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When Fantasies Become Real

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We are Rose and Chad, a married couple for five years now. We’re your typical fun couple that likes to do many things together as well as travel. Lately I was feeling like life was becoming so routine. Things just didn’t seem to be as much fun as they were a few years back. I was out with one of my buddies one afternoon for a few beers and notice this group of girls having a great time together. I could over hear them talking about hot guys and how they’d like to lay this one or that one and so on, a bunch of giddy girl talk. They didn’t realize I could hear them behind me (or did they not care if I heard)?

Anyway my buddy said his wife talks shit like that whenever she get’s out with the girls. I’ll admit us guys do a lot of T&A checking when we’re out too. I was wondering if Rose talks this way when she’s out with friends? She’s never suggestive or makes comments about men when I’m around. I was wondering if everyone else was having more fun than Rose and I?

Rose and I are pretty open with each other and she’s more of a follower than a leader, mostly leaving decisions up to me. Even though our sex life was good, so I thought. I realized Rose never really initiated any sexual activities. She just went along with my mood and desires at the time we had sex. I felt like I wanted more out her. More initiative, more spontaneous flirting and sexual innuendoes.

One night in bed I asked her if she ever had any sexual fantasies or things she would like to try? Rose just said no Chad, I don’t have any fantasies. I said you mean you’ve never wondered what it would be like to be with a rock star or movie star? Rose said don’t be ridicules. I said seriously, You’ve never imagined an erotic night with anyone? Rose turned to me and said what’s up Chad??? Are you having an affair? I said hell no, I just wanted to know if you’ve ever fantasized being with another man. Rose said, I suppose you’ve been fantasizing about other women?

I felt I was hitting a sore spot with Rose and this kind of confirmed that she doesn’t have much of desire for innovative or creative sexual play. Rose knows and understands that sex between a husband and wife is important to a healthy relationship. I was wondering these past years is she really having a real orgasm during our sex or was she just going through the motions to please me? I’ve watched a few porn flics in my days and notice Rose doesn’t have the same kind of climatic reactions as those women in the porn flics? I know much of that is just acting for entertainment purpose but it got me thinking.

I never really questioned her orgasms. I know when I have one and when it’s over, it’s over. Rose’s curiosity was up and she asked what was my fantasies? I said well I’ve fantasized about being a porn star. She looks at me like I was crazy. She said well I wouldn’t have sex with you if you were a porn star. I didn’t quite know how to take that remark? Was I not good looking enough or not that good of a lover or was my dick not big enough?

I said what’s the difference between me as your husband and me as a porn star? She reassured me she loved me because she knew I loved her unconditionally and alway took care of our needs and couldn’t imagine me as a porn star. I said, so if not me, what kind of porn star would you fantasize about in a make believe world? Rose doesn’t like this kind of questions and said Chad, I don’t know? I said make something up. Rose said well I guess if I had to fantasize it wouldn’t be a porn star. It would a nice good looking guy like you that was a gentleman and knew how to kiss good.

Humm… I’ve got her talking now. So Rose, what would your fantasy involve? She said I don’t know Chad? Maybe after a night of dinner and wine he would blindfold me, tie me to the bed and make tender love to me? I said that sounds exciting. I asked what would he do to you then? Maybe undress me and kiss me all over my body? And…..? And maybe kiss or lick my nipples? And….? Rose just lay there silent so I said close your eyes and pretend you have a blindfold on. Rose folded her hands behind her head and closed her eyes. I placed my hand on her pelvic area and said what would he do next? I leaned over and flickered her nipple with my tongue and gave it a gentle kiss and asked would he do that? She said probably. I moved my hand done closer to her smoothly shaved pussy and asked would he touch you here? She said maybe? I leaned over and gently took her stiffing nipple in my mouth and touched the lips around her pussy and asked would he do that? She said yes probably? I said would that feel good? She said yes, probably? I said does it feel good now as I spread the lips of her pussy and slightly took my fingers and circles around her clit? She said yes it feels good.

I was enjoying the moment hearing Rose tell me about a make believe fantasy. I wanted her to tell me what she could imagine instead of me suggesting things. As I kept stimulating her pussy I asked what else would he do to you? She pause for a moment then said he would play with my tits and kiss his way down my belly. I said it sounds like he’s getting close to your pussy? Rose was getting wet and I found this play intoxicating as we played on. I said do you like him kissing your belly? She said yes and he’s going further down. What does he do next Rose? He starts licking me. Does it feel good? Rose was reacting to the fingering I was giving her and said yes it feels good. Do you like having his tongue on your pussy? Rosed pulled my head close to her breast and said yes as she raises her hips for more attention from my fingers.

Would he make your pussy wet with his tongue! Rose let out a sensual moan as I plunged a finger deeper in her pussy. Do you like it when he fingers your pussy? She was breathing heavy and said uh huh. Does he have a nice dick? She was quiet for a few seconds and I asked again. She said yes he has a nice dick. Is it hard Rose? Yes it’s hard and he’s rubbing it on my leg. Nice…. Does that feel good? Uh Huh…. It sounds like he wants to fuck you Rose. She says Uh Huh…. Do you want him to Rose? Uh Huh… Is his dick big and hard? Uh Huh…. Rose is breathing really really heavy now as I finger her faster and I said is he fucking you Rose? She held my head tight against her breast and moaned Oh God Yes. Then Rose flooded my hand with her sweet nectar. I haven’t seen my wife climax like that before and wondered if she had a real orgasm fantasizing about a guy making love to her?

Rose regained some composure and I said wow sweetheart, that was intense! She grabbed my face kissed me and said I only love you, ok. I said I know you do but that was fun trying to visualize your fantasy. She looked at me with a bit of a shame of what she just done in her eyes and said it wasn’t real Chad. I said I know but if it was a real porn flic fantasy, I would have watched it especially knowing the porn star was my beautiful sexy wife! Rose said oh my god Chad, I would never do something like that in front of you! I said why not, I just fingered your wet pussy while your make believe lover just fucked you? She said you’re just wrong Chad, just wrong. No way you would ever watch me, or me even let you watch me like that!

I said probably not but it was fun pretending wasn’t it? Rose said maybe a little.

Over the next few months we done a little similar fantasizing and Rose seemed to get into it a little more each time not being as shy with details of what she and a make believe lover was doing with her. I even tried another girl scenario and that didn’t seem to turn her on as much. I decided to stick with another guy fantasy because it seemed we had more fun with this theme. I even talked her into masturbating and telling me a fantasy and she watched me jack off while describing her sexual story. I was liking this little game of ours and it’s definitely spiced up our sex life.

Rose even let me blindfold and tie her to the bed a couple times during our fantasy play. I told her one night I was going to tie her up, blindfold her and let a real lover with a big dick pleasure her. Rose said don’t you dare Chad! I said how would you know if your tied and blindfolded? She said I would be mad as hell. You would really be mad if he made you cum all over his hard cock? Rose said damn you Chad, you know what I mean. Don’t even think about it. I sensed her verbal tone was saying don’t you dare, but had some undertones of I dare you to do it!!! Maybe I was wrong but it intrigued me and I thought about it several times since we started playing this little game. Could I actually watch her doing this for real? I’ve envisioned her as a porn star several times and it turned me on and I always masturbated on her when she tells me a wild fantasy story. I’ve noticed Rose has opened up with sexual ideas and wondered if she would really be mad if I planned something like this? For several weeks it consumed my thoughts. In all honesty, I just desired to see my wife one time in a hot erotic sexual situation and watch her enjoy and cum on a different cock.

This type of thing would not go over well with the type of vanilla friends we have and I just assumed nothing like this would ever happen. Until…… an old friend of mine and Rose’s called me and said he was coming to town for the upcoming college football bowl game and wanted to know if we could go? I haven’t seen Bill since Rose and I’s wedding. We used to go out clubbing back in our single days and Rose was fond of Bill because his flirting line was, you better scoop this girl up before I do and it made Rose feel special. Bill moved out of state right after our wedding and he married shortly after moving away. He said he recently separated from his wife and wanted to get away to watch our old college team play. He said to bring Rose along. I told Rose Bill was coming to town in a couple weeks for the Bowl game and did she want to go? Rose is not much of a football fan and said you boys go have fun, catch up and be sure and tell Bill I said hi.

Needless to say my wheels were spinning thinking of an angle? I already knew Bill liked Rose and I’m pretty sure he would have been a pretty good catch for her back in the day if I didn’t beat him to the punch. I had two weeks to figure things out and get my nerve up to pursue this. Well game day was here and I drove about an hour to the stadium and we got there early to do a little tailgating and catch up on things. Bill didn’t say much about his separation and I didn’t pry. I did say Rose and always remember your flirting line that I needed to scoop Rose up before you did. He laughed and said yea I remember that. He said Rose was such a sweet girl and glad we are a happy married couple.

I said yep, Rose and I are as close as any couple could be. My nerves were on edge thinking of how to explain my interests. So I went for it in a guy talk kinda thing and I said Rose and I like to play a little fantasy game once in a while that keeps things interesting. Bill says oh yea? Yes we like to fantasize about Rose tied up, blind folded and seduced by a porn star. Bill says not shit? No kidding Bill, she get’s off like crazy when we do this! As a matter of fact, I was thinking since you’ve always liked Rose and she thought well of you, would you be interested in a little play time to make our little fantasy game a reality? Bills started laughing and said your fucking joking with me aren’t you? I laughed and said no, seriously we’ve been playing this little fantasy game for several months now but never acted on it. Bill just starred at me dumb founded for a few seconds then said, Damn Bud I’m in, how can I help?

Phew…. Now that the ice is broke and the cats out of the bag. I begin to tell Bill all about it. I said Rose likes the play but won’t actually admit wanting to do it for real. She’s all for it when we fantasize but won’t actually tell me to bring someone home. She’s dared me a few times giving me that since she’ll participate but doesn’t want to confirm telling me for fear of what I assume of hurting my feelings or making my love for her diminish I said this could go either way. She could wig out or she would love it? I said knowing Rose, I lean more to her loving it. Especially after she finds out it’s you Bill. I’ve never really pursued this because I just don’t know anyone we or I could trust enough to try this.

So what do you think? Would you like an opportunity to play with Rose and I and bring our fantasy play to a real experience? Bill said Hoy Shit Chad! I’d love to if you’re sure it would work out. We started our plan and I asked Bill if he’d like to come over and hopefully spend the night so he wouldn’t have to drive back to his hotel and he said he could make that work. I said I’d like to set the stage and get Rose warmed up and leave the side door open for him to come in at a certain time. Bill said you’re so damn creative Chad, but I like the plan! We had our game plan and enjoyed the rest of the ballgame together. It was an early game so we had plenty of time to make this plan work. All the way home my stomach was churning from excitement and fear. Thinking, could I get Rose worked up enough to go for and let this happen?

I got home and Rose was in a good mood asking how my day was with Bill. I said it was so good seeing him and he said it sure would have been nice to see you too. I threw in an extra line and said he also said he’s still pissed at me for beating him to the punch scooping you up before he had a chance. Rose laughed and said he’s such a horn dog but really glad we got together. I grabbed a shower and Rose had dinner ready when I was done. I asked her if she’d like to have a glass or two of wine with me and she always loves unwinding with me with an evening of wine and talk. She said she wanted to take a shower first before we settle in for the evening. It was getting late now and I knew Bill was in route and I checked the side door to make sure it was unlocked. Rose came in the living room to sit with me over some wine and talk. I said are you interested in some playtime tonight? She smiled said maybe after another glass of wine. I said I would love to blindfold and tie you to the bed tonight and you tell me a fantasy story.

By now Jill knows the kind of stories I like to hear and we have fun playing with them. I poured us another wine and we head to the bedroom and I said are you going to be my little porn star tonight? She smiles at me and says what would I like to hear as I tie her hands to the bedpost and said how about being my little porn star for Bill tonight? She said that’s getting a little too personal about someone we know. I planted the mental picture and said if I’d have thought of it sooner I would have had him come over to join in on our fantasy play. Rose said Oh My God you didn’t Chad? I chuckled and said well I sure thought about it.

I said let’s just pretend anyway, it’s only a fantasy and it might be fun fantasizing with someone we knew. Rose kept saying we shouldn’t use Bills name. I put her blindfold on and started off caressing her breasts saying I imagined Bill and I going into a gentleman’s club and you were there that night looking for a lover to seduce you. I said I was imagining her blindfolded and bound to the bed and Bill was in the room looking at her naked body. Rose said please Chad don’t. I said Bill has always said he wanted to see your naked body, your perky erect nipples and your beautiful shaven pussy. Rose said no he wouldn’t want to see that. I said sure he would. He would probably pull out his hard cock and jack off viewing your beautiful naked body.

Ok fine Chad What now? I said I can picture him rolling your hard nipples around like this and running his hands down under your breast trailing his fingers down your sides, down your legs and back up like this. How does that feel? It feels good. How do you feel with Bill looking over your naked body with desire and a growing hard cock? Hummm, ok. Do you find it erotic one of our old friends looking at you laying back ready to be pleasured? Hmmmm? I bet Bill has a large hard cock he’d like to rub against your soft skin. Would you like to feel his cock against you? I bet he would love to taste your sweet pussy wouldn’t he? Maybe? Would you like for him to lick you and make you wet? Hmmm uh huh.

Rose was starting to get into our little fantasy game as I teased and caressed her body. Bill gave me a silent text and said he was pulling up now. He knows to come on in and be quiet at first. I spoke to Rose a little longer waiting for Bill to walk in. As he did he seen my beautiful wife Rose laying before us totally nude as we talked about him. I motioned for him to be quiet and remove his clothes. He wasted no time and stood back as he watched and listened to our sexual talk.

As I pull the opening of her damp pussy back and gently tapped her clit with my finger I whispered are your ready for Bill to lick your pussy and rub your clit with his tongue now? Rose moaned Uh Huh as she arched her back. Bill slipped down to the end of the bed and I got down lower for her to hear my voice right before Bill goes down on her. I said ok can I watch Bill lick and eat your pussy and make you cum? Rose raised her hips knowing I was going to eat her out but pretend it was Bill and said ok you can watch. That’s when bill crawled between her legs and gently spread her legs and began licking her pussy. Rose immediately raise her hips higher to give Bill all of her beautiful wet pussy. My heart was pounding as I watched the event unfold right in front of me. I was so horny watching my wife feed Bill her pretty pink pussy. I couldn’t say anything yet as Bill still had his face buried between Rose’s legs. Bill put his finger in her pussy while massaging her clit with his thumb as he kept licking her . Rose tried pulling her hands down to pull Bills head into her pussy as she raised her hips and her legs were shaking from an orgasm. Oh My God…my wife just came in Bills mouth!

Bill raised his head and I spoke up and said wow Babe, that was so erotic you cumming in Bills mouth. Did you like it? Uh Huh. I think Bill wants to put his hard cock in you. He’s always wanted to put his hard cock in you. Would you like that? Yes… Rose was defiantly in the mood to get some hard dick now. I said tell Bill to put his hard dick in you now. Rose was so horny and Bill and I heard her say, Bill put your hard cock in me! I said can I jack off on your tits while Bill fucks you? Yes….. I spoke up so Rose could hear me say, Bill she said she wants your hard cock so give it to her. Bill crawls up and taps his cock on Roses’s pussy and Rose is so hot to receive some pleasure and spreads her legs to let him in. Bill slowly enter Rose and she moans with pleasure as the head of his cock enters. I said Bill has a nice big hard cock doesn’t he? Yes…. Does it feel good? Oh God Yes! I said Bill wants to know if you want to cum on his hard cock? Yes, yes yes. Rose is trying so hard to fuck Bills cock and arches up with her hips trusting, wanting his hard cock. I said are you going to cum on Bills cock now? She screamed out Oh Fuck Chad! I’m cumming on Bills cock!

Rose was shaking from a huge orgasm as I shot my load all over her tits! This is the most I’ve ever came in my life! I crawled up beside her and whispered in her ear while Bills cock was still plunged deep in her womb and said guess what, I really did invite Bill over, do you want me to take your blindfold off? Rose said damn you Chad as she kept hunching on Bills cock. No leave it on as she let Bill fuck her hot wet pussy. I pulled my wife’s face over to mine and I place both hands on her cheeks and told her I loved her and she said I love you too Chad. I said does Bills cock feel good? She said Oh God Yes! Do you want him to keep fucking you? UH HUH! Bill picked up the pace and was giving Rose a good fucking now that she knew he was really giving her his hard cock. Bills voice spoke up and said Hi Rose. Rose nervously said Hi Bill as she arch her back and hips up for more cock. Bill said I’ve dreamed of this for a long time Rose. I’ve wanted please you this way for a long time.

Bill said can I finish this with you? Rose turned to me and said do you want this? I said yes as I untied her hands. I’m sure Bill wants this too? Would you like to fuck Bill and feel his hot cum spurt inside you? Rose could barely speak. Her voice was shaking so bad and when she said yes as she reached down to pull Bill into her tight. Bill and Rose were fucking each other with passion. Rose wanted as much of Bills hard cock as he could give her! Rose screamed out with another orgasm and I said that’s it Rose, cum all over Bills hard cock. Rose was half crying saying she can’t stop cumming! With a loud grunt Bill shouts out, here it comes Rose! They both had their hands grips tightly on each others back side trying to get Bills throbbing cock as deep as it could go into Rose. Rose stiffened up, her toes were curled and screamed OH FUCK!!! She was having another massive orgasm and she kept saying Yes,Yes Yes I can feel your cum shooting in me!

Bill held his cock in her until they both stopped having spasms and slowly he pulled out and a glob of cum dripped out of Rose’s pussy lips. I crawled up closer to Rose and told her she was my porn star forever. Bill crawled up beside her to and gave her a hello kiss and said thank you. I said to Rose, do you mind if Bill takes the guest room tonight so he don’t have to drive back to his hotel so late? Rose said ok that would be fine. Bill gathered his things and went to the guest room and I removed Rose’s blindfold. She gave me this what did we just do look. I gave her a kiss and asked how her fantasy was? She said that was no fantasy! So are you mad that I invited Bill over? Rose just starred into my eyes for the longest time searching her thoughts then said I guess not. I said so you enjoyed, eh? Will yes Chad, what else did you expect when I have a hard cock in me like that? Rose said will you get me a cold water while I go take another shower. I said sure.

I checked on Bill and told him Rose was not disappointed we set this up but was a little nervous to actually see him in the morning after what we just done. Bill said I’ll try my best to make her feel comfortable and gave me a thumbs up. Then went and took a shower.

I went to bed with Rose, held her tight and whispered in her ear are we ok? She rolled over and kissed me and said I think so if your ok? I said that was a beautiful site and I hoped you enjoyed it as much as I did. Rose gave a seductive look and said I had fun. I barely slept thinking about what I just witnessed and done.

I finally dosed off sometime last night and when I got up Rose was already up and had coffee going. She popped some bagels in the toaster and Bill came around the corner. Rose said good morning boys and only had on one of my button up shirts on and only buttoned up a couple from the bottom. Rose was quick to say what happened last night was never to be spoke of outside of this house and I mean it! She seemed a little pissed at first but just wanted to clear the air about our privacy. We all sat at the breakfast bar and chatted a while. We could see Rose had no bra on and when sitting down the shirt would rise up and expose her ass we could easily get glimpses of her lovely nipples as she worked around the kitchen. I guess Rose thought what the hell, Bill seen it all last night!

We all felt we needed to discuss our episode last night but each of us didn’t know where to start? Rose finally said when did you guys decide to pull this stunt? I said I started thinking about it ever since Bill called me a couple weeks ago and asked us to go to the game. Then Bill spoke up and said if it makes any difference he was just as shocked as you were Rose but only a half day earlier. Rose looked at us and you two are sneaky little assholes but had grin on her face stating that. LOL

Rose smacked her hand down on the table and said well Damn! Chad and I are going to have to come up with a new fantasy since this one’s been compromised. We thought she was mad for a second but I spoke up and said well what kind of fantasy were you contemplating? Rose said since you asked and last night is no longer a fantasy. I’ve suddenly fantasized about what it would be like to suck two hard dicks with another ornery grin on her face! Bill and I looked at each other and eagerly said if would help we would love to offer any assistance with this fantasy! Just tell us how the fantasy goes! We all enthusiastically laughed as Rose said well I’ve fantasied about two guys with big hard cocks (similar to yours) jacking off in front of me making me horny. Bill and I jumped up and pulled our already stiffening cocks out and started playing with them in front of Rose. She said very nice boys, how hard can you make them for me? It didn’t take long for our cocks to start throbbing with anticipation of getting Rose’s mouth around them. Rose said I’ve fantasied about who’s cock I could make cum first with another grin on her face and whoever cums first looses!

Rose sat down in a lower kitchen chair and undone the the buttons of her shirt and let us view her tits. Bill and I moved over to each side of her rubbing our cocks on her tits. Beth looks up at me and grabs my cock then looks up at Bill and grabs his cock and instantly our cocks started oozing pre-cum in hers hands! Rose turns to my cock and kisses the head of my dick then turns and kisses the head of Bills cock looks up at me and rolls her tongue around Bills cock licking his sticky pre-cum. I was shaking with anticipation. Rose started going back and forth jacking us off in her mouth. She licked the drops of cum seeping from throbbing cocks teasing us and in total control of who she was going to make cum first.

I couldn’t stand it much longer! The site of Rose with Bills cock in her mouth was driving me crazy! Rose turned back to me again, looked up and smiled as she engulfed my cock to the back of her throat and sucked me off like a porn star! I exploded and blew my load in Rose’s mouth and cum was spilling out down her chin onto her tits.. Rose did that on purpose making me cum as she looked up, smiled and said it looks you're the looser of this round Chad, but I think you’ll like the second half. Rose stands up and pulls her shirt off standing the totally nude and says now for the winner and leaned over the breakfast bar, spread her legs and looked back and said Bill, looks like your next!

Bill could barely walk with his throbbing cock to get behind Rose and mount her. I jokingly said that’s not fair, this wasn’t part of the fantasy. Rose looks back at me as Bill slips his cock in my wife and she says, it’s my fantasy and it goes the way I want it to this time! I stood there watching Bill fuck Rose and Rose was loving it! Bill said God Damn Rose, your pussy feels so good! I’m getting close! Rose said me too Bill and Rose was hunching Bills cock as he rammed it deep and screamed Oh Fuck! Rose was having a massive orgasm too and her legs were shaking so bad she could barely stand. Bills legs were shaking also as his spasms subsided.

Bill pulled out and I said well how was that coffee and bagel breakfast? We all laughed and Bill said it was the best breakfast he’d ever had! I tossed Rose her shirt and she dropped to her knees and said I might as well clean this up for you Bill since you’re our guest. Rose looked over at me as she was cleaning Bills cock of their fuck juice, showing me she liked his cock.. I’ve never been so turned on in my life and had to jack off watching Rose lick his cock clean. Bill was still hard and put his hand on the back of Rose’s head and started fucking her mouth. After several more strokes and some heavy cock sucking Bill said God Damn I’m Going To Cum Again! I stood over my wife jacking off and was close to cumming again myself. Bill said here it comes and Rose held his cock in her open mouth letting me watch Bills cum ooze out onto her tongue. Rose looked at me and swallowed Bills cum and I shouted Ok Fuck Rose!! That’s not fair, he came first this time, as I shot my load on her face and dripping down her tit’s again. Rose stopped and grabbed me by the back of my hair, pulled me close to her face and said that’s ok baby, you’ll alway be part of my fantasy and kissed me. She turned to Bill and grabbed the back of his head too and pulled hm close and said, Bill you can be in our fantasy anytime you want and started kissing him with my cum on her face and his cum in her mouth.

Rose stood back, grabbed her shirt and said if you’ll excuse me boys I need to go to the ladies room. Bill said Damn Chad, I should be heading out of here before the fantasies get to crazy. Bill went to the guest room to clean up and get ready to leave. I slipped my shorts back on, Rose came out with a fresh shirt and gave Bill another kiss and hug goodbye. She grabbed his crotch and said you be sure to let us know if you can think of any fun fantasies we could help him with! Bill said don’t you worry I’m sure between Chad and I we can (cum) up something interesting. Bill left and Rose came to me and held my head and said the fantasy stuff was a lot more fun than she thought it was going to be and thanked me for talking her into it.

Rose and I have not had any new partner fantasies filled by others yet but we have seen Bill twice since then. Rose said she has some new ideas she wanted to try and Bill wasn’t involved for this one. I think she has a new porn scene with another guy in mind? Home life is not as ho hum anymore with new fantasies to cum!

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