Cori slid her hand down her tummy and toyed with her pubic hair as she watched the erect organ disappear into the woman. Once the penis was completely inside her, she settled in for a slow, leisurely fuck.

Dan looked around the room to see if he recognized anyone there. Spotting another club regular, receiving an enthusiastic blow job from a tiny blonde he didn't recognize, he waved. The man returned the wave with a smile, then went back to enjoying the woman's efforts.

The party room wasn't crowded, only about a dozen couples, so they had a choice of seats. They decided to sit on a sofa across a wide aisle from the swing and watch the crowd for a while.

Cori watched the redhead shudder through an orgasm while eyeing the swing mischievously. "So you want me to get into that thing."

"No, you want to get into that thing. I just want to see you get fucked." Dan laughed.

She elbowed him playfully, then stood up. She walked over to the swing and studied it closely. "How do you get into this thing?" She asked nobody in particular.

"It's easy, I'll show you," a thickly accented voice said from behind her.

Juan, the club owner, stood behind her smiling. Cori smiled back at him as she nodded her consent. Waving Dan over to help him, Juan lifted her tiny body up, off the floor. With Dan's help, they finally got her into the swing. It was basically a thick pad suspended from the A-frame, with straps to hold a person's head, thighs, feet, arms, and wrists in a position which left nothing to the imagination.

Cori giggled as the men let go of her and she gently swung back and forth, her legs spread wide open, in the contraption. Although the swing and A-frame appeared to hold her with no difficulty, she was still nervous. Her fear was that the thing would suddenly let go of her in midair. Juan reassured her it would easily hold many times her weight. She relaxed somewhat, but was still visibly tense.

"That's all there is to it." Juan told them. "Now she's ready for whatever you have planned."

"Since you seem to be the expert on this thing," Cori smiled, "Why don't you show Dan the proper way to fuck me in it?"

Juan smiled at her, taking in the sight of her beautiful body. "I'm sure he can figure it out. I must go attend to the bar."

As the tall Latin walked toward the door, he heard Cori quietly tell Dan that she would get him to fuck her one of these days. He smiled to himself as he left. Although he'd never admit it to her, he knew she was right. Juan had a reputation for looking without touching. He'd owned the club for several years, but had participated only rarely, and then only on special occasions. Cori had seen the large bulge hidden in his pants on several occasions, and made it no secret that she wanted him to fill her pussy with his obviously large cock. So far, he had managed to, gracefully, decline her offers. That only made her want his cock more.

The mere fact that Cori had gotten into the swing successfully had attracted quite a bit of attention. Her loud moan when Dan knelt before her and slid his tongue into her widespread pussy attracted even more. Two other men were soon standing on either side of her as she leaned back, enjoying the tongue inside her, finally allowing the swing to support her entire body.

One of the men hesitantly reached forward to cup her tiny breast. When she moaned and smiled at him in approval, he massaged her nipple with greater confidence. Seeing this, the other man soon held the other breast. Cori closed her eyes as Dan's tongue slid out of her and slid upward, over her clitoris.

A pair of lips soon replaced the hand covering her nipple, the hand slowly stroking its way along her tummy. She opened her eyes as she felt warm breath against her cheek. Lips soon found hers and she moaned softly into the mouth as a tongue slipped between them. Another mouth found the other nipple. Yet another kissed her tummy, sending chills throughout her body. She hung suspended, helpless as to anything the men might want to do to her. The mouth covering hers blocked her view of her lower body. She was completely at the mercy of Dan and any stranger who happened by.

As his tongue slid back and forth over her entrance, Dan could taste her growing excitement. He could feel her muscles clutch at the tip of his tongue when he dipped it inside her. He held onto her exposed buttocks and rocked her gently back and forth, teasing her soaked sex with his tongue. He felt her hips start to rock up and down in an attempt to trap his tongue inside her. Taking that as his cue, he stood up and unzipped his pants. The swing held her pelvis at the perfect height for him to slide his rock-hard cock into her gaping pussy.

Cori's flat tummy stiffened as she suddenly inhaled deeply when she felt the head of Dan's erection penetrate her. She groaned into the mouth, which still feverishly worked on hers, when she felt the rough zipper of Dan's pants touch her engorged labia. He held perfectly still, gently holding the tiny woman by the hips, pulling her tighter against him. The mouths suckling at her breasts sent shivers through her body. She swore she could feel Dan's heartbeat through his hard cock as it remained firmly embedded in her soaked vagina.

Dan gave a subtle signal to the men around the swing. As one, they began to slowly rock it back and forth, causing Dan's erection to slip in and out of her. Her velvety vagina felt strangely different to him in this position. The angle at which he penetrated her was like nothing he'd experienced before. Cori noticed it too.

The tiny blonde came unglued as the crown of Dan's thick cock slid silently back and forth along the inner walls of her pussy. Although the mouth kissing her prevented her from screaming, she moaned and groaned into it as feelings the likes of which she'd never felt overtook her. The men slowly increased the tempo of the assisted fucking, causing the shaft of his cock to steadily stroke in and out of her. Her arms flailed about as her first orgasm crashed through her.

Dan felt her inner muscles working on his cock as she came. He smiled to himself as he slid in and out of her spasming pussy. He knew that if she was cumming already, she was in for an exhaustive, yet satisfying night. As her orgasm subsided, he signaled to the men to stop rocking the swing. It was his turn to set the pace of the fuck.

Cori's mind reeled as she relaxed from her first orgasm. The angle at which Dan¡¦s cock filled her felt delicious. The rocking motions of the swing soon stopped and she felt Dan's hands reposition themselves around her waist. Her breathing had just begun to return to normal when she felt Dan's body tense up in preparation for the real fucking that was yet to come.

Dan plunged his cock into the tiny blonde. The sudden movement broke her kiss with the man cradling her head and she cried out in ecstasy. Dan thrust into her, using the swing's leverage to pull her suspended body backward into him. Her eyes flew open, then slammed shut as she felt another orgasm rip through her. Her body convulsed as the mouths withdrew from her erect nipples. Hands covered the trembling breasts as the men stood back to watch the thrashing blonde.

The rapid clenching of Cori's inner muscles proved to be too much for Dan's composure. With a loud groan, he slammed himself into his writhing wife and erupted. Unintelligible noises issued forth from her mouth as the first spurt of her husband's lava-hot cum coated the inside of her hungry vagina. She gasped as she felt his hard cock throb, sending his load deeper into her. Dan pulled her hips tightly against his and ground his groin into her as he felt the last spasms of his climax drain from him.

Cori could do nothing but hold on to the straps that secured her in the swing. She felt the tension in her husband's cock slowly fade as his orgasm flowed from his body and into hers. She sighed heavily as she felt his once rigid cock begin to slacken inside her. Cum dripped slowly out of her pussy and over her tiny ass as he finally withdrew. Her hips undulated in invitation as he left her soaked pussy vacant and walked around to her head.

"Now the real party can start," he whispered.

As he leaned down to kiss his panting wife, he motioned to the other men toward her cum-filled sex. The invitation to help themselves to his wife was clear.

Cori moaned into Dan's mouth as another cock quickly replaced his. Although not as thick as her husband's, it was certainly longer. She shuddered as it glanced off her cervix and pounded into her repeatedly. The man's own gratification was obviously foremost in his mind as he roughly fucked the tiny blonde. Cori was not the least bit concerned. She knew she would orgasm many times in the evening yet to come and she was content to let the men use her pussy for their own pleasure.

The man fucking her quickly came, adding his load of cum to Dan's. As soon as his hips stopped moving, he was ushered out of the way and another took his place. This man penetrated her with a little more finesse, but wasted no time in plunging into the panting woman to the hilt. He fucked the tiny blonde with deliberate, measured strokes, intending to pleasure her as well as himself.

Dan released her and sat in a nearby chair to watch. It appeared that word of the swing's horny occupant had spread through the club quickly. At least a dozen nude men were gathered around the swing, and another dozen were waiting their turn to get close enough to touch the moaning woman. Several stroked their erect cocks in preparation for their turn to fuck the sexy blonde who had pranced around the club nude earlier that evening.

Dan watched as a man lifted his wife's head out of the strap that cradled it, and slid his dripping cock over her lips. Cori quickly opened her mouth and allowed the stranger to thrust his cock into her mouth. Another man had somehow managed to get one of her arms out of the sling which held it. He was using her tiny hand to stroke his thick shaft. Yet another man climbed under the swing to get a better view of the cock thrusting into the blonde's hot pussy.

Cori was in another world. She had no idea how many men stood around her waiting their turn, but the many hands stroking her told her there were several. The fat cock in her overly excited pussy was getting ready to cum, she was certain, and she couldn't wait for the next one to take its place. The cock between her lips tasted sweet, and she tried every trick she knew to coax the creamy load from it.

The man fucking her suddenly plunged himself deep inside the tiny blonde and erupted. Cori moaned around the thickening cock in her mouth as the vibrations of the climaxing organ flowed through her pussy. A finger found her clitoris and gently, but firmly, rubbed her to another crashing orgasm. Her hips bounced in the swing as the man emptied himself into her, causing her pussy to overflow. Trails of their combined semen trickled out of her vagina, between the cheeks of her tiny ass, and finally dripped onto the carpet.

Cori lost track of the man as he slipped out of her. She felt the cum drool out of her, but only for a second. Another cock quickly filled her. Her revelry over the new organ was short lived, however, as the man thrusting into her mouth sent his hot semen flowing down her throat. Dan watched his wife gulp and swallow in an attempt to keep up with the man's ejaculation. Her cheeks hollowed as she tried to suck the fluid from him. Her throat muscles worked quickly as the man groaned out his climax. When his softening cock had finally withdrawn, she swallowed several times then opened her mouth or the next cock. She didn't have long to wait.

The man under her seemed mesmerized by the sight of the new cock seesawing in and out of her pussy. He reached up and gently held her buttocks as they swayed back and forth above him. This man was really fucking her hard. His cock blazed in and out of the squealing woman with a fury. Her cheeks rippled as the man repeatedly drove his cock into her. Taking a chance, the man beneath her slid a finger through the trail of cum flowing from the woman and teased her tight ass.

Cori groaned when she felt the digit touch her anus. The man fucking her was really getting to her. She felt another orgasm approaching and wondered if there was a way to achieve double penetration in the swing. She suddenly inhaled deeply and came hard as the finger wormed its way into her ass up to the first knuckle.

The combination of the finger slipping into her ass, and her inner muscles clenching around his cock proved to be too much for the man fucking her. He lost control of himself and exploded deep inside her with a shout. Dan watched with amusement as the twosome thrust into one another and spasmed through their mutual orgasms, each babbling incoherently. Seeing the mad thrusting going on in front of him, the man in her mouth joined them by unleashing his load down her throat. Cori again fought to keep up with the flow of semen as it washed over her tongue, the sensations only adding to her own climax.

Both men withdrew from the sweating blonde simultaneously, leaving only the finger inside her tortured body. Her hips moved downward of their own will, attempting to get more of the exploring digit inside her. The swing prevented any downward movement, however, and she was left frustrated in her attempt. As the man at her head departed, he replaced the strap which cradled the back of the woman's head. The man below her saw this and took it as a sign to slide his finger into her deeper. Cori let out a satisfied groan as the finger slid into her ass as far as it could go.

Dan watched his wife's hips try to bounce in the swing and smiled. He knew her movement was limited, but somehow knew that fact added to the sensations she was feeling. As yet another man positioned himself between her legs, he decided to go to the bar to get a quick glass of water.

When he returned, he saw that someone had placed a padded bench beneath the swing, and the man beneath her was positioning himself to slide his rock hard cock into her ass. Dan watched in rapt fascination as the man fucking her withdrew to give the man beneath her a chance to enter her.

Cori wriggled her his in frustration at the man's sudden withdrawal. She was just getting into the rhythm of this man's fuck when he'd suddenly stopped and pulled out. Being on her back, facing the ceiling, she obviously couldn't see beneath her. She therefore had no idea of what was about to happen.

The blonde's eyes suddenly flew open when she felt the first contact with her anus. She hissed through clenched teeth as the cock slowly parted her cheeks and slid into her tight ass. As the man pressed upward into her, she relaxed her muscles, allowing him to slip into her easier. She closed her eyes and relaxed when she felt he was inside her as far as he could go.

The stranger standing before her let her relax on the man's cock before slipping himself back into her gaping vagina. The tiny blonde inhaled sharply as his cock filled her once again. When she felt his pubic hair meet hers, she exploded in orgasm. The two men held perfectly still as she convulsed on their erections. Her inner muscles clenched and unclenched around the two invading organs as she squealed and writhed in the swing. The A-frame shook with the violent climax that washed over her. Finally she lay still, panting as the sweat dripped off of her.

The crowd grew silent and Dan sat in astonishment at the magnitude of Cori's climax. He had seen her get double fucked before, and watched her climax literally thousands of times, but never before had she orgasmed with as much force as the one he'd just witnessed. The two men looked over at Dan for guidance as the blonde hung in the swing limply. Dan hesitated, then motioned for them to continue with what they were doing. He was sure she would be ok, but he¡¦d keep a close eye on her just the same.

Cori seemed to come back to life as the man in her pussy began to stroke in and out of her. She moaned and rolled her hips as much as the swing would allow her to, encouraging the stranger to fuck her harder. He willingly complied. His cock stroked steadily in and out of her sodden vagina, the slight bouncing movements causing the cock buried deep in her other passage to slide back and forth within her. As the man's confidence in her well-being grew, he picked up his tempo. Soon he was thrusting into her with a fury.

Cori's head slowly rolled over to one side in the strap until she was looking into her husband's eyes. He saw a look of total euphoria on his sexy wife's face as the two men inside her used her body for their own pleasure. He watched her breathing deepen as the sensations flowed through her. His cock began to grow once more. A quiet, tired smile formed on her lips as she saw him slowly stroke his cock. Her eyes closed and her head snapped back forward as the man in her pussy grunted loudly and erupted deep inside her.

The man plunged himself deeper into her swollen pussy as his cum shot into her in streams. The constant friction, then trembling climax of the man in her pussy sent the other stranger over the edge as well. He blasted his load of cum deep into Cori's ass. The two spasming cocks unloading themselves into her at once proved to be more than the blonde could take. She groaned as yet another orgasm ripped through her already tortured body. The threesome soon ground to a halt as exhaustion took the place of passion.

For the next hour, several men abused Cori's pussy, ass, and mouth. Dan was amazed at his wife's stamina. She never seemed to get enough sex. She orgasmed more times than he could count. Just about the time he thought she'd had enough, and it was time to call things to a halt, she would react to the latest cock with renewed vigor. Her hips remained in a constant state of motion. Her cum-drenched body writhed under the seemingly endless line of strangers, each with a rock-hard cock to fill one of her three openings. In the end it was Juan who brought things to a close.

The tall, Latin walked into the party room and announced it was last call. This was the signal that the club would be closing in 30 minutes. People began picking up clothes, getting dressed, or just finishing their sexual activities. Several people were invited to houses, or even local hotels. Several invitations were accepted, but an equal number were politely turned down.

The man fucking Cori pumped into her rapidly as he came, adding his semen to the countless other loads already filling her sodden pussy. She shuddered through a last orgasm just before the stranger withdrew and tucked his slackening organ back into his shorts.

Dan knelt over his wife's face and held her close to him. She shook in his arms as the exhausting pace of the gang bang finally caught up with her. They remained that way as the last of the party room revelers left, closing the door behind them.

"I love you," she whispered weakly into her husband's ear. "Not many men could watch his own wife take on a whole club full of hard cock. I know, I¡'ve dated a few like that."

"Just one of your many charms," he said as he kissed her forehead. "Besides, I got to fuck you three times myself."

The door opened and Juan walked back into the party room. "Everyone is gone except for you two. Didn't you get enough fucking?"

"Get that fat cock of yours hard and let's see," Cori replied with a tired smile.

Juan looked at her in disbelief, then shook his head. To her surprise he approached her and unzipped his pants. The huge, uncircumcised cock which sprang out of his pants made her gasp when she saw it. It had to have been 12 inches long and as big around as her wrist.

"God, Juan," she breathed as he helped to release her legs from the swing.

Cum literally poured out of her as her feet touched the ground. She reached over and gently squeezed the massive organ. It jumped under her gentle touch. She marveled at the organ and slid the foreskin backward, over the thick, purple head. A droplet of his lubrication appeared at the tip as she manipulated him in her tiny fist.

"You can't just tease me now. I've got to feel this inside me," she whispered.

"Not here," he replied with a chuckle. Pulling away from her grasp, he gave her a friendly swat on the behind. "Hurry up and get your cute little ass over to the pool table."

Cori smiled broadly and sprinted, out of the party room, the remaining two men hot on her heels...

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