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Sex Ed Class at Home Ch 4

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Day 3 of mom?s live-in boyfriend teaches her 18-year-old daughter about sex in her absence from home

I woke up Friday morning feeling hammered and bruised from the two sexual lessons with Sam and Eli on Thursday. Lying naked under the sheet, I was no longer thrilled with Sam?s sex training lessons since Sam and Eli had just meanly used me for sex yesterday, without being loving and with hardly giving me an orgasm. It was TOTALLY different from my first sexual encounter with Sam for my first lesson in sex training. They just meanly fucked me and pleased themselves, the sorry black bastards!

I remembered Sam sternly lecturing me yesterday about not telling him what to do if I wanted this to continue. And shamefully I DID want more sexual orgasms from him, even though Sam and his friend Eli had mostly just hurt me yesterday. I knew that if this continued they would probably hurt me again. Regardless of that, sex with Sam was so much better than ANY boyfriend I had ever been intimate with that I couldn?t help myself but to want more.

So with Sam I now realized that it was sort of like ?take both the good and bad as a package deal?. Even though he and his friend sexually abused me, I wanted more sex ?training? from Sam, and I knew I would have to accept whoever he chose to include during sex with me. I would NEVER tell mom about anything that Sam and I did. That was just how I felt.

I looked at the clock and it was 11am. The house was quiet. Without putting on any clothing, I walked naked into the kitchen to get something to eat. I was confident that I had the house to myself.

Ten minutes later, Sam returned to the house in his car. He didn?t say anything as he entered the back door, glanced briefly in my direction at the kitchen table, and went straight into mom?s bedroom without saying anything. I continued to eat my breakfast, not being concerned if he saw me nude since we had already had sex several times. My hair was a mess, looking like I had been savagely fucked, as of course I had.

He soon returned to the kitchen with a dress which I had never seen before. I did not even know that mom owned it.

?Put this on!? Sam instructed me and handed me the dress on the hanger. He quickly added, ?Not now, Babe! I want you to wear it for the party here in two hours!?

I looked into his wild and excited eyes with my still half awake expression, noticing how determined and intense he was about what he had just told me to do.

I reached out and grabbed the hanger, holding it with one hand as I examined it. I immediately recognized how skimpy and slutty it was. It was solid black, mostly see-thru lace and very short and low cut, more like a negligee than a dress. It would cover very little of my body, and I could see that I would have to wear it WITHOUT a bra the way it was cut.

I rolled my eyes and hung it on a chair beside me. Sam frowned and ignored my eye-rolling, and just continued to tell me in a matter-of-fact way what he wanted?? and clearly EXPECTED from me! I remembered his stern warnings yesterday about arguing with him or refusing him so I said nothing. I also remembered how he viciously slapped me and ram-fucked my rectum as punishment to change my attitude into being submissive to his sexual demands. I knew that I dared not refuse him again.

Sam continued his instructions, talking rather loudly and excitedly. He was obviously really looking forward to this party.


Then Sam settled down and spoke in a normal tone of voice, ?I have taken the rest of the day off work, and we?re going to party BIG TIME this afternoon, Babe, before your mom returns tomorrow. This will speed up your sex lessons before she gets home, Babe. BUT YOU?D BETTER BE FUCKING READY FOR THIS, BABE!?

I looked down in submission without comment, knowing better than to deny his instructions in any way or show any indication of dislike after his stern lecture yesterday to ?shut the fuck up? and do whatever he said knowing that he would slap the shit out of me again and punish me severely and painfully in some way.

Sam accepted my looking down without comment as my submission to his comments and acceptance of his instructions.

?I?ll be back before 1o?clock to get the drinks ready, Babe, so doll yourself up for the party! Show me what a good fucking slut you can be!? Sam sternly instructed me.

He left the kitchen and house through the back door. Sam drove away in his car as I continued eating breakfast. I suspected that he was going to a liquor store for supplies.

I picked up the hanger again and looked closely at the dress, shocked that mom had such a thing in her closet. Since mom and I were the same 38-23-33, 110# and 4?10? tall, I knew it would fit me perfectly and accentuate my E-cup breasts with the see-through lace across the upper part. The dress would REALLY make me look HOT! I imagined mom wearing this dress and had to assume that if she thought it was okay, I guess I should too. Surely she NEVER wore this out in public; it was like too revealing and would probably get her arrested unless Sam was careful where he took her or had her wear an overcoat or something.

After breakfast, I took a shower, shaved my legs, and started to get ready for Sam?s 1 o?clock party. I put on the dress, black lace panties and garter belt and black lace stockings from mom?s bedroom to go with the dress. Wearing all of these clothes from mom?s room, I sort of felt like her rather than myself. I had never worn anything like this. My normal clothing was cotton shirts and jeans. Standing in the mirror, I could see that I looked REALLY SLUTTY, but that was obviously what Sam wanted so I sat down and started my make-up and hair.

In character for the slutty look of the dress and my own rebellious attitude, I thought, ?I?ll give this big, black, mother-fucker what he wants!? So I really over-applied the makeup to look slutty to the point of ridiculous. I used lots of heavy black eye shadow, heavy cheek color and purple lip stick, trying to make myself look like a prostitute, as I now began to think of myself in that way with Sam and his party. I heavily applied all the makeup. I knew that Sam would approve because I knew that this was what he wanted. I was determined to give this black son-of-a-bitch exactly what he wanted?.. a slutty play thing for his party!

Rather than leave my long blonde hair combed down my back as I usually wore it, I decided to tease it so that it stood straight out from my head like an Afro. So I laboriously teased it to frizz it into a muff. As I looked at myself in the mirror with this drastically altered appearance, I was sort of horny and getting into this role of slut for Sam. As I teased my hair to stand out from my head, it no longer looked like me in the mirror, sort of like putting on a disguise and costume. I looked REALLY HOT and sexy. Occasionally I would massage my breasts and stroke and probe my pussy to work myself up sexually as I continued with my hair and makeup.

I also put on lots of beads, earrings, bracelets, and rings on every finger I could find jewelry to fit. I was meanly determined to please Sam and show him how fucking slutty I could be since he asked for it. I wasn?t exactly happy about it, but I was afraid to cross him and determined to please him and his party friends so maybe he would give me some more of those fantastic orgasms sucking my pussy or with his huge, black penis thrusting deep inside me. My attitude was a funny mixture of animosity towards Sam yet craving more sex from him.

Sam returned just before I finished teasing my hair and applying makeup. He walked into my bathroom and caught me vigorously rubbing my breasts and pussy, masturbating myself to cum in my chair. I ignored him and continued masturbating since I was so close to coming. Sam stood there silently for a moment, watching me with a surprised look on his face.

?Wow, Baby Girl, you?re a fucking knock-out! Good job, Babe! You look REALLY HOT! I can see you?re really ready for some black dick!? he commented as I suddenly gushed heavily on my chair with loud sounds of masturbated orgasmic pleasure.

I knew I now looked like a prostitute or slut or whatever the fuck he wanted, but that was obviously just what Sam wanted. So I tried to set aside my personal thoughts and said nothing, continuing this charade of acting the part of a slut for Sam and his party friends, making myself as hot as possible. I felt like a new and different person, and to a point it was exhilarating.

?I?ll fix you a drink, Baby Doll! Join me in the den when you?re ready.? Sam said in a voice that sounded pleased. He was obviously impressed as he left my bathroom.

A minute later I finished my masturbating and then quickly finished my hair and makeup. I did nothing to wipe my dripping wet pussy and the puddle on my stool. I left to join Sam in the other part of the house. Looking at the clock, I realized it was thirty minutes until 1pm. That would give me time to drink a little and mentally prepare myself for whoever was coming over.

Sitting on the couch, Sam brought me a small drink which I quickly devoured. I was really nervous about what he had planned for this party, who would show up, and what they would do to me sexually. I quickly decided that I needed to get as drunk as possible just in case Sam had invited a bunch of guys over to fuck me. Maybe the alcohol would dull my senses and help me deal with it. I knew I might need the alcohol to deal with the pain from a bunch of big dicks roughly fucking me in an orgy-styled party here in our house.

Sam?s face showed an expression of pleasant surprise as I downed the drink quickly and handed him the glass for another. He smiled broadly and went back into the kitchen to make me another drink. I saw him add two shots in the next drink as he prepared it, walking quickly into the den to serve me with it.

Just as quickly, in less than a minute I slurped down the second drink, which only showed my extreme fear and nervousness about what was about to happen right here in the den of my house. I knew nothing for sure about the party, but I suspected the worst as to how many guys would soon show up to fuck me.

Sam fixed a third drink and quickly returned it to me on the couch. I noticed that he kept putting double shots into my drinks. I was REALLY feeling the effects of the alcohol now as I downed this third drink and drunkenly handed him back the glass for more.

I could see that my drinking really made Sam happy, which was a bit of a relief for me since I was determined to do EXACTLY as he wanted to please him. I did not want to make him mad again. When you are my size of 4?10? and 110#, you don?t want to make a 6?8? 340# black guy mad at you.

Fully understanding there was a reason I was dressed so slutty-looking, I knew I was soon going to be fucked by a number of guys in this party. I just had no idea who they were or how many to expect, so I was preparing for the worst case scenario by hammering myself with alcohol before they arrived to sexually molest me and have their way with my body. I was determined to feel no pain during this next ?sex lesson.?

As Sam handed me the fourth drink, the first guests arrived for the party and rang the door bell. Sam left me sipping my drink on the couch as he answered the door. I was not surprised when a minute later three big, black guys strolled into the den to meet me just as I finished my fourth drink. They looked down at me on the couch and glared, studying my body with great detail since this dress covered nothing.

I recognized Eli and the other two guys were introduced as Joe and Tovar. After greeting me on the couch and studying me intently from head to toe with big grins on their faces, they joined Sam in the kitchen to fix their drinks.

As they left the room, I heard one of them say to the other, ?Oh, man, can?t wait to get my dick in that little, white ho!?

I said nothing, my head spinning with the alcohol, anxiously waiting for my next drink.

Just as Sam handed each guy his drink, the door bell rang again. Sam answered the door again while the three guys gathered closely around me on the couch, handing me a 5th drink. Standing behind me, Eli quickly put his hand on my shoulder and started telling Joe and Tovar how good a fuck I was. That embarrassed me but I refused to show it.

As Eli talked about me, he dropped his hand down inside my low cut dress and handled one of my firm, E-cup breasts. My nipples were already hard and firm with arousal.

?Hey, bros, this bitch can even take Sam?s dick down her throat?? ALL 10 inches inside her fucking mouth, man! What a babe! Sam and I double dipped the bitch too. Her pussy and ass were really nice and tight, so we reamed the bitch out for you guys!? Eli informed them.

Joe was sitting next to me on the couch and quickly shoved his hand up my dress to my crotch, fingering my pussy on top of my lace panties. I was wearing my panties on top of my garters since I knew they would soon be removed. In spite of my nervous drunkenness, I felt my pussy juices flowing again as Joe fingered my vulva on the outside of my panties.

Sam returned from the front door and introduced me to Tyrone and Abe; two more large black guys who I presumed were also his friends. I was the only white person at this party and the only female. Drunkenly, I now counted six guys including Sam gathering around me, staring at me intently from head to toe.

To my surprise and now concern, the door bell rang again. Sam stepped out of the den and returned with three more large black guys, introducing them as Jerrod, Bobby, and Slick. I revised my count to now understand that nine guys were in the room with me. I was really freaking out as they all crowded around the couch and looked down at me with wicked grins on their faces. They were all obviously anxious to have me. I knew this was going to be quite a party for them but NOT for me.

Without hesitation, I gulped down my drink and asked for more, hoping for a little more time to get even more drunk. Sam took the new arrivals into the kitchen and fixed their drinks. They returned with two drinks for me, handed me one and placed the other on the table. As I hurriedly drank drinks number six and then seven, Slick hollered back at Sam, ?Keep ?em coming, Sam. This little, white bitch wants to get sloppy drunk, bro!?

I was already sloppy drunk but I wanted to make sure that there would be no pain so I kept drinking. I was determined to drink heavily until I could not continue putting the alcohol into my mouth. Sam, of course, knew what I was doing as did the other guys. All of them wanted to help me get sloppy drunk as they gathered closely around me, letting me hurriedly drink myself into a stupor before they took me. I knew it would not be long before they were fucking my mouth, pussy, and anus, and I would no longer be able to drink to get drunk. I was drinking faster than the alcohol had time to take effect.

After I drank the next two drinks, number eight and nine, my vision was blurry and I could not even sit up straight on the couch.

Eli kept his hand down the front of my dress, casually moving his hand back and forth between both of my 38 E-cup breasts as he talked to the other guys. Sitting beside me, Joe got more and more interested in my lace panties, working his fingers around my panties and inserting his fingers into my vagina. He was now anxiously probing me as deep as his two fingers would go, working up my juices.

?Hey, Bros, this ho?s already sloppy wet and ready for dick, man!? Joe reported to the group.

After Joe drank several more drinks, I noticed his dick getting hard inside his pants as he continued to probe my vagina.

?You don?t need these fucking panties!? Joe now insisted as he grabbed my panties with both hands and jerked them down my legs under my dress. He ripped them over my legs and off my feet, leaving only my hose and garter belt in place.

?I?m ready to fuck this sweet, little, whitey ho!? Joe mumbled out loud as he grabbed my legs, pulled my legs widely open, and jerked my hips towards him which caused me to partially lie down on the couch.

Several guys pulled me around on the couch so that I was lying down as Slick took the glass from my hand and Joe unzipped his pants. Several guys grabbed my dress and pulled it up around my waist, exposing my pussy for everyone at the party to see. Joe hurriedly pulled out his large, black penis and started jerking it, bracing my legs widely open with his legs to expose my vagina. Hands suddenly seemed to be all over me, holding me in place for Joe as I quickly felt Joe then ram his large, rigid, black penis deeply inside me, driving to the bottom inside me with his first forward thrust.

As the alcohol continued to take effect inside my body, I could barely feel anything after that as he pumped me repeatedly, lying heavily on top of me on the couch as he savagely rammed his huge penis deeply inside me. My body was almost numb from the alcohol.

The rest of the guys continued to drink, talk among themselves, and somewhat ignored Joe now viciously humping me on the couch. Joe was fucking me hard and fast, obviously thrilled to be the first penis in my pussy.

Fifteen minutes later as Joe was getting really into pump-fucking me fast and appearing to be near orgasm, Tovar stepped over to us and reminded Joe, ?Hey, bro, don?t cum in the whitey ho! My dick is next, Bro!?

Moments later Joe suddenly pulled out and quickly moved his rigid penis up to my face, trying to get it inside my mouth before he shot his first semen jet. He didn?t quite make it in time and semen shot all over my face before I could get my mouth open and cover his penis with my lips for his next ejaculation. I heard several guys chuckle as Joe emptied his penis inside my mouth, jerking on it with one hand to ejaculate and clumsily jabbing it inside my mouth as his body jerked and contorted with orgasmic sensations.

I heard Sam say to Joe, ?Hey, Bro, fuck the ho?s throat! I?ve had my dick in the whitey ho?s throat several times and shot my wad! Deep throat this whitey ho, Bro!? he strongly suggested.

?Yeah, Bro, Eli told us about that!? Joe replied, but was too nearly finished with his orgasm to work more of his penis into my mouth.

After I finished with Joe?s penis ejaculating a huge volume of semen inside my mouth, Tovar stepped over to me with his penis already rigid and out of his pants. He wasted no time in coming down on top of me and inserting his large, black manhood into my vagina next. Tovar pumped me only a few deep strokes until he changed his mind. He pulled out and pulled me forward over the arm rest at one end of the couch and got around in front of my face.

?Open your fucking mouth, slut. Open it, you whitey ho!? Tovar demanded.

I opened my mouth and he started working his huge, rigid penis inside. I could taste my vagina juices and Joe?s semen as his penis filled my mouth to the back of my throat. I could quickly tell that he wanted to fuck my throat as he kept thrusting himself deeper and deeper into the back of my throat, poking into my throat little by little to open it for the entry of his hard penis.

In a minute or so, he was driving deeply into my throat, cutting off my air with each deep-throat thrust. ?Oh, fuck yeah, Bros, this hoe can really take a dick deep throat, man!? Tovar stated with surprise in his voice as he continued to deep-throat me with his hard, black penis.

Several guys were holding my hips and butt in place as Tovar continued. Then I felt someone pull me up onto my knees and spread my legs apart. A big, hard penis was quickly shoved into my vagina doggy-style as someone started pumping me from behind. Tovar continued fucking my face as this new guy humped my pussy from my back side.

A short time later, Tovar was mouthing excited grunts and groans as he ejaculated deeply inside my throat. At the same time, the guy pumping me doggy style was cuming inside my vagina. They kept banging me from both ends until they were satisfied with their use of my body and slowly pulled out.

As both guys removed their penises, I heard someone say ?Get the bitch?s fucking dress off, Bros!?

I felt myself being pulled upright and my dress being pulled over my head and off. That left me wearing only leg stockings and garter belt.

I was lifted by a number of guys and carried face down out of the den. I could see that they were moving me into my mom?s bedroom and then I was placed on top of the bed sheet, all the bed coverings being first removed.

Some guy crawled over my legs and then spread my legs apart, shoving his fingers into my anus, asking the other guys to hand him lubricant from the side table.

Before he pumped me enough to come, I passed out from all the drinking. The party continued without me knowing what was happening.

End Chapter 4

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